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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6743

Chapter 6743 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Weiner, R. S.; Tobias, J. S.; Yankee, R. A., 1976: The processing of human bone marrow for cryo preservation and re infusion

Krajewski A.; Ravaglioli A.; Fiori C.; Dalla Casa R., 1982: The processing of hydroxylapatite based rolled sections

Barrett, T. W., 1976: The processing of informationally relevant signals in the cochlea

Cha, Y. J.; Chung, S. Y.; Ha, J. H.; Jeong, I. C.; Lee, E. H., 1983: The processing of low salt fermented seafoods 3. changes of micro flora during fermentation of low salted sardine

Burrows M., 1985: The processing of mechanosensory information by spiking local interneurons in the locust

Hoosain, R., 1977: The processing of negative or incongruent perceptual and combined perceptual linguistic stimuli

Locke J.L.; Deck J.W., 1982: The processing of printed language by aphasic adults some phonological and syntactic effects

Taubman, M. B.; Goldberg, B., 1976: The processing of pro collagen in cultures of human and mouse fibroblasts

Glencross D.J.; Koreman M.M., 1979: The processing of proprioceptive signals

Bennett L.M.; Timmins J.G.; Thomsen D.R.; Post L.E., 1986: The processing of pseudorabies virus glycoprotein gx in infected cells and in an uninfected cell line

Sullivan S.J.; Schonbrunn A., 1986: The processing of receptor bound iodine 125 11 tyrosine somatostatin by rin m 5f insulinoma cells

Van Gulik T.M.; Klopper P.J., 1987: The processing of sheepskin for use as a dermal collagen graft an experimental study

Loewenstein D.A.; Hokanson J.E., 1986: The processing of social information by mildly and moderately dysphoric college students

Lasky R.E.; Spiro D., 1980: The processing of tachistoscopically presented visual stimuli by 5 month old infants

Slobodian P.W.; Carlson G.A.; Wegmann T.G., 1979: The processing of thymus derived lymphocytes by the gut of the suckling neo nate

Kitsuta H.; Lin E.; Kato T.; Ide Y.; Kaneko Y., 1985: The procession of the mandibular nerve maxillary artery and maxillary vein of japanese people during the open mouth position

Kitsuta H.; Kawase M.; Orihara K.; Ide Y., 1988: The procession of the nervus mandibularis arteria maxillaris and venae maxillares in japanese in open mouth position

Logan, D. M.; Singer, M. F., 1968: The processive degradation of individual poly ribo nucleotide chains iii lactobacillus plantarum enz rnase

Fairfield F.R.; Newport J.W.; Dolejsi M.K.; Von Hippel P.H., 1983: The processivity of dna replication

La Fauci M.A.; Pisani A.; Puzzolo D.; Micali A.; Cutroneo G., 1984: The processus falciformis in the eye of the trout a structural and ultrastructural study

Marx G.; Eldor A., 1985: The procoagulant effect of zinc on fibrin clot formation

Milgram N.A.; Sroloff B.; Rosenbaum M., 1988: The procrastination of everyday life

Haessig, A.; Lundsgaard-Hansen, P., 1978: The procurement of blood and plasma for the production of components and derivatives within the frame of an integrated national blood program

Hamann K., 1987: The procuring of sand for motorway construction in connection with land consolidation procedures

Syvitski J.P.M.; Asprey K.W.; Clattenburg D.A.; Hodge G.D., 1985: The prodelta environment of a fjord suspended particle dynamics

Hill C.A.; Harle T.S.; Mansell P.W.A., 1983: The prodrome kaposi sarcoma and infections associated with acquired immuno deficiency syndrome radiologic findings in 39 patients

Garcia, E.; Bancroft, S.; Rhee, S. G.; Kustu, S., 1977: The product of a newly identified gene glnf is required for synthesis of glutamine synthetase ec in salmonella typhimurium

Oppenheim, A.; Katzir, N.; Oppenheim, A. B., 1977: The product of gene p of coli phage lambda

Ferro Novick S.; Honma M.; Beckwith J., 1984: The product of gene sec c is involved in the synthesis of exported proteins in escherichia coli

Johnson P.A.; Maclean C.; Marsden H.S.; Dalziel R.G.; Everett R.D., 1986: The product of gene us 11 of herpes simplex virus type 1 is expressed as a true late gene

Boyd, C. D.; Thompson, P.; Fitschen, W., 1977: The product of ribosome associated rna dependent rna polymerase in immature chicken erythrocytes

Fluri, R.; Coddington, A.; Flury, U., 1976: The product of the ade 1 gene in schizosaccharomyces pombe a bi functional enzyme catalyzing 2 distinct steps in purine biosynthesis

Privalsky M.L.; Sealy L.; Bishop J.M.; Mcgrath J.P.; Levinson A.D., 1983: The product of the avian erythroblastosis virus erb b locus is a glyco protein

Thorner L.; Bucay N.; Choe J.; Botchan M., 1988: The product of the bovine papillomavirus type 1 modulator gene m is a phosphoprotein

Rettenmier C.W.; Chen J.H.; Roussel M.F.; Sherr C.J., 1985: The product of the c fms proto oncogene a glycoprotein with associated tyrosine kinase activity

Benson M.; Pirrotta V., 1987: The product of the drosophila zeste gene binds to specific dna sequences in white and ubx

Wu J.H.; Kathir P.; Ippen Ihler K., 1988: The product of the f plasmid transfer operon gene tra f is a periplasmic protein

Keesey J.K.Jr; Bigelis R.; Finks G.R., 1979: The product of the his4 gene cluster in saccharomyces cerevisiae a tri functional poly peptide

Akiyama T.; Sudo C.; Ogawara H.; Toyoshima K.; Yamamoto T., 1986: The product of the human c erb b 2 gene a 185 kilodalton glycoprotein with tyrosine kinase activity

Polacco, J. C.; Gross, S. R., 1973: The product of the leu 3 cistron as a regulatory element for the production of the leucine biosynthetic enzymes of neurospora sp

Chung C.H.; Goldberg A.L., 1981: The product of the lon capr gene in escherichia coli is the atp dependent protease protease la

Mclead M.; Stein M.; Beach D., 1987: The product of the mei 3+ gene expressed under control of the mating type locus induces meiosis and sporulation in fission yeast

Ralston R.; Bishop J.M., 1985: The product of the protooncogene c src is modified during the cellular response to platelet derived growth factor

Sharma K.K.; Arst H.N.Jr, 1985: The product of the regulatory gene of the proline catabolism gene cluster of aspergillus nidulans is a positive acting protein

Klempnauer K H.; Ramsay G.; Bishop J.M.; Moscovici M.G.; Moscovici C.; Mcgrath J.P.; Levinson A.D., 1983: The product of the retroviral transforming gene v myb is a truncated version of the protein encoded by the cellular oncogene c myb

Thompson G.A.; Davies H.M.; Mcdonald N., 1985: The product selective blot a technique for measuring enzyme activities in large number of samples and in native electrophoresis gels

Morozov, V. L., 1980: The production activity of the kamchatkan russian sfsr ussr tall herbaceous vegetation 1. geometrical structure and photosynthesis of dominants

Morgan, M. J., 1976: The production and action of interferon in chinese hamster cells

Spooner R.L.; Millar P.; Oliver R.A., 1979: The production and analysis of anti lymphocyte sera following pregnancy and skin grafting of cattle

Crichton D.; Grattage L.; Mcdonald A.; Corrie J.E.T.; Steel C.M.; Hubbard A.L.; Al Dujaili E.A.S.; Edwards C.R.W., 1985: The production and assessment of monoclonal antibodies to cortisol

Osterud B.; Bjorklid E., 1982: The production and availability of tissue thromboplastin in cellular populations of whole blood exposed to various concentrations of endo toxin an assay for detection of endo toxin

Lange, W.; Jochemsen, G., 1976: The production and behavior of hexa ploid hybrids between hordeum vulgare and hordeum bulbosum

Barton, R., 1970: The production and behavior of phyto ferritin particles during senescence of phaseolus d leaves

Vaughan A.T.M.; Keeling A.; Yankuba S.C.S., 1985: The production and biological distribution of yttrium 90 labeled antibodies

Kawazu S.; Kanazawa Y.; Miki E.; Hayashi M.; Sando H.; Kajinuma H.; Iwamoto Y.; Akanuma Y.; Kosaka K., 1979: The production and characteristics of anti insulin anti a component and anti pro insulin antibodies in patients treated with mono component or conventional insulin

Sarwar G.; Sakata T.; Kakimoto D., 1983: The production and characteristics of carrageenanase from marine cytophaga

Kakpakova, E. S.; Massino-Yu, S., 1978: The production and characteristics of djungarian hamster cell line dx tk minus resistant to 5 bromodeoxy uridine

Crine P.; Legrimellec C.; Lemieux E.; Labonte L.; Fortin S.; Blachier A.; Aubry M., 1985: The production and characterization of a monoclonal antibody specific for the 94000 dalton enkephalin degrading peptidase from rabbit kidney brush border

Griffin B.D.; Micklem L.R.; Mccann M.C.; James K.; Pepper D.S., 1986: The production and characterization of a panel of ten murine monoclonal antibodies to human procoagulant factor viii

Schlesinger B.R.; Gurman J.L.; Chen L C., 1980: The production and characterization of a transition metal iron iii sulfur iv aerosol

Pu F R.; Lao M F.; Wu Z Z., 1985: The production and characterization of anti t cell monoclonal antibody 211 1

Hoebeke, J.; Vauquelin, G.; Strosberg, A. D., 1978: The production and characterization of antibodies against beta adrenergic antagonists

Wainer, B. H.; Wung, W. E.; Hill, J. H.; Fitch, F. W.; Fried, J.; Rothberg, R. M., 1976: The production and characterization of antibodies reactive with meperidine

El Gamal B.A.; Landon J.; Abuknesha R.A.; Gallacher G.; Perry L.A., 1987: The production and characterization of antisera to 17 hydroxyprogesterone

Muschiolik G.; Schmandke H., 1984: The production and characterization of food foams from protein raw materials

Reese, M. G.; Hales, R. H., 1978: The production and characterization of medium and high specific activity iodine 125 tri iodo thyronine and iodine 125 thyroxine utilizing substitution and exchange mechanisms

Tavella D.; Watt C.B.; Su Y Y.T.; Chang K J.; Handlin S.; Gaskie V.; Lam D.M K., 1985: The production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against enkephalins

Copley C.G.; Macfarlane S., 1988: The production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against the protein iii of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Das K.M.; Sakamaki S.; Vecchi M.; Diamond B., 1987: The production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to a human colonic antigen associated with ulcerative colitis cellular localization of the antigen by using the monoclonal antibody

Weetman A.P.; Gunn C.A.; Rennie D.P.; Hall R.; Mcgregor A.M., 1985: The production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to the human thyroid microsome

Bennet R.M.; Hefeneider S.H.; Bakke A.; Merritt M.; Smith C.A.; Mourich D.; Heinrich M.C., 1988: The production and characterization of murine monoclonal antibodies to a dna receptor on human leukocytes

Doig M.V.; Ford Hutchinson A.W., 1980: The production and characterization of products of the lip oxygenase enzyme system released by rat peritoneal macrophages

Weetman, A. P.; Vilkman, D. J.; Burman, K. D.; Margolick, J. B.; Petrick, P.; Weintraub, B. D.; Fauci, A. S., 1986: The production and characterization of thyroid derived t cell lines in graves' disease and hashimoto's thyroiditis

Gross M.D.; Mcguire D.M.; Van Pilsum J.F., 1985: The production and characterization of two monoclonal antibodies to rat kidney l arginine glycine amidinotransferase

Valentine S.C.; Wickes R.B., 1982: The production and composition of milk from dairy cows fed hay and supplemented with either brewers grains or rolled barley grain

Han, S. S.; Suzaki, T., 1979: The production and consumption of assimilates of trees 11. seasonal changes of photosynthesis respiration rates of sun and shade leaves and estimation of branch respiration by the living cell area method in a natural japanese beech forest

Mason C., 1985: The production and effects of uncertainty with special reference to diabetes mellitus

Zwahlen R.; Richardson B.P.; Hauser R.E., 1979: The production and elimination of myeloid bodies by cultured pancreatic islet cells

Mensa-Bonsu, A., 1976: The production and elimination of supplementary reproductives in porotermes adamsoni isoptera hodotermitidae

Maksimov V.I., 1986: The production and enzymatic hydrolysis of insoluble cellodextrins

Cheng K.T.; Seltzer S.E.; Adams D.F.; Blau M., 1987: The production and evaluation of contrast carrying liposomes made with an automatic high pressure system

Boarer C.D.H.; Sojka M.G.; White V.J.; Roeder P.L., 1988: The production and evaluation of monoclonal antibodies to clostridium perfringens type d epsilon toxin

Oppenheim R.C.; Stewart N.F.; Gordon L.; Patel H.M., 1982: The production and evaluation of orally administered insulin nano particles

Malone T.C.; Chervin M.B., 1979: The production and fate of phyto plankton size fractions in the plume of the hudson river new york bight usa

Mckinney M.E.; Geller D.; Gatchel R.J., 1980: The production and generalization of large magnitude heart rate deceleration by contingently faded bio feedback

Matanmi, B. A.; Libby, J. L., 1976: The production and germination of resting spores of entomophthora virulenta entomophthorales entomophthoraceae

Shepherd, M. G.; Sullivan, P. A., 1976: The production and growth characteristics of yeast and mycelial forms of candida albicans in continuous culture

Li Z.; Liu C.; Yan Z.; Wang M., 1987: The production and identification of common wheat x cultivated barley hybrid plant and their backcross progeny

Gospodarowicz D.; Greenburg G.; Foidart J.M.; Savion N., 1981: The production and localization of laminin in cultured vascular and corneal endothelial cells

Lambrou F.H.Jr; Aiken D.G.; Woods W.D.; Campbell D.G., 1985: The production and mechanism of ghost cell glaucoma in the cat and primate

Suda, A. K.; Pittman, C. S.; Shimizu, T.; Chambers, J. B. Jr, 1978: The production and metabolism of 3 5 3 tri iodo thyronine and 3 3 5 tri iodo thyronine in normal and fasting subjects

Bicknell R.; Emanuel E.L.; Gagnon J.; Waley S.G., 1985: The production and molecular properties of the zinc beta lactamase of pseudomonas maltophilia iid 1275

Robinson A.; Lewert R.M., 1980: The production and nature of anemia in schistosoma japonicum infections

Chaudhari H.K., 1979: The production and performance of doubled ha ploids of cotton

Bencze, G., 1976: The production and preliminary characterization of drosophila strains faulty in the development of the imago discs

Wall P.D.; Scadding J.W.; Tomikiewicz M.M., 1979: The production and prevention of experimental anesthesia dolorosa

Ashford D.; Allen A.K.; Neuberger A., 1982: The production and properties of an anti serum to potato solanum tuberosum lectin

Micheel B.; Jantscheff P.; Boettger V.; Scharte G.; Kaiser G.; Stolley P.; Karawajew L., 1988: The production and radioimmunoassay application of monoclonal antibodies to fluorescein isothiocyanate fitc

Inoue M.; Saito J.; Abe Y.; Tanaka Y.; Ueda G.; Tanizawa O., 1986: The production and reactivity of the monoclonal antibody mca 97 to endometrial adenocarcinoma

Wrangstadh M.; Conway P.L.; Kjelleberg S., 1986: The production and release of an extracellular polysaccharide during starvation of a marine pseudomonas sp and the effect thereof on adhesion

Gamlen P.H.; Lane B.C.; Midgley P.M.; Steed J.M., 1986: The production and release to the atmosphere of trichlorofluoromethane and dichlorodifluoromethane chlorofluorocarbons cfc 11 and cfc 12

Lehmann, A. R.; Stevens, S., 1977: The production and repair of double strand breaks in cells from normal humans and from patients with ataxia telangi ectasia

Nadazdin M.; Puaca V.; Varenika D.; Ivanic P., 1985: The production and requirements for premixes of the feed compounding industry in yugoslavia

Gottlieb, D., 1976: The production and role of antibiotics in soil

Pepe G.J., 1979: The production and secretion of cortisol by baboon neo nates

Barnier, G. W.; Sheehan, M. V.; Williams, D. C., 1975: The production and secretion of digestive enzymes in the purple sea star pisaster ochraceus

Moss S.R., 1983: The production and shedding of alopecurus myosuroides seeds in winter cereals crops

Shreshtha A.; Bhanumurthi J.L., 1982: The production and shelf life of cream based spray dried tomato soup

Waltz, N., 1978: The production and significance of the dreissena population in the nutrient cycle in lake constance

Armentano, T. V.; Woodwell, G. M., 1976: The production and standing crop of litter and humus in a forest exposed to chronic gamma irradiation for 12 years

Harper G.P.; Pearce F.L.; Vernon C.A., 1980: The production and storage of nerve growth factor in vivo by tissues of the mouse rat guinea pig hamster and gerbil

Grishchenkov V.G.; Boronin A.M., 1983: The production and study of the mutant strain pseudomonas aeruginosa 640x pbs 2 capable of catabolism of naphthalene at high temperature

Johannsen A.; Seifert A., 1981: The production and supply of drinking water on helgoland west germany from the earliest times up to the present

Martinov S.; Popov G., 1984: The production and use of group specific chlamydial antigens

Waterson M.; Samuel L.; Norman M., 1987: The production and use of monoclonal antibodies to measure apolipoprotein b by a competitive enzyme linked immunoassay

Sparks J.D.; Bolognino M.; Trax P.A.; Sparks C.E., 1986: The production and utility of monoclonal antibodies to rat apolipoprotein b lipoproteins

Van Staden J.; Dimalla G.G., 1981: The production and utilization of cyto kinins in rootless dormant almond prunus amygdalus shoots maintained at low temperature

Davis S.F.; Weaver M.S.; Nash S.M.; Spence S.A., 1984: The production and utilization of odor cues under conditions of deprivation state constancy but reinforcer differences

Garce, J. B.; Wetzel, R. G., 1978: The production biology of eurasian water milfoil myriophyllum spicatum a review

Abbondandolo, A.; Bonatti, S., 1970: The production by nitrous acid of complete and mosaic mutations during defined nuclear stages in cells of schizosaccharomyces pombe

Mostageer A.; Morsy M.A.; Sadek R.R., 1981: The production characteristics of a herd of egyptian buffalo

Towpasz, K., 1976: The production composition and mineralization rate of litter in 2 forest associations in western carpathians tilio carpinetum pogorze wielickie region and fagetum carpaticum gorce mountains

Hosomi A., 1985: The production daily production biomass and turn over rate of the mussel mytilus galloprovincialis

Priddle, J., 1980: The production ecology of benthic plants in some antarctic lakes 1. in situ production studies

Priddle, J., 1980: The production ecology of benthic plants in some antarctic lakes 2. laboratory physiology studies

Boomsma J.J.; Van Der Lee G.A.; Van Der Have T.M., 1982: The production ecology of lasius niger hymenoptera formicidae in successive coastal dune valleys

Haffner, G. D., 1977: The production ecology of stephanodiscus astraea

Shang, Y. C.; Fujimura, T., 1977: The production economics of fresh water prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii farming in hawaii usa

Okularczyk S., 1986: The production effects of the pig breeding program in finland

Reichelt, H., 1976: The production efficiency of various crop rotations on mountain loam forest soil and their influence on soil fertility

Davet P.; Artigues M.; Martin C., 1981: The production in nonsterile conditions of a trichoderma harzianum inoculum in view of biological control trials

De-Boer, P.; Van-Der-Hoeven, F. A.; Chardon, J. A. P., 1976: The production morphology karyotypes and transport of spermatozoa from tertiary trisomic mice and the consequences for egg fertilization

Casazza J.P.; Veech R.L., 1985: The production of 1 2 propanediol in ethanol treated rats

Grinberg, G. M.; Dzenitis-Ya, R., 1977: The production of 1 bromo adamantane

Macdonald I.A., 1981: The production of 12 alpha hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase from clostridium group p strain c 48 50 atcc 29733

Hacik T.; Sebokova E., 1982: The production of 17 beta estradiol in the testis of the rat following the administration of chorion gonadotropic an luteinizing hormone and its biological significance

Urbasch I., 1985: The production of 2 tridecanone by various wild and cultivated tomato plants lycopersicon spp

Miclo, A.; Germain, P.; Lefebvre, G., 1986: The production of 3a alpha h 4 alpha 3' propionic acid 5 alpha hydroxy 7a beta methylhexahydro 1 indanone delta lactone by nocardia restricta mutants

Wilda T.J., 1984: The production of 5 genera of chironomidae diptera in lake norman a north carolina usa reservoir

Siegel M.I.; Mcconnell R.T.; Bonser R.W.; Cuatrecasas P., 1981: The production of 5s hydroxy 6 8 11 14 eicosatetraenoic acid and leukotriene b in rat neutrophils from carrageenan pleural exudates

Park J.M.; Choi C.Y.; Seong B.L.; Han M.H., 1982: The production of 6 amino penicillanic acid by a multi stage tubular reactor packed with immobilized penicillin amidase

Gulyi, M. F.; Gudkova, L. V.; Degtyar, R. G.; Mironenko, N. I.; Latyshko, N. V., 1975: The production of a crystalline form of catalase of the fungus penicillium vitale

Takeda Y.; Higuchi M.; Sugimoto M.; Shimoda O.; Woo H.J.; Shimada S.; Osawa T., 1986: The production of a cytotoxic factor by mouse peritoneal macrophages and macrophage hybridomas treated with various stimulating agents

Graham S.; Secombes C.J., 1988: The production of a macrophage activating factor from rainbow trout salmo gairdneri leukocytes

Poduslo S.E.; Miller K.; Wolinsky J.S., 1982: The production of a membrane by purified oligodendro glia maintained in culture

Gomez-Sanchez, C. E.; Uribe, L.; Ferris, M. W.; Foecking, M. F.; Gomez-Sanchez, E. P., 1987: The production of a monoclonal antibody to 18 hydroxycortisol and other 18 hydroxylated steroids

Goddard, M. V., 1976: The production of a new race 105 e 137 of puccinia striiformis in glasshouse experiments

Stevens R.H.; Thiele C.J.; Saxon A., 1979: The production of a soluble human thymus derived lymphocyte derived factor which substitutes for helper thymus derived lymphocytes in the in vitro production of immuno globulin

Mermerski K.; Eftimov M., 1985: The production of a specific gamma globulin against infectious atrophic rhinitis in swine

Van Den Berg A.J.J.; Labadie R.P., 1981: The production of acetate derived hydroxy anthra quinones hydroxy dianthrones hydroxy naphthalenes and hydroxy benzenes in tissue cultures from rumex alpinus

Hisamatsu M.; Yamada T.; Higashiura T.; Ikeda M., 1987: The production of acidic o acylated cyclosophorans cyclic 1 2 beta d glucans by agrobacterium sp and rhizobium sp

Benatti U.; Morelli A.; Guida L.; De Flora A., 1983: The production of activated oxygen species by an interaction of met hemo globin with ascorbate

Hayashizaki Y.; Endo Y.; Miyai K.; Matsubara K., 1988: The production of active human tsh from alpha and beta messenger rna in xenopus laevis oocytes

Davranov, K. D.; Rizaeva, M.; Zakirov, M. Z.; Diyarov-Zh, 1977: The production of adsorbed lipase and its properties

Sanni A.I.; Oso B.A., 1988: The production of agadagidi a nigerian fermented beverage

Leon D.; Pena I.; Avendano J.; Alvarado J.J., 1984: The production of agar agar from gracilaria fortissima in costa rica

Speckmann G.J.; De Bock T.S.M., 1982: The production of alien monosomic additions in beta vulgaris as a source for the introgression of resistance to beet root nematode heterodera schachtii from beta species of the section patellares

Katcher, H. L.; Wallace, S. S., 1978: The production of alkali labile lesions in x irradiated pm 2 dna

Piatkowski B.; Voigt J., 1980: The production of ammonia and volatile fatty acids in the rumen of cows under the influence of the extrusion of cereal urea mixtures

Coward, D. M.; Doggett, N. S., 1977: The production of an alternative laboratory model of the parkinson syndrome using a new benzylimidoyl urea derivative lon 954 n carbamoyl 2 2 6 dichlorophenyl acetamidine hydro chloride

Gai Q.; Et Al, 1986: The production of an anti hsv 1 lymphocyte hybridoma cell line and typing of hsv isolates with monoclonal antibodies

Nishiitsutsuji Uwo J.; Takeda M.; Saito H., 1984: The production of an anti serum to serotonin and serotonin like immuno reactivity in the cockroach brain mid gut system

Tatarov G., 1985: The production of an avirulent immunogenic mutant of the virus of transmissible gastroenteritis and its use as a vaccine

Simonowitz, D.; Block, G. E.; Riddell, R. H.; Kraft, S. C.; Kirsner, J. B., 1977: The production of an unusual tissue reaction in rabbit bowel injected with crohns disease homogenates

Wagenvoort, M.; Lange, W., 1975: The production of aneu di ha ploids in solanum tuberosum the common potato

Konvicka O.; Fischbeck G., 1984: The production of aneuploids from asynaptic mutants of allium cepa cultivar vsetatska

Ohkawa H.; Sawaguchi S.; Yamazaki Y.; Sakaniwa M.; Ishikawa A., 1981: The production of anomalous pancreatico biliary ductal union in canine models

Rai, P. P., 1978: The production of anthra quinones in callus cultures of rheum palmatum

Robins R.J.; Payne J.; Rhodes M.J.C., 1986: The production of anthraquinones by cell suspension cultures of cinchona ledgeriana

Mohn J.F.; Rose J.K.; Coombs R.R.A., 1980: The production of anti a 1 agglutinins in a like rabbits injected with human group a 1 erythrocytes

Mohn J.F.; Cunningham R.K.; Rose J.K., 1980: The production of anti a 1 agglutinins in a like rabbits injected with human group a 1 secretor saliva

Kolokolova, G. P., 1978: The production of anti allotype gm sera by immunizing goats

Matsuyama N.; Wakimoto S., 1987: The production of anti blast substances in blast infected and uv irradiated rice leaves

Rose L.M.; Goldman M.; Lmbert P H., 1982: The production of anti idiotypic antibodies and of idiotype anti idiotype immune complexes after poly clonal activation induced by bacterial lipo poly saccharide

Van Snick J.L., 1981: The production of anti immuno globulin g 2a auto antibody in the 129 sv mouse onset in the lymph nodes draining the intestinal tract and prevention by neo natal thymectomy

Bottex C.; Rihn B.; Moissenet P.; Creach O., 1984: The production of anti lipopolysaccharide monoclonal antibodies of klebsiella pneumoniae

Hornsey, I. S.; Hide, D., 1976: The production of anti microbial compounds by british marine algae part 2 seasonal variation in production of antibiotics

Hornsey, I. S.; Hide, D., 1976: The production of anti microbial compounds by british marine algae part 3 distribution of anti microbial activity within the algal thallus

Inglis G.; Watt A.G.; Munro A.C., 1982: The production of anti p 1 in rabbits immunized with pigeon ovo mucoid

Edmondson A.S.; Cooke E.M., 1979: The production of anti sera to the klebsiella capsular antigens

Smith D.F.; Lubahn D.B.; Mccormick D.J.; Wilson E.M.; Toft D.O., 1988: The production of antibodies against the conserved cysteine region of steroid receptors and their use in characterizing the avian progesterone receptor

Jolley, G. M., 1976: The production of antibodies to allogeneic tumor cells by mouse spleen in vitro

Dabelsteen E.; Birkedal Hansen H.; Westergaard J.; Fredebo L., 1980: The production of antibodies to cell membranes of squamous epithelium by the use of aldehyde induced membrane vesicles

Sibley J.T.; Braun R.P.; Lee J.S., 1986: The production of antibodies to dna in normal mice following immunization with poly adp ribose

Ahrenstedt S.S.; Thorell J.I., 1979: The production of antibodies to vitamin b 12

Carr D.J.J.; Bost K.L.; Blalock J.E., 1988: The production of antibodies which recognize opiate receptors on murine leukocytes

Dinarello, C. A.; Renfer, L.; Wolff, S. M., 1977: The production of antibody against human leukocytic pyrogen

Hornsey, I. S.; Hide, D., 1985: The production of antimicrobial compounds by british marine algae 4. variation of antimicrobial activity with algal generation

Pardy, R. L., 1976: The production of apo symbiotic hydra by the photo destruction of green hydra zoochlorellae

Trefler, M.; Gray, J. E.; Milne, E. N. C.; Roeck, W. W.; Gillan, G., 1976: The production of apparent image bifurcation

Bull S.M.; Yong F.M.; Wong H.A., 1985: The production of aroma by aspergillus oryzae during the preparation of soy sauce koji

Costall B.; Kelly M.E.; Naylor R.J., 1983: The production of asymmetry and circling behavior following unilateral intra striatal administration of neuroleptic agents a comparison of abilities to antagonize striatal function

Martin, K.; Shaw, T. I., 1970: The production of atp in perfused giant axons on loligo

Kirchman D., 1983: The production of bacteria attached to particles suspended in a fresh water pond

Van-Der-Waaij, D.; Sturm, C. A., 1971: The production of bacteria free mice relationship between fecal flora and bacterial population of the skin

Koh S.H.; Cauchi M.N., 1981: The production of beta 1 specific pregnancy glyco protein by the amnion

Attwood, M. M., 1971: The production of beta carotene in mortierella ramanniana var ramanniana m 29 the effect of changes in the environment upon growth and pigmentation

Hodak K.; Valentova M. , 1980: The production of beta galactosidase in selected strains of staphylococcus aureus

Hughes, M. A.; Ayre, L., 1976: The production of beta glucosidase in cultured cells of trifolium repens

Srivastava S.K.; Gopalkrishnan K.S.; Ramachandran K.B., 1987: The production of beta glucosidase in shake flasks by aspergillus wentii

Bonanou, S.; Cox, R. A.; Higginson, B.; Kanagalingam, K., 1968: The production of biologically active subparticles from rabbit reticulocyte ribosomes

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