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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6750

Chapter 6750 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Okitsu S.; Ito K., 1984:
The relation of forest limit to the wi 15 kiras warmth index 15 in mountains of hokkaido japan

Mitchell, N.B.; Pollack, R.H.; Mcgrew, J.F., 1977:
The relation of form perception to hue and fundus pigmentation

Gooch J.L.; Hetrick S.W., 1979:
The relation of genetic structure to environmental structure gammarus minus in a karst area

Eno L.; Woehlke P., 1982:
The relation of grammatical errors in protocols of the rotter incomplete sentences blank high school form and grades in language arts of junior high school students

Umeda Y.; Tujii T.; Inoue T.; Shimizu M.; Konno Y., 1988:
The relation of groundwater depth to invasion of sasa in sarobetsu peatland surface forms on peatland iii

Fedorova, A.I.; Gagulaeva, A.P., 1976:
The relation of growth and phenol content of the siberian larch to its resistance to the green sawfly

Woloszczuk W.; Sprinson D.B.; Ruis H., 1980:
The relation of heme to catalase apo protein synthesis in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Geurts-Van-Kessel, A.H.M.; Mullahy, J.H.; Linskens, H.F., 1977:
The relation of heterocysts and hormogonia to nitrogen fixation and reproduction in blue green algae

Bradley R.H.; Caldwell B.M., 1980:
The relation of home environment cognitive competence and iq among males and females

Scheper, R.J.; Parker, D.; Noble, B.; Turk, J.L., 1977:
The relation of immune depression and bone marrow derived cell stimulation during the development of delayed hyper sensitivity to soluble antigens

Sokolov, V.A.; Kamardin, N.N., 1977:
The relation of impulse frequency in the osphradial nerve to the concentration of oxygen and inulin in liquid passing over the osphradium of the pond snail

Brekke, C.J.; Al-Hakim, S.H.; Highlands, M.E.; Hogan, J.M., 1975:
The relation of in vivo and in vitro tocopherol supplementation to stability of fowl fat

Sarnatskaya, V.V.; Troyan, V.M.; Zheltonozhskaya, L.V.; Polishchuk, V.E.; Yavorskaya, V.K.; Il'chenko, L.N.; Merezhinskii-Yu-Yu ; Kalinin, F.L., 1976:
The relation of induction of plant crown gall growth to the cell cycle

Bradley R.H.; Caldwell B.M., 1984:
The relation of infants home environments to achievement test performance in 1st grade a follow up study

Bradley, R.H.; Caldwell, B.M., 1976:
The relation of infants home environments to mental test performance at 54 months a follow up study

Corwin, J.T., 1978:
The relation of inner ear structure to the feeding behavior in sharks and rays

Bradley, T.D.; Chartrand, D.A.; Fitting, J.W.; Killian, K.J.; Grassino, A., 1986:
The relation of inspiratory effort sensation to fatiguing patterns of the diaphragm

Aoki F.; Nagasaki H.; Nakamura R., 1986:
The relation of integrated electromyogram of the triceps brachii to force in rapid elbow extension

Poole P.L.; Barlow D.J., 1986:
The relation of ion pairs to protein hydration an ir spectroscopic and x ray crystallographic survey

Maloy A.L.; Longnecker D.S.; Greenberg E.R., 1981:
The relation of islet amyloid to the clinical type of diabetes

Aufdemorte, T.B.; Cameron, I.L., 1981:
The relation of keratinization to bacterial colonization on the baboon tongue as demonstrated by scanning electron microscopy

Killeen K.; Buhyoff G., 1983:
The relation of landscape preference to abstract topography

Ohwaki, S.; Stayton, S.E., 1978:
The relation of length of institutionalization to the intellectual functioning of the profoundly retarded

Anneroth, G.; Eneroth, C.M.; Isacsson, G., 1977:
The relation of lipids to the mineral components in salivary calculi

Ducommun, J.C.; Goldberg, H.I.; Korobkin, M.; Moss, A.A.; Kressel, H.Y., 1979:
The relation of liver fat to computed tomography numbers: a preliminary experimental study in rabbits

Wright, S., 1978:
The relation of livestock breeding to theories of evolution

Glassman D.M., 1984:
The relation of long bone diaphyseal length to chronological age in immature saddle back tamarins saguinus fuscicollis

Brisson, J.; Sadowsky, N.L.; Twaddle, J.A.; Morrison, A.S.; Cole, P.; Merletti, F., 1982:
The relation of mammographic features of the breast to breast cancer risk factors

Walton M.; Fozzard H.A., 1979:
The relation of maximum upstroke velocity of the action potential to sodium current maximal conduction of sodium and steady state sodium channel inactivation variable in a model of the cardiac purkinje fiber

Illarionov, E.F., 1975:
The relation of membrane proteins to primary oxidation of higher n alkanes by pseudomonas denitrificans

Coates, B.J.; Slinger, S.J.; Ashton, G.C.; Bayley, H.S., 1977:
The relation of metabolizable energy values to chemical composition of wheat and barley for chicks turkeys and roosters

Stocum, D.L., 1980:
The relation of mitotic index cell density and growth to pattern regulation in regenerating ambystoma maculatum fore limbs

Wildenberg, J., 1970:
The relation of mitotic recombination to DNA replication in yeast pedigrees

Mohn, G.; Sireteanu, R.; van Hof-van Duin, J., 1986:
The relation of monocular optokinetic nystagmus to peripheral binocular interactions

Bozhkova V.P.; Khariton V.Yu; Chailakhyan L.M., 1984:
The relation of morphogenesis with cellular interactions in the early embryos of sea urchins

Bland, B.H.; Seto, M.G.; Rowntree, C.I., 1983:
The relation of multiple hippocampal theta cell discharge rates to slow wave theta frequency

Jones L.A.; Hunter I.W., 1982:
The relation of muscle force and electro myography to perceived force in human finger flexors

Paspalanov I., 1984:
The relation of need for achievement to extraversion emotional instability and level of anxiety in people of different social status and success

Jurecka, W.; Lassmann, H.; Gebhart, W., 1978:
The relation of nervous elements to intra dermal nevi an electron microscopic study

Mustafa, S.; Zofair, S.M., 1983:
The relation of nucleic acids to condition factor in the catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis

Coggeshall, R.E.; Chung, K.; Bee, D.E., 1985:
The relation of nucleolus diameter to cell body diameter in mammalian dorsal root ganglion cells

Jitts, H.R.; Morel, A.; Saijo, Y., 1976:
The relation of oceanic primary production to available photosynthetic irradiance

E.K.ssaby Y.A.; Ritland K., 1986:
The relation of outcrossing and contamination to reproductive phenology and supplemental mass pollination in a douglas fir seed orchard

Bartholomew G.A.; Vleck D., 1979:
The relation of oxygen consumption to body size and to heating and cooling in the galapagos ecuador marine iguana amblyrhynchus cristatus

Hegazi E.M.; E.M.nshawy A.M.; Shaaban M.A., 1984:
The relation of parasite density of microplitis rufiventris hymenoptera braconidae to superparasitism and fate of its eggs

Dornbusch, S.M.; Ritter, P.L.; Leiderman, P.H.; Roberts, D.F.; Fraleigh, M.J., 1987:
The relation of parenting style to adolescent school performance

Dalager, N.A.; Pickle, L.W.; Mason, T.J.; Correa, P.; Fontham, E.; Stemhagen, A.; Buffler, P.A.; Ziegler, R.G.; Fraumeni, J.F., 1986:
The relation of passive smoking to lung cancer

Grant, R.A., 1976:
The relation of perceptual activity to matching familiar figures test accuracy

Coshall J.T.; Potter R.B., 1986:
The relation of personality factors to urban consumer cognition

Bouchal M.; Robes M., 1979:
The relation of pharmaco therapy and psycho therapy in psychiatry

Elliott, J.I.; Brewer, J.M., 1979:
The relation of photo oxidized histidines in yeast enolase ec to enzymatic activity

Salonen J.T.; Tuomilehto J.; Puska P., 1981:
The relation of physical activity changes to changes in serum cholesterol and body weight in a 3 year follow up of population sample

Mashchak C.A.; Kletzky O.A.; Artal R.; Mishell D.R.Jr, 1984:
The relation of physiological changes to subjective symptoms in postmenopausal women with and without hot flushes

Oksanen J., 1982:
The relation of plants to the altitude gradient in rein deer lichen dominated vegetation of rock outcrops in the tvarminne area on the south coast of finland

Savage B.; Mcfadden P.R.; Hanson S.R.; Harker L.A., 1986:
The relation of platelet density to platelet age survival of low density and high density indium 111 labeled platelets in baboons

Branehog I.; Ridell B.; Swolin B.; Weinfeld A., 1982:
The relation of platelet kinetics to bone marrow megakaryocytes in chronic granulocytic leukemia

Ungerer J.A.; Sigman M., 1984:
The relation of play and sensorimotor behavior to language in the 2nd year

Healey, L.A.; Sheets, P.K., 1988:
The relation of polymyalgia rheumatica to rheumatoid arthritis

Martin S.B.; Abawi G.S.; Hoch H.C., 1986:
The relation of population densities of the antagonist laetisaria arvalis to seedling diseases of table beet incited by pythium ultimum

To, L.P.; Tamarin, R.H., 1977:
The relation of population density and adrenal gland weight in cycling and noncycling voles microtus

Murphy, J.; Zhang, W.J.; Macaulay, W.; Fasman, G.; Merrifield, R.B., 1987:
The relation of predicted structure to observed conformation and activity of glucagon analogs containing replacements at positions 19, 22, and 23

Bontempo, F.A.; Lewis, J.H.; Van Thiel, D.H.; Spero, J.A.; Ragni, M.V.; Butler, P.; Israel, L.; Starzl, T.E., 1985:
The relation of preoperative coagulation findings to diagnosis, blood usage, and survival in adult liver transplantation

Eisenberg N.; Tryon K.; Cameron E., 1984:
The relation of preschoolers peer interaction to their sex typed toy choices

Roth K.; Eisenberg N.; Sell E.R., 1984:
The relation of preterm and full term infants temperament to test taking behaviors and developmental status

Weinberger, M.; Hendeles, L.; Bighley, L., 1978:
The relation of product formulation to absorption of oral theophylline

Schärli, A.F., 1981:
The relation of professor Hirschsprung

Zajdela, A.; D.L.Riva, L.S.; Ghossein, N.A., 1979:
The relation of prognosis to the nuclear diameter of breast cancer cells obtained by cytologic aspiration

Toms, G.L.; Davies, J.A.; Woodward, C.G.; Sweet, C.; Smith, H., 1977:
The relation of pyrexia and nasal inflammatory response to virus levels in nasal washings of ferrets infected with influenza viruses of differing virulence

Eisenberg N.; Pasternack J.F.; Cameron E.; Tryon K., 1984:
The relation of quantity and mode of prosocial behavior to moral cognitions and social style

Israelewski N., 1979:
The relation of radiation sensitivity to pro nuclear chromosome structure part 2 differences in radiation sensitivity between 2 stocks of phryne cincta characterized by low or high crossing over frequency

Israelewski, N., 1978:
The relation of radiation sensitivity to pronuclear chromosome structure part 1 different radiation sensitivities between drosophila melanogaster and phryne cincta

Brackin, M.F., 1978:
The relation of rank to physiological state in cnemidophorus sexlineatus dominance hierarchies

Wimmer M.; Wilmering B.; Sasse D., 1985:
The relation of rat liver wet weight to dry weight

Gordon D.M., 1983 :
The relation of recruitment rate to activity rhythms in the harvester ant pogonomyrmex barbatus hymenoptera formicidae

Mollick, L.R.; Messer, S.B., 1978:
The relation of reflection impulsivity to intelligence tests

Kimball, R.F., 1978:
The relation of repair phenomena to mutation induction in bacteria

Krzyzanowski, M.; Kauffmann, F., 1988:
The relation of respiratory symptoms and ventilatory function to moderate occupational exposure in a general population. Results from the French PAARC study of 16,000 adults

Fulton A.B.; Hansen R.M., 1988:
The relation of rhodopsin and scotopic retinal sensitivity in sector retinitis pigmentosa

Fulton A.B.; Hansen R.M., 1987:
The relation of rhodopsin and scotopic sensitivity in choroideremia

Mcquillan D.J.; Handley C.J.; Robinson H.C.; N.K.; Tzaicos C., 1986:
The relation of rna synthesis to chondroitin sulfate biosynthesis in cultured bovine cartilage

Noble, D., 1972:
The relation of Rushton's 'liminal length' for excitation to the resting and active conductances of excitable cells

Adams, D.B., 1976:
The relation of scent marking olfactory investigation and specific postures in the isolation induced fighting of rats

Lacher, M.R., 1976:
The relation of serial recall performance to verbal and nonverbal encoding strategies in middle class and lower class children

Sapozhnikov, I.I., 1977:
The relation of serum cholesterol content and arterial blood pressure level to the abo blood group phenotype in middle aged males

Rugh, R., 1976:
The relation of sex, age, and weight of mice to microwave radiation sensitivity

Macintosh, R.A.; Paul, A.J., 1977:
The relation of shell length to total weight tissue weight edible meat weight of the gastropods neptunea heros neptunea lyrata neptunea pribiloffensis and neptunea ventricosa of the eastern bering sea

Alpers, D.H., 1972:
The relation of size to the relative rates of degradation of intestinal brush border proteins

Conroy, R.M.; Cahill, S.; Mulcahy, R.; Johnson, H.; Graham, I.M.; Hickey, N., 1986:
The relation of social class to risk factors, rehabilitation, compliance and mortality in survivors of acute coronary heart disease

Andrews, G.; Tennant, C.; Hewson, D.; Schonell, M., 1978:
The relation of social factors to physical and psychiatric illness

Knox S.S.; Theorell T.; Svensson J.C.; Waller D., 1985:
The relation of social support and working environment to medical variables associated with elevated blood pressure in young males a structural model

Kormanik G.A.; Evans D.H., 1982:
The relation of sodium and chloride extrusion in opsanus beta the gulf toadfish acclimated to sea water

Van Rossum, G.D., 1972:
The relation of sodium and potassium ion transport to the respiration and adenine nucleotide content of liver slices treated with inhibitors of respiration

Dunson W.A., 1980:
The relation of sodium and water balance to survival in sea water of estuarine and fresh water races of the snakes nerodia fasciata nerodia sipedon and nerodia valida

Sukhareva-Nemakova, N.N.; Kalenik, N.M., 1976:
The relation of some physicochemical properties of flagellate lipids to their anti tumor effect

Chalupova V.; Lenhart K.; Lysek H., 1979:
The relation of some physiological and biochemical characters of mutants of the fungus botryotrichum piluliferum to ovicidal activity

Naiki, T.; Kageyama, K.; Ikegami, H., 1978:
The relation of spore density of plasmodiophora brassicae to the root hair infection and club formation in chinese cabbage studies on the clubroot of cruciferous plant part 2

Parvinen, T.; Larmas, M., 1981:
The relation of stimulated salivary flow rate and pH to Lactobacillus and yeast concentrations in saliva

Lin, C.C.; Sheu, S.H.; Lai, S.M.; Lai, H.M.; Kuo, H.T., 1987:
The relation of straight back syndrome to mitral valve prolapse

Gil K.M.; Keefe F.J.; Sampson H.A.; Mccaskill C.C.; Rodin J.; Crisson J.E., 1987:
The relation of stress and family environment to atopic dermatitis symptoms in children

Olunloyo, O.A., 1978:
The relation of sugary exudate and insects to fungal infection of developing cashew nuts anacardium occidentale in the plantation

Juhasz F.; Balazs G.; Stenszky V.; Kozma L.; Farid N.R., 1986:
The relation of susceptibility to and biologic behavior of thyroid epithelial cell cancer of hla dr 1

Bruce M.F., 1980:
The relation of tactile thresholds to histology in the fingers of elderly people

Moya F.; Silbert D.F.; Glaser L., 1979:
The relation of temperature and lipid composition to cell adhesion

Walters, M.S., 1977:
The relation of temperature to pre leptotene chromosome contraction in lilium

Neumann, J.; Ke, B.; Dilley, R.A., 1970:
The relation of the 515 nm absorbance change to atp formation in chloroplasts and digitonin sub chloroplast particles

Katsuno S., 1983:
The relation of the behavioral and morphological changes of the spermatozoa in the male reproductive organ to fertilization of antheraea yamamai lepidoptera saturniidae

Jiang H., 1986:
The relation of the essential meteorological factors and sucrose content at the milling sugarcane ripening stage of 1984 85

Ivanenko, G.F.; Graevskaya, B.M., 1977:
The relation of the glycogen content in peripheral blood leukocytes of mice of various lines to their radio sensitivity/

Payne, N.R.; Ferrieri, P., 1985:
The relation of the Ibc protein antigen to the opsonization differences between strains of type II group B streptococci

Chlebovská, K.; Chlebovský, O., 1987:
The relation of the individual variability of serum proteins to the mortality of rats after irradiation

Johnson, B.F.; Haffajee, C.I.; Woodman, T.; Sloan, K.L., 1988:
The relation of the kinetics of pirmenol to its antiarrhythmic efficacy

Widger W.R.; Farchaus J.W.; Cramer W.A.; Dilley R.A., 1984:
The relation of the molecular weight 9000 phospho protein to cytochrome b 559 in spinach thylakoid membranes

Trammer J., 1983:
The relation of the morphological type of a sponge to water turbulence

Bondy, S.C.; Hall, D.L., 1986:
The relation of the neurotoxicity of organic tin and lead compounds to neurotubule disaggregation

Tikhomirova M.M., 1980:
The relation of the organism radio resistance to the level of repair process

Gieszczykiewicz, J.; Wojtusiak, R.J., 1978:
The relation of the shrieking sounds emitted by a capuchin monkey cebus griseus to the time of sunrise

Penttinen, H.K.; Uotila, L., 1981:
The relation of the soluble thiamin tri phosphatase ec activity of various rat tissues to nonspecific phosphatases

Keng S.B.; O.R., 1983:
The relation of the vibrating line to the fovea palatini and soft palate contour in edentulous patients

Pokalev, G.M.; Kitaeva, N.D.; Stolyar, G.M.; Shabanov, V.A., 1977:
The relation of the z potential of erythrocytes to the degree of their aggregation in hypertensive and ischemic diseases of the heart

Silberman, H.; Eisenberg, D.; Ryan, J.; Shofler, R.; Niland, J.; Kaptein, E.; Nicoloff, J.; Spencer, C., 1988:
The relation of thyroid indices in the critically ill patient to prognosis and nutritional factors

Cather J.N.; Render J.A.; Freeman G., 1986:
The relation of time to direction and equality of cleavage in ilyanassa obsoleta embryos

Baggott, J.P.; Langdon, R.G., 1970:
The relation of tpnh cytochrome c reductase structure to its interaction with cofactors

Zhu, K.M.; He, S.P.; Pan, X.Q.; Zheng, X.R.; Gu, Y.A., 1987:
The relation of urinary cations to blood pressure in boys aged seven to eight years

Ostashevskii, I.Y. ; Sungurov, A.Y., 1977:
The relation of uv fluorescence intensity of cells to cell size

Davis J.A.; Whipp B.J.; Wasserman K., 1980:
The relation of ventilation to metabolic rate during moderate exercise in man

Shanley, J.D.; Pesanti, E.L., 1985:
The relation of viral replication to interstitial pneumonitis in murine cytomegalovirus lung infection

Schwassmann, H.O.; Krag, M.H., 1970:
The relation of visual field defects to retinotectal topography in teleost fish

Slee, P.T., 1986:
The relation to temperament and other factors to children's kindergarten adjustment

Paniagua F.A., 1985:
The relational definition of reinforcement comments on circularity

Wier, C.C.; Schlauch, R.S.; Norton, S.J., 1984:
The relations among critical ratios, critical bands, and intensity difference limens in man

Adams G.R.; Markstrom C.A.; Abraham K.G., 1987:
The relations among identity development self consciousness and self focusing during middle and late adolescence

Van Densen W.L.T.; Vijverberg J., 1982:
The relations between 0 plus fish density zoo plankton size and the vulnerability of pike perch stizostedion lucioperca to angling in the frisian lakes the netherlands

Brower J.C., 1987:
The relations between allometry phylogeny and functional morphology in some calceocrinid crinoids

Hughes J.M.R., 1986:
The relations between aquatic plant communities and lake characteristics on macquarie island south pacific ocean

Ikeda, O.; Takasaki, Y.; Yasukouchi, A., 1978:
The relations between body composition and aerobic work capacity in fukuoka japan residents aged 12 13 and 18 19 years

Meshal A.H.; Morcos S.A., 1980:
The relations between chlorinity conductivity ratio and salinity in the water of lake qarun egypt

Wang X Y.; Zheng G C., 1985:
The relations between chromosome aberration and the intercellular chromatin migration in pollen mother cells of vicia faba

Tohara S.; Sato I.; Sasa H., 1981:
The relations between environmental factors and physiological responses and the interrelations between physiological responses in swine

Lun A.; Gross J.; Pohle R.; Odarjuk J., 1985:
The relations between erythrocytic and central nervous system parameters following postnatal hypobaric hypoxia of the rat

Vidal J M., 1980:
The relations between filial and sexual imprinting in the domestic fowl effects of age and social experience

Saenger, K., 1977:
The relations between grasshoppers orthoptera saltatoria and the spatial structure of their habitats

Townsend D.W., 1983:
The relations between larval fishes and zoo plankton in 2 inshore areas of the gulf of maine usa

Balaguer N.P., 1982:
The relations between micro arthropods and organic matter collembolans and pine litter

Davids, C., 1973:
The relations between mites of the genus unionicola and the mussels anodonta and unio

Close, R.I., 1972:
The relations between sarcomere length and characteristics of isometric twitch contractions of frog sartorius muscle

Urban F.; Bouska J.; Tersch P.; Pytloun J.; Teslik V., 1987:
The relations between selected conformation traits and the efficiency of first calvers

Fiedler H.J.; Hunger W.; Mueller K.; Skodawessely K., 1980:
The relations between soil nutritive condition and growth performance of larch larix decidua

Vette M.; Petzoldt R.; Engel S.; Roeder B.; Reichmann G., 1985:
The relations between sperm motility and the contents of unsaturated fatty acids as well as the osmotic volume changes of human spermatozoa

Hertz, R.; Barenholz, Y., 1977:
The relations between the composition of liposomes and their interaction with triton x 100

Portelli G., 1982:
The relations between the pre codons of overlapping genes

Taka S.; Kitakata M.; Wada T., 1982:
The relations between the saury cololabis saira and its food organisms especially calanus plumchrus in the southeast waters of the kuril islands ussr during the summer

Bachman, E.E.; Sines, J.O.; Watson, J.A.; Lauer, R.M.; Clarke, W.R., 1986:
The relations between type A behavior, clinically relevant behavior, academic achievement, and IQ in children

Newton H.M.V.; Sheltawy M.; Hay A.W.M.; Morgan B., 1985:
The relations between vitamin d 2 and d 3 in the diet and plasma 25 hydroxyvitamin d 2 and 25 hydroxyvitamin d 3 in elderly women in great britain uk

Carter N.L.; Keen K.; Waugh R.L.; Murray N.; Bulteau V.G., 1981:
The relations of eye color and smoking to noise induced permanent threshold shift

Tu, Y.C., 1977:
The relations of foliage osmotic potential and environmental factors to the systemic insecticidal action of systox

Gilyarov A.M., 1988:
The relations of organicism and reductionism as the main methodological approaches to ecology

Tsai Shia C., 1979:
The relations of population dynamics of the armyworm leucania separata to relative humidity and rainfall

Tan Z.; Dong Y.; Fang Y.; Gao R., 1984:
The relations of seed dormancy with abscisic acid and seed coat in korean pine pinus koraiensis

Lazaroviçi, P.; Pener, M.P., 1978:
The relations of the pars intercerebralis, corpora allata, and juvenile hormone to oocyte development and oviposition in the African migratory locust

Vassalle, M., 1977:
The relationship among cardiac pacemakers. Overdrive suppression

Meek A.H.; Martin S.W.; Stone J.B.; Mcmillan I.; Britney J.B.; Grieve D.G., 1986:
The relationship among current management systems production disease and drug usage on ontario canada dairy farms

Berven K.A.; Chadra B.G., 1988:
The relationship among egg size density and food level on larval development in the wood frog rana sylvatica

Hebben N.; Benjamins D.; Milberg W.P., 1981:
The relationship among handedness sighting dominance and acuity dominance in elementary school children

Obrist, P.A.; Gaebelein, C.J.; Teller, E.S.; Langer, A.W.; Grignolo, A.; Light, K.C.; Mccubbin, J.A., 1978:
The relationship among heart rate carotid change in pressure with time and blood pressure in humans as a function of the type of stress

Matsukura, H.; Takeda, H.; Tachiki, T.; Sakai, K.; Tanabe, T.; Muramatsu, T., 1986:
The relationship among hemodynamics, biochemical changes and the level of serum adrenaline during extracorporeal circulation

Wise E.H.; Barnes D.R., 1986:
The relationship among life events dysfunctional attitudes and depression

Hurley J.D.; Meminger S.R., 1987:
The relationship among negative attributions conformity and modeling behavior

Jones, R.E.; Guillette, L.J.; Summers, C.H.; Tokarz, R.R.; Crews, D., 1983:
The relationship among ovarian condition, steroid hormones, and estrous behavior in Anolis carolinensis

Macari M.; Zuim S.M.F.; Lucas M.A.D.D., 1985:
The relationship among plasma minerals endocrine glands weights and viscera weights in undernourished runts and control pigs

Kelton J.G.; Carter C.J.; Rodger C.; Bebenek G.; Gauldie J.; Sheridan D.; Kassam Y.B.; Kean W.F.; Buchanan W.W.; E.A., 1984:
The relationship among platelet associated immuno globulin g platelet life span and reticulo endothelial cell function

Jakubczyk, H.; Chmielewski, K.; Tatur, A., 1976:
The relationship among potential respiration rate of a meadow litter its chemical composition and number of micro flora

Lan L.Y.; Gill D.L., 1984:
The relationship among self efficacy stress responses and a cognitive feedback manipulation

Krebs D.; Gillmore J., 1982:
The relationship among the 1st stages of cognitive development role taking abilities and moral development

Ishikawa Y.; Harita Y.; Kawano M., 1987:
The relationship among the movement of the lateral pharyngeal wall soft palate and hearing acuity tympanogram in patients with cleft palate

Barash, I.; Khazzam, S., 1970:
The relationship and properties of pectic glycosidases produced by host and pathogen during anthracnose disease of avocado d

Schirren C.; Ahlhelm W.D., 1987:
The relationship and the profession of andrological patients in the year 1972 until 1981 a statistical analysis

Frijters, J.E.R., 1979:
The relationship between 0.39 0.45 percent l malate content of stored golden delicious apples and their flavor acceptability for consumers

Rosenberg, M.P.; Hoesch, R.; Lee, H.H., 1977:
The relationship between 1 methyl adenine induced surface changes and fertilization in starfish oocytes

Van Doorninck W.J.; Caldwell B.M.; Wright C.; Frankenburg W.K., 1981:
The relationship between 12 month home stimulation and school achievement

Wallace C.R.; Kiser T.E.; Rampacek G.B.; Kraeling R.R., 1985:
The relationship between 13 14 dihydro 15 ketoprostaglandin f 2 alpha and luteinizing hormone secretion in bulls

Bonney R.C.; Reed M.J.; Davidson K.; Beranek P.A.; James V.H.T., 1983:
The relationship between 17 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase activity and estrogen concentrations in human breast tumors and in normal breast tissue

Beranek P.A.; Folkerd E.J.; Newton C.J.; Reed M.J.; Ghilchik M.W.; James V.H.T., 1985:
The relationship between 17 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and breast tumor site and size

Denell, R.E.; Gabor-Miklos, G.L., 1971:
The relationship between 1st and 2nd chromosome segregation ratios from drosophila melanogaster males bearing segregation distorter

Coates R.A.; Read S.E.; Fanning M.M.; Vellend H.; Shepherd F.A.; Johnson J.K., 1986:
The relationship between 2 5a synthetase levels and persistent lymphadenopathy in homosexual men with antibodies to human t cell lymphotropic virus type iii

Williams A., 1982:
The relationship between 2 visual communication systems reading and lip reading

Peteroy E.T.; Pirrello P.E.; Adams N., 1982:
The relationship between 2 wiggins content scales and length of hospitalization

Olszewska M.J.; Osiecka R., 1983:
The relationship between 2c dna content life cycle type systematic position and the dynamics of dna endo replication in parenchyma nuclei during growth and differentiation of roots in some dicotyledonous herbaceous species

Olszewska M.J.; Osiecka R., 1984:
The relationship between 2c dna content systematic position and the level of nuclear dna endoreplication during differentiation of root parenchyma in some dicotyledonous shrubs and trees comparison with herbaceous species

Robertson W.J.; Tobin R.S., 1983:
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The relationship between acid and neutral protease activities and the incidence of soft cooked texture in the muscle tissue of pacific hake merluccius productus infected with kudoa paniformis and or kudoa thyrsitis and held for varying times under different pre freeze chilled storage conditions

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The relationship between activity and chronic back pain

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The relationship between altitude and cyanogenesis in white clover trifolium repens

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The relationship between androgen receptors and the hormonally controlled responses of rat ventral prostate

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The relationship between anticaries activity of monofluorophosphate dentifrices and their performances in laboratory tests

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The relationship between antisocial behavior and affective illness

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The relationship between aquatic toxicity qsars and bioconcentration for some organic chemicals

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The relationship between ATP and an electrogenic pump in the plasma membrane of Neurospora crassa

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The relationship between atrophic gastritis and diet factors in experimental gastric cancer of rat

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The relationship between attention problems in childhood and antisocial behavior eight years later

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The relationship between attitudes to research methodology and psychometric theory and attitudes to mathematics

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The relationship between attitudes towards the desegregation of public facilities and intra psychic factors

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The relationship between auditory exostoses and cold water: a latitudinal analysis

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The relationship between auto interference and the replication of a defective interfering particle

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The relationship between auxin concentration auxin protection and auxin destruction in crown gall cells cultured in vitro

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The relationship between behavioral activity and underwater vocalizations of the white whale delphinapterus leucas

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The relationship between birth history and current fertility in developing countries

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The relationship between blood and vein wall fibrinolytic activities in response to surgical trauma

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The relationship between blood flow and oxygen uptake in the uterine and umbilical circulations

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The relationship between body weight and homo sexual mounting in palmacorixa nana heteroptera corixidae

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The relationship between breast and bottle feeding and respiratory illness in the 1st year of life

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The relationship between bronze birch borer agrilus anxius and birch dieback

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The relationship between brood size and age of effective homeo thermy in nestling house wrens

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The relationship between brown and corky root rot caused by pyrenochaeta lycopersici and yield loss in tomatoes established by the use of artificially infested soils

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The relationship between c3dg concentration and cell count in the synovial fluid in rheumatoid arthritis

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The relationship between cabbage root fly delia brassicae egg laying and volatile hydrolysis products of radish raphanus sativus

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The relationship between cadmium uptake and heavy metal tolerance in the lichen genus peltigera

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The relationship between cadmium, zinc, and birth weight in pregnant women who smoke

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The relationship between caffeine metab contracture of intact muscle and the effect of caffeine metab on reticulum frog rabbit procaine metab

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The relationship between calcium and phosphorus concentrations of human saliva and dental plaque/

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The relationship between calcium exchange and enzyme secretion in the isolated rat pancreas

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The relationship between cannabis and violence: a review

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The relationship between capillary area and red cell eccentricity at radiation induced metamorphosis in rana cyanophlyctis

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The relationship between carbon di oxide assimilation and the metabolism of bentazone in wheat plants

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The relationship between carcinogenic activities of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons and their singlet triplet and singlet triplet splitting energies and phosphorescence lifetimes

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The relationship between cardiac output and effective renal plasma flow in patients with cardiac disease

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The relationship between carya and platycarya juglandaceae and the natural classification of the family

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The relationship between cell density and the nasotemporal division in the rat retina

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The relationship between cell division and melanocyte differentiation in epidermal cultures from mouse embryos

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The relationship between cell injury and osmotic volume reduction 2. red cell lysis correlates with cell volume rather than intra cellular salt concentration

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The relationship between cell injury and osmotic volume reduction 3. freezing injury and frost resistance in winter wheat triticum aestivum

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The relationship between cell injury and osmotic volume reduction 4. behavior of hardy wheat triticum aestivum membrane lipids in mono layer

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The relationship between cell kinetics and histological features of giant cell tumor of the bone

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The relationship between cell membrane potassium ion transport and glycolysis. The effect of ethacrynic acid

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The relationship between cell proliferation and phosphatidylinositol metabolism in skeletal muscle cells in culture

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The relationship between cell size and cell number and the distance from the root tip to the region of phloem initiation in groundnuts arachis hypogaea cultivar bukene red

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The relationship between cell size and chloroplast number in the spores of a moss polytrichum

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The relationship between cell size yield and sucrose concentration of the sugar beet beta vulgaris root

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The relationship between cellulase and toxin production of physiological races of helminthosporium oryzae and their pathogenicity

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The relationship between census results and the breeding population of birds in subalpine birch forests

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The relationship between centrioles micro tubules and cell plate initiation in chlorella pyrenoidosa

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The relationship between cereal participation and crop rotation structure

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The relationship between cerebral blood flow and the electro encephalogram in normals

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The relationship between cerebral hemodynamics and audio vestibulometric parameters in meniere's disease

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The relationship between cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen and cerebral blood flow in the acute phase of head injury

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The relationship between cerebro spinal fluid creatine kinase and morphologic changes in the brain after transient cardiac arrest

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The relationship between changes in condition and body composition in young tilapia rendalli

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The relationship between changing values of pregnancy associated plasma protein a in late pregnancy and the onset of labor

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The relationship between chemically analyzed phosphorus fractions and bioavailable phosphorus

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The relationship between chemiosmotic parameters and sensitivity to anions and organic acids in the acidophile thiobacillus ferrooxidans

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The relationship between children's drawings and preferences for alternative depictions of a familiar object

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The relationship between children's judgments of animacy and sentiency another look

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The relationship between children's locus of control and perceptions of home school and peers

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The relationship between childrens and parents heights in the age range 0 6 years

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The relationship between cholelithiasis and diabetes mellitus: discussion of age, obesity, hyperlipidemia and neuropathy

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The relationship between choline phosphate phosphatase alkaline phosphatase ec and phosphatidyl choline biosynthesis in hela cells

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The relationship between chromatid interference and the mapping function

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The relationship between chromium vi uptake sulfate uptake and chromium vi toxicity in the estuarine diatom thalassiosira pseudonana

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The relationship between circulating free and bound insulin, insulin antibodies, insulin dosage and diabetic control in insulin treated diabetics

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The relationship between circulation and metabolism during exercise

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The relationship between classification and questioning strategies among adults

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The relationship between clay content and 15 bar moisture retention for some fijian soils

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The relationship between clearance of theophylline and age within the adult age range

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The relationship between climate and annual cycles in the cotingidae

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The relationship between climatic factors and forearm length of bats evidence from the chiropterofauna of lesvos island greece east aegean

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The relationship between clinical diagnosis and placental findings for 561 placentae delivered less than 32 weeks of gestation

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The relationship between clinical picture and serum creatine phospho kinase levels in motor neuron diseases

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The relationship between cognitive and erectile measures of sexual arousal in non rapist males as a function of depicted aggression

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The relationship between cognitive and somatic measures in the assessment of anxiety

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The relationship between cognitive failures, psychoneurotic symptoms and sex

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The relationship between collagen and complement c 1q biosynthesis in cultured human fibroblasts

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The relationship between color discrimination and visual acuity in senile macular degeneration

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The relationship between columnar epithelial dysplasia and invasive adenocarcinoma arising in Barrett's esophagus

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The relationship between complement and blood coagulation system in toxemia of pregnancy

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The relationship between concentrations of prostaglandin a 1 prostaglandin e 1 prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin e 2x and rates of cell proliferation

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The relationship between condition factor and meat yield of wild oyster crassostrea cucullata born

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The relationship between condition of recipient cornea and results of penetrating keratoplasty

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The relationship between conformation and nature of side chains in linear oligo peptides homologous series derived from beta branched amino acid residues

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The relationship between conidial germination and esterase activities in Neurospora crassa

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The relationship between conidiation and alkaloid production in saprophytic strains of Claviceps purpurea

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The relationship between construction and substratum in mechanically boring lamellibranchiata pholadidae teredinidae

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The relationship between control milkings during 1st lactation and milk yield in 3 successive lactations in polish mountain sheep

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The relationship between cooperativity coefficients factorability of the allo steric binding polynomial and curve shape

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The relationship between copper molybdenum and sulfur in ruminant and nonruminant animals a preview

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The relationship between cortically induced mandibular movements and lateral pterygoid and digastric muscle electromyographic activity in the anesthetized guinea pig

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The relationship between craniofacial morphology head posture and spinal curvature in 8 11 and 15 year old children

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The relationship between crop size and egg production in rhodnius prolixus

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The relationship between crop yield or mean plant weight of lettuce and plant density length of growing period and initial plant weight

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The relationship between croup and asthma

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The relationship between cumulus cell oocyte coupling oocyte meiotic maturation and cumulus expansion

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The relationship between cupric ion activity and the toxicity of copper to phyto plankton

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The relationship between cutaneous blood flow and rate of incorporation of iodine 125 labeled fibrinogen into a cutaneous vein thrombus

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The relationship between cutaneous gland development and milk yield of dairy cows

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The relationship between cyanide resistant root respiration and the storage of sugars in the tap root in daucus carota cultivar amsterdamse bak

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The relationship between cyclic amp and biochemical events in rat skin after the induction of epidermal hyperplasia using hexa decane

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The relationship between dark adaptation and vitamin a and carotene concentration in the serum

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The relationship between deciduous tooth eruption and the stature and weight of infants

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The relationship between degrees of development of tooth iso grafts and the subsequent formation of bone and periodontal ligament

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The relationship between dendritic growth of cortical neurons and the ontogeny of conditioned and unconditioned reflex control

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The relationship between density and distance of dispersing insects

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The relationship between dependency and the development of cancer

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The relationship between descending serotonin projections and ascending projections in the nucleus raphe magnus a double labeling study

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The relationship between desensitization of adrenoreceptors and their specific sensitivity

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The relationship between detection and recognition

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The relationship between developing somites and closure of the neural tube in the chick embryo gallus gallus domesticus

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The relationship between development of the citrus root system and infestation by tylenchulus semipenetrans

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The relationship between deviations in x ray angulation and images of proximal overlapping on bite wing radiographs

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The relationship between diabetic control and individual and family characteristics

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The relationship between diagnostic information obtained from 3 tests for detecting mild diabetes mellitus

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The relationship between diet parasites and eosinophils in sheep

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The relationship between dietary calcium and blood pressure in the elderly

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The relationship between dietary lipid levels and alpha tocopherol requirement of rainbow trout

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The relationship between dietary pattern and health of students

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The relationship between differences in regional growth rates and changes in shape during human fetal craniofacial growth

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The relationship between different staging methods and survival in colorectal carcinoma

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The relationship between diffusible extractable and conjugated base labile forms of iaa in isolated coleoptile tips of zea mays

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The relationship between digit span and cognitive processing across ability groups

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The relationship between digital and ocular vasospasm

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The relationship between dipeptidase activity variation and larval viability in Drosophila melanogaster

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The relationship between disease in crassostrea virginica gmelin and thermal effluents in the chesapeake delaware bay area usa

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The Relationship between disorders of bladder and bowel function and neurological symptomatology with spinal lesions

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The relationship between disseminated intra vascular coagulation and purpuric eruptions in meningococcal meningitis

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The relationship between dissimilatory nitrate reduction and oxygen uptake by cells of an alcaligenes strain in flocs and in suspension and by activated sludge flocs

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The relationship between dive and pre dive heart rates in restrained and free dives by diving ducks

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The relationship between dna replication and the induction of sporulation in bacillus subtilis

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The relationship between dna value and chromosome volume in the coleopteran genus dermestes

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The relationship between dominance and leadership in a flock of ewes

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The relationship between dominance and spawning in herotilapia multispinosa pisces cichlidae

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The relationship between dominance behavior bill size and age group in greater sheathbills chionis alba

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The relationship between dose and pharmaco kinetics of ceftriaxone

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The relationship between drinking patterns at therapy termination and intake and termination status on social variables: a replication study

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The relationship between drug abuse and mental illness

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The relationship between drug input and mean residence time in the body

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The relationship between duffy blood group and plasmodium vivax

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The relationship between duration of t interval and plasma ionized calcium concentration experiments with acute steady state calcium ii changes in the dog

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The relationship between early and late radiation damage in rodents' skin

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The relationship between early and late receptor potentials under various experimental conditions

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The relationship between early and late season disease assessments of northern leaf blight of maize

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The relationship between ecology and the incidence of cooperative breeding in australian birds

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The relationship between edematous gastric polyposis and gastric cancer problems of diagnosis and treatment

Sakamoto N.; Furuyama Y.; Iwabuchi H., 1985:
The relationship between effects of surface layer nitrogen application to paddy fields and temperature from transplanting to the tillering stage in hokkaido japan

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The relationship between egg shell porosity and oxygen consumption of the embryo in the domestic fowl

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The relationship between egg size and acid tolerance in rana sylvatica

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The relationship between egg size and chick size in the laughing gull and japanese quail

Kunimatsu Y., 1987:
The relationship between eggshell qualities and length of clutch in hens

Côté, J.E.; Levine, C., 1988:
The relationship between ego identity status and Erikson's notions of institutionalized moratoria, value orientation stage, and ego dominance

Carp C., 1979:
The relationship between electrical activity and myo cardial contractility following acute coronary occlusion

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The relationship between electrical callus formation and the amount of electricity

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The relationship between electrical resistance and severity of decline symptoms in acer saccharum

Corlett E.N.; Manenica I.; Goillau P.J., 1983:
The relationship between electro myographic activity of the sacrospinalis and reported back discomfort

Ajduković, D., 1984:
The relationship between electrode area and sensory qualities in electrical human tongue stimulation

Uvarova, L.G.; Titaeva, M.A., 1985:
The relationship between electroencephalographic parameters following a single dose of phenazepam and the drug's efficacy in a course of therapy in patients with borderline neuropsychic disorders

Cordier J L.; Butsch B.M.; Birou B.; Von Stockar U., 1987:
The relationship between elemental composition and heat of combustion of microbial biomass

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The relationship between emerging neural crest cells and basement membranes in the trunk of the mouse embryo: a TEM and immunocytochemical study

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The relationship between emotional maturity and drinking and driving involvement among young adults

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The relationship between encephalitogenic factor ad myelin

Yonezawa F., 1985:
The relationship between encystment and the phases of cell cycle in euplotes encysticus ciliophora

Raffel C.; Sell S., 1982:
The relationship between endocytosis of concanavalin a and phyto hem agglutinin receptors and blast transformation and direct identification of individual rabbit lymphocytes reactive to both mitogens

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The relationship between endogenous hyper prolactinemia and plasma aldo sterone

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The relationship between endothelial dysfunction and collagen accumulation in irradiated rat lung

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The relationship between energy expenditure and environmental temperature in congenitally obese and non-obese Zucker rats

Knight, M.; Klee, W.A., 1978:
The relationship between enkephalin degradation and opiate receptor occupancy

Bakken G., 1982:
The relationship between environmental conditions and bovine udder diseases in norwegian dairy herds

Ishihara, K.R.S.; Ogura, T., 1978:
The relationship between environmental factors and behavior of stomata in rice plants 6. comparison between the diurnal course of the stomatal aperture of rice plants grown in the border and interior of paddy fields

Ishihara, K.; Sago, R.; Ogura, T., 1978:
The relationship between environmental factors and behavior of stomata in the rice plants 5. effects of partial excision of root system on diurnal course of stomatal aperture

Ishihara, K.; Ebara, H.; Hirasawa, T.; Ogura, T., 1978:
The relationship between environmental factors and behavior of stomata in the rice plants 7. the relation between nitrogen content in leaf blades and stomatal aperture

Hirasawa, T.; Ishihara, K., 1978:
The relationship between environmental factors and water status in the rice plant 1. leaf water potential leaf water content on an areal basis and water saturation deficit in leaf blades

Hirasawa, T.; Ishihara, K., 1979:
The relationship between environmental factors and water status in the rice plant 2. leaf water potential and xylem water potential

Hirasawa, T.; Araki, T.; Ishihara, K., 1984:
The relationship between environmental factors and water status in the rice plant 3. leaf and xylem water potentials of leaves on the different position of a stem

Wells, F.E., 1978:
The relationship between environmental variables and the density of the mud snail hydrobia totteni in a nova scotia canada salt marsh

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The relationship between enzyme activity cell geometry and fitness in saccharomyces cerevisiae

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The relationship between epidemic influenza a h 1n 1 and abo blood groups

Trimble, M., 1977:
The relationship between epilepsy and schizophrenia: a biochemical hypothesis

Van Cauter E.; Desir D.; Refetoff S.; Spire J P.; Noel P.; L'hermite M.; Robyn C.; Copinschi G., 1982:
The relationship between episodic variations of plasma prolactin and rapid eye movement non rapid eye movement cyclicity is an artifact

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The relationship between erythropoietin dependent cellular differentiation and colony forming ability in pre natal hemopoietic tissues

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The relationship between estradiol metabolism and adrenal steroids in the endometrium of postmenopausal women with and without endometrial cancer

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The relationship between estrogen concentration and estrus behaviors during the estrus cycle of the giant panda ailuropoda melanoleuca

Geneve R.L.; Heuser C.W., 1983:
The relationship between ethephon and auxin on adventitious root initiation in cuttings of vigna radiata cultivar berken

Plooij F.X., 1985:
The relationship between ethology and pedology

Inomoto T.; Sawada Y.; Ogo K., 1985:
The relationship between exercise diuresis and running load

Yamasaki T.; Otsuki M.; Kanda T.; Suehiro I.; Maeda M.; Oki A.; Yuu H.; Baba S., 1984:
The relationship between exocrine and endocrine pancreatic functions the exocrine pancreatic function in diabetics assessed by the pfd test

Knight R.G.; Thirkettle J.A., 1987:
The relationship between expectation of pregnancy and birth and transient depression in the immediate post partum period

Abernethy B.; Russell D.G., 1987:
The relationship between expertise and visual search strategy in a racquet sport

Wakabayashi M.; Kikuchi M.; Sato A.; Yoshida T., 1981:
The relationship between exposure concentration and bio accumulation of surfactants

Sokal J.A.; Kralkowska E., 1985 :
The relationship between exposure duration carboxyhemoglobin blood glucose pyruvate and lactate and the severity of intoxication in 39 cases of acute carbon monoxide poisoning in man

Mitran E.; Dragusanu S.; Popescu G.; Dragnea P.; David V.; Marinescu D.; Cristescu M.; Negoescu R.; Georgian L., 1982:
The relationship between exposure of workers to chlorinated hydro carbons and some neurologic psychologic and genetic modifications

Whitnall M.H.; Grafstein B., 1981:
The relationship between extracellular amino acids and protein synthesis is altered axonal regeneration

Sela J.; Bab I.A., 1979:
The relationship between extracellular matrix vesicles and calcospherites in primary mineralization of neoplastic bone tissue transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy studies on osteo sarcoma

Crane, S.A.; Fenaughty, J.M.; Gauldie, R.W., 1987:
The relationship between eye diameter and fork length in the spiny oreo dory allocyttus sp note

Shepherd M.; Findlay J.M.; Hockey R.J., 1986:
The relationship between eye movements and spatial attention

Kimlicka, T.A.; Sheppard, J.A.; Sheppard, P.L.; Wakefield, J.A.J., 1988:
The relationship between eysenck's personality dimensions and bem's masculinity and femininity scales

Saklofske D.H., 1985:
The relationship between eysencks major personality dimensions and simultaneous and sequential processing in children

Gentry, P.A., 1984:
The relationship between factor XI coagulant and factor XI antigenic activity in cattle

Osborne M.P.; Rosen P.P.; Lesser M.L.; Schwartz M.K.; Menendez Botet C.J.; Fishman J.H.; Kinne D.W.; Beattie E.J.Jr, 1983:
The relationship between family history exposure to exogenous hormones and estrogen receptor protein in breast cancer

Yakovleva, K.K.; Shul'man, G.E., 1976:
The relationship between fat and moisture in the liver and muscles of the scorpionfish scorpaena porcus/

Parkes R.J.; Taylor J., 1983:
The relationship between fatty acid distributions and bacterial respiratory types in contemporary marine sediments

Poplin F., 1986:
The relationship between fauna and bestiary in terms of prehistory and the prehistorian

Rogers M.J.; Moore R.; Cohen J., 1985:
The relationship between fecal endotoxin and fecal microflora of the c 57bl mouse

Cook, R., 1977:
The relationship between feeding and fecundity of females of heterodera avenae

Hsu Y L.; W.J.L., 1979:
The relationship between feeding habits and digestive proteases of some fresh water fishes

Wiley M.J.; Pescitelli S.M.; Wike L.D., 1986:
The relationship between feeding preferences and consumption rates in grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella and grass carp x bighead carp hypophthalmichthys nobilis hybrids

Hammond P.; Mouat G.S.V., 1985:
The relationship between feline pupil size and luminance

James, J.; Gosho, C.; Wohl, R.W., 1979:
The relationship between female criminality and drug use

Thomas D.C., 1982:
The relationship between fertility and fat reserves of peary caribou rangifer tarandus pearyi

Vintzileos, A.M.; Gaffney, S.E.; Salinger, L.M.; Campbell, W.A.; Nochimson, D.J., 1987:
The relationship between fetal biophysical profile and cord pH in patients undergoing cesarean section before the onset of labor

Patrick J.; Challis J.R.G.; Cross J.; Olson D.M.; Lye S.J.; Turliuk R., 1987:
The relationship between fetal breathing movements and prostaglandin e 2 during acth induced labor in sheep

Odenheimer, D.J.; Sarnaik, S.A.; Whitten, C.F.; Rucknagel, D.L.; Sing, C.F., 1987:
The relationship between fetal hemoglobin and disease severity in children with sickle cell anemia

Yin F.; Tian D.; Wang C., 1983:
The relationship between fiber gastroscopic picture and tongue inspection

Hampton J.G., 1981:
The relationship between field emergence laboratory germination and vigor testing of new zealand seed wheat triticum aestivum lines

Vadineanu, A.; Muntean, R., 1983:
The relationship between filtering zoo plankton and phyto plankton 2. the influence of algae concentration on the filtration rate

Cosar G., 1985:
The relationship between fimbriae and hemagglutinating activity of salmonella typhimurium strains

Kulczycki G.R.; Virnstein R.W.; Nelson W.G., 1981:
The relationship between fish abundance and algal biomass in a seagrass drift algae community

Palenzona, D.L.; Rocchetta, G.; Jacuzzi, A., 1972:
The relationship between fitness and response to selection in Drosophila melanogaster

Palmer, E.A.; Von-Noorden, G.K., 1978:
The relationship between fixation disparity and heterophoria

Kuleshova, E.V.; Ermilov, L.P.; Nifontov, E.M., 1987:
The relationship between fixed and dynamic coronary obstruction in the pathogenesis of some clinical forms of coronary heart disease

Kelley J.T.; Everett R.; Reilly E.L.; Colton G.S., 1984:
The relationship between flash evoked potentials and evoked amplitude modulation patterns of an applied ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic field in the rat

Docherty D.; Bell R.D., 1985:
The relationship between flexibility and linearity measures in boys and girls 6 15 years of age

Lazda, V.A.; Pollak, R.; Mozes, M.F.; Jonasson, O., 1988:
The relationship between flow cytometer crossmatch results and subsequent rejection episodes in cadaver renal allograft recipients

Loughlin, G.M.; Cota, K.A.; Taussig, L.M., 1981:
The relationship between flow transients and bronchial lability in cystic fibrosis

Jin S P.; Jin S M.; Cao G Y.; Ren X C., 1986:
The relationship between flowering induction and the changes of some phosphatase activities in pharbitis nil

Jin S P.; Jin S M.; Lian H K.; Ren X C., 1986:
The relationship between flowering induction and the level of atp in pharbitis nil

Zimmerman M.; Gross R.S., 1984:
The relationship between flowering phenology and seed set in an herbaceous perennial plant polemonium foliosissimum

Mathewson P.R.; Seabourn B.W., 1988:
The relationship between fluorescence and absorbance of some o phthaldialdehyde derivatives the basis for a new method for distinguishing exoproteinase and endoproteinase activities

Speirs R.L., 1986:
The relationship between fluoride concentrations in serum and in mineralized tissues in the rat

Garrec J.P.; Audigier C., 1980:
The relationship between fluoride content of needles and decrease in yield in conifer picea abies forests subject to fluorine pollution

Harrison, J.E.; Bayley, T.A.; Josse, R.G.; Murray, T.M.; Sturtridge, W.; Williams, C.; Goodwin, S.; Tam, C.; Fornasier, V., 1986:
The relationship between fluoride effects on bone histology and on bone mass in patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis

Stilwell, T.C.; Arscott, T.G., 1978:
The relationship between fluoride titratable reactive soil aluminum and plant growth

Botero-Ruiz, W.; Laufer, N.; DeCherney, A.H.; Polan, M.L.; Haseltine, F.P.; Behrman, H.R., 1984:
The relationship between follicular fluid steroid concentration and successful fertilization of human oocytes in vitro

Stamps J.A.; Tanaka S., 1981:
The relationship between food and social behavior in juvenile lizards anolis aeneus

Savory, C.J., 1978:
The relationship between food and water intake and the effects of water restriction on laying brown leghorn hens

Lamprecht, J., 1978:
The relationship between food competition and foraging group size in some larger carnivores a hypothesis

Lee, S.S.; Wong, I.M., 1978:
The relationship between food plants hemolymph protein and ovarian development in oxya japonica orthoptera acrididae

Thompson R.J., 1983:
The relationship between food ration and reproductive effort in the green sea urchin strongylocentrotus droebachiensis

Miaki T.; Yamauchi K.; Katayama H.; Ohashi T.; Tanaka S.; Kawamura O.; Haga S., 1980:
The relationship between forages fed and variations in fatty acid composition of cow milk lipids based on observations of feeding conditions at sumiyoshi japan livestock breeding station

Jukic, S., 1978:
The relationship between formation of deep scattering layer and biological components in the central adriatic

Brugam R.B., 1983:
The relationship between fossil diatom assemblages and limnological conditions

Ferguson, L.R.; Baguley, B.C., 1981:
The relationship between frameshift mutagenicity and dna binding affinity in a series of acridine substituted derivatives of the experimental anti tumor drug 4' 9 acridinylamino methanesulfonanilide

Chauhan B.S.; Desai N.C.; Bhatnagar R.; Garg S.P., 1984:
The relationship between free amino acids and cataract in human lenses

Drozdz, M.; Kucharz, E.; Szyja, J., 1976:
The relationship between free and total hydroxy proline concentration in blood serum and urinary excretion of hydroxy proline in healthy individuals

Baumann P.; Tinguely D.; Koeb L.; Schoepf J.; L.P.K., 1982:
The relationship between free plasma and saliva amitriptyline and nortriptyline

Murphy D.J.; Mccausland E., 1980:
The relationship between freezing and desiccation tolerance in the marine snail ilyanassa obsoleta

Lareau, S.C.; Ryan, K.J.; Diener, C.F., 1978:
The relationship between frequency of ventilator circuit changes and infectious hazard

Messineo F.C.; A.J.; Katz A.M., 1981:
The relationship between frequent and complex ventricular ectopy during 24 hour ambulatory electro cardiographic monitoring

Epstein, L.H.; Abel, G.G.; Collins, F.; Parker, L.; Cinciripini, P.M., 1978:
The relationship between frontalis muscle activity and self reports of head ache pain

Karaian, C.H.; Greenberg, B.H.; Rahimtoola, S.H., 1985:
The relationship between functional class and cardiac performance in patients with chronic aortic insufficiency

Abe, E.; Ishimi, Y.; Tanaka, H.; Miyaura, C.; Nagasawa, H.; Hayashi, T.; Suda, T., 1987:
The relationship between fusion and proliferation in mouse alveolar macrophages

Schor C.M., 1979:
The relationship between fusional vergence eye movements and fixation disparity

Brook, I.; Walker, R.I., 1986:
The relationship between Fusobacterium species and other flora in mixed infection

Qvist, N.; Oster-Jørgensen, E.; Rasmussen, L.; Kraglund, K.; Pedersen, S.A., 1988:
The relationship between gallbladder dynamics and the migrating motor complex in fasting healthy subjects

Higashi T.; Wakao H.; Yamaguchi M.; Suga K., 1988 :
The relationship between gallium 67 accumulation and cell cycle in malignant tumor cells in vitro

Kaufman, Z.S., 1976:
The relationship between gametogenesis and water temperature in marine shelf invertebrates

Bohlen P.; Huot S.; Palfreyman M.G., 1979:
The relationship between gamma amino butyric acid concentrations in brain and cerebro spinal fluid

Kisvarday Z.F.; Cowey A.; Hodgson A.J.; Somogyi P., 1986:
The relationship between gamma aminobutyric acid immunoreactivity and labeling by local uptake of tritiated gamma aminobutyric acid in the striate cortex of monkey

Wallmark B.; Larsson H.; Humble L., 1985:
The relationship between gastric acid secretion and gastric proton potassium atpase activity

Armstrong C.P.; Dent D.M.; Berman P.; Aitken R.J., 1984:
The relationship between gastric carcinoma and gastric juice lactate l plus d and lactate dehydrogenase

Ruiz Mendez A.; Gonzalez Cansino J.; Felicia Pomares L., 1987:
The relationship between gastroduodenal ulcer and blood groups

Geng G.; X.Q.; Hseung Y., 1987:
The relationship between geneses of lime concretion black soil and albic soil and ecological environment

Klein E.; Steinberg S.A.; Weiss S.R.B.; Matthews D.M.; Uhde T.W., 1988:
The relationship between genetic deafness and fear related behavior in nervous pointer dogs

Gregorius H R., 1982:
The relationship between genic and genotypic fitnesses in di ploid populations

Anderson L.K.; Stack S.M.; Fox M.H.; Chuanshan Z., 1985:
The relationship between genome size and synaptonemal complex length in higher plants

Crute I.R.; Phelps K.; Barnes A.; Buczacki S.T.; Crisp P., 1983:
The relationship between genotypes of 3 brassica species and collections of plasmodiophora brassicae

Pihl R.O.; Caron M., 1980:
The relationship between geographic mobility adjustment and personality

Barth, P.G.; Stam, F.C.; Oosterkamp, R.F.; Bezemer, P.D.; Koopman, P.A.R., 1980:
The relationship between germinal layer hemorrhage and telencephalic leuko encephalopathy in the preterm infant

Sasaki, T., 1979:
The relationship between germination rate of rice seeds at low temperature and the subsequent early growth of seedlings 5. germination and emergence of radicle at low temperature

Sasaki, T., 1981:
The relationship between germination rate of rice seeds at low temperature and the subsequent early growth of seedlings 6. effect on the germinability at low temperature and initial growth of seedling by high temperature treatment of rice seeds

Shiraishi, Y., 1977:
The relationship between giemsa bands and late replicating hetero chromatin in human chromosome complement

Fielding A.H.; Kamemoto F.I.; Spencer A.M., 1979:
The relationship between gill sodium potassium atpase activity and osmo regulatory capacity in various crabs

Schacterle, G.; Zaydenberg, M.; Carrel, R., 1985:
The relationship between gingival inflammation and its protein composition

Robinson R.J.; Vitek R.M., 1979:
The relationship between gingival inflammation and resistance to probe penetration

Dausse, J.P.; Duval, D.; Meyer, P.; Gaignault, J.C.; Marchandeau, C.; Raynaud, J.P., 1977:
The relationship between gluco corticoid structure and effects upon thymocytes

Orzalesi N.; Fossarello M.; Sorcinelli R.; Schlich U., 1984:
The relationship between glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and cataracts in sardinia italy an epidemiological and biochemical study

Kuchel P.W.; Chapman B.E.; Lovric V.A.; Raftos J.E.; Stewart I.M.; Thorburn D.R., 1984:
The relationship between glucose concentration and rate of lactate production by human erythrocytes in an open perfusion system

Nair, K.S.S.; Mcewen, F.L.; Snieckus, V., 1976:
The relationship between glucosinolate content of cruciferous plants and oviposition preferences of hylemya brassicae diptera anthomyiidae

Bogusky, R.T.; Lowenstein, L.M.; Aoki, T.T., 1983:
The relationship between glutamate deamination and gluconeogenesis in kidney

Jenkins, D.J.; Wolever, T.M.; Thorne, M.J.; Jenkins, A.L.; Wong, G.S.; Josse, R.G.; Csima, A., 1984:
The relationship between glycemic response, digestibility, and factors influencing the dietary habits of diabetics

Fischer, W.; Schuster, D.; Laine, R.A., 1979:
The relationship between glycero phospho glyco lipids and lipo teichoic acids 4. tri galactosylglycerophosphoacylkojibiosyldiacyl glycerol and related compounds from streptococcus lactis kiel 42172

Demidov, E.D.; Kerimov, S.K. ; Bell, L.N., 1978:
The relationship between glycolic acid excretion and energy provision in illuminated chlorella cells

Balaban R.S.; Bader J.P., 1984:
The relationship between glycolysis and sodium potassium atpase in cultured cells

Higgins T.J.C.; Allsopp D.; Bailey P.J.; D'souza E.D.A., 1981:
The relationship between glycolysis fatty acid metabolism and membrane integrity in neo natal myocytes

West, A.A.; Whiley, R.A.; Marsh, P.D.; Keevil, C.W., 1987:
The relationship between glycosyltransferase production and membrane fatty acid composition of Streptococcus sanguis NCTC 7865 grown in the presence of protonmotive force inhibitors

Yamamoto, H., 1975:
The relationship between gracilariopsis and gracilaria from japan

Cox W.J., 1979:
The relationship between grain yield and plant potassium concentration in lupinus angustifolius cultivar unicrop

Hobson, R.D.; Richards, I.R., 1978:
The relationship between grass nitrogen yield and the total nitrogen supply to cut grass white clover swards

Perkkio J.; Keskinen R., 1985:
The relationship between growth and allometry

Pengelly W.L.; Torrey J.G., 1982:
The relationship between growth and iaa content of roots of pisum sativum cultivar little marvel

Degani G.; Lee Gallagher M., 1985:
The relationship between growth food conversion and oxygen consumption in developed and underdeveloped american eels anguilla rostrata

Gustavsson A.; Mitelman F.; Olofsson T.; Olsson I., 1984 :
The relationship between growth in agar karyotype and prognosis in acute leukemia

Mack, R.W.; Johnston, F.E., 1976:
The relationship between growth in infancy and growth in adolescence: report of a longitudinal study among urban black adolescents

Lindsey K.; Yeoman M.M., 1983:
The relationship between growth rate differentiation and alkaloid accumulation in cell cultures

Schulte P.J.; Hinckley T.M., 1987:
The relationship between guard cell water potential and the aperture of stomata in populus

Evans, R.G.; Schill, T.R.; Monroe, S., 1978:
The relationship between guilt and quality of drug experiences

Morgan, G.M.; Mckenzie, I.F.C.; Melvold, R.W., 1978:
The relationship between h 2 loss mutations of h 2da and h 2db in the mouse

Mclachlan A., 1985:
The relationship between habitat predictability and wing length in midges chironomidae

Choat J.H.; Ayling A.M., 1987:
The relationship between habitat structure and fish faunas on new zealand reefs

Kihara, H.; Matsuda, S.; Yaita, M., 1977:
The relationship between habu trimeresurus flavoviridis venom proteinase and some inhibitors

Itoh H.; Yagi G.; Fujii Y.; Iwamura K.; Ichikawa K., 1984:
The relationship between haloperidol blood levels and clinical responses

Mays S.A., 1985 :
The relationship between harris line formation and bone growth and development

Nichols J.D.; Hines J.E., 1983:
The relationship between harvest and survival rates of mallards anas platyrhynchos a straightforward approach with partitioned data sets

Morris T.M., 1987:
The relationship between haze and the size of particles in beer

Gresty, M.; Halmagyi, G.M.; Leech, J., 1978:
The relationship between head and eye movement in congenital nystagmus with head shaking: objective recordings of a single case

Martin P.R.; Nathan P.R.; Milech D.; Van Keppel M., 1988:
The relationship between headaches and mood

Esaki H.; Matsunaga J.; Maeda M.; Morishige T.; Kunitake E., 1981:
The relationship between health and frequency of dietary intake of women collegians

Fukuhara K.; Yamamoto S., 1984:
The relationship between heart rate and heat production of growing pigs

Tobioka H.; Kikuchi M.; Kato M.; Shibata M.; Kume S.; Takizawa S.; Yagi M.; Nakanishi Y., 1983:
The relationship between heart rate and heat production of japanese brown cattle

Yamamoto S., 1986:
The relationship between heart rate and heat production of laying hens using a fast response calorimetry

Carney R.M.; Rich M.W.; Tevelde A.; Saini J.; Clark K.; Freedland K.E., 1988:
The relationship between heart rate heart rate variability and depression in patients with coronary artery disease

Farkas, M.; Donhoffer, S., 1976:
The relationship between heat production and body temperature in the new born and the adult guinea pig after termination of exposure to hypoxia and hypercapnia with notes on body weight vs body surface as the frame of reference

Klandorf H.; Sharp P.J.; Macleod M.G., 1981:
The relationship between heat production and concentrations of plasma thyroid hormones in the domestic hen

Morris, C.C.; Field, S.B., 1985:
The relationship between heating time and temperature for rat tail necrosis with and without occlusion of the blood supply

Field S.B.; Morris C.C., 1983:
The relationship between heating time and temperature its relevance to clinical hyperthermia

Hindmarsh P.; Smith P.J.; Brook C.G.D.; Matthews D.R., 1987:
The relationship between height velocity and growth hormone secretion in short prepubertal children

Gonella M.; Bartolini V.; Buzzigoli G.; Betti G., 1980:
The relationship between hematocrit and erythrocyte potassium concentration in patients on regular hemo dialysis

Moreira H.W.; Fonseca L.M.D.; Barbieri D.H.G.P., 1983:
The relationship between hematometric parameters and hookworm infection in rural workers from araraquara sao paulo brazil

Walker, S.K., 1976:
The relationship between hemo globin type and reproductive performance in sheep grazing estrogenic and nonestrogenic pastures

Tsunoda K.; Kato H.; Saegusa H.; Shimaoka T., 1986:
The relationship between hemoglobin nadh diaphorase or glutathione types and the metabolism of methemoglobin in sheep erythrocytes

Takahashi, O.; Hiraga, K., 1978:
The relationship between hemorrhage induced by butylated hydroxy toluene and its anti oxidant properties or structural characteristics

Kosugi, I., 1985:
The relationship between hepatic reduced glutathione and survival rate or hepatic ATP in endotoxin injected mice

Reys, L.L.; Purcell, R.H.; Holland, P.V.; Alter, H.J., 1977:
The relationship between hepatitis B virus infection and hepatic cell carcinoma in Mozambique

Gushchin, V.A., 1976:
The relationship between hepatocyte proliferation waves after hepatectomy and the waves of daily rhythm of mitotic activity part 1 the relation of the mitotic waveform and the length of its maximum periods to the time of day of the operation

Asby, C.B.; Gard, R.P.; Watkins, J.H., 1977:
The relationship between herd bulk milk composition and cell count in commercial diary herds

Mennesson J.F.; Maury M.; Azema B.; Garrigues P.; Visier J.P., 1981:
The relationship between hetero aggression and auto aggression in the psychologically disturbed child notion of auto aggressive transparence

Hilliker A.J.; Holm D.G.; Appels R., 1982:
The relationship between hetero chromatic homology and meiotic segregation of compound 2nd autosomes during spermatogenesis in drosophila melanogaster

Mcgloughlin P., 1980:
The relationship between hetero zygosity and heterosis in reproductive traits in mice

Kat P.W., 1982:
The relationship between hetero zygosity for enzyme loci and developmental homeostasis in peripheral population of aquatic bivalves unionidae

Piao Y.J.; Ogawa K.; Ono K.; Abe M., 1983:
The relationship between heterophagy and autophagy in the splenic macrophage of rats after gamma ray irradiation

Francis K.T., 1981:
The relationship between high and low trait psychological stress and serum indicators of stress

Francis K.T., 1981:
The relationship between high and low trait psychological stress serum testosterone and serum cortisol

Brenniman G.R.; Hallenbeck W.H.; Anderson R.J.; Baukus A.T., 1981:
The relationship between high sodium levels in municipally softened drinking water and elevated blood pressures

Katsuno, S., 1977:
The relationship between high temperature treatment during the pupal period and male sterility of the silkworm bombyx mori part 2 on the cause which induced male sterility

Madans, J.; Kleinman, J.C.; Cornoni-Huntley, J., 1983:
The relationship between hip fracture and water fluoridation: an analysis of national data

Foreman, J.C.; Hallett, M.B.; Mongar, J.L., 1977:
The relationship between histamine secretion and calcium 45 uptake by mast cells

Singh L.; Wilson A.J.; Baum M.; Whimster W.F.; Birch I.H.; Jackson I.M.; Lowrey C.; Palmer M.K., 1988:
The relationship between histological grade estrogen receptor status events and survival at 8 years in the nato nolvadex trial

Rodriguez M.A.; Bankhurst A.D.; Williams R.C.Jr; Troup G.M.; Stastny P., 1983:
The relationship between hla dr 4 and in vitro immuno globulin m rheumatoid factor production

Rush C.M., 1987:
The relationship between hollow heart of pea and seed electrolyte loss disease susceptibility and plant growth

Torfs, C.P.; Milkovich, L.; van den Berg, B.J., 1981:
The relationship between hormonal pregnancy tests and congenital anomalies: a prospective study

Grantham Mcgregor S.M.; Stewart M.E., 1980:
The relationship between hospitalization social background severe protein energy mal nutrition and mental development in young jamaican children

Katsunuma, T.; Saheki, T.; Takada, S.; Kusumi, T.; Ozawa, A.; Sawamura, S.; Sase, M., 1976:
The relationship between host and intestinal flora part 1 studies on changes in the kinds of intestinal bacterial flora and concentration of amino acids in various organs of rats in accordance with various dietary conditions

Katsunuma, T.; Saheki, T.; Takada, S.; Kusumi, T.; Ozawa, A.; Sawamura, S.; Sase, M., 1976:
The relationship between host and intestinal flora part 2 studies on changes in the amounts of amino acids in intestinal contents among conventional antibiotic treated and clostridium butyricum infected rats

Andrieux N.; Herbets C.; D.F.escheville J., 1981:
The relationship between host and parasite in the crustacean carcinus parasitized by sacculina carcini effect of crude extracts of sacculina and hemolymph of parasitized crab on the proteinogram of experimental healthy crabs

Legner E.F., 1979:
The relationship between host destruction and parasite reproductive potential in muscidifurax raptor muscidifurax zaraptor and spalangia enduis chalcidoidea pteromalidae

Sonnenschein S., 1982:
The relationship between how much is said and the quality of the utterance can young children tell the difference?

Womack H.C., 1983:
The relationship between human body weight sub cutaneous fat heart weight and epi cardial fat

Lehner, T., 1982:
The relationship between human helper and suppressor factors to a streptococcal protein antigen

Rusalov, V.M.; Bodunov, M.V., 1977:
The relationship between human intellectual capacities and the level of spatial synchronization and coherence of the background electro encephalogram

Hanhijärvi, H.; Penttilä, I., 1981:
The relationship between human ionic plasma fluoride and serum creatinine concentrations in cases of renal and cardiac insufficiency in a fluoridated community

Sillman F.; Stanek A.; Sedlis A.; Rosenthal J.; Lanks K.W.; Buchhagen D.; Nicastri A.; Boyce J., 1984:
The relationship between human papillomavirus and lower genital intraepithelial neoplasia in immunosuppressed women

Love, J.D.; Hewitt, R.R., 1979:
The relationship between human serum and human pancreatic DNase I

Karp, J.E.; Shadduck, R.K.; Burke, P.J.; Shaper, J.H., 1983:
The relationship between humoral stimulating activity and colony stimulating factor

Longwell, A.M.; Birss, S.A.; Keller, N., 1976:
The relationship between hydrocortisone acetate distribution and efficacy in inflamed eyes: continuous vs intermittent delivery

Mahon J.D.; Nelson L.M., 1986:
The relationship between hydrogen evolution and acetylene reduction in pisum sativum and rhizobium leguminosarum symbioses differing in uptake in hydrogenase activity

Brosseau, J.D.; Yan, J.Y.; Lo, K.V., 1986:
The relationship between hydrogen gas and butanol production by Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum

Lespinat P.A.; Berlier Y.M.; Fauque G.D.; Toci R.; Denariaz G.; Legall J., 1987:
The relationship between hydrogen metabolism sulfate reduction and nitrogen fixation in sulfate reducers

Seol W.G.; Kho Y.H., 1986:
The relationship between hydrogenase and nitrogenase for hydrogen evolution in rhodopseudomonas sp kctc 1437

Partridge C.D.P.; Walker C.C.; Yates M.G.; Postgate J.R., 1980:
The relationship between hydrogenase and nitrogenase in azotobacter chroococcum effect of nitrogen sources on hydrogenase activity

Lowe E.F., 1986:
The relationship between hydrology and vegetational pattern within the floodplain marsh of a subtropical florida usa lake

Keshavarz E.; Nakai S., 1979:
The relationship between hydrophobicity and interfacial tension of proteins

Meade C.J.; Brandon D.R.; Smith W.; Simmonds R.G.; Harris S.; Sowter C., 1981:
The relationship between hyper glycemia and renal immune complex deposition in mice with inherited diabetes

Murphy M.L.; White H.J.; Meade J.; Straub K.D., 1988:
The relationship between hypertrophy and dilatation in the postmortem heart

Shibata, O., 1982:
The relationship between hypotensive effect of sodium nitroprusside and adrenal catecholamine release

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