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The presynaptic action of the organo phosphorus cholin esterase inhibitor armine on the neuro muscular synapse of the frog sartorius muscle

Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR Seriya Biologiya 225(2): 454-456

The presynaptic action of the organo phosphorus cholin esterase inhibitor armine on the neuro muscular synapse of the frog sartorius muscle

The frog sartorius muscle-sciatic nerve preparation showed that armine in a concentration of 2 .cntdot. 10-6 M and higher decreased the frequency of the miniature end-plate potentials and the quantum composition of the end-plate potentials. The higher the armine concentration and the longer the time of exposure, the stronger this effect and the less complete its removal after armine was washed away. Exposure for over 2 h to armine in a concentration of 2 .cntdot. 10-4 M had an additional depolarizing effect on the presynaptic membrane. In a concentration of 2 .cntdot. 10-7 M and higher, armine had a definite anticholinesterase effect on the neuromuscular synapse.

Accession: 006740090

Related references

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