Section 7
Chapter 6,752

The relationship of temperature and nitrogen phosphorus potassium content of grain to properties of spring wheat seeds produced under different nitrogen phosphorus potassium treatments

Odiemah, M.; Atta, M.

Cereal Research Communications 13(2-3): 239-246


ISSN/ISBN: 0133-3720
Accession: 006751902

Seeds of two cultivars of spring wheat were obtained from the trial of different rates of NPK application. Seed germination and seedling growth were tested in the laboratory before and after aging. Effects were found more significant in case of aging than without. Data indicated that germinability and seedling characteristics were highly affected by temperature, fertilizer and cultivar. The good results of considered characters were realized by the treatment of 20.degree. C and level of 180 kg N/ha. The N content of grain was slightly increased with the increase of N-application, while the content of P and K were approximately constant. However, increasing N content of seed arising from an application of N or NPK fertilization increased the rate of germination and resulted in larger seedlings.

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