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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6747

Chapter 6747 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Petrie G.A., 1988: The rapid differentiation of virulent and weakly virulent strains of leptosphaeria maculans blackleg or stem canker and related pycnidial fungi from brassica seeds and stems

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746001

Sairam M.R., 1983: The rapid effects of lhrh agonists and antagonists on the mouse pituitary in vitro

Moore M.J., 1979: The rapid escape response of the earthworm lumbricus terrestris overlapping sensory fields of the median and lateral giant fibers

Samson H.H., 1986: The rapid establishment of low rate fixed interval responding by humans in single experimental session

Wood J.M., 1983: The rapid estimation of microbial contamination of raw meat by measurement of atp

Moses, J.; Naitoh, P.; Johnson, L. C., 1978: The rapid eye movement cycle in altered sleep wake schedules

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746007

Rubio, C. A.; Thorell, B., 1976: The rapid flow cyto fluorometric identification of tumor cells in exfoliated cell populations

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746009

Naimi S., 1979: The rapid generation of strength interval curves under computer control

Zigler J.S.Jr, 1983: The rapid hydrogen per oxide mediated nonphotodynamic cross linking of lens crystallins generated by the heme undeca peptide from cytochrome c potential implications for cataractogenesis in man

Taulbee J.D., 1987: The rapid hydrolysis and efficient absorption of triglycerides with octanoic acid in the 1 and 3 positions and long chain fatty acid in the 2 position

Moulds J.J., 1981: The rapid identification of chido and rodgers antibodies using complement c 4d coated red blood cells

Roth, S. I.; Gallagher, M. J., 1976: The rapid identification of normal parathyroid glands by the presence of intra cellular fat

Chang H Y., 1983: The rapid incorporation of radioactive fatty acid into tri acyl glycerols during the in vitro acylation of native lipids of neuronal nuclei

Mendelsohn, J.; Skinner, A.; Kornfeld, S., 1971: The rapid induction by phyto hem agglutinin of increased alpha amino iso butyric acid uptake by lymphocytes

Whyte H.J., 1981: The rapid induction of cancers in the hairless mouse utilizing the principle of photo augmentation

Farber E., 1983: The rapid induction of liver cell death in rats fed a choline deficient methionine low diet

Houghton J.A., 1988: The rapid induction of the acrosome reaction of human spermatozoa by electropermeabilization

Sadlonova Z., 1983: The rapid infiltration of animal tissues by the embedding medium durcupan acm in electron microscopy

Fletcher R.A., 1981: The rapid inhibition of root respiration after exposure of bean phaseolus vulgaris plants to ozone

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746022

Bangerter F.W., 1982: The rapid inter membranous transfer of retinoids

Cohen I.R., 1981: The rapid isolation of clonable antigen specific t lymphocyte lines capable of mediating auto immune encephalo myelitis

Espie G.S., 1979: The rapid isolation of photosynthetically active mesophyll cells from asparagus sprengeri cladophylls

Miller, T. J.; Stone, H. O., 1978: The rapid isolation of rnase free immuno globulin g by protein a sepharose affinity chromatography

Black C.C.Jr, 1980: The rapid isolation of vacuoles from leaves of crassulacean acid metabolism plants

Smith, D. D.; Wyss, O., 1969: The rapid loss of viability of azotobacter in aqueous solutions azotobacter vinelandii

Moore R.E., 1985: The rapid metabolic response of young lambs to low doses of triiodothyronine interaction with reverse triiodothyronine

Mcdermott E.E., 1980: The rapid nonenzymic determination of damaged starch in flour

Goldsmith, M. H. M.; Cataldo, D. A.; Karn, J.; Brenneman, T.; Trip, P., 1974: The rapid nonpolar transport of auxin in the phloem of intact coleus blumei plants

Duray P.H., 1986: The rapid onset of cutaneous angiosarcoma after radiotherapy for breast carcinoma

Loomis T.A., 1979: The rapid onset of ethanol tolerance in wistar rats following intensive practice on the moving belt task

Gurvich, A. E.; Grigoryeva, O., 1976: The rapid onset of inhibition of antibody forming cell proliferation upon an increase in density of cellular suspensions cultured in vitro

Goldstein D.B., 1982: The rapid onset of tolerance to ataxic effects of ethanol in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746036

Cataldo D.A., 1985: The rapid oxidation of atmospheric carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide by soils

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746038

Nozawa Y., 1983: The rapid poly phospho inositide metabolism may be a triggering event for thrombin mediated stimulation of human platelets

Osmundsen H., 1979: The rapid preparation of peroxisomes from rat liver by using a vertical rotor

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746041

Pearson J.O., 1981: The rapid progression of a pulmonary tuberculosis disease state

Pendlebury J.E., 1987: The rapid purification and partial characterization of human serum angiotensinogen

Polakoski K.L., 1986: The rapid purification and partial characterization of human sperm proacrosin using an automated fast protein liquid chromatography system

Scawen, M. D.; Darbyshire, J.; Harvey, M. J.; Atkinson, T., 1982: The rapid purification of 3 hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase ec and malate dehydrogenase ec on triazine dye affinity matrices

Hutchinson D.W., 1980: The rapid purification of a phospho transferase from wheat shoots

Chortyk O.T., 1985: The rapid pyrolytic characterization of tobacco leaf carbohydrate material

Macdonald, D. J.; Kelly, A. M., 1978: The rapid quantitation of serum alpha feto protein by 2 site micro enzyme immunoassay

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746049

Martinez J.R., 1980: The rapid quantitative determination of neutral sugars as aldononitrile acetates and amino sugars as o methyloxime acetates in glyco proteins by gas liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746051

Ford W.L., 1985: The rapid rejection of allogeneic lymphocytes by a nonadaptive cell mediated mechanism natural killer activity

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746053

Donaghay P.L., 1979: The rapid response of the marine diatom skeletonema costatum to changes in external and internal nutrient concentration

Richardson A., 1979: The rapid screening of body tissues for penta chloro phenol with special reference to a poisoning fatality

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746056

Reyes, P., 1977: The rapid separation of orotate orotidylate and uridylate by thin layer chromatography utility in the assay of orotate phospho ribosyl transferase ec and orotidylate decarboxylase ec

Harker J., 1980: The rapid smoking technique some physiological effects

German G.A., 1982: The rapid smoking technique subject characteristics and treatment outcome

Murrell J.C., 1988: The rapid switch off of nitrogenase activity in obligate methane oxidizing bacteria

Blest, A. D., 1978: The rapid synthesis and destruction of photo receptor membrane by a dinopid spider a daily cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746062

Drewes C.D., 1981: The rapid tail flattening component of medial giant fiber mediated escape behavior in the earthworm lumbricus terrestris

Drewes C.D., 1988: The rapid tail withdrawal reflex of the tubificid worm branchiura sowerbyi

Moore K.E., 1986: The rapid tonic and the delayed induction components of the prolactin induced activation of tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic neurons following the systemic administration of prolactin

Becker J.M., 1981: The rapid trans bi layer movement of thio cholesterol in small uni lamellar phospho lipid vesicles

Dawidowicz E.A., 1979: The rapid trans membrane movement of cholesterol in small uni lamellar vesicles

Palacois-Romero, R.; Mowbray, J., 1981: The rapid transient stimulation of both cytoplasmic and mitochondrial ornithine decarboxylases in the liver of thyroidectomized rats by 3 5 3' tri iodo l thyronine

Grassick G.P., 1979: The rapid treatment of a case of writers cramp using band aid bio feedback

Yu, F. L.; Feigelson, P., 1972: The rapid turnover of rna polymerase of rat liver nucleolus and of its messenger rna

Phillis J.W., 1981: The rapid uptake and release of tritium labeled adenosine by rat cerebral cortical synaptosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746072

Kokubo K., 1981: The rapidity of root resorption after pulpotomy in primary teeth

Brams M., 1980: The rapidly changing nature of acute immune complex disease

Edelman M., 1981: The rapidly metabolized 32000 dalton poly peptide of the chloroplast is the proteinaceous shield regulating photosystem ii electron transport and mediating diuron herbicide sensitivity

Natori, H.; Odajima, K.; Yamazaki, H.; Fujinaga, K., 1976: The rapidly reassociating fraction in double stranded dna synthesized by rauscher murine leukemia virus

Barnard P.C., 1981: The rapismatidae neuroptera montane lacewings of the oriental region

Vassiliadis P., 1983: The rappaport vassiliadis enrichment medium for the isolation of salmonellas an overview

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746079

Crosti, N.; Serra, A.; Cagiano-Malvezzi, D.; Tagliaferri, G., 1976: The rare allele super oxide dis mutase a 2 in the italian population

Taylor, R. J.; Taylor, C. E., 1977: The rare and endangered hypoxis longii amaryllidaceae in oklahoma usa

Kornstad, L.; Howell, P.; Jorgensen, J.; Larsen, A. M. H.; Wadsworth, L. D., 1976: The rare blood group antigen wu

Damante P.A., 1984: The rare case of acute cholecystitis after the occlusion of the cystic artery

Naumann T., 1986: The rare case of habitual lateral dislocation of the clavicle in dorsal subacromial direction case report

Owen R.M., 1986: The rare earth element geochemistry of hydrothermal sediments from the east pacific rise examination of a seawater scavenging mechanism

Harborne, J. B., 1978: The rare flavone isoetin as a yellow flower pigment in heywoodiella oligocephala and in other cichorieae

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746087

Sizova, T. P.; Krapivina, I. G.; Polyakova, L. A., 1976: The rare fungus sterigmatobotrys macrocarpa

Vallenduuk H.J., 1983: The rare hister helluo since 1944 again observed in the netherlands coleoptera histeridae

Dumitru I., 1983: The rare indication for splenectomy as part of cyto reductive surgery in ovarian cancer

Konstantinova, N. A., 1978: The rare liverwort species sphenolobopsis pearsonii new record in the khibiny mountains

Edel G., 1984: The rare occurrence of a radiation induced osteosarcoma in the clavicle after treatment of thyroid cancer

Taliano, V.; Guevin, R. M.; Hebert, D.; Daniels, G. L.; Tippett, P.; Anstee, D. J.; Mawby, W. J.; Tanner, M. J. A., 1980: The rare phenotype ena minus in a french canadian family

Halasa, J.; Schlesinger, D., 1977: The rare phospho gluco mutase 1 7 1 phenotype in a polish family/

Levin, G. M., 1977: The rare plant colchicum bifolium in the turkmen ssr ussr

Richards, M. J. S.; Joo, P.; Gilbert, E. F., 1976: The rare problem of late recurrence in neuro blastoma

Daniels G.L., 1981: The rare rh haplotypes in a family with a propositus hetero zygous at the d locus and null at the c and e loci

Czechura G.V., 1981: The rare scincid lizard nannoscincus graciloides new combination a reappraisal

Pakhorukov N.P., 1979: The rare species of fish narcetes stomias salmoniformes alepocephalidae from the central part of the east atlantic

Rakova M.V., 1980: The rare species viola rossii violaceae from the soviet far east ussr

Glowacki, Z., 1975: The rare synanthropic and introduced plant species from wysoczyzna siedlecka warsaw district poland

Iucn Threatened Plants Comm Secr, 1982: The rare threatened and endemic plants of greece

Miller O.L.Jr, 1984: The rare transcripts of interrupted ribosomal rna genes in drosophila melanogaster are processed or degraded during synthesis

Argus, G. W.; White, D. J., 1978: The rare vascular plants of alberta canada

Maher, R. V.; White, D. J.; Argus, G. W.; Keddy, P. A., 1978: The rare vascular plants of nova scotia canada

Hudson J.H., 1979: The rare vascular plants of saskatchewan canada

Pinter I.Z., 1981: The rarest interspecific polystichum hybrid polystichum lonchitiforme new record equals polystichum lonchitis x polystichum setiferum found in hungary

Friedman G.D., 1983: The rarity of cryptococcosis in northern california usa the 10 year experience of a large defined population

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746109

Baskin, J. M.; Baskin, C. C., 1978: The rarity of leavenworthia uniflora with special reference to its occurrence in kentucky usa

Ramaekers F.C.S., 1985: The rarity of rhabdomyosarcomas in the adult a morphologic and immunohistochemical study

Pritikin R.I., 1980: The rarity of true congenital bilateral anophthalmos

Walker A.R.P., 1980: The rarity of ulcerative colitis in south african blacks

Esho, J. O., 1978: The rarity of urinary calculus in nigeria

Botstein D., 1987: The ras like yeast ypt 1 gene is itself essential for growth sporulation and starvation response

Sklar M.D., 1988: The ras oncogenes increase the intrinsic resistance of nih 3t3 cells to ionizing radiation

Berger R., 1988: The ras related ral gene maps to chromosome 7p15 22

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746118

Gallwitz D., 1987: The ras related ypt protein is an ubiquitous eukaryotic protein isolation and sequence analysis of mouse complementary dna clones highly homologous to the yeast ypt 1 gene

Khristov L., 1985: The raspberry cultivar essenna pozlata

Minelli, A.; Vittorelli, S., 1976: The rassenkreis timarcha tenebricosa coleoptera chrysomelidae

Marcelletti, C.; Mair, D. D.; Mcgoon, D. C.; Wallace, R. B.; Danielson, G. K., 1976: The rastelli operation for transposition of the great arteries early and late results

Britto L.R.G., 1988: The rat accessory optic system effects of cortical lesions on the directional selectivity of units within the medial terminal nucleus

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746124

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746125

Diamond M.C., 1984: The rat amygdaloid nucleus a morphometric right left study

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746127

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746128

Weisgraber, K. H.; Mahley, R. W.; Assmann, G., 1977: The rat arginine rich apo protein and its re distribution following injection of iodinated lipo proteins into normal and hyper cholesterolemic rats

Schade, A. C.; Koopman, J. P.; Kuijpers, W.; Van-Nunen, M. C. J., 1977: The rat as a model for experimental secretory otitis media

Sugiyama H., 1980: The rat as an animal model for infant botulism

Simon M.R., 1984: The rat as an animal model for the study of senile idiopathic osteo porosis

Kulczycki, A. Jr ; Mcnearney, T. A.; Parker, C. W., 1976: The rat basophilic leukemia cell receptor for immuno globulin e part 1 characterization as a glyco protein

Meunier B., 1988: The rat biliary and urinary metabolism of the n 6 methylated derivative of elliptinium acetate an antitumor agent

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746136

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746137

Hirschelmann R., 1987: The rat c reactive protein isolation and response to experimental inflammation and tissue damage

Rosen J.M., 1985: The rat casein multigene family fine structure and evolution of the beta casein gene

Neal T.L., 1985: The rat claustrum afferent and efferent connections with visual cortex

Potapov P.P., 1982: The rat connective tissue during prolonged hypo kinesia and recovery

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746143

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746144

Macdonald R.J., 1987: The rat elastase i regulatory element is an enhancer that directs correct cell specificity and developmental onset of expression in transgenic mice

Rao A.V., 1987: The rat electroretinogram in combined zinc and vitamin a deficiency

Ribas, J. L., 1977: The rat epithalamus part 1 correlative scanning transmission electron microscopy of supraependymal nerves

Robinson S.R., 1985: The rat fetus in its environment behavioral adjustments to novel familiar aversive and conditioned stimuli presented in utero

Dobner P.R., 1988: The rat gene encoding neurotensin and neuromedin n structure tissue specific expression and evolution of exon sequences

Rebel G., 1981: The rat glomerular and tubular guanylate cyclase in normal and nephrotic kidney is a membrane bound effector involved in the modulation of the rat enzyme

Newberry, N. R.; Simmonds, M. A., 1984: The rat gracile nucleus in vitro 1. evidence for a gamma amino butyric acid mediated de polarization of the dorsal column afferents

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746152

Newberry, N. R.; Simmonds, M. A., 1984: The rat gracile nucleus in vitro 3. unitary spike potentials and their conditioned inhibition

Khamidov P.M., 1984: The rat hepatic artery in experimental cirrhosis of the liver

West C.A., 1988: The rat hippocampal slice preparation as an in vitro model of ischemia

Prado W.A., 1985: The rat isolated mast cell as a model for the study of calcium antagonists

Regoli D., 1987: The rat isolated portal vein a preparation sensitive to neurokinins particularly neurokinin b

Arch J.R.S., 1984: The rat lipolytic beta adrenoceptor studies using novel beta adrenoceptor agonists

Drickamer K., 1986: The rat liver asialoglycoprotein receptor polypeptide must be inserted into a microsome to achieve its active conformation

Laib, R. J.; Klein, K. P.; Bolt, H. M., 1985: The rat liver foci bioassay 1. age dependence of induction by vinyl chloride of atpase deficient foci

Laib, R. J.; Pellio, T.; Wuenschel, U. M.; Zimmermann, N.; Bolt, H. M., 1985: The rat liver foci bioassay 2. investigations on the dose dependent induction of atpase deficient foci by vinyl chloride at very low doses

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746162

Ericsson J.L.E., 1979: The rat liver following iron overload electron probe x ray micro analysis of acid phosphatase and iron

Finn F.M., 1987: The rat liver insulin receptor

Pavco P.A., 1985: The rat liver mitochondrial dna protein complex displaced single strands of replicative intermediates are protein coated

Lin S H., 1985: The rat liver plasma membrane high affinity calcium magnesium atpase is not a calcium pump comparison with atp dependent calcium transporter

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746167

Rossini A.A., 1984: The rat ltwm leydig cell tumor cancer anorexia due to estrogen

Neafsey E.J., 1987: The rat medial frontal cortex projects directly to autonomic regions of the brainstem

Sumegi J., 1987: The rat mis1 pvt 1 locus is syntenic with myc on chromosome 7

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746171

Phillips, D. M.; Shalgi, R.; Kraicer, P.; Segal, S. J., 1978: The rat oocyte cumulus complex during ovulation and fertilization as seen with the scanning electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746173

Umeno, M.; Song, B. J.; Kozak, C.; Gelboin, H. V.; Gonzalez, F. J., 1988: The rat p 450 iie1 gene complete intron and exon sequence chromosome mapping and correlation of developmental expression with specific 5' cytosine demethylation

Motta P.M., 1981: The rat pituitary cleft a correlated study by scanning and transmission electron microscopy

Burrows F.J., 1986: The rat placenta expresses paternal class i major histocompatibility antigens

Ben Jonathan N., 1987: The rat posterior pituitary contains a potent prolactin releasing factor studies with perifused anterior pituitary cells

Pascual De Bazan H.E., 1981: The rat retina is a useful in vivo model to study membrane lipid synthesis rates of biosynthesis of neutral glycerides and phospho lipids

Bonner J., 1979: The rat serum albumin gene analysis of cloned sequences

Hattori T., 1987: The rat striatum a target nucleus for ascending axon collaterals of the entopedunculo habenular pathway

Burcher E., 1985: The rat submaxillary gland contains predominantly p type tachykinin binding sites

Vranakova V., 1984: The rat superior cervical ganglion during prenatal development

Koch, F.; Kashan, A.; Thiele, H. G., 1988: The rat t cell differentiation marker rt6.1 is more polymorphic than its alloantigenic counterpart rt6.2

Todd, M. E.; Friedman, S. M., 1978: The rat tail artery maintained in culture an experimental model

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746187

Ritzen E.M., 1987: The rat testis produces large amounts of an interleukin 1 like factor

Yakhnitsa A.G., 1982: The rat thymus after ante natal antigenic stimulation

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746190

Dray A., 1985: The rat urinary bladder a novel preparation for the investigation of central opioid activity in vivo

Avakyan O.M., 1984: The rat vas deferens as a test object for the evaluation of the action of chemical compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746193

Szpirer J., 1987: The rat vitamin d binding protein gc globulin gene is syntenic with rat albumin and alpha fetoprotein genes on chromosome 14

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746195

Miller O.J., 1982: The rat xc sarcoma cell line ribosomal rna gene amplification and banded karyotype

Capaldi, E. J.; Miller, D. J., 1988: The rat's simultaneous anticipation of remote events and current events can be sustained by event memories alone

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746198

Hathorn, M. K. S., 1974: The rate and depth of breathing in new born infants in different sleep states

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746200

Islam K., 1987: The rate and extent of phosphorylation of the two light harvesting chlorophyll a b binding protein complex lhc ii polypeptides in isolated spinach thylakoids

Isaeva, E. I.; Kosyakov, P. N.; Rovnova, Z. I., 1976: The rate and intensity of immune response to inactivated influenza vaccine in relation to the neuraminidase activity

Murphy K.L., 1984: The rate and kinetic order of ethanol elimination

Weber L.J., 1982: The rate and manner of sea water ingestion by a marine teleost enophrys bison and corresponding sea water modification by the gut

Lovkova, M. Ya ; Ibraeva, B. Sh ; Klyshev, L. K., 1978: The rate and pathways of carbon 14 lupinine conversion in anabasis aphylla

Lovkova, M. Ya ; Ibraeva, B. Sh ; Klyshev, L. K., 1978: The rate and pathways of conversion of carbon 14 aphyllidine in anabasis aphylla shoots

Choudhuri, D. K.; Bhattacharyya, B., 1978: The rate and pattern of post embryonic growth in lobella maxillaris collembola insecta

Marmor M.F., 1982: The rate and route of fluid resorption from the subretinal space of the rabbit

Hsieh M.L., 1988: The rate and topography of cell wall synthesis during the division cycle of escherichia coli using n acetylglucosamine as a peptidoglycan label

Lukashov A.V., 1987: The rate and trend of pedogenesis in dry steppes during the holocene

Pravosudov V.V., 1983: The rate at which tits find their food in the northern taiga in winter

Coursaget, P.; Maupas, P.; Vargues, R., 1976: The rate constant k 37 in complement fixation tests kinetic studies on the influenza virus immune complex model

Boenisch H., 1980: The rate constants for the efflux of deaminated metabolites of tritium labeled dopamine from the perfused rat heart

Henseling, M.; Graefe, K. H.; Trendelenburg, U., 1978: The rate constants for the efflux of the metabolites of noradrenaline from rabbit aortic strips

Saunders S.M., 1988: The rate constants for the reaction of the hydroxyl radical with benzene

Wharton, W.; Mcmillan, D. E.; Edwards, J. S.; Edwards, D. D., 1978: The rate dependent effects of dextro amphetamine on metastable avoidance behavior in rats

Barzen K.A., 1985: The rate determining step in cyclic amp mediated exocytosis in the rat parotid and submandibular glands appears to involve analogous 26 kilodalton integral membrane phosphoproteins

Cornish-Bowden, A. J.; Greenwell, P.; Knowles, J. R., 1969: The rate determining step in pepsin catalyzed reactions and evidence against an acyl enzyme intermediate

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746219

Cohen, S. R., 1973: The rate equation and activation energies for the uptake of alpha amino iso butyric acid by mouse brain slices

Provotorov A.V., 1985: The rate factor in dna sedimentation studies

Takiwaki H., 1987: The rate limiting effect of the stratum corneum on transcutaneous carbon dioxide partial pressure measurement

Vance, D. E., 1976: The rate limiting reaction catalyzed by a multi enzyme complex the fatty acid synthetases

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746224

Eisenberg E., 1984: The rate limiting step in the acto myosin atpase cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746226

Benavides L., 1979: The rate limiting step in the reticulocyte uptake of transferrin and transferrin iron effects of some incubation variables

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746228

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746229

Reinbothe H., 1985: The rate limiting step of uracil degradation in tomato cell suspension cultures and euglena gracilis in vivo studies

Taglietti V., 1987: The rate limiting steps of the rising phase of miniature end plate currents in the mouse diaphragm

Burns, G. F.; Baker, C. R.; Cawley, J. C.; Hayhoe, F. G. J., 1977: The rate membrane turnover by the hairy cells of leukemic reticulo endotheliosis a kinetic study of a receptor for immuno globulin m

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746233

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746234

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746235

Odlerova Z., 1984: The rate of acid catalyzed solvolysis and tuberculostatic activity of thioamides

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746237

Thron, C. D.; Waud, D. R., 1968: The rate of action of atropine autonomic dibenamine autonomic guinea pig

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746239

Schwarz, J. R.; Ulbricht, W.; Wagner, H. H., 1973: The rate of action of tetrodo toxin on myelinated nerve fibers of xenopus laevis and rana esculenta

Wait M.K., 1982: The rate of addition of formic acid to grass lolium perenne at ensilage and the subsequent digestion of the silage in the rumen and intestines of sheep

Yasuda, H.; Yamanashi, B. S.; Devito, D. P., 1978: The rate of adhesion of melanoma cells onto nonionic polymer surfaces

Cho C H., 1984: The rate of amylose precipitation from a dilute solution/

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746244

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746246

Gutierrez Merino C., 1983: The rate of association and dissociation processes of intrinsic membrane proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746248

Graeber P., 1987: The rate of atp hydrolysis catalyzed by reconstituted cf 0f 1 liposomes

Graeber P., 1985: The rate of atp synthesis as a function of delta ph in normal and dithiothreitol modified chloroplasts

Graeber P., 1985: The rate of atp synthesis by reconstituted cf 0f 1 liposomes

Ferguson S.J., 1980: The rate of atp synthesis by sub mitochondrial particles can be independent of the magnitude of the protonmotive force

Graeber P., 1987: The rate of atp synthesis catalyzed by reconstituted cf 0f 1 liposomes dependence on delta ph and delta psi

Yudin A.L., 1979: The rate of attachment of amoeba proteus to the substratum a study of nuclear cytoplasmic interrelationships

Yamamoto Y., 1984: The rate of autoxidation of oxymyoglobin in the presence of detergents

Coover, M. P.; Sims, R. C., 1987: The rate of benzo a pyrene apparent loss in a natural and manure amended clay loam soil

Eggen D.A., 1986: The rate of biliary cholesterol secretion in high and low responding rhesus monkeys

Cameron, H. U.; Pilliar, R. M.; Macnab, I., 1976: The rate of bone ingrowth into porous metal

Swann, P. F., 1968: The rate of breakdown of methyl methanesulfonate carcino di methyl sulfate carcino and n methyl n nitroso urea carcino in the rat

Rothman J.E., 1987: The rate of bulk flow from the endoplasmic reticulum to the cell surface

Helminen H.J., 1980: The rate of calcium extraction during edta decalcification from thin bone slices as assessed with atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Keffer J., 1984: The rate of calcium translocation by sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium magnesium atpase measured with intra vesicular arsenazo iii

Seidlova F., 1980: The rate of cell division in the shoot apical meristem during photoperiodic induction and transition to flowering

Dahlquist, G.; Persson, B., 1976: The rate of cerebral utilization of glucose ketone bodies and oxygen a comparative in vivo study of infant and adult rats

Skogedal O., 1982: The rate of cervical abrasion in dental students

Prime F.J., 1979: The rate of change of mouth occlusion pressure during exercise

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746268

Et Al, 1986: The rate of chromosome breakage is age dependent in lymphocytes of adult controls

Thompson R.C., 1985: The rate of cleavage of gtp on the binding of phenylalanine transfer rna elongation factor tu gtp to polyuridylic acid programmed ribosomes of escherichia coli

Eguchi M., 1986: The rate of clonal transformation of b lymphocytes by epstein barr virus in childhood

Polak L., 1979: The rate of colonization by macro invertebrates on artificial substrate samplers

Hammar H., 1981: The rate of corneocyte formation in microscopic lesions in patients with active psoriasis

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746274

Markov, V. V.; Berzverkhaya, T. P., 1976: The rate of cortisol secretion in patients with thyro toxicosis

Raven, J. A., 1976: The rate of cyclic and noncyclic photo phosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation and regulation of the rate of atp consumption in hydrodictyon africanum

O'flaherty E.J., 1986: The rate of decline of blood lead in lead industry workers during medical removal the effect of job tenure

Maruyama, T., 1971: The rate of decrease of heterozygosity in a population occupying a circular or a linear habitat

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746279

Harbo J.R., 1979: The rate of depletion of spermatozoa in the queen honey bee apis mellifera spermatheca

Lomagin A.G., 1987: The rate of development of bioelectric reaction thermoresistance of tradescantia leaves at heat hardening

Pearson, G. R.; Logan, E. F., 1978: The rate of development of post mortem artifact in the small intestine of neo natal calves

Habovstiak, J.; Javorkova, A., 1977: The rate of development of some plants with the increasing altitude

Barnes, H.; Barnes, M., 1976: The rate of development of the embryos of balanus balanoides from a number of european and american populations and the designation of local races

Maurice D., 1987: The rate of diffusion of fluorophores through the corneal epithelium and stroma

Zemanek J., 1983: The rate of dissipation of residues of high herbicide doses from the soil

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746302

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746303

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746352

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746353

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746380

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746381

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746418

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746419

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746428

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746438

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746439

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746480

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746481

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746485

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746486

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Miyachi Y., 1987: The ratio of lipid peroxides to superoxide dismutase activity in the skin lesions of patients with severe skin diseases an accurate prognostic indicator

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746510

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746511

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Greene R.R., 1984: The rational approximation to the acoustic wave equation with bottom interaction

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746526

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746529

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746533

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746560

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746595

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746727

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746728

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746759

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746760

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746774

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746775

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746792

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746793

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746810

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746817

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746837

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746843

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Kenney, W. C., 1975: The reaction of n ethyl maleimide at the active site of succinate dehydrogenase

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Witkowski T., 1979: The reaction of nematodes to thio per oxy di carbonic diamide seed dressing

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Biehl E.R., 1982: The reaction of nitro blue tetrazolium with racemic l tetra hydro folate the effect of ph oxygen formaldehyde and palladium ii

Kobayshi T., 1983: The reaction of nitrogen di oxide with lung surface components the reaction with cis 9 octadecenoic acid

Johnson S.N., 1988: The reaction of nitrogen dioxide with sodium bromide possible source of nitrosyl bromide in polluted marine atmospheres

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746862

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Cole Hamilton D.J., 1986: The reaction of o xylylene complexes of ruthenium with alkynes under oxidative conditions

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746867

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746870

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Section 7 , Chapter 6747, Accession 006746872

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Rapi J., 1981: The reaction of pea pisum sativum to pea seed borne mosaic virus

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Korte F., 1982: The reaction of pendimethalin in solution following uv irradiation

Corran, P. H.; Waley, S. G., 1975: The reaction of penicillin with proteins

Takahashi, K., 1968: The reaction of phenyl glyoxal with arginine residues in proteins bovine pancreas enz rnase

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746879

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Saudek, V.; Pivcova, H.; Noskova, D.; Drobnik, J., 1985: The reaction of platinum antitumor drugs with selected nucleophiles 2. preparation and characterization of coordination compounds of platinum ii and l histidine

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Topchieva A., 1987: The reaction of promising alfalfa cultivars and selection numbers to drought

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Parr, S. R.; Wilson, M. T.; Greenwood, C., 1974: The reaction of pseudomonas aeruginosa cytochrome c oxidase with sodium meta bi sulfite

Beaumont J.G., 1987: The reaction of psychiatric patients to computerized assessment

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746894

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Osborne, M. R.; Beland, F. A.; Harvey, R. G.; Brookes, P., 1976: The reaction of racemic 7 alpha 8 beta di hydroxy 9 beta 10 beta epoxy 7 8 9 10 tetra hydro benz a pyrene with dna

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Barabadze K.N., 1987: The reaction of restoration in the pancreas following irradiation

Karim A.M., 1986: The reaction of ribosomes with elongation factor tu gtp complexes aminoacyl transfer rna independent reactions in the elongation cycle determine the accuracy of protein synthesis

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Ericson, T.; Pruitt, K.; Wedel, H., 1975: The reaction of salivary substances with bacteria

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746909

Bernardinelli G., 1984: The reaction of singlet oxygen with 1 3 dimethylindole in the presence of aldehydes formation of 1 2 4 trioxanes

Yoshikawa H., 1988: The reaction of skin temperature of limbs to heated conditions in winter and the influence of socks

Baier A.C., 1983: The reaction of small grains to common root rot

Bird P.L., 1984: The reaction of sminthopsis crassicaudata to meat baits containing 1080 implications for assessing risk to non target species

Karkanis, M., 1976: The reaction of soil and meadow vegetation in the bieszczady mountains poland to fertilization with dust from power station electro filters with the addition of ammonium sulfate

Kropachek V., 1981: The reaction of soil to an external magnetic field

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746916

Malysheva T.V., 1981: The reaction of some forest soil mosses to fertilizers

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746918

Agnew A.D.Q., 1985: The reaction of some sand dune plant species to experimentally imposed environmental change a reductionist approach to stability

Vrataric M., 1980: The reaction of soybean cultivars to cultivation with irrigation

Diehl J.A., 1983: The reaction of species of gramineae to common root rot caused by cochliobolus sativus

Krastina E.E., 1979: The reaction of spring wheat to the concentration of nutrient solution in photo culture conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746923

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746924

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Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746926

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Walkey D.G.A., 1988: The reaction of summer and autumn maturing cauliflowers to infection by cauliflower mosaic and turnip mosaic viruses

Ilan, Y. A.; Czapski, G., 1977: The reaction of super oxide radical with iron complexes of edta studied by pulse radiolysis

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746931

Eilat, D.; Steinberg, A. D.; Schechter, A. N., 1978: The reaction of systemic lupus erythematosus antibodies with native single stranded rna radio assay and binding specificities

Carlsen, R. B.; Bahl, O. P., 1976: The reaction of tetra nitro methane with human chorionic gonadotropin

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746934

Green, G. J.; Dyck, P. L., 1976: The reaction of thatcher wheat to canadian races of stem rust

Kol's O.R., 1986: The reaction of the axo glial structures of the nerve stem to rhythmic stimulation in the squid shenoteuthis bartrani

Section 7 , Chapter 6747, Accession 006746937

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746938

Urist M.R., 1982: The reaction of the dura to bone morphogenetic protein in repair of skull defects

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746940

Arnold M., 1988: The reaction of the gingiva to substitution therapy

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Faraggi, M.; Bettelheim, A., 1977: The reaction of the hydrated electron with amino acids peptides and proteins in aqueous solutions tryptophyl peptides

Van Muiswinkel W.B., 1985: The reaction of the immune system of fish to vaccination development of immunological memory in carp cyprinus carpio following direct immersion in aeromonas hydrophila bacterin

Humbert W., 1979: The reaction of the insect excretory tissue to a heavy metal uranyl nitrate

Daramola, A. M., 1976: The reaction of the kola weevil sophorhinus gbanjaensis to moisture

Zinke, T., 1987: The reaction of the marginal gingiva to overcontoured crowns in a clinical experiment ii. dark field microbiological study

Zinke T., 1987: The reaction of the marginal gingiva to overly contoured crowns in a clinical experiment i

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746950

Chashchukhin V.A., 1982: The reaction of the muskrat ondatra zibethicus to unfavorable conditions of mineral feeding

Lingens F., 1982: The reaction of the mutagen 1 1 hexa methylene bis 5 p chlorophenyl biguanide with guanosine and cysteine

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Mach J., 1985: The reaction of the patella by implantation of guepar prostheses of the knee joint

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Ngassapa, D. N. B.; Maltha, J. C.; Freihofer, H. P. M., 1986: The reaction of the periodontium to different types of splints ii. histological aspects

Schoebitz, K.; Lierse, W., 1975: The reaction of the pigmented epithelium of the albino rat following the administration of chloroquine di phosphate during the post natal period

Rohdendorf, E. B., 1977: The reaction of the silverfish thermobia domestica gonads and embryos to foreign substances

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746959

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746960

Bibikov N.G., 1980: The reaction of the torus semicircularis units of rana temporaria to signals simulating the temporal characteristics of the mating call

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746962

Carlsson, S.; Ljingqvist, A.; Tornling, G.; Unge, G., 1978: The reaction of the vascular pattern of the hypertrophied myo cardium to increased cardiac volume load a micro angiographical study

L'vova, T. G., 1976: The reaction of the white sea polychaete nephthys minuta to suboptimal salinity

Sears, K. D.; Casebier, R. L., 1970: The reaction of thio glycolic acid with poly flavanoid bark fractions of tsuga heterophylla g

Eidus L.Kh, 1982: The reaction of thiols with primary radiation lesions in bacterio phage

Osborne, M. R.; Harvey, R. G.; Brookes, P., 1978: The reaction of trans 7 8 di hydroxy anti 9 10 epoxy 7 8 9 10 tetra hydro benzo a pyrene with dna involves attack at the n 7 position of guanine moieties

Brunori M., 1983: The reaction of trout salmo irideus hemo globins with iso cyanides

Maclaren, J. A., 1977: The reaction of tryptophan and derivatives with some 1 3 di carbonyl compounds

Ohta, T.; Nakai, T., 1978: The reaction of tryptophan with cystine during acid hydrolysis of proteins formation of tryptathionine as a transient intermediate in a model system

Aita L., 1980: The reaction of wheat triticum aestivum and triticale triticosecale cultivars to common root rot

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746973

Blattny, C.; Janeckova, M., 1978: The reaction of woody indicators to the cherry detrimental canker

Morris C.S., 1982: The reaction of xenogeneic and mono clonal anti sera with reed sternberg cells

Georgieva V., 1981: The reaction of young bean plants to total or partial nitrogen sulfur and phosphorus deficit

Tarrant P.V., 1987: The reaction of young bulls to short haul road transport

Houslay, M. D.; Tipton, K. F., 1973: The reaction pathway of membrane bound rat liver mitochondrial mono amine oxidase

Et Al, 1983: The reaction products of 4 delta di ethylamino alpha methylbutylamino 7 chloro quinaldine with o chloro benzaldehyde

Schuessler, H.; Ebert, M.; Davies, J. V., 1977: The reaction rates of electrons with native and irradiated rnase

Baatar D., 1985: The reaction reversibility one of the regulating factors for temporal structures in a biochemical system

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746982

Shimoyama M., 1982: The reaction specificity of various mono clonal antibodies against cultured cell lines derived from human leukemias and malignant lymphomas

Shimoyama M., 1981: The reaction specificity of various mono clonal antibodies and cellular origin and differentiation of cultured cell lines derived from human leukemias and lymphomas

Heath, R. L., 1978: The reaction stoichiometry between ozone and unsaturated fatty acids in an aqueous environment

Blough, P. M.; Blough, D. S., 1978: The reaction time luminance relationship for pigeons to lights of different spectral compositions

Warabi, T., 1977: The reaction time of eye head coordination in man

Polyakov, B. I.; Isupov, V. G.; Asaturyan, V. I.; Grigor'eva, V. N., 1978: The reaction to physical stress in humans with different vestibulo vegetative stability

White R.V., 1985: The reaction to rape by american male bystanders

Chance B., 1983: The reaction with oxygen of cytochrome oxidase cytochrome d in escherichia coli k 12 optical studies of intermediate species and cytochrome b oxidation at subzero temperatures

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746991

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746992

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746993

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746994

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746995

Gutteridge, S.; Parry, M. A. J.; Schmidt, C. N. G., 1982: The reactions between active and inactive forms of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar maris dove ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase ec and effectors

Section 7, Chapter 6747, Accession 006746997

Ham S.E., 1980: The reactions of 1 nanometer particles of plutonium 238 di oxide and curium 244 di oxide with lung fluid

Zhi Li Z., 1983: The reactions of 2 cereal aphid parasitoids aphidius uzbekistanicus and aphidius ervi to host aphids and their food plants

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