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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6755

Chapter 6755 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tkachenko B.I.; Ibragimov Y.I., 1985:
The resistance exchange and capacitance functions of the skeletal muscle vessels in acute hypoxic hypoxia

Sattlerova A., 1982:
The resistance of 1st stage larvae of muellerius spp and neostrongylus linearis from the feces of chamois rupicapra rupicapra tatrica to different physical factors under laboratory and natural conditions

Gibson R.W.; Heard A.J., 1979:
The resistance of 2 clones of perennial rye grass and their progeny to ryegrass mosaic virus from different parts of britain uk

Perez J.C.; Pichyangkul S.; Garcia V.E., 1979:
The resistance of 3 species of warm blooded animals to western diamondback rattlesnake crotalus atrox venom

Berger, J., 1975:
The resistance of a field strain of haemonchus contortus to 5 benzimidazole anti helminthics in current use

Munz E.; Reimann M.; Kaufmann R., 1980:
The resistance of a maternally derived immunity of baby mice against mouse pox immunization with orthopoxviruses

Mihova S., 1988:
The resistance of aegilops spp to puccinia striiformis f sp tritici in relation to their ploidy and genome composition

Lozina Lozinskii L.K.; Nikolaeva G.V., 1980:
The resistance of amoeba proteus to the effect of freezing under protection of poly ethylene oxide 4000

Murray, C.J.; Ratcliff, R.M.; Cameron, P.A.; Dixon, S.F., 1986:
The resistance of antimicrobial agents in salmonella from veterinary sources in Australia from 1975 to 1982

Reece R.L.; Coloe P.J., 1985:
The resistance of antimicrobial agents of bacteria isolated from pathological conditions of birds in victoria australia 1978 to 1983

Belykh R.A.; Smirnova T.A.; Stepanova T.V.; Azizbekyan R.R., 1982:
The resistance of bacillus thuringiensis var galleriae strains to antibiotics

Vorland L.H.; Lingaas E.; Ragnhildstveit E., 1988:
The resistance of bacterial species isolated from bacteremia

Sun X.; Zhang S.; Zhou H.; G.L.; Qin J., 1988:
The resistance of bats to interference during obstacle avoidance

Jotsov S.; Girginov G.; Dyakov L.; Chichibaba V.; Kamburov P.; Nikolova M.; Stoikov D.; Jotova I.; Atanasov K., 1981:
The resistance of broilers to mareks disease virus

Eckardt, C.; Ahrens, E., 1978:
The resistance of byssochlamys fulva during freezing and pasteurization processes

Durasova E.H.; Mikhailova N.P.; V'yunov K.A.; Bakulev V.M.; Sokolov V.N.; Makhrosenkova M.O.; Khromov Borisov N.N., 1986:
The resistance of candida guilliermondii to polyene antibiotics

Abraham, R., 1972:
The resistance of chalcidoidea and cynipidae hymenoptera parasitica against sea water

Kuz'mina, T.R.; Yanvareva, I.H., 1977 :
The resistance of cortical neurons to an oxygen deficit

Pora, E.A.; Wittenberger, C.; Suarez, G.; Portilla, N., 1969:
The resistance of crassostrea rhizophorae to starvation and asphyxia

Zehnder, A.; Egli, B., 1977:
The resistance of cyanophytes against shortwave radiation

Chen C Y.; Jiang C L.; Lin G F.; Liu W D., 1980:
The resistance of dipterex resistant mosquito culex pipiens pallens the relationship between hydrolase and resistance

Tang Z H.; Zhang Z Y.; Chen W M.; Zhuang P J.; Song W J.; Liu W D., 1980:
The resistance of dipterex resistant mosquito culex pipiens pallens the resistance spectrum of various compounds and joint action with dipterex

Pronin S.V.; El' Registan G.I.; Shevtsov V.V.; Duda V.I., 1982:
The resistance of dormancy cyst like forms of bacillus cereus to the action of high temperature uv irradiation and low molecular weight alcohols

Leger, R.G.; Millette, G.J.F., 1977:
The resistance of earthworms lumbricus terrestris and allolobophora turgida to captan 50 wettable powder

Novak, R.L.; Doty, P., 1968:
The resistance of enz rna polymerase to proteolytic attack during transcription in vitro micrococcus lysodeikticus enz carboxy peptidase enz subtilisin enz trypsin

Waxler B.; Kuettner K.E.; Pauli B.U., 1982:
The resistance of epithelia to vascularization proteinase and endothelial cell growth inhibitory activities in urinary bladder epithelium

Alldrick, A.J.; Rowland, I.R., 1985:
The resistance of escherichia coli cultivated in low concentrations of dichlorvos to n methyl n' nitro n nitrosoguanidine induced mutagenesis

Gurewich, V.; Hyde, E.; Lipinski, B., 1975:
The resistance of fibrinogen and soluble fibrin monomer in blood to degradation by a potent plasminogen activator derived from cadaver limbs

Vanco B.; Hauptvogel P., 1988:
The resistance of foreign lucerne varieties to the alfalfa leaf spot pseudopeziza medicaginis

Kai, K., 1978:
The resistance of G mouse fibroblasts to murine leukemia virus infection

Galwey N.W.; Temple S.R.; Van Schoonhoven A., 1985:
The resistance of genotypes of two species of phaseolus beans to the leafhopper empoasca kraemeri

Vegarud, G.; Christensen, T.B., 1975:
The resistance of glyco proteins to proteolytic inactivation

Brown A.E.; Swinburne T.R., 1980:
The resistance of immature banana fruits to anthracnose colletotrichum musae

Kudela V., 1984:
The resistance of kidney bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivars to pseudomonas syringae pathovar syringae

Makrushin A.V., 1981:
The resistance of latent eggs of sida crystallina and moina macrocopa cladocera crustacea against drying

Persley D.M.; Martin I.F.; Greber R.S., 1981:
The resistance of maize zea mays inbred lines to sugarcane mosaic virus in australia

Sweet, D.M.; Moseley, B.E., 1976:
The resistance of Micrococcus radiodurans to killing and mutation by agents which damage DNA

Imshenetskii A.A.; Lysenko S.V.; Kozlova T.M.; Novichkova A.T., 1983:
The resistance of microorganisms from the mesosphere to periodic freezing thawing

Khan M.A., 1982:
The resistance of mono foils and compound foils to stored product insect pests

Sumro, A.K.; Plakunov, V.K., 1977:
The resistance of mycobacteria to chlortetracycline determined by the cumulative action of 2 mechanisms

Ivbijaro M.F., 1981:
The resistance of new selections of maize to post harvest infestation by sitophilus zeamais and sitophilus oryzae

Balut S.; Sabor J., 1984:
The resistance of norway spruce provenances at the iptns iufro 1964 68 site in krynica poland to sacchiphantes viridis

Schmidt H U., 1979:
The resistance of packaging foils against the lesser grain borer rhizopertha dominica the drugstore beetle stegobium paniceum the rust red flour beetle tribolium castaneum and larvae of the indian meal moth plodia interpunctella

Clerjeau, M.; Nourrisseau, J.G., 1976:
The resistance of pepper capsicum annuum to phytophthora capsici part 2 receptivity variations in neighboring tissues of the infected area induced by contamination

Temmen, K.H.; Gruppe, W.; Schloesser, E., 1979:
The resistance of plants to powdery mildew 2. development of sphaerotheca mors uvae on leaves of black currant ribes nigrum

Cagas B., 1983:
The resistance of poa varieties to the rusts puccinia brachypodii var poae nemoralis and puccinia poarum

Zadina, J.; Dobias, K.; Horackova, V., 1975:
The resistance of potato varieties of the world assortment to common scab streptomyces scabies

Demes B., 1981:
The resistance of primate skulls to mechanical stress

Joly, B.; Cluzel, R.; Henri, P.; Barjot, J., 1976:
The resistance of pseudomonas to antibiotics and heavy metals minimal inhibitory concentrations and genetic transfers

Hendrix, S.D., 1977:
The resistance of pteridium aquilinum to insect attack by trichoplusia ni

Imshenetskii A.A.; Kondrat'eva T.F., 1982:
The resistance of pullularia pullulans strains having different levels of ploidy to the action of uv radiation

Holmes, H.C., 1978:
The resistance of re infection of tracheal organ cultures from chickens previously infected with avian infectious bronchitis virus

Gesner M.; Hurkova J., 1979:
The resistance of red spider mite populations tetranychus urticae to the insecticides applied in the hop gardens of bohemia czechoslovakia

Ghandour A.M., 1987:
The resistance of snail intermediate hosts of schistosomiasis in saudi arabia to desiccation

Grozav I.; Tomescu V.; Krutsch H.W., 1988:
The resistance of some salmonella stocks to particular antibacterial agents and aspects of their virulence

Plyashchenko S.I.; Sidorov V.T.; Medvedskii V.A.; Bezmen V.A., 1987 :
The resistance of sows used for farrowing for various lengths of time

Rajput, C.B.S.; Ormrod, D.P.; Evans, W.D., 1977:
The resistance of strawberry to ozone and sulfur di oxide

Noack S., 1982:
The resistance of synthetic materials treated by a crumpling apparatus to tribolium confusum

Bartos P.; Kosner J.; Slovencikova V.; Tersova R., 1982:
The resistance of the amika istra and solaris wheat cultivars to rusts

Posner, P.; Baker, S.P.; Prestwich, K.N.; Carpentier, R.G., 1984:
The resistance of the cardiac muscarinic receptor to chronic ethanol ingestion in the rat

Airapet'yants, E.S.; Chinarina, A.D., 1975:
The resistance of the ctenophore beroe cucumis to desiccation

Bartos P.; Tersova R.; Slovencikova V., 1983:
The resistance of the hela vala mirela and juna wheat cultivars to rusts

Lyutova M.I., 1982:
The resistance of the hill reaction to different injurious agents in 2 cultivars of wheat triticum aestivum poaceae

Zlatanov S., 1979:
The resistance of the maritime pine pinus maritima in mixed plantations to damage from wet snow and glazed frost in southeast bulgaria

Gibson R.W.; Woods R.D.; Pickering S.P., 1980:
The resistance of the perennial rye grass lolium perenne cultivar endura to rye grass mosaic virus

Brink, P.; Barr, L., 1977:
The resistance of the septum of the median giant axon of the earthworm

Seiler T.; Wollensak J., 1985:
The resistance of the trabecular meshwork to aqueous humor outflow

Stickler D.J.; Clayton C.L.; Chawla J.C., 1987:
The resistance of urinary tract pathogens to chlorhexidine bladder washouts

Bird P.M.; Ride J.P., 1981:
The resistance of wheat to septoria nodorum fungal development in relation to host lignification

Sotirova V.; Georgiev K., 1981:
The resistance of wild tomato species of varying origin to the glasshouse whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum

Olson B.H.; Thornton I., 1982:
The resistance patterns to metals of bacterial populations in contaminated land

Malinowski H., 1980:
The resistance spectrum of ddt selected house flies musca domestica diptera muscidae

Chapman P.A., 1985:
The resistance to 18 toxicants of a strain of musca domestica collected from a farm in england uk

Scholz H.; Rockstroh T.; Kaestli K.; Guenther E.; Steinrueck H.; Grahlow W D.; Noack R., 1988:
The resistance to antibiotics by the most frequent germs of bacterial meningitis

Hirche, H.; Raff, W.F.; Grun, D., 1970:
The resistance to blood flow in the gastrocnemius of the dog during sustained and rhythmical isometric and isotonic contractions

Leroy, P.; Marchot, P., 1987:
The resistance to dermatophilosis of Dinka cattle breed, Dinka crossbred and Boran, Friesian, Jersey, Sahiwal crossbreds

Norton T.A., 1983:
The resistance to dislodgement of sargassum muticum germlings under defined hydrodynamic conditions

Ibing, J.; Theede, H., 1975:
The resistance to freezing of littoral mollusks from the german coast of the north sea

Mouchet, J.; Quiroga, M., 1976:
The resistance to insecticides of the culicines

Cepoiu N.; Murvai M., 1985:
The resistance to late frosts and to the attack of monilinia laxa of some apricot hybrids and cultivars in the absence of winter treatments

Hellums, J.D., 1977:
The resistance to oxygen transport in the capillaries relative to that in the surrounding tissue

Zhitlova N.A.; Truskinov E.V., 1984:
The resistance to potato virus m of the wild potato species solanum gourlayi and the character of its inheritance

Dobrev D.; Zhelev Zh; Lalev T., 1981:
The resistance to powdery mildew of some introduced and bulgarian durum wheat cultivars

Leeming F.C., 1982:
The resistance to reinforcement technique for measuring inhibition

Kuhara, T.; Hosono, M.; Fujiwara, M., 1981:
The resistance to tolerance induction against human immuno globulin g in ddd mice 14. transient tolerant state of t cell precursors in bone marrow

Clemens, J.; Kirk, A.M.; Mills, P.D., 1978:
The resistance to waterlogging of 3 eucalyptus species effect of waterlogging and an ethylene releasing growth substance on eucalyptus robusta eucalyptus grandis and eucalyptus saligna

Vicente C.; Velasco M.T., 1986:
The resistances to water vapor loss of pseudevernia furfuracea thallus

Hayashi, A.; Shinonaga, S.; Kano, R.; Cabrera, B.D.; Salazar, N.P., 1978:
The resistant level of the house flies to several synthetic insecticides in the philippines

Hayashi, A.; Funaki, E.; Fujimagari, M.; Kano, R., 1979:
The resistant level of the house fly to several synthetic insecticides in tohoku hokuriku and san'in japan

Fraipont G.; Bonandrini L.; Giorcelli E., 1987:
The resistant neoplasm on the operated stomach clinical contribution

Berkaloff C.; Casadevall E.; Largeau C.; Metzger P.; Peracca S.; Virlet J., 1983:
The resistant polymer of the walls of the hydro carbon rich alga botryococcus braunii

Fashing, N.J., 1977:
The resistant trito nymphal instar and its implications in the population dynamics of naiadacarus arboricola acarina acaridae

Tkachenko B.I.; Ibragimov Y.I., 1984:
The resistive capacitive and metabolic function of the small intestine vessels in acute hypoxic hypoxia

Tkachenko B.I.; Sultanov G.F., 1986:
The resistivity capacitance and exchange functions of the small intestine and skeletal muscle vessels in intense heat exposure

Fogari, R.; Bernardi, L.; Malamani, V., 1976:
The resistivity of the limbs as a micro circulatory expression

Gaevyi, M.D.; Mal'tsev, V.G.; Pogorelyi, V.E., 1977:
The resistographic methods

Haas, A.L.; Bright, P.M., 1988:
The resolution and characterization of putative ubiquitin carrier protein isozymes from rabbit reticulocytes

Vaughan, G.T.; Milborrow, B.V., 1984:
The resolution by high performance liquid chromatography of rs 2 carbon 14 labeled methylated 1' 4' cis diol of abscisic acid and the metabolism of levo r abscisic acid and dextro s abscisic acid

Merion M.; Poretz R.D., 1981:
The resolution of 2 populations of lysosomal organelles containing endocytosed wisteria floribunda agglutinin from murine fibroblasts

Edmondson, D.; Massey, V.; Palmer, G.; Beacham, L.M.; Elion, G.B., 1972:
The resolution of active and inactive xanthine oxidase by affinity chromatography

Mitchison G.J.; Mckee S.P., 1987:
The resolution of ambiguous stereoscopic matches by interpolation

Yelen D.R., 1979:
The resolution of approach avoidance conflict

Yelen, D.R., 1985:
The resolution of approach avoidance conflict ii. continuous response measures

Evans, H.J.; Sullivan, C.E.; Piez, K.A., 1976:
The resolution of ascaris cuticle collagen into 3 chain types

Von Wedel H.; Finkenzeller P.; Fellner E., 1983:
The resolution of brief inter aural time difference changes recordings for primary auditory cortical projection field a i of the cat

Guo X L.; X.X.D.; Zhang Z P., 1985:
The resolution of chuangxinmycin stereoisomers and transformation of those from inactive isomers to active ones

Gass S.M., 1987:
The resolution of conflicts among competing systems a bidirectional perspective

Klein L.W.; Agarwal J.B.; Helfant R.H., 1988:
The resolution of coronary collaterals after successful percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Heath A.C.; Kendler K.S.; Eaves L.J.; Markell D., 1985:
The resolution of cultural and biological inheritance informativeness of different relationships

Schoenberg, B.S.; Christine, B.W.; Whisnant, J.P., 1978:
The resolution of discrepancies in the reported incidence of primary brain tumors

Dolphin A.; Hamont M.; Bockaert J., 1979:
The resolution of dopamine and beta 12 adrenergic sensitive and beta 2 adrenergic sensitive adenylate cyclase activities in homogenates of cat cerebellum hippocampus and cerebral cortex

Yamazaki, Y.; Maeda, H., 1986:
The resolution of enantiomeric hydroxy esters and keto acids having 7 carboxybicyclo 2.2.1 heptane skeleton by gas chromatography

Stryjewski W.; Wasylewski Z., 1986:
The resolution of heterogeneous fluorescence of multitryptophan containing protein studied by a fluorescence quenching method

Fernandes, P.B.; Nardi, R.V.; Franklin, S.G., 1978:
The resolution of membrane proteins based upon size charge and hydrophobicity

Strausfeld, N.J.; Hausen, K., 1977:
The resolution of neuronal assemblies after cobalt injection into neuropil

Allen F.S.; Gray D.M., 1984:
The resolution of nucleic acid ligand binding sites by circular dichroism first neighbor analysis

Lin Z C.; Wade G., 1985:
The resolution of planar ultrasonic tomography

Leadbeater B., 1986:
The resolution of relativism in adult thinking subjective objective or conceptual?

Nelson J.; Aboud F.E., 1985:
The resolution of social conflict between friends

Heck, H.D.A.; Mcmurray, C.H.; Gutfreund, H., 1968:
The resolution of some steps of the reactions of enz lactate dehydrogenase with its substrates pig heart inst spectrophotometry

Simons, R.C., 1980:
The resolution of the Latah paradox

Ohata K., 1987:
The resolution process of brain edema and the effect of steroids

Gilyarov, M.S., 1976:
The resolutions of the 25th congress of the communist party of the ussr and the tasks of entomology

Land M.F., 1984:
The resolving power of diurnal superposition eyes measured with an ophthalmoscope

Naeser, M.A.; Hayward, R.W., 1979:
The resolving stroke and aphasia. A case study with computerized tomography

Romanov, S.N., 1977:
The resonance effect of the action of vibration on living structures of different degrees of organization

Prager J.; Streng R., 1982:
The resonance properties of the physical gill of corixa punctata and their significance in sound reception

Hoskins L.C., 1986:
The resonance raman excitation profile of lutein

Kumar, K.; Carey, P.R., 1977:
The resonance raman spectra and excitation profiles of some 4 sulfamyl azo benzenes

Janny P.; Irthum B., 1987:
The resorption of cerebrospinal fluid physiology and pathophysiology

Fujitake S., 1986:
The resorption of subretinal fluid in aphakic eyes of rabbits

O'grady K.T., 1981:
The resorption of zinc from scales of sea trout salmo trutta during the upstream spawning migration

Jonasson S.; Widerberg B., 1988:
The resource balance of milium effusum with emphasis on environmental resource supply

Doust J.L.; Harper J.L., 1980:
The resource costs of gender and maternal support in an andromonoecious umbellifer smyrnium olusatrum

Tilman D., 1985:
The resource ratio hypothesis of plant succession

Chkhetiani I.D., 1983:
The resources of caucasian bilberry vaccinium arctostaphylos in the adzhar assr georgian ssr ussr

Doby J.M.; Deunff J., 1982:
The respective frequency of the hypoderma spp diptera oestroidea inducing human cases of hypodermatosis in france

Kakis G.; Phillips M.J.; Youseg I.M., 1980:
The respective roles of membrane cholesterol and of sodium potassium atpase in the pathogenesis of litho cholate induced cholestasis

Huet D.L.T.ur E.; Tabary J.C.; Tabary C.; Tardieu C., 1979:
The respective roles of muscle length and muscle tension in sarcomere number adaptation of guinea pig soleus muscle

Semenov A.M., 1986:
The respiration activity of oligotrophous prosthecate bacteria

Golovko T.K., 1987:
The respiration and productivity of red clover oats and potato plants

Hagerman, L., 1976:
The respiration during the molt cycle of crangon vulgaris crustacea natantia

Stottmeister U., 1985:
The respiration fermenter a laboratory measuring equipment for characterization of aerobic microbial reactions

Herman P.M.J.; Heip C., 1983:
The respiration of 5 brackish water harpacticoid copepod species

Zurzycka A., 1983:
The respiration of 6 carbon to 1 carbon ratio in the photo morphogenesis of aspergillus giganteus alba

Bernard P.A.; Cockrell R.S., 1979:
The respiration of brain mitochondria and its regulation by monovalent cation transport

Bradford S.M.; Taylor A.C., 1982:
The respiration of cancer pagurus under normoxic and hypoxic conditions

Dumas, T.; Buckland, C.T.; Monro, H.A.U., 1969:
The respiration of insects at reduced pressures part 2 the uptake of oxygen by tenebroides mauritanicus

Hayashi, A.; Abiko, Y., 1976:
The respiration of mitochondria in the inner and outer layers of dog myo cardium

Potts G.W., 1983:
The respiration of onchidoris bilamellata and archidoris pseudoargus doridacea

Smith, W.O.Jr, 1977:
The respiration of photosynthetic carbon in eutrophic areas of the ocean

Zhdanova N.N.; Kostyuk M.D.; Severinova A.E., 1982:
The respiration of some dark colored hyphomycetes under conditions of prolonged starvation

Gudziol H.; Gramowski K H., 1987:
The respiration olfactometry an objectifying method for quantitative measurement of hyposmias

Tolokonnikova L.I., 1986:
The respiration rate of bacterial plankton in the sea of azov ussr

Bashmakova I.Kh, 1986:
The respiration rate of bacterioplankton as a factor of the danube europe water self purification

Andrew T.E.; Herzig A., 1984:
The respiration rate of the resting eggs of leptodora kindti and bythotrephes longimanus crustacea cladocera at environmentally encountered temperatures

Zelenshchikova V.A.; Kozhokaru N.L.; Ural'skaya L.A.; Zvyagil'skaya R.A., 1982:
The respiration system and the characteristics of mitochondria of endomyces magnusii cells grown on d l lactate

Baudet, J.L.; Sellier, R., 1975:
The respiration system of the cockroaches part 2 the dilations of the tracheae and their significance in the blattaria

Zvyagil'skaya, R.A.; Fedorovich, D.V.; Shavlovskii, G.M., 1978:
The respiration system of the yeast pichia guilliermondii at different levels of flavinogenesis

Pinevich A.V.; Dement'eva S.V., 1982:
The respiratory activity associated with membrane preparations of the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis

Goldman, M.D.; Loh, L.; Sears, T.A., 1985:
The respiratory activity of human levator costae muscles and its modification by posture

De-Jager, S.; Smit-Onel, M.E.; Videler, J.J.; Van-Gils, B.J.M.; Uffink, E.M., 1977:
The respiratory area of the gills of some teleost fishes in relation to their mode of life

Pfenninger E.; Bowdler I.; Novak R.; Gruenert A.; Kilian J., 1987:
The respiratory aspect of the treatment of brain injury associated with acute alcohol intoxication results of an animal experiment

Bevan D.J.; Kramer D.L., 1987:
The respiratory behavior of an air breathing catfish clarias macrocephalus clariidae

Kappeli O.; Arreguin M.; Rieger M., 1985:
The respiratory breakdown of glucose by saccharomyces cerevisiae an assessment of a physiological state

Morel, F.; Doussiere, J.; Stasia, M.J.; Vignais, P.V., 1985:
The respiratory burst of bovine neutrophils. Role of a b type cytochrome and coenzyme specificity

Wong, K.; Chew, C., 1984:
The respiratory burst of human neutrophils treated with various stimulators in vitro is dampened by exogenous unsaturated fatty acids

Glass, G.A.; DeLisle, D.M.; DeTogni, P.; Gabig, T.G.; Magee, B.H.; Markert, M.; Babior, B.M., 1986:
The respiratory burst oxidase of human neutrophils. Further studies of the purified enzyme

Kakinuma K.; Fukuhara Y.; Kaneda M., 1987:
The respiratory burst oxidase of neutrophils separation of a fad enzyme and its characterization

Aitken J.C.; Thompson J., 1988:
The respiratory carbon dioxide uptake oxygen uptake exchange ratio during maximum exercise and its use as a predictor of maximum oxygen uptake

Thomson J.W.; Shapiro B.M., 1981:
The respiratory chain nadh dehydrogenase of escherichia coli isolation of an nadh quinone oxido reductase from membranes and comparison with the membrane bound nadh di chloro phenol indophenol oxido reductase

Rothery, R.A.; Houston, A.M.; Ingledew, W.J., 1987 :
The respiratory chain of anaerobically grown Escherichia coli: reactions with nitrite and oxygen

Lewis, R.J.; Prince, R.C.; Dutton, P.L.; Knaff, D.B.; Krulwich, T.A., 1981:
The respiratory chain of Bacillus alcalophilus and its nonalkalophilic mutant derivative

Grant, N.G.; Hommersand, M.H., 1974:
The respiratory chain of chlorella protothecoides part 1 inhibitor responses and cytochrome components of whole cells

Grant, N.G.; Hommersand, M.H., 1974:
The respiratory chain of chlorella protothecoides part 2 isolation and characterization of mitochondria

Doussiere, J.; Sainsard-Chanet, A.; Vignais, P.V., 1979:
The respiratory chain of paramecium tetraurelia in wild type and the mutant cl 1 1. spectral properties and redox potentials

Doussiere, J.; Sainsard-Chanet, A.; Vignais, P.V., 1979:
The respiratory chain of paramecium tetraurelia in wild type and the mutant cl 1 2. cyanide insensitive respiration function and regulation

Storey, B.T.; Bahr, J.T., 1969:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria i electron transport between succinate and oxygen in skunk cabbage m mitochondria symplocarpus foetidus m enz oxidase antimycin a antibiotic inst spectrophotometry cytochromes flavo protein ubiquinone

Storey, B.T.; Bahr, J.T., 1969:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria ii oxidative phosphorylation in skunk cabbage m mitochondria symplocarpus foetidus m adp enz oxidase flavo protein cytochrome ubiquinone pyridine nucleotide inst fluorescence spectra

Storey, B.T., 1969:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria iii oxidation rates of cytochrome c and cytochrome b in mung bean d mitochondria reduced with succinate phaseolus aureus d inst spectrophotometer

Storey, B.T., 1971:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 10 oxidation reduction potentials of the flavo proteins of skunk cabbage m mitochondria

Storey, B., 1971:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 11 electron transport from succinate to endogenous pyridine nucleotide in mung bean d mitochondria

Storey, B.T., 1972:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 12 some aspects of the energy linked reverse electron transport from the cytochromes c to the cytochromes b in mung bean d mitochondria

Storey, B.T.; Bahr, J.T., 1972:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 14 ordering of ubi quinone flavo proteins and cytochromes in the respiratory chain

Storey, B.T., 1974:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 16 interaction of cytochrome b 562 with the respiratory chain of coupled and uncoupled mung bean mitochondria evidence for its exclusion from the main sequence of the chain

Storey, B.T., 1974:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 17 flavo protein cytochrome b 562 interaction in antimycin treated skunk cabbage mitochondria

Storey, B.T., 1970:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 4 oxidation rates of the respiratory carriers of mung bean d mitochondria in the presence of cyanide

Storey, B.T., 1970:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 5 reaction of reduced cytochromes alpha and alpha 3 in mung bean d mitochondria with oxygen in the presence of cyanide

Storey, B.T., 1970:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 6 flavo protein components of the respiratory chain of mung bean d mitochondria

Erecinska, M.; Storey, B.T., 1970:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 7 kinetics of flavo protein oxidation in skunk cabbage m mitochondria

Storey, B.T., 1970:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 8 reduction kinetics of the respiratory chain carriers of mung bean d mitochondria with nadh

Dutton, P.L.; Storey, B.T., 1971:
The respiratory chain of plant mitochondria part 9 oxidation reduction potentials of the cytochromes of mung bean d mitochondria

Ball A.S.; Edwards C., 1986:
The respiratory chain of the facultative thermophile bacillus coagulans

Fry, W.F.Jr, 1977:
The respiratory components of mirthful laughter

Loeschcke, H.H., 1973:
The respiratory control system analysis of steady state solutions for metabolic and respiratory acidosis alkalosis and increased metabolism

Ryle G.J.A.; Powell C.E.; Gordon A.J., 1979:
The respiratory costs of nitrogen fixation in soybean cowpea and white clover part 1 nitrogen fixation and the respiration of the nodulated root

Ryle G.J.A.; Powell C.E.; Gordon A.J., 1979:
The respiratory costs of nitrogen fixation in soybean cowpea and white clover part 2 comparisons of the cost of nitrogen fixation and the utilization of combined nitrogen

Oberg B.; Ostgaard S.E.; Juhl B., 1987:
The respiratory depressant effects of morphine and vilan a comparative clinical investigation

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The response of cells in culture to fractionated radiation: a theoretical approach

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The response of certain perennial cereal grasses to fertilizer application and its effectiveness in mountainous regions

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The response of chitons their cells and larvae to high temperatures

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The response of common buzzard buteo buteo to nest disturbance

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The response of cowpea vigna unguiculata to foliar sprays of nitrogen during the reproductive stage of development

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The response of cultured mammalian cells to diphtheria toxin ii the resistant cell enhancement of toxin action by poly l ornithine human neopl hela and neopl kb cells mouse neopl l cells

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The response of cutaneous vessels to noradrenaline in normal subjects and hypertensive patients as evidenced by continuously recorded intensity of reflected light

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The response of cyclic amp and cyclic gmp phospho di esterases ec to experimental diabetes

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The response of cyclic amp to norepinephrine in the hypothalamus and pineal organ of female rats in pro estrus or di estrus

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The response of cylindrocladium conidia to soil fungistasis

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The response of day and night wetting children and children who wet only at night to retention control training and the enuresis alarm

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The response of de salivate rats to a time dependent food reinforcement schedule

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The response of denervated axolotl arms to delayed amputation

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The response of development rate to temperature in the univoltine crane fly tipula subnodicornis

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The response of di ploid yeast to radiations at different linear energy transfer 2. analysis of survival data with various models of radiation action

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The response of di ploid yeast to radiations at different linear energy transfer part 1 potentially lethal and lethal damage to reproductive capacity

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The response of diabetic retinopathy to 41 months of multiple insulin injections, insulin pumps, and conventional insulin therapy

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The response of diastolic myo cardial tissue pressure and regional coronary blood flow to increased preload from blood colloid and crystalloid

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The response of different segments of the small intestine to calcium and phosphorus deprivation in chicks gallus domesticus

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The response of different types of connective tissue to hormone injection

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The response of digging ants to gravity

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The response of dog intradental nerves to hypertonic solutions of calcium chloride and sodium chloride and other stimuli applied to exposed dentin

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The response of dopa decarboxylase ec activity to variations in gene dosage in drosophila a possible location of the structural gene

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The response of dorsal horn neurons of the cat to intra arterial brady kinin and noxious radiant heat

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The response of early weaned pigs to various protein levels in a high energy diet

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The response of ecosystems to external perturbations

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The response of elastin and collagen to acute hyper distension of the rabbit abdominal aorta

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The response of embryonal carcinoma cells to retinoic acid depends on colony size

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The response of endogenously and reactively depressed patients to electro convulsive therapy

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The Response of Enzyme Polymorphisms to Developmental Rate Selection in DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER

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The response of epidural steroid injections in chronic dorsal root pain

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The response of escherichia coli ab 2463 reca to fast neutron beams with mean energies in the range 4 to 27 mev

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The response of escherichia coli b s 1 to tritium beta particles under aerated and anoxic conditions

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The response of escherichia coli to nalidixic acid

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The response of ethylene treated tomato plants to infection by verticillium albo atrum

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The response of european beech and english oak seedlings to artificial acid rain in relation to nitrogen nutrition

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The response of fast adapting units innervating the molar buccal gingiva of the cat mandible to ramp pressure and triangular vibratory stimuli

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The response of fecal coliforms and antibiotic resistant escherichia coli to incremental doses of ozone during disinfection of activated sludge effluent

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The response of fetal sheep to the somatic and flagellar antigens of salmonella typhimurium

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The response of field grown phaseolus vulgaris to rhizobium inoculation and the quantification of nitrogen fixation using nitrogen 15

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The response of field grown white pine seedlings to different sulfur di oxide environments

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The response of fish blood cells, particularly thrombocytes, to decompression

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The response of fishes to periodic spring floods in a southeastern usa stream

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The response of fishes to sound stimulus

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The response of flavone metabolism to the pressure of habitat selection in various populations of lathyrus pratensis

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The response of focal ischemic cerebral edema to dexamethasone

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The response of four potato cultivars to chloride salinity sulfate salinity and calcium in pot experiments

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The response of four soil fungi to paraquat treatment

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The response of french bean varieties phaseolus vulgaris cultivar kievit to components isolated from races of colletotrichum lindemuthianum

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The response of fusaria to current benzimidazole preparations and some aspects of resistance and cross resistance

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The response of gamma amino butyric acid ergic and cholinergic neurons to transient cerebral ischemia

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The response of gastroenteropancreatic hormones following an oral water load in non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

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The response of generalized granuloma annulare to dapsone

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The response of germ cells of the mouse to induction of nondisjunction by x rays

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The response of glucose insulin and free fatty acid to intra venous glucose and glucagon in elderly subjects in the course of morning and afternoon tests

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The response of Golgi tendon organs to single motor unit contractions

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The response of ground water to artificial re charge schemes

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The response of groundnuts to nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilization on relatively fertile soils

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The response of growth and yield of the semi dwarf wheat cultivar sidi misri 1 to water regime and cycocel

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The response of growth hormone to growth hormone releasing factor 1 29 in 12 patients with active acromegaly

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The response of growth rate to temperature in seedlings of several allium crop species

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The response of gymnodinium breve to municipal waste materials

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The response of ha ploid secondary embryoids and secondary embryogenic tissues of winter oilseed rape brassica napus ssp oleifera to treatment with colchicine

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The response of helianthemum chamaecistus to mycorrhizal infection in 2 different types of soil

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The response of holocyclic populations of cereal aphids homoptera aphididae to the sowing date of wheat with observations on the effects of heavy precipitations

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The response of honey bees apis mellifera ligustica to variations in solar radiation and temperature

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The response of horseshoe crab lateral spine mechano receptors to slow ramp stimuli

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The response of human early and late rosette forming lymphocytes to mixed and autologous lymphocyte culture and mitogens

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The response of human hetero chromatin and eu chromatin to spermine

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The response of human monocytes to interaction with immobilized immune complexes

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The response of human peripheral blood mononuclear phagocytes to rheumatoid arthritis

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The response of human platelets to hypotonic stress: direct measurement of volume change

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The response of human spermatozoa to gravity boundaries and fluid shear

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The response of human sulcular leukocytes to a chemo tactic challenge a new in vivo assay

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The response of human tendon to hydrocortisone injection

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The response of hydrogen bacteria to carbon mon oxide

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The response of individual sympathetic preganglionic neurons to micro electrophoretically applied endogenous mono amines

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The response of infants with bronchiolitis to the proteins of respiratory syncytial virus

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The response of institutionalized Down's syndrome subjects to enterovirus infections

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The response of interstitial ammonium in eelgrass zostera marina beds to environmental perturbations

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The response of isolated avena sativa coleoptile protoplasts to iaa

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The response of isolated digging worker ants formica lemani and lasius niger to tunnels

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The response of isolated rabbit hepatic macrophages to lipo poly saccharide

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The response of italian rye grass to nitrogenous fertilizer at different times of year with particular reference to residual effects

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The response of japanese quails and chicks to the water soluble antinutritive compounds from rye grain

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The response of juvenile chickens and pigeons to alloxan

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The response of kentucky bluegrass turf to phenylphosphorodiamidate and magnesium ions applied in combination with urea

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The response of lactobacillus casei to different folate mono glutamates

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The response of lambs to vaccination and challenge with Trichostrongylus colubriformis: effect of plane of nutrition on, and the inter-relationship between, immunological responsiveness and resistance

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The response of larvae of perla burmeisteriana plecoptera to variations in hydrostatic pressure

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The response of lateral shoots of vicia faba l. seedlings to local application of some growth regulators

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The response of leaf resin to artificial herbivory in eriodictyon californicum

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The Response of Leaf Water Potential and Crassulacean Acid Metabolism to Prolonged Drought in Sedum rubrotinctum

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The response of left ventricular function and size to atrial pacing, volume loading and afterload stress in patients with coronary artery disease

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The response of lichen growth to additions of distilled water rain water and water from a rock surface

Armstrong, R.A., 1977:
The response of lichen growth to transplantation to rock surfaces of different aspect

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The response of lithium fluoride thermo luminescence dosimeters to the ground level cosmic ray background

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The response of litomosoides carinii to antifilarial agents in cotton rat sigmodon hispidus and multimammate rat mastomys natalensis

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The response of liver enzymes to feed restriction and subsequent ad libitum feeding in the laying hen

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The response of living bone to controlled time varying loading method and preliminary results

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The response of living tissue to pulses of a surgical carbon dioxide laser

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The response of lotus uliginosus cultivar grasslands maku grown on hill soils to inoculation with rhizobium

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The response of luidia clathrata echinodermata asteroidea to hypoxia

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The response of lupines to waterlogging

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The response of lymphatic smooth muscles to vasoactive substances

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The response of lymphocytes to phyto hem agglutinin in children with acute lymphatic leukemia

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The response of macro invertebrates to aquatic macrophyte decomposition

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The response of magnesium ii limited anacystis nidulans to alterations in photon fluence rate when grown in chemostats a suitable system for studies of magnesium ii controlled cell division

Ycas J.W.; Zobel R.W., 1983:
The response of maize zea mays radicle orientation to soil solution and soil atmosphere

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The response of male broilers to varying levels of dietary protein and energy

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The response of male dogs to urine from other males

Ballard J.B.; Gold R.E., 1983:
The response of male german cockroaches blattella germanica to sonic and ultrasonic sound

Warren, E.W.; Callaghan, S., 1976:
The response of male guppies poecilia reticulata to repeated exposure to an open field

Bjerke T.K., 1984:
The response of male redwings turdus iliacus to playback of different dialects

Skreb, Y., 1981:
The response of mammalian cells in the plateau phase to treatment with manganese

Shumaker R.G., 1980:
The response of manual motor functioning in parkinsonians to frontal electro myographic bio feedback and progressive relaxation

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The response of mechanically anisotropic cylindrical cells to multi axial stress

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The response of megakaryocytes with processes to thrombin

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The response of meio fauna to sediment disturbance

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The response of merino lambs given whole wheat supplemented with urea or hay

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The response of mesenteric blood vessels to irradiation

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The response of mice immune to schistosoma mansoni to a challenge infection which bypasses the skin evidence for 2 mechanisms of immunity

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The response of microvessels in rat lung explants to incubation with norepinephrine

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The response of moina brachiata to biological oxygen demand oxygen and light

Yamaguchi, Y., 1985:
The response of monoamines in the rat brain to local vibration exposure

Watson, W.E., 1969:
The response of motor neurones to intra muscular injection of botulinium toxin rat enz succin oxidase enz acetyl choline hydrolase inst interference microscopy inst uv adsorption micro spectrography inst auto radiography

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The response of motor units to tetanization of afferent nerves in young rats

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The response of mouse adeno carcinoma cells to hyper thermia and irradiation

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The response of mouse epidermis to fractionated doses of pi mesons

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The response of mouse peritoneal macrophages to titanium di oxide pigments in vitro

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The response of mouse skin to hyperthermia combined with fast neutrons of x rays

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The response of mouse skin to re irradiation with x rays or fast neutrons

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The response of multi lamellar liposomes to freezing and thawing

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The response of murine nerve tissue culture to murine cytomegalic virus

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The response of murine splenic lymphocytes to concanavalin a and co stimulator

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The response of muscle protein synthesis to nutrient intake in postabsorptive rats: the role of insulin and amino acids

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The response of mytilus edulis to short duration hypo osmotic stress

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The response of napier grass pennisetum purpureum to animal manure and chemical fertilizer 1. effects on dry matter yield and quality

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The response of nerve cells of the kinesthetic analyzer of rats to vibration

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The response of neurocytes of the anterior and mediobasal hypothalamic nuclei of birds to testosterone propionate

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The response of neurons in the hypothalamic arcuate area to micro iontophoretic application of serotonin during different stages of estrus cycle in rats

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The response of neurons of the medial pontomedullary reticular formation of rats to peripheral thermal stimuli

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The response of neurons of the medulla oblongata in frogs to stimulation of tongue chemo receptors

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The response of neurons of the superficial dorsal horn to iontophoretically applied glutamate ion

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The response of new born sheep to thyrotropin releasing hormone with and without somatostatin

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The response of nitrogen fertilization on the root yield of ashwagandha withania somnifera

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The response of normal and ataxia telangiectasia human fibroblasts to the lethal effects of far mid and near uv radiations

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The response of okra abelmoschus esculentus cultivar emerald to molybdenum in sand culture

Ayres P., 1985:
The response of onion couch arrhenatherum elatius ssp bulbosum to glyphosate and other foliage applied herbicides

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The response of onions allium cepa cultivar ori to solar heating agricultural practices and pink root disease

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The response of ophthalmic arterial pressure to topically applied clonidine

Giulian, D.; Iwanij, V.; Stuckenbrok, H., 1985:
The response of optic tract glia during regeneration of the goldfish carassius auratus visual system 1. biosynthetic activity within different glial populations after transection of retinal ganglion cell axons

Giulian, D.; Iwanij, V., 1985:
The response of optic tract glia during regeneration of the goldfish carassius auratus visual system 2. tectal factors stimulate optic tract glia

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The response of oryzaephilus surinamensis coleoptera silvanidae to water

Gaitan Yanguas M., 1961:
The response of osteogenic sarcoma and adjacent normal tissues to radiation

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The response of ovarian function to human menopausal gonadotropin human chorionic gonadotropin and bromocriptine therapies in hyper prolactinemic patients

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The response of oxygen and carbon di oxide exchanges and root activity to short term water stress in soybean glycine max cultivar williams

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The response of oxygen consumption body temperature blood substrates and serum enzymes to intermittent heavy work performed over 24 hours

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The response of pancreatic beta cell membrane potential of potassium induced calcium influx in the presence of glucose

Chong T.K., 1984:
The response of paraserianthes falcataria to row thinning

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The response of patients with complex ventricular arrhythmias secondary to dilated cardiomyopathy to programmed electrical stimulation

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The response of patients with purulent bronchiectasis to antibiotics for four months

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The response of pediatric arrhythmias to intravenous and oral flecainide

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The response of penaeus indicus crustacea penaeidea to purified and compounded diets of varying fatty acid composition

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The response of penned sheep fed fescue tussock festuca novae zelandiae to sulfur nitrogen and mineral supplements

Buckner C.A.; Shure D.J., 1985:
The response of peromyscus to forest opening size in the southern appalachian mountains usa

West D.W.; Taylor J.A., 1980:
The response of phaseolus vulgaris to root zone anaerobiosis waterlogging and high sodium chloride

Nichols D.G.; Beardsell D.V., 1981:
The response of phosphorus sensitive plants to slow release fertilizers in soil less potting mixtures

Heyman U., 1986:
The response of photosynthetic parameters to environmental factors in siggeforasjon sweden

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The response of physarum polycephalum to extracellular calcium ion studies on calcium ion nutrition fluxes and compartmentation

Reynolds C.S., 1987:
The response of phytoplankton communities to changing lake environments

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The response of pinus caribaea var hondurensis seedlings to nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizers

Reiter, E.O.; Root, A.W.; Duckett, G.E., 1976:
The response of pituitary gonadotropes to a constant infusion of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in normal pre pubertal and pubertal children and in children with abnormalities of sexual development

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The response of planktonic and microbenthic algal assemblages to nutrient enrichment in shallow coastal waters southwest sweden

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The response of plant mitochondria to media of high solute content

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The response of plant species to burial in 3 types of alaskan usa wetlands

Leonard R.E.; Conkling P.W.; Mcmahon J.L., 1985:
The response of plant species to low level trampling stress on hurricane island maine usa

Runia W.T.; Peters D., 1980:
The response of plant species using in agriculture and horticulture to viroid infections

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The response of plantago lanceolata l. and plantago major ssp major to nitrate depletion

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The response of plants to elevated carbon di oxide 1. competition among an assemblage of annuals at 2 levels of soil moisture

Zangerl, A.R.; Bazzaz, F.A., 1984:
The response of plants to elevated carbon di oxide 2. competitive interactions among annual plants under varying light and nutrients

Williams, W.E.; Garbutt, K.; Bazzaz, F.A.; Vitousek, P.M., 1986:
The response of plants to elevated carbon dioxide iv. two deciduous forest tree communities

Williams, W.E.; Garbutt, K.; Bazzaz, F.A., 1988:
The response of plants to elevated carbon dioxide v. performance of an assemblage of serpentine grassland herbs

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The response of plasma arginine vasopressin to 14 hour water deprivation in the elderly

Jorde R.; Schulz T.B.; Burhol P.G.; Schulz L.B., 1981:
The response of plasma gastric inhibitory poly peptide to slow and fast glucose ingestion in billroth ii resected patients and normal controls

Guellner H G.; Nicholson W.E.; Wilson M.G.; Bartter F.C.; Orth D.N., 1982:
The response of plasma immuno reactive acth beta endorphin beta lipotropin gamma lipotropin and cortisol to experimentally induced pain in normal subjects

Balton S.C.; Weekes T.E.C., 1986:
The response of plasma minerals free fatty acids and glucose to adrenaline and cortisol infusion in sheep

Kraal J.H.; Kenney E.B., 1979:
The response of polymorphonuclear leukocytes to chemo tactic stimulation for smokers and nonsmokers

Rouse, B.T.; Ditchfield, W.J.B., 1970:
The response of ponies to myxovirus influenzae a equi 2 part 1 serum and nasal antibody titers following exposure

Rouse, B.T.; Ditchfield, W.J.B., 1970:
The response of ponies to myxovirus influenzae a equi 2 part 2 immuno globulin classes of antibody to the virus in serum and nasal secretions

Keillor, J.S.; Aterman, K., 1987:
The response of poorly differentiated prostatic tumors to staining for prostate specific antigen and prostatic acid phosphatase: a comparative study

Przybyl K., 1988:
The response of populus ne 42 populus maximowiczii x populus trichocarpa to infection by ceratocystis fimbriata isolated from cacao tree and plane

Gillett S.D.; Hogarth P.J.; Noble F.E.J., 1979:
The response of predators to varying densities of schistocerca gregaria locust nymphs

Gorman M.L., 1984:
The response of prey to stoat mustela erminea scent

Rohman, M.E.; Cleary, P.D.; Warburg, M.; Delbanco, T.L.; Aronson, M.D., 1987:
The response of primary care physicians to problem drinkers

Curthoys I.S., 1982:
The response of primary horizontal semicircular canal neurons in the rat and guinea pig to angular acceleration

Kroeller J.; Gruesser O J.; Weiss L R., 1985:
The response of primary muscle spindle endings to random muscle stretch a quantitative analysis

Whale D.M., 1983:
The response of primula spp to soil waterlogging and soil drought

Feigin A.; Sagiv B.; Sternbaum B.; Ohayon M., 1979:
The response of processing cucumbers cultivar pickmore to manuring and nitrogen fertilization in a pale brown loessial soil in the negev israel

Benjamin M., 1980:
The response of prolactin acth and growth hormone cells in the pituitary gland of the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus f leiurus to increased environmental salinities

Winters S.J.; Johnsonbaugh R.E.; Sherins R.J., 1982:
The response of prolactin to chlorpromazine stimulation in men with hypo gonadotropic hypo gonadism and early pubertal boys relationship to sex steroid exposure

Elliott, T.S.; Greenwood, D., 1983 :
The response of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to azlocillin, ticarcillin and cefsulodin

Braverman I.M.; Sibley J., 1985:
The response of psoriatic epidermis and microvessels to treatment with topical steroids and oral methotrexate

Wiencke, C., 1984:
The response of Pyruvate Kinase From The Intertidal Red Alga Porphyra umbilicalis to Sodium and Potassium Ions

Inoue T., 1980:
The response of rabbit ciliary nerve to luminance intensity

Foran B.D.; Low W.A.; Strong B.W., 1985:
The response of rabbit populations and vegetation to rabbit control on a calcareous shrubby grassland in central australia

Bolbol, A.S.; Hammond, J.A.; Sewell, M.M.H., 1978:
The response of rabbits to repeated infections with fasciola hepatica

Pringnitz D.J.; Butler J.E., 1981:
The response of rabbits to the subclass specific epitopes of bovine immuno globulin g 1 and immuno globulin g 2

Reinert R.A.; Gray T.N., 1981:
The response of radish raphanus sativus cultivar cherry belle to nitrogen di oxide sulfur di oxide and ozone alone and in combination

Snarski V.M., 1982:
The response of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to aeromonas hydrophila after sublethal exposures to poly chlorinated bi phenyl and copper

Tewari S.; Greenberg S.A.; D.K.; Grey P.A., 1987:
The response of rat brain protein synthesis of ethanol and sodium barbital

Weissberg, J.B.; Machaj, J.K.; Fischer, J.J., 1981:
The response of rat hind limbs to X irradiation: a possible role for protein synthesis

Itoh, K.F., 1976:
The response of rat lymphocytes immunized by human thyro globulin to human thyro globulin phyto hem agglutinin or to pokeweed mitogen

Wall P.D.; Fitzgerald M.; Gibson S.J., 1981:
The response of rat spinal cord cells to unmyelinated afferents after peripheral nerve section and changes in substance p levels

Watson, J.; Riblet, R.; Taylor, B.A., 1977:
The response of recombinant strains of mice to bacterial lipo poly saccharides

Hall, S.M.; Kent, A.P., 1987:
The response of regenerating peripheral neurites to a grafted optic nerve

Hoerauf R.A.; Shimabukuro R.H., 1979:
The response of resistant and susceptible plants to diclofop methyl

Rockwood, E.J.; Fantes, F.; Davis, E.B.; Anderson, D.R., 1987:
The response of retinal vasculature to angiotensin

Katz D.F.; Phillips D.M., 1986:
The response of rhesus monkey sperm motility to cervical mucus and solid surfaces

Rao S.P.; George U.; Modi V.V., 1984:
The response of rhizobium meliloti to l methionine dl sulfoximine

Westcott M.P.; Mikkelsen D.S., 1983:
The response of rice oryza sativa seedlings to oxygen released from calcium oxide in flooded soils

Cox R.M.; Hutchinson T.C., 1980:
The response of root acid phosphatase activity to heavy metal stress in tolerant and nontolerant clones of 2 grass species

Plaut Z.; Ziesln N.; Grawa A.; Gazit M., 1979:
The response of rose plants to evaporative cooling flower production and quality

Zieslin N.; Plaut Z.; Marek J.; Halevy A.H., 1979:
The response of rose plants to evaporative cooling plant water status and carbon di oxide fixation

Kalyuzhin V.A.; Evdokimov E.V.; Plekhanov G.F., 1984:
The response of saccharomyces cerevisiae to a heat stress studied in dynamics during continuous cultivation

Toh Y.C., 1982:
The response of sebaceous glands of female rats ovariectomized at birth to testosterone

Ford G.P.; Farr P.M.; Ive F.A.; Shuster S., 1984:
The response of seborrheic dermatitis to ketoconazole

Shields, J.G.; Smith, S.H.; Levinsky, R.J.; DeFrance, T.; D.V.ies, J.E.; Banchereau, J.; Callard, R.E., 1987:
The response of selected human B cell lines to B cell growth and differentiation factors

Hucl P.; Beversdorf W.D., 1982:
The response of selected phaseolus vulgaris cultivars to ozone under controlled fumigation and ambient field levels

Ashraf M.; Mcneilly T.; Bradshaw A.D., 1986:
The response of selected salt tolerant and normal lines of four grass species to sodium chloride in sand culture

Marrs, R.H.; Proctor, J., 1976 :
The response of serpentine and nonserpentine agrostis stolonifera to magnesium and calcium

Oma H.; Kato K I.; Takahashi H.; Ibayashi H., 1982:
The response of serum growth hormone to central and peripheral dopaminergic stimuli in normal subjects and acromegalic patients

Gregg, P.; Dineen, J.K., 1978:
The response of sheep vaccinated with irradiated trichostrongylus colubriformis larvae to impulse and sequential challenge with normal larvae

Hardacre A.K.; Laing W.A.; Christeller J.T., 1986:
The response of simulated swards of perennial ryegrass and white clover to enriched atmospheric carbon dioxide interaction with nitrogen and photosynthetic photon flux density

Schiller P.H.; Colby C.L., 1983:
The response of single cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the rhesus monkey to color and luminance contrast

Hocherman S.; Itshaki A.; Gilat E., 1981:
The response of single units in the auditory cortex of rhesus monkeys to predicted and to unpredicted sound stimuli

Van Der Moezel P.G.; Watson L.E.; Pearce Pinto G.V.N.; Bell D.T., 1988:
The response of six eucalyptus species and casuarina obesa to the combined effect of salinity and waterlogging

Polemacher R.E.; Brons R.H.C.; Nikkels P.G.J., 1984:
The response of sl j plus mice to experimental manipulation of the erythron

Ferrell, W.R., 1985:
The response of slowly adapting mechanoreceptors in the cat knee joint to tetanic contraction of hind limb muscles

Friend G.R., 1979:
The response of small animals to clearing and burning of eucalypt forest in southeastern australia

Jones, G.M.; Hurley, J.V., 1985:
The response of small blood vessels in rat skin and skeletal muscle to repeated application of histamine: a chemical, topographical and electron microscopic study

Pratt C.R.Jr, 1984:
The response of solidago graminifolia and solidago juncea to nitrogen fertilizer application changes in biomass allocation and implications for community structure

Reay F.; Wallace H.R., 1981:
The response of some australian native plants to meloidogyne javanica

Chiricuta I.; Uray Z.; Maniu M.; Frenkel Z.; Abraham A.D., 1985:
The response of some endocrine glands to acute polydin therapy

Poysa V.W.; Reinbergs E., 1983:
The response of some facultative triticosecale triticale to extended vernalization

Sittner, W.D.; Richter, V.; Rassoul, F.; Schulz, G.; Seim, H.; Rotzsch, W.; Müller, M., 1985:
The response of some intravascular and intracellular lipid parameters of the rat after treatment with isatin

Rosenson, L.M., 1977:
The response of some prosimian primate mothers to their own anesthetized infants

Kurppa A., 1985:
The response of some spring barley cultivars grown in finland to airborne secondary infection by bipolaris sorokiniana

Orchard, P.W.; So, H.B., 1985:
The response of sorghum and sunflower to short term waterlogging ii. changes in the soil environment under waterlogged conditions

Orchard, P.W.; So, H.B.; Jessop, R.S., 1985:
The response of sorghum and sunflower to short term waterlogging iii. root growth effects

Orchard, P.W.; Jessop, R.S.; So, H.B., 1986:
The response of sorghum and sunflower to short term waterlogging iv. water and nutrient uptake effects

Orchard, P.W.; Jessop, R.S., 1984:
The response of sorghum sorghum bicolor cultivar e 57 and sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar suncross 52 to short term waterlogging 1. effects of stage of development and duration of waterlogging on growth and yield

Meisner, J.; Navon, A.; Zur, M.; Ascher, K.R.S., 1977:
The response of spodoptera littoralis larvae to gossypol incorporated in an artificial diet

L'ahky J., 1986:
The response of spring barley to the system of divided application of nitrogen fertilizers

Gordon F.J., 1980:
The response of spring calving cows to a high level of protein in the supplement given with grass silage during early lactation

Nour T.A.; Hassan G.M., 1985:
The response of squash cultivar dark green zucchini to different sowing dates and fertilizer rates

Hassan, S.A.; Bryant, M.J., 1986:
The response of store lambs to dietary supplements of fish meal 1. effects of forage to concentrate ratio

Hassan, S.A.; Bryant, M.J., 1986:
The response of store lambs to dietary supplements of fish meal 2. effects of level of feeding

Hassan S.A.; Bryant M.J., 1986 :
The response of store lambs to protein supplementation of a roughage based diet

Erman D.C.; Erman N.A., 1984:
The response of stream macro invertebrates to substrate size and heterogeneity

Muranaka, K.; Greenwood, D., 1988:
The response of Streptococcus faecalis to ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin and enoxacin

Al-Sammarrae, S.A.; Sewell, M.M., 1978:
The response of Suffolk lambs to an escalating experimental infection with Dictyocaulus filaria

Miller, J.D.; Murakami, D.M.; Fuller, C.A., 1987:
The response of suprachiasmatic neurons of the rat hypothalamus to photic and nicotinic stimuli

Searcy W.A.; Searcy M.H.; Marler P., 1982:
The response of swamp sparrows melospiza georgiana to acoustically distinct song types

Feigin A.; Sagiv B.; Berkovitch S.; Sternbaum B.; Ohayon M., 1980:
The response of sweet corn cultivar jubilee to soil fertility manure and nitrogen fertilization

Mandl R.H.; Weinstein L.H.; Dean M.; Wheeler M., 1980:
The response of sweet corn zea mays cultivar marcross to hydrogen fluoride and sulfur di oxide under field conditions

Lutman, M.E.; Martin, A.M., 1977:
The response of the acoustic reflex as a function of the intensity and temporal characteristics of pulsed stimuli

Chandraprasert S.; Sridama V.; Limtongkul S.; Vajanamarhutue C., 1984:
The response of the adrenal gland in tuberculosis

Bar Zeev M.; Ben Tamar D., 1979:
The response of the adults of the khapra beetle trogoderma granarium coleoptera dermestidae to various synthetic compounds

Clarke R.N.; Ottinger M.A., 1987:
The response of the anterior pituitary and testes to synthetic luteinizing hormone releasing hormone lhrh and the effect of castration on pituitary responsiveness in the maturing chicken fed aflatoxin

Peterson G.M., 1987:
The response of the associational afferents to the dentate gyrus to simultaneous or sequential elimination of the commissural and entorhinal afferents

Levin A.V.; Levina E.V.; Levin V.S., 1984:
The response of the asteroids asterias amurensis and distolasterias nipon to homogenates and chemical substances from tissues of far eastern starfishes

Wennberg E.; Hagberg H.; Haljamae H., 1984:
The response of the awake spontaneously hypertensive rat to acute blood loss

Mircea N., 1985:
The response of the body to stress

Fortune, J.E.; Blackler, A.W., 1976:
The response of the brachial ventral horn of xenopus laevis to fore limb amputation during development

Cole, T.C.; Ghosh, P.; Hannan, N.J.; Taylor, T.K.; Bellenger, C.R., 1987:
The response of the canine intervertebral disc to immobilization produced by spinal arthrodesis is dependent on constitutional factors

Wilson, T.M.; Strang, R.; Mackenzie, E.T., 1977:
The response of the choroidal and cerebral circulations to changing arterial partial carbon di oxide pressure and acetazolamide in the baboon

Gainey, L.F.Jr, 1978:
The response of the corbiculidae mollusca bivalvia to osmotic stress the cellular response

Gainey, L.F.Jr, 1978:
The response of the corbiculidae mollusca bivalvia to osmotic stress the organismal response

Carboni G.P.; D'ermo M.; Mattioli M.; Lioy E.; Biffani G., 1986:
The response of the coronary collateral circulation to acute administration of nifedipine an angiographic and ergometric study

Robinson, J.W.L.; Menge, H.; Mirkovitch, V., 1975:
The response of the dog colon mucosa to 1 hour ischemia

Aranega Jimenez A.; Alvarez Guisado L.; Espin Ferra J.; D.L.T.rre Gallegos G.; Garcia Garcia J., 1982:
The response of the ductus arteriosus in the chick to changes in atmospheric concentrations of oxygen and carbon di oxide

Mahmoud W.; Redfern R., 1981:
The response of the egyptian spiny mouse acomys cahirinus and 2 other species of commensal rodents to anti coagulant rodenticides

Rakhishev, A.R., 1976:
The response of the elements of the peripheral nervous system to the effects of laser radiation

Hutchinson T.C.; Scott M.G., 1988:
The response of the feather moss pleurozium schreberi to 5 years of simulated acid precipitation in the canadian boreal forest

Drummond J.C.; Todd M.M., 1985:
The response of the feline cerebral circulation to arterial carbon dioxide tension during anesthesia with isoflurane and halothane and during sedation with nitrous oxide

Miyasaka M.; Mccullagh P., 1982:
The response of the fetal lamb to maternal lymphocytes

Michaeli Y.; Steigman S.; Yitschaky M.; Weinreb M.Jr, 1986:
The response of the fibroblast population in the periodontal ligament of rat incisors to altered eruption rates

Vonshak A.; Guy R.; Guy M., 1988:
The response of the filamentous cyanobacterium spirulina platensis to salt stress

Harris, R.E.; Charleston, W.A.G., 1977:
The response of the fresh water gastropods lymnaea tomentosa and lymnaea columella to desiccation

Tipton C.M.; Matthes R.D.; Vailas A.C.; Schnoebelen C.L., 1979:
The response of the galago senegalensis to physical training

Taylor, M.J., 1978:
The response of the glass calomel ph cell in aqueous solutions containing di methyl sulfoxide at 25 celsius and minus 12 celsius

Kulikova N.I.; Fedulina V.N., 1987:
The response of the golden mullet liza aurata risso to pituitary injections kept under different conditions

Nothdurft W.; Fliedner T.M., 1982:
The response of the granulocytic progenitor cells of blood and bone marrow in dogs exposed to low doses of x irradiation

May, P.; Clingeleffer, P.R.; Scholefield, P.B.; Brien, C.J., 1976:
The response of the grape cultivar crouchen australian synonym clare riesling to various trellis and pruning treatments

Michaels P.J., 1982:
The response of the green revolution to climatic variability

Survashe B.D.; Aitken I.D.; Powell J.R., 1979:
The response of the harderian gland of the fowl to antigen given by the ocular route part 1 histological changes

Cockburn A.; Braithwaite R.W.; Lee A.K., 1981:
The response of the heath rat pseudomys shortridgei to pyric succession a temporally dynamic life history strategy

Lane H.C., 1980:
The response of the hemo globin system of fed and starved rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to bleeding

Titov Y.V.; Neskryabina E.S.; Druzina V.D., 1984:
The response of the hoper river ussr floodplain herbaceous communities to natural and anthropogenic factors

Annoni, F.; Marincola, F.; Montorsi, W., 1978:
The response of the human saphenous vein to pharmacological stimulation in vitro

Pickford, G.E.; Pang, P.K.T.; Weinstein, E.; Torretti, J.; Hendler, E.; Epstein, F.H., 1970:
The response of the hypophysectomized cyprinodont fundulus heteroclitus to replacement therapy with cortisol effects on blood serum and sodium potassium activated atpase in the gills kidney and intestinal mucosa

Priedkalns J.; Oksche A.; Vleck C.; Bennett R.K., 1984:
The response of the hypothalamo gonadal system to environment factors in the zebra finch poephila guttata castanotis structural and functional studies

Sashida, T.; Johnson, D.C., 1976:
The response of the immature rat ovary gonadotropins acute changes in cyclic amp progesterone testosterone androstenedione and estradiol after treatment with pregnant mare serum gonadotropin or follicle stimulating hormone plus luteinizing hormone

Barnes, R.S.K.; Greenwood, J.G., 1978 :
The response of the inter tidal gastropod hydrobia ulvae to sediments of differing particle size/

Dunn, I.J.; Wright, K.A., 1987:
The response of the intestinal epithelium in B10.A mice to infection with Trichinella spiralis

Malli P.C.; Prasad M.N.; Mansuri A.P., 1982:
The response of the limpets cellana radiata and siphonaria siphonaria of saurashtra coast india to desiccation and waters of different salinity

Brodie, S.E.; Knight, B.W.; Ratliff, F., 1978:
The response of the Limulus retina to moving stimuli: a prediction by Fourier synthesis

Guzev V.S.; Levin S.V.; Zvyagintsev D.G., 1985:
The response of the microbial system of soil to a heavy metal concentration gradient

Storch V.; Burkhardt P., 1986:
The response of the midgut glands of orchestia cavimana to different foods

Dempster, W.J., 1977:
The response of the mononuclear phagocyte system to allo transplants

Law, M.P.; Ahier, R.G.; Field, S.B., 1978:
The response of the mouse ear to heat applied alone or combined with X rays

Van Den Honert C.; Mortimer J.T., 1979:
The response of the myelinated nerve fiber to short duration bi phasic stimulating currents

Olson, L.G.; Strohl, K.P., 1987:
The response of the nasal airway to exercise

Frank R.; Marek M., 1983 :
The response of the net photosynthetic rate to irradiance in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar spartan leaves as influenced by nitrogen supply

Williamson R.; Budelmann B.U., 1985:
The response of the octopus vulgaris angular acceleration receptor system to sinusoidal stimulation

Kamardin, N.N., 1976:
The response of the osphradium of the mollusk lymnaea stagnalis to different oxygen concentrations in water

Patterson, R.P.; Remole, W.D., 1981:
The response of the oxygen pulse during a stress test in patients with coronary artery disease

Ferdousi A.M.; Macgregor A.J., 1985:
The response of the peripheral branches of the trigeminal nerve to trauma

Bagautdinova R.I., 1985:
The response of the photosynthetic apparatus to partial derhizoidization

Robbins M.E.C.; Robinson M.; Rezvani M.; Golding S.J.; Hopewell J.W., 1988:
The response of the pig kidney to the combined effects of cisplatin and unilateral renal irradiation

Sharp P.J.; Lea R.W., 1981:
The response of the pituitary gland to lhrh in broody bantams

Miyasaka M.; Mccullagh P., 1982:
The response of the pregnant ewe to challenge with fetal and paternal lymphocytes

Killey, H.C.; Kramer, I.R.H.; Wright, H.C., 1970:
The response of the rabbit to implants of processed bovine bone kiel bone and the effects of varying the relationship between implant and host bone

Paterson R.C.; Radford J.R.; Watts A., 1981:
The response of the rat molar pulp to 2 proprietary calcium hydroxide preparations

Hall Craggs E.C.B., 1981:
The response of the rat soleus muscle to tenotomy after dorsal root section

Myers, R.; Field, S.B., 1977:
The response of the rat tail to combined heat and x rays

Taylor, J.F.; Warrell, E.; Evans, R.A., 1987:
The response of the rat tibial growth plates to distal periosteal division

Nikula, K.J.; Wilson, D.W.; Giri, S.N.; Plopper, C.G.; Dungworth, D.L., 1988:
The response of the rat tracheal epithelium to ozone exposure. Injury, adaptation, and repair

Cohen, M.S.; Davis, C.P.; Warren, M.M., 1979:
The response of the renal pelvis to infection: a scanning electron microscopic study

Harbison G.R.; Mcalister V.L.; Gilmer R.W., 1986:
The response of the salp pegea confoederata to high levels of particulate material starvation in the midst of plenty

Pope, M.H.; Wilder, D.G.; Jorneus, L.; Broman, H.; Svensson, M.; Andersson, G., 1987:
The response of the seated human to sinusoidal vibration and impact

Amoore J.N., 1985:
The response of the surface electrocardiogram to inspiration

Romanenko V.N., 1985:
The response of the tick ixodes persulcatus to thermal convection currents and ir radiation ixodidae

Krishna L., 1985:
The response of the ultimobranchial bodies and parathyroid glands of the tadpoles of rana cyanophlyctis amphibia ranidae to a calcium rich environment

Jayachandran, C.A., 1970:
The response of thermo luminescent dosimetric lithium borates equivalent to air water and soft tissue and of lithium fluoride tld 100 to low energy x rays

Waterman, F.M., 1985:
The response of thermometer probes inserted into catheters

Gershon, R.K.; Liebhaber, S.A., 1972:
The response of thymus derived cells to histo compatibility 2 antigens

Akand A.M., 1987:
The response of tilapia zillii to varying energy protein ratios in test diets

Arthur J.J.; Leone I.A.; Flower F.B., 1985:
The response of tomato plants to simulated landfill gas mixtures

Hutson R.A.; Smith I.M., 1983:
The response of tomato seedling roots to infection by verticillium albo atrum or fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersici

Rumery, R.E.; Blandau, R.J., 1976:
The response of transplants of cultured fetal mouse ovaries in kidneys of ovariectomized adult mice

Yarnold J.R.; Jelliffe A.M.; Hudson G.V.; Maclennan K.A., 1982:
The response of treatment of nodular sclerosing hodgkins disease with extranodal involvement

Shimanskii, P.S.; Pobedov, V.S., 1976:
The response of trees of various growth classes to nitrogen fertilizers

Mukurasi N.J., 1984:
The response of tropical grasses to high rates of nitrogen at uyole tanzania

Njau B.C.; Mkonyi P.A.; Lekaki K.A.M., 1986:
The response of trypanosome infected water buffaloes and cattle in different areas of fly challenge to normal therapeutic doses of trypanocidal drugs

Varley, J.; Jordan, F.T.W., 1978:
The response of turkey poults to experimental infection with strains of mycoplasma gallisepticum of different virulence and with mycoplasma gallinarum

Coates, S.R.; Jensen, M.M.; Brown, E.D., 1977:
The response of turkeys to varying doses of live oral Pasteurella multocida vaccine

Mashiringwani N.A.; Harahwa G., 1985:
The response of twenty wheat triticum aestivum varieties to growing conditions in zimbabwe

Grieve C.M.; Fujiyama H., 1987:
The response of two rice cultivars to external sodium calcium ratio

Bratton, S.P., 1976:
The response of understory herbs to soil depth gradients in high and low diversity communities

Schuster W.; Jobehdar Honarnejad R., 1976:
The response of various soybean cultivars to photoperiodism and temperature

Palladini, G.; Medolago-Albani, L.; Guerrisi, R.; Millefiorini, M.; Antonini, G.; Filippini, C.; Conforti, A.; Palatinsky, E., 1986:
The response of ventral horn neurons to ricin. An experimental abiotrophy model

Robichaud C.; Sussex I.M., 1986:
The response of viviparous 1 and wild type embryos of zea mays to culture in the presence of abscisic acid

Mcgregor P.K.; Falls J.B., 1984:
The response of western meadowlarks sturnella neglecta to the playback of undegraded and degraded songs

Mukhin V.P.; Spiridonov Y.Y., 1986:
The response of wheat plants grown from varying quality seeds to various concentrations of tordon 22k in the soil

Young N.R.; Hughes D.M.; Mytton L.R., 1986:
The response of white clover to different strains of rhizobium trifolii in hill land reseeding a second trial

Young N.R.; Mytton L.R., 1983:
The response of white clover trifolium repens to different strains of rhizobium trifolii in hill land re seeding

Leys A.; Slife F.W., 1986:
The response of wild garlic allium vineale to the timing of spray applications of chlorsulfuron

Somody C.; Nalewaja J.D.; Miller S.D., 1984:
The response of wild oat avena fatua and avena sterilis accessions to photoperiod and temperature

Allen, H.M., 1979:
The response of willow grouse lagopus lagopus lagopus chicks to auditory stimuli 2. synthesized brooding calls attract machine incubated chicks

Allen, H.M., 1980:
The response of willow grouse lagopus lagopus lagopus chicks to auditory stimuli 3. recognition of the incubating hens voice

Stanwick R.S.; Thomson M.P.; Swerhone P.M.; Stevenson L.A.; Fish D.G., 1988:
The response of winnipeg canada retail shops and restaurants to a bylaw regulating smoking in public places

Nixon E.S.; Matos J.; Hansen R.S., 1987:
The response of woody vegetation to a topographic gradient in eastern texas usa

Gaioni S.; Applebaum S.; Goldsmith J., 1983:
The response of young peking ducklings anas platyrhynchos to sibling distress calls

Ashoori F.; Takai A.; Tomita T., 1985:
The response on nonpregnant rat myometrium to oxytocin in calcium free solution

Dec, K.; Tarnecki, R., 1980:
The response patterns of collicular neurons to moving stimuli in cats after lesion of the visual cortex

Coles R.B.; Aitkin M.A., 1979:
The response properties of auditory neurons in the mid brain of the domestic fowl gallus gallus to mon aural and bin aural stimuli

Zeki S., 1980:
The response properties of cells in the middle temporal area of owl monkey aotus trivirgatus visual cortex

Mccann, G.D.; Fargason, R.D.; Shantz, V.T., 1977:
The response properties of retinula cells in the fly calliphora erythrocephala as a function of the wavelength and polarization properties of visible and uv light

Thibos, L.N.; Werblin, F.S., 1978:
The response properties of the steady antagonistic surround in the mudpuppy retina

Ahmed K.Y.; Varghese Z.; Moorhead J.F.; Wills M.R., 1979:
The response to 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol and to di hydro tachy sterol in adult onset hypo phosphatemic osteo malacia

Kalyuzhin V.A., 1987 :
The response to a heat stress in a saccharomyces cerevisiae turbidostat culture growing under limited and non limited conditions

Goncharenko A.A., 1985:
The response to a low level of inbreeding in rye populations

Naylor R.E.L.; Saleh M.E.; Farquharson J.M., 1986:
The response to chlormequat of winter barley growing at different temperatures

Kwok T.T.; Twentyman P.R., 1985:
The response to cytotoxic drugs of emt 6 cells treated as intact or disaggregated spheroids

Burkhart, S.M.; Ledsome, J.R., 1977:
The response to distension of the pulmonary vein left atrial junctions in anesthetized dogs after section of the rostral medulla

Edwards S.; Fielding S.; Waters R., 1987:
The response to dna damage induced by 4 nitroquinoline 1 oxide or its 3 methyl derivative in xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblasts belonging to different complementation groups evidence for different epistasis groups involved in the repair of large adducts in human dna

Hayward J.L.; Rubens R.D.; Sexton S.; Tong D.; Bulbrook R.D.; Kumaoka S.; Abe O.; Takatani O.; Yoshida M.; E.A., 1982:
The response to endocrine therapy in patients with advanced breast cancer in great britain uk and japan

Frieden, E.H.; Adams, W.C., 1977:
The response to endogenous relaxin of guinea pigs refractory to porcine relaxin

Kirsten, R.; Kirsten, E.; Wolff, J., 1969:
The response to ether anesthesia and to electric stimulation of glycolytic metabolites in a red and a white muscle of the rat

Burack, R.; Edwards, R.H.T.; Green, M.; Jones, N.L., 1971:
The response to exercise before and after treatment of myx edema with thyroxine

Kattan, M.; Keens, T.G.; Mellis, C.M.; Levison, H., 1978:
The response to exercise in normal and asthmatic children

Scaife, M., 1976:
The response to eye like shapes by birds part 1 the effect of context a predator and a strange bird

Scaife, M., 1976:
The response to eye like shapes by birds part 2 the importance of staring pairedness and shape

Roach, D.J.W.; Mcfadden, B.A., 1983:
The response to free ribulose bis phosphate and ribulose bis phosphate magnesium in catalysis by structurally divergent ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenases ec

Morris D.M.; Elias E.G.; Didolkar M.S.; Brown S.D., 1985:
The response to further chemotherapy in patients with carcinoma of the breast who progressed while receiving adjuvant therapy

Avakyan E.R.; Aleshin N.E.; Alekseenko E.V.; Aleshin E.P., 1984:
The response to gibberellin in various domestically ussr bred forms of rice

Schulz, B.; Knospe, S.; Heinke, P., 1978:
The response to insulin by adipose tissue on insulin dependent diabetics in vitro

Guillou P.J.; Hegarty J.H.; Ramsden C.W.; Giles G.R., 1984:
The response to interferon of natural killer and killer cells from conventionally immunosuppressed and cyclosporine treated renal allograft recipients

Francis D.A.; Grundy D.; Heron J.R., 1986:
The response to isoniazid of action tremor in multiple sclerosis and its assessment using polarized light goniometry

D.S.usa C.; Chalmers R.A.; Stacey T.E.; Tracey B.M.; Weaver C.M.; Bradley D., 1986:
The response to l carnitine and glycine therapy in isovaleric acidemia

Weiss, E.B.; Patwardhan, A.V., 1977:
The response to lidocaine in bronchial asthma

Brandon D.L.; Edwards A.J.; Parkhouse R.M.E., 1979:
The response to lipo poly saccharide of mouse spleen lymphocytes fractionated on the basis of surface immuno globulin and complement receptor using fluorescence activated cell sorting and rosetting techniques

Kleinman, R.; Teodorescu, M., 1978:
The response to mitogens and allogeneic cells of human lymphocyte sub populations separated by their differential binding to mono layers of bacteria

Bishop, H.G., 1977:
The response to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer of native pasture on the balbirini land system in northwest queensland australia

Malfatto, G.; Rosen, T.S.; Rosen, M.R., 1988:
The response to overdrive pacing of triggered atrial and ventricular arrhythmias in the canine heart

Foxworthy, J.V.; Monro, J.L.; Lewis, B., 1985:
The response to papaverine in coronary artery bypass graft flows

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