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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6744

Chapter 6744 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Suzuki Y.; Depierre J.W.; Ernster L., 1980: The proliferation of hepatocytes and the lipid composition of the endoplasmic reticulum after induction of drug metabolizing enzymes with trans stilbene oxide

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Horner S.M., 1988: The proliferation of medical papers in several countries after discoveries in cardiology

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Nakamura, K., 1972: The proliferation of plasma cells from mouse bone marrow in vitro part 1 the role of thymus

Nakamura, K., 1976: The proliferation of plasma cells from mouse bone marrow in vitro part 2 stimulation of immuno globulin g producing cells by an rnase sensitive thymocyte homogenate

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Patek, E., 1977: The proliferative behavior of the human fallopian tube epithelium

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Herrling K.; Gutsche H.; Kunz J., 1984: The proliferative capacity of chondrocytes in chondral and subchondral articular cartilage lesions

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Reitnauer, P. J.; Demars, R.; Sondel, P. M., 1985: The proliferative immune response to autologous epstein barr virus transformed lymphoblastoid cells 1. studies with hla haplotype loss variants demonstrate a role for major histocompatibility complex linked genes

Reitnauer, P. J.; Demars, R.; Sondel, P. M., 1986: The proliferative immune response to autologous epstein barr virus transformed lymphoblastoid cells ii. studies with hla class ii loss variants demonstrate a role for gene products other than dr and dq

Haag D.; Goerttler K.; Tschahargane C., 1984: The proliferative index of human breast cancer as obtained by flow cytometry

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Janeczko K., 1988: The proliferative response of astrocytes to injury in neonatal rat brain a combined immunocytochemical and autoradiographic study

Touw I.; Dorssers L.; Lowenberg B., 1987: The proliferative response of b cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia to interleukin 2 functional characterization of the interleukin 2 membrane receptors

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Shekhter Levin S.; Amato D.; Axelrad A.A., 1984: The proliferative state of early erythropoietic progenitor erythroid burst forming unit bfu e cells in human umbilical cord blood low probability of bfu e in dna synthesis

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Byrne P.V.; Heit W.; Kubanek B., 1979: The proliferative states of density sub populations of granulocyte macrophage progenitor cells

Hermens, A. F.; Barendsen, G. W., 1978: The proliferative status and clonogenic capacity of tumor cells in a transplantable r 1 rhabdo myo sarcoma of the rat before and after irradiation with 800 rad of x rays

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Hendry J.H.; Moore J.V.; Potten C.S., 1984: The proliferative status of micro colony forming cells in mouse small intestine

Berle E.J.Jr; Thorsby E., 1980: The proliferative thymus derived cell response to herpes simplex virus antigen is restricted by self hla d

Mickel J.T., 1985: The proliferous species of elaphoglossum elaphoglossaceae and their relatives

Pandey R.; Ganapathy P.S., 1985: The proline enigma sodium chloride tolerant and sodium chloride sensitive callus lines of cicer arietinum

Shatzman A.R.; Henkin R.I., 1983: The proline rich glycine rich glutamic acid rich pink violet staining proteins in human parotid saliva are phospho proteins

Ben Hamouda M.H., 1985: The prolixase fibrinolytic enzyme isolated from rhodnius prolixus heteroptera reduviidae antigenic properties

Fatima R.; Qadri R.B., 1979: The prolongation of keeping quality of shrimp in ice

Lippman, R. D., 1981: The prolongation of life a comparison of anti oxidants and gero protectors vs. super oxide in human mitochondria

Sisken, J. E.; Bonner, S. V.; Grasch, S. D., 1982: The prolongation of mitotic stages in sv 40 transformed vs. nontransformed human fibroblast cells

Nagamoto, Y.; Arita, M.; Saikawa, T., 1976: The prolongation of qrs duration resulting from delayed recovery of ventricular excitability a new mechanism for intra ventricular conduction disturbance a preliminary note

Koiter T.R.; Denef C.; Andries M.; Moes H.; Schuiling G.A., 1986: The prolonged action of the lhrh agonist buserelin hoe 766 may be due to prolonged binding to the lhrh receptor

Minota, S.; Koketsu, K., 1977: The prolonged action potential of sympathetic ganglion cells in calcium ion free media

Roudaut R.; Wicker P.; Junca F.; Clementy J.; Dallocchio M., 1984: The prolonged antihypertensive effect of once daily atenolol a study of continuous non invasive arterial blood pressure monitoring

Giles T.D.; Iteld B.J.; Quiroz A.C.; Mautner R.K., 1981: The prolonged effect of penta erythritol tetra nitrate on exercise capacity in stable effort angina pectoris

Buchanan, M. R.; Rosenfeld, J.; Hirsh, J., 1978: The prolonged effect of sulfinpyrazone on collagen induced platelet aggregation in vivo

Siegel M.A.; Jensen R.A.; Panksepp J., 1985: The prolonged effects of naloxone on play behavior and feeding in the rat

Vedyaev F.P., 1984: The prolonged electric stimulation of the brain negative emotiogenic areas as a model of chronic emotional stress

Brooke M.H.; Carroll J.E.; Davis J.E.; Hagberg J.M., 1979: The prolonged exercise test

Cornwall M.C.; Gorman A.L.F., 1982: The prolonged hyper polarizing afterpotential in an invertebrate photo receptor wavelength and ionic dependence

Sattin A.; Hill T.G.; Meyerhoff J.L.; Norton J.A.; Kubek M.J., 1987: The prolonged increase in trh in rat limbic forebrain regions following electroconvulsive shock

Taylor Robinson D.; Behnke J., 1987: The prolonged persistence of mycoplasmas in culture

Boyd G.W., 1979: The prolonged pressor response to renin in the nephrectomized rat

Frank E.; Tew J.M.Jr; Pagani L., 1981: The prolonged q t syndrome presenting as a focal neurological lesion

Benatar A.; Hill I.D.; Fraser C.B.; Human D.G., 1982: The prolonged qt syndrome in childhood

Lambert F.; Lammerant J.; Kolanowski J., 1984: The prolonged stimulatory effect of acth on 11 beta hydroxylation and its contribution to the steroidogenic potency of adreno cortical cells

Kharitonova, S. I., 1975: The prolonging action of perfume fixatives and ethyl cellulose in liquid repellent compositions

Yamamoto, I.; Tateoka, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Nabeshima, T.; Fontenot, H. J.; Ho, I. K., 1985: The prolonging effect of n n' diallylpentobarbital on the drug induced sleep and motor incoordination

Arnesen H.; Kierulf P.; Gravem K., 1983: The prolonging effect of soybean trypsin inhibitor on the thrombin clotting time

Johnson, C. D.; Catinchi, F. M., 1978: The prominent electro cardiographic conduction aspects of hyper kalemia in a patient with periodic paralysis/

Setala K., 1986: The promise of enzymes in therapy of hyperlipidemia

Hill B.T.; Price L.A.; Macrae K.D., 1987: The promising role of safe initial non cisplatin containing combination chemotherapy in nasopharyngeal tumors

Kunkel B.; Sandman K.; Panzer S.; Youngman P.; Losick R., 1988: The promoter for a sporulation gene in the spo ivc locus of bacillus subtilis and its use in studies of temporal and spatial control of gene expression

Chisholm G.E.; Summers W.C., 1986: The promoter for the late gene encoding vp 5 of herpes simplex virus type 1 is recognized by cell extracts derived from uninfected cells

Koncz C.; Schell J., 1986: The promoter of t l dna gene 5 controls the tissue specific expression of chimeric genes carried by a novel type of agrobacterium binary vector

Iborra F.; Raynal A.; Guerineau M., 1988: The promoter of the beta glucosidase gene from kluyveromyces fragilis contains sequences that act as upstream repressing sequences in saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Knebel D.; Luebbert H.; Doerfler W., 1985: The promoter of the late p 10 gene in the insect nuclear polyhedrosis virus autographa californica activation by viral gene products and sensitivity to dna methylation

Wong T.C.; Goodenow R.S.; Sher B.T.; Davidson N., 1985: The promoter of the long terminal repeat of feline leukemia virus is effective for expression of a mouse h 2 histocompatibility gene in mouse and human cells

Yamamoto A.; Iwahashi M.; Yanofsky M.F.; Nester E.W.; Takebe I.; Machida Y., 1987: The promoter proximal region in the vir d locus of agrobacterium tumefaciens is necessary for the plant inducible circularization of t dna

Kroyer J.; Chang S., 1981: The promoter proximal region of the bacillus licheniformis penicillinase gene nucleotide sequence and predicted leader peptide sequence

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Allison D.S.; Goh S.H.; Hall B.D., 1983: The promoter sequence of a yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae tyrosine transfer rna gene

Dynan W.S.; Tjian R., 1983: The promoter specific transcription factor sp 1 binds to upstream sequences in the sv 40 early promoter

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Tudor R.J.; Severs N.J.; Hicks R.M., 1984: The promoting activity of methyl methanesulfonate in rat bladder carcinogenesis

Lercari B., 1982: The promoting effect of a far red light on bulb formation in the long day plant allium cepa cultivar dorata di parma

Hiasa Y.; Ohshima M.; Kitahori Y.; Konishi N.; Shimoyama T.; Sakaguchi Y.; Hashimoto H.; Minami S.; Kato Y., 1988: The promoting effects of food dyes erythrosine red 3 and rose bengal b red 105 on thyroid tumors in partially thyroidectomized n bis 2 hydroxypropylnitrosamine treated rats

Fell H.B.; Reynolds J.J.; Lawrence C.E.; Bagga M.R.; Glauert A.M., 1986: The promotion and inhibition of collagen breakdown in organ cultures of pig synovium the requirement for serum components and the involvement of cyclic amp

Nakabayashi N.; Kojima K.; Masuhara E., 1982: The promotion of adhesion by the infiltration of monomers into tooth substrates

Boutilier R.G.; Iwama G.K.; Randall D.J., 1986: The promotion of catecholamine release in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri by acute acidosis interactions between red cell ph and hemoglobin oxygen carrying capacity

Evans C.H.; Drouven B.J., 1983: The promotion of collagen polymerization by lanthanide and calcium ions

Hughes, W. G.; Bodden, J. J.; Galanopoulou, S., 1976: The promotion of ear emergence by gibberellic acid in ethrel induced male sterile wheat

Pinfield, N. J., 1968: The promotion of enz iso citrate lyase activity in hazel d corylus avellana d cotyledons by exogenous gibberellin

Ockerse, R.; Waber, J., 1970: The promotion of iaa oxidation in pea d buds by gibberellic acid and treatment

Morgan J.I.; Wigham C.G.; Perris A.D., 1984: The promotion of mitosis in cultured thymic lymphocytes by acetylcholine and catecholamines

Bhattacharya, S.; Bhattacharya, N. C.; Nanda, K. K., 1978: The promotive effect of purine and pyrimidine bases in rooting hypocotyl cuttings of phaseolus mungo in relation to auxin and nutrition

Xu L Q., 1984: The promotive effects of ginseng on rapid clonal in vitro propagation of african violet saintpaulia ionantha

Olerud C., 1985: The pronation capacity of the foot its consequences for axial deformity after tibial shaft fractures

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Dellon A.L.; Mackinnon S.E., 1984: The pronator quadratus muscle flap

Hartz C.R.; Linscheid R.L.; Daube J.R.; Gramse R.R., 1981: The pronator teres syndrome compressive neuropathy of the median nerve

Albert R.K.; Leasa D.; Sanderson M.; Robertson H.T.; Hlastala M.P., 1987: The prone position improves arterial oxygenation and reduces shunt in oleic acid induced acute lung injury

Langer M.; Mascheroni D.; Marcolin R.; Gattinoni L., 1988: The prone position in ards patients a clinical study

Kovaleva V.G., 1987: The pronuclei of the lower ciliate tracheloraphis totevi karyorelictida

Combes C.M.; Martin J.A.M., 1987: The pronunciation of stops in consonant vowel consonant cvc words a comparison between normal and speech disordered preschool children

Porra R.J.; Klein O.; Wright P.E., 1983: The proof by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy of the predominance of the 5 carbon pathway over the shemin pathway in chlorophyll biosynthesis in higher plants and of the formation of the methyl ester group of chlorophyll from glycine

Schoch C.; Lebek G., 1984: The proof for plasmid coded iron transport mechanisms in enterobacteriaceae

Schmut, O.; Reich, M. E.; Hofmann, H., 1976: The proof of 2 distinct types of collagen in the fibrils of the vitreous body and zonula fibers

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Boesch P.; Harms H.; Lintner F., 1982: The proof of di methyl p toluidine in bone cement even after long time implantation

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Cowen B.S.; Braune M.O., 1988: The propagation of avian viruses in a continuous cell line qt35 of japanese quail origin

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Holden J.E.; Halama J.R.; Hasegawa B.H., 1986: The propagation of stochastic pixel noise into magnitude and phase values in the fourier analysis of digital images

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Dantzer R.; Terlouw C.; Tazi A.; Koolhaas J.M.; Bohus B.; Koob G.F.; Le Moal M., 1988: The propensity for schedule induced polydipsia is related to differences in conditioned avoidance behavior and in defense reactions in a defeat test

Kment A., 1984: The propensity of biological aging

Hashimoto M., 1987: The propensity to malignancy of dispermic heterozygous moles

Hornstein H.A.; Marton J.; Rupp A.H.; Sole K.; Tartell R., 1980: The propensity to recall anothers completed and uncompleted tasks as a consequence of varying social relationships

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El Deen A.M.N.; Nasr F.S.; Bedier S., 1980: The proper early management of open hand injuries for the achievement of late good functional results

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Herrmann D.J.; Pearle P.M., 1981: The proper role of clusters in mathematical models of continuous recall

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Matsuo T.; Yoneda T.; Itoo S., 1986: The properties of betacyanin leakage in redbeet discs exposed to tert butylhydroperoxide

Bigu-Del-Blanco, J.; Romero-Sierra, C., 1975: The properties of bird feathers as converse piezo electric transducers and as receptors of microwave radiation part 1 bird feathers as converse piezo electric transducers

Bigu-Del-Blanco, J.; Romero-Sierra, C., 1975: The properties of bird feathers as converse piezo electric transducers and as receptors of microwave radiation part 2 bird feathers as di electric receptors of microwave radiation

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