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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6742

Chapter 6742 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Drapeau, G.R., 1978:
The primary structure of staphylococcal protease

Yulikova E.P.; Rybin V.K.; Silaev A.B., 1979:
The primary structure of stellin a

Yulikova E.P.; Rybin V.K.; Silaev A.B., 1979:
The primary structure of stellin b

Yulikova, E.P.; Evseenko, L.K.; Baratova, L.A.; Belyanova, L.P.; Rybin, V.K.; Silaev, A.B., 1976:
The primary structure of sturine b a protamine from the caspian sturgeon

Von-Bahr-Lindstrom, H.; Galante, Y.M.; Persson, M.; Jornvall, H., 1983:
The primary structure of subunit ii of nadh dehydrogenase ec from bovine heart mitochondria

Hiebl I.; Schneeganss D.; Braunitzer G., 1986:
The primary structure of the alpha d chains of the bar headed goose anser indicus the greylag goose anser anser and the canada goose branta canadensis

Kohlmiller N.A.; Howard J.B., 1979:
The primary structure of the alpha subunit of proto catechuate 3 4 di oxygenase part 1 isolation and sequence of the tryptic peptides

Kohlmiller N.A.; Howard J.B., 1979:
The primary structure of the alpha subunit of proto catechuate 3 4 di oxygenase part 2 isolation and sequence of overlap peptides and complete sequence

Monastyrskaya, G.S.; Broude, N.E.; Melkov, A.M.; Smirnov-Yu, V.; Malyshev, I.V.; Arsenyan, S.G.; Salomatina, I.S.; Sverdlov, V.E.; Grishin, A.V.; Et-Al, 1987:
The primary structure of the alpha subunit of sodium potassium atpase iii. the complete nucleotide sequence corresponding to the structural gene

Huntley, G.H.; Dixon, G.H., 1972:
The primary structure of the amino terminal region of histone t

Shlyapnikov M.G.; Kryukov V.M.; Baev A.A., 1987:
The primary structure of the bacteriophage t5 transfer asparagine rna

Lalthantluanga R.; Braunitzer G., 1981:
The primary structure of the beta 1 chain and beta 2 chain of yak bos grunniens hemo globins bovidae

Arzamazova, N.M.; Gevondyan, N.M.; Chertova, E.N.; Nazimov, I.V.; Gavril'eva, E.E.; Aldanova, N.A.; Modyanov, N.N., 1987:
The primary structure of the beta subunit of sodium potassium atpase from pig kidney i. analysis of products of the tryptic hydrolysis of immobilized protein

Broude, N.E.; Monastyrskaya, G.S.; Petrukhin, K.E.; Grishin, A.V.; Kiyatkin, N.I.; Melkov, A.M.; Smirnov-Yu, V.; Sverdlov, V.E.; Malyshev, I.V.; Modyanov, N.N., 1987:
The primary structure of the beta subunit of sodium potassium atpase from pig kidney ii. reverse transcription of messenger rna and cloning of complementary dna determination of the complete nucleotide sequence corresponding to the structural gene

Allen G.; Trinnaman B.J.; Green N.M., 1980:
The primary structure of the calcium ion transporting atpase protein of rabbit skeletal sarcoplasmic reticulum peptides derived from digestion with cyanogen bromide and the sequences of 3 long extramembranous segments

Allen G., 1980:
The primary structure of the calcium transporting atpase of rabbit skeletal sarcoplasmic reticulum soluble tryptic peptides from the succinylated carboxymethylated protein

Xia Q C.; Chang D.; Blacher R.; Lai C Y., 1984:
The primary structure of the carboxyl terminal half of cholera toxin subunit a 1 containing the adp ribosylation site

Kraal, B.; van Beynum, G.M.; D.G.aaf, M.; Castel, A.; Bosch, L., 1976:
The primary structure of the coat protein of alfalfa mosaic virus (strain 425)

Castel A.; Kraal B.; D.G.aaf J.M.; Bosch L., 1979:
The primary structure of the coat protein of alfalfa mosaic virus strain vru a hypothesis on the occurrence of 2 conformations in the assembly of the protein shell

Mihaesco E.; Barnikol Watanabe S.; Barnikol H.U.; Mihaesco C.; Hilschmann N., 1980:
The primary structure of the constant part of mu chain disease protein bot human immuno globulin m polymorphism

Pankov-Yu, A.; Nikolaeva, O.P.; Elizarova, G.P., 1976:
The primary structure of the corticotropin of finback baleen whales balaenoptera physalus

Lopez Otin C.; Barber D.; Fernandez Luna J.L.; Soriano F.; Mendez E., 1984:
The primary structure of the cytotoxin restrictocin

Kocherginskaya S.A.; Shakhparonov M.I.; Aldanova N.A.; Modyanov N.N., 1983:
The primary structure of the di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide binding subunit from streptococcus faecalis proton atpase

Kleinschmidt T.; Braunitzer G., 1982:
The primary structure of the egyptian fruit bat rousettus aegyptiacus chiroptera hemo globin

Alakhov-Yu, B.; Motuz, L.P.; Stengrevits, O.A.; Vinokurov, L.M., 1978:
The primary structure of the elongation factor from escherichia coli part 2 amino acid sequence of the region containing the gtp binding center

Gubanov V.V.; Lebedev Y.B.; Monastyrskaya G.S.; Rubtsov P.M.; Skryabin K.G., 1984:
The primary structure of the escherichia coli dna fragment preceding the tryptophan operon genes

Barciszewska M.Z.; Keith G.; Dirheimer G.; Barciszewski J., 1986:
The primary structure of the first plant histidine transfer rna

Koenig H.; Kandler O.; Jensen M.; Rietschel E.T., 1983:
The primary structure of the glycan moiety of pseudo murine from methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Mazur G.; Braunitzer G.; Wright P.G., 1982:
The primary structure of the hemo globin from a white rhinoceros ceratotherium simum perissodactyla

Rodewald K.; Braunitzer G., 1984:
The primary structure of the hemo globin from goldfish carassius auratus

Braunitzer G.; Oberthuer W., 1979:
The primary structure of the hemo globin of the greylag goose anser anser and the unequal evolution of the beta chains an experimental approach to a biochemical analysis of behavior

Bieber F.A.; Braunitzer G., 1983:
The primary structure of the hemo globin of the muskrat ondatra zibethica

Soskić, V.; Kleinschmidt, T.; Braunitzer, G., 1987:
The primary structure of the hemoglobin from the bat Macrotus californicus (Chiroptera)

Sgouros, J.G.; Kleinschmidt, T.; Braunitzer, G., 1987:
The primary structure of the hemoglobin of an Indian flying fox (Cynopterus sphinx, Megachiroptera)

Hofmann, O.; Braunitzer, G.; Göltenboth, R., 1987 :
The primary structure of the hemoglobin of Malayan sun bear (Helarctos malayanus, Carnivora) and structural comparison to other hemoglobin sequences

Hofmann, O.; Braunitzer, G., 1987:
The primary structure of the hemoglobin of spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus, Carnivora)

Aschauer, H.; Weber, R.E.; Braunitzer, G., 1985:
The primary structure of the hemoglobin of the dogfish shark (Squalus acanthias). Antagonistic effects of ATP and urea on oxygen affinity of an elasmobranch hemoglobin

Sgouros, J.G.; Kleinschmidt, T.; Arnold, W.; Braunitzer, G., 1986:
The primary structure of the hemoglobin of the European marmot (Marmota marmota marmota, Rodentia)

Sgouros, J.G.; Kleinschmidt, T.; Braunitzer, G., 1988:
The primary structure of the hemoglobin of the Indian false vampire (Megaderma lyra, Microchiroptera)

Mazur G.; Braunitzer G., 1984:
The primary structure of the hemoglobins from a lowland tapir tapirus terrestris perissodactyla glutamic acid in position 2 of the beta chains

Ahmed A.; Jahan M.; Zaidi Z.H.; Braunitzer G.; Goeltenboth R., 1987:
The primary structure of the hemoglobins of the adult jaguar panthera onca carnivora

Rodrigues J.D.A.; Brandt W.F.; Von Holt C., 1988:
The primary structure of the histone h2a 2 type from wheat germ a core histone type with both amino terminal and carboxyl terminal extensions

Eiffert H.; Quentin E.; Decker J.; Hillemeir S.; Hufschmidt M.; Klingmueller D.; Weber M.H.; Hilschmann N., 1984:
The primary structure of the human free secretory component and the arrangement of the disulfide bonds

Heinze H.; Arnold H.H.; Fischer D.; Kruppa J., 1988 :
The primary structure of the human ribosomal protein s6 derived from a cloned complementary dna

Mcintyre P.; Graf L.; Mercer J.F.B.; Wake S.A.; Hudson P.; Hoogenraad N., 1985:
The primary structure of the imported mitochondrial protein ornithine transcarbamylase from rat liver messenger rna levels during ontogeny

Joubert, F.J.; Dowdle, E.B., 1987:
The primary structure of the inhibitor of tissue plasminogen activator found in the seeds of Erythrina caffra

Kupriyanova, N.S.; Timofeeva, M.Y., 1987:
The primary structure of the internal transcribed spacer its of the loach misgurnus fossilis l. ribosomal gene similarity in organization of the major processing site in eukaryotes

Harnisch, U.; Weiss, H.; Sebald, W., 1985:
The primary structure of the iron sulfur subunit of ubiquinol cytochrome c reductase ec from neurospora determined by complementary dna and gene sequencing

Ruecknagel K.P.; Braunitzer G., 1988:
The primary structure of the major and minor hemoglobin component of adult western painted turtle chrysemys picta bellii

Lin, H.X.; Kleinschmidt, T.; Braunitzer, G.; Göltenboth, R., 1988:
The primary structure of the mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx, Primates) hemoglobin

Yamaguchi M.; Hatefi Y.; Trach K.; Hoch J.A., 1988:
The primary structure of the mitochondrial energy linked nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase deduced from the sequence of complementary dna clones

Maita T.; Hayashida M.; Tanioka Y.; Komine Y.; Matsuda G., 1987:
The primary structure of the myosin head

Kozlov Y.V.; Kabishev A.A.; Lukyanov E.V.; Bayev A.A., 1988 :
The primary structure of the operons coding for shigella dysenteriae toxin and temperate phage h30 shiga like toxin

Kleinschmidt, T.; Koop, B.F.; Braunitzer, G., 1987:
The primary structure of the pallid bat (Antrozous pallidus, Chiroptera) hemoglobin

Joys, T.M.; Rankis, V., 1972:
The primary structure of the phase 1 flagellar protein of salmonella typhimurium part 1 the tryptic peptides

Moonen P.; Akeroyd R.; Westerman J.; Puijk W.C.; Smits P.; Wirtz K.W.A., 1980:
The primary structure of the phosphatidyl choline exchange protein from bovine liver isolation and characterization of the staphylococcal protease peptides and the amino acid sequence of the amino terminal half residues 1 122

Bartelt, D.C.; Greene, L.J., 1971:
The primary structure of the porcine pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor part 1 amino acid sequence of the reduced s amino ethylated protein

Jaussi R.; Cotton B.; Juretic N.; Christen P.; Schumperli D., 1985:
The primary structure of the precursor of chicken mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase cloning and sequence analysis of complementary dna

Schlatter, D.; Kriech, O.; Suter, F.; Zuber, H., 1987:
The primary structure of the psychrophilic lactate dehydrogenase from Bacillus psychrosaccharolyticus

Unnasch T.R.; Mclafferty M.; Wirth D.F., 1985:
The primary structure of the ribosomal rna insertions of plasmodium lophurae

Bennetzen J.L.; Hall B.D., 1982:
The primary structure of the saccharomyces cerevisiae gene for alcohol dehydrogenase i

Ivatt, R.J.; Gilvarg, C., 1979:
The primary structure of the teichuronic acid of Bacillus megaterium

Bruschi M., 1981:
The primary structure of the tetra heme cytochrome c 3 from desulfovibrio desulfuricans strain norway 4 description of a new class of low potential cytochrome c

Maeda, N.; Tamiya, N., 1974:
The primary structure of the toxin ls iii a weak and reversibly acting neuro toxin from the venom of a sea snake laticauda semifasciata

Gleason, F.K.; Whittaker, M.M.; Holmgren, A.; Jörnvall, H., 1985:
The primary structure of thioredoxin from the filamentous cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. 7119

Keith G., 1986:
The primary structure of threonine transfer rna anticodon i g u from bovine liver

Weissenbach, J.; Kiraly, I.; Dirheimer, G., 1977:
The primary structure of threonine transfer rna from brewers yeast/

Ohta M.; Sasaki T.; Hayashi K., 1981:
The primary structure of toxin c from the venom of the indian cobra naja naja

Lu, R.C.; Elzinga, M., 1978:
The primary structure of tubulin sequences of the carboxyl terminus and 7 other cyanogen bromide peptides from the alpha chain

Ritonja A.; Meloun B.; Gubensek F., 1983:
The primary structure of vipera ammodytes venom chymotrypsin inhibitor

Barciszewska M.Z.; Keith G.; Kubli E.; Barciszewski J., 1986:
The primary structure of wheat germ arginine transfer rna the substrate for arginylarginine transfer rna protein transferase

Joernvall, H., 1977:
The primary structure of yeast alcohol dehydrogenase

Brandt W.F.; Von Holt C., 1982:
The primary structure of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae histone h 3

Sharp J.K.; Mcneil M.; Albersheim P., 1984:
The primary structures of 1 elicitor active and 7 elicitor inactive hexa beta d glucopyranosyl d glucitols isolated from the mycelial walls of phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea

Holland, M.J.; Holland, J.P.; Thill, G.P.; Jackson, K.A., 1981:
The primary structures of 2 yeast enolase genes homology between the 5' noncoding flanking regions of yeast enolase and glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase genes

Oberthuer W.; Braunitzer G.; Grimm F.; Koesters J., 1983:
The primary structures of alpha a chains and beta chains from the major hemo globin component of golden eagle aquila chrysaetos accipitriformes

Oberthuer W.; Braunitzer G.; Baumann R.; Wright P.G., 1983:
The primary structures of alpha and beta chains from the major hemo globin component of ostrich struthio camelus and american rhea rhea americana physiology of respiration and systematics

Haniu M.; Ryan D.E.; Levin W.; Shively J.E., 1986:
The primary structures of cytochrome p 450d purified from rat liver microsomes prediction of helical regions and domain analysis

Bveintema J.J.; Knol G.; Martena B., 1982:
The primary structures of pancreatic rnase from african porcupine hystrix cristata and casiragua proechimys guairae 2 hystricomorph rodent species

Kimura, J.; Kimura, M., 1987:
The primary structures of ribosomal proteins S14 and S16 from the archaebacterium Halobacterium marismortui. Comparison with eubacterial and eukaryotic ribosomal proteins

Duez C.; Frere J M.; Ghuysen J M.; Van Beeumen J.; Vandekerchkhove J., 1981:
The primary structures of the exocellular d alanyl d alanine peptidases of streptomyces strain r 61 and actinomadura strain r 39

Hiebl I.; Braunitzer G.; Schneeganss D., 1987:
The primary structures of the major and minor hemoglobin components of adult andean goose chloephaga melanoptera anatidae the mutation leucine serine in position 55 of the beta chains

Hiebl I.; Schneeganss D.; Grimm F.; Koesters J.; Braunitzer G., 1987:
The primary structures of the major minor hemoglobin component of adult european black vulture aegypius monachus aegypiinae

W.B., 1982:
The primary studies on eupatorium odoratum community in southern yunnan china

Chen Z.; Wang R.; Yang Y., 1986:
The primary study on modulus of rupture of soils in relation with soil moisture content

Andreis, P.G.; Mantero, F.; Armato, U., 1981:
The primary tissue culture of human adreno cortical conns adenomata 1. synergistic stimulation of adenomatous cell growth by purine cyclic nucleotides and acth 1 24 and angiotensin ii

Hagenbuchle O.; Larson D.; Hall G.I.; Sprague K.U., 1979:
The primary transcription product of a silkworm bombyx mori alanine transfer rna gene identification of in vitro sites of initiation termination and processing

Hofer E.; Darnell J.E.Jr, 1981:
The primary transcription unit of the mouse beta major globin gene

Gordon J.L.; Smith D.P.; Andy R.; Alpers D.H.; Schonfeld G.; Strauss A.W., 1982:
The primary translation product of rat intestinal apo lipo protein a i messenger rna is an unusual pre pro protein

Poticha, S.M., 1976:
The primary treatment of breast carcinoma

Huang, K.E., 1986:
The primary treatment of luteal phase inadequacy progesterone vs. clomiphene citrate

Alper, T.; Forage, A.J., 1974:
The primary UV lesions for reversion to prototrophy in auxotrophic Escherichia coli: inferences from studies of protection by acriflavine

Kirchoff B.K.; Fahn A., 1984:
The primary vascular system and medullary bundle structure of phytolacca dioica phytolaccaceae

Beck C.B., 1979:
The primary vascular system of callixylon

Rothwell, G.W., 1977:
The primary vasculature of cordaianthus concinnus

Schwarz, I.E.; Schwarz, D.W., 1983:
The primary vestibular projection to the cerebellar cortex in the pigeon (Columba livia)

Metin C.; Godement P.; Imbert M., 1988:
The primary visual cortex in the mouse receptive field properties and functional organization

Levere, T.E., 1978:
The primary visual system of the rat a primer of its anatomy

Grosse, F.; Krauss, G., 1985:
The primase activity of DNA polymerase alpha from calf thymus

Scott G.B.D., 1980:
The primate cecum and appendix vermiformis a comparative study

Moore, J.K., 1980:
The primate cochlear nuclei: loss of lamination as a phylogenetic process

Pribram, K.H., 1975:
The primate frontal cortex: progress report 1975

Mitchell S.J.; Richardson R.T.; Baker F.H.; Delong M.R., 1987:
The primate globus pallidus neuronal activity related to direction of movement

Scott, D.E.; Krobisch-Dudley, G.; Paull, W.K.; Kozlowski, G.P.; Ribas, J., 1975:
The primate median eminence part 1 correlative scanning transmission electron microscopy

Kozlowski, G.P.; Scott, D.E.; Krobisch-Dudley, G.; Frenk, S.; Paull, W.K., 1976:
The primate median eminence part 2 correlative high voltage transmission electron microscopy

Wood B.A.; Chamberlain A.T., 1986:
The primate pelvis allometry or sexual dimorphism

Wise S.P., 1985:
The primate promoter cortex fifty years after fulton

Kaplan E.; Shapley R.M., 1986:
The primate retina contains two types of ganglion cells with high and low contrast sensitivity

Sheridan, P.J.; Weaker, F.J., 1981:
The primate spinal cord is a target for gonadal steroids

Sheridan, P.J.; McGill, H.C.; Lissitzky, J.C.; Martin, P.M., 1984:
The primate thyroid gland contains receptors for androgens

Honjo, S., 1977:
The primates center and virus research

Watts E.S.; Rico Gray V., 1987:
The primates of the yucatan peninsula mexico preliminary study on their present day distribution and actual conservation

Roggen E.; Dams E.; Slegers H., 1985:
The primer specificity of cytoplasmic polyadenylic polymerase from cryptobiotic gastrulae of artemia salina

Harada F.; Peters G.G.; Dahlberg J.E., 1979:
The primer transfer rna for moloney murine leukemia virus dna synthesis nucleotide sequence and amino acylation of proline transfer rna

Curtis A.; Lyons V.; Fink G., 1985:
The priming effect of lhrh effects of cold and involvement of new protein synthesis

Woltjes J.; J.C.F.; Ten Duis H.J.; Wildevuur C.R.H., 1979:
The priming of extracorporeal circuits the effect on canine blood elements

Worthen G.S.; Seccombe J.F.; Clay K.L.; Guthrie L.A.; Johnston R.B.Jr, 1988:
The priming of neutrophils by lipopolysaccharide from production of intracellular platelet activating factor potential role in mediation of enhanced superoxide secretion

D.Groot A.M.B., 1987:
The priming of word associations a levels of processing approach

Presley, R., 1979:
The primitive course of the internal carotid artery in mammals

Kemp T.S., 1979:
The primitive cynodont procynosuchus functional anatomy of the skull and relationships

Kemp T.S., 1979:
The primitive cynodont procynosuchus structure function and evolution of the postcranial skeleton

Hoffmann A.; Vazquez M., 1986:
The primitive opilioacarids in mexico

Sakharov D.A.; Kashapova L.A., 1979:
The primitive pattern of the vertebrate body muscle innervation ultrastructural evidence for 2 synaptic transmitters

Ohno S., 1981:
The primordial base pair sequence of inter genic spacers the role in immuno globulin class switching

Forssell, K., 1980:
The primordial cyst. A clinical and radiographic study

Partridge M.; Towers J.F., 1987:
The primordial cyst odontogenic keratocyst its tumor like characteristics and behavior

Lasken, R.S.; Kornberg, A., 1988:
The primosomal protein n' of Escherichia coli is a DNA helicase

Williams A.J.; Siegfried W.R.; Burger A.E.; Berruti A., 1979:
The prince edward islands a sanctuary for sea birds in the southern ocean

Zarnecki A.; Ronningen K.; Solbu H., 1985:
The principal component analysis of the incidence of diseases in norwegian red cattle

Weyerer, S.; Elton, M.; Diallina, M.; Fichter, M.M., 1986:
The principal component structure of the general health questionnaire among greek and turkish adolescents

Stoppini Z.; Rondelli F., 1984:
The principal components analysis to determine the factor of soil erodibility

Freytag H.E.; Rausch H., 1982:
The principal course of carbon to nitrogen transformation processes in soil in the presence of various organic manures

Pull, C.B.; Pichot, P.; Pull, M.C.; von Frenckell, R., 1979:
The principal dimensions of manifest depression. A factor analysis of manifest depressive symptomatology

Spitery E., 1985:
The principal evolutionary characteristics of the occipital bone of fossil hominids

Lewis R.E.; Lewis J.O., 1983:
The principal factors contributing to the flux of salt in a narrow partially stratified estuary

Pheasant, S.T.; Grieve, D.W., 1981:
The principal features of maximal exertion in the sagittal plane

Uherkovich G., 1980:
The principal features of the quantitative and qualitative composition of the river phyto plankton of the drau drava river in hungary

Bagliniere J L., 1979:
The principal fish populations in a river with salmonidae in south brittany france the scorff river

Rubtsov A.F., 1981:
The principal functions of forensic chemical departments in forensic medical laboratories of soviet republics

Shearer, M., 1968:
The principal is often overlooked school child psychiatric evaluation

Dzhibladze D.N., 1986:
The principal neurological syndromes accompanying occlusion of the extracranial part of the carotid artery and the mechanisms of their emergence

Motokizawa F.; Ino Y.; Ohta N.; Yasuda N., 1985:
The principal pathway from the piriform cortex to the deep amygdaloid nuclei in the cat

Tikhomirov F.A.; Moiseev I.T.; Aleksakhin R.M., 1981:
The principal regularities of cesium 137 behavior in soil and its transition to cultivated plants

Arias, J.R.; Naiff, R.D., 1981:
The principal reservoir host of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the urban areas of Manaus, Central Amazon of Brazil

Garlick, R.L.; Mazer, J.S., 1983:
The principal site of nonenzymatic glycosylation of human serum albumin in vivo

Grabar, P., 1977:
The principal stages of the development of immunology

Mikhailov K.E., 1987:
The principal structure of the avian egg shell data of sem studies

Chadefaud, M., 1982:
The principal types of ascocarp their organization and their evolution 2. the discocarps

Gritsenko V.V.; Kreslavskii A.G.; Mikheev A.V.; Solomatin V.M., 1986 :
The principal varieties of chrysolina varians coloration coleoptera chrysomelidae their heredity and spatial distribution in nature

Ossenkopp K P.; Mazmanian D.S., 1985:
The principle of aggregation in psychobiological correlational research an example from the open field test

Yamane, G., 1977:
The principle of biology part 1 the concept of life

Popov I.; Falck P.; Baehr R.V., 1986:
The principle of circulation for the measurement of photochemiluminescence

Bianki V.L.; Shramm V.A.; Kharitonov E.V., 1979:
The principle of common pathway in distribution of callosal connections

Yamane, G., 1975:
The principle of conservation of nature part 4 conservation of nature as the principle of defense against depletion of natural resources and contamination of the natural environment by man

Komissarov, I.V., 1977:
The principle of cooperation in the receptor function of cytoplasmic membranes

M'closkey R.T., 1982:
The principle of equal opportunity a test with desert rodents

Kozlov L.V., 1979:
The principle of free energy linearity in chymotrypsin catalysis

Hara H.; Akira H.H., 1981:
The principle of fundus drawing through color code

Schjelderup V., 1982:
The principle of holography a key to a holistic approach in medicine

Paran'ko, N.M.; Vyshchipan, V.F., 1975:
The principle of hygienic standardization of the combined action of vibration and noise

Borisov, A.Yu, 1976:
The principle of instant action in photosynthesis

Patterson, BD., 1987:
The principle of nested subsets and its implications for biological conservation

Lewis, J.H.; Wolpert, L., 1976:
The principle of nonequivalence in development

Von Glass W.; Pesch H J., 1983:
The principle of ossification of the skeleton of the larynx in humans and mammals

Orticochea M., 1987:
The principle of reversal of flow in blood vessels

Ginodman G.A.; Beloborodova N.V.; Turdyeva T.Ya; Sinitsyna N.A., 1984:
The principle of reversive gnotobiological isolation

Bleeker, J.A.; Frohn-de Winter, M.L., 1981:
The principle of separate responsibility in clinical psychiatric practice. 6 years' experience

Varga, Z., 1977:
The principle of the area analytical method in the zoo geography and the faunal types of the european butterflies lepidoptera

Melekhov E.I., 1985:
The principle of the regulation of the rate of cell damage and the reaction of protective metabolism inhibition

Sheingauz, A.S.; Dorofeeva, A.A., 1977:
The principle pattern of forestry regionalization

Gluchoff Fiasson K.; Kuhner R., 1982:
The principle responsible for the blue reaction to sulfo vanillic mixture of cystidia or laticifers in various homobasidiomycetes taxonomic interest

Spaltenstein H., 1980:
The principle types of soils of bois de chenes canton of vaud switzerland and model of spatial distribution

Soufi Z., 1988:
The principle weeds of orchards in the maritime region of syria

Baak, J.P., 1987:
The principles and advances of quantitative pathology

Nicolini, C., 1976:
The principles and methods of cell synchronization in cancer chemo therapy

Maistruk P.N.; Solomko G.I.; Sokolova A.G., 1984:
The principles and methods of hygienic evaluation of new protein products

Brandenburg, N.R., 1977:
The principles and practice of seed cleaning separation with equipment that senses dimensions shape density and terminal velocity of seeds

Brandenburg, N.R.; Park, J.K., 1977:
The principles and practice of seed cleaning separation with equipment that senses surface texture color resilience and electrical properties of seeds

Wiles T.L.; Hayward D.M., 1981:
The principles and practice of weed control for no tillage soybean in southern brazil using the bi pyridyl herbicides

Merté, H.J., 1977:
The principles and technique of medicamentous control of glaucoma

Wolf A., 1985:
The principles in therapy of infectious dermatosis with special review on resistance

Kuzikov I.V.; Korenberg E.I.; Kovalevskii Y.V.; Rodman L.S., 1982:
The principles of average scale mapping of distribution of the ixodid ticks on the basis of aero photo materials

Yamanbe, G., 1980:
The principles of biology 4. the theory of descent a. battle for existence

Chignell M.H.; Loewenthal A.; Caspi A., 1986:
The principles of caveat vendor caveat emptor and caveat operator in robotic safety

Machavariani G.A., 1980:
The principles of construction of impulse informational nets in which a part has the property of the whole

Lindskoug B.A., 1984:
The principles of continuous cylindrical thermoluminescence dosemeters readout by linear motion through a heated oven

Herman, Z.S., 1978:
The principles of controlled clinical trials of drugs

Martinek, K.; Klibanov, A.M.; Goldmacher, V.S.; Berezin, I.V., 1977:
The principles of enzyme stabilization part 1 increase in thermo stability of enzymes covalently bound to a complementary surface of a polymer support in a multi point fashion

Martinek, K.; Klibanov, A.M.; Goldmacher, V.S.; Tchernysheva, A.V.; Mozhaev, V.V.; Berezin, I.V.; Glotov, B.O., 1977:
The principles of enzyme stabilization part 2 increase in the thermo stability of enzymes as a result of multi point noncovalent interaction with a polymeric support

Torchilin, V.P.; Maksimenko, A.V.; Smirnov, V.N.; Berezin, I.V.; Klibanov, A.M.; Martinek, K., 1978:
The principles of enzyme stabilization part 3 the effect of the length of intra molecular cross linkages on thermo stability of enzymes

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The principles of enzyme stabilization part 4 modification of key functional groups in the tertiary structure of proteins

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The principles of hearing aid selection

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The principles of integration of cellular metabolism

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The principles of scaling and the inheritance of resistance to coffee berry disease in coffea arabica

Drozdz A., 1985:
The principles of sheep feeding on pasture

Okuyama, E.; Yamazaki, M., 1983:
The principles of tetragonia tetragonoides having anti ulcerogenic activity 1. isolation and identification of steryl glucoside mixture compound a

Aivazyan A.A., 1986:
The principles of the pathogenetic therapy of amyloidosis

Kolomiets N.G., 1980:
The principles of use of entomophagous insects in integrated forest protection in siberia ussr

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The principles of zoo geographic zonation of land

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The principles underlying the foundation of the method of conducting practical lessons in histology

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The printing of taxonomic descriptions by computer

Sugarman S., 1987:
The priority of description in developmental psychology

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The priority pollutants and their isomer enumeration using graph theory

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The prism pattern of rat molar enamel: a scanning electron microscope study

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The prisma mobile phase optimization model in thin layer chromatography separation of natural compounds

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The prisoners dilemma game and cooperation in the rat

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The private specificity h 2.4 and the public specificity h 2.28 of the d region are expressed on 2 independent poly peptide chains P.; Verheij H.M.; Riegman N.H.; Hoekstra W.P.M.; G.H., 1984:
The pro and mature forms of the escherichia coli k 12 outer membrane phospholipase a are identical

Stafford H.A.; Cheng T Y., 1980:
The pro cyanidins of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings callus and cell suspension cultures derived from cotyledons

Lea A.G.H.; Bridle P.; Timberlake C.F.; Singleton V.L., 1979:
The pro cyanidins of white grapes and wines

Ekstrom B., 1981:
The pro drug principle applied to antibiotics

Calzavara M.; Muscio G.; Nadalet L.; Vaia F., 1981:
The pro glacial lake of malga sette fontane settimana valley pordenone italy

Moraes F.R.; Moraes J.R.E.; Melito I.; Laus J.L., 1986:
The pro inflammatory effect of chloramphenicol on the acute inflammation

Mel'nikov, O.A., 1977:
The pro morphology of articulata

Owerbach D.; Rutter W.J.; Roberts J.L.; Whitfeld P.; Shine J.; Seeburg P.H.; Shows T.B., 1981:
The pro opiocortin acth beta lipotropin gene is located on chromosome 2 in humans

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The probabilistic approach in biochemical studies

Walmsley, B.; Edwards, F.R.; Tracey, D.J., 1987:
The probabilistic nature of synaptic transmission at a mammalian excitatory central synapse

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The probability density functions of the contingency coefficients defined by kramer and pearson in a 2 dimensional frequency distribution of grouped bi variate normal variables part 1

Wang Y.J., 1987:
The probability integrals of bivariate normal distributions a contingency table approach

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The probability of cancer death in Italian males and females

Budnick, L.D.; Chaiken, B.P., 1985:
The probability of dying of injuries by the year 2000

Shewmon D.A., 1987:
The probability of inevitability the inherent impossibility of validating criteria for brain death or irreversibility through clinical studies

Vereta L.A.; Yuzhakov L.I.; Ostrovskaya O.V.; Nikolaeva S.P.; Volkov V.I.; Dolgikh A.M.; Shchukin A.V.; Muratov I.V.; Mzhel'skaya T.V.; Dovgalev A.S., 1982:
The probability of infection with tick borne encephalitis in the territory of lesser khinghan mountains china and the northern amur region asia

Kozar F., 1987:
The probability of interspecific competitive situations in scale insects homoptera coccoidea interspecific competition of scale insects

Appleby M.C., 1983:
The probability of linearity in hierarchies

Thrall A.D.; Burton C.S., 1987:
The probability of naaqs nonattainment when exceedance outcomes constitute a two state markov process

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The probability of obtaining complex kinetic curves for enzyme mechanisms with cubic terms in the pseudo steady state rate equations

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The probability of overlooking prostatic cancer in transurethrally resected material when different embedding practices are followed

Ito, H.; Yasuda, N.; Matsumoto, H., 1985:
The probability of parentage exclusion based on restriction fragment length polymorphisms

Orczykowska Swiatkowska Z.; Krajewska A., 1985:
The probability of paternity on the basis of 70 dermatoglyphic features

Rouhani S.; Barton N.H., 1987:
The probability of peak shifts in a founder population

Mumladze D.G.; Tavartkiladze K.A., 1981:
The probability of precipitation in the colchis lowland georgian ssr ussr

Bennett, M.R.; Jones, P.; Lavidis, N.A., 1986:
The probability of quantal secretion along visualized terminal branches at amphibian (Bufo marinus) neuromuscular synapses

Kunkel E., 1984:
The probability of recidivism as a criterion of fitness to drive among driving while intoxicated drivers

Berger G.S.; Edelman D.A.; Talwar P.P., 1979:
The probability of side effects with ovral norinyl 1 50 and norlestrin 1

Hoffmann R.G.; Anderson A.J.; Barboriak J.J.; Walker J.A.; Rimm A.A.; Blumlein S.L., 1980:
The probability of surviving coronary bypass surgery 5 year results from 1718 patients

Erbrich P., 1985:
The probability of the emergence of a protein with a particular function

Tarimo S.A.; Snow F.W.; Butler L.; Dransfield R., 1985:
The probability of tsetse glossina pallidipes acquiring trypanosome infection from single blood meal in different localities in kenya

Solano Munoz F.; Bardsley W.G.; Indge K.J., 1981:
The probability that complex enzyme kinetic curves can be caused by activators or inhibitors

Atyeo, W.T.; Gaud, J., 1976:
The probable association of a new genus of protophyllodidae with a new guinean parrot acarina analogidae

Baverstock, P.R., 1978:
The probable basis of the relationship between growth rate and winter mortality in the lizard amphibolurus ornatus agamidae

Ornduff R., 1980:
The probable genetics of distyly in gelsemium sempervirens loganiaceae

Krishna, T.G.; Mitra, R., 1988:
The probable genome donors to arachis hypogaea l. based on arachin seed storage protein

Duffus J.E.; Johnstone G.R., 1982:
The probable long association of beet western yellow virus with the potato leaf roll syndrome in tasmania australia

Nair V.S.K., 1981:
The probable neuro secretory control of vitellogenesis in the millipede jonespeltis splendidus diplopoda myriapoda

Agenjo, R., 1977:
The probable nonexistence in spain of aegle vespertalis which could be substituted by aegle vespertinalis lepidoptera noctuidae

Wirt D.P.; Nagle R.B.; Gustafson H.M.; Philpott P.J.; Kuivinen N.A.; Schuchardt M., 1984 :
The probable origin of an anemone cell tumor metastatic transitional cell carcinoma producing human chorionic gonadotropin

Arai S., 1982:
The probable prevention of post molar chorio carcinoma

Blank R.G.; Ellis C.H., 1982:
The probable range concept applied to the bio stratigraphy of marine micro fossils

Wright, I.G., 1975:
The probable role of babesia argentina esterase in the in vitro activation of plasma pre kallikrein

Carver T.L.W.; Bushnell W.R., 1983:
The probable role of primary germ tubes in water uptake before infection by erysiphe graminis

Mazzone A.; Ricevuti G.; Rizzo S.C.; Sacchi S., 1986:
The probable role of superoxide produced by blast cells in leukemic cutaneous spreading

Gnutov I.N.; Erokhina S.G., 1980:
The probable role of the causative agent of enzootic abortion of sheep in human infectious pathology preliminary report

Ingledew, W.J.; Ohnishi, T., 1977:
The probable site of action of thenoyltrifluoro acetone on the respiratory chain

Kendler, K.S.; Eaton, W.W., 1988:
The proband method in psychiatric epidemiology: a bias associated with differences in family size

Kiss A.; Chau R., 1984:
The probing behavior of nymphs of vanduzeea arquata and enchenopa binotata homoptera membracidae on host and non host plants

Ullman D.E.; Mclean D.L., 1988:
The probing behavior of the summer form pear psylla

Gatehouse, A.G., 1970:
The probing response of stomoxys calcitrans to certain physical and olfactory stimuli

Dax, E.C.; Hagger, R., 1978:
The problem family and community medicine

Ohtake T.; Watanabe T.; Nishikawa J.; Momose T.; Kosaka N.; Kojima K.; II.M.; Masuo M.; Serizawa T.; E.A., 1986:
The problem in 180 data sampling and radioactivity decay correction in gated cardiac blood pool scanning using spect

Rabenseifner L.; Belz R., 1982:
The problem in bilateral fractures of the calcaneus

Okada K.; Kawamura N.; Ohkoshi M., 1985:
The problem in incubation of injectable solution the difference between ampule and vial

Ergens R., 1980:
The problem of 3 species of the genus gyrodactylus members of the gyrodactylus wageneri group gyrodactylidae monogenea

Meisch H U.; Reinle W.; Wolf U., 1985:
The problem of 4 5 dioxovaleric acid as a precursor of 5 aminolevulinic acid and chlorophyll in green algae

Yakovtsova A.F.; Grishchenko V.I.; Gubina G.I., 1983:
The problem of a giant fetus

Zerbib, R., 1975:
The problem of accumulation of micro tubules in the cavities of the endoplasmic reticulum observations on the neurons of the sympathetic ganglia

Metson, A.J.; Gibson, E.J.; Cox, J.E.; Gibbs, D.B., 1977:
The problem of acid sulfate soils with examples from north auckland new zealand

Christian N.H.; Harris J.L.; Segal L.B., 1984:
The problem of acute mesenteric arterial occlusion a case

Mueller F.P.; Steiner H., 1985:
The problem of acyrthosiphon pisum homoptera aphididae

Noe, J.M.; Kalish, S., 1978:
The problem of adherence in dressed wounds

Dorn W.L., 1980:
The problem of air activation in megavoltage therapy with 15 20 mev

Towen D.B., 1981:
The problem of alcoholism in the armed forces of liberia

Darzi M.; Winchester J.W., 1983:
The problem of aliasing in inferring long range air pollution transport to mauna loa hawaii usa

Mayhew, T.M., 1985:
The problem of ambiguous profiles of microvilli between apposed cell surfaces: a stereological solution

Clark, W.F.; Linton, A.L., 1973:
The problem of analgesic nephropathy

Herzel F.; Schmidt G., 1981:
The problem of analyzing the decomposability of pesticides in soil

Kolbe H., 1979 :
The problem of anatidae that have deserted their homes or that maintain a free flight pattern in east germany

Winkler E.A., 1981:
The problem of angiographic differential diagnosis between hyper nephroma angio myo lipoma and carcinoma of the renal pelvis

Macko, J.K., 1982:
The problem of animal distribution 2. the species area of helminths

Hoppe R., 1979:
The problem of ankylosing spondylitis as seen by social security

Boris, H.N., 1984:
The problem of anorexia nervosa

Zimmermann H.J.; Dziuba M.; Muehlhaus K., 1985:
The problem of antenatal diagnosis gastroschisis pediatric surgical considerations and report of 13 cases

Ouzounov M., 1981:
The problem of applying fertilizers over beard grass meadows and pastures

Gams, H., 1974:
The problem of areas of taxa and zoonoses

Feher E.; Vandecreek L.; Teglasi H., 1983:
The problem of art quality in the use of human figure drawing tests

Baziyan, R.A., 1977:
The problem of arterial enzyme therapy of thrombo phlebitis of the extremities

Egnerova A.; Kamencova L.; Cervenka J.; Cagan S., 1981:
The problem of arterial hypertension in university students in bratislava czechoslovakia

Segarra F., 1979:
The problem of asbestosis in spain

Blauensteiner W.; Gadner H.; Buch J.; Grabner A., 1987:
The problem of aseptic bone necrosis in juvenile leukemic patients

Georgieva V.G.; K"drev T.G., 1980:
The problem of assessing the requirements of indeterminate tomatoes in the macro element ratio of the nutrient medium during development

Kurchenko, I.F., 1975:
The problem of auto regulation hormonogenesis in the adrenal cortex

Ponomarenko V.V., 1987:
The problem of autochthony of malus sachalinensis rosaceae on iturup russian sfsr ussr

Chandebois R., 1981:
The problem of automation in animal development confrontation of the concept of cell sociology biochemical data

Savushkina, A.S.; Trofimov, V.M.; Kalashnikov, S.A., 1978:
The problem of autonomy of adrenal cortex adenomas of various histological structure in patients with itsenko cushings disease

O'day D.M.; Smith R.S.; Gregg C.R.; Turnbull P.C.B.; Head W.S.; Ives J.A.; H.P.C., 1981:
The problem of bacillus spp infection with special emphasis on the virulence of bacillus cereus

Psallidas P.G., 1987:
The problem of bacterial canker of hazelnut in greece caused by pseudomonas syringae pathovar avellanae

De-Angelis, E., 1976:
The problem of bacterial contamination during sea urchin egg culture

Sabanathan, K.; Castleden, C.M.; Mitchell, C.J., 1985:
The problem of bacteriuria with indwelling urethral catheterization

Skrabalo, Z.; Profozic, V., 1978:
The problem of biguanide therapy in the treatment of diabetics in 1977

Klu, G.Y.P.; Nijjhar, B., 1976:
The problem of bilharziasis along river sisai ghana

Baranova, L.N.; Baranov, V.S., 1974:
The problem of bindings of polynuclear aromatic hydro carbons to dna in water medium with neutral ph

Barry, J.P.; Celles, J.C.; Maniere, R., 1976:
The problem of bio climatic and floristic divisions in the algerian sahara part 2 the central and southern sahara

Barry, J.P.; Celles, J.C.; Musso, J., 1986:
The problem of bioclimatic and floristic divisions of the sahara note 5. the sahelian sahara attempt to define this african borderland in the neighborhood of the adrar des iforas mali

Nefedov-Yu, G.; Zaloguev, S.N.; Savina, V.P., 1976:
The problem of biological compatibility of crew members in long space flights and its possible resolutions

Geri C.; Goussard F.; Reveillon M., 1986:
The problem of biological control in forest using native entomophagous insects is discussed in the case of a sawfly diprion pini

Poznanin, L.P., 1976:
The problem of biological coordination and some aspects of the ecological morphology of vertebrates

Trakhtenberg, I.M.; Sheftel, V.O.; Sova, R.E.; Onikienko, F.A., 1976:
The problem of biological norms in experimental hygienic studies

Siemion I.Z.; Szewczuk Z.; Herman Z.S.; Stachura Z., 1981:
The problem of biologically active conformation of enkephalin

Okada T.; Mizoi Y., 1982:
The problem of blood acetaldehyde determination in man and its level after alcohol intake

Koziner, V.B.; Yarochkin, V.S., 1984:
The problem of blood substitutes in the works of n. a. fedorov and his school

Gambini A., 1981:
The problem of bringing psychological tests up to date a proposed solution

Gembitskiĭ, E.V.; Alekseev, V.G., 1986:
The problem of bronchial asthma

Taran, I.F., 1977:
The problem of brucellosis in the caucasus and methods for its elimination

Krasovskii, G.N.; Yurasova, O.I.; Charyev, O.G.; Skrypnikov, A.I.; Kretova, L.G., 1976:
The problem of cadmium distribution in the body

Bokhin N.N.; Efetov V.M.; Klimenkov A.A.; Patyutko Y.I., 1987:
The problem of cancer of the operated stomach in present day oncology

Rapoport-Ya, L., 1977:
The problem of cardio myopathies

Stein M.; Sobkowiak E M.; Held M., 1986:
The problem of caries diagnosis comparative investigations with radiographs and tooth sections

Villalbi J.R.; Rico R.; Perez Gaeta J.C.; Casanova J.; Sola E., 1985:
The problem of caries in school age a cross sectional study

Tsybylyak, S.N.; Fatakhova, T.I., 1976:
The problem of carriers of hepatitis b antigen among people of different professions

French D.D., 1984:
The problem of cementation when using cotton strips as a measure of cellulose decay in soils

Rumyantsev, G.I.; Tarkhova, L.P., 1977:
The problem of certain physiological shifts in women working in the production of insulating materials

Vuchev S., 1979:
The problem of chemical weed control in combined maize and soybean grown for silage

Loperena Anzaldua L.; Gamboa Marrufo J.D.; Bello Gonzalez A., 1984:
The problem of children with a hemorrhagic disease in an emergency service

Ekanem, I.I.; Som, R.K., 1984:
The problem of choosing model life tables for African countries

Fischer, J., 1978:
The problem of chromosome evolution by translocations in chironomus diptera

Kersic V., 1981:
The problem of chronic degenerative diseases of the loco motive system in the maribor region yugoslavia

Volkova, V.M., 1977:
The problem of chronic dust induced bronchitis

Aréchiga, H., 1976:
The problem of circadian rhythms

Vorob'ev, A.I.; Lorie-Yu, I., 1977:
The problem of classification of leukoses

Nelson, A.J.M.; Holt, J.A.G., 1977:
The problem of clinical hyper thermia

Olszewska Z.; Arkuszewska C.; Jerzmanowski A., 1980:
The problem of clinical manifestations of skin tuberculosis

Stepanyan S.S.; Frangulyan R.A.; Kogan V.Yu, 1986:
The problem of combined allergopathology in workers exposed to molybdenum

Brikmanis, E.P.; Upitis, E.Y., 1978:
The problem of combined lung cancer and tuberculosis

Sippl M.J., 1982:
The problem of comparing protein structures development and applications of a new method for the assessment of structural similarities of poly peptide conformations

Walker, K.G.; Human, D.G.; D.M.or, M.M.; Sprenger, K.J., 1987:
The problem of compliance in rheumatic fever

Grillanda G.; Ronchi E.; Ferrari G.C.; Borginino C.; Micheletti T.; Lucchelli P.D., 1982:
The problem of compliance in the hypertensive out patient experience of a hospital center

Solov'ev, V.D.; Khesin-Ya, E.; Amchenkova, A.M.; Gulevich, N.E., 1977:
The problem of contamination of continuous cell lines by hela cells

Gomes O.M., 1985:
The problem of coronary flow deviation due to dipyridamole

Feist H., 1982:
The problem of correlation between anomalous configuration hypoplasia of the circle of willis and porencephaly

Olszewski K.J.; Adamski J.; Bucko J.; Pislewski N., 1983:
The problem of correlation of relaxation rates and water content in normal and tumor samples of human uterus muscle

Filoni, S.; Bosco, L.; Cioni, C., 1977:
The problem of crystalline regeneration in anuran amphibians in post embryonic stages part 2 experiments in removal of crystalline in larvae of discoglossus pictus

Rabotnova, I.L., 1977:
The problem of culturing microorganisms/

Gol'dberg, L.E.; Filippos'yants, S.T.; Stepanova, E.S., 1973:
The problem of cumulative properties of anti tumor antibiotic 1719

Kurtz, J.B.; Thompson, J.F.; Ting, A.; Pinto, A.; Morris, P.J., 1984:
The problem of cytomegalovirus infection in renal allograft recipients

Vorren, K.D.; Vorren, B., 1975:
The problem of dating a palsa 2 attempts involving pollen diagrams determination of moss sub fossils and carbon 14 datings

Srivastava, H.C.; Kushwaha, M.; George, V.P.; Kumar, S., 1975:
The problem of ddt resistance in mosquito larvae culex fatigans a survey study

Shamsutdinov, Z.S. ; Nazaryuk, L.A., 1978:
The problem of desert fodder plant selection

Panova, V.A.; Brycheva, M.N.; Lur'e-Yu-Yu, 1977:
The problem of determination of cyanides in water in the presence of nitriles

Langer A.; Arroyo P., 1984:
The problem of determining the causes of perinatal deaths

Huusko R.; Hirvonen J., 1988:
The problem of determining the manner of death as suicide or accident in borderline cases

Roeper, H.; Heyns, K., 1977:
The problem of di methyl nitrosamine formation from tetracycline derivatives by nitrosation reaction in acidic medium

Drozdek D.; Hrabar Zerjavic V.; Kulcar Z.; Starcevic Krznar V., 1988:
The problem of diabetes in primary health care

Caffier, P.; Fuchs, U.; Wohlrab, F.; Wohlgemuth, B.; Schade, J.; Sorger, K.; Fiedler, H.; Koehler, E.; Schaffer, H., 1977:
The problem of diabetic angiopathy in sand rats psammomys obesus/

Pietschmann, H.; Sinzinger, H.; Schneider, K., 1978:
The problem of diagnostic validity of increased erythrocyte enzymes in leukoses

Vlasov V.I., 1980:
The problem of differential evaluation of breeding herd sires based on the quality of their progeny

Hladyszowski J.; Kargol M.; Dulewicz Z.; Przestalski S., 1986 :
The problem of diffusion in the field of gravity

Penner M.M., 1985:
The problem of dinosaur extinction contribution of the study of terminal cretaceous eggshells from southeast france

Prokopenko, L.I.; Artamoshin, A.S.; Khodakova, V.I., 1976:
The problem of diphyllobothriasis and scientific and practical tasks in its control

Sato J.; Omata Y.; Kodama Y.; Kamei T.; Noda K., 1986:
The problem of direct epifluorescent filter technique on dairy industry and its application

Rendl K.H.; Prenner K., 1980:
The problem of direct re vascularization of chronically ischemic amputation stumps

Gomez-Nava, M.D.S.; Islas, L.S., 1976:
The problem of disease in pinus montezumae and pinus patula in a photoperiod study

Serov V.V., 1979:
The problem of disease variability pathomorphosis

Antonov V.K.; Ginodman L.M.; Rumsh L.D.; Kapitannikov Y.V.; Barshevskaya T.N.; Yavashev L.P.; Gurova A.G.; Volkova L.I., 1980:
The problem of distinguishing the covalent and general base mechanisms of enzymic hydrolysis

Vacha, J., 1978:
The problem of distribution of frequencies of characters in a population of organisms and of its interpretation

Starovoit, V.V.; Feoktistov, A.N., 1976:
The problem of donors for direct blood transfusion

Stoinev E., 1984 :
The problem of early atherosclerosis

Prochazka M.; Vyhnanek F.; Kostelka M., 1987:
The problem of early indication of surgery of the efferent biliary pathways in acute pancreatitis

Najt, J., 1981:
The problem of ecomorphosis in the genus folsomia 1. finishing taxonomic touches

Svetlosanov V.A., 1985:
The problem of ecosystem stability and some applications of one of the stochastic methods in investigation of this problem

Gawlik, J.; Malicki, M.; Stepniewski, W., 1977:
The problem of effective voltage control in measurement of oxygen diffusion rate in soil

Meske, C., 1968:
The problem of egg and sperm preservation and its significance in fish breeding

Neiman, I.M.; Andrianova, M.M.; Kozlova, I.N.; Finogenova, M.A., 1977:
The problem of endogenous mechanisms in the development of malignant processes

Rampan-Yu, I.; Anokhin-Yu, N., 1975:
The problem of enhancing the biological action of ionizing radiations part 9 the oxygenation of the tumor and skin by inhalation of air and oxygen before and after irradiation

Vinskaya, N.P.; Vygodskaya, A.L.; Zhurbitskaya, V.A.; Ive, B.Z.; Yarmonenko, S.P., 1983:
The problem of enhancing the biological effect of ionizing radiation 11. comparative estimation of the radio sensitizing effect of metronidazole on neo natal and mature mice

Shmakova N.L.; Lazer K.; Ushakova G.S.; Fadeeva T.A., 1984:
The problem of enhancing the biological effect of ionizing radiation glucose as a means of increasing the radiosensitivity of ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vitro

Yarmonenko, S.P.; Suvorov, N.N.; Zhurbitskaya, V.A.; Vinskaya, N.P.; Kalendo, G.S.; Gordeev, E.N., 1978:
The problem of enhancing the biological effect of ionizing radiation part 10 radio sensitizing effect of 5 nitro tryptamine

Peleg M.; Pollak N., 1982:
The problem of equilibrium conditions in stress relaxation analyses of solid foods

Desnitskii A.G., 1983:
The problem of establishment and primary stages of the evolution of multi cellularity in the volvocales

Priemer J., 1983:
The problem of european mesocestoides species cestoda from mammals

Vlasov V.I., 1981:
The problem of evaluating the suitability of a cattle population undergoing selection

Manzii S.F.; Moroz V.F., 1981:
The problem of evolutionary disposition of the thoracic extremities and the fate of the coracoids and scapulae in the vertebrata

Homolka M., 1983:
The problem of exoanthropic occurrence of rattus norvegicus

Murav'eva, N.P., 1978:
The problem of experimental neuroses in p s kupalovs works

Erokhin, V.E.; Vaichyulis, V.A., 1976:
The problem of external algal metabolite accumulation in the body of saccocirrus papillocercus archiannelida

Svagrovsky J., 1980:
The problem of extinction of organisms in the course of geological times

Sarapul'tsev, I.A.; Rasin, I.M.; Panchenko, I.Y., 1976:
The problem of extrapolation to humans of the data on strontium 90 behavior in animals

Hartung H J.; Osswald P M.; Seifert W.; Kopp K., 1980:
The problem of fat embolism in poly traumatized patients case report

Thomas A., 1980:
The problem of fatherless education and its influence on the psycho social development of children

Cardenas, D.D.; Kutner, N.G., 1982:
The problem of fatigue in dialysis patients

Voigt H.J.; Singer H., 1985:
The problem of fetal arrhythmia a case report

Zednik M., 1979:
The problem of fiber and energy in feed mixtures for hogs

Rachinskii, S.V.; Tatochenko, V.K., 1978:
The problem of formation of chronic broncho pulmonary processes in childhood

Chavchanidze, V.V.; Kvinikhidze, K.S.; Katamadze, T.G., 1976:
The problem of forming concepts of identical proteins on the basis of modern views on biological code evolution

Kanunikov I.E.; Sharipov A.R., 1984:
The problem of functional significance of some electroencephalogram parameters and the dominant principle

Akhmetov M.Sh, 1980:
The problem of gastric carcinoma cluster determination

Pomata M.; Daniele G.M.; Farina G.P., 1986:
The problem of gastroesophageal reflux in the surgical treatment of esophageal achalasia

Petkov, N.; Jolov, A., 1979:
The problem of genotype environment interaction in the inheritance of some characters of bombyx mori 1. effect of nutrition level

Chauvin Muckensturm B., 1979:
The problem of genotypic fixation of aggressive behavior in three spined sticklebacks gasterosteus aculeatus

Kuiper J.G.J., 1981:
The problem of geographical subspecies in pisidia particularly in pisidium personatum

Chmielewski H.; Maciejek Z.; Lisiewicz J.; Kochanowski J., 1980:
The problem of gerstmanns syndrome

Mwambingu F.T.; A.M.shari A.A.; Akiel A., 1988:
The problem of grandmultiparity in current obstetric practice

Urbanek, A., 1976:
The problem of graptolite affinities in the light of ultrastructural studies on peridermal derivatives in pterobranchs

Polaino-Lorente, A., 1976:
The problem of guilt in freuds model of man

Sieber, R., 1978:
The problem of harmlessness to human health of mold cultures used to cheesemaking

Christomanos, A.A., 1978:
The problem of hemo globin polymerization in the lungfish protopterus annectans

Judson, D.H., 1978:
The problem of hepatitis among drug abusers in a forensic psychiatric unit

Shalakhova O.V.; Malygin A.M.; Fel' V.Ya, 1987:
The problem of heterogeneity and regulation of activity of natural killer cells in pregnancy

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The problem of heterogeneity of histidinemias

Smirnov, A.N., 1978:
The problem of heterogeneity of steroid hormone receptors

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The problem of hibernation of under weight hedgehogs erinaceus europaeus with observations on their fleas

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The problem of hippocampus meso diencephalon interrelations

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The problem of histologic evaluation of primary biliary cirrhosis

Petropavlovskaya M.B., 1984:
The problem of holocentrism with green soldier bug chromosomes heteroptera pentatomidae

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The problem of home management in the estimation of the incidence of acute myocardial infarction from hospital records

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The problem of homeostasis of the albumin system in man

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The problem of homology of some skull vault bones in lower tetrapods

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The problem of homonymous hemianopsia and hemianoptic weakness of attention in frontal brain lesions case report rev diagnosis

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The problem of human geo helminthoses and the prospects for their biological control

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The problem of human protein requirements: some kinetic and metabolic considerations

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The problem of hypertension diabetes association clinical characteristics and plasma renin activity

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The problem of identification of plant genotypes by phenotypes in population

Parazzini F.; Mangili G.; Belloni C.; L.V.cchia C.; Liati P.; Marabini R., 1988:
The problem of identification of prognostic factors for persistent trophoblastic disease

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The problem of iliopsoas hemorrhage in hemophiliac children

Agakhanyan A.G.; Okoev G.G.; Arustamyan K.K.; Dolyan G.G., 1986:
The problem of immunological shifts in infertility of endocrine origin

Petrov, P., 1977:
The problem of importation of malaria into bulgaria

Kardashev G., 1982:
The problem of improved health attendance of students and lecturers in the sphere of higher education

Ugwu B.O.; Okereke O., 1985:
The problem of inadequate supply of raw cassava for industrial cassava processing a case study of the nigerian root crops production company enugu nigeria

Gozdziewski S.; Kindlik R.; Suder E.; Gorzynska E., 1987:
The problem of incisions and the orifices in the supraorbital margin in man

Steinicke, H., 1976:
The problem of incomplete pigmentation in the rearing of bombina orientalis

Gatsura, V.V., 1975:
The problem of increasing the viability of an ischemic myo cardium from an experimental viewpoint

Zingerman, A.M.; Shishkin, B.M., 1977:
The problem of individual characteristics of the auto regulation of physiological functions

Mesken, M.; Van-Der-Veen, J.H., 1968:
The problem of induced sterility a comparison between ethyl methanesulfonate and x rays in arabidopsis thaliana d

Golabek B., 1985:
The problem of infection related nephrolithiasis and the effectiveness of its treatment in children

Serra, P.; Brandimarte, C.; Martino, P.; Mandelli, F., 1976:
The problem of infections in acute leukemias. Personal experience in diagnosis and treatment

Rosnev B., 1982:
The problem of initial infection and distribution of fomes annosus in scotch pine

Petrovskaya V.G.; Bondarenko C.M.; Mirolyubova L.V., 1979:
The problem of interaction of shigella flexneri with epithelial cells

Ashmarin, I.P.; Eropkin, M.Y. ; Malyukova, I.V., 1976:
The problem of interrelationships between immunological and neurological memory learning ability in rats during immuno stimulation

Totaro-Aloj, E., 1977:
The problem of interrelationships between lipofuscin grains and lysosomes a research on torpedo ocellata and torpedo marmorata

Burdelov L.A.; Zhubanazarov I.Zh; Kochkina L.I.; Zolotova S.I.; Kal'zhanov K.K.; Rudenchik N.F., 1983:
The problem of interspecific parasitic contact in a natural plague focus in the kara kum near the aral sea kazakh ssr ussr

Rehka V., 1985:
The problem of intestinal parasitic infections and their treatment

Klempa I.; Menzel J.; Kubale R.; Brandt G., 1986:
The problem of intrahepatic choledochal cysts

Beham R.A.; Aboulafia Y.; Schimmel M.S., 1986:
The problem of intrauterine torsion of testis

Welker K., 1981:
The problem of irradiation planning in highly dosed single upper and lower half body irradiation

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The problem of isolated cases of huntingdon's disease in south wales uk 1974 1984

Belyaeva, N.S., 1975:
The problem of jerusalem artichoke sterility

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The problem of juvenile alcoholism. An analysis of the literature

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The problem of lactarius mammosus

Spielholtz G.I.; Kaplan F.S., 1980:
The problem of lead in mexican pottery

Cioni, C.; Filoni, S.; Bosco, L., 1979:
The problem of lens regeneration in anuran amphibians at the post embryonic stage 3. lens removal experiments in rana dalmatina tadpoles

Bosco, L.; Filoni, S.; Cioni, C.; Palmieri, O., 1983:
The problem of lens regeneration in anuran amphibians at the post embryonic stage 5. lens removal experiments in bufo viridis tadpoles

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The problem of life an essay in the origins of biological thought

Wheatley D.N., 1982:
The problem of linear incorporation of amino acids into cell protein

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The problem of liquids and gases contaminated by fibers when using filters containing chrysotile

Brixova E., 1981:
The problem of liver steatosis in experiments and in clinical practice

Boyages J., 1986:
The problem of local control in patients with advanced breast cancer a combined modality approach

Mikheeva, G.A.; Musin, G.A.; Shkarenkova, L.V., 1978:
The problem of local immunity of the respiratory organs in children with chronic segmental deforming bronchitis

Cantin, J.; Mcneer, G.P.; Chu, F.C.; Booher, R.J., 1968:
The problem of local recurrence after treatment of neopl soft tissue sarcoma human amputation

Manukyan L.A., 1981:
The problem of lymphatic vessels of the synovial membranes

Balashev, V.N., 1976:
The problem of lympho venous anastomoses

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The problem of malaria and malaria control measures in northern afghanistan part 3 anopheles mosquitoes in rice growing areas

Saenko, G.P.; Polevoi, N.I.; Ermishev-Yu, V.; Pivnenko, V.G., 1977:
The problem of malaria and malaria control measures in northern afghanistan part 4 the results of examinations of inhabitants in northern afghanistan for glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Press, B.O.; Shvetsova, F.V., 1976:
The problem of malignant lymphoma classification

Kobierska Hyjek K.; Adamczyk H.; Kucfir D.; Paszek B.; Drugacz J.; Matuszczyk S., 1980:
The problem of maxillo facial injuries resulting from fights

Novikov, B.G.; Bozhok-Yu, M., 1975:
The problem of mechanisms of adeno hypophyseal development in birds

Kloetzer B.; Kiene S., 1988:
The problem of mesenteric infarction

Givental, N.I.; Ved'mina, E.A., 1978:
The problem of method standardization for determining microorganism sensitivity to antibiotics effect of inoculum amount on results of determination of microorganism sensitivity to antibiotics and its standardization

Haefele W., 1985:
The problem of methods in energy i

Kangas, E., 1978:
The problem of miarus campanulae coleoptera curculionidae

Spurny K.R.; Stoeber W.; Opiela H.; Weiss G., 1980:
The problem of milling and ultrasonic treatment of asbestos and glass fibers in biological and analytical applications

Lupini R.; Malguzzi P., 1981:
The problem of modeling the dispersion of pollutants in a time varying height structured atmospheric boundary layer

Trapido M.A.; Veldre I.A.; Itra A.P., 1987:
The problem of monitoring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water

Macko, J.K., 1983:
The problem of morphospecies taxo species and biospecies 1. the establishment of species of the biomorpho species and biotaxo species types

Maxwell, G.M., 1985:
The problem of mucus plugging in children with asthma

Ramos, F.J.; Sala, A.; del Campo, F.; Nieto, F.; Sierra, B.; Adán, E.; Martín-Luengo, C.; López-Borrasca, A., 1987 :
The problem of multiple blood extractions

Kegel, W.; Schmieder, A., 1982:
The problem of multiple breast cancers

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The problem of multiple inference in studies designed to generate hypotheses

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The problem of myxoid liposarcoma

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The problem of nadh oxidation in glyoxysomes

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The problem of needs of school students for dietary nutrition

Cattaneo A.D.; Pacini D.; Barbieri O.; Launo C., 1982:
The problem of neuro muscular blocking agents in ophthalmic surgery clinical evaluation of fazadinium

Moehler K.; Zeltner I., 1981:
The problem of nitrate and nitrite in human food 2. occurrence of nitrate nitrite and thio cyanate in human saliva

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The problem of noise at public eating places

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The problem of occupational pathology in molybdenum production

Kotlaba, F., 1976 :
The problem of occurrence of phellinus torulosus hymenochaetaceae in soviet far east

Thompson F.C., 1980:
The problem of old names as illustrated by brachyopa conica with a synopsis of palearctic brachyopa diptera syrphidae

Kasinov, V.B.; Pavlova, L.E., 1977:
The problem of ontogenetic control of heredity and the dependence of morphogenetic reactions of duckweed corymb primordia by the action of 2 4 d on the age of the primordium and its position in the plant

Kouam L.; Miller E.C., 1988:
The problem of optimal timing in inducing labor in premature rupture after the 37th pregnancy week

Kovtun M.F., 1979:
The problem of origin of the inter digital web in the phylogenesis of the chiroptera

Mikhailova L.N.; Pal'tsyn A.A., 1986:
The problem of osteogenic cell precursors in reparative osteogenesis

Frezil, J.L.; Carnevale, P., 1976:
The problem of parasite reservoir and maintenance of human trypanosomiasis foci in central africa

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The problem of partial trisomy 22 reconsidered

Rapoport-Ya, L., 1976:
The problem of pathomorphism in oncology

Wedell J.; Schlageter M.; Meier Z.E.ssen P.; Banzhaf G.; Castrup W.; Van Calker H., 1987:
The problem of pelvic sepsis following rectopexy with plastics and its treatment

Baraboĭ, V.A.; Chebotarev, E.E., 1986:
The problem of peroxidation in radiobiology

Smith D.P., 1981:
The problem of persistence in economic demographic cycles

Schuermann, R.; Flores, A.; Mayer, H., 1974:
The problem of pesticides in chile discussion on the discovery of ddt an organo chloride pesticide in human adipose tissue in concepcion province

Wahl, O., 1976:
The problem of pesticides not dangerous to bees

Lauga, J., 1977:
The problem of phase measure in locusts history and definition of phase scales in locusta migratoria insect orthoptera

Wahby S.D.; E.M.neim M.A.A., 1979:
The problem of phosphorus in the eutrophic lake maryut egypt

Bykov, O.D., 1980:
The problem of photosynthesis in the light of n. a. maximovs ideas

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The problem of photosynthetic efficiency of spectrum green region

Krasnovskii, A.A., 1977:
The problem of photosynthetic hydrogen

Saralegui-Boza, H., 1985:
The problem of piper aduncum l. sensu lato in cuba

Birlea D.; Doury J C., 1987 :
The problem of plasmodium falciparum soluble antigens

Mueller-Eckhardt, C.; Mersch-Baumert, K., 1977:
The problem of platelet auto antibodies part 1 evaluation of the platelet factor 3 availability test for their detection

Mueller-Eckhardt, C.; Mayser, B.; Heinrich, D., 1977:
The problem of platelet auto antibodies part 2 the applicability of the carbon 14 serotonin release test

Uhl, C.H., 1982:
The problem of ploidy in echeveria crassulaceae 1. di ploidy in echeveria ciliata

Uhl, C.H., 1982:
The problem of ploidy in echeveria crassulaceae 2. tetra ploidy in echeveria secunda

Kaurichev I.S.; Lykov A.M., 1979:
The problem of plowed soil humus during intensive agriculture

Berner, L., 1975:
The problem of pollution in the montpellier region france

Lelikova, G.P.; Tsvetkova, T.G., 1976:
The problem of polymorphism of near centromeric hetero chromatin in the population of normal humans

Floru, L.; Heinrich, K.; Wittek, F., 1975:
The problem of post psychotic schizophrenic depressions and their pharmacological induction long term studies with fluspirilene and penfluridol and single blind trial with fluphenazine decanoate and flupenthixol decanoate

Heimke G.; Stock D., 1986:
The problem of postoperative pain with cementless femoral shaft prostheses

Bishara N.F., 1984:
The problem of prawn fisheries in egypt

Mastroviti G.D.; Zelli G.P., 1981:
The problem of pre cancerous lesions of the esophagus

Luczak J.; Dabrowska Prot E., 1986:
The problem of predation and the effect of ecological conditions on food consumption in spiders araneae

Wilson R.S.; Brown G.; Rosenbaum G., 1979:
The problem of premorbid intelligence in neuro psychological assessment

Majsky, A., 1978:
The problem of preparing highly active cyto toxic anti bone marrow derived lymphocyte sera

Rotshil'd, E.V.; Ermilov, A.P.; Soldatkin, I.S., 1978:
The problem of preservation of the causative agent of plague in nature as a methodological task in the epidemiology of anthropo zoonoses

Danilov I.P.; Olziikhutag A., 1986:
The problem of prevalance of chronic high altitude cor pulmonale in mongolia

Zolotarev, N.S.; Tkhorevskaya, Z.G.; Enyutin-Yu, V.; Khafizova, A.D.; Pan'kov, E.A.; Meritukova, M.A., 1975:
The problem of producing l sorbose from d sorbitol

Tsutsul'kovskaya M.Ya; Mikhailova V.A.; Izvol'skii S.A., 1982:
The problem of prognosing paroxysmal schizophrenia that began in adolescence

Shandala, M.G.; Pazynich, V.M.; Podloznyi, A.V., 1977:
The problem of prognosis of maximum permissible concentrations of atmospheric pollution based on short term experiments

Chumakov, A.E.; Shopina, V.V., 1977:
The problem of protecting grain crops against rust

Kharitonenko, T.S.; Mikhailets, G.A., 1978:
The problem of proteolytic enzyme effect on distribution of antibiotics after their administration by various routes

Swoboda H.; Braun P.; Schratter M., 1987:
The problem of pulmonary cancerization in juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis

Kenntner G.; Ludwig E., 1980:
The problem of pygmies from an anthropological and ecological point of view

Eberhardt H J.; Friedrich S.; Jochem I.; Lautenbach B.; Lesche A.; Meier G., 1980:
The problem of radiation therapy of malignant neoplasms of the pharynx

Schulz U.; Niederle N.; Seeber S., 1981:
The problem of radio therapeutic measures in addition to chemo therapeutic treatment of the micro cellular bronchial carcinoma analysis of recurrence rates

Vorovich, I.I., 1977:
The problem of rational use of water resources in the sea of azov basin ukrainian ssr ussr from the point of view of control and regulation

Aliev, G.A.; Khalilov, M.Y., 1974:
The problem of reconstructing and preserving tugaic forests along the kura river

Vinikas, A.A.; Yurene, B.P.; Ukhanov, S.V.; Mashurov, A.M., 1987:
The problem of recording the allele pool of farm animal and poultry populations vii. genetic characterization of red lithuanian and red danish cattle and their hybrids for erythrocyte antigens

Mashurov, A.M.; Berendyaeva, Z.I.; Kabanova, K.P.; Sorokovoi, P.F.; Chernushenko, V.K.; Gurkovich, K.A., 1982:
The problem of recording the allele pool of livestock and poultry 1. genetic analysis of erythrocyte antigens in pale motley cattle in the ussr

Mashurov, A.M.; Berendyaeva, Z.I.; Kabanova, K.P.; Sorokovoi, P.F.; Chernushenko, V.K.; Gurkovich, K.A.; Budnikova, A.V., 1982:
The problem of recording the allele pool of livestock and poultry 2. genetic analysis of the allelic forms of blood antigens proteins and enzymes

Ukhanov, S.V.; Mashurov, A.M.; Sorokovoi, P.F.; Belyaev, V.I.; Vorob'ev, E.G.; Koreshkov, V.A.; Egorov, S.I.; Romanov, P.A.; Zamaletdinov, G.K. ; Et-Al, 1984:
The problem of recording the allele pool of livestock and poultry 3. genetic features of kholmogor cattle for erythrocyte antigens

Berdichevskii, N.S.; Mashurov, A.M.; Sorokovoi, P.F.; Sadik, A.F.; Verevochkin, P.S.; Chaikovskaya, A.I.; Lebedev, E.Y. ; Semenyuk, V.K., 1985:
The problem of recording the allele pool of livestock iv. genetic characterization of pinzgau cattle in the ussr for erythrocyte antigens

Mentges B.; Stahlschmidt M.; Brueckner R., 1985:
The problem of recurrences in colorectal cancer

Martinez Pineiro J.A.; D.I.iarte E.G.; Armero A.H., 1982:
The problem of recurrences of infection after surgical removal of staghorn calculi

Filoni, S.; Bosco, L.; Cioni, C., 1976:
The problem of regeneration of the crystalline lens of anuran amphibians in post embryonic stages experiments in removal of the lens in larvae of rana esculenta and xenopus laevis

Levitov, M.M.; Lur'e, L.M.; Verkhovtseva, T.P.; Brinberg, S.L., 1976:
The problem of regulated biosynthesis of antibiotics

Kovaleva L.G., 1983 :
The problem of rehabilitation in hematology

Mackay, D.G., 1981:
The problem of rehearsal or mental practice

Pagliughi G., 1980:
The problem of relapses in patients operated on for lumbar disc hernia

Burghart-Czaplinska, M.; Stefaniak-Szemiel, Z., 1974:
The problem of relation between agamma globulinemia presence of australia antigen and chronic hepatitis in view of clinical observations

Brinker R.P.; Goldbart J., 1981:
The problem of reliability in the study of early communication skills

Fragner P.; Kunzova E., 1987:
The problem of reliability of microscopic demonstration of yeasts in smears

Roslavtseva, S.A., 1978:
The problem of resistance of arthropoda and means of overcoming it

Weale R.A., 1981:
The problem of retinal directional sensitivity

Groner U., 1986:
The problem of reworked palynomorphs in glacial and late glacial sediments of swiss mittelland

Shivtsov O.V., 1981:
The problem of risk in genetic engineering research

Wilkens H., 1980:
The problem of rudimentation studied on the troglobite eye during ontogeny

Bockemuehl J.; Wohlers B., 1984:
The problem of salmonella contamination of untreated dried food products

Bournaud M.; Arens M.F.; Tachet H.; Usseglio Polatera P., 1983:
The problem of sampling trichoptera in a large river

Anton Saiz C., 1985:
The problem of school phobia

Bunyatov R.N., 1981:
The problem of scoliosis development in neuro fibromatosis

Ingram, R.M., 1977:
The problem of screening children for visual defects

Van Tonder G.J.; Botha J.F.; Muller J.L., 1986:
The problem of sea water intrusion near lake mzingazi at richards bay south africa

Khadilkar, B.T.; Mahajan, A.G., 1975:
The problem of seed filling and setting in sunflower helianthus annuus

Lunets, E.F.; Tatarinov, B.A.; Petrovskii, G.G., 1976:
The problem of selecting the criteria for the tentative evaluation of anti hypoxant effectiveness

Startsev, V.G., 1977:
The problem of selectivity of damage to the functional systems in emotional stress and neurosis

Kostina, K.F.; Gorshkova, G.A., 1976:
The problem of self pollination in apricots

Koedzhikov K.; B"chvarov N., 1981:
The problem of self thinning of sugar beets

D.R.utlin D.L.R.y Y.; Fanaud P.; Grignon B., 1985:
The problem of sensitivity of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus to cefamandole in vitro

Osokina, S.K.; Khrustaleva, V.A., 1977:
The problem of separate determination of vinyl acetate and acetic acid in the air

Aminova, A.L.; Borodavka, L.D.; Zaslavskaya, E.E., 1977:
The problem of setting standards for the work load of public health doctors

Goncharuk, E.I.; Duchinskii, B.M.; Fedosenko, N.G., 1977:
The problem of sewer systems for veterinary institutions

Rasotto M.B.; Cardellini P.; Marconato E., 1987:
The problem of sexual inversion in the minnow phoxinus phoxinus l

Merz R.; Gerig L.; Willie H.; Leuthold R., 1979:
The problem of short lived and long lived bees in the pre wintering and post wintering phase of the honey bee colony apis mellifica a study of behavior

Sternberg, C., 1976:
The problem of so called atypical lympho granulomatosis

D.Paola G.R., 1980:
The problem of so called pre cancerous lesions of the vulva 10 years of prospective experience

Dvoretskii, L.I., 1978:
The problem of so called pre leukemias

Gavrilyuk F.Ya, 1979 :
The problem of soil classification

Khantulev, A.A.; Gagarina, E.I.; Matinyan, N.N.; Schastnaya, L.S., 1976:
The problem of soil formation under autonomous conditions in the northwestern russian sfsr

Reiprich, A., 1988:
The problem of species independence of the moth prays ruficeps hein. lepidoptera yponomeutidae praydinae

Brock, N.; Hohorst, H.J., 1977:
The problem of specificity and selectivity of alkylating cytostatics studies on n 2 chloroethylamido oxaza phosphorines

Mach J., 1982:
The problem of spongiosa formation after hip arthrodeses and siwaschs endo prostheses of the hip joint

Semevskaya, V.A.; Semevskii, F.N., 1977:
The problem of stability of ecological systems of the type parasite host predator prey from the viewpoint of the optimality principle

Makoedov A.N., 1987:
The problem of stability of karyotype characters in the grayling fishes

Todorova V.; Komandarev S., 1984:
The problem of stage specific immunity in trichinellosis

Shleifman, F.M.; Marchenko, L.A., 1977:
The problem of standardization of ir radiation in industry

Kokorina E.P., 1979:
The problem of stimulating milk flow during machine milking in cows

Klopotovskii A.P.; Bondarev A.G., 1982 :
The problem of storing and utilization of the fertile soil layer on poor and re cultivated lands

Delforge, J., 1977:
The problem of structural identifiability of a linear compartmental system solved or not

Andri E.; Bonci M.C., 1979:
The problem of structure in the fossil tintinnid wall

Waitzbauer, W., 1976:
The problem of studying the numbers of water insects hydrocorisae heteroptera rhynchota

Myagkov N.A.; Kondyurin V.V., 1981:
The problem of subdividing of sharks of the genus squalus squalidae squaliformes into groups

Saussey M.; Song M.J., 1981:
The problem of successive caudal neoformations in nicodrilus giardi oligochaeta lumbrician

Likharev I.M.; Rymzhanov T.S., 1983:
The problem of taxonomic status of some middle asian land mollusks of the group bradybaena plectotropis gastropoda stylommatophora

Hara, G.; Asai, T., 1987:
The problem of technical practices in dental education

Szymańska-Jagiełło, W.; Drecka-Kuzan, K., 1985:
The problem of temporomandibular joints in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Arinchin, N.I., 1978:
The problem of tension and tonus in normal and pathological blood circulation

Weiniger J P.; Chouraqui J.; Zeis A., 1984:
The problem of testosterone secretion by the chick embryo testis further studies

Manz D., 1979:
The problem of the accessibility of the fox vulpes vulpes by baits with regard to future means of rabies control

Zapryanov, Z., 1975:
The problem of the agreement between the sample and the population in experimentation

Uskova, E.T.; Chaikovskaya, A.V.; Davidenko, S.I., 1976:
The problem of the association between the chemical composition of the mucus substances of fish skin and its hydrodynamic effectiveness

Malakhov, V.V., 1977:
The problem of the basic structural plan in various groups of deuterostomia

Kol'kovski, P., 1976:
The problem of the behavior of chemical pollutants in the environment

Barry, J.P.; Jaquen, X.; Musso, J.; Riser, J., 1987:
The problem of the bioclimatic and floristic divisions of the sahara note vi. between sahel and the sahara the mauritanian adrar biogeographic and geomorphological approaches

Ruttner, F., 1977:
The problem of the cape bee apis mellifera capensis parthenogenesis size of population evolution

Esipova, N.G.; Rogulenkova, V.N.; Zel'dina, A.E., 1977:
The problem of the choice of wavelength value for x ray analysis of native biological structures based on the example of treated dermal collagen/

Kol'kovski, P., 1977:
The problem of the classification of harmful chemicals found in the environment

Matveenko, S.A., 1975:
The problem of the classification of the organic world in the works of m a maksimovich

Dianova, A.V.; Kochetkova, T.A.; Rumyantsev, G.I., 1976:
The problem of the combined action of the dust of mica and resins used in the production of micanite articles

Pouzar Z., 1982:
The problem of the correct name of vararia granulosa lachnocladiaceae

Hopkins, S.F.; Bivins, B.A.; Griffen, W.O., 1979:
The problem of the cystic duct remnant

Kuchinskii, A.L.; Yasskaya, L.S., 1976:
The problem of the determination of the effectiveness of the thermal treatment of meat products

Stom, D.I.; Rogozina, N.A., 1977:
The problem of the effect of soil phenols and their oxidation products on beet crops

Fuchs G., 1986:
The problem of the effects of small radiation doses

Nagornyi, P.A., 1976:
The problem of the eliminated effect in the combined action of harmful factors

Ninov N.N.; Teokharov M.; Naumov Z.; Grozeva M., 1982:
The problem of the essence and nomenclature of the shallow soils in bulgaria

Danielov M.B.; Utin A.V., 1988:
The problem of the etiology of undifferentiated oligophrenias

Lisovskaya, I.L.; Volkova, R.I.; Pozin, E.Y., 1976:
The problem of the existence of a thrombocyte refractory state

Lang, H., 1980:
The problem of the fascination and pathogenicity of youth cults

Novak V.J.A., 1980:
The problem of the formation and extinction of species from the standpoint of the origin of life on earth and the development of man

Gurzdev G.P.; Shcherbova E.N.; Gordeeva A.A.; Ivanova T.A., 1982:
The problem of the functional mosaic in bone marrow

Agaronova D.A.; Baiburgyan S.A.; Gasparyan E.I., 1985:
The problem of the influence of dihypoxanthine nad on some indices of natural immunity

Komisarenko, V.P.; Chebotar'ov, V.F.; Tron'ko, N.D., 1975:
The problem of the interaction of thymus and adrenal cortex hormones

Medvedev A.V.; Molchanova E.K.; Gavrilova S.I., 1982:
The problem of the interrelations between schizophrenia and senile dementia based on the data from a clinico epidemiological study

Stvolinskaya, N.S.; Gazaryan, K.G., 1976:
The problem of the intra nuclear synthesis of proteins

Montaggioni L.F., 1979:
The problem of the lack of high marine standings of holocene age in the mascarene islands western indian ocean

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The problem of the lateralization of the electro encephalographic abnormalities a preliminary report

Vashkinel, V.K.; Petrov, M.N.; Oksenkrug, G.F., 1975:
The problem of the localization of serotonin in human platelets

Batovsky M.; Jozefakova J.; Vavrecka A., 1984:
The problem of the malignant potential of polyps in the gastrointestinal tract from the aspect of endoscopic polypectomy

Andreeva, V.G., 1976:
The problem of the maximum temperature level on the surface of new heating installations

Grinikh, L.I.; Shevchenko, V.V., 1976:
The problem of the number of initial cells forming generative tissue in vegetating plants of arabidopsis thaliana

Strautmai, I.F., 1976:
The problem of the nutrition of the goby benthophilus stellatus gobiidae in the dniester estuary ukrainian ssr ussr

Moravec, P.; Volna, L.; Asmera, J., 1977:
The problem of the occurrence of ascaris lumbricoides and trichuris trichiura among school children in opava district czechoslovakia

Anderhuber F.; Lechner P., 1986:
The problem of the occurrence of intrahepatic biliary duct anastomoses

Homolka M., 1981:
The problem of the occurrence of sorex coronatus in czechoslovakia

Baldi-Beke, M.; Gelati, R.; Radovisc, A.; Robba, E., 1978:
The problem of the oligocene miocene boundary some relevant biological events

Kholin, V.V., 1976:
The problem of the optimal single therapeutic dose and its practical significance for radiation therapy

Gitsch E.; Kofler E.; Kupka S., 1983:
The problem of the optimal surgical method for carcinoma of the corpus uteri

Zeichen R., 1986:
The problem of the oral glucose tolerance test ogtt

Davydov, V.A., 1977:
The problem of the organization of hematological services

Tyulina, L.N., 1978:
The problem of the origin of flora on the ushkan'ii islands of lake baikal ussr

Hemmer, H., 1976:
The problem of the origin of the alpaca lama pacos

Shabalov, N.P.; Abramov, R.N.; Zalkind, L.G.; Ikonnikova, M.A., 1976:
The problem of the pathogenesis of idiopathic and thrombocytopenic purpura in children

Vilar O.; Ponzio R.O.; Hib J., 1982:
The problem of the phagocytic capacity of sertoli cells electron microscopic study in the rat

Krylov-Yu, V., 1975:
The problem of the physiological interaction of vibro tactile and auditory reception

Kubickova, J., 1977:
The problem of the pollution of karst waters

Kuchko, V.V.; Diment, A.V., 1976:
The problem of the pre replicative period in liver regeneration

Ansberg, E.V., 1976:
The problem of the preservation of the viability of the fungus phytophthora cactorum in the soil

Mussini T.; Covington A.K.; Longhi P.; Rondinini S., 1983:
The problem of the primary standardization for ph measurements in aqueous nonaqueous and mixed solvents/

Brinkmann B.; Schwarz G.; Stichnoth E., 1985:
The problem of the prone run over pedestrian

Tikhomirova, M.V.; Rogozkin, V.D., 1977:
The problem of the radioprotective action of taurine

Dobrzhanskaya, E.O.; Erokhina, L.I., 1975:
The problem of the regulation of protease synthesis in bacillus subtilis a 50

Sheremet'ev S.N., 1986:
The problem of the regulation of water regime in plants in the transaltai gobi in mongolia

Novistkaya L.I., 1981:
The problem of the relationship between agnathan and gnathostome vertebrates

Aksel-Rubinshtein, V.Z.; Novitskaya, E.I., 1977:
The problem of the release of volatile components from polymeric material

Dyatlova N.S.; Sokol'skaya N.S., 1985:
The problem of the reservoir of tuberculosis infection in the adult population of the soviet republics with the lowest incidence of tuberculosis

Isenbeck M.; Schroeter J.; Kretschmer W.; Matthess G.; Pekdeger A.; Schulz H.D., 1985:
The problem of the retardation concept discussed using the example of selected heavy metals

Meshal, A.H., 1977:
The problem of the salinity increase in lake qarun egypt and a proposed solution

Krepkogorskii, L.N.; Pochkin-Yu, N.; Sorokina, N.B.; Devyatkova, T.P., 1976:
The problem of the sanitary prognosis of the water quality of the nizhnekamsk reservoir

Voitenko, A.M.; Pavlov, N.V.; Maloman, P.N., 1976:
The problem of the sanitary protection of the waters of ports and coastal zones of the black sea basin

Majsky A.; Korinkova P.; Kubickova Z., 1985:
The problem of the selection of compatible hla donors for patients with hla antibodies

Van Ketel W.G.; Van Den Berg W.H.H.W., 1984:
The problem of the sensitization of dithiocarbamates in thiuram allergic patients

Zimmermann G.; Breitfellner G.; Dirschmid K.; Mueller G.; Fritzsche H.; Brandle J., 1986:
The problem of the so called atypical thyroid adenoma in the strumous endemic area

Wutscherk H.; Tittel K., 1981:
The problem of the somatotype of the sportsman

Fedotov, V.P.; Aleshina, L.V., 1976:
The problem of the specificity of tibia test

Hollande A., 1981:
The problem of the sporogenesis in phaeodarians

Pfeil W., 1981:
The problem of the stability of globular proteins

Bakhvalov S.A.; Larionov G.V., 1987:
The problem of the structural changes caused by long term storage of baculoviruses

Anichkov, S.V., 1976:
The problem of the structure of cholino receptors

Deelder, C.L., 1976:
The problem of the supernumerary zones in otoliths of the european eel anguilla anguilla a suggestion to cope with it

Gritsjute, L.A., 1977:
The problem of the systematic observation monitoring of chemical carcinogens in the human environment

Saiz J.I., 1984:
The problem of the taxon sipunculus gravieri and description of a new species for the genus xenosiphon sipuncula sipunculidae

Pugachev, M.K., 1977:
The problem of the thickness of the adrenal cortex under acute thermal stress

Skachilova, N.N.; Shakhsuvarov, V.D.; Alekhina, Z.M.; Otstavnova, E.I.; Belorusova, V.A.; Murashova, N.S.; Budavari, K.Y., 1976:
The problem of the treatment of complications in a patient with acute renal insufficiency

Gras G.; Mondain J., 1981:
The problem of the use of mercurial cosmetics in senegal

Oravets, V., 1976:
The problem of therapy in medical information systems in poly clinic endocrinology departments

Gol'tsman, G.V., 1978:
The problem of thermodynamic muscle cycles

Lobers W.; Blottner A., 1984:
The problem of thyroglobulin determination in the presence of thyroglobulin antibodies

Ulmer W., 1985:
The problem of time dose and fractionation in the linear quadratic model

Blair, G.W.S., 1977:
The problem of time in assessing the rheological properties of foodstuffs

Cull P., 1980:
The problem of time unit in leslies population model

Sponholz, H.; Bienengräber, V.; Harnack, A., 1985:
The problem of tooth extrusion

von Preyss, B.; Goudsmit, R., 1976:
The problem of toxicity in the bioassay for erythropoietin using mouse fetal liver cells

Tsinzerling, A.V.; Medvedev, N.Y. ; Karpova, O.B., 1978:
The problem of toxoplasmosis

Ainson-Kh, 1978:
The problem of trans capillary interstitial circulation of plasma proteins and the participation of the lymphatic system

Sobocki, S., 1977:
The problem of treating acute duodenal ulcer complications

Sergeev A.V.; Berkutova N.S.; Chichkin S.N., 1987:
The problem of triticale grain sprouting in a standing crop and selection for resistance to their character

Boehme W., 1981:
The problem of typing rana leucophyllata salientia hylidae investigations of the former collections in lueneburg and helmstedt west germany

Jolly G.M.; Dickson J.M., 1983:
The problem of unequal catchability in mark re capture estimation of small mammal populations

Givental', N.I.; Ved'mina, E.A.; Sobolev, V.R., 1978:
The problem of unification of methods for determining microorganism sensitivity to antibiotics significance of the data interpretation method for determining microorganism sensitivity to antibiotics

Zhirov E.G.; Bessarab K.S., 1982:
The problem of univalent shift in developing monosomic series of common wheat

Mebel, M., 1970:
The problem of ureter replacement

Rukhadze G.A.; Dolidze N.R.; Belkaniya L.I.; Avtandilova I.A., 1987:
The problem of using intravenous novocaine anesthesia in oncological operations

Ayanru, J.O., 1977:
The problem of uveitis in Bendel State of Nigeria: experience in Benin City

Spitzbart H.; Thust U., 1985:
The problem of vaginal mycosis

Kudryashova N.I., 1984:
The problem of validity and synonymy of hirsutiella zachvatkini trombiculidae

Czudek T., 1985:
The problem of valley cryopediments

Kyuleva I., 1980:
The problem of valuation of soils in forest nurseries in relation to fertilization of the seedlings

Klemparskaya, N.N., 1977:
The problem of vesiculocytosis

Morisi F.; Raffi G.B., 1979:
The problem of vibrations and shaking in drivers of heavy machines

Pogodina, V.V., 1977:
The problem of viral associations

Jaeger P.; Cordt G., 1988:
The problem of washing water from road tunnels from the pollution control point of view

Elserafy, Z.M.; Sonbol, H.A.; Eltantawy, I.M., 1980:
The problem of water hyacinths eichhornia crassipes in rivers and canals 2. physicochemical properties of humic substances occurring at various degrees of humification of the composted weed

Gulyaev, O.S., 1976:
The problem of weather modification in dry farming in the southern part of western siberia and northern kazakh ssr

Dechkov Z., 1987:
The problem of weed infestation in the pleven district bulgaria

Cappelli S., 1987:
The problem of where to place pulmonary tuberculosis patients within the hospital

Mysterud I., 1984:
The problem of wolf and dog in predation areas

Weilemann L.S.; Mauer D.; Schuster S.; Schinzel H.; Werner H P., 1986:
The problem organism pseudomonas in artificial respiration patients in an internal and a neurosurgical intensive care unit

McIntyre, N., 1975:
The problem orientated medical record. Implications for medical education and clinical care

Walker, H.K., 1976:
The problem oriented medical system

Val'kyunas G.A., 1983:
The problem pathogenicity of haemosporidia sporozoa in birds

Taneja, A., 1978:
The problem posed by tetanus

Garn, S.M.; Larkin, F.A.; Cole, P.E., 1976:
The problem with 1 day dietary intakes

Lennox R., 1988:
The problem with self monitoring a two sided scale and a one sided theory

Van-Rooijen, N.; Van-Der-Molen, J., 1978:
The problematic detection of chromium 51 labeled lymphocytes by auto radiography

Hofmann, H.J., 1977:
The problematic fossil chuaria from the late precambrian uinta mountain group utah usa

Mueller, K.J.; Miller, J.F., 1976:
The problematic micro fossil utahphospha new genus from the upper cambrian of the western usa

Mauss, A.L.; Hopkins, R.H.; Weisheit, R.A.; Kearney, K.A., 1988:
The problematic prospects for prevention in the classroom: should alcohol education programs be expected to reduce drinking by youth?

Von Ilberg C.; Haas G., 1987:
The problematic tracheostoma

Gnoli M.; Serpagli E., 1980:
The problematical microorganism nuia in the lower ordovician of precordilleran argentina and its paleo geographic significance

Onuba O.; Udoidiok E., 1987:
The problems and prevention of burns in developing countries

Williams, R.F., 1979:
The problems, diagnosis and treatment of infection by Staphylococcus aureus

Filipova J.; Hykes P., 1985:
The problems of acute poisoning by pesticides in the activity of toxicological information center in prague czechoslovakia

Laxon V.J., 1981:
The problems of being more or less the same

Malinovsky L.; Pac L.; Dubovy P., 1986:
The problems of clear vesicles in sensory corpuscles

Bakker J.J., 1984:
The problems of concentration in animal husbandry

Wunderlich M., 1987:
The problems of congenital total atrio ventricular block in the direct fetal electrocardiogram

Vukasinovic Pecotic B., 1985:
The problems of countertransference in relation to the positive transference of the patient

Ciglar, I.; Masten, R., 1977:
The problems of damages by attack of synanthedon myopaeformis and measures for the control short communication

Althoff, H.; Dotzauer, G., 1976:
The problems of death by bolus aspiration cafe coronary

Rozanov, B.G., 1977:
The problems of degradation of the worlds arid lands and international cooperation in control of desert formation

Abovskaya Z.E.; Razmanov V.A.; Laka G.P., 1987:
The problems of diagnosis of infectious toxic shock in acute pneumonia at the prehospital stage

Miyashita H.; Sato T.; Tamura T.; Tamura O.; Tazawa H., 1986:
The problems of digitalis therapy from the viewpoint of serum concentrations with special reference to the sampling time to the overlapping range of serum concentration where intoxicated and non intoxicated patients are located and to atrial fibrillation

Dahlke E.; Sponholz H., 1985:
The problems of disposition for recurrences after surgical treatment for epulises

Zukalova H.; Vasak J.; Fabry A., 1986:
The problems of glucosinolate production during winter rape seed ripening

Barucci M., 1986:
The problems of hidden alcoholism

Berg T., 1986:
The problems of language control editing monitoring and feedback

Macko J.K.; Birova V.; Flores R., 1981:
The problems of mammomonogamus spp nematoda syngamidae in ruminants

Iwegbu C.G., 1984:
The problems of management of primary malignant limb bone tumors in zaria nigeria

Lindberg, G.U., 1976:
The problems of marine zoo geography in the works of lev semenovich berg

Serov, S.F., 1976:
The problems of morphology and classification of secondary ovarian tumors

Rosin, A.J., 1976:
The problems of motor neuron disease

Dyrcz A.; Kozikowska Z.; Palczynski A.; Raczynski J.; Witkowski J., 1986:
The problems of nature protection and peatland management in the valley of the biebrza river poland

Ruecker J.; Engels M., 1979:
The problems of neuro blastoma sympathicum 10 patients

Trut L.N., 1987:
The problems of new forms and the integrity of the organism in the context of destabilizing selection

Nassos G.P., 1987:
The problems of ocean incineration a case of modern mythology

Rowley, D., 1977:
The problems of oral immunization

Anic Mravljak J., 1982:
The problems of plant nutrition in karst fields

Sjostrand, F.S., 1976:
The problems of preserving molecular structure of cellular components in connection with electron microscopic analysis

Sorokin Y.I., 1986:
The problems of productivity trophology and energy balance in coral reef ecosystems

Miah M.A.H.; Qudrat E Khuda A.K.M.; Shahjahan M., 1986:
The problems of pyrilla perpusilla and the impact of its natural enemies

Jankovic V., 1984:
The problems of raw materials for production of mineral fertilizers in yugoslavia

Vladimirova T.V.; Vartanova N.I., 1985:
The problems of recognition and clinical features of astheno neurotic and astheno depressive conditions in young people

Steno M., 1981:
The problems of scolioses in orthopedic practice

Halmiova O., 1987:
The problems of social communication

Nurse D.E.; Mccrae P.; Stephenson T.P.; Mundy A.R., 1988:
The problems of substitution cystoplasty

Kobilkova J.; Macku F.; Dvorak O.; Kopecny J.; Gazarek F.; Novotna J.; Laurova L.; Fricova M.; Pohanka J., 1988:
The problems of surgical therapy of cancer of colli uteri in stages t 1a and t 1b

Romero Vidal O.; Lopez Fiesco A.; Gonzalez Ezeta R.; Corona Briseno J.; Romo Cabral G.; Velaquez Cano J.M., 1986:
The problems of suspended particles in small volume parenteral products study of visual uniformity in the inspectors

Farr B.M.; Gwaltney J.M.Jr, 1987:
The problems of taste in placebo matching an evaluation of zinc gluconate for the common cold

Patzold, U.; Haller, P., 1975:
The problems of the early recognition of brain tumors which only cause epileptic seizures

Rozhold O., 1987:
The problems of the organization of the cerebral cortex in the cat

Kassner J.; Zlotorzycka J., 1987:
The problems of the preparation of the antennal sensilla of insects in scanning electron microscope

Olah Z., 1984:
The problems of the reaction of the fibrotic covering of the eyeball on suture material

Cevansir B.; Baserer N.; Biliciler N.; Bitiren E., 1979:
The problems of the tracheotomy in juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis

Zhirnov, V.D., 1976:
The problems of theory in medicine

Asmera, J.; Mlynkova, H.; Pinosova, M., 1974:
The problems of toxoplasmosis in the northern moravian area czechoslovakia

Harvey, P.W.; Roberts, J.M.; James, R.M., 1979:
The problems of transferring software: a medical case history

Mackay, A.D.; Cole, R.B., 1984:
The problems of tuberculosis in the elderly

Koga S.; Tsushima S.; Takahashi T.; Ikegami H., 1985:
The problems related to breath by breath measurement of respiratory gas exchange

Pultz, M.A.; Diederich, R.J.; Cribbs, D.L.; Kaufman, T.C., 1988:
The proboscipedia locus of the Antennapedia complex: a molecular and genetic analysis

Jaccarini V.; Schembri P.J., 1979:
The proboscis ciliation of the echiuran bonellia viridis

Doe, D.A., 1976:
The proboscis hooks in karkinorhynchidae and gnathorhynchidae turbellaria kalyptorhynchia as basement membrane or intra cellular specializations

Winston M.L., 1979:
The proboscis of the long tongued bees a comparative study

Shinkarev A.A., 1983:
The procedure of determining total nitrogen in soils

Takaishi K.; Kuwajima H.; Tokuda T.; Endo M.; Orita H.; Tsuji E., 1982:
The procedure of making a decoction of a chinese medicinal preparation the extracting condition of ephedrine from ephedra and the preparation combining ephedra

Furuta, N.; Enai, T.; Saito, K.; Maeda, M.; Ikuta, T., 1985:
The procedure to get minimum deviation for the data processing of evoked potential study

Heissenhuber A., 1984:
The procedures and cost for producing disintegrated cereal straw and the profitability of its employment as cattle fodder

Hand J.; Mccarter R.E.; Hand M.R., 1985:
The procedures and justification of a 2 tailed directional test of significance

Sokolov I.D., 1983:
The process by which endosperm cells fill the central part of the embryo sac in the nuclear type of endosperm

Felgenhauer K.; Ackermann R.; Schliep G., 1980:
The process dynamics of viral and bacterial diseases of the central nervous system

Penafiel, R.; Galindo, J.D.; Pedreno, E.; Lozano, J.A., 1982:
The process for activation of frog rana esculenta ridibunda epidermis pro tyrosinase ec

Tarnoff H., 1984:
The process of a student video project in small groups

Lopez Hernandez D.; Herrera T.; Rotondo Y.F., 1982:
The process of adsorption and desorption of phosphorus in a tropical estuary the maracaibo system venezuela in relation to some other parameters

Goodrich, T.J.; Gorry, G.A., 1980:
The process of ambulatory care: a comparison of the hospital and the community health center

Khachatryan, S.A.; Sayadyan-Kh, S.; Kazaryan, A.A.; Gevorkyan, M.I., 1986:
The process of antibody formation in elevated atmospheric pressure i. accumulation of antibody forming cells

Kopecky K., 1984:
The process of apophytization and apophyte communities of the class galio urticetea with several examples from southwest prague czechoslovakia

Inoue Y., 1985 :
The process of asynchronous hatching and sibling competition in the little egret egretta garzetta

Bezkorovainaya, N.M., 1976:
The process of bile formation and bile composition in albino rats in acute cortico adrenal insufficiency and adrenal gland auto transplantation

Loknitskaya, N.N.; Fonshtein, L.M., 1985:
The process of biotransformation of promutagens by the ames test ii. expression of the mutagenic action of nitrosomorpholine diethyl nitrosoamine and cyclophosphane when using various subfractions of rat liver homogenate

Yokoyama, S., 1986:
The process of category judgment in impression formation task

Tamura T.; Suzuki H.; Nishimura Y.; Mizoguchi J.; Hirota Y., 1980:
The process of cellular division in escherichia coli isolation and characterization of penicillin binding proteins 1a 1b and 3

Nakamura M.; Maruyama I.N.; Soma M.; Kato J I.; Suzuki H.; Horota Y., 1983:
The process of cellular division in escherichia coli nucleotide sequence of the gene for penicillin binding protein 3

Persons J.B.; Burns D.D., 1986:
The process of cognitive therapy the first dysfunctional thought changes less than the last one

Burger J.; Shisler J., 1980:
The process of colony formation among herring gulls larus argentatus nesting in new jersey usa

Colgin-Bukovsan, L.A., 1977:
The process of conjugation in the suctorian tokophrya lemnarum

Rusyaev, V.F.; Kuznik, B.I., 1976:
The process of continuous blood coagulation and kinetic aspects of the stability of the hemo coagulation system in the body

Kotal P.; Sperl J.; Jirsa M.; Kordac V., 1988:
The process of continuous production and isolation of coproporphyrin

Kiguchi, Y., 1978:
The process of development of thyroidectomy cells from the so called thyrotrophs

Grebenshchikova, V.I.; Chentsov-Yu, S.; Omran, M., 1980:
The process of differentiation and the mechanism of rejection of enterocytes from the villus apex

Ishikawa, T.; Hagiwara, A., 1977:
The process of differentiation of embryoid bodies in the lung of syngeneic mice

Jugeli E.P., 1980:
The process of dynamic interference in memory organization

Cottler Fox M.; Sparring K.M.; Zetterberg A.; Fox C.H., 1979:
The process of epithelial cell attachment to glass surfaces studied by reflexion contrast microscopy

Seki H.; Iwami T., 1984:
The process of eutrophication in a natural body of water

Khvedynych O.O., 1983:
The process of fertilization in triticale

Bajic M.; Kovacevic N.; Rakic L., 1979:
The process of forgetting in fish

Sharan M.; Aminataei A.; Singh M.P., 1987:
The process of gas exchange in the pulmonary circulation incorporating the contribution of axial diffusion

Kawai K.; E.A., 1984:
The process of gastric ulcer and gastric acid secretion in relation to psychological aspects

Lalonde R.N.; Moghaddam F.M.; Taylor D.M., 1987:
The process of group differentiation in a dynamic intergroup setting

Charteris, J.; Taves, C., 1978:
The process of habituation to treadmill walking: a kinematic analysis

Wall, J.C.; Charteris, J., 1980:
The process of habituation to treadmill walking at different velocities

Feher G., 1988:
The process of hatching in goose and duck

Knippers, R.; Whalley, J.M.; Sinsheimer, R.L., 1969:
The process of infection with bacterio phage phi x 174 part 30 replication of double stranded phi x dna

Newbold, J.E.; Sinsheimer, R.L., 1970:
The process of infection with bacterio phage phi x 174 part 31 abortive infection at low temperatures

Newbold, J.E.; Sinsheimer, R.L., 1970:
The process of infection with bacterio phage phi x 174 part 32 early steps in the infection process attachment eclipse and dna penetration

Espejo, R.T.; Sinsheimer, R.L., 1976:
The process of infection with bacterio phage phi x 174 part 39 the structure of a dna form with restricted binding of intercalating dyes observed during synthesis of phi x single stranded dna

Siegel, R.B.; Summers, W.C., 1970:
The process of infection with coli phage t 7 part 3 control of phage specific rna synthesis in vivo by an early phage gene

Wada, H.; Seirayosakol, A.; Kimura, M.; Takai, Y., 1978:
The process of manganese deposition in paddy soils part 1 a hypothesis and its verification

Wada, H.; Seirayosakol, A.; Kimura, M.; Takai, Y., 1978:
The process of manganese deposition in paddy soils part 2 the microorganisms responsible for manganese deposition

Coimbra Filho A.F.; Maia A.D.A., 1979:
The process of molting of the fur in leontopithecus rosalia rosalia callitrichidae primates

Zaprianova, E., 1976:
The process of myelination in the central nervous system histochemical and electron microscopic studies

Gorczyńska, E., 1987:
The process of myelopoiesis in guinea pigs under conditions of a static magnetic field

Georgescu M., 1981:
The process of natural decrease of the incidence of ascaridiasis in a rural locality

Bobyshev, V.G.; Mishustin, E.N., 1975:
The process of nitrification and the effective soil fertility

Ograpishvili, N.D., 1978:
The process of oak and beech replacement by hornbeam in broad leaved forests of the georgian ssr ussr

Sakamoto, K.; Seki, K.; Usui, T., 1984:
The process of occurrence and recovery of psychological and physiological fatigue by sleep deprivation for fifty hours in man

Munehara H.; Shimazaki K.; Mishima S., 1987:
The process of oogenesis in masked greenling hexagrammos octogrammus

Yakhontov L.N.; Levkoeva E.I.; Mastafanova L.I.; Krasnokutskaya D.M.; Evstratova M.I.; Volzhina O.N.; Klimonova Z.M.; Karpman Y.S.; Tubina I.S.; E.A., 1979:
The process of oxidation of calcium per manganate 2 6 lutidine formation kinetics of di picolinic acid 6 methyl picolinic acid and oxalic acid

Wanibuchi K.; Saito Y., 1983:
The process of population increase and patterns of resource utilization of 2 spider mites oligonychus ununguis and panonychus citri under experimental conditions acari tetranychidae

Niki H.; Deya E.; Kato T.; Igarashi S., 1982:
The process of producing active fish protein powder

Suzuki A.; Sato Y.; Sasaki I., 1986:
The process of production of dry matter and nutrient absorption of peach trees in ten years

Steward O.; Vinsant S.L., 1983:
The process of re innervation in the dentate gyrus of the adult rat a quantitative electron microscopic analysis of terminal proliferation and reactive synaptogenesis

Moos, R.H.; Finney, J.W.; Chan, D.A., 1981:
The process of recovery from alcoholism 1. comparing alcoholic patients and matched community controls

Moos, R.H.; Finney, J.W.; Gamble, W., 1982:
The process of recovery from alcoholism 2. comparing spouses of alcoholic patients and matched community controls

Moos, R.H.; Moos, B.S., 1984:
The process of recovery from alcoholism 3. comparing functioning in families of alcoholics and matched control families

Steward, O.; Vinsant, S.L.; Davis, L., 1988:
The process of reinnervation in the dentate gyrus of adult rats: an ultrastructural study of changes in presynaptic terminals as a result of sprouting

Mitchell, J.; Davis, L.G.ff, G., 1985:
The process of relapse in patients with bulimia

Bond J.A., 1987:
The process of responding to personality items inconsistent responses to repeated presentation of identical items

Williams M.D.; Hollan J.D., 1981:
The process of retrieval from very long term memory

Orlov, P.N., 1977:
The process of root formation in easy to root and hard to root garden roses propagated by green cuttings

Stumpf R.P., 1983:
The process of sedimentation on the surface of a salt marsh

Einstein S., 1983:
The process of self help the community role

Gans, C., 1976:
The process of skittering in frogs

Aubin T.; Bremond J C., 1983:
The process of species specific song recognition in the skylark alauda arvensis an experimental study by means of synthesis

Kazakova, I.A.; Motina, G.L.; Semenyuk, V.A., 1976:
The process of steam sterilization of new filtering materials

Srobarova A., 1982:
The process of the pathogenesis of pseudopeziza medicaginis by the lucerne medicago sativa leaf and concomitant cyto histochemical changes of the host

Hayashi K., 1985:
The process of the thrombosis in the woven tetoron grafts implanted in the dog infrarenal vena cava

Poiner, G., 1976:
The process of the year among aborigines of the central and south coast of new south wales australia

Dubost G.; Gasc J P., 1987:
The process of total tail autotomy in the south american rodent proechimys

Zhivotovskii, B.D.; Khanson, K.P., 1976:
The process of transcription in the thymus cells of x irradiated rats part 2 action of exogenous dna on hybridization of nuclear rna with repeated unique dna sequences

Evtushenko, V.I.; Khanson, K.P., 1979:
The process of transcription in thymus cells of x irradiated rats 4. biosynthesis and maturation of ribosomal rna

Evtushenko, V.I.; Khanson, K.P., 1981:
The process of transcription in thymus cells of x irradiated rats 6. biosynthesis and exchange of poly adenylic acid containing and poly adenylic acid noncontaining rna of polysomes

Cheng C M.; Huang H J., 1980:
The process of verifying affirmative and negative sentences against pictures

Inoue, Y.; Terashima, T.; Nishimura, Y.; Shimai, K., 1978:
The process of Wallerian degeneration of myelinated nerve fibers in the pyramidal tract of the rhesus monkey

Colombo, P.M.; Postai, E., 1978:
The process of wound repair in Udotea petiolata (Siphonales)

Keijzer, C.J., 1987:
The processes of anther dehiscence and pollen dispersal i. the opening mechanism of longitudinally dehiscing anthers

Keijzer, C.J., 1987:
The processes of anther dehiscence and pollen dispersal ii. the formation and the transfer mechanism of pollenkitt cell wall development of the loculus tissues and a function of orbicules in pollen dispersal

Keijzer, C.J.; Hoek, I.H.S.; Willemse, M.T.M., 1987:
The processes of anther dehiscence and pollen dispersal iii. the dehydration of the filament tip and the anther in three monocotyledonous species

Nesterenko V.S., 1983:
The processes of proteolysis in the small intestine of rats with the intestinal form of acute radiation sickness

Love J.; Gossop M., 1985:
The processes of referral and disposal within a london england uk drug dependence clinic

Kulkarni D.; Simon H.A., 1988:
The processes of scientific discovery the strategy of experimentation

Leenheer J.A., 1980:
The processes of sedimentation in acid black water of the rio negro central amazonia

Williams W.; Miller K.S., 1981:
The processing and disposition of incompetent mentally ill offenders

Bhardwaj, V.; Colston, M.J., 1988:
The processing and presentation of mycobacterial antigens by human monocytes

Paraschiv A., 1981:
The processing methods used to obtain red concentrated musts from biologically resistant black grape varieties

Sarker S.C.; Ogawa M.; Takahashi M A.; Asada K., 1986:
The processing of a 57 kda precursor peptide to subunits of rice glutelin

Ibrahimi I.M., 1984:
The processing of a bacteriophage protein by salt extracted mammalian endoplasmic reticulum

Ogier Denis E.; Codogno P.; Chantret I.; Trugnan G., 1988:
The processing of asparagine linked oligosaccharides in ht 29 cells is a function of their state of enterocytic differentiation an accumulation of man 9 8 glcna c 2 asn species is indicative of an impaired n glycan trimming in undifferentiated cells

Levin, I.P.; Ims, J.R.; Simpson, J.C.; Kim, K.J., 1977:
The processing of deviant information in prediction and evaluation

Cokl A.; Otto C.; Kalmring K., 1985:
The processing of directional vibratory signals in the ventral nerve cord of locusta migratoria

Hughes, T.G., 1977:
The processing of food material within the gut of abra tenuis bivalvia tellinacea

Attig, M.; Hasher, L., 1980:
The processing of frequency of occurrence information by adults

Lamb M.R.; Robertson L.C., 1988:
The processing of hierarchical stimuli effects of retinal locus locational uncertainty and stimulus identity

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