Section 7
Chapter 6,746

The quantity of fat as it affects the physical mechanical properties and the yield of wool from tracian fine fleece ewes

Tsenkova, J.

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 21(3): 30-34


Accession: 006745289

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The effect of quantity of fat on technological properties and dirtiness of raw wool was at the Cattle and Sheep Breeding Institute in Stara Zagora with 152 2 1/2 yr studied old mother ewes. Tracian fine-fleece Stara Zagora type mother-ewes are distinguished for good wool producing ability. A fat content of up to 25.00% of the weight of washed undefatted wool is considered as optimum quantity which ensures high yield of wool and washed fibers of good relative strength (0.361 g/.mu.m). Low, negative correlation was established between quantity of fat and strength and elasticity of wool fibers. The quantity of fat is negatively correlated with yield of wool (r = -0.665), with the rate of dirtiness (r = -0.594) and with the quantity of washed wool (r = -0.329).