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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6746

Chapter 6746 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vucina J.; Milenkovic S.; Scepanovic V., 1988: The quality of technetium 99m eluates

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Jonova I.; Monov G.; Dzhurov A.; Kaloyanov I.; Petkov R., 1984: The quality of the meat of lambs fattened with feed mixtures containing a supplement of bacterial protein

Du-Pont, J. S.; De-Groot, P. J., 1976: The quality of the optic system of the frogs eye rana esculenta

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Main M.; Weston D.R., 1981: The quality of the toddlers relationship to mother and to father related to conflict behavior and the readiness to establish new relationships

Choto C.E.; Morad M.M.; Rooney L.W., 1985: The quality of tortillas containing whole sorghum and pearled sorghum sorghum bicolor alone and blended with yellow maize zea mays

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Spencer J.A.D., 1987: The quality of ultrasound telemetry fetal heart rate records

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Karim A.B.M.F.; Snow G.B.; Siek H.T.H.; Njo K.H., 1983: The quality of voice in patients irradiated for laryngeal carcinoma

Sorvettula O.; Raulos P., 1980: The quality of waste water treated by small purifiers

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Erdelyi L., 1985: The quantal nature of transmission and spontaneous potentials at the torpedo marmorata electromotor junction

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Altman, F. P., 1976: The quantification of formazans in tissue sections by micro densitometry part 3 the effect of objective power and scanning spot size

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Sriwatanakul K.; Kelvie W.; Lasagna L., 1982: The quantification of pain an analysis of words used to describe pain and analgesia in clinical trials

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Van Der Zande T.; De Ruiter E., 1983: The quantification of technical mixtures of poly chlorinated bi phenyls by microwave plasma detection and the analysis of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in the blubber lipid from harbor seals phoca vitulina

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Lurie, I. S.; Mcguinness, K., 1987: The quantitation of heroin and selected basic impurities via reversed phase hplc ii. the analysis of adulterated samples

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Nederman T.; Sjodin L., 1987: The quantitation of human growth hormone by a radioreceptor assay using an established human cell line

Layton G.T.; Stanworth D.R., 1984: The quantitation of immunoglobulin g 4 antibodies to 3 common food allergens by elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay with monoclonal anti immunoglobulin g 4

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Goldworthy T.L.; Pitot H.C., 1985: The quantitative analysis and stability of histochemical markers of altered hepatic foci in rat liver following initiation by diethylnitrosamine administration and promotion with phenobarbital

Tanabe I.; Fujimura H.; Okazaki Y.; Takemoto T., 1987: The quantitative analysis for healing process of peptic ulcer by using markov process

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Honkawa, T., 1976: The quantitative analysis of a 3 component mixture using 2 wavelength spectrophotometry

Zaynoun, S. T., 1978: The quantitative analysis of bergapten in perfumes

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Ruan D.; Wang D.; Li C., 1986: The quantitative analysis of diterpenoids from rabdosia eriocalyx by high performance liquid chromatography

Taneda K.; Ohno C., 1985: The quantitative analysis of food vacuole formation in paramecium caudatum

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Bobodzhanov V.A., 1986: The quantitative and qualitative properties of triticale in its ideal type and in experimental production sowing

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