Section 7
Chapter 6,749

The relation between the frequency of induced chlorophyll mutations in 2 row barley and the selection in 1st mutant generation

Yankulov, M.

Genetika i Selektsiya 9(2): 111-116


Accession: 006748851

The minimum proportion of M1 [1st mutant generation] plants from the irradiated population that should be selected and put to the test in M2 without running a risk to lose a considerable amount of the mutations involved in the population was determined. The volume of experimental work in M2 cannot been reduced efficiently by means of such measures as selection of low-growing plants and spikes of a certain sterility degree or by choosing the highest tiller taken wrongly for the central one. Only the first 5-6 tillers selected in the M1 irradiated population are considered to be the minimum proportion of M1 plants which ensures observation of nearly all plants heterozygous for a certain mutation and help eliminate those plants which contain inconsiderable proportion of induced heritable changes.

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