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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6740

Chapter 6740 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lijinsky, W.; Keefer, L.; Loo, J., 1970: The preparation and properties of some nitrosamino acids

Light, A.; Fonseca, P., 1984: The preparation and properties of the catalytic subunit of bovine enterokinase ec

Filippusson, H.; Hornby, W. E., 1970: The preparation and properties of yeast beta fructo furanosidase chemically attached to poly styrene

Bobik, A.; Woodcock, E. A.; Johnston, C. I.; Funder, W. J., 1977: The preparation and purification of 3 4 iodophenoxy 1 isopropylamino 2 propanol iodine 125 a beta adrenergic antagonist

Roberts, N. B.; Taylor, W. H., 1978: The preparation and purification of individual human pepsins by using deae cellulose

Dudzinski, P. K.; Morrison, J. F., 1976: The preparation and purification of sodium prephenate

Chan, J. Y. C.; Cheong, P. P. L.; Hough, L.; Richardson, A. C., 1985: The preparation and reactions of a new glycoside 2' chloroethyl beta d fructopyranoside

Chen F.M.F.; Benoiton N.L., 1987: The preparation and reactions of mixed anhydrides of n alkoxycarbonylamino acids

Lee T.V.; Boucher R.J.; Porter J.R.; Taylor D.A., 1988: The preparation and reactions with an o silylated enolate of an allylsilane bifunctional 3 plus 2 annulating reagent

Gokou C.T.; Pradere J P.; Quiniou H.; Toupet L., 1985: The preparation and rearrangements of 5 acyl 2 phenyl 4 substituted 6h 1 3 thiazines x ray molecular structure of 3 acetyl 2 ethoxycarbonyl 4 3 oxobutylthio 5 phenylpyrrole

Carrico, R. J.; Peisach, J.; Alben, J. O., 1978: The preparation and some physical properties of sulf hemo globin

Brittain, T.; Greenwood, C., 1975: The preparation and some properties of mammalian cytochrome c modified with 2 hydroxy 5 nitro benzyl bromide

Brennan M.R.; Erickson K.L.; Szmalc F.S.; Tansey M.J.; Thornton J.M., 1986: The preparation and spectral characterization of 2 haloindoles 3 haloindoles and 2 3 dihaloindoles

Toth, C. R.; Walmsley, J. A., 1988: The preparation and spectroscopic characterization of a weakly self associating salt of guanylyl 3' 5' guanosine

Cohen, H.; Samuel, D.; Wolf, D.; Staschewski, D., 1978: The preparation and storage under pressure of isotopically enriched oxygen

Risbood P.A.; Reed L.A.IIi; Goodman L., 1981: The preparation and study of some novel glycosides of d galactose

Borowitz, I. J.; Diakiw, V., 1975: The preparation and synthetic utility of o substituted normethyl morphines

Phillips, A. W.; Woodrooffe, J. G.; Courtenay, J. S.; Whitaker, A. M.; Thomas, D.; Woiwod, A. J., 1976: The preparation and testing of anti human lympho blast globulin for clinical use

Baer H.; Anderson M.C.; Helm R.M.; Yunginger J.W.; Lowenstein H.; Gjesing B.; White W.Jr; Douglass G.; Reiman Phillips P.; Schumacher M.; Hewitt B.; Et Al, 1986: The preparation and testing of the proposed international reference bermuda grass cynodon dactylon pollen extract

Harris, J. R., 1978: The preparation and ultrastructure of avian erythrocyte nuclear envelope enclosed by the plasma membrane

Ganzinger U.; Unger F.M., 1985: The preparation and use of a carrier bound acceptor for the determination of sialyl transferase activity in serum

Kumar S.U.; Kalyanasundaram R.; Kumar V.U., 1986: The preparation and use of a fluorescent antibody reagent for the detection of fusarium vasinfectum

White, D. G., 1976: The preparation and use of a fluorescent antibody reagent for the detection of pythium graminicola

Duggan A.W.; Hendry I.A.; Green J.L.; Morton C.R.; Hutchison W.D., 1988: The preparation and use of antibody microprobes

Aitken A.R., 1987: The preparation and use of embryonic brain wholemounts

Mcdonagh P.F.; Williams S.K., 1984: The preparation and use of fluorescent protein conjugates for micro vascular research

Eger, R.; Rifkin, D. B., 1977: The preparation and use of pyridoxal phosphorus 32 phosphate as a labeling reagent for proteins on the outer surface of membranes

Movsesijan M.; Jovanovic B.; Borojevic D.; Petrovic M., 1981: The preparation and use of radio labeled specific helminth antibodies

Davison, A.; Depamphilis, B. V.; Faggiani, R.; Jones, A. G.; Lock, C. J. L.; Orvig, C., 1985: The preparation characterization and crystal and molecular structure of oxobisethan 1 2 dithiolato s mu s' technetium v oxoethan 1 2 dithiolato s s' technetium v a technetium v compound containing metal sulfur metal bridges

Skinner G.R.B.; Buchan A.; Hartley C.E.; Turner S.P.; Williams D.R., 1980: The preparation efficacy and safety of antigenoid vaccine nfu 1 s minus l plus mrc toward prevention of herpes simplex virus infections in human subjects

Brunegger A.; Grasenick F.; Jakopic E.; Waltinger H., 1982: The preparation for electron microscopic investigations of cuticular wax of plant leaves

Douglas, D. E.; Francis, L. E., 1977: The preparation gas liquid chromatography and some physical and chemical properties of certain higher aliphatic 2 4 di ketones a new lipid class

Van-Der-Made, H. N.; Van-Staden, J. J., 1975: The preparation mincing and canning of bovine offal ruminal and intestinal wall for human consumption

Knowles, A.; Priestley, A., 1978: The preparation of 11 cis retinal

Earl R.A.; Vollhardt K.P.C., 1984: The preparation of 2 1h pyridinones and 2 3 dihydro 5 1h indolizinones via transition metal mediated cocyclization of alkynes and isocyanates a novel construction of the antitumor agent camptothecin

Railton, I. D., 1976: The preparation of 2 3 tritiated gibberellin and its metabolism by etiolated seedlings and germinating seeds of dwarf pisum sativum

Elliott R.L.; O'hanlon P.J.; Rogers N.H., 1987: The preparation of 2 heterocyclylthieno 3 2 b pyridine derivatives

Lloyd, K. O., 1970: The preparation of 2 insoluble forms of the phyto hem agglutinin concanavalin a and their interactions with poly saccharides and glyco proteins

Condom, R.; Desfosses, B., 1977: The preparation of 3 5 alpha di hydro testosterone bovine serum albumin conjugates a comparison of the antigenic properties

Geller, A.; Berghaeuser, J., 1977: The preparation of 3 dehydrogenases and 2 kinases from pig heart by a single procedure

Reffstrup, T.; Boll, P. M., 1976: The preparation of 4 hydroxy 5 6 di hydro 2 pyrones and their conversion to kawa lactones as well as to other precursors of naturally occurring 2 pyrones

Kobayashi S.; Shibuya N.; Young B.M.; French D., 1984: The preparation of 6 o alpha d gluco pyranosyl cyclo hexa amylose

Deng S.; Tan T.; Zhou W.; Liang Z., 1981: The preparation of a 14 and a 19 iodine 125 labeled mono iodo insulin and its significance in insulin radio immunoassay

Turton D.R.; Luthra S.K.; Pike V.W.; Kensett M.J., 1987: The preparation of a carbon 11 labelled analgesic n methyl carbon 11 meptazinol

Le Bars D.; Luthra S.K.; Pike V.W.; Luu Duc C., 1987: The preparation of a carbon 11 labelled neurohormone carbon 11 melatonin

Matsuura S.; Takeuchi Y.; Mochizuki M., 1984: The preparation of a human chorionic gonadotropin specific immunoadsorbent using human chorionic gonadotropin beta carboxyl terminal peptide antibody and its application to isolate human chorionic gonadotropin like substances from human pituitary glands

Muschiolik G.; Schmandke H., 1982: The preparation of a model sausage meat and a method for determining the cooking loss and the juice holding capacity

Al Awadi S.; Hassan M.; Adham K.; Abdul Dayem H., 1988: The preparation of a new cobalt 57 labelled thyroxine for use in single dual radioimmunoassay techniques

Nakabayashi S.; Warren C.D.; Jeanloz R.W., 1988: The preparation of a partially protected heptasaccharide asparagine intermediate for glycopeptide synthesis

Povey R.C., 1979: The preparation of a polyvalent feline calicivirus anti serum

Wallis I.; Koenig E.; Rose S., 1980: The preparation of a sarcolemmal fraction from evacuated muscle slices

Halban, P. A.; Offord, R. E., 1975: The preparation of a semi synthetic tritiated insulin with a specific radioactivity of up to 20 curies per millimole

Jesty, J.; Esnouf, M. P., 1973: The preparation of activated factor x and its action on prothrombin

Butler, P. J. G.; Jones, G. M. T., 1970: The preparation of alcohol dehydrogenase ec and glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec from bakers yeast

Mowbray, J.; Ottaway, J. H., 1970: The preparation of alpha oxo acid derivatives suitable for specific radioactivity determination

Hill A.; Ross P.E.; Bouchier I.A.D., 1981: The preparation of amino bile acid derivatives

Kemp, G. D.; Tristram, G. R., 1971: The preparation of an alkali soluble collagen from de mineralized bone

Harper J.R.; Orengo A., 1981: The preparation of an immuno globulin amylo glucosidase conjugate and its quantitation by an enzyme cycling assay

Egorov-Ts, A.; Shakhparonov, M. I.; Davidovich-Yu, A.; Lozinskii, V. I.; Zaslavskii, B. Yu ; Rogozhin, S. V., 1977: The preparation of an insoluble support with activated sulfhydryl groups and its use in protein chemistry

Khanapure S.; Reddy R.T.; Biehl E.R., 1987: The preparation of anthraquinones and anthracyclinones via the reaction of haloarenes and cyanophthalides under aryne forming conditions

Zhou W.; Li Y., 1987: The preparation of anti idiotypic antibodies of plasmodium falciparum pf and their experimental researches in detecting erythrocytic antigens

Yi, J.; Yao, M.; Et-Al, 1987: The preparation of antibodies to ppp2' 5'p3a3

Zhou X.; Zhang H.; Yin Y.; Et Al, 1986: The preparation of antihuman apolipoprotein b antisera and its clinical application

Efstratiou A., 1985: The preparation of antisera to the t proteins of lancefield group c and group g streptococci

Visser, G. W. M.; Diemer, E. L.; Kaspersen, F. M., 1981: The preparation of aromatic astatine compounds through aromatic mercury compounds 2. astatination of pyrimidines and steroids

Norseyev Yu V.; Nhan D.D.; Khalkin V.A.; Huan N.Q.; Vasaros L., 1985: The preparation of astatine labeled tyrosine using an electrophilic reaction

Vaughan, A. T. M.; Fremlin, J. H., 1977: The preparation of astato tyrosine

Thompson E.W.; Seymour G.J.; Whyte G.J., 1987: The preparation of autologous fibronectin for use in periodontal surgery

Okawara T.; Kato R.; Yamasaki T.; Yasuda N.; Furukawa M., 1986: The preparation of aza beta lactam 1 3 4 thiadiazine beta lactam and 1 3 4 thiadiazepine derivatives by the reaction of thiosemicarbazides with alpha and beta haloacyl halides

Jablonski E., 1985: The preparation of bacterial luciferase conjugates for immunoassay and application to rubella antibody detection

Cohen, B. I.; May, P. S.; Mcsherry, C. K.; Mosbach, E. H., 1982: The preparation of bile acid amides and oxazolines 2. synthesis of the amides and oxazolines of ursodeoxy cholic acid deoxy cholic acid hyodeoxy cholic acid and cholic acid

Kleveland P.M.; Haugen S.E.; Waldum H.L., 1985: The preparation of bioactive iodine 125 gastrin using iodo gen as oxidizing agent and the use of this tracer in receptor studies

Gilbert J.M.; Brown B.A.; Strocchi P.; Bird E.D.; Marotta C.A., 1981: The preparation of biologically active messenger rna from human post mortem brain tissue

Zhou S.; Zhao L.; Liu L.; Xiong H.; Liu B., 1988: The preparation of biotin labeled hdv complementary dna probe and its application to spot hybridization

Glossmann, H.; Gips, H., 1974: The preparation of brush border membranes from rat kidney using an aqueous 2 phase polymer system

Connock, M. J.; Elkin, A.; Pover, W. F. R., 1971: The preparation of brush borders from the epithelial cells of the guinea pig small intestine by zonal centrifugation

Harvey D.M.R.; Flowers T.J.; Hall J.L.; Spurr A.R., 1980: The preparation of calibration standards for sodium potassium and chlorine analyses by analytical electron microscopy

Grand R.J.A.; Nairn A.C.; Perry S.V., 1980: The preparation of calmodulins from barley hordeum sp and basidiomycete fungi

Denutte H.R.; Vandewalle T.; Cattoir H.J.; Vandecasteele C.; Jonckheere J.A.; Slegers G.; Gelijkens C.F.; De Leenheer A.P., 1982: The preparation of carbon 11 labeled caffeine

Bolster J.M.; Ten Hoeve W.; Vaalburg W.; Van Dijk T.H.; Zijlstra J.B.; Paans A.M.J.; Wynberg H.; Woldring M.G., 1985: The preparation of carbon 11 labeled proline for positron emission tomography preliminary distribution studies in rats with walker 256 carcinosarcoma

Langstrom, B.; Lundqvist, H., 1976: The preparation of carbon 11 methyl iodide and its use in the synthesis of carbon 11 methyl l methionine

Palmer, A. J., 1978: The preparation of carbon 11 methyl labeled 1 1 di methyl 4 4 di pyridinium di iodide

Grainger, R. M., 1976: The preparation of carbon 13 nitrogen 15 labeled nucleosides and methods for fractionating density labeled rna

Platt, K. L.; Oesch, F., 1977: The preparation of carbon 14 and tritium labeled benzene oxide

Ruenitz P.C.; Bagley J.R., 1983: The preparation of carbon 14 labeled 1 4 2 di ethylaminoethoxyphenyl 1 2 diphenyl 2 chloro ethene clomiphene and 1 4 2 n pyrrolidinylethoxyphenyl 2 4 methoxyphenyl 2 nitro 2 phenyl ethene ci 628 nitromipfene

White, D. F., 1977: The preparation of carbon 14 labeled 16 aryloxy prostaglandin f 2 alpha analogs ici 81008 and ici 80996

White, D. F.; Burns, J., 1977: The preparation of carbon 14 labeled 2 4 chlorophenylthiazol 4 yl acetic acid ici 54450

Bigg, D. C. H., 1976: The preparation of carbon 14 labeled 6 n butyl 2 8 dicarboxy 4 10 dihydroxy 1 7 phenanthroline ici 74917

Burns, J.; Richardson, D. N., 1982: The preparation of carbon 14 labeled and tritium labeled 1 4 2 di methylaminoethoxyphenyl 1 2 diphenyl 1 butene ici 46474 tamoxifen nolvadex and the separation of cis trans isomers 2. the synthesis of tritium labeled tamoxifen nolvadex

Ku C.C.; Hwang S.C.; Kaplan L.; Nallin M.K.; Jacob T.A., 1985: The preparation of carbon 14 labeled avermectin b 1a

Stone Elander S.; Roland P.; Eriksson L.; Litton J E.; Johnstrom P.; Widen L., 1986: The preparation of carbon 14 labeled fluoromethane for the study of regional cerebral blood flow using positron emission tomography

Nakajima H.; Yokota T.; Watanabe N.; Takahashi N., 1980: The preparation of carbon 14 labeled ribosyl trans zeatin and its cis isomer

Crowe A.M.; Ife R.J.; Mitchell M.B.; Saunders D., 1986: The preparation of carbon 14 sulfur 35 and carbon 13 labeled forms of omeprazole

Dobbert M.L.; Pitman M.A., 1987: The preparation of child care workers the ethnographic study of the hidden problems of professionalization

Malinin A.B.; Kurenkov N.V.; Kozlova M.D.; Sevastyanova A.S., 1988: The preparation of chloroplatinic acid labelled with platinum radioisotopes

Corfield, A. P.; Schauera, R.; Wember, M., 1979: The preparation of cmp sialic acids by using cmp acyl neuraminate synthase ec from frog liver immobilized on sepharose 4b

Muehlpfordt H., 1982: The preparation of colloidal gold particles using tannic acid as an additional reducing agent

Veruovic, B.; Schuerch, C., 1970: The preparation of comb shaped poly saccharides by polymerization of a maltose derivative

Epsztein R.; Le Goff N., 1985: The preparation of conjugated trienediamines from 1 9 diaminonona 2 7 diynes and their use in synthesis

Van-Dijk-Wierda, C. A.; Van-Halem-Visser, L. P.; Van-Der-Hoeff-Van-Halem, R.; Loeliger, E. A., 1978: The preparation of control blood for external quality assessment programs in oral anti coagulant control

Griffiths G.; Mcdowall A.; Back R.; Dubochet J., 1984: The preparation of cryosections for immunocytochemistry

Emes, A. V.; Gallimore, M. J.; Hodson, A. W.; Latner, A. L., 1974: The preparation of crystalline human l lactate nicotinamide adenine di nucleotide oxido reductase ec iso enzyme 1 involving preparative poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Consales C.A.; Valentini E.J.G.; Albas A.; Mendonca R.M.Z.; Fuches R.M.M.; Soares M.A.; Pereira C.A., 1988: The preparation of cultured rabies virus and the production of antiserum for human use

Seville M.; Holbrook J.J., 1984: The preparation of cyclic nucleotide depleted regulatory subunits from type ii cyclic amp dependent protein kinase by a nondenaturing method

Angyal S.J.; Odier L., 1982: The preparation of cyclo hexanepentols from inositols by deoxygenation

Foxwell B.M.J.; Blakey D.C.; Brown A.N.F.; Donovan T.A.; Thorpe P.E., 1987: The preparation of deglycosylated ricin by recombination of glycosidase treated a and b chains effects of deglycosylation on toxicity and in vivo distribution

Rance, M. J.; Robinson, J. D.; Taylor, K. T., 1976: The preparation of deuterated and tritiated tertiary amines catalytic hydrogenation in the presence of the n cyclo propyl methyl group

Mcilhenny, H. M., 1976: The preparation of deuterium and tritium labeled pirbuterol hydro chloride

Hnatowich D.J.; Childs R.L.; Lanteigne D.; Najafi A., 1983: The preparation of di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid coupled antibodies radio labeled with metallic radio nuclides an improved method

Tierney, B.; Abercrombie, B.; Walsh, C.; Hewer, A.; Grover, P. L.; Sims, P., 1978: The preparation of di hydro diols from 7 methyl benz a anthracene

Taber, D. F.; Lee, C. H., 1978: The preparation of di methyl 7 deuterated 2 oxo heptyl phosphonate

Heath P.; Mann J.; Walsh E.B.; Wadsworth A.H., 1983: The preparation of di oxa prostacyclin analog from d levo ribose

Millar A.M.; Mcmillan L.; Hannan W.J.; Emmett P.C.; Aitken R.J., 1982: The preparation of dry mono disperse microspheres of technetium 99m labeled albumin for lung ventilation imaging

Secor H.V.; Seeman J.I., 1986: The preparation of elongated nicotine analogues

Vanaman, T. C.; Wakil, S. J.; Hill, R. L., 1968: The preparation of enz tryptic enz peptic enz thermo lysin and cyanogen bromide peptides from the acyl carrier protein of escherichia coli

Dusza J.P.; Joseph J.P.; Bernstein S., 1985: The preparation of estradiol 17 beta sulfates with triethylamine sulfur trioxide

Firnau, G.; Nahmias, C.; Garnett, S., 1973: The preparation of fluorine 18 5 fluoro dopa with reactor produced fluorine 18

Palmer, A. J.; Clark, J. C.; Goulding, R. W., 1977: The preparation of fluorine 18 labeled radio pharmaceuticals

Seed L.J., 1980: The preparation of fragile protoplasts for electron microscopy

Cooper A.J.; Smallwood J.A.; Morgan R.A., 1984: The preparation of freeze thaw density gradients with homogeneous solute concentrations

Asquith M.H.; Reid D.S., 1980: The preparation of frozen samples for electron microscopy and light microscopy by isothermal freeze fixation at temperatures down to minus 20 celsius

Wallace C.J.A.; Harris D.F., 1984: The preparation of fully n epsilon acetimidylated cytochrome c

Balaspiri, L.; Papp, G.; Kovacs, K., 1972: The preparation of further optically active pipecolic acid derivatives suitable for peptide synthesis

Ng W L.; So K.F.; So P.C.; Ngai H.K., 1982: The preparation of glomeruli from renal biopsy specimens for scanning electron microscopy

Gribnau, A. A. M.; Lammers, G. J., 1976: The preparation of graphical and 3 dimensional reconstructions of the developing central nervous system

Hetherington E.L.; Sorby P.J.; Camakaris J., 1986: The preparation of high specific activity copper 64 for medical diagnosis

Vanin, E. F.; Symons, R. H., 1976: The preparation of high specific activity tritiated chloramphenicol base and chloramphenicol labeled in the propanediol side chain

Spurny K.R.; Opiela H.; Weiss G.; Lodge J.P.Jr, 1980: The preparation of highly dispersed radioactively labeled condensation aerosols of silver and silver compounds

Docherty M.; Bradford H.F.; Wu J Y., 1987: The preparation of highly purified gaba ergic and cholinergic synaptosomes from mammalian brain

Eitenmueller, J.; Eisen, E., 1976: The preparation of histologic sections from decalcified bone corticalis

Cameron, C. H. S.; Gardner, D. L.; Longmore, R. B., 1976: The preparation of human articular cartilage for scanning electron microscopy

Terpstra, F. A.; Smith, D. B., 1976: The preparation of human hemo globin alpha subunit and a study of its monomer dimer association

Shepherd H.A.; Priddle J.D.; Jenkins W.J.; Jewell D.P., 1984: The preparation of human intrinsic factor cobalamin complex from human gastric juice by immuno adsorption

Sheppard B.L.; Sheppard U.; Harrison R.F., 1980: The preparation of human spermatozoa for analytical and scanning electron microscopy

Herbst F.; Rudloff V., 1984: The preparation of hydrophilic derivatives of band 3 protein by acylation of the human red blood cell membrane

Kawashima, K.; Fujino, S.; Kim, S. K.; Hayashi, T., 1982: The preparation of immobilized enzymes by radio polymerization 9. preparation of immobilized glucose oxidase ec

Elidar, 1987: The preparation of inoculum by using various flour as substrates or carriers

Perkins, H. R.; Nieto, M., 1970: The preparation of iodinated vancomycin and its distribution in bacteria treated with the antibiotic

Gillet, R.; Cogneau, M.; Mathy, G., 1976: The preparation of iodine 123 labeled sodium ortho iodo hippurate for medical research

Beckett G.J.; Corrie J.E.T.; Percy Robb I.W., 1979: The preparation of iodine 125 labeled bile acid ligands for use in the radio immunoassay of bile acids

Blazey, N. D., 1977: The preparation of iodine 125 labeled digoxin suitable for use in the digoxin radio immunoassay

Hola J.; Vacha J.; Bohacek J., 1979: The preparation of iron 59 labeled transferrin of high radioactivity for ferro kinetic studies on small laboratory animals

Milsmann, M. H. W.; Schwendener, R. A.; Weder, H. G., 1978: The preparation of large single bi layer liposomes by a fast and controlled dialysis

Quash, G.; Roch, A. M.; Niveleau, A.; Grange, J.; Keolouangkhot, T.; Huppert, J., 1978: The preparation of latex particles with covalently bound poly amines immuno globulin g and measles agglutinins and their use in visual agglutination tests

Sargent J.A., 1983: The preparation of leaf surfaces for scanning electron microscopy a comparative study

Meryman H.T.; Bross J.; Lebovitz R., 1980: The preparation of leukocyte poor red blood cells a comparative study

Parravicini A.P.R.; Apuzzo J.; Wenz B.; Sirchia G., 1984: The preparation of leukocyte poor red cells for transfusion by a simple cost effective technique

Helton M.R.; Huang S.T.; Floyd D.M.; Mcgowan E.I., 1987: The preparation of leukocyte poor red cells from as 1 red cells by the spin cool filter method

Wenz, B.; Apuzzo, J. H.; Ahuja, K. K., 1980: The preparation of leukocyte poor red cells from liquid stored blood an evaluation of the haemonetics 102 cell washing system

Grahnen, A.; Sjoholm, I., 1977: The preparation of ligandin with glutathione s transferase activity from porcine liver cytosol by affinity chromatography on bromsulfophthalein sepharose

Wildenauer, D.; Khorana, H. G., 1977: The preparation of lipid depleted bacterio rhod opsin

Gao X Y.; Gu X Q.; Tao J., 1987: The preparation of liposome entrapment of cyclophosphamide cpl in its reconstituted form and the properties and antitumor activities of reconstituted cpl

Turner, M. J.; Sanderson, A. R., 1978: The preparation of liposomes bearing human hl a transplantation antigens

Santaniello, E.; Manzocchi, A.; Cighetti, G.; Leto, S., 1978: The preparation of long chain hydroxyacyl thiol esters 3 hydroxy octa decanoyl coenzyme a

Lunde, M. N.; Powers, K. G., 1976: The preparation of malaria hem agglutination antigen

Haynes R.K.; Lambert D.E.; Parafiniuk K.A.; Schober P.A.; Turner S.G., 1987: The preparation of methyl 7 iodohept 5 ynoate and related electrophiles

Suzuki T.; Sato E.; Goto K.; Katsurada Y.; Unno K.; Takahashi T., 1981: The preparation of mitomycin c adriamycin and daunomycin covalently bound to antibodies as improved cancer chemo therapeutic agents

Bailyes E.M.; Seabrook R.N.; Calvin J.; Maguire G.A.; Price C.P.; Siddle K.; Luzio J.P., 1987: The preparation of monoclonal antibodies to human bone and liver alkaline phosphatase and their use in immunoaffinity purification and in studying these enzymes when present in serum

Karjalainen K., 1983: The preparation of mouse v h fragments and the characterization of heterologous anti mouse v h antibodies

Shorland, F. B.; Gray, J. M., 1970: The preparation of nutritious protein from wool

Trainor G.L., 1985: The preparation of o trifluoromethyl carbohydrates

Kennedy, C.; Zeidler, W., 1976: The preparation of oriented thin sections in micro paleontology an improved method for revealing the internal morphology of foraminifera and other micro fossils

Liebman A.A.; Bader G.J.; Kaegi H.H.; Perry C.W., 1986: The preparation of ormetoprim labeled with carbon 14

Sitter A.J.; Terner J., 1985: The preparation of oxygen 18 labeled hydrogen peroxide in aqueous solution

Louw, A. I.; Carlsson, F. H. H., 1979: The preparation of phospho lipase a 2 ec free cardio toxin from snake venom by hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Callauch, R.; Stallmann, G., 1987: The preparation of phytosociological tables with the new 2.0 version of pst

Scott D.L.; Bedford P.A.; Walton K.W., 1981: The preparation of plasma fibronectin antigen and anti serum

Fabre G.; Baechle J P.; Neveux Y.; Claudel P.; De Vaucouleurs A.B.; Lecomte T.; Joussemet M., 1983: The preparation of platelet concentrates using a haemonetics v 50

Gadbois D.M.; Salo W.L.; Ann D.K.; Downing S.W.; Carlson D.M., 1988: The preparation of poly adenylic acid containing messenger rna from the hagfish slime gland

Weiler, S.; Abiatti, M.; Hawtrey, A. O., 1988: The preparation of poly dt 5' transferrin conjugates and hybridization studies with poly da tailed linearized pbr322 plasmid dna

Cohen, S. L.; Ho, P.; Suzuki, Y.; Alspector, F. E., 1978: The preparation of pregnancy urine for an estrogen profile

Ogilvie K.K.; Mcgee D.P.C.; Boisvert S.M.; Hakimelahi G.H.; Proba Z.A., 1983: The preparation of protected arabino nucleosides

Rees, A. R.; Offord, R. E., 1976: The preparation of protected fragments of lysozyme for semi synthesis

Roth J., 1982: The preparation of protein a gold complexes with 3 nanometers and 15 nanometers gold particles and their use in labeling multiple antigens on ultra thin sections

Dickinson, F. M.; Engel, P. C., 1977: The preparation of pure salt free nicotinamide coenzymes

Fujiwara, K.; Ogawa, A.; Asada, H.; Saikusa, H.; Nakamura, H.; Ono, S.; Kitagawa, T., 1982: The preparation of puromycin antibody and its use in enzyme immunoassay for the quantification using beta d galactosidase ec as a label

Woodgate P.D.; Herbert J.M.; Denny W.A., 1987: The preparation of pyrido 4 3 2 de quinazoline and pyrido 3 4 5 de quinazoline

Southern J.A.; Katz W., 1983: The preparation of pyrogen free fetal calf serum for use in cell and tissue culture

Lingwood C.A.; Schachter H.; Murray R.K., 1980: The preparation of rabbit anti serum specific for mammalian testicular sulfo galacto glycero lipid

Vernon D.I.; Brown S.B., 1987: The preparation of radiolabelled porphyrins and their use in studies of photodynamic therapy

Rupar C.A.; Whitehall J.D., 1988: The preparation of rat liver lysosome membranes several membrane proteins contain complex oligosaccharides

Meryman H.T.; Hornblower M., 1986: The preparation of red cells deplete of leukocytes review and evaluation

Brooks G.T., 1985: The preparation of reductively dechlorinated analogs of endrin and some other cyclodiene insecticides

Rosario C.A.; Duke C.C.; Gill J.H.; Dawson M.; Holder G.M.; Ghazy T.; Long M.A., 1987: The preparation of regiospecific tritiated and deuterated dibenzacridines by catalytic exchange and 14 carbon 14 dibenz a j acridine

Rueger H.; Benn M.H., 1982: The preparation of s 3 4 dehydro proline from 2s 4r 4 hydroxy proline

Kekelidze M.G.; Razin S.V.; Lukanidin E.M., 1986: The preparation of short nascent dna chains synthesized in vivo after crosslinking of dna by tryoxalen is not enriched in replication origins

Ueno M.; Ohkuma A.; Kikuchi H.; Ohsawa S.; Shibusawa K., 1985: The preparation of single bilayer liposome by injection method and the effect of some additives on the size distribution

Robinson, G. S., 1976: The preparation of slides of lepidoptera genitalia with special reference to the micro lepidoptera

Owen J.E.; Gutierrez F.J.; Pedroza Carbajal E., 1986: The preparation of smoked cooked chicken by conventional and accelerated curing methods

Morisawa, Y.; Kataoka, M.; Sakamoto, T., 1976: The preparation of some alpha 4 norpyridoxol analogs

Baer, H. H.; Georges, F. F. Z., 1977: The preparation of some potential intermediates for syntheses of amino poly deoxy sugars related to antibiotics

Brooks G.T., 1980: The preparation of some reductively dechlorinated analogs of dieldrin endosulfan and isobenzan

Baker E.C.; Mustakas G.C.; Erdman J.W.Jr; Black L.T., 1981: The preparation of soy products with different levels of native phytate for zinc bio availability studies

Burgoyne, R. D.; Wolstenholme, J.; Stephen, J., 1976: The preparation of stable biologically active b fragment of diphtheria toxin

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Lee C.F.; Oscarson D.W.; Cheung S.C.H., 1986: The preservation of a cadaver by a clay sealant implications for the disposal of nuclear fuel waste

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