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The prevalence and seasonal periodicity of cestodes in the house rat rattus rattus in 3 different localities of jodhpur india

Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Zoologie 65(2): 213-228

The prevalence and seasonal periodicity of cestodes in the house rat rattus rattus in 3 different localities of jodhpur india

The prevalence and seasonal periodicity of cestodes in the house rat, R. rattus, collected from 3 different localities of Jodhpur [Inida] from Aug. 1976-May 1977, were studied with respect to the sex and age of the host. The female host revealed a higher percentage of incidence and contributed more to the total cestode burden than the male. The cestode population, including its 3 maturity groups, exhibited a seasonal periodicity attaining 3 main peaks. The analysis of variance revealed that the difference observed in the incidence percentages in the 2 sexes of the host were insignificant with respect to the localities and seasons, but were significant with respect to the age in both sexes of host. Incidence of infection in all 3 localities examined indicated a positive linear relationship with host age. Role of age-resistance and a temperature dependent rejection response in host parasite systems is discussed. An hormone induced regulatory mechanism and a density dependent rejection response are suggested as possible factors influencing, respectively, the seasonal periodicity and the size of the parasitic populations.

Accession: 006740170

Related references

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