The reproduction of the populations of eremias olivieri reptilia lacertidae from kerkennah islands tunisia

Nouira, S.

Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Tunis 63(4): 543-552


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-2509
Accession: 006753563

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The study of the genital tractus of 234 Eremias oliveri females caught among two populations from the islands of Kerkennah permitted to define the breeding characteristics of this species: -two successive clutches by season of activity -precocious sexual maturity: 7 to 9 months according as the animals are issued from the first or second animal clutch. -high pregnant rate: ranging from 87 to 100%, -average annual fecundity: 1.98 to 2.98 eggs per female, -the importance of each clutch varies between 1 and 7 eggs when the most frequent clutches comprise 2 and 3 eggs. A continuous observation of the populations during different seasons of activity (3 seasons for the population of the island Gharbi and 2 for the population of the island of Chargui) permitted to notice some differences statistically significant the thorough interpretation of which, in terms of adaptive strategies remains difficult for lack of fuller data on other demographic and ecologic parameters.