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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6756

Chapter 6756 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755000

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755001

Kerr, R.; Dall, J. L. C.; Grimes, J. D.; Teaffe, M., 1988: The response to predictable and unpredictable movements by individuals with parkinson's disease

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755003

Walker J.G., 1982: The response to railway noise in residential areas in great britain uk

Hattingh J., 1986: The response to runners to arduous triathlon competition

Eliasi R., 1979: The response to saprol systemic fungicide in lettuce species and cultivars and its inheritance

Doenhoff M.J., 1987: The response to schistosoma bovis in normal and t cell deprived mice

Bradshaw A.D., 1986: The response to sodium chloride and ionic content of selected salt tolerant and normal lines of three legume forage species in sand culture

Shannon M.C., 1983: The response to sodium chloride of excised fully differentiated and differentiating tissues of the cultivated tomato lycopersicon esculentum and its wild relatives lycopersicon peruvianum and solanum pennellii

Walker D.W., 1982: The response to stimulation of hind limb nerves in fetal sheep in utero during the different phases of electro cortical activity

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755012

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755013

Degani G., 1982: The response to substrate moisture of triturus vittatus vittatus amphibia urodela

Ben Horin A., 1981: The response to temperature gradients of scorpions from mesic and xeric habitats

Paul, E. M. M., 1984: The response to temperature of leaf area in tomato lycopersicon esculentum genotypes 2. the rate of leaf production

Stokes G.S., 1981: The response to the angiotensin antagonist saralasin in predicting therapeutic outcome in hypertension treated with frusemide

Kinney J.M., 1983: The response to total parenteral nutrition a form of nutritional assessment

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755020

Kobayashi, A.; Tizard, I. R., 1976: The response to trypanosoma congolense infection in calves determination of immuno globulin g 1 immuno globulin g 2 and complement c 3 levels and the complement fixing antibody titers during the course of infection

Nielsen J.O., 1987: The response to vaccination for hepatitis b in chronic hemodialysis patients and in the staff groups exposed to hepatitis b

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755023

Weatherill D., 1981: The responses in renal nerves to stimulation of atrial receptors carotid sinus baro receptors and carotid chemo receptors

Barker, P. S., 1978: The responses of 11 strains of tribolium castaneum to methyl bromide

Jarvis S.C., 1984: The responses of 2 genotypes of white clover trifolium repens to addition of lime to an acid permanent grassland soil

Freer Smith P.H., 1984: The responses of 6 broad leaved trees during long term exposure to sulfur di oxide and nitrogen di oxide

Barker, P. S., 1975: The responses of 8 strains of tribolium castaneum to hydrogen phosphide

Kennedy C.R., 1982: The responses of a perch perca fluviatilis population to eutrophication and associated changes in fish fauna in a small lake

Schultz R.C., 1981: The responses of a southern appalachian usa forest to waste water irrigation

Walker R.J., 1979: The responses of acetyl choline gamma amino butyric acid dopamine octopamine and other putative transmitters on limulus polyphemus central neurons

Kumahara Y., 1982: The responses of active and inactive plasma renin to various conditions in normal subjects and the role of renal or plasma kallikrein in activation of inactive renin

Vallbo A.B., 1979: The responses of afferent fibers from the glabrous skin of the hand during voluntary finger movements in man

Marchiafava, P. L.; Torre, V., 1978: The responses of amacrine cells to light and intra cellularly applied currents

James, J. E. A., 1971: The responses of aortic arch and right subclavian baro receptors to changes of non pulsatile pressure and their modification by hypo thermia

Riley, D. J.; Weitz, B. W.; Edelman, N. H., 1976: The responses of asthmatic subjects to isoproterenol inhaled at differing lung volumes

Dzau V.J., 1987: The responses of atrial natriuretic factor concentrations to acute volume changes in conscious rats

Cokl, A.; Kalmring, K.; Wittig, H., 1977: The responses of auditory ventral cord neurons of locusta migratoria to vibration stimuli

Bak M.J., 1985: The responses of cat motor cortical units to electrical cutaneous stimulation during locomotion and during lifting falling and landing

Vidyasagar T.R., 1983: The responses of cells in macaque macaca fascicularis lateral geniculate nucleus to sinusoidal gratings

Waite, P. M. E., 1973: The responses of cells in the rat thalamus to mechanical movements of the whiskers

Paintal, A. S., 1971: The responses of chemo receptors at reduced temperatures

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755045

Pawson, M. G., 1977: The responses of cod gadus morhua to chemical attractants in moving water

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755047

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755048

Breebaart L., 1986: The responses of cynoglossum officinale and verbascum thapsus to defoliation in relation to nitrogen supply

Inglis, I. R.; Isaacson, A. J., 1978: The responses of dark bellied brent geese to models of geese in various postures

Shargool, Pd; Jain, Jc, 1987: The responses of different soybean cell cultures to growth in media containing high levels of ammonia

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755052

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755053

Langton, F. A., 1977: The responses of early flowering chrysanthemums to day length

Miyamoto H., 1982: The responses of electro encephalographs of healthy adults to periodic somato sensory stimulation

Kelly D.L., 1988: The responses of four irish wetland tree species to raised soil water levels

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755057

Vale G.A., 1984: The responses of glossina glossinidae and other diptera to odor plumes in the field

Prough R.A., 1985: The responses of glutathione and antioxidant enzymes to hyperoxia in developing lung

Symonds, H. W.; Treacher, R. J., 1968: The responses of goats to the experimental induction of hypo calcemia with inst cation exchange columns plasma calcium mobilization

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755063

Macwilliam R., 1986: The responses of growing pigs to dietary lysine as free lysine hydrochloride or in soybean meal and the influence of food intake

Russell I.J., 1987: The responses of hair cells in the basal turn of the guinea pig cochlea to tones

Stradmeyer, L.; Thorpe, J. E., 1987: The responses of hatchery reared atlantic salmon salmo salar l. parr to pelletted and wild prey

Souter C., 1981: The responses of heather dominated vegetation in northeastern scotland uk to grazing by red deer cervus elaphus

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755068

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755069

Vincent, J. H.; Gibson, H., 1980: The responses of human subjects to the facial impaction of airborne coarse dust

Pack A.I., 1981: The responses of i beta cells to increases in the rate of lung inflation

Wiskich J.T., 1986: The responses of isolated plant mitochondria to external nad

Freitas J.C.D., 1984: The responses of isolated preparations of bunodosoma caissarum cnidaria anthozoa to drugs

Mori T., 1985: The responses of isolated uterine arteries from pregnant sows to vasoconstrictive agents

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755075

Eamus D., 1986: The responses of leaf water potential and leaf diffusive resistance to abscisic acid water stress and low temperature in hibiscus esculentus the effect of water stress and aba pre treatments

Benjamin, L. R.; James, B. L., 1987: The responses of ligia oceanica l. crustacea isopoda to infection by maritrema linguilla jag. 1908 and microphallus similis jag. 1900 digenea microphallidae and to abiotic implants

Elepfandt A., 1979: The responses of magno cellular and parvo cellular cells of the monkeys lateral geniculate body to moving stimuli

Jairajpuri M.S., 1984: The responses of mononchus aquaticus to chemicals and ph

Long, S. P.; Woolhouse, H. W., 1978: The responses of net photosynthesis to light and temperature in spartina townsendii sensu lato a 4 carbon species from a cool temperate climate

Long, S. P.; Woolhouse, H. W., 1978: The responses of net photosynthesis to vapor pressure deficit and carbon di oxide concentration in spartina townsendii a 4 carbon species from a cool temperate climate

Hasselmo M.E., 1987: The responses of neurons in the cortex in the superior temporal sulcus of the monkey to band pass spatial frequency filtered faces

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755085

Titmuss D., 1980: The responses of normal and athymic mice to infections by togaviruses strain differentiation in active and adoptive immunization

Greaves M.W., 1985: The responses of normal and psoriatic skin to single and multiple topical applications of leukotriene b 4

Baskerville A., 1979: The responses of nude athymic mice to nominally avirulent togavirus infections

Sedlacek, J., 1969: The responses of optic evoked potentials to strychnine in chick embryos

Dufosse M., 1986: The responses of pericruciate cortical neurons to distal forepaw electrical stimulation in the unanesthetized unrestrained cat

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755091

Nollen P.M., 1985: The responses of philophthalmus gralli and philophthalmus megalurus miracidia to light gravity and magnetic fields

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755093

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755094

Carter J.W., 1983: The responses of plasma biochemical parameters to a 56 kilometer race in novice and experienced ultra marathon runners

Hulliger M., 1979: The responses of primary spindle afferents to fusi motor stimulation at constant and abruptly changing rates

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755100

Marchiafava P.L., 1979: The responses of retinal ganglion cells to stationary and moving visual stimuli

Arapetyan, A. A.; Gevorkyan, O. V., 1977: The responses of sensori motor cortical neurons to stimulation of the mesencephalic reticular formation

Bloedel J.R., 1986: The responses of simultaneously recorded purkinje cells to the perturbations of the step cycle in the walking ferret a study using a new analytical method the real time postsynaptic response

Evans, E. F.; Nelson, P. G., 1973: The responses of single neurons in the cochlear nucleus of the cat as a function of their location and the anesthetic state

Douglas, J. A.; Marshall, M., 1978: The responses of some tl albedo neutron dosimeters

Branch, G. M., 1978: The responses of south african patellid limpets to invertebrate predators

Huang C Y., 1979: The responses of soybean glycine max plants to molybdenum treatment

Turner, N. C.; Schulze, E. D.; Gollan, T., 1984: The responses of stomata and leaf gas exchange to vapor pressure deficits and soil water content 1. species comparisons at high soil water contents

Turner, N. C.; Schulze, E. D.; Gollan, T., 1985: The responses of stomata and leaf gas exchange to vapor pressure deficits and soil water content 2. in the mesophytic herbaceous species helianthus annuus

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755111

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755112

Elliott J.M., 1983: The responses of the aquatic parasitoid agriotypus armatus hymenoptera agriotypidae to the spatial distribution and density of its caddis host silo pallipes trichoptera goeridae

Davenport J., 1981: The responses of the bivalve scrobicularia plana to gradual salinity changes

Williams C., 1988: The responses of the catecholamines and beta endorphin to brief maximal exercise in man

Hewitt C., 1982: The responses of the estuarine bivalve mollusk scrobicularia to the 1st hydrolytic product of the insecticide sevin

Morgans, D.; Carroll, P. R., 1977: The responses of the isolated human temporal artery to the venom of the sydney funnel web spider atrax robustus

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755118

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755119

Free, J. B.; Williams, I. H., 1978: The responses of the pollen beetle meligethes aeneus and the seed weevil ceuthorhynchus assimilis to oilseed rape brassica napus and other plants

Pearson, L. D.; Doherty, P. C.; Hapel, A.; Marshall, I. D., 1976: The responses of the popliteal lymph node of the sheep to ross river and kunjin viruses

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755123

Halgate M.D., 1979: The responses of the understory of forests and woodlands of the southern tablelands australia to grazing and burning

Kalmring K., 1980: The responses of ventral cord neurons of decticus verrucivorus to sound and vibration stimuli

Hanks G.R., 1982: The responses of virus free and virus infected lily cultivar enhancement to the retardants ancymidol chlormequat chloride mepiquat chloride and bts 44 584 a ternary sulfonium carbamate

Patterson T.L., 1981: The responses of white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli to songs of different dialects and subspecies

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755128

Isaacson A.J., 1984: The responses of woodpigeons columba palumbus to pigeon decoys in various postures a quest for a super normal alarm stimulus

Lock, M. A., 1972: The responses to current flow of 2 stream dwelling triclads crenobia alpina and polycelis felina

Collins W.J., 1980: The responses to defoliation of 2 strains of subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum differing in growth habit when grown in swards

Tsuda C., 1985: The responses to density and fertilizer of natural populations and cultivars of timothy phleum pratense

Ginsborg, B. L.; House, C. R., 1976: The responses to nerve stimulation of the salivary gland of nauphoeta cinerea

Snow P.J., 1982: The responses to somatic stimuli of deep spino thalamic tract cells in the lumbar spinal cord of the cat

Srinivasan D.P., 1982: The responses to water deprivation in lithium treated patients with and without polyuria

Schmidt R., 1985: The responsibility for the study protocol in a drug trial

Green M., 1979: The responsibility of the physician to parents after death of an infant beneficial outcome of a telephone call

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755138

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755139

Alexander C.S., 1980: The responsible victim nurses perceptions of victims of rape

Alexandrov, V. Y.; Lomagin, A. G.; Feldman, N. L., 1970: The responsive increase in thermo stability of plant cells

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755142

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755143

Hill S.D., 1980: The responsiveness of autistic children to the predictability of social and nonsocial toys

Kozasa T., 1986: The responsiveness of clare bishop neurons to motion cues for motion stereopsis

Maeda K., 1986: The responsiveness of clare bishop neurons to size cues for motion stereopsis

English L.S., 1979: The responsiveness of efferent lymph cells to phyto hem agglutinin during the response of the popliteal node to di nitro phenylated bovine serum albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755148

Raina S., 1980: The responsiveness of leukocyte adenylate cyclase to tylophorine in asthmatic subjects

Goldshtein M.M., 1988: The responsiveness of mice b lymphocytes to neuromediators during an immune reaction

Yaxley S., 1988: The responsiveness of neurons in the frontal opercular gustatory cortex of the macaque monkey is independent of hunger

Ward T.M., 1984: The responsiveness of newly born clun forest uk lambs to odor sources in the ewe

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755154

Halonen M., 1986: The responsiveness of rabbit bronchial rings to antigen acetylglyceryl ether phosphorylcholine and histamine

Olsen T.C., 1986: The responsiveness of the thyroid system of atlantic salmon salmo salar smolts to increased water velocity

Anderson, D. J., 1978: The responsiveness of various maternal mouse lymphocyte populations to mitogenic stimulation in vitro

Fenske M., 1987: The responsiveness to 1 24 acth of mongolian gerbil adrenals superfused in vitro as a function of basel secretion

Blacklow W.M., 1982: The responsiveness to temperature of the extension rates of leaves of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar gamenya growing in the field under different levels of nitrogen fertilizer

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755160

Hishida, F., 1976: The resting and action potential changes induced by vitamin b 12 and aldo sterone

Omoogun G.A., 1985: The resting behavior of glossina longipalpis and glossina fusca congolensis at oke ako nigeria

Forrester J.S., 1980: The resting cardio kymogram distribution of morphologies in normal patients and in patients with coronary heart disease

Yang D., 1988: The resting cardiointegram correlation with stress thallium perfusion studies

Oliveira J.S.M., 1987: The resting electrocardiogram of trypanosoma cruzi infected rats 1

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755166

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755167

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755168

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755169

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755171

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755172

Ukrainskii V.V., 1980: The resting state in pseudomonas fluorescens caused by prolonged water deficiency

Bharadwaj B., 1988: The resting surface electrocardiogram as a predictor of future hypertension

Freeman, J. T., 1977: The restless legs of a nantucket farmer

Notsuka T., 1985: The restoration effect of protein bound polysaccharide on the postoperative immunosuppression in patients with gastric cancer

Chiroff, R. T.; White, R. A.; White, E. W.; Weber, J. N.; Roy, D., 1977: The restoration of articular surfaces overlying replamineform porous bio materials

Josephs R., 1986: The restoration of electron micrographs blurred by drift and rotation

Williams S.H., 1981: The restoration of flattened fossils

Tyas M.J., 1982: The restoration of fractured incisors in children a comparative clinical trial of a composite and a micro fine filled resin

Lichter, R., 1978: The restoration of male fertility in cytoplasmic male sterile sugar beet by heat treatment and meristem culture

Done, A. A.; Whittington, W. J., 1978: The restoration of male fertility in f 1 wheat hybrids

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755183

Hamaoka T., 1982: The restoration of suppressed t cell activities induced by 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene with an anti tumor immuno modulator bcg cell wall skeleton

Shestiperov V.A., 1983: The restoration of temperature homeostasis of mammalians under microwave irradiation

Gaze, R. M.; Keating, M. J., 1970: The restoration of the ipsilateral visual projection following regeneration of the optic nerve in the frog

Sondell J., 1986: The restoration of the kvismaren lakes sweden

Preiskel H.W., 1985: The restoration of the mutilated dentition

Kohut, H., 1977: The restoration of the self

Loor, F.; Haegg, L. B., 1977: The restoration of the thymus derived lymphoid system of nude mice lower efficiency of nonlymphoid epithelial thymus grafts

Krichinskaya, E. B.; Efimova, G. V., 1978: The restoration of the whole worm from a small fragment of the body of the planarian dugesia tigrina following the repeated removal of regenerates

Simeonov S.Ya, 1981: The restoration of vegetation in lakes in the poda locality near burgas bulgaria after discharging of biologically purified waste waters

Kitamura K., 1983: The restorative action of coenzyme q 10 in 2 4 di nitro phenol depressed electrical and contractile activities of guinea pig heart

Dorokhov, P. N.; Ioffe-Ya, G.; Entina, N. N.; Yakimenko, S. I., 1977: The restorative period of myo cardial infarction

Freng A., 1979: The restorative potential of double layered muco periosteum a study on experimental mid palatal clefts in the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755196

Ruderman A.J., 1983: The restraint scale a psychometric investigation

Woods B.T., 1980: The restricted effects of right hemisphere lesions after age 1 wechsler test data

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755199

Kroon, A. M.; Bakker, H.; Holtrop, M.; Terpstra, P., 1977: The restriction endo nuclease cleavage map of rat liver mitochondrial dna

Shibata, T.; Ando, T., 1976: The restriction endo nucleases in bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain n substrate specificities

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755202

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755203

Kroon, A. M.; Pepe, G.; Bakker, H.; Holtrop, M.; Bollen, J. E.; Van-Bruggen, E. F. J.; Cantatore, P.; Terpstra, P.; Saccone, C., 1977: The restriction fragment map of rat liver mitochondrial dna a reconsideration

Avdonina, T. A.; Kisselev, L. L., 1974: The restriction in rnase t 2 ec catalyzed hydrolysis of oligo ribo nucleotides after kethoxalation of guanine bases

Shen T., 1985: The restriction map of mitochondrial dna from chicken liver

Li Z., 1981: The restriction map of ribosomal rna gene in silkworm attacus ricini

Pekhov A.P., 1985: The restriction map of the genetic transfer factor pap 42

Piret J.M., 1983: The restriction mapping of c gene deletions in streptomyces bacterio phage phi c 31 and their use in cloning vector development

Winspear, K. W.; Postlethwaite, J. D.; Cotton, R. F., 1970: The restriction of cladosporium fulvum and botrytis cinerea attacking glasshouse tomatoes d by automatic humidity control

Evdokimova N.M., 1981: The restriction of eco r i in vivo possible application in genetic engineering

Waxman, M. F., 1975: The restriction of the recombination of mitochondrial dna molecules in the zygotes of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mcenroe, W. D., 1977: The restriction of the species range of ixodes scapularis in massachusetts usa by fall and winter temperature

Cooke, J.; Smith, E. J., 1988: The restrictive effect of early exposure to lithium upon body pattern in xenopus development studied by quantitative anatomy and immunofluorescence

Popescu I., 1983: The restrictive effect of the soil skeleton content on walnut growth at birsesti gorj romania

Spouge J.D., 1984: The rests of malassez and chronic marginal periodontitis

Steiner E., 1983: The result of amelioration measures on the population of breeding aquatic birds of 2 small fish ponds in the waldviertel area of lower austria austria

Sato T., 1984: The result of argon laser trabeculoplasty for open angle glaucoma

Koga, Y., 1986: The result of author's screening system of scoliosis in elementary and junior high schools

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755221

Ukei C., 1983: The result of patch tests using various topical ophthalmic medications

Glavind L., 1986: The result of periodontal treatment in relationship to various background factors

P'eng F K., 1985: The result of the treatment of thyroid cancer a retrospective study

Frenkel' M.A., 1986: The result of using modern programs of acute leukemia therapy in adults

Fuchs, G. H. P.; Burger, G., 1975: The result sequence method sequence analysis in leptospira research part 3 the bilateral sequential test de boer armitage for testing the difference of mean values of 2 binomial distributions

Skolek, J., 1987: The results and hitherto experience with self vegetative propagation of forest species in slovakia czechoslovakia

Chkhenkeli S.A., 1982: The results and neuro physiological bases of stereotaxic combined surgical treatment of complex forms of epileptic seizures

Aidarkhanov B.A., 1987: The results and prospects of studying endemic goiter in the kazakh ssr ussr

Pontonnier F., 1979: The results of 2 years of artificial insemination

Dzieciol, W.; Zagaja, S. W.; Rejman, A.; Parynow, S.; Szczepanski, K., 1974: The results of 25 year study of pear cultivars at dabrowice poland

Gabert, H. A.; Stenchever, M. A., 1977: The results of a 5 year study of continuous fetal monitoring on an obstetric service

Davis H., 1983: The results of a breeding program for the noisy scrubbird atrichornis clamosus in captivity

Avetisyan A.V., 1982: The results of a comparative study by different methods of the direct effect and aftereffect of gibberellic acid on portulaca grandiflora

Prokudin Yu N., 1982: The results of a comprehensive bio systematic study of elytrigia repens poaceae

Hobbs, W. B., 1977: The results of a mastitis awareness scheme in dairy herds in natal and east griqualand

Williams J.R., 1986: The results of a randomized trial of mixed schedule neutron photon irradiation in the treatment of supratentorial grade iii and grade iv astrocytoma

Zazzi A., 1985: The results of a research through chemical physical analysis on truffle soils of middle italy

Ford J., 1985: The results of a selective surgical policy on the cognitive abilities of children with spina bifida

Quilty P.M., 1986: The results of a series of 963 patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder primarily treated by radical megavoltage x ray therapy

Chopanov, P. Ch ; Gudkova, E. P.; Seifulin, E. M., 1977: The results of a study of equisetales pteridophytes gymnosperms and monocotyledons of the turkmen ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755242

Mcquarrie D., 1984: The results of aggressive regional operation in the treatment of cancer of the floor of the mouth

Shimada M., 1986: The results of aih using with improved layering method for collecting motile spermatozoa

Tinier J.Y.L., 1988: The results of an educational program for tracheostomized patients with chronic respiratory failure to be autonomous

Glenn G.C., 1980: The results of analyte enhancement and use of supplied urine protein standard on the college of american pathologists urine chemistry survey program

Beyler A.L., 1979: The results of animal studies with ciprofibrate a new orally effective hypo lipidemic drug

Pisaneschi A., 1985: The results of arthroscopic partial meniscectomy

Dzierzawski, A.; Czerwinska, E., 1986: The results of aujeszky's disease virus propagation in a suspension of single cells or in monolayer cultures

Yurdanov V.S., 1984: The results of autogenic training in hypertensive patients

Zokic I., 1987: The results of bovine leukosis control undertaken at the dairy farm of beograd agricultural combine yugoslavia in the period 1980 1986

Mijatovic M., 1986: The results of breeding for resistance to tobacco mosaic virus in peppers capsicum annuum l

Nagata M., 1984: The results of cataract surgery in retinitis pigmentosa

Jones M.G., 1986: The results of checking a scoring system for neonatal seizures

Rudenchik-Yu, V.; Soldatkin, I. S., 1976: The results of checking the hypothesis of constant passage of the causative agent of plague on a mathematical model

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755256

Reasbeck P.G., 1981: The results of cholecystectomy at a district general hospital a reappraisal of operative cholangiography

Smart R.D., 1982: The results of chromosome examinations in an institution for mental retardates in the cape province south africa

Gershanovich M.L., 1983: The results of clinical treatment with carminomycin for advanced primary breast cancer its recurrences and metastases

Et Al, 1986: The results of clinical trial within the framework of cmea on surgical methods of mammary gland carcinoma treatment

Sadykov S.S., 1982: The results of combination therapy of esophageal cancer

Krauz V.S., 1984: The results of combined radiotherapy of corpus uteri cancer

Bashko Ya Ya, 1987: The results of combined surgery for lung cancer and sarcoma

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755264

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755265

Jacimovic S., 1985: The results of comparative investigations of the immunostimulatory action of zinc and vitamin a on immunity in sheep vaccinated with pamavak

Bikunova A.N., 1979: The results of comparison of some methods of evaluating black fly attacks on humans

Whiteside E.F., 1981: The results of competition between 2 parasites of the potato tuber moth phthorimaea operculella

Bigouroux M., 1982: The results of cone biopsy of the cervix in women who have not yet reached the menopause

Okuno, T., 1976: The results of conservative treatment of congenital dislocation of the hip in infancy

Kenmure A.C.F., 1985: The results of coronary arteriography in young men after myocardial infarction in northeast scotland uk

Frantsev, V. I.; Selivanenko, V. T.; Zakharov, E. M., 1978: The results of correcting isolated secondary inter atrial septal defects with moderate hypo thermia

Stenson S., 1983: The results of cryo surgical treatment in young women with cervical intra epithelial neoplasia

Larsen G. , 1988: The results of cryosurgery for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Anderson G.H., 1987: The results of cryosurgical treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia at one five and ten years

Lobovikova V.F., 1979: The results of cultivating bromus inermis poaceae in the floodplain of the vychegda river ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755277

Ribeiro, G. G., 1976: The results of di ethyl stilbestrol therapy for recurrent and metastatic carcinoma of the male breast

Katz H.R., 1981: The results of different fractionation schemes in the palliative irradiation of metastatic melanoma

Kiwerski J., 1986: The results of early conservative and surgical treatment of cervical spinal cord injured patients

Gharevi N.T., 1988: The results of endodontic measures a follow up study

Drakulic M., 1987: The results of ethrel application on tomatoes and paprika production

Kotlyarov V.V., 1982: The results of exercise test and late results in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

Tortajada M., 1985: The results of female sterilization using tubal coagulation

Moore W.J., 1979: The results of geographic isolation on the teeth and skull of the green monkey cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus in st kitts west indies a multi variate retrospect

Osipov Yu S., 1985: The results of haloxylon and salsola seed pneumatic collector trials

Et Al, 1983: The results of high energy electron therapy in carcinoma of the esophagus compared with tele cobalt therapy

Brink C.F., 1980: The results of highly selective vagotomy in private practice

Gorin A.N., 1986: The results of hydroacoustic observations on roach in lake glubokoe ussr in winter

Shkol'nik R.Ya, 1984: The results of immunization of humans with a new rabies vaccine containing no neuroallergen factor of brain tissue

Babaev, A. A., 1978: The results of immunization of sero negative children with live polio myelitis vaccine

Lysenko, A. Ya ; Alekseeva, M. I.; Glazunova, Z. I.; Gorbunova-Yu, P.; Pavlova, E. A.; Kulish, E. A.; Ermolin, G. A.; Troyan, S. Ya ; Zubchuk, M. P.; Chumak, M. P., 1978: The results of immunological survey of the population of the moldavian ssr concerning cases of inoculated quartan malaria

Karelina L.A., 1983: The results of in vivo and in vitro studies of the chloroquine sensitivity of imported plasmodium falciparum strains

Section 7, Chapter 6756, Accession 006755294

Niemirowicz Szczytt K., 1984: The results of intergeneric pollination of fragaria ananassa and fragaria virginiana by potentilla species

Hughes L., 1981: The results of intermittent high dose steroid therapy for male infertility due to anti sperm antibodies

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