The radio immune levels of human chorionic gonadotropin human chorionic gonadotropin beta in the plasma in pregnancy and tropho blast tumors

Mputu, L.; Thomas, K.; Renaer, M.; Vorstermans, M.; De-Muylder, X.; Ferin, J.

Journal de Gynecologie Obstetrique et biologie de la Reproduction 6(6): 777-792


ISSN/ISBN: 0368-2315
Accession: 006745619

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This work was done on 151 estimations of the radioimmune levels of hCG-hCG-.beta. in the 1st half of normal pregnancy and 390 levels estimated in 10 molar pregnancies, in 4 choriocarcinomas following moles and 1 primary choriocarcinoma of the ovary using homologous hCG-.beta. In normal pregnancy the level of hCG-hCG-.beta. rises rapidly. The levels are highest between the 8th and 9th wk of pregnancy, and then gradually decrease. In active molar pregnancies the levels of hCG-hCG-.beta. in the plasma are significantly higher than those found in normal pregnancies of the same gestational age. When the outcome is favorable the levels drop progressively. Complete absence in peripheral blood is usually found about 14 wk after a mole is expelled or evacuated. In choriocarcinomas, if the level of hCG-hCG-.beta. rises it is a certain sign of reactivation of the tumor.