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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6753

Chapter 6753 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wright, K.D.; Scott, T.B., 1978:
The relationship of wives' treatment to the drinking status of alcoholics

Azad H.; Schaad N.W., 1988:
The relationship of xanthomonas campestris pathovar translucens to frost and the effect of frost on black chaff development in wheat

Meiners, C.R.; Taper, L.J.; Korslund, M.K.; Ritchey, S.J., 1977:
The relationship of zinc to protein utilization in the preadolescent child

Bernays, E.A.; Chapman, R.F.; Leather, E.M.; Mccaffery, A.R.; Modder, W.W.D., 1977:
The relationship of zonocerus variegatus acridoidea pyrgomorphidae with cassava manihot esculenta

Ojesjö, L., 1980:
The relationship to alcoholism of occupation, class and employment

Vernot Hernandez J P.; Heidrich H G., 1985:
The relationship to knobs of the 92000 dalton protein specific for knobby strains of plasmodium falciparum

Diehr P.; Wood R.; Wolcott B.; Slay L.; Tomplins R.K., 1982:
The relationships among head ache symptoms

Rowland W.J., 1984:
The relationships among nuptial coloration aggression and courtship of male three spined sticklebacks gasterosteus aculeatus

Kelton, D.F.; White, M.E.; Hodges, R.J.; Guard, C.L.; Powers, P.M.; Dinsmore, R.P.; Stehman, S.M.; Hillman, R.B.; Yoder, S.S., 1988:
The relationships among palpator experience, milk progesterone concentration and estrus and fertility in cows with palpable corpora lutea treated with cloprostenol

Singhal R.N.; Jeet S.; Davies R.W., 1985:
The relationships among physical chemical and plankton characteristics of unregulated rural ponds in haryana india

Danon T.; Sacks J.M.; Eyal Z., 1982:
The relationships among plant stature maturity class and susceptibility to septoria leaf blotch of wheat triticum aestivum

Rodda, D.D., 1976:
The relationships among refractive index percentage solids and percentage protein of egg albumin

Hiraizumi, Y., 1977:
The Relationships among Transmission Frequency, Male Recombination and Progeny Production in DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER

Orenstein R.I.; Pratt H.D., 1983:
The relationships and evolution of the southwest pacific warbler genera vitia and psamathia sylviinae

Anon, 1977:
The relationships between actinomyces microflavus strain 5406 and several soil microorganisms

X.G.F.; Niu Y X.; Tang D T.; Zhang J L., 1983:
The relationships between activities of iaa oxidase peroxidase and iso enzymes in 4 kinds of calli

Misson, B.H., 1977:
The relationships between age mass body temperature and metabolic rate in the neo natal fowl gallus domesticus

Van-Heeringen, A.; Dijkwel, P.A., 1987:
The relationships between age mobility and scientific productivity part i. effect of mobility on productivity

Van-Heeringen, A.; Dijkwel, P.A., 1987:
The relationships between age mobility and scientific productivity part ii. effect of age on productivity

Cubeddu, L.; Langer, S.Z.; Weiner, N., 1974:
The relationships between alpha receptor block inhibition of norepinephrine uptake and the release and metabolism of tritiated norepinephrine

Sandeman I.M.; Lasenby D.C., 1980:
The relationships between ambient oxygen concentration temperature body weight and oxygen consumption for mysis relicta malacostraca mysidacea

King C.M., 1983:
The relationships between beech nothofagus sp seedfall and populations of mice mus musculus and the demographic and dietary responses of stoats mustela erminea in 3 new zealand forests

Rosmanith, J.; Eberhard, A.; Gordon, T.; Greiling, H.; Einbrodt, H.J.; Ehm, W., 1977:
The relationships between blood lead erythrocyte count blood hemo globin concentration and age in children of an industrial city exposed to lead pollution

Singhal R.N.; Jeet S.; Davies R.W., 1986:
The relationships between changes in selected physicochemical properties of water and the occurrence of fish parasites in haryana india

Nagata D.K., 1985:
The relationships between ethnic attitude and egocentrism measures

Zambatis N., 1985:
The relationships between evaporation and certain physical parameters of circular pans and rectangular troughs

Pauly D., 1981:
The relationships between gill surface area and growth performance in fish a generalization of von bertalanffys theory of growth

Rosin Grget K., 1985:
The relationships between glossopyrosis and the blood flow rate in arteria profunda linguae

Davies B.E.; Elwood P.C.; Gallacher J.; Ginnever R.C., 1985:
The relationships between heavy metals in garden soils and house dusts in an old lead mining area of northern wales great britain uk

Similowski T.; Derenne J.P., 1988:
The relationships between hypercapnia and hypoxemia in chronic respiratory failure

Robertson I.G.C.; Serabjit Singh C.; Croft J.E.; Philpot R.M., 1983:
The relationships between increases in the hepatic content of cytochrome p 450 form 5 and in the metabolism of aromatic amines to mutagenic products following treatment of rabbits with pheno barbital

Meunier F.J., 1980:
The relationships between isopedine and bone in the posttemporal bone and in the lateral line scales of latimeria chalumnae

Tsai J C., 1984:
The relationships between leaf area index and yield in rice plants

Paul M.H.; Planchon C.; Ecochard R., 1979:
The relationships between leaf area index developmental phase durations and yield in soybean

Cheng Y J., 1984:
The relationships between logical reasoning ability and achievement in science and mathematics in junior high students

Sharma H.C.; Waines J.G., 1981:
The relationships between male and female fertility and among taxa in di ploid wheats

Forbat L.N.; Brown O.C.; Shenouda F.S., 1981:
The relationships between maternal hemo globin a 1 maternal size and feto placental size in indian pregnancies

Rubin, K.H.; Brown, I.D.R.; Priddle, R.L., 1978:
The relationships between measures of fluid crystallized and piagetian intelligence in elementary school aged children

Khalighy, A., 1976:
The relationships between mineral nutrients and endogenous rooting cofactors in carnation

Mecacci L.; Zani A.; Rocchetti G.; Lucioli R., 1986:
The relationships between morningness eveningness ageing and personality

Schroth M.L., 1979:
The relationships between motives on the childrens apperception test

Leins, P., 1975:
The relationships between multi staminate and simple androecia

Pilcher J.R.; Gray B., 1982:
The relationships between oak tree growth and climate in britain uk

Cartwright, A.K.J.; Shaw, S.J.; Spratley, T.A., 1978:
The relationships between per capita consumption drinking patterns and alcohol related problems in a population sample 1965 1974 part 1 increased consumption and changes in drinking patterns

Cartwright, A.K.J.; Shaw, S.J.; Spratley, T.A., 1978:
The relationships between per capita consumption drinking patterns and alcohol related problems in a population sample 1965 1974 part 2 implications for alcohol control policy

Tanaka N.; Ohwada K., 1983:
The relationships between photosynthesis and light intensity in 54 strains of uni cellular algae diatoms phytoflagellates and green algae

Ohta H.; Komatsu H., 1981:
The relationships between physical velocity and subjective speed in driving

Nassar H.H., 1986:
The relationships between plant growth and development and nutrient interrelations of the various plant parts in tomato

Wettemann R.P.; Johnson R.K.; Omtvedt I.T., 1980:
The relationships between plasma progesterone and luteinizing hormone and the numbers of corpora lutea and embryos in pure bred and cross bred gilts

Hanounik, S.B.; Osborne, W.W., 1977:
The relationships between population density of meloidogyne incognita and nicotine content of tobacco

Farid, A.; Makarechian, M., 1978:
The relationships between pre weaning and post weaning growth traits in lambs of iranian fat tailed sheep and their crosses with corriedale and targhee rams

Uchida T., 1981:
The relationships between prorocentrum micans growth and its ecological environment

Lynch C.J.; Blackmore P.F.; Charest R.; Exton J.H., 1985:
The relationships between receptor binding capacity for norepinephrine angiotensin ii and vasopressin and release of inositol trisphosphate calcium mobilization and phosphorylase activation in rat liver

Vagner-Capodano, A.M.; Henderson, A.S.; Lissitzky, S.; Stahl, A., 1984:
The relationships between ribosomal genes and fibrillar centers in thyroid cells cultivated in vitro

Zaidan R., 1982:
The relationships between ripeness vigor and methods of harvest of winter wheat grain

Davic R.D.; Orr L.P., 1987:
The relationships between rock density and salamander density in a mountain stream

Pitelka L.F.; Ashmun J.W.; Brown R.L., 1985:
The relationships between seasonal variation in light intensity ramet size and sexual reproduction in natural and experimental populations of aster acuminatus compositae

Hughes, I.A.; Winter, J.S.D., 1978:
The relationships between serum concentrations of 17 hydroxy progesterone and other serum and urinary steroids in patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Cunningham G.R.; Karacan I.; Ware J.C.; Lantz G.D.; Thornby J.I., 1982:
The relationships between serum testosterone and prolactin levels and nocturnal penile tumescence in impotent men

Weberling, F., 1975:
The relationships between sheath lobes and stipelules

Coulon J.; Lematre J.; Bonaly R.; Pierfitte M., 1980:
The relationships between spectroscopic properties and anti fungal properties of amphotericin and candicidin

Shu Sheng L.; Hughes R.D., 1984:
The relationships between temperature and rate of development in 2 geographic stocks of aphidius sonchi in the laboratory

Drew G.M.; Hilditch A.; Levy G.P., 1979:
The relationships between the cardio vascular effects alpha adrenoceptor and beta adrenoceptor blocking actions and plasma concentration of labetalol in deoxy cortico sterone acetate hypertensive rats

Wolff G.T.; Ferman M.A.; Kelly N.A.; Stroup D.P.; Ruthkosky M.S., 1982:
The relationships between the chemical composition of fine particles and visibility in the detroit michigan usa metropolitan area

Takahata S.; Baba K., 1982:
The relationships between the distribution of sasa grasslands and the topographical conditions of mountain pasture

Ishiguri T., 1980:
The relationships between the fecal composition and fodder composition or digestibility with the sheep fed orchard grass

Adebisi A.A., 1987:
The relationships between the fecundities gonadosomatic indices and egg sizes of some fishes of ogun river nigeria

Pino R.M.; Pino L.C.; Bankston P.W., 1981:
The relationships between the golgi apparatus golgi endoplasmic reticulum lysosomes and lysosomes of fetal rat liver kupffer cells examined by ultrastructural phosphatase cytochemistry

Knobloch E., 1979:
The relationships between the miocene floras of central jutland denmark and the central european tertiary floras

Petter F., 1982:
The relationships between the otomys of mount oku cameroon and other forms related to otomys irroratus rodentia muridae

Iso N.; Mizuno H.; Saito T.; Mochizuki Y.; Ishii K.; Okunuki H.; Miyata K., 1987:
The relationships between the rheological properties and the freshness of fish meat

Kanahama K.; Saito T., 1986:
The relationships between the right and left handedness of organ arrangement and the direction of ovary curvature in cucumber

Yang Y.; Yin G., 1984:
The relationships between the stability of 25 percent ascorbic acid injection and the characteristics of the stabilizers

Mullet J.; Vernotte C.; Briantais J M., 1981:
The relationships between thylakoid structure and excitation transfer in isolated chloroplasts using gramicidin j

Boulton R., 1980:
The relationships between total acidity titratable acidity and ph in grape tissue

Boulton R., 1980:
The relationships between total acidity titratable acidity and ph in wine

Allen, E.J.; Wurr, D.C.E., 1976:
The relationships between tuber size and tuber concentrations of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium

Brown S.G.; Christenson T.E., 1983:
The relationships between web parameters and spiderling predatory behavior in the orb weaver nephila clavipes

Khailov, K.M., 1976:
The relationships between weight length age and intensity of photosynthesis and organotrophy of macrophytes in the barents sea

Nichols T.J., 1988:
The relationships between western spruce budworm defoliation levels and growth of individual douglas fir and grand fir trees

Boulet Gercourt B.; Nepveu G., 1988:
The relationships between wood properties and stem cracks in grand fir abies grandis lindl

Lopez L.C.; Clark P.M.; Winer G.A., 1979:
The relationships of 2 cognitive styles to reading speed and comprehension

Koch S.D., 1979:
The relationships of 3 mexican aveneae and some new characters for distinguishing deschampsia and trisetum gramineae

Boulter, D.; Gleaves, J.T.; Haslett, B.G.; Peacock, D.; Jensen, U., 1978:
The relationships of 8 tribes of the compositae as suggested by plasto cyanin amino acid sequence data

Gerrard, C.S.; Gerrity, T.R.; Yeates, D.B., 1986:
The relationships of aerosol deposition, lung size, and the rate of mucociliary clearance

Gorman G.C.; Lieb C.S.; Harwood R.H., 1984:
The relationships of anolis gadovi albumin immunological evidence

Marks R.; Rennie G.; Selwood T., 1988:
The relationships of basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas to solar keratoses

Wilson C.; Emans S.J.; Mansfield J.; Podolsky C.; Grace E., 1984:
The relationships of calculated percent body fat sports participation age and place of residence on menstrual patterns in healthy adolescent girls at an independent new england usa high school

Paul H.L.; Gibbs A.; Wittman Liebold B., 1980:
The relationships of certain tymoviruses assessed from the amino acid composition of their coat proteins

Lohr, M.J.; Essex, M.J.; Klein, M.H., 1988:
The relationships of coping responses to physical health status and life satisfaction among older women

Begon, M., 1975:
The relationships of drosophila obscura and drosophila subobscura to naturally occurring fruits

Mulchi C.L.; Mckee C.G.; Moyer W.J.; Street O.S., 1987:
The relationships of estimated yields and chemical contents of maryland usa tobacco and seasonal rainfall

Foti, A.; Adachi, M.; DeQuattro, V., 1982:
The relationships of free to conjugated normetanephrine in plasma and spinal fluid of hypertensive patients

Lankhorst, G.J.; Van de Stadt, R.J.; Van der Korst, J.K., 1985:
The relationships of functional capacity, pain, and isometric and isokinetic torque in osteoarthrosis of the knee

Momomura, S.; Ingwall, J.S.; Parker, J.A.; Sahagian, P.; Ferguson, J.J.; Grossman, W., 1985:
The relationships of high energy phosphates, tissue pH, and regional blood flow to diastolic distensibility in the ischemic dog myocardium

Itzkowitz M., 1981:
The relationships of intrusions and attacks to territory size and quality in the pupfish cyprinodon variegatus

Horvath E.H.; Post D.F.; Kelsey J.B., 1984:
The relationships of landsat digital data to the properties of arizona usa rangelands

Ali, H.C.; Williams, R.L.; Johnson, M.W.Jr, 1978:
The relationships of leaf area to grain yield and other factors in corn zea mays

Vinel J.P.; Conn H.O.; Lerner E.; Goldfarb J., 1984:
The relationships of leukocytes in peripheral blood and in infected and uninfected ascitic fluid

Kurten B.; Werdelin L., 1984:
The relationships of lynx shansius

Steadman D.W.; Ray C.E., 1982:
The relationships of megaoryzomys curioi an extinct cricetine rodent muroidea muridae from the galapagos islands ecuador

Iversen K.V.; Fox R.H.; Piekielek W.P., 1985:
The relationships of nitrate concentrations in young corn zea mays stalks to soil nitrogen availability and grain yields

Parenti L.R., 1984:
The relationships of phallostethid fishes atherinomorpha with notes on the anatomy of phallostethus dunckeri

Gill M.; Watling R., 1986:
The relationships of pisolithus sclerodermataceae to other fleshy fungi with particular reference to the occurrence and taxonomic significance of hydroxylated pulvinic acids

Hayata Y.; Suzuki Y., 1982:
The relationships of plant hormones sugars and nitrogen to the early development of radish raphanus sativus root

Goulet, H., 1977:
The relationships of platypatrobus lacustris coleoptera carabidae to the beaver house

Post T.J.; Uzzell T., 1981:
The relationships of rana sylvatica and the monophyly of the rana boylii group

Rigby C.E.; Pettit J.R.; Bentley A.H.; Spencer J.L.; Salomons M.O.; Lior H., 1982:
The relationships of salmonellae from infected broiler flocks transport crates or processing plants to contamination of eviscerated carcasses

Hoffmann R.S.; Koeppl J.W.; Nadler C.F., 1979:
The relationships of the amphiberingian marmots mammalia sciuridae

Gorman G.C.; Buth D.G.; Soule M.; Yang S.Y., 1980:
The relationships of the anolis cristatellus species group electrophoretic analysis

Sibley C.G.; Ahlquist J.E., 1982:
The relationships of the australasian whistlers pachycephala as indicated by dna dna hybridization

Boles W.E., 1979 :
The relationships of the australo papuan flycatchers

Sibley C.G.; Schodde R.; Ahlquist J.E., 1984:
The relationships of the australo papuan treecreepers climacteridae as indicated by dna dna hybridization

Ahlquist J.E.; Sheldon F.H.; Sibley C.G., 1984:
The relationships of the bornean bristlehead pityriasis gymnocephala and the black collared thrush chlamydochaera jefferyi

Loi K.S.; Protz R.; Ross G.J., 1982:
The relationships of the clay mineral suites to the parent rocks of 8 soil profiles in sarawak malaysia

Olson S.L., 1984:
The relationships of the extinct chatham island new zealand eagle

Keast, A., 1978:
The relationships of the field wren calamanthus fuliginosus acanthizinae

Ross, H.H.; Unzicker, J.D., 1977:
The relationships of the genera of american hydropsychinae as indicated by phallic structures trichoptera hydropsychidae

Sibley C.G.; Ahlquist J.E., 1982:
The relationships of the hawaiian honeycreepers drepaninini as indicated by dna dna hybridization

Gosline W.A., 1983:
The relationships of the mastacembelid and synbranchid fishes

Crosby, M.R., 1976:
The relationships of the mosses hookeria wrightii and stenodictyon sericeum

Keast, J.A., 1977 :
The relationships of the new guinea red backed warbler eugerygone rubra

Sibley C.G.; Williams G.R.; Ahlquist J.E., 1982:
The relationships of the new zealand wrens acanthisittidae as indicated by dna dna hybridization

Olson S.L.; Steadman D.W., 1981:
The relationships of the pedionomidae aves charadriiformes

Weitzman S.H.; Gery J., 1980:
The relationships of the south american pygmy characoid fishes of the genus elachocharax with a re description of elachocharax junki teleostei characidae

Sibley C.G.; Ahlquist J.E., 1983:
The relationships of the swallows hirundinidae

Von-Hagen, H.O., 1978:
The relationships of the true lemurs prosimii genus lemur

Sibley C.G.; Ahlquist J.E., 1982:
The relationships of the vireos vireoninae as indicated by dna dna hybridization

Sibley C.G.; Ahlquist J.E., 1982:
The relationships of the wren tit chamaea fasciata as indicated by dna dna hybridization

Sibley C.G.; Ahlquist J.E., 1982:
The relationships of the yellow breasted chat icteria virens and the alleged slowdown in the rate of macro molecular evolution in birds

Greathead D.J., 1988:
The relationships of tillyardomyia tonnoir with a redefinition of the subfamily ecliminae diptera bombyliidae

Ellison, P.; Heimler, R.; Franklin, S., 1984:
The relationships of transcephalic impedance, head growth and caloric intake to outcome in preterm infants

Sibley C.G.; Ahlquist J.E., 1982:
The relationships on the australo papuan sittellas daphoenositta as indicated by dna dna hybridization

Rossier, E.; Phipps, P.H.; Webb, T.; Polley, J., 1977:
The relative ability of 4 rubella antigens to elicit blast cell transformation of lymphocytes from immune individuals

Melis A.; Thielen A.P.G.M., 1980:
The relative absorption cross sections of photosystem i and photosystem ii in chloroplasts from 3 types of nicotiana tabacum

Payne, A.I., 1976:
The relative abundance and feeding habits of the gray mullet species occurring in an estuary in sierra leone west africa

Roberts D.M., 1983:
The relative abundance of pupae of 3 black fly species simulium spp on different diameters of strings

Bigger M., 1981:
The relative abundance of the mealybug vectors hemiptera homoptera coccidae and pseudococcidae of cocoa swollen shoot disease in ghana

Mills K.I.; Anderson V.A.; Burns J.H.; Birnie G.D., 1987:
The relative abundances of specific rna sequences can be used to classify the myeloid leukemias

Green R., 1988:
The relative accuracy of coupler and behavioral estimates of the real ear gain of a hearing aid

Colman, B.; Cheng, K.H.; Ingle, R.K., 1976:
The relative activities of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase and ribulose di phosphate carboxylase in blue green algae

Whittle, B.J.R.; Boughton-Smith, N.K.; Moncada, S.; Vane, J.R., 1978:
The relative activity of prostacyclin and a stable analog 5 6 di hydro prostacyclin on the gastro intestinal and cardio vascular systems

Tiller K.G.; Brummer G.; Gerth J., 1984:
The relative affinities of cadmium nickel and zinc for different soil clay fractions and goethite

Feung, C.S.; Hamilton, R.H.; Witham, F.H.; Mumma, R.O., 1972:
The relative amounts and identification of some 2 4 d metabolites isolated from soybean cotyledon callus cultures

Zeng M.; Yang T.; Wang P., 1981:
The relative analyses on maize cultivar menghai four row wax

Pilson, R.D.; Boyt, W.P.; Mackenzie, P.K.I., 1978:
The relative attractiveness of cattle sheep and goats to glossina morsitans morsitans and glossina pallidipes diptera glossinidae in the zambesi valley of rhodesia

Boyt, W.P.; Mackenzie, P.K.I.; Pilson, R.D., 1978:
The relative attractiveness of donkeys cattle sheep and goats to glossina morsitans morsitans and glossina pallidipes diptera glossinidae in a middle veld area of rhodesia

Macdonald, L., 1973:
The relative aversiveness of signaled vs unsignaled shock punishment

Badia, P.; Culbertson, S.; Lewis, P., 1971:
The relative aversiveness of signalled vs unsignalled avoidance

Okulicz, W.C.; Johnson, L.D., 1987:
The relative binding affinity of diethylstilbestrol to uterine nuclear estrogen receptor: effect of serum and serum albumin

Back D.J.; Killick S.R.; Stevenson P.J.; Shenoy N.; Elstein M.; Cohen M., 1987:
The relative bioavailability of levonorgestrel and ethynylestradiol when administered in tablet and capsule form

Richards, G., 1978:
The relative biological activities of alpha and beta ecdysone and their 3 dehydro derivatives in the chromosome puffing assay

Alpen E.L.; Powers Risius P., 1981:
The relative biological effect of high z high linear energy transfer charged particles for spermatogonial killing

Fu, K.K.; Phillips, T.L., 1976:
The relative biological effectiveness and oxygen enhancement ratio of neon ions for the emt 6 tumor system

Stewart F.; Randhawa V.; Maughan R., 1986:
The relative biological effectiveness for mouse bladders after irradiation with 1 to 8 fractions of d 4 plus beryllium neutrons

Joiner M.C.; Maughan R.L.; Fowler J.F.; Denekamp J., 1983:
The relative biological effectiveness for mouse skin irradiated with 3 mev neutrons single and fractionated doses

Stewart F.A.; Soranson J.; Maughan R.; Alpen E.L.; Denekamp J., 1984:
The relative biological effectiveness for renal damage after irradiation with 3 mev neutrons

Virsik, R.P.; Harder, D.; Hansmann, I., 1977:
The relative biological effectiveness of 30 kilovolt x rays for the induction of dicentric chromosomes in human lymphocytes

Boyum, A.; Carsten, A.L.; Chikkappa, G.; Cook, L.; Bullis, J.; Honikel, L.; Cronkite, E.P., 1978:
The relative biological effectiveness of different energy neutrons as determined by human bone marrow cell culture techniques

Carsten, A.L.; Bond, V.P.; Thompson, K., 1976:
The relative biological effectiveness of different energy neutrons as measured by the hematopoietic spleen colony technique

Breiter N.; Kneschaurek P.; Burger G.; Huczkowski J.; Trott K.R., 1986:
The relative biological effectiveness of fast fission neutrons 2 mev for chronic radiation damage of the large bowel of rats after single dose and fractionated irradiation

Kitanova, V.; Stoilov, M., 1976:
The relative biological effectiveness of fast neurons in barley and corn after dry seed irradiation

Magdon, E., 1985:
The relative biological effectiveness of fast neutrons with a mean energy of 6.2 mev of the cyclotron u 120

Gueneau G.; Dubos M.; Fatome M.; Baille V.; Court L.; Breteau N.; Sabattier R., 1984:
The relative biological effectiveness of rapid orleans neutrons on subgranular cells in the dentate gyrus of the rabbit brain

Chen F.; Hendry J.H.; Chu G.; Greene D.; Bianchi M., 1983:
The relative biological effectiveness of the leakage radiation from the hiletron neutron therapy unit

Dobson, R.L.; Kwan, T.C., 1976:
The relative biological effectiveness of tritium radiation measured in mouse oocytes increase at low exposure levels

Faruque, O.; Walker, D.M., 1970:
The relative biological potencies of retinyl palmitate and beta carotene for the milk fed lamb

Kresh, J.Y.; Nastala, C.; Bianchi, P.C.; Goldman, S.M.; Brockman, S.K., 1987:
The relative buffering power of cardioplegic solutions

Yovich, J.L.; Yovich, J.M.; Edirisinghe, W.R., 1988:
The relative chance of pregnancy following tubal or uterine transfer procedures

Warwick S.I.; Black L., 1981:
The relative competitiveness of atrazine susceptible and resistant populations of chenopodium album and chenopodium strictum

Yoshihara T.; Yamaguchi K.; Sakamura S., 1983:
The relative configuration of grossamide and hordatines

Thatcher, D.R.; Sheikh, R., 1981:
The relative conformational stability of the alcohol dehydrogenase ec allelo enzymes of the fruit fly drosophila melanogaster

Weinsier, R.L.; Norris, D.J.; Birch, R.; Bernstein, R.S.; Wang, J.; Yang, M.U.; Pierson, R.N.; Van Itallie, T.B., 1985:
The relative contribution of body fat and fat pattern to blood pressure level

Lever, A.J.; Everts, W.M., 1978:
The relative contribution of central and peripheral moto neurons to the tentacle contraction reflex of the pond snail lymnaea stagnalis

Scott A.; Moar V.; Ounsted M., 1981:
The relative contribution of different maternal factors in small for gestational age pregnancies

Ibrahim H.A.; Elenein R.A.A., 1977:
The relative contribution of different wheat leaves and awns to the grain yield and its protein content

Hanaoka, K.; Ohtani, M.; Toyooka, H.; Dohi, S.; Ghazisaidi, K.; Taub, A.; Kitahata, L.M., 1978:
The relative contribution of direct and supraspinal descending effects upon spinal mechanisms of morphine analgesia

Pinedo, H.M.; Zaharko, D.S.; Bull, J.; Chabner, B.A., 1977:
The relative contribution of drug concentration and duration of exposure to mouse bone marrow toxicity during continuous methotrexate infusion

Abo E.Z.hab A.A.; E.K.di D.A.; Abd E.R.him S.A., 1984:
The relative contribution of fiber properties to variations in yarn strength in egyptian cotton gossypium barbadense

Mclaughlin M.J.; Alston A.M., 1987:
The relative contribution of plant residues and fertilizer to the phosphorus nutrition of wheat in a pasture cereal system

Ohashi, H., 1971:
The relative contribution of potassium and chlorine to the total increase of membrane conductance produced by adrenaline on the smooth muscle of guinea pig taenia coli

Yanai J.; Ginsburg B.E., 1979:
The relative contribution of pre natal and neo natal ethanol administration to changes in mouse behavior

Plet A.; Berwald Netter Y., 1980:
The relative contribution of somatomedin to the serum stimulated growth of human fibroblasts

Gallus A.S.; Goodall K.T.; Tillett J.; Jackaman J.; Wycherley A., 1987:
The relative contributions of antithrombin iii during heparin treatment and of clinically recognizable risk factors to early recurrence of venous thromboembolism

Mckinlay J.B.; Mckinlay S.M.; Brambilla D., 1987:
The relative contributions of endocrine changes and social circumstances to depression in mid aged women

Moses J.A.Jr, 1985:
The relative contributions of halstead reitan neuropsychological battery and wechsler adult intelligence scale subtest variables to cognitive performance level

Moses J.A.Jr, 1985:
The relative contributions of luria nebraska neuropsychological battery and wechsler adult intelligence scale subtest variables to cognitive performance level

Easton D.P.; Whiteley A.H., 1979:
The relative contributions of newly synthesized and stored messages to h 1 histone synthesis in interspecies hybrid echinoid embryos

Mclean R.A.N., 1981:
The relative contributions of sulfuric acid and nitric acid in acid rain to the acidification of the ecosystem implications for control strategies

Moses J.A.Jr, 1985:
The relative contributions of wechsler adult intelligence scale and halstead reitan neuropsychological battery variables to cognitive performance level a 2nd response to chelune

Pannell D.J.; Falconer D.A., 1988:
The relative contributions to profit of fixed and applied nitrogen in a crop livestock farm system

Waller D.M., 1979:
The relative costs of self fertilized and cross fertilized seeds in impatiens capensis balsaminaceae

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The relative density of hominoid carpal bones

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The relative distribution of foci forming antibodies to 2 different haptens in re populated mouse spleens

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The relative distribution of thyroxine tri iodo thyronine and reverse tri iodo thyronine in various fractions of thyro globulin

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The relative effect of the renal pressor and sympathetic nervous systems on vascular capacity during hypotension

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The relative effectiveness of 3 types of traps for small mammals in some peruvian rodent communities

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The relative effectiveness of 6 thio guanine and 8 aza guanine in selecting resistant mutants from 2 v 79 chinese hamster cells in vitro

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The relative effectiveness of commonly used disinfectants in inactivation of echovirus 11

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The relative effectiveness of hydroxyl radical hydrogen per oxide super oxide radical and reducing free radicals in causing damage to bio membranes a study of radiation damage to erythrocyte ghosts using selective free radical scavengers

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The relative effectiveness of radiation therapy cortico steroids and surgery in the management of melanoma metastatic to the central nervous system

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The relative effectiveness of seed bed and field insecticide applications in controlling cabbage root fly in transplanted brassicas

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The relative effectiveness of zeitgebers

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The relative effects of 3 response elimination procedures in severely profoundly and trainable retarded individuals

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The relative effects of wet end chemical variables on the strength of acid and alkaline papers

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The relative efficiency of cryogenic fluids used in the rapid quench cooling of biological samples

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The relative efficiency of food utilization of british friesian entire male and castrate male cattle at 2 levels of feeding

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The relative efficiency of micro spore culture and chromosome elimination as methods of ha ploid production in hordeum vulgare

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The relative ejection time under different conditions of cardiac stress and in aortic valve disease

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The relative electron affinities of the alpha and beta chains of oxy hemo globin as a function of ph and added inositol hexa phosphate an esr study

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The relative ethyl umbelliferone dealkylase activity characterizing the effect of different inducers on the hydroxylase system in the liver microsomes of female mice

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The relative extent of glycation of hemoglobin and albumin

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The relative feeding value of kale brassica oleracea containing normal and low concentrations of s methyl l cysteine sulfoxide

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The relative fishing power of the argentinian offshore fleet fishing for hake merluccius hubbsi in 1978 and 1979

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The relative food value and biochemical composition of five phytoplankton diets for queen conch strombus gigas larvae

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The relative form resistance of straight and helical blue green algal filaments

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The relative frequency and topographical distribution of somatostatin a gastrin releasing peptide avian pancreatic polypeptide glucagon 5 hydroxytryptamine and neurotensin immunoreactive cells in the proventriculus of seven species of birds

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The relative functional availability of brain noradrenaline and dopamine storage pools

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The relative growth and development of the carcass tissues of merino and cross bred rams and wethers

Fuller R.J., 1983:
The relative growth of bill tarsus and wing of lapwing vanellus vanellus chicks in the outer hebrides uk

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The relative growth of the follicle oocyte and oocyte nucleus in the ovary of japanese black cattle

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The relative hardening of roots and shoots and the influence of day length during hardening in perennial rye grass

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The relative immunogenicity in mice of whole and split influenza virus

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The relative immunogenicity of corneal epithelium, stroma, and endothelium. The role of major histocompatibility complex antigens

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The relative impact of health education for low risk and high risk patients with hypertension

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The relative impact of long and short reprimands on children's off task behavior in the classroom

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The relative impact of smoking and oral contraceptive use on women in the usa

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The relative impacts of grazing by caribbean coral beef fishes and diadema effects of habitat and surge

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The relative importance of adjunctive nephrectomy in patients with metastasizing kidney cell carcinoma

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The relative importance of bacterio plankton and phyto plankton in phosphorus uptake in fresh water

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The relative importance of bi carbonate and blood flow in the protection of rat gastric mucosa during shock

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The relative importance of cluster size sowing depth time of seedling emergence and between plant spacing on variation in plant size in red beet beta vulgaris l. crops

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The relative importance of dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures in thermo respiratory function in the chicken

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The relative importance of factors affecting the size of laboratory populations of the almond moth ephestia cautella walker lepidoptera pyralidae

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The relative importance of fruits and leaves for the cultivar specific growth rate of apple fruits

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The relative importance of glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids in the development of adrenal regeneration hypertension in rats

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The relative importance of host and environment in determining the incidence and severity of lesions of common scab streptomyces scabies on potato

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The relative importance of incompetent communicating veins in the production of varicose veins and venous ulcers

Thornhill R., 1987:
The relative importance of intraspecific and interspecific competition in scorpionfly mating systems

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The relative importance of invertebrates and barley in the diet of starlings sturnus vulgaris

Westermann R.; Hager W., 1983:
The relative importance of low significance level and high power in multiple tests of significance

Clawson A.J.; Armstrong W.D., 1980:
The relative importance of major nutrients in a fortified corn soybean meal diet for growing finishing pigs and rats a teaching aid

Lamb B.C., 1985:
The relative importance of meiotic gene conversion selection and mutation pressure in population genetics and evolution

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The relative importance of nervous and humoral pathways for control of corpus allatum activity in the adult colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata

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The relative importance of nervous humoral and intrinsic mechanisms in the regulation of heart rate and stroke volume in the dogfish scyliorhinus canicula

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The relative importance of responses to the positive stimulus and the negative stimulus in simultaneous discrimination learning

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The relative importance of risk factors in nonmelanoma carcinoma

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The relative importance of sensory attributes for food acceptance

Barnes, R., 1982:
The relative importance of smoking compared to occupation in decreased pulmonary function

Benjamin L.R., 1984:
The relative importance of some different sources of plant weight variation in drilled and transplanted leeks

Benjamin L.R., 1984:
The relative importance of some sources of root weight variation in a carrot crop

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The relative importance of some yield components in east of scotland uk strawberry fragaria ananassa plantations

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The relative importance of temperature and diet to larval development and adult size of the winter stonefly soyedina carolinensis plecoptera nemouridae

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The relative importance of the bone marrow and spleen in the production and dissemination of bone marrow derived lymphocytes

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The relative importance of the classical and alternative complement pathways in serum bactericidal activity against Escherichia coli

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The relative importance of the distance senses in coyote predatory behavior

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The relative importance of the gills and lungs in the gas exchange of amphibious crabs of the genus holthuisana

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The relative importance of thrombin inhibition and factor Xa inhibition to the antithrombotic effects of heparin

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The relative importance of uv and longer wavelengths in the response properties of fly calliphora erythrocephala visual systems

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The relative importance of vehicular and domestic emissions of dark smoke in greater london in the mid 1970s the significance of smoke shade measurements and an explanation of the relationship of smoke shade to gravimetric measurements of particulate

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The relative incorporation of arachidonic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid into human platelet phospholipids

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The relative independence of the content of digestive enzymes in the blood

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The relative induction of mixed function oxidase specific activity to carbon hydrogen and carbon carbon 1 bond strengths in polychlorinated derivatives of dibenzo p dioxin

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The relative influence of arterial pressure vs. intraoperative distention on lipid accumulation in primate vein bypass grafts

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The relative influence of genetics and environment upon certain timber quality characters of acacia melanoxylon in south africa

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The relative influence of observation imitative motor activity and feedback on the induction of seriation

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The relative influence of sex of progeny on the lethal expression of the sonless gene in Drosophila melanogaster

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The relative influence of the variables associated with renal transplantation from cadaver donors

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The relative influence of urban climates on outdoor human energy budgets and skin temperature 1. modeling considerations

Burt, J.E.; O'rourke, P.A.; Terjung, W.H., 1982:
The relative influence of urban climates on outdoor human energy budgets and skin temperature 2. man in an urban environment

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The relative influences of exercise and coat type on the thermo regulatory responses of cattle

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The relative influences of mortality nonflowering and sex change on the sex ratios of 6 atriplex species

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The relative information content of fourier structural binary presence absence and combined data sets a test using the h. a. nicholson collection of paleozoic stenolaemate bryozoans

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The relative infrequency and low levels of neutralizing and immuno precipitating antibody to herpes simplex viruses types 1 and 2 in patients with a history of recurrent herpes genitalis

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The relative injuriousness of insect pests of cotton in the namoi valley new south wales

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The relative involvement of different reflex pathways in somato sympathetic reflexes analyzed in spontaneously active single preganglionic sympathetic units

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The relative law of effect: effects of shock intensity on response strength in multiple schedules

Grant J., 1983:
The relative magnitude of biological and physical sediment reworking in an inter tidal community

Black C.R., 1979:
The relative magnitude of the partial resistances to transpirational water movement in sunflower helianthus annuus

Pillai S.K., 1986:
The relative magnitudes of pelagic and demersal groups of fishes in the total landings at sasson dock india in 1971 and 1981 a comparison

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The relative merits and applicability of kinetic and fixed incubation methods of enzyme assay in clinical enzymology

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The relative merits of acute phase proteins in the recognition of inflammatory conditions

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The relative merits of pulsus paradoxus and right ventricular diastolic collapse in the early detection of cardiac tamponade: an experimental echocardiographic study

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The relative merits of various techniques for measuring radio calcium absorption

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The relative neuro toxicities of n hexane methyl n butyl ketone 2 5 hexanediol and 2 5 hexanedione following oral or intra peritoneal administration in hens

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The relative numbers of different genes in exponential microbial cultures

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The relative nutritive value of lucerne leaf protein concentrate coagulated by means of steam or hot water

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The relative performance of inbreds and open pollinated populations of spring sown onions

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The relative performance of sized seed in peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar pol 2

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The relative phosphorus and calcium contents of meta chromatic granules in fagus mycorrhiza

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The relative photosynthetic efficiency of asterionella formosa bacillariophyta in natural plankton assemblages

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The relative position of the left and right lamellae of the furca in the order myodocopida crustacea ostracoda

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The relative positions of sea urchin histone genes on the chimeric plasmids psp 2 and psp 17 as studies by electron microscopy

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The relative potencies of l thyroxine and l triiodothyronine on the pituitary thyroid axis in the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

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The relative potencies of levo 2 amino 5 phosphonovalerate and levo 2 amino 7 phosphonoheptanoate as antagonists of n methylaspartate and quinolinic acid and repetitive spikes in rat hippocampal slices

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The relative potencies of thiopentone, ketamine, propanidid, alphaxalone and diazepam. A statistical study in man

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The relative potency of amoxicillin and ampicillin in vitro and in vivo

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The relative precision of different methods of measuring pH in carcass muscles

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The relative predictive validity of subtle vs. obvious items on the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory depression scale

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The relative protein and energy requirements of boars gilts and barrows

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The relative rate of maturation and its psychological effect

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The relative rates of protein synthesis and degradation in a growing culture of Escherichia coli

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The relative resistance of wheat rye and triticale to take all caused by gaeumannomyces graminis

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The relative response of 2 foxtail setaria species to diclofop

Bruce R.C., 1982:
The relative responses of 3 clover cultivars to nutrients

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The relative ribosomal dna content in 2 primitive chordates

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The relative risk for standard trisomy 21 has not increased in young mothers in belgium 1960 1978

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The relative risk of pulmonary cancer in correlation with smoking and exposure to aeropollutants dust gas in microenvironment of working institutions

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The relative role of bacterial cell wall and capsule in the induction of inflammation in pneumococcal meningitis

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The relative role of dopamine and norepinephrine receptor blockade in the action of anti psychotic drugs metoclopramide thiethylperazine and molindone as pharmacological tools

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The relative role of dynamic and static inter cellular contacts in the regulation of microbial reproduction

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The relative role of extracellular enzymes during pathogenesis of pleospora infectoria and ulocladium chartarum

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The relative role of the scutellum and aleurone in production of hydrolases during germination of barley hordeum vulgare

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The relative roles of calcium ii and magnesium ii in regulating the endogenous potassium ion proton ion exchanger of rat liver mitochondria

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The relative roles of calcium phosphorus and parathyroid hormone in glucose mediated and tolbutamide mediated insulin release

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The relative roles of genetic and environmental factors in the regulation of erythrocyte C3b receptor (ECR1) numbers in normal individuals

Pinto M.; Gill T.J.IIi; Kunz H.W.; Dixon Mccarthy B.D., 1983:
The relative roles of major histo compatibility complex and non major histocompatibility complex antigens in bone marrow transplantation in rats graft acceptance and antigenic expression on donor red blood cells

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The relative roles of sodium and renin in the hypertension of renal disease. An assessment based on the response to frusemide and propranolol

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The relative roles of the spleen and bone marrow in platelet production in mice

Wilson K.H.; Pearce B.C., 1984:
The relative selection of 3 mesh sizes of fraser river sockeye gill nets for chinook salmon

Beckerson D.W.; Hofstra G.; Wukasch R., 1979:
The relative sensitivities of 33 bean cultivars to ozone and sulfur di oxide singly or in combination in controlled exposures and to oxidants in the field

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The relative sensitivities of autoradiographic emulsions to negative chemography

Furedy J.J.; Heslegrave R.J., 1984:
The relative sensitivities of heart rate and t wave amplitude to stress comments on and some alternative interpretations of penzien results

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The relative sensitivity of peripheral blood t lymphocyte colony forming cells and bone marrow colony forming units granulocyte macrophage to deoxyadenosine and 2' deoxycoformycin

Brereton J.C.; Mcgowan M.; Dawkins T.C.K., 1986:
The relative sensitivity of spring barley hordeum distichon cultivar carnival spring field beans vicia faba cultivar maris bead and sugar beets beta vulgaris cultivar monoire crops to soil compaction

Douglas, R.B.; Coe, J.E., 1987:
The relative sensitivity of the human eye and lung to irritant gases

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The relative sensitization by acidosis of 5 calcium blockers in cat papillary muscles

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The relative severity of acute vs. chronic salicylate poisoning in children a clinical comparison

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The relative significance of bacteria meio fauna and macro fauna on an exposed sandy beach

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The relative significance of growth rate and interdivision time in the size control of cultured mammalian epithelial cells

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The relative significance of human placental lactogen in the diagnosis of retarded fetal growth

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The relative significance of spinal cord norepinephrine and 5 hydroxy tryptamine in electrically induced seizure in the rat

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The relative significance of trabecular and cortical bone density as a diagnostic index for osteoporosis

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The relative sizes of buccal floor depressor and elevator musculature in tadpoles

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The relative spatial distribution of erythroid progenitor cells in the normal mouse femur

Ploemacher R.E.; Brons N.H.C., 1985 :
The relative spatial distribution of hemopoietic colony forming units in the mouse spleen

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The relative spatial distributions of colony forming units spleen and colony forming units culture in the normal mouse femur

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The relative stabilities of isomeric hydrogen cyanide dimers

Duthaler R.O.; Ginsburg D., 1986:
The relative stabilities of substituted cis and trans 1 2 3 4 4a 9 10 10a octahydrophenanthrenes including configurational corrections in the elad ginsburg morphine synthesis

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The relative stability of liver cytosol enzymes incubated in vitro

Johnstone, E.C.; Owens, D.G.; Frith, C.D.; Crow, T.J., 1987:
The relative stability of positive and negative features in chronic schizophrenia

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The relative stem form and its application for estimating stem volume 6. relative stem form and normal form factors in even aged stands of sugi cryptomeria japonica with different density controls

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The relative susceptibility of New Zealand black and CBA mice to infection with opportunistic fungal pathogens

Tantawi A.M.; Etman A.A.M.; Khadr G.E.; Ghanem E.H., 1986:
The relative susceptibility of seven wheat varieties to infestation with the wheat aphids rhopalosiphum padi and schizaphis graminum

Al-Sammarrae, S.A.; Sewell, M.M., 1977:
The relative susceptibility of Soay and Blackface sheep to natural infection with Dictyocaulus filaria

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The relative susceptibility of some cucurbits to an iranian isolate of phytophthora drechsleri

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The relative sweetness of fructose glucose and xylitol in acid solutions at different temperatures

Lamanna J.C.; Saive J J.; Snow T.R., 1980:
The relative time course of early changes in mitochondrial function and intra cellular ph during hypoxia in the isolated toad bufo marinus ventricle strip

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The relative toxicities of insecticides on aquatic insect eretes sticticus coleoptera dytiscidae

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The relative toxicity of 4 pesticides in tap water and water from flooded rice paddies

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The relative unimportance of the temporal pattern of the primary afferent input in determining the mean level of motor firing in the tonic vibration reflex

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The relative value of antibody assays in the differential diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis with special emphasis to ultramicro elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for anti double stranded dna antibodies

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The relative volume of the elements rhoptry microneme complex in the cytoplasm of sporozoites of the coccidians eimeria tenella and eimeria acervulina

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The relative weakness of novelty in childrens choices

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The relative weightings of visual and nonvisual coding in a simple motor learning task

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The relaxation principle in generalized convulsion

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The release and metabolism of pancreatic hormones after major hepatectomy in the dog

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The release and metabolism of tritium labeled arachidonic acid from guinea pig perfused lungs in vitro a simple method for the study of the action of drugs on the release and metabolism of arachidonic acid

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The release and reassociation of 5.8s ribosomal rna with yeast ribosomes

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The release of acetyl choline in the perfused cat spinal cord in vivo

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The release of alanine by rat diaphragm muscle in vitro

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The release of amino acids synthesized from various compartmented precursors in rat spinal cord slices

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The release of ammonium nitrogen from the bottom sediments in fresh water regions 6. a model for ammonium nitrogen movement in the surface layer of sediments 2

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The release of arsenic from contaminated sediments and muds

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The release of atp from frog skeletal muscle in vitro uv inst molecular sieve chromatography

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The release of attack and escape behavior by vibratory stimuli in a wandering spider cupiennius salei

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The release of beta glucuronidase from leukocytes in the presence of immune complexes

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The release of beta glucuronidase from the white cells of patients with drug rashes when incubated in autologous plasma, with and without the addition of the causal drug

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The release of beta thrombo globulin from platelets during the clotting of whole blood

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The release of catecholamines from the adrenal medulla and its modulation by alpha 2 adrenoceptors in the anesthetized dog

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The release of cell wall degrading enzymes during adhesion of chlamydomonas reinhardi gametes

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The release of cyclic amp from the isolated perfused rat heart

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The release of cyto kinins by maize roots

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The release of dissolved organic carbon as a result of diatom fragmentation during feeding by mysis relicta

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The release of endogenous amino acids from rat visual cortex by calcium ions in the presence of the calcium ionophore x 537a and ionophore a 23187

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The release of endogenous amino acids from the rat visual cortex

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The release of endogenous gamma amino butyric acid and glutamate from the cerebral cortex in the rat

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The release of endogenous glutamate from the newborn rat spinal cord induced by dorsal root stimulation and substance p

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The release of exogenous and endogenous gamma amino butyric acid and glutamate from rat brain synaptosomes

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The release of fluoride from 2 products of alginate impression materials

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The release of gamma amino butyric acid from isolated rat retina

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The release of gentamicin into wound secretions from poly methyl methacrylate beads a study with reference to animal experiments

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The release of human pancreatic poly peptide gastrin gastric inhibitory poly peptide and somatostatin in celiac disease related to the histological appearance of jejunal mucosa before and 1 year after gluten withdrawal

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The release of inorganic phosphate from sub mitochondrial particles

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The release of intact oligo saccharides from specific glyco proteins by endo beta n acetyl glucosaminidase h

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The release of interleukin 2 and colony stimulating activity in aplastic patients opposite behavior with improvement of bone marrow function

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The release of intralysosomally stored iodine 125 triton wr 1339 and lysosomal enzymes from the isolated perfused rat liver in the presence and absence of cytochalasin b

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The release of low molecular weight compounds by the phyto plankton in an eutrophic lake

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The release of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone during the thyroid surgery for hyper thyroidism

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The release of luteinizing hormone in male mice in response to female urinary odors characteristics of the response in young males

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The release of lysoplatelet activating factor from guinea pig lungs

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The release of lysosomal enzymes from human polymorphonuclear leukocytes by human complement c 3e

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The release of medicaments from oral dosage forms i. hexobarbital pyrazinamide paralen

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The release of mineral elements from grass silages incubated in sacco in the rumens of jersey cattle

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The release of morphine from the mast cells by compound 48 80 4 methoxy n methylbenzeneethanamine formaldehyde product in morphine perfused dogs

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The release of n acetyl neuraminic acid and n glycoloyl neuraminic acid from soluble complex carbohydrates and erythrocytes by bacterial viral and mammalian sialidases

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The release of nannocytes during the growth cycle of microcystis aeruginosa

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The release of neuro hypophyseal hormones as influenced by stimulation of alpha adrenergic transmission in long term dehydrated male white rats 2. hypothalamic and neuro hypophyseal oxytocic activity

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The release of neurohypophyseal hormones under conditions of modified adrenergic or cholinergic transmission

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The release of nitrite from barley roots in response to metabolic inhibitors uncoupling agents and anoxia

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The release of nitrogen from sulfur coated urea as affected by soil moisture coating weight and method of placement

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The release of nonexchangeable potassium from certain soils of northern greece

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The release of nucleases from tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun pollen

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The release of oligosaccharides from glycoproteins by endo beta n acetylglucosaminidase of flavobacterium sp

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The release of opius concolor and opius concolor var siculus hymenoptera braconidae against the spring generation of dacus oleae diptera trypetidae on corfu greece

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The release of pancreatic glucagon and inhibition of insulin in response to stimulation of the sympathetic innervation

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The release of pancreatic poly peptide by cholecystokin octa peptide and some analogs in the dog

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The release of pancreatic poly peptide by exogenous cholecystokinin in man and dog

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The release of pentacaine from colloidal dispersions of cellulose ethers

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The release of phosphate from contracting atria as a parameter of sodium potassium atpase activity effect of ouabain

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The release of phthalate ester plasticizer from intravenous administration sets into fat emulsion

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The release of pituitary gonadotropins by lhrh in the intact castrated and aspermatogenic rat

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The release of plasminogen activator and factor viii after injection of des 1 amino cystine 8 d arginine vasopressin in healthy volunteers and in patients with von willebrands disease

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The release of plasminogen activator from the isolated rat lung by serine proteinases

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The release of plasticizer from poly vinyl chloride hemo dialysis tubing

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The release of plutonium from macrophages in rats: the effect of changes in iron status

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The release of polonium 210 upon the recrystallization of barium sulfate on radium sulfate

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The release of prolactin in the lactating rat: effect of chloroquine

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The release of proteins during re hydration of dehydrated saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

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The release of protons and anions during ligand binding to human deoxy hemo globin

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The release of radioactive nucleic acids and muco proteins by trypsin and edta treatment of baby hamster cells in tissue culture

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The release of reducing sugars and dissolved organic carbon from spartina alterniflora in a georgia usa salt marsh

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The release of silicon aluminum and potassium during decomposition of soil minerals by humic acid

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The release of small amounts of fibrinopeptide b is of critical importance for the thrombin clotting time

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The release of sterile males into natural populations of the german cockroach blattella germanica

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The release of sulfate from soil applied basaluminite and alunite

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The release of super oxide anion from granulocytes effect of inhibitors of anion permeability

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The release of the pedal disc in an undescribed species of tealia anthozoa actiniaria

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The release of thyroxine hormone from serum protein in the vessels of the liver rat l 3 5 3 tri iodo thyronine hormone

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The release of trichlorofluoromethane from rigid polyurethane foams

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The release of tritiated norepinephrine in arterial strips studied by the technique of superfusion and trans mural stimulation

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The release of tritiated water from cobalt ii exchanged 4a zeolite into surrounding water

Szerb J.C., 1983:
The release of tritium labeled gamma amino butyric acid formed from tritium labeled glutamate in rat hippocampal slices comparison with endogenous and exogenous labeled gamma amino butyric acid

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The release of tritium labeled gamma aminobutyric acid from the rabbit retina

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The release of vasopressin by nicotine: further studies on its site of action

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The release of vasopressin hematol in response to hemorrhage and its role in the mechanism of blood pressure regulation dog

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The release rate of argon 37 from human subjects following intravenous injection

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The release recovery phenomenon at the heart muscle of the frog and its dependence on calcium ion concentration and temperature

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The release settlement and germination of zoo spores in chorda tomentosa phaeophyceae laminariales

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The release, tissue distribution and excretion of mercury from experimental amalgam tattoos

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The released interleukin 2 receptor binds interleukin 2 efficiently

Racowsky C., 1986:
The releasing action of calcium upon cyclic amp dependent meiotic arrest in hamster mesocricetus auratus oocytes

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The relevance of a level biological science to 1st year under graduate studies in veterinary science

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The relevance of a study of a temperature sensitive ballooning mutant of aspergillus nidulans defective in mannose metabolism to our understanding of mannose as a wall component and carbon energy source

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The relevance of an emergency endoscopy set up for acute upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage in a developing country

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The relevance of arguments for excluding delta amino levulinic acid dehydratase from the recommended biological limit values in occupational exposure to inorganic lead who 1980

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The relevance of bacterial lytic activity in the taxonomy of the micrococcaceae: failure of its production by Micrococcus and Planococcus as opposed to Staphylococcus

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The relevance of caffeine post treatment to sister chromatid exchange incidence induced in chinese hamster cells

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The relevance of clinical and hemostasis parameters for the prediction of post operative thrombosis of the deep veins of the lower extremity in gynecologic patients

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The relevance of clinical and laboratory data at diagnosis to survival time of chronic granulocytic leukemia patients

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The relevance of clostridium perfringens for etiology of necrotic enteritis in suckling piglets

Sagelsdorff P.; Lutz W.K.; Schlatter C., 1983:
The relevance of covalent binding to mouse liver dna to the carcinogenic action of bhc isomers

Venkatagiri H.S., 1980:
The relevance of delayed auditory feedback induced speech disruption to the understanding of stuttering

Kalimi, G.H.; Sirsat, S.M., 1984:
The relevance of gap junctions to stage I tumor promotion in mouse epidermis

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The relevance of hypertension and edema in pregnancy

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The relevance of imidazole tautomerism for the hormonal activity of histidine containing peptides

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The relevance of immunoglobulin a deposits in vessel walls of clinically normal skin a prospective study

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The relevance of instrument safety in clinical practice

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The relevance of mitral valve prolapse to the pathogenesis of heart anxiety neurosis panic syndrome

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The relevance of object categorization to cross modal performance by chimpanzees

Schoenfeld R., 1987:
The relevance of objective hearing tests in pedoaudiological diagnosis

Hallam, S.J., 1977:
The relevance of old world archaeology to the 1st entry of man into new worlds colonization seen from the antipodes

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The relevance of pneumonia in lamb mortality short communication

Titz W., 1980:
The relevance of pod septum anatomy and other characters for the systematics of cruciferae with special consideration of arabis

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The relevance of pressure changes in transplanted hearts and kidneys in immunosuppressed rats

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The relevance of psychoactive agents to psycho therapy

Mittag O., 1987:
The relevance of psychosomatic concepts for the in hospital rehabilitation following myocardial infarction remarks on a controversy

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The relevance of scanning electron microscopy and x ray fluorescence micro analysis in biology and infrastructural cellular pharmacology

Nyffeler U.P.; Santschi P.H.; L.Y.H., 1986:
The relevance of scavenging kinetics to modeling of sediment water interactions in natural waters

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The relevance of schizocyte determinations for the recognition of rejection in patients who have had kidney transplant operations

Bratzke, H.; Wojahn, H., 1977:
The relevance of spontaneous ruptures of the aorta in forensic medicine

Bauer, T.; Brauner, U.; Fischerleitner, E., 1977:
The relevance of the brightness to visual acuity predation and activity of visually hunting ground beetles coleoptera carabidae

Vollrath, M.; Arglebe, C.; Chilla, R., 1982:
The relevance of the chorda tympani to parotid gland function

Cook, M.S.; Repetto, R., 1982:
The relevance of the developing countries to demographic transition theory: further lessons from the Hungarian experience

Bell F.R., 1979:
The relevance of the new knowledge of gastro intestinal hormones to veterinary science

Brunborg, G.; Williamson, D.H., 1978:
The relevance of the nuclear division cycle to radio sensitivity in yeast

Baeta J.M.P.; Paisano F.S.M., 1983:
The relevance of the rate of natural hybridization in beans phaseolus vulgaris in the maintenance of field collections

Utzerlman H.D., 1984:
The relevance of the recidivism rate of participants in courses according to the model mainz 77 under recent aspects

Urbanski K.; Maciejewski B.; Skolyszewski J., 1986:
The relevance of the time dose fractionation factor and cumulative radiation effect concepts in combined radiation treatment of early cancer of the cervix uteri

Leong A.S Y., 1982:
The relevance of ultrastructural examination in the classification of primary lung tumors Herrero J.; Martinez Cruz F.; Cuenca N.; Fernandez E.; Garcia Barbero M., 1988:
The relevancy of the basic sciences in medical training

Deitch, E.A., 1981:
The reliability and clinical limitations of sonographic scanning of the biliary ducts

Barnea Z.; Rahav G.; Teichman M., 1987:
The reliability and consistency of self reports on substance use in a longitudinal study

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The reliability and diagnostic validity of the physical and neurological examination for soft signs

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The reliability and efficiency of the kubicek rheographic method for monitoring cardiac output and stroke output

Corbin, C.B., 1977:
The reliability and internal consistency of the motivation rating scale and the general trait rating scale

Koshi G.; Thangavelu C.P.; Brahmadathan K.N., 1979:
The reliability and rapidity of the co agglutination technique and its comparison with precipitin techniques in the grouping of streptococci

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The reliability and validity of 2 assessment scales in the elderly mentally handicapped

Callner, D.A.; Ross, S.M., 1976:
The reliability and validity of 3 measures of assertion in a drug addict population

Kurtz B.E.; Reid M.K.; Borkowski J.G.; Cavanaugh J.C., 1982:
The reliability and validity of childrens meta memory

Beattie G.W.; Bogle G., 1982:
The reliability and validity of different video recording techniques used for analyzing gaze in dyadic interaction

King, D.S., 1988:
The reliability and validity of provocative food testing: a critical review

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The reliability and validity of the comfort level method of setting hearing aid gain

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The reliability and validity of the draw a person test in iq and personality assessment

Black, J.W., 1976:
The reliability of 1 listener

Cooke, D.J., 1985:
The reliability of a brief life event interview

Erdman H.; Klein M.H.; Greist J.H., 1983:
The reliability of a computer interview for drug use abuse information

Kovyazin, V.G., 1976:
The reliability of a method used for estimating the magnitude of maximum permissible concentrations of noxious chemicals in the atmosphere of a work area

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