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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6739

Chapter 6739 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Schlueter, K., 1976: The potato cyst eelworm heterodera rostochiensis in morocco its distribution and economic importance

Roy R.C., 1979: The potato leafhopper empoasca fabae homoptera cicadellidae and other pests of peanuts in ontario canada

Hollingsworth M., 1985: The potencies and selectivities of 4 calcium antagonists as inhibitors of uterine contractions in the rat in vivo

Christensen S.B., 1986: The potencies of thapsigargin and analogs as activators of rat peritoneal mast cells

Holloway G.J., 1986: The potency and effect of phytotoxins within yellow split pea pisum sativum and adzuki bean vigna angularis on survival and reproductive potential of sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae

Sklar L.A., 1988: The potency and kinetics of the beta adrenergic receptors on human neutrophils

Wiger D., 1986: The potency determination of human varicella zoster immunoglobulin by elisa complement fixation test and indirect fluorescent antibody tests

Adams, A.; Auchinachie, N.; Bundy, A.; Tatner, M. F.; Horne, M. T., 1988: The potency of adjuvanted injected vaccines in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri richardson and bath vaccines in atlantic salmon salmo salar l. against furunculosis

Haagsma J., 1983: The potency of bovine purified protein derivative tuberculins in guinea pigs and in tuberculous cattle

Pedersen L E.K., 1986: The potency of cyclopropane pyrethroid ethers against susceptible and resistant strains of the house fly musca domestica

D'avignon D.A., 1988: The potency of fluorinated ether anesthetics correlates with their fluorine 19 spin spin relaxation times in brain tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738019

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738020

Pooler J.P., 1983: The potency of sensitized photo hemolysis depends on the composition of the reaction vessel

Cameron J., 1980: The potency of whooping cough pertussis vaccines in canada

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738024

Shibata S., 1980: The potent excitatory effect of a novel poly peptide anthopleurin b isolated from a sea anemone anthopleura xanthogrammica on the frog rana catesbiana spinal cord

Sardana, M. K.; Drummond, G. S.; Sassa, S.; Kappas, A., 1981: The potent heme oxygenase ec inducing action of arsenic and parasiticidal arsenicals

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Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738028

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738029

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738030

Sephton R.G., 1986: The potential accuracy of dual energy computed tomography for the determination of hepatic iron

Wisniewski J., 1982: The potential acidity associated with dews frosts and fogs

Kaspranskii N.N., 1987: The potential activity of nitrogenase determined in soil diazotrophs

Mackenzie, J. S., 1977: The potential advantages and requirements of live attenuated influenza virus vaccines

Krasovitskaya K.A., 1988: The potential advantages of employing granular filters to purify gases during microbiological synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738036

Stauffer, J. R-Jr ; Dickson, K. L.; Cairns, J. Jr ; Cherry, D. S., 1976: The potential and realized influences of temperature on the distribution of fishes in the new river glen lyn virginia usa

Suzuki, K.; Froemter, E., 1977: The potential and resistance profile of necturus gallbladder cells

Schultz J.E., 1986: The potential antidepressant tiflucarbine down regulates beta adrenoceptors in rat brain

Tyers M.B., 1988: The potential anxiolytic activity of gr38032f a 5 ht 3 receptor antagonist

Kauffmann G., 1983: The potential around electrode tips model considerations

Cox J.J., 1988: The potential availability of cadmium copper iron lead manganese nickel and zinc in standard river sediment nbs 1645

Macdonald R.R., 1982: The potential availability of phosphorus aluminum cadmium cobalt chromium copper iron manganese nickel lead and zinc in urban particulate matter

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738044

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738045

Joiner M.C., 1982: The potential benefit from a perfect radio sensitizer and its dependence on re oxygenation

Hoppe R.T., 1985: The potential benefits of therapeutic splenectomy for patients with hodgkins disease and non hodgkins lymphomas

Kostyk S., 1980: The potential bin ocular field and its tectal representation in rana pipiens

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738049

Ashby, J.; Anderson, D.; Styles, J. A., 1978: The potential carcinogenicity of methylfluoro sulfonate magic methyl

Haddad K.D., 1987: The potential contribution of primary production by red tides to the west florida shelf usa ecosystem

Nosyreva E.D., 1984: The potential dependence of proton block of sodium channels

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738053

Wood P.M., 1988: The potential diagram for oxygen at ph 7

Alderman M.H., 1981: The potential effect of blood pressure reduction on cardio vascular disease a cautionary note

Savile, D. B. O.; Hayhoe, H. N., 1978: The potential effect of drop size on efficiency of splash cup and springboard dispersal devices

Watson R.L., 1986: The potential effectiveness of mercury minerals in decreasing the level of iodine 129 in a nuclear fuel waste disposal vault

Reichle M., 1988: The potential effects of accident prevention on population longevity

Cyrus, D. P.; Blaber, S. J. M., 1988: The potential effects of dredging activities and increased silt load on the st. lucia system south africa with special reference to turbidity and the estuarine fauna

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738061

Ellenbecker M.J., 1985: The potential flow solution for air flow into a flanged circular hood

Fletcher G.C., 1985: The potential food poisoning hazard of vibrio parahaemolyticus in new zealand pacific oysters

Phillips T.L., 1982: The potential for adjuvant radio therapy in choroidal melanoma

Webber M.D., 1987: The potential for agricultural use of eaf dusts in canada

Kohler P.O., 1979: The potential for an androgen male contraceptive

Chatt A., 1984: The potential for biological mobilization of trace elements from aeolian dust in the ocean and its importance in the case of iron

Mytton, L. R.; Brockwell, J.; Gibson, A. H., 1984: The potential for breeding an improved lucerne rhizobium symbiosis 1. assessment of genetic variation

Rys, G. J.; Mytton, L. R., 1985: The potential for breeding white clover trifolium repens with improved nodulation and nitrogen fixation when grown with combined nitrogen 1. the effects of different amounts of nitrate nitrogen on phenotypic variation

Mytton, L. R.; Rys, G. J., 1985: The potential for breeding white clover trifolium repens with improved nodulation and nitrogen fixation when grown with combined nitrogen 2. assessment of genetic variation in trifolium repens

Blamire J., 1987: The potential for community level evaluations based on loop analysis

Holmes, C. J.; Allwood, M. C., 1977: The potential for contamination of intra venous infusions by airborne skin scales

Slinkard A.E., 1986: The potential for control of ascochyta blight of lentil with foliar applied fungicides

Evans G.M., 1985: The potential for diploidizing lolium multiflorum x lolium perenne tetraploids

Hull, J. C.; Muller, C. H., 1977: The potential for dominance by stipa pulchra in a california usa grassland

Griffiths, K. J.; Sullivan, C. R., 1978: The potential for establishment of the egg parasite ooencyrtus kuwanai in ontario canada populations of the gypsy moth

Wu L., 1981: The potential for evolution of salinity tolerance in agrostis stolonifera and agrostis tenuis

Mcleese D.W., 1983: The potential for exposure of lobsters homarus americanus to creosote during commercial storage in the maritime provinces of canada

Wheeler, J. L.; Jones, R. J., 1977: The potential for forage legumes in kenya africa

Donnelly J.B., 1979: The potential for harvesting weakened wool a comparison of several sheep breeds in terms of staple strength and depilation force after cyclo phosphamide treatment

Egharevba P.N., 1982: The potential for improving millet pennisetum typhoides in farming systems of the semi arid areas of nigeria

Powers, H. R-Jr ; Matthews, F. R.; Dwinell, L. D., 1978: The potential for increased virulence of cronartium fusiforme on resistant loblolly pine

Barlow F., 1981: The potential for insecticide resistance in glossina diptera glossinidae an investigation by computer simulation and chemical analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738085

Schwenk K., 1984: The potential for long term sperm competition in a plethodontid salamander

Martin D.F., 1986: The potential for managing a florida usa red tide

Bates D.M., 1988: The potential for new crops

Jones J.G., 1980: The potential for nitrogen fixation in a lake receiving sewage effluent grasmere english lake district uk

Baker T. , 1986: The potential for optimal less than or equal to 2 centimeters cytoreductive surgery in advanced ovarian carcinoma at a tertiary medical center a prospective study

Walker D., 1984: The potential for paleobotany in the explanation of china plant geography

Philpotts H., 1986: The potential for persistence of safari kenya white clover by seedling regeneration

Hov O., 1982: The potential for secondary pollutant formation in the atmospheric boundary layer in a high pressure situation over england uk

Baierl K.W., 1984: The potential for syn fuels production from cellulosic papermaking wastes

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738095

Monteiro P.M.S., 1986: The potential for the use of high performance liquid chromatography in marine research

Mclaren, K. G., 1978: The potential for using di chromate solutions to measure low radiation doses

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738098

Mandagere A.K., 1983: The potential formation of n substituted amides and their nitrosated derivatives during the frying of bacon

Ideker R.E., 1986: The potential gradient field created by epicardial defibrillation electrodes in dogs

Henry R., 1986: The potential growth of phytoplankton in the barra bonita reservoir tiete river sao paulo brazil a seasonal comparison of the effects of artificial enrichment on samples from its tributaries

Kyiveer R.K., 1987: The potential growth rate of chemostat culture of hansenula polymorpha yeast

Hearse D.J., 1984: The potential hazard of particulate contamination of cardioplegic solutions

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738105

Carver M., 1984: The potential host ranges in australia of some imported aphid parasites hymenoptera ichneumonoidea aphidiidae

Williams R., 1985: The potential impact of a krill fishery upon pelagic fish in the prydz bay area of antarctica

Palm T., 1985: The potential impact of heavy metal concentrations in the waters of the southern gulf of finland on baltic herring stocks

Poiner I.R., 1987: The potential impact of human gathering on shellfish populations with reference to some northeastern australian intertidal flats

Taylor, R. G. Jr, 1984: The potential impact of humanistic psychology on modern administrative 1. humanistic psychology an overview

Taylor, R. G. Jr, 1984: The potential impact of humanistic psychology on modern administrative style part ii. administrative models and psychological variants

Wynne D., 1986: The potential impact of pesticides on the kinneret israel and its watershed over the period 1980 1984

Shain R.N., 1980: The potential impact of reversibility on selection of tubal sterilization

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738115

Lee J.A., 1986: The potential importance of an increased atmospheric nitrogen supply to the growth of ombrotrophic sphagnum species

Schindler D.W., 1982: The potential importance of bacterial processes in regulating the rate of lake acidification

Wasson D.B., 1981: The potential importance of soluble deoxy nucleotidase activity in mediating deoxy adenosine toxicity in human lympho blasts

Blakemore W.M., 1981: The potential laboratory health hazard of lead 210 and a simple procedure for separation of lead 210 from the daughters bismuth 210 and polonium 210

Klein R.E., 1981: The potential nutritional contribution of opaque 2 corn

Beer S.V., 1980: The potential of 4 dry bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivars to serve as sources of pseudomonas phaseolicola inoculum

George, J. A., 1978: The potential of a local planarian dugesia tigrina tricladida turbellaria for the control of mosquitoes in ontario canada

Stow J.R., 1984: The potential of a sucrose ester coating material for improving the storage and shelf life qualities of cultivar coxs orange pippin apples malus domestica

Norton B.E., 1984: The potential of acacia albida for desertification control and increased productivity in chad

Hartwich P., 1983: The potential of aggressiveness in families of schizophrenics in relation to the danger of relapse

Lewis L.C., 1985: The potential of alfalfa fields as early season nurseries for natural enemies of plathypena scabra lepidoptera noctuidae

Baker R.D., 1987: The potential of an all grass diet for the late winter calving dairy cow

Khayyat A.N., 1985: The potential of anaerobic digestion in jordan

Verreth J.A.J., 1986: The potential of and constraints to fish culture in integrated farming systems in the lam pao irrigation project northeast thailand

Mahony D.E., 1982: The potential of bacteriocin typing in the study of clostridium perfringens food poisoning

Shih J.C.H., 1981: The potential of biological methane generation from chicken manure

Weber, W. T.; Alexander, J. E., 1978: The potential of bursa immigrated hematopoietic precursor cells to differentiate to functional bursa derived and thymus derived cells

Hopkins P.S., 1981: The potential of calcium thio glycolate and fiber protectants for use in chemical shearing

Bishop A.L., 1980: The potential of campylomma livida and megacoelum modestum hemiptera heteroptera miridae to damage cotton in queensland australia

Herring F.G., 1986: The potential of carbon 13 cross polarization magic angle spinning nmr in the study of kraft pulping kinetics

Herne D.H.C., 1983: The potential of carbon dioxide and low oxygen atmospheres for control of winter eggs of the european red mite panonychus ulmi acari tetranychidae on harvested apples

Searle, F.; Bier, C.; Buckley, R. G.; Newman, S.; Pedley, R. B.; Bagshawe, K. D.; Melton, R. G.; Alwan, S. M.; Sherwood, R. F., 1986: The potential of carboxypeptidase g 2 antibody conjugates as anti tumor agents i. preparation of antihuman chorionic gonadotropin carboxypeptidase g 2 and cytotoxicity of the conjugate against jar choriocarcinoma cells in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738140

Lidgren L., 1987: The potential of computed tomography in visualizing structures inside the metal cup in surface replacement total hip arthroplasty

Birnbrauer J.S., 1986: The potential of correspondence training for facilitating generalization of social skills

Hirsch J.C., 1985: The potential of digitally inserted tampons to induce vaginal lesions

Ralph, W., 1977: The potential of ethylene oxide in the production of pathogen free seed

Ferguson Smith M.A., 1987: The potential of family flow karyotyping for the detection of chromosome abnormalities

Bhuiyan S.I., 1986: The potential of farm reservoir use in increasing productivity in rainfed areas

Self R., 1986: The potential of fast atom bombardment for quantitative minor component analysis determination of alpha tomatine in tomato fruit

Ince A.D., 1988: The potential of fourier transform ir spectroscopy for the analysis of confectionery products

Kulhavy D.L., 1983: The potential of girdled and 2 4 d injected southern red oaks quercus falcata as woodpecker nesting and foraging sites

Ledieu M.S., 1986: The potential of heptenophos and mk 936 pesticides for control of minor pests in integrated pest control programs under glass

Boone D.R., 1982: The potential of language tasks for identifying senile dementia

Hawes G.B., 1988: The potential of lectins for analysis of food grade galactomannans double diffusion lectin assay

Gardiner W., 1980: The potential of linseed linum usitatissimum in the west of scotland uk

Higgins C.B., 1986: The potential of magnetic resonance imaging for the evaluation of thoracic arterial diseases

Mcmartin I., 1979: The potential of maize zea mays as a forage crop in scotland uk

Sharma V.S., 1981: The potential of metribuzin as a broad spectrum herbicide in tea culture

Atkinson T., 1982: The potential of microbial enzymes as diagnostic reagents

Cook P.L., 1981: The potential of minute bryozoan colonies in the analysis of deep sea sediments

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738163

Kennett J.P., 1982: The potential of morphometrically based phylo zonation application of a late cenozoic planktonic foraminiferal lineage

Evans S., 1980: The potential of multi variate discriminant analysis in the ante natal detection of neural tube defects

Abdelrahman A.A., 1986: The potential of natural enemies of the cotton whitefly bermisia tabaci in sudan gezira

Pritchard S., 1982: The potential of pea pods as food thickeners

Rondini G., 1987: The potential of pharmacokinetics analyses to improve drug therapy in pediatric patients

Wilde R.P.H., 1984: The potential of phase and amplitude images in determining the boundary of the left ventricle

O'donnell, C. M.; Winefordner, J. D., 1975: The potential of phosphorescence spectrometry in clinical chemistry the new generation of instrumentation and methodology

Khalil, M. A. K., 1984: The potential of poplars populus spp in the boreal regions 1. survival and growth

Langer C., 1981: The potential of psycho pathological symptoms to differentiate diagnostic groups

Price J.C., 1980: The potential of remotely sensed thermal ir data to infer surface soil moisture and evaporation

Parker C., 1983: The potential of rope wick devices for direct contact application of herbicides in small scale farming in the tropics

Melouk H.A., 1983: The potential of soil solarization to control verticillium dahliae in oklahoma usa

Ahman I., 1981: The potential of some brassica spp host plants of the brassica pod midge dasineura brassicae diptera cecidomyiidae

Filippich L.J., 1986: The potential of some new beta lactam antibiotics in small animal medicine

Gardiner W., 1980: The potential of spring oilseed rape in the west of scotland uk

Edwards R.A., 1981: The potential of sunflower as a crop for ensilage and zero grazing in northern britain uk

Frame, J., 1976: The potential of tetra ploid red clover and its role in the united kingdom

Weber Stadelmann W., 1986: The potential of the familial cancer registry for anticancer research and medical practice

Osborne J.A., 1982: The potential of the hybrid grass carp as a weed control agent

Polak J.M., 1984: The potential of the immunogold silver staining method for paraffin sections

Snow G.B., 1984: The potential of the nude mouse xeno graft model for the study of head and neck cancer

Yang, R. C.; Kozak, A.; Smith, J. H. G., 1978: The potential of weibull type functions as flexible growth curves

Krieg A., 1982: The potential pathogenicity of spore formers genus bacillus for larvae of galleria mellonella and its conditions

Moss, M. R., 1978: The potential primary productivity of peninsular malaysia

Heckels J.E., 1987: The potential protective effect of monoclonal antibodies to gonococcal outer membrane protein ia

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738191

Kapul'tsevich Yu G., 1985: The potential rate of methanol utilization by the chemostat culture of hansenula polymorpha

Chiou G.C.Y., 1988: The potential role of adenosine in regulating blood flow in the eye

Gemmell M.A., 1985: The potential role of blowflies in the transmission of taeniid tapeworm eggs

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738195

Jost P.C., 1984: The potential role of photoelectron microscopy in the analysis of biological surfaces

Arnetz B.B., 1984: The potential role of psycho social stress on levels of hemo globin a 1c and fasting plasma glucose in elderly people

Conway W.A., 1983: The potential role of respiratory therapy equipment in cross infection a study using a canine model for pneumonia

Foster J.R., 1988: The potential role of rime ice defoliation in tree mortality of wave regenerated balsam fir forests

Lewis M.M., 1988: The potential role of the laser in marginal sterilization of giant cell tumor following curettage

Callahan M.J., 1986: The potential role of theory in the training of applied social psychologists

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738203

Snow A., 1988: The potential significance of sulfated glycosaminoglycans as a common constituent of all amyloids or perhaps amyloid is not a misnomer

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738205

Section 7 , Chapter 6739, Accession 006738206

Suttle, N. F.; Price, J., 1976: The potential toxicity of copper rich animal excreta to sheep

Singh N.P., 1987: The potential toxicity of uranium in water

Martin, J. D.; Link, C. B., 1978: The potential use of anti transpirants in the greenhouse production of chrysanthemum morifolium

Allred M., 1981: The potential use of beaver population behavior in beaver resource management

De Verdier C H., 1979: The potential use of biochemical physiological simulation models in clinical chemistry

Van Meurs G.K., 1987: The potential use of cell count linear scores in veterinary herd health and production control on dairy farms a preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738215

Brooks D.F., 1980: The potential use of di hydroxy acetone for improved 2 3 di phospho glycerate maintenance in red blood cell storage solution stability and use in packed cell storage

Leech R.H., 1986: The potential use of diagnosis and recommendation integrated system in fertilizing hybrid poplar

Brown M.J., 1987: The potential use of fairy prions pachyptila turtur as monitors of heavy metal levels in tasmanian waters australia

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738219

Kruse, A., 1981: The potential use of heterosis in beta vulgaris 2. yield performance of pure lines and their hybrids

Robertson J., 1983: The potential use of iso electric focusing for the identification and discrimination of grass species on the basis of their seed proteins

James W.P.T., 1986: The potential use of lithium as a marker for the assessment of the sources of dietary salt cooking studies and physiological experiments in men

Smith F.W., 1985: The potential use of nmr imaging in pregnancy

Denna, D. W., 1971: The potential use of self incompatibility for breeding f 1 hybrids of naturally self pollinated vegetable crops

Cadet J.L., 1986: The potential use of vitamin e and selenium in parkinsonism

Wang, Y. M.; Patterson, J. H.; Van-Eys, J., 1971: The potential use of xylitol in glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency anemia

Nordby, H. E.; Hearn, C. J.; Nagy, S., 1975: The potential usefulness of citrus leaf long chain hydro carbons in chemical classification of citrus plants

Zipfel S.A., 1988: The potential usefulness of monoclonal antibodies in the determination of histologic types of lung cancer in cytologic preparations

Bok D., 1988: The potential usefulness to research of retina obtained by biopsy

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738232

Line M.A., 1984: The potential utilization of catalase detection techniques for the non destructive assay of wood decay

Whitehead A.G., 1985: The potential value of british wild solanum spp as trap crops for potato cyst nematodes globodera rostochiensis and globodera pallida

Newton J.M., 1987: The potential value of dielectric response measurements in the assessment of the wettability of powders

Fincher G.T., 1981: The potential value of dung beetles in pasture ecosystems

Sowunmi, M. A., 1976: The potential value of honey in paleo palynology and archaeology

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738238

Nadji M., 1980: The potential value of immuno peroxidase techniques in diagnostic cytology

Harrison D.L., 1980: The potential value of routine examination of limb bones of rodents in systematic research

Megalla S.E., 1982: The potential value of silage in de toxifying afla toxin b 1

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738242

Linch D.C., 1987: The potential value of very intensive therapy with autologous bone marrow rescue in the treatment of malignant lymphomas

Garcia, L. A.; Nolasco, A.; Bolumar, F.; Alvarez-Dardet, C., 1986: The potential years of lost life a way to evaluate premature deaths

Matytsin A.N., 1980: The potentialities and prospects for surgical methods of diagnosis of cancer of the lung

Tardent P., 1986: The potentialities of endoderm interstitial cells in hydra attenuata

Mahmod A.H., 1987: The potentiality of thiobacillus thiooxidans in leaching uranium from phosphate mine ore

Parker J.C.Jr, 1980: The potentially lethal problem of cardiac candidiasis

Sundaralingam M., 1987: The potentially z dna forming sequence d gtgtacac crystallizes as a dna

Pillay, K. K. S.; Kuis, R. L., 1978: The potentials and limitations of using neutron activation analysis data on human hair as a forensic evidence

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738253

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738254

Zaitsev S.V., 1985: The potentiating effect of bivalent and trivalent metal salts on morphine induced analgesia

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738256

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738257

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738258

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738259

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738260

Grieshaber M.K., 1986: The potentiating effect of purine bases and some of their derivatives on the oxygen affinity of hemocyanin from the crayfish austropotamobius pallipes

Johns, A.; Golko, D. S.; Lauzon, P. A.; Paton, D. M., 1976: The potentiating effects of 4 amino pyridine on adrenergic transmission in the rabbit vas deferens

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738263

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738264

Kanno, T.; Saito, A., 1976: The potentiating influences of insulin on pancreozymin induced hyper polarization and amylase release in the pancreatic acinar cell

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738266

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738267

Grisolia S., 1987: The potentiation of ammonia toxicity by sodium benzoate is prevented by l carnitine

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738269

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738270

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738271

Kenakin T.P., 1982: The potentiation of cardiac responses to adenosine by benzodiazepines

Paterson I.A., 1988: The potentiation of cortical neuron responses to noradrenaline by beta phenylethylamine effects of lesions of the locus coeruleus

Bennett E.O., 1979: The potentiation of cutting fluid preservatives by edta

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738275

Mitchell R., 1985: The potentiation of incomplete mouse monoclonal anti le a agglutination with colloids

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738277

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738278

Quie P.G., 1982: The potentiation of phagocytosis of streptococcus pyogenes by treatment with various antibiotics

Evans F.J., 1987: The potentiation of phorbol ester induced aggregation of human platelets by the prostaglandin endoperoxide analogue u 46619

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738281

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738282

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738283

Takemori A.E., 1980: The potentiation of spinal analgesia by leucine enkephalin

Whittle B.J.R., 1983: The potentiation of tauro cholate induced rat gastric erosions following parenteral administration of cyclo oxygenase inhibitors

Kamel S., 1984: The potentiation of the acute toxicity of niridazole by the concurrent administration of some commonly used insecticides in rats

Snowden R.T., 1987: The potentiation of the non behavioral effects of amphetamine by carbon disulfide

Desiderio M.A., 1986: The potentiation of the response to blunt cardiac trauma by ethanol in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738289

Takeda Y., 1987: The potentiations by insulin stimulating peptide from bovine serum albumin of the effects of insulin mimickers and insulin stimulating glucose utilization of rat adipocytes

El Dien F.A.N., 1986: The potentiometric microdetermination of aminophenols with iodate and periodate

Hall B.D., 1984: The potter sequence a clinical analysis of 80 cases

Ben-Aaron, M., 1975: The potzl effect corroboration of a cybernetic hypothesis

Rao B.V., 1982: The poultry industry in india

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738295

Nomura Y., 1979: The powdery mildew fungi and their host plants from mount takao tokyo

Takamatsu, S.; Ishizaki, H.; Ito, O., 1978: The powdery mildew fungi and their host plants in mie prefecture japan

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738298

Kunoh, H.; Kohno, M.; Tashiro, S.; Ishizaki, H., 1979: The powdery mildew fungus leveillula taurica on green pepper capsicum annuum var angulosum 2. light and electron microscopic observation of the infection process

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738301

Fisher J.C., 1983: The power density of a surgical laser beam its meaning and measurement

Haber M., 1985: The power function of the test for no three factor interaction in 2 x 2 x 2 contingency tables

Wearden J.H., 1985: The power law and webers law in fixed interval postreinforcement pausing a scalar timing model

Mcmanus I.C., 1984: The power of a procedure for detecting mixture distributions in laterality data

Walter, S. D., 1977: The power of a test for seasonality

Mcgrath J.A., 1988: The power of analysis statistical perspectives part 1

Carpenter W.T.Jr, 1988: The power of analysis statistical perspectives part 2

Worsley K.J., 1983: The power of likelihood ratio and cumulative sum tests for a change in a binomial probability

Hummel, D., 1973: The power reduction in flight formations

Hummel, D., 1978: The power reduction in flight formations of birds with different size form and weight/

Wright W., 1981: The power spectra of visually evoked potentials to pseudorandom contrast reversals of gratings

Marcus, R., 1976: The powers of some tests of the equality of normal means against an ordered alternative

Macara I.G., 1988: The pp60v s r c tyrosine kinase desensitizes epidermal growth factor binding to 3t3 fibroblasts by two district protein kinase c independent mechanisms

Marcucci L., 1987: The pr plasmid a tool for discriminating between dna lesions induced by different types of cytotoxic agents in cultured mammalian cells

Metais, P.; Ferard, G., 1977: The practicability of centrifugal analysis

Dobbitsch P., 1988: The practicability of computerization in mycology

Phipps R.H., 1987: The practical and economic consequences of integrating maize with grass production on dairy farms in southern england uk a computer simulation

Meinhold, K.; Rosegger, S.; Schluensen, D.; Walter, K., 1975: The practical and economic significance of the simultaneous increasing of the frequency of milking and feeding for milk production on semi automated dairy procedures

Welch A.R., 1982: The practical and economic value of flexible system laryngoscopy

Olatunde, A., 1977: The practical and therapeutic implications of chloroquine induced itching in tropical africa

Urish D.W., 1983: The practical application of surface electrical resistivity to detection of ground water pollution

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738324

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Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738702

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Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738707

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738708

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738709

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Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738744

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738745

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Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738842

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738843

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Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738888

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738889

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738890

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738891

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738892

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738893

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738894

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738895

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Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738906

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738907

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Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738910

Section 7, Chapter 6739, Accession 006738911

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