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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6748

Chapter 6748 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kern W., 1979: The reactions of 2 cyclo hexenones with guanidine hetero cycles 57

Redmond J.W., 1987: The reactions of 3 deoxy d manno oct 2 ulosonic acid kdo in dilute acid

Gardefors, D., 1968: The reactions of 3 species of grasshopper to simple visual stimuli at different temperature humidity conditions chorthippus brunneus chorthippus bicolor chorthippus longicornis chorthippus parallelus mecostethus grossus grass m

Schwarting, G. A.; Marcus, D. M., 1977: The reactions of antibodies to para globoside lacto n neotetraosyl ceramide with human erythrocytes and lymphocytes

Noble, R. W.; Reichlin, M.; Gibson, Q. H., 1969: The reactions of antibodies with heme protein antigens the measurement of reaction kinetics and stoichiometry by inst fluorescence quenching monkey rabbit human

Sutter F., 1981: The reactions of bone connective tissue and epithelium to endosteal implants with titanium sprayed surfaces

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747007

Vanova M., 1985: The reactions of crops to low chlorsulfuron doses and the residues of the chemical in the soil

Yamada K., 1987: The reactions of cuprolinic blue with glycoconjugate containing tissues in light microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747010

Akhmerov R.N., 1983: The reactions of energy supply and thermogenesis in tissues of mature and immature born animals

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747012

Park B.K., 1982: The reactions of estrogens with benzene seleninic anhydride and hexa methyl di silazane

Perry G., 1986: The reactions of flavin analogues and other heterocycles as models for bacterial bioluminescence

Saly A., 1986: The reactions of free living nematodes upon manuring and chemization of the agrobiocenosis

Hopwood, D., 1975: The reactions of glutaraldehyde with nucleic acids

Arnold, W., 1977: The reactions of human middle ear mucous membrane

Scott, J. E., 1970: The reactions of iso thio cyanates with 2 amino sugars electrophoresis in borate and tungstate buffers and spectroscopy of the products

Ruedell, E.; Berg, S.; Poehlmann, K., 1978: The reactions of lung mast cells to acute barbiturate and bromureide poisoning

Wozny A., 1985: The reactions of lupine lupinus luteus cultivar ventus roots on the presence of lead in the medium

Orvell C., 1984: The reactions of mono clonal antibodies with structural proteins of mumps virus

Green J.E., 1985: The reactions of muskoxen to snowmobile harassment

Judeikis H.S., 1981: The reactions of nitrogen oxides with sulfur di oxide in aqueous aerosols

Ragazzo, J. A.; Behrman, E. J., 1976: The reactions of oxo osmium ligand complexes with iso pentenyl adenine and its nucleoside

Burger, N.; Karas-Gasparec, V., 1977: The reactions of penta cyano ferrate ii ions part 4 spectrophotometric study detection and determination of toxogonin

Takahashi, K., 1977: The reactions of phenyl glyoxal and related reagents with amino acids

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747027

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747028

Yamada, K.; Hoshino, M., 1976: The reactions of rabbit gallbladder epithelium to electron microscopic stainings for carbohydrates with 1 2 glycol groupings

Zakatova, N. V.; Sharpatyi, V. A., 1977: The reactions of radicals formed after irradiation of deoxy ribo nucleo protein in aqueous solutions

Thomas D., 1986: The reactions of sac i pvu ii and eco r i endonucleases

Mason, P. R.; Fripp, P. J., 1977: The reactions of schistosoma mansoni miracidia to light

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747033

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747034

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747035

Gilbert, J.; Mcweeny, D. J., 1976: The reactions of sulfur di oxide in dehydrated vegetables

Makin M.I.H., 1984: The reactions of superoxide ion with arylhydrazines

Tomlinson, J. A.; Ward, C. M., 1978: The reactions of swede brassica napus to infection by turnip mosaic virus

Grinsted J., 1979: The reactions of the eco r i and other restriction endo nucleases

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747040

Von Sonntag C., 1986: The reactions of the hydroxymethyl radical with 1 3 dimethyluracil and 1 3 dimethylthymine

Guynn R.W., 1985: The reactions of the phosphorylated pathway of l serine biosynthesis thermodynamic relationships in rabbit liver in vivo

Lund K., 1986: The reactions of the phosphorylated pathway of l serine biosynthesis thermodynamic relationships in rat liver in vivo

Neer, E. J., 1970: The reactions of the sulfhydryl groups of human hemo globin beta 4

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747045

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747046

Gurdon J.B., 1981: The reactivation of developmentally inert 5s genes in somatic nuclei injected into xenopus oocytes

Johnson R.L., 1981: The reactivation of exhausted cellulose acetate gel beads used commercially for de bittering orange juice

Grossberg S.E., 1980: The reactivation of human interferons by guanidine thio cyanate

Maldonado, J. M.; Notton, B. A.; Hewitt, E. J., 1982: The reactivation of nitrate reductase ec from spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar noorman inactivated by nadh and cyanide effects of peroxidase and associated systems

Hewitt E.J., 1980: The reactivation of nitrate reductase from spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar noorman inactivated by nadh and cyanide using trivalent manganese either generated by illuminated chloroplasts or as manganese pyro phosphate

Garcia Patrone M., 1982: The reactivation of stationary phase ribosomes from bacillus stearothermophilus

Kleeberg, U. R.; Belz, G. G., 1974: The reactivation of the proscillaridin inhibited membrane atpase by specific antibodies

Chelladurai, P.; Yuhasz, M. S.; Sipura, R., 1977: The reactive agility test

Hettwer, H.; Goslar, H. G., 1977: The reactive behavior of the cell nucleus after a pre treatment with a bromide solution and the application of the calcium cobalt method for the atpase evidence

Reyes, A.; Hubert, E.; Slebe, J. C., 1985: The reactive cysteine residue of pig kidney fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase ec is related to a fructose 2 6 bisphosphate allosteric site

Annis H.M., 1988: The reactive effects of follow up assessment procedures an experimental study

Lenz E., 1987: The reactive functional behaviour of gapped dentures considered after clinicoexperimental longitudinal research

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747059

Milstein, C. P.; Clarke, J. B.; Britton, H. G., 1973: The reactive serine residue in phospho gluco mutase ec of micrococcus lysodeikticus

Reisler E., 1982: The reactive sh 1 cysteines in myosin subfragment 1 are cross linked at similar rates with reagents of different length

Ikenaka T., 1980: The reactive site amino acid sequences of silk tree albizzia julibrissin seed proteinase inhibitors

Carrell R.W., 1983: The reactive site of alpha 1 anti trypsin is carboxyl terminal not amino terminal

Yamada, M.; Tashiro, M.; Yamaguchi, H.; Yamada, H.; Ibuki, F.; Kanamori, M., 1976 : The reactive site of eggplant trypsin ec inhibitor

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747065

Travis J., 1985: The reactive site of human inter alpha trypsin inhibitor is in the amino terminal half of the protein

Sasaki T., 1985: The reactive site of silkworm hemolymph antichymotrypsin is located at the carboxyl terminal region of the molecule

Ikenaka T., 1980: The reactive site of streptomyces subtilisin inhibitor

Dowdle E.B.D., 1987: The reactive sites of proteinase inhibitors from erythrina seeds

Wu H L., 1979: The reactive tyrosine residue of human serum albumin characterization of its reaction with dfp

Osawa T., 1983: The reactivities of bauhinia purpurea and lens culinaris lectins to mouse b lymphocytes and their subsets

Allen J.C., 1980: The reactivities of furocoumarin excited states with dna in solution a laser flash photolysis and fluorescence study

Feizi T., 1984: The reactivities of human erythrocyte auto antibodies anti pr 2 anti gd f 1 and sa with gangliosides in a chromatogram binding assay

Poensgen, J.; Ullrich, V., 1977: The reactivities of tyrosine and tryptophan residues in lipid bound cytochrome b 5

Kochman M., 1986: The reactivity and function of cysteine residues in rabbit liver aldolase b

Bridgen, J., 1972: The reactivity and function of thiol groups in trout actin

Silverman, L.; Glick, D., 1969: The reactivity and staining of tissue proteins with phospho tungstic acid inst electron microscopy

Raibaud, O.; Goldberg, M. E., 1977: The reactivity of 1 essential cysteine as a conformational probe in escherichia coli tryptophanase ec application to the study of the structural influence of subunit interactions

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747079

Roca J.L., 1984: The reactivity of 4 hydroxy 6 methyl 2 pyrone towards different types of ketones

Zisapel, N., 1978: The reactivity of a functional tyrosyl residue in carboxy peptidase b nitration of the cadmium enzyme

Bradley J., 1983: The reactivity of a mono clonal antibody against cells of the monocyte macrophage series in sections of normal and inflamed human tissues

Brown J.P.Jr, 1981: The reactivity of addictive behaviors to self monitoring a functional analysis

Ichida F., 1987: The reactivity of alpha 1 antitrypsin with lens culinaris agglutinin and its usefulness in the diagnosis of neoplastic diseases of the liver

Hendrickson W.A., 1984: The reactivity of anti peptide antibodies is a function of the atomic mobility of sites in a protein

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747086

Obukhan, E. I., 1977: The reactivity of bone marrow megakaryocytes in albino rats exposed to a low intensity ultra high frequency electro magnetic field

Eloyan, A. A.; Nagapetyan, I. O., 1978: The reactivity of cerebral vessels in pathology of the hypothalamus

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747089

Herp A., 1983: The reactivity of corneal collagen and complement c 1q with human platelets and immuno globulin g coated latex particles

Knorre, D. G.; Mishenina, G. F.; Shubina, T. N., 1976: The reactivity of di nucleotides bearing a protected inter nucleotide phosphate group in oligo nucleotide synthesis

Massey, V.; Muller, F.; Feldberg, R.; Schuman, M.; Sullivan, P. A.; Howell, L. G.; Mayhew, S. G.; Matthews, R. G.; Foust, G. P., 1969: The reactivity of flavo proteins with sulfite possible relevance to the problem of oxygen reactivity

Appel B.S., 1985: The reactivity of frozen b lymphocytes to b cell mitogens and human b cell growth factor a study of step 1 and step 2 activators

Perham, R. N., 1973: The reactivity of functional groups as a probe for investigating the topography of tobacco mosaic virus the use of mutants with additional lysine residues in the coat protein

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747095

Gottlieb, M. H., 1977: The reactivity of human erythrocyte membrane cholesterol with a cholesterol oxidase ec

Kekomaki, R., 1978: The reactivity of human platelets in the iodine 125 labeled staphylococcal protein a test

Iriye, R.; Hayashi, T., 1977: The reactivity of hydroxyl groups of grayano toxin ii

Triggle D.J., 1980: The reactivity of iliac vascular strips from spontaneously hypertensive and normotensive rats

Cockshott J.B., 1982: The reactivity of intermediates in no enzymic browning reactions towards nitrite ion

Maevskaya Z.V., 1987: The reactivity of iron in the active centers of molecular forms of pea ferredoxin

Vanhoutte, P.; Leusen, I., 1969: The reactivity of isolated venous preparations to inst electrical stimulation dog

Madsen H.E.L., 1986: The reactivity of magnesium oxide in relation to its use as a feed additive

Chuaqui-Offermanns, N.; Chuaqui, C. A., 1983: The reactivity of malondialdehyde 1. effects of acid concentration and solvent composition on deuterium exchange reactions

Okude Y., 1987: The reactivity of mast cells in nasal mucosa comparison between allergic and nonallergic disease

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747106

Neidlein, R.; Mosebach, R., 1976: The reactivity of n acyl hetero cumulenes towards phospholenes part 2

Neidlein, R.; Mosebach, R., 1976: The reactivity of n acyl hetero cumulenes towards phospholenes part 3

Giroud J.P., 1984: The reactivity of neutrophils at the site of an acute inflammatory reaction as measured by chemiluminescence

Kostulak A., 1986: The reactivity of peritoneal macrophages of hamster with transplanted melanomas in rosette tests

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747111

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747112

Zola H., 1983: The reactivity of reed sternberg cells with mono clonal anti sera at thin section and ultrastructural levels

Hay, L. R.; Hay, W. M.; Angle, H. V., 1977: The reactivity of self recording a case report of a drug abuser

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747115

Klingenberg M., 1982: The reactivity of sulfhydryl groups in the adp atp carrier isolated from beef heart mitochondria

Eriksen T.E., 1985: The reactivity of superoxide and its ability to induce chemiluminescence with luminol

Kudrjashov, B. A.; Rodionow, I. M.; Ljapina, L. A.; Muchammedow, A., 1976: The reactivity of the anti coagulant system of de sympathectomized animals under the conditions of stress occasioned by acoustical stimulation

Peers, J.; Mcdonald, B. L.; Dawkins, R. L., 1977: The reactivity of the anti striational antibodies associated with thymoma and myasthenia gravis

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747120

Lindley, H.; Cranston, R. W., 1974: The reactivity of the di sulfide bonds of wool

Hrkal Z., 1986: The reactivity of the disulfide bonds of human serum hemopexin

Suntsov V.N., 1986: The reactivity of the human autonomic system on the basis of data on the oculocardiac sinocarotid and solar reflexes

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747124

Gottesmann C., 1979: The reactivity of the somesthetic s 1 cortex during sleep and waking in the rat

Ma, K. H. C.; Davidson, B. E., 1985: The reactivity of the sulfhydryl groups of chorismate mutase ec prephenate dehydratase ec a bifunctional enzyme of phenylalanine biosynthesis in escherichia coli k 12

Hargrave P.A., 1979: The reactivity of the sulfhydryl groups of rhod opsin in rod outer segment membranes

Thorley-Lawson, D. A.; Green, N. M., 1977: The reactivity of the thiol groups of the atpase of sarcoplasmic reticulum and their location on tryptic fragments of the molecule

Huntley, T. E.; Strittmatter, P., 1972: The reactivity of the tyrosyl residues of cytochrome b 5

Anderson, P. J.; Perham, R. N., 1970: The reactivity of thiol groups and the subunit structure of aldolase

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747131

Laidler K.J., 1979: The reactivity of tryptophan residues in proteins stopped flow kinetics of fluorescence quenching

Svensson S., 1984: The reactivity of uronic acid and aldonic acid derivatives toward trifluoroacetolysis a new method for specific elimination of reducing 4 o substituted hexose residues

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747134

Yanev, B.; Semova, N.; Strashimirova, T.; Georgiev, V.; Bircheva, E.; Petrova, M.; Arabadzhieva, R.; Pisev, V.; Pavlova, P.; Et-Al, 1976: The reactivity on the cardio vascular system of students from semi boarding schools

Brondz B.D., 1987: The reactivity pattern of monoclonal antibodies against specific t suppressors

Mcgeer, A.; Lavers, B.; Williams, G. R., 1977: The reactivity to n ethyl maleimide of the subunits of cytochrome oxidase ec

Andre F.E., 1983: The reactogenicity and immunogenicity of the urabe am 9 live mumps vaccine and persistence of vaccine induced antibodies in healthy young children

Konishi T., 1987: The reactor accident at chernobyl ussr identification of radionuclides in fallout in niigata city japan

Harrison C., 1984: The readability of health care literature

Mc-Donagh, A. F.; Assisi, F., 1972: The ready isomerization of bilirubin ix alpha in aqueous solution

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747142

Stiles G.E., 1980: The reagin screen test a new reagin card test for syphilis

Rose G.A., 1980: The real and apparent plasma oxalate

Berg J.W., 1980: The real cancer risks in colorado usa

Scheer, D., 1976: The real host of astreptonema longispora trichomycetes eccrinales and the consequences of its ascertainment

Kroener H., 1988: The real kinetics of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter of the liver and its role in cell calcium regulation

Sawachika N., 1981: The real state of heart disease of school children and clinical study of diagnostic methods

Furuhashi, M., 1976: The real state of reflux of workers in farm households viewed from agricultural districts

Dietl G., 1982: The real stratigraphic position of ammonites aspidoides ammonoidea middle jurassic at the locus typicus

Duff G.B., 1986: The realities of screening for the small for dates fetus using ultrasound measurement

Spero M.H., 1985: The reality and the image of god in psychotherapy

Dalingwater, J. E., 1975: The reality of arthropod cuticular laminae

Kuzin, A. M., 1978: The reality of assessments of risk from gamma irradiation in small doses

Schaefer, C. W., 1976: The reality of the higher taxonomic categories

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747156

Lemoigne, Y., 1976: The realization of angiosporangy in 2 species of selaginella selaginella australiensis var leptostachya and selaginella yemensis

Smocek, J.; Krystof, Z., 1975: The realized heritability and mutual relations between characters in indirect wheat selection

Vermeulen C.W., 1984: The realm of the steady state in escherichia coli

Crusberg, T. C.; Burke, W. M.; Reynolds, J. T.; Morse, L. E.; Reilly, J.; Hoffman, A. H., 1978: The reappearance of a classical epidemic of infectious hepatitis in worcester massachusetts usa

Garcia Caluff M., 1985: The reappearance of a rare psilotum sp in cuba

Hart, L. P.; Endo, R. M., 1978: The reappearance of fusarium oxysporum f sp apii yellows of celery in california

Souto D., 1983: The rearing and biology of the mahogany shoot borer hypsipyla robusta lepidoptera pyralidae on an artificial medium

Pikula J., 1986: The rearing and introduction of syrmaticus reevesi

Malec L., 1985: The rearing and production of geese in kielce and radom provinces poland trends and perspectives

Ghetie, B.; Mateesco, C. N., 1977: The rearing and use of bovines in the middle and late neolithic of the low danube and the southern balkans

Malausa, J. C., 1977: The rearing of carabidae outlook on mass rearing

Marsalek M., 1986: The rearing of cold blooded horses on the breeding farm veseli and luznici branch farm at netolice czechoslovakia

Hinz R., 1987: The rearing of species of the genus ichneumon linnaeus and of allied genera for biological investigations hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Hiiida M., 1988: The rearrangement and transcription of alpha and beta t cell receptor genes in phosphorylcholine specific suppressor t hybridomas

Ai T.H., 1979: The rearrangement of 3 beta acetoxy 9 11 epoxy lanostanes by boron tri fluoride di ethyl ether

Takeuchi S., 1987: The rearrangement of cytoskeletal systems in epithelial cells accompanying the transition from a stationary to a motile state at the start of epithelial spreading

Nauta W.T., 1979: The rearrangement of some 2 phenyl 1 3 indandiones to z 3 benzylidene phthalides

Hancock, W. S.; Mander, L. N.; Massy-Westropp, R. A., 1977: The rearrangement of some epoxy podocarpanoic acids

Liu P.V., 1988: The reason for loss of agglutinability of pseudomonas aeruginosa cells heated to 60c

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747177

Eliasson L., 1980: The reason for the different photosynthetic rates of seedlings of pinus silvestris and betula verrucosa

Goncharevskaya O.A., 1984: The reason for the discrepancy between blood plasma osmolality and sodium ion concentration after cold stress in rats

Uzuta Y., 1983: The reasonable hoof shape in beef cattle

Uzuta Y., 1982: The reasonable shape of hoof in dairy cows

Voloshchenko, A. A.; Nazarenko, N. K.; Talalaev, S. V., 1977: The reasons for certain deviations of nephronogenesis in human fetuses

Majewski T., 1986: The reasons for culling sows of polish large white breed in pedigree farms of southeastern poland

Blinkhorn A.S., 1987: The reasons for the extraction of various tooth types in scotland uk

Kuznetsov I.A., 1984: The reasons of hydration change of dna when protonating

Mushlin A.I., 1986: The reasons patients request checkups implications for office practice

Quinlan D., 1987: The reassessment of chronic patients previously diagnosed as schizophrenic

Pilotti S., 1980: The reassessment of patients with ovarian carcinoma

Holt, P. C., 1978: The reassignment of cambarincola elevatus clitellata branchiobdellida to the genus sathodrilus

Lee C.L.H., 1981: The reassociation curve of human dna amended

Tucci J., 1980: The reassociation kinetics of the ilyanassa obsoleta genome

Vinogradov S.N., 1984: The reassociation of lumbricus terrestris hemo globin dissociated at alkaline ph

Yamada M A., 1981: The reassociation with chromatin of h 1 fragments bisected with thrombin

Clot A., 1982: The rebenacq i fossil bone bearing pocket rebenacq pyrenees atlantiques france

Angel, R. W., 1977: The rebound phenomenon of gordon holmes

Fortuny, I. E.; Deinard, A.; Theologides, A., 1976: The rebuck skin window as a guide in cancer chemo therapy

Holbrook L.L., 1986: The rec 46 gene of saccharomyces cerevisiae controls mitotic chromosomal stability recombination and sporulation cell type and life cycle stage specific expression of the rec 46 1 mutation

Brana H., 1982: The rec a dependent spontaneous degradation of proximal f merogenotes in escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747199

Krivonogov S.V., 1984: The rec f dependent endonuclease from escherichia coli k 12 formation and resolution of pbr 322 dna multimers

Lloyd R.G., 1985: The rec n locus of escherichia coli k 12 molecular analysis and identification of the gene product

Nakayama H., 1985: The rec q gene of escherichia coli k 12 molecular cloning and isolation of insertion mutants

Nakayama H., 1986: The rec q gene of escherichia coli k12 primary structure and evidence for sos regulation

Swanson A.W., 1986: The recalcitrant keratocyst

Carlston D.E., 1980: The recall and use of traits and events in social inference processes

Gardner-Medwin, A. R., 1976: The recall of events through the learning of associations between their parts

Gordon S.E., 1982: The recall of information about persons and groups

Bellew M., 1988: The recall of self congruent and self incongruent information about the personality of others

Lavoie P., 1985: The recanalized umbilical vein in portal hypertension a myth

Sedikides C., 1988: The recapitulation hypothesis in person retrieval

Lieberman, R. P.; Oishi, M., 1974: The recbc dnase of escherichia coli isolation and characterization of the subunit proteins and reconstitution of the enzyme

Karu, A. E.; Mac-Kay, V.; Goldmark, P. J.; Linn, S., 1973: The recbc dnase of escherichia coli strain k 12 substrate specificity and reaction intermediates

Kimose E., 1984: The recency effect in pigeons long term memory

Appleby P.G., 1988: The recent acidification of a large scottish uk loch located partly within a national nature reserve and site of special scientific interest

Kilburn R.N., 1983: The recent arcidae mollusca bivalvia of southern africa and mozambique

Mohamed M.M., 1979: The recent bottom sediments of the gulf of suez red sea

Logan A., 1979: The recent brachiopoda of the mediterranean sea

Fina, N. J., 1976: The recent chemistry of natural products including tobacco proceedings of the 2nd philip morris science symposium richmond virginia usa october 30 1975

Coan E., 1984: The recent crassatellinae of the eastern pacific with some notes on crassinella

Sagi P.C., 1980: The recent decline in mortality of the extreme aged an analysis of statistical data

Swann R.L., 1986: The recent decline of the corncrake crex crex on the isle of canna uk

Jungbluth, J. H., 1975: The recent distribution of river crayfish in hessen west germany decapoda astacidae

Bryant C.R., 1984: The recent evolution of farming landscapes in urban centered regions

Jensen R.A., 1987: The recent evolutionary origin of the phenylalanine sensitive isozyme of 3 deoxy d arabino heptulosonate 7 phosphate synthase in the enteric lineage of bacteria

Bringmann H.D., 1982: The recent finding of leptura scutellata coleoptera cerambycidae in east germany

Cwynar, L. C., 1977: The recent fire history of barron township algonquin park

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747227

Dickman M.D., 1981: The recent histories of 3 canadian shield lakes a paleo limnological experiment

Aubry K.B., 1984: The recent history and present distribution of the red fox vulpes vulpes cascadensis in washington usa/

Pons A., 1982: The recent history of pinus sylvestris in margeride massif central france the significance of this species in the present vegetation

Carter, C. E., 1977: The recent history of the chironomid fauna of lough neagh from the analysis of remains in sediment cores

Harvey H.J., 1988: The recent history of wicken fen cambridgeshire england uk a guide to ecological development

Matsumoto S., 1980: The recent information regarding contraception

Meyer E.H.H., 1988: The recent introduction of a 1 29 chromosome translocation in south african brahman cattle

Bigley R.E., 1982: The recent introduction of the seagrass zostera japonica to the pacific coast of north america

Parent, G. H., 1975: The recent invasive migration of the wild cat felis silvestris silvestris in the belgian lorraine

Weber, D., 1987: The recent invertebrate fauna of teufelshoehle near steinau an der strasse catalog no. 5622 01 hesse west germany

Burrows, C. J.; Maunder, B. R., 1975: The recent moraines of the lyell and ramsay glaciers rakaia valley canterbury new zealand

Marshall, B. A., 1977: The recent new zealand species of triforis gastropoda triforidae

Appleby P.G., 1987: The recent paleolimnology of acid lakes in galloway south west scotland uk diatom analysis ph trends and the role of afforestation

Sandman O., 1985: The recent ph history of some finnish headwater and seepage lakes studied by means of diatom analysis of lead 210 dated sediment cores

Sigulem D., 1987: The recent revival of breast feeding in the city of sao paulo brazil

Guerin C., 1980: The recent rhinoceros sondaicus annamiticus mammalia perissodactyla of indochina taxonomic revision anatomical distinction and phylogeny

Riss, D.; Goodall, J., 1977: The recent rise to the alpha rank in a population of free living chimpanzees

Caudwell C., 1983: The recent rivulariaceae a possible interpretation of the lamination of rivularia haematites stromatolites

Clarke K.R., 1984: The recent sedimentation history of the esk estuary cumbria uk the application of radio chronology

Mclaughlin P.A., 1986: The recent species of megabalanus cirripedia balanomorpha with special emphasis on balanus tintinnabulum linnaeus sensu lato

Nordsieck, H., 1978: The recent species of the serrulininae and of the genus caspiophaedusa

Sergeant, D.; Ronald, K.; Boulva, J.; Berkes, F., 1978: The recent status of monachus monachus the mediterranean monk seal

Zhan, J. T., 1977: The recent status of rice borer infestation in central kiangsi province china and the methods of control

Shibano N., 1980: The recent status of vibration hazards among workers at the state forests in hokkaido japan

Guzman Arroyo M., 1985: The recent taxonomic situation of species of tribe tilapiini pisces cichlidae introduced in mexico

Noble, J. P. A.; Logan, A.; Webb, G. R., 1976: The recent terebratulina community in the rocky subtidal zone of the bay of fundy canada

Stahle D.A., 1982: The recent trend in milk feeding among women infants and children program infants

Imaizumi, Y., 1987: The recent trends in multiple births and stillbirth rates in japan

Creede C.C., 1983: The recent usa experience in the treatment of end stage renal disease by dialysis and transplantation

Huang C L., 1983: The recent vegetation of nan jen shan taiwan

Nielsen E.S., 1987: The recently discovered primitive non ditrysian family palaephatidae lepidoptera in australia

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747261

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747262

Freeman A.W., 1987: The receptive field spatial structure of cat retinal y cells

Guthrie, D. M.; Banks, J. R., 1978: The receptive field structure of visual cells from the optic tectum of the fresh water perch perca fluviatilis

Young, S.; Downing, A. C., 1976: The receptive fields of daphnia ommatidia

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747266

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747268

Bruns V., 1988: The receptor and neuron distribution in the cochlea of the bat taphozous kachhensis

Khomenko, B. G.; Manger, A. P., 1978: The receptor apparatus of the upper respiratory tracts in dolphins mammalia delphinidae

Wiley D.C., 1987: The receptor binding and membrane fusion properties of influenza virus variants selected using anti hemagglutinin monoclonal antibodies

Van Den Berghe H., 1986: The receptor binding domain of human alpha 2 macroglobulin isolation after limited proteolysis with a bacterial proteinase

Mahley R.W., 1983: The receptor binding domain of human apo lipo protein e binding of apo lipo protein e fragments

Sparrow J.T., 1983: The receptor binding domain of human apo lipo protein e mono clonal antibody inhibition of binding

Antal E.O., 1987: The receptor binding of iodinated human and porcine insulin to erythrocytes and monocytes of normals type i and type ii diabetics

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747276

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747277

Ariens, E. J.; Beld, A. J., 1977: The receptor concept in evolution

Schauer R., 1985: The receptor destroying enzyme of influenza c virus is neuraminate o acetylesterase

Gustafsson J A., 1987: The receptor for 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin in the mouse hepatoma cell line hepa 1c1c7 a comparison with the glucocorticoid receptor and the mouse and rat hepatic dioxin receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747281

Imahori K., 1982: The receptor for colicin e 3 isolation and some properties

Auriault C., 1986: The receptor for immunoglobulin e on blood platelets

Isersky C., 1985: The receptor for immunoglobulin e on rat basophilic leukemia cells effect of ligand binding on receptor expression

Roth R.A., 1987: The receptor for insulin like growth factor ii mediates an insulin like response

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Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747795

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Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747810

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747811

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747812

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Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747815

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Melamed E., 1987: The regional cerebral blood flow in patients under chronic hemodialytic treatment

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Section 7 , Chapter 6748, Accession 006747903

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747904

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Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747917

Phillips C.R., 1982: The regional distribution of poly adenylic acid and total rna concentrations during early xenopus development

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747919

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747920

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747921

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Anderson R.E., 1988: The regional distribution of vitamins e and c in mature and premature human retinas

Gowdy D.P.W., 1983: The regional educational impact of a renal stone center

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Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747927

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747928

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Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747944

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747945

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747946

Martin Lomas M., 1988: The regioselectivity of tributyltin ether mediated benzylation of 1 6 anhydro beta d hexopyranoses

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747948

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747949

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Weir D.M., 1982: The regressed in patient group in a graded group treatment program

Gromet, M. A.; Epstein, W. L.; Blois, M. S., 1978: The regressing thin malignant melanoma a distinctive lesion with metastatic potential

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747957

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747958

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747959

Darchen, B., 1976: The regression of the harvesting ant messor capitatus hymenoptera apidae consecutive to the natural evolution of the kartz plateau of the perigord noir

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Ekstig B., 1985: The regular condensation of developmental stages as a mechanism of the evolution of man and culture

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Lampert, W.; Schober, U., 1978: The regular pattern of spring algal bloom and extremely clear water in lake constance as a result of climatic conditions and planktonic interactions

Chang K H., 1981: The regular sea urchins of taiwan

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Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747969

Dmitrenko O.B., 1985: The regularities of distribution of calcareous nannoplankton in bottom sediments of the northwest part of indian ocean

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Maree, C., 1977: The regularity of cycles and ovarian efficiency in a group of friesland cows

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747975

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747976

Nellis M.J., 1982: The regularity of smoking

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Axel R., 1983: The regulated expression of beta globin genes introduced into mouse erythro leukemia cells

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Wolf H., 1987: The regulated expression of epstein barr virus evidence that the transition from primary to secondary protein synthesis in raji cells superinfected with epstein barr virus requires the synthesis of new rna

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747983

Ishida N., 1983: The regulating effect of cholesterol derivatives isolated from human sera lymphocyte response to phyto hem agglutinin

Mikulska, I.; Jacunski, L., 1977: The regulating processes after the amputation of teratologically changed appendages in tegenaria atrica araneae agelenidae

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Ryan, C. A., 1977: The regulation by carbon di oxide of protein synthesis in tomato leaves

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Harmony J.A.K., 1987: The regulation by low density lipoproteins of the activation of oxidative enzyme primed lymphocytes is governed by transferrin

Nordberg A., 1982: The regulation in vitro of placental release of human chorionic gonadotropin placental lactogen and prolactin effects of an adrenergic beta receptor agonist and antagonist

Juan, D.; Deluca, H. F., 1977: The regulation of 24 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 production in cultures of monkey kidney cells

Section 7, Chapter 6748, Accession 006747995

Soutar A.K., 1983: The regulation of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase activity cholesterol esterification and the expression of low density lipo protein receptors in cultured monocyte derived macrophages

Cooper, A. D. , 1976: The regulation of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec in the isolated perfused rat liver

Collard K.J., 1983: The regulation of 5 hydroxy tryptamine release from superfused synaptosomes by 5 hydroxy tryptamine and its immediate precursors

Edmond J., 1984: The regulation of acetoacetyl coenzyme a synthetase activity by modulators of cholesterol synthesis in vivo and the utilization of acetoacetate for cholesterogenesis

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