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The pressor effects of paraoxon in the pithed rat

British Journal of Pharmacology 77(2): 233-238

The pressor effects of paraoxon in the pithed rat

In pithed rats paraoxon 825 .mu.g/kg induced a short-lasting pressor effect. Lower doses of the drug were ineffective. The pressor effect was prevented by N-methylatropine, dexetimide and .alpha.-receptor blocking agents but not by mecamylamine. When blood pressure of pithed rats was elevated either by the continuous infusion of vasopressin or by electrical stimulation of the pithing rod, both 275 and 825 .mu.g/kg paraoxon induced further pressor effects. The effectiveness of various receptor blocking agents was similar to that observed in pithed rats without vasopressin. The pressor effect of paraoxon is mediated by ganglionic muscarinic receptors. Stimulation of these receptors by accumulated acetylcholine results in an increase in postganglionic sympathetic activity and causes pressor effects. The peripheral action of paraoxon is compared with its action in intact anesthetized animals.

Accession: 006740045

PMID: 7139184

DOI: 10.1111/j.1476-5381.1982.tb09290.x

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