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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6757

Chapter 6757 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Menotti, A., 1978:
The risk factors of athero sclerosis and its organic complications methodologic and critical complications

Tomono, S.; Furuya, M.; Iizuka, T.; Satoh, N.; Hayashi, R.; Kogure, S., 1985:
The risk factors of coronary atherosclerosis

Sakagoshi N.; Kawazoe K.; Kitou Y.; Ohara K.; Kaku K.; Kosakai Y.; Fujii N.; Kasegawa H.; Kumon K.; E.A., 1987:
The risk factors of high grade liver deterioration following open heart surgery in patients with preoperative liver dysfunction

Cohen, M.A.; Tell, E.J.; Wallack, S.S., 1988:
The risk factors of nursing home entry among residents of six continuing care retirement communities

Davidson, C.J.; Skelton, T.N.; Kisslo, K.B.; Kong, Y.; Peter, R.H.; Simonton, C.A.; Phillips, H.R.; Behar, V.S.; Bashore, T.M., 1988:
The risk for systemic embolization associated with percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty in adults. A prospective comprehensive evaluation

Setlacec D.; Florescu A., 1984:
The risk in patients with cardiopathies undergoing general surgery/

Hendeles S.; Barber K.; Willshaw H.E., 1985:
The risk ocular involvement in non accidental injury

Lee J.Y.; Perez C.A.; Ettinger N.; Fineberg B.B., 1982:
The risk of 2nd primaries subsequent to irradiation for cervix cancer

Herold K., 1987:
The risk of a low birth weight infant can be better detected using a neurosis screening

Burns, D.G., 1986:
The risk of abdominal surgery in irritable bowel syndrome

Fischer A.; Daute K H., 1988:
The risk of accidents in children suffering from seizures during school sports and athletic leisure time activities

Søreide, O.; Skjaerven, R.; Alho, A., 1982:
The risk of acetabular protrusion following prosthetic replacement of the femoral head

Pastore, J.O.; Yurchak, P.M.; Janis, K.M.; Murphy, J.D.; Zir, L.M., 1978:
The risk of advanced heart block in surgical patients with right bundle branch block and left axis deviation

Klammt J.; Gaensicke A.; Gaensicke W.; Kunkel J.; Mueller U.; Scheibner G.P.B.; Scheibner F.; Schubert F., 1985:
The risk of alveolitis after dental extraction

Haughton, V.M.; Ho, K.C., 1980:
The risk of arachnoiditis from experimental nonionic contrast media

Gastaut, H.; Zifkin, B.G., 1987:
The risk of automobile accidents with seizures occurring while driving: relation to seizure type

DeVivo, M.J.; Fine, P.R.; Cutter, G.R.; Maetz, H.M., 1985:
The risk of bladder calculi in patients with spinal cord injuries

Heilmann H H.; Teichmueller H J.; Walther H U.; Regling G.; Lindenhayn K., 1987:
The risk of bleeding in the knee joint cavity after intraarticular injections

Wingo, P.A.; Layde, P.M.; Lee, N.C.; Rubin, G.; Ory, H.W., 1987:
The risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women who have used estrogen replacement therapy

Szeszenia Dabrowska N.; Wilczynska U.; Szymczak W., 1986:
The risk of cancer in women exposed to asbestos dust

Cognat, M.; Gerald, D.; Vignaud, A., 1976:
The risk of cardiac arrest during laparoscopy a study concerning 50000 laparoscopies and animal experimentation

Goullard L.; Marchand X.; Decoester H.; Vigne J.M.; Kacet S.; Lekieffre J., 1987:
The risk of cerebral vascular accidents during the association of pregnancy with a mitral valve prolapse

Guyer, D.R.; Miller, N.R.; Auer, C.L.; Fine, S.L., 1985:
The risk of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease in patients with anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

Hawton, K.; Roberts, J.; Goodwin, G., 1985:
The risk of child abuse among mothers who attempt suicide

Angelescu M.; Chiotan M.; Pavel A.; Perederi S.; State D.; Pavlovici M., 1986:
The risk of chronic evolution in acute viral hepatitis a study of 1614 convalescents followed for one year after hospitalization

Baquet, A.; Faou, A.; Truhaut, R., 1976:
The risk of chronic mercury poisoning in dentists

Glanzmann, C.; Aberle, H.G.; Horst, W., 1976:
The risk of chronic progressive radiation myelopathy

Setlacec D.; Florescu A.; Bachner M., 1985:
The risk of cirrhotic patients in the field of general surgery

Broström, O.; Löfberg, R.; Nordenvall, B.; Ost, A.; Hellers, G., 1987:
The risk of colorectal cancer in ulcerative colitis. An epidemiologic study

Preiksaitis, J.K.; Brown, L.; McKenzie, M., 1988:
The risk of cytomegalovirus infection in seronegative transfusion recipients not receiving exogenous immunosuppression

Szeszenia Dabrowska N.; Wilczynska U.; Szymczak W., 1986:
The risk of death from malignant tumors depending on the magnitude of asbestos dust exposure

Janssen, H.F.; Schachner, J.; Hubbard, J.; Hartman, J.T., 1987:
The risk of deep venous thrombosis: a computerized epidemiologic approach

W.G.L.; E.A., 1986:
The risk of developing mammary carcinoma at different age in women in relation to various fertility factors

Basdevant, A.; Costagliola, D.; Lanoe, J.L.; Goldgewicht, C.; Triomphe, A.; Metz, F.; Denys, H.; Eschwege, E.; Fardeau, M.; Tchobroutsky, G., 1982:
The risk of diabetic control a comparison of hospital vs. general practice supervision

Karnegis J.N.; Heinz J., 1979:
The risk of diagnostic cardio vascular catherization

Fletcher, E.W.; Baum, J.D.; Draper, G., 1986:
The risk of diagnostic radiation of the newborn

Baumgarten R.; Siegmund W.; Fengler J D.; Franke G.; Reichardt R.; Krueger R., 1988 :
The risk of dihydralazine hepatitis depending on acetylator phenotypes

Batovsky M.; Vavrecka A., 1984:
The risk of endoscopic polypectomies in the large intestine

Check, J.H.; Rankin, A.; Teichman, M., 1986:
The risk of fetal anomalies as a result of progesterone therapy during pregnancy

Doppman, J.L.; Girton, M.; Vermess, M., 1982:
The risk of hepatic artery embolization in the presence of obstructive jaundice

Jovanovich, J.F.; Saravolatz, L.D.; Arking, L.M., 1983:
The risk of hepatitis B among select employee groups in an urban hospital

Wickliffe, C.W.; Galambos, J.T.; Rivers, S.; Blitch, L., 1978:
The risk of hepatitis B to hospital personnel. A prospective study among personnel exposed to patients without isolation precaution

Johnson R.E.; Specht E.E., 1981:
The risk of hip fracture in post menopausal females with and without estrogen drug exposure

Marracini S.; Paghi L.; Orru N.; Trois P.; Masia G., 1986:
The risk of infection to hepatitis b virus among state saline workers case check group study

Rachootin, P.; Olsen, J., 1983:
The risk of infertility and delayed conception associated with exposures in the Danish workplace

Lozovskaya L.S.; Soboleva V.D.; Dub N.V.; Sinitsina M.A.; Sidorova N.S., 1983:
The risk of intra uterine infection of human fetus with coxsackieviruses in pregnancy complicated with late toxemia and pyelo nephritis

Gill O.N.; Coghlan J.D.; Calder I.M., 1985:
The risk of leptospirosis in uk fish farm workers results from a 1981 serological survey

Tompkins, M.E.; Alexander, G.R.; Jackson, K.L.; Hornung, C.A.; Altekruse, J.M., 1985:
The risk of low birth weight. Alternative models of neonatal mortality

Jacobson, J.A.; Camargos, P.A.; Ferreira, J.T.; McCormick, J.B., 1976:
The risk of meningitis among classroom contacts during an epidemic of meningococcal disease

Lauer K.; Firnhaber W., 1986:
The risk of multiple sclerosis among german refugees after world war ii an epidemiological contribution from the area of southern hesse west germany

Rosenberg, L.; Schwingl, P.J.; Kaufman, D.W.; Helmrich, S.P.; Palmer, J.R.; Shapiro, S., 1986:
The risk of myocardial infarction 10 or more years after vasectomy in men under 55 years of age

Rosenberg, L.; Kaufman, D.W.; Helmrich, S.P.; Shapiro, S., 1985:
The risk of myocardial infarction after quitting smoking in men under 55 years of age

Tessier, F.; Colau, J.C.; Bouillie, J.; Lorier, G.L.; Daguet, G.L., 1977:
The risk of neo natal infection with streptococcus b

Wang, Y.L.; Lu, P.K.; Shao, M.; Chen, S.C.; Wu, Y.T.; Zheng, Z.N.; Ren, Y.X., 1984:
The risk of occupational lead exposure

Giachino, G.M.; Perrelli, G.; Passarino, G.; Comino, E.; Pira, E.; Scansetti, G.; Rubino, G.F., 1982:
The risk of oligomers in the textile industry

Braun L., 1987 :
The risk of operative interventions in the gallbladder and biliary tract

Thylefors, B.; Rolland, A., 1979:
The risk of optic atrophy following suramin treatment of ocular onchocerciasis

Gombos B.; Leskova A.; Moscovicova E.; Ondrejcak L.; Jankech P.; Merc S., 1985:
The risk of organic mercury substances in agriculture

Rosati, G.; Granieri, E.; Pinna, L.; Aiello, I.; Tola, R.; D.B.stiani, P.; Pirisi, A.; Devoto, M.C., 1980:
The risk of Parkinson disease in Mediterranean people

Garcia Rubi D.; Esperanza Garcia C.; Dublan Ramirez E., 1988:
The risk of patients with right bundle branch block and left anterior fascicular block who undergo surgical procedures

Gutierrez, I.Z.; Barone, D.L.; Makula, P.A.; Currier, C., 1987:
The risk of perioperative stroke in patients with asymptomatic carotid bruits undergoing peripheral vascular surgery

Massara F.; Cagliero E.; Bisbocci D.; Passarino G.; Carta Q.; Molinatti G.M., 1981:
The risk of pronounced hyper kalemia after arginine infusion in the diabetic subject

Hirtz, D.G.; Ellenberg, J.H.; Nelson, K.B., 1984:
The risk of recurrence of nonfebrile seizures in children

Pollak, V.A.; Romanchuk, K.G., 1980:
The risk of retina damage from high intensity light sources

Hauser, W.A.; Annegers, J.F.; Anderson, V.E.; Kurland, L.T., 1985:
The risk of seizure disorders among relatives of children with febrile convulsions

O'Neal, B.J.; McDonald, J.C., 1981:
The risk of sepsis in the asplenic adult

Maresta A.; Marzocchi A.; Marrozzini C.; Piovaccari G.; Rapezzi C.; Maddestra N.; Paloscia L.; Magnani B., 1986:
The risk of side branch occlusion during coronary angioplasty

Schuettler, R.; Huber, G.; Gross, G., 1976:
The risk of suicide in schizophrenic illness

Lycke, E.; Löwhagen, G.B.; Hallhagen, G.; Johannisson, G.; Ramstedt, K., 1980:
The risk of transmission of genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection is less than that of genital Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection

Abb, J.; Deinhardt, F.; Eisenburg, J., 1981:
The risk of transmission of hepatitis B virus using jet injection in inoculation

Sutherland I.; Bleiker M.A.; Meijer J.; Styblo K., 1983:
The risk of tuberculous infection in the netherlands 1967 1979

Dimsdale, J.E.; Hackett, T.P.; Hutter, A.M.; Block, P.C., 1980:
The risk of type a mediated coronary artery disease in different populations

Annegers, J.F.; Hauser, W.A.; Beghi, E.; Nicolosi, A.; Kurland, L.T., 1988:
The risk of unprovoked seizures after encephalitis and meningitis

Robu E.; Timoianu F.; Vulcan P., 1984:
The risk of venereal disease current epidemiological and psychological particularities

Mencik M.; Svabova K., 1985:
The risk of vibrations and the results of plethysmographic examination in workers employed underground

Ivan A.; Ungureanu A.; Stratan E., 1985:
The risk of viral hepatitis for the medical and ancillary staff in obstetrical and gynecological services

Lawrence, R.; Gershon, A.A.; Holzman, R.; Steinberg, S.P., 1988:
The risk of zoster after varicella vaccination in children with leukemia

Claghorn, J.; Honigfeld, G.; Abuzzahab, F.S.; Wang, R.; Steinbook, R.; Tuason, V.; Klerman, G., 1987:
The risks and benefits of clozapine versus chlorpromazine

Jennings, R.T.; Dixon, R.E.; Nettles, J.B., 1977:
The risks and prevention of Neisseria gonorrhoeae transfer in fresh ejaculate donor insemination

Cates, W.; Schulz, K.F.; Grimes, D.A., 1983:
The risks associated with teenage abortion

Meyenburg M.; Struck E.; Hoffbauer H.; Genz T., 1980:
The risks of amnio centesis in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy

Otto H., 1985:
The risks of asbestosis

Thompson, C.B.; Sanders, J.E.; Flournoy, N.; Buckner, C.D.; Thomas, E.D., 1986:
The risks of central nervous system relapse and leukoencephalopathy in patients receiving marrow transplants for acute leukemia

Fleureau C.; Delperier A., 1987:
The risks of disorder in cardiac rhythm and conduction in ophthalmologic surgery the prophylaxis

Ambrosini A., 1984 :
The risks of hormonal contraception

Swartz, H.M.; Reichling, B.A., 1977:
The risks of mammograms

Guillozet, N., 1975:
The risks of paracervical anesthesia intoxication and neurological injury of the new born

Horst, H.M.; Obeid, F.N.; Vij, D.; Bivins, B.A., 1984:
The risks of pulmonary arterial catheterization

Annegers, J.F.; Hauser, W.A.; Anderson, V.E.; Kurland, L.T., 1982:
The risks of seizure disorders among relatives of patients with childhood onset epilepsy

Anderson C.F.; Velosa J.A.; Frohnert P.P.; Torres V.E.; Offord K.P.; Vogel J.P.; Donadio J.V.Jr; Wilson D.M., 1985:
The risks of unilateral nephrectomy status of kidney donors 10 20 years postoperatively

Keyser, J.D.; Knight, G.C., 1976:
The risley bison kill west central montana usa

Zagra, A.; Lamartina, C.; Zerbi, A., 1985:
The Risser plaster corset as the only method of correction in the surgical treatment of scoliosis. A study of 150 cases

Radzicka, A.; Konieczyny, M., 1982:
The ritter reaction 1. synthesis of 3 5 barbituryl propanesulfonic acids with anti inflammatory activity

Orombelli, G., 1979:
The river conglomerates of the adda river ceppo dell'adda northern italy stratigraphic revision

Ahlf W., 1983 :
The river elbe west germany behavior of cadmium and zinc during estuarine mixing

Duinker J.C.; Hillebrand M.T.J.; Nolting D.R.; Wellershaus S., 1985:
The river ems netherlands west germany processes affecting the behavior of metals and organochlorines during estuarine mixing

Edwards R.J.; Sturdivant T.S.; Linskey C.S., 1986:
The river goby awaous tajasica osteichthyes gobiidae confirmed from the lower rio grande texas usa and mexico

Berg, R.Y., 1983:
The river gorge flora of gudbrandsadal norway 1. ecological elements

Berg, R.Y., 1983:
The river gorge flora of gudbrandsdal norway 2. the gorges

Pearson R.G.; Jones N.V., 1984:
The river hull a northern english chalk stream the zonation of the macro invertebrate fauna with reference to physical and chemical features

Jonasson P.M., 1979:
The river laxa ecosystem iceland

Truesdale F.M.; Mermilliod W.J., 1979:
The river shrimp macrobrachium ohione decapoda palaemonidae its abundance reproduction and growth in the atchaefalaya river basin of louisiana usa

Bombowna, M., 1976:
The river skawa water chemistry and eutrophication

Harkness N., 1982:
The river tame england uk a short history of water pollution and control within an industrial river basin

Maitland P.S.; Smith I.R., 1987:
The river tay scotland uk ecological changes from source to estuary

Duinker J.C.; Hillebrand M.T.J.; Nolting R.F.; Wellershaus S.; Jacobsen N.K., 1980:
The river varde a denmark processes affecting the behavior of metals and organo chlorines during estuarine mixing

Dumouchel A.; Magnin E., 1982:
The riviere du nord physicochemistry coliforms and phyto plankton

Radda, A.C., 1977:
The rivulins cyprinodontidae atheriniformes osteichthyes of gabon

Teem J.L.; Rodriquez J.R.; Tung L.; Rosbash M., 1983:
The rna 2 mutation of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae affects the processing of actin messenger rna as well as ribosomal protein messenger rna

Raju, R.; Jacob, T.M., 1986:
The RNA binding subset of adenosine antibodies

Reich, C.; Gardiner, K.J.; Olsen, G.J.; Pace, B.; Marsh, T.L.; Pace, N.R., 1986:
The RNA component of the Bacillus subtilis RNase P. Sequence, activity, and partial secondary structure

Hizi, A.; Leis, J.P.; Joklik, W.K., 1977:
The rna dependent dna polymerase of avian sarcoma virus b 77 binding of viral and nonviral rna to the alpha beta 2 and alpha beta forms of enzyme

Van Der Meer J.; Dorssers L.; Van Kammen A.; Zabel P., 1984:
The rna dependent rna polymerase of cowpea vigna unguiculata is not involved in cowpea mosaic virus rna replication immunological evidence/

Schneider, Z., 1987:
The rna formed the first self replicating system in prebiological epochs a hypothesis

Harley, E.H.; Losman, M.J.; Hall, E.; Naude, W.D.T., 1975:
The rna forms of west nile virus with some comparative studies on sindbis virus

Guerrier Takada C.; Gardiner K.; Marsh T.; Pace N.; Altman S., 1983:
The rna moiety of rnase p is the catalytic subunit of the enzyme

Endo Y.; Tsurugi K., 1988:
The rna n glycosidase activity of ricin a chain the characteristics of the enzymatic activity of ricin a chain with ribosomes and with ribosomal rna

Morales, N.M.; Roberts, J.F., 1978:
The rna of crithidia fasciculata

Crumpton, W.M.; Dimmock, N.J.; Minor, P.D.; Avery, R.J., 1978:
The rna of defective interfering influenza virus

Watkins, H.; Reeve, P.; Alexander, D.J., 1975:
The rna of infectious bronchitis virus

Ashby, P.; Campbell, P.N., 1975:
The rna of the mammary gland of the guinea pig

Van-Den-Hurk, J.; Tas, P.W.L.; Peters, D., 1977:
The rna of tomato spotted wilt virus

Phillips, J.P.; Pitt, A., 1985:
The RNA polymerases of Drosophila melanogaster during early development

Johansson E.A.; Niemi K.M.; Halme H., 1979:
The rna skin test in systemic lupus erythematosus and other connective tissue diseases

Wilson, P.A.; Symons, R.H., 1981:
The rna species of cucumoviruses 3' terminal sequence analysis of 2 strains of tomato aspermy virus

Stewart P.R.; Letham D.S., 1977:
The rnas

Choppin, P.W.; Pons, M.W., 1970:
The rnas of infective and incomplete influenza virions grown in bovine kidney mdbk and hela cells

Endo Y.; Huber P.W.; Wool I.G., 1983:
The rnase activity of the cyto toxin alpha sarcin characteristics of the enzymatic activity of alpha sarcin with ribosomes and rna species as substrates

Gurevitz, M.; Apirion, D., 1985:
The rnase iii ec processing site near the 5' end of an rna precursor of bacteriophage t 4 and its effect on termination

Bram R.J.; Young R.A.; Steitz J.A., 1980:
The rnase iii site flanking 23s sequences in the 30s ribosomal precursor rna of escherichia coli

Turner P.M.; Lerea K.M.; Kull F.J., 1983:
The rnase inhibitors from porcine thyroid and liver are slow tight binding inhibitors of bovine pancreatic rnase a

Malicka Blaszkiewicz M.; Kubicz A., 1981:
The rnase rnase inhibitor system in the liver of the frog rana esculenta sub cellular distribution and differential binding of inhibitor with multiple rnase

Wolin S.L.; Steitz J.A., 1984:
The ro small cytoplasmic ribo nucleo proteins identification of the antigenic protein and its binding site on the ro rna

Mamula, M.J.; Fox, O.F.; Yamagata, H.; Harley, J.B., 1986 :
The ro ssa autoantigen as an immunogen some anti ro ssa antibody binds immunoglobulin g

Gaigalas, K.S., 1976:
The roach population structure and resources and the intensity of roach fishing in the kurski zaliv ussr in a period of limited fishing 1960 1972

Banbura J., 1985:
The roach rutilus rutilus and the minnow phoxinus phoxinus without pectoral fins

Comroe, J.H., 1978:
The road from research to new diagnosis and therapy

Flavell J.H.; Green F.L.; Flavell E.R., 1985:
The road not taken understanding the implications of initial uncertainty in evaluating spatial directions

Crisp N.G.; Donald P.R., 1987:
The road to health card and immunization records

Donald P.R.; Hesseling P.B., 1987:
The road to health card in a pediatric outpatient department

Wilson G.D.F., 1987:
The road to the janirodea comparative morphology and evolution of the asellote isopod crustaceans

Kopecky, K., 1977:
The roadside turf associations with alopecurus pratensis in northeastern bohemia czechoslovakia an example of the application of the deductive classification method in anthropogenic plant societies

Clutton Brock T.H.; Albon S.D., 1979:
The roaring of red deer cervus elaphus and the evolution of honest advertisement

Bouseman, J.K.; Maier, C.T. , 1977:
The robber fly proctacanthus hinei new record diptera asilidae in illinois usa with records of bumble bees as prey hymenoptera apoidea

Hulsman, K., 1976:
The robbing behavior of terns and gulls

Fryns, J.P.; Kleczkowska, A.; Moerman, P.; van den Berghe, K.; van den Berghe, H., 1987:
The Roberts tetraphocomelia syndrome: identical limb defects in two siblings

Arruga M.V.; Zarazaga I., 1987:
The robertsonian 1 29 translocation in cattle its incidence in spanish cattle breeds

Nash H.R.; Brooker P.C.; Davis S.J.M., 1983:
The robertsonian translocation house mouse populations of northeast scotland uk a study of their origin and evolution

Clancey P.A., 1982:
The robins cossypha dichroa and cossypha natalensis aves turdidae in southern africa

Cox, T.F., 1976:
The robust estimation of the density of a forest stand using a new conditioned distance method

Fukui S., 1979:
The rock climbing behavior of the goby sicyopterus japonicus

Soultanov, A.; Pavlov, E., 1976:
The rock forming role of coccoliths in the chalkstone from north bulgaria

Lutjeharms J.R.E.; Heydorn A.E.F., 1981:
The rock lobster jasus tristani on vema seamount south atlantic ocean drifting buoys suggest a possible recruiting mechanism

Bennett B.A., 1987 :
The rock pool fish community of koppie alleen south africa and an assessment of the importance of cape rock pool as nurseries for juvenile fish

Breure A.S.H.; Gittenberger E., 1982:
The rock scraping radula a striking case of convergence mollusca

Perez Farfante I., 1985:
The rock shrimp genus sicyonia crustacea decapoda penaeoidea in the eastern pacific

Kirkland, G.L-Jr, 1977:
The rock vole microtus chrotorrhinus mammalia rodentia in west virginia usa

Krohn W.B.; Bizeau E.G., 1980:
The rocky mountain population of the western canada goose branta canadensis moffitti its distribution habitats and management

Gouvea E.P.D., 1986:
The rocky shore carcinofauna of salvador bahia brazil and some ecological aspects

Goodenough D.R.; Oltman P.K.; Sigman E.; Cox P.W., 1981:
The rod and frame illusion in erect and supine observers

Dacheux, R.F.; Raviola, E., 1986:
The rod pathway in the rabbit retina: a depolarizing bipolar and amacrine cell

Rabia, A.; Ameur, R., 1976:
The rodents of the upper pliocene and old quaternary of oran description and stratigraphic interest the lineage of paraethomys

Barber D.L.; Westermann J.E.M., 1986:
The rodlet cells of semotilus atromaculatus and catostomus commersoni teleostei studies on its identity using histochemistry and dnase i gold rnase a gold and s 1 nuclease gold labeling techniques

Gupte P.M.; Filippo J.A.S.; Feldman M.; Brates D.; Barbato J.; Del Guerico L.R.M., 1982:
The roentgen densitometer as a noninvasive means to detect left to right intra cardiac shunts in infants

Harris, J.H.; Loh, C.K.; Perlman, H.C.; Rotz, C.T., 1977:
The roentgen diagnosis of pelvic extraperitoneal effusion

Soibel'man, L.M., 1977:
The roentgeno anatomic method of teaching

Savchenko A.P.; Klembovskii A.A.; Tysplenkova V.G.; Naumov V.G., 1986:
The roentgenoangiographic characteristics of congestive cardiomyopathy

Lax E.; Perez B.; Smith P., 1981:
The roentgenologic diagnosis of osteo myelitis in skeletal remains

Matveeva L.S.; Kitaeva I.T.; Shpil'kin V.M., 1984:
The roentgenological evaluation of myocardial contractility in valvular disease

Pavcnik D., 1984:
The roentgenology of valvular heart disease and interpretation of the chest film in heart disease

Grana, W.A.; Kopta, J.A., 1979:
The Roger Anderson device in the treatment of fractures of the distal end of the radius

Rogers R.; Seman W.; Wasyliw O.E., 1983:
The rogers criminal responsibility assessment scales and legal insanity a cross validation study

Smith D.R., 1983:
The rohwer sawfly types hymenoptera symphyta in the university of nebraska state museum usa

Sirbu P.; Mudric V.; Plesea M., 1979:
The rokitansky kuster hauser syndrome and its surgical treatment sigmoid vagino plasty

Ivanova, M.P.; Chernykh-Yu, F., 1975:
The rolandic alpha rhythm

Curzon, G., 1977:
The role and control of brain 5 hydroxy tryptamine

Chan A.H.; Cotter D.A., 1982:
The role and expression of beta glucosidase during spore germination of mutant and wild type dictyostelium discoideum

Trapeznikov N.N.; Eremina L.A.; Amiraslanov A.T.; Sinyukov P.A., 1982:
The role and importance of radiation therapy and chemo therapy in osteo sarcoma treatment

Degen S., 1985:
The role and importance of the legal guidance center in the prenatal fetus protection

Engel S., 1988:
The role and interactions of submersed macrophytes in a shallow wisconsin lake usa

Kagali, V.A., 1983:
The role and limitations of frozen section diagnosis of a palpable mass in the breast

Davidson N.C.; Evans P.R., 1986:
The role and potential of man made and man modified wetlands in the enhancement of the survival of overwintering shorebirds

Nacchiero M.; Margari A.; Pizzolato D.; Cortese A.; Bonomo G.M., 1987:
The role and significance of endoscopy in diagnosis of patients with dyspeptic symptoms

Goustard M., 1982:
The role and significance of loud calls among gibbons

Olah, G.M.; Cole, G.T.; Reisinger, O., 1977:
The role and the chemical aspect of the micro vesiculization in the hyphal apex and sporogenous cells

Burlakova E.B.; Ivanenko G.F.; Shishkina L.N., 1985:
The role antioxidants and endogenous thiols in determination of radioresistance

Luciani L.; Scappini P.; Pusiol T.; Piscioli F., 1987:
The role aspiration cytology in the management of ureteral obstruction in patients with known cancer

Strelkov L.A.; Chiaureli N.B.; Kafiani K.A., 1983:
The role for nucleus associated poly ribosomes in coordination of histone and dna synthesis in loach misgurnus fossilis embryonic cells

Ford S.; Page M.D.; Anthony C., 1985:
The role in a methanol dehydrogenase modifier protein and aldehyde dehydrogenase in the growth of pseudomonas am 1 on 1 2 propanediol

Borman A.H.; E.W.; Huizinga M.; Kok D.J.; Westbroek P.; Bosch L., 1982:
The role in calcium carbonate crystallization of an acid calcium ion binding poly saccharide associated with coccoliths of emiliania huxleyi

Růzicka, J.A.; Mrklas, L.; Rokytová, K., 1977:
The role in dental fluorosis of the availability of bone mineral in mice

Termijtelen A.; Van Rood J.J., 1981:
The role in primary mixed lymphocyte culture of the non hla d dr determinant pl 3a

Jack R.M.; Ward P.A., 1980 :
The role in vivo of complement c 3 and the complement c 3b receptor in babesial infection in the rat

Yoon J W.; Cha C Y.; Jordan G.W., 1983:
The role interferon in virus induced diabetes

Bowers M.D., 1983:
The role iridoid glycosides in host plant specificity of checkerspot butterflies euphydryas chalcedona

Field R.J., 1984:
The role of 1 amino cyclo propane 1 carboxylic acid in the control of low temperature induced ethylene production in leaf tissue of phaseolus vulgaris

Deluca, M.; Leonard, N.J.; Gates, B.J.; Mcelroy, W.D., 1973:
The role of 1 n 6 atp and 1 n 6 etheno adp in firefly luminescence

Vale G.A.; Hall D.R., 1985:
The role of 1 octen 3 ol acetone and carbon dioxide in the attraction of tsetse flies glossina spp diptera glossinidae to ox odor

Alpar J.J., 1986:
The role of 1 percent sodium hyaluronate in anterior capsulotomy with the neodymium yag laser in patients with diseased cornea

Alpar, J.J., 1986:
The role of 1 percent sodium hyaluronate in treating vitreous incarceration with the neodymium yag laser in patients with corneal decompensation

Lopez Soriano F.J.; Argiles J.M., 1986:
The role of 2 3 butanediol in the metabolism of ethanol

Samaja M.; D.P.ampero P.E.; Cerretelli P., 1986:
The role of 2 3 diphosphoglycerate in the oxygen transport at altitude

Kholodenko, B.N.; Stepanchikova, A.V.; Erlikh, L.I.; Ataullakhanov, F.I.; Zhabotinskii, A.M.; Pichugin, A.V., 1985:
The role of 2 3 diphosphoglycerate shunt in the regulation of energy metabolism in human erythrocytes

Takahashi O.; Hiraga K., 1983:
The role of 2 6 di tert butyl 4 methylene 2 5 cyclo hexadienone butylated hydroxy toluene quinone methide in the metabolism of butylated hydroxy toluene

Donaldson R.M.; Emanuel R.W.; Earl C.J., 1981:
The role of 2 dimensional echo cardiography in the detection of potentially embolic intra cardiac masses in patients with cerebral ischemia

Horton, R.W., 1978:
The role of 2 keto 4 pentenoic acid in seizures induced by allyl glycine

Burger M.; Hess M.W.; Cottier H., 1982:
The role of 2 mercapto ethanol in the stimulation of spleen cell cultures increased uptake of cystine into the tri chloro acetic acid soluble pool

Hanel K.C.; Abbott W.M.; Reidy N.C.; Fulchino D.; Miller A.; Brewster D.C.; Athanasoulis C.A., 1981:
The role of 2 noninvasive tests in deep venous thrombosis

Hutchings M.; Lewis B., 1984:
The role of 2 tone suppression in song coding by ventral cord neurons in the cricket teleogryllus oceanicus

Nilsson, L.G., 1976:
The role of 2 types of outcome on storage and retrieval processes in memory

Bownes M., 1982:
The role of 20 hydroxy ecdysone in yolk poly peptide synthesis by male and female fat bodies of drosophila melanogaster

Kato Y.; Riddiford L.M., 1987:
The role of 20 hydroxyecdysone in stimulating epidermal mitoses during the larval pupal transformation of the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta

Montecuccoli, G.; Hurwitz, S.; Cohen, A.; Bar, A., 1977:
The role of 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol 1 hydroxylase in the responses of calcium absorption to the reproductive activity in birds

Schwab E.C.; Sawusch J.R.; Nusbaum H.C., 1981:
The role of 2nd formant transitions in the stop semi vowel distinction

Gilman, A.G.; Rall, T.W., 1968:
The role of 3 5 amp in mediating effect of thyroid stimulating hormone on carbohydrate metabolism of bovine thyroid slices

Montague, W.; Cook, J.R., 1971:
The role of 3 5 cyclic amp in the regulation of insulin release by isolated rat islets of langerhans

Koide Y.; Awashima F.; Yoshida T.O.; Takenouchi T.; Wakisaka A.; Moriuchi J.; Aizawa M., 1982:
The role of 3 distinct ia like antigen molecules in human t cell proliferative responses effect of mono clonal anti ia like antibodies

Tuli, V.; Moyed, H.S., 1969:
The role of 3 methylene ox indole in auxin action

Peak M.J.; Peak J.G.; Nerad L., 1983:
The role of 4 thio uridine in lethal effects and in dna backbone breakage caused by 344 nanometer uv light in escherichia coli

Innocneti G.; Dall'acqua F.; Caporale G., 1983:
The role of 5 8 di hydroxy psoralen in the biosynthesis of iso pimpinellin

Hockin, L.; Paine, A.J., 1983 :
The role of 5 amino levulinate synthase ec heme oxygenase ec and ligand formation in the mechanism of maintenance of cytochrome p 450 concentration in hepatocyte culture

Henderson L.P., 1983:
The role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine as a transmitter between identified leech hirudo medicinalis neurons in culture

Lovick T.A., 1983:
The role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine gamma amino butyric acid and opioid peptides in presynaptic inhibition of tooth pulp input from the medical brain stem

Arvidsson S.; Falk A.; Haglind E.; Haglund U., 1983:
The role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the feline response to intra venous infusion of live escherichia coli

Goodliffe, J.P.; Heale, J.B., 1978:
The role of 6 methoxy mellein in the resistance and susceptibility of carrot root tissue to the cold storage pathogen botrytis cinerea

Mulongoy, K.; Elkan, G.H., 1977:
The role of 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase ec in rhizobium

Balsevich J.; Kurz W.G.W., 1983:
The role of 9 oxygenated and or 10 oxygenated derivatives of geraniol geranial nerol and neral in the biosynthesis of loganin and ajmalicine

Slade S.J.; Swinburne T.R.; Archer S.A., 1986:
The role of a bacterial siderophore and of iron in the germination and appressorium formation by conidia of colletotrichum acutatum

Bartova, L.M.; Margulis, G.U.; Kulagina, N.N.; Kul'berg, A.Y., 1986:
The role of a cells on immunostimulatory activity of the fab' 2 fragments

Gerasimenko L.M.; Karpov G.A.; Orleanskii V.K.; Zavarzin G.A., 1983:
The role of a cyanobacterial filter in the transformation of gas components in thermal springs caldera of uzon kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

Gray G.O.; Knaff D.B., 1982:
The role of a cytochrome c 552 cytochrome c complex in the oxidation of sulfide in chromatium vinosum

Sivak, J.G., 1976:
The role of a flat cornea in the amphibious behavior of the blackfoot penguin spheniscus demersus

Kearney R.; Andrews J.; Johnstone S., 1986:
The role of a functionally distinct immunoglobulin m anti type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide in low dose paralysis to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide in mice

Amatuni V.G.; Pirumyan M.S., 1984:
The role of a hereditary factor in the genesis of chronic bronchitis

Krant, M.J.; Beiser, M.; Adler, G.; Johnston, L., 1976:
The role of a hospital based psycho social unit in terminal cancer illness and bereavement

Lehner T.; Avery J.; Jones T., 1985:
The role of a human antigen specific t 8 positive cell subset in antigen presentation helper function and contrasuppression

Govorukhina, V.A., 1977:
The role of a i mikhelson in the study of turkmen ssr flora on the 100th anniversary of his birth

Drozdowski Z.; Kobielski B., 1985:
The role of a large town in the formation of selected biological characteristics in its neighborhood preliminary report

Krasichkova, Z.I.; Strazhevskaya, N.B., 1982:
The role of a lipid component in the mechanism of post irradiation degradation and reduction of supra molecular dna of rat thymus and liver 2. changes in the composition of neutral lipids in supra molecular dna of gamma irradiated rats

Shelton G.A.B.; Holley M.C., 1984:
The role of a local electrical conduction system during feeding in the devonshire cup coral caryophyllia smithii

Mains, R.E.; May, V., 1988:
The role of a low pH intracellular compartment in the processing, storage, and secretion of ACTH and endorphin

Pierce J.W.; Hudak S.; Claflin J.L., 1984:
The role of a novel heavy chain variable region sequence v 11 in the formation of anti phospho choline antibodies

Kratz, C.M.; Levitsky, D.A., 1980:
The role of a noxious taste in determining food intake in the rat

Boquet P.; Duflot E., 1981:
The role of a nucleoside phosphate binding site of diphtheria toxin in the binding of toxin to african green monkey kidney vero cells or liposomes

Sinyor, D.; Brown, T.; Rostant, L.; Seraganian, P., 1982:
The role of a physical fitness program in the treatment of alcoholism

Assaf, S.Y.; Miller, J.J., 1978:
The role of a raphe serotonin system in the control of septal unit activity and hippocampal de synchronization

Nagorcka, B.N., 1986:
The role of a reaction diffusion system in the initiation of skin organ primordia i. the first wave of initiation

Fitzsimons, J.T., 1969:
The role of a renal thirst factor in drinking induced by extracellular stimuli

Marinari-Palmisano, A.; Turchetti, T., 1975 :
The role of a saprobic nematode in the antagonism of bacillus subtilis to fusarium solani

Suttle N.F.; Abrahams P.; Thornton I., 1984:
The role of a soil and dietary sulfur interaction in the impairment of copper absorption by ingested soil in sheep

Kudryashov, B.A.; Lyapina, L.A.; Ul'yanov, A.M.; Kovaleva, T.N., 1974:
The role of a thrombin heparin complex formation at primary stages of thrombin clearance in the blood stream and the role of the liver and lungs in this process

Bissonnette, J.M.; Johnson, K.; Toomey, C., 1979:
The role of a trial of labor with a positive contraction stress test

Lee, R.M.W.; Davies, D.M., 1978:
The role of abdominal air sacs during feeding in the stable fly stomoxys calcitrans diptera muscidae

Dauber, E.; Rankin, R., 1980:
The role of abdominal aortic ultrasound

Blackledge, G.; Mamtora, H.; Crowther, D.; Isherwood, I.; Best, J.J., 1981:
The role of abdominal computed tomography in lymphoma following treatment

Page J.E.; Constant O.; Parsons C., 1988:
The role of abdominal computed tomography in the assessment of patients with malignant tumors of the cervix and body of the uterus

Grewal, T.S.; Bains, S.S., 1975:
The role of abiotic and biotic factors in the population build up of wheat aphids and the extent of loss caused by them

Huber W., 1979:
The role of abscisic acid and cyto kinins in plants under stress conditions

Hradilik J.; Fiserova H., 1980:
The role of abscisic acid in dormancy of cumin carum carvi seeds

Porter, N.G., 1977:
The role of abscisic acid in flower abscission of lupinus luteus

Palejwala V.A.; Parikh H.R.; Modi V.V., 1985:
The role of abscisic acid in the ripening of grapes vitis vinifera cultivar thompson seedless

Doerffling K.; Tietz A.; Fenner R.; Naumann R.; Dingkuhn M., 1984:
The role of abscisic acid on assimilate transport and on assimilate accumulation

Aizenman, B.Y. ; Afons'ka, S.V., 1975:
The role of academician v g drobotko of the ukrainian academy of science in the development of ukrainian microbiology on the 90th anniversary of his birth

Chartock M.A., 1983:
The role of acanthurus guttatus in cycling algal production to detritus

Rush B.D.; Ruwart M.J., 1984:
The role of accelerated colonic transit in prostaglandin induced diarrhea and its inhibition by prostacyclin

Huenig, T., 1984:
The role of accessory cells in poly clonal t cell activation 3. no requirement for recognition of h 2 encoded antigens on accessory cells

Torbett B.E.; Clark W.R., 1988:
The role of accessory molecules in t helper activation induced by antigen lectin or dc3 antibodies

Volovik O.I.; Vasilenok L.I.; Volkova N.V.; Mushketik L.S.; Kanivets N.P.; Yasnikov A.A., 1982:
The role of acetol phosphorylation of pea chloroplasts

Finin V.S.; Volotovskii I.D.; Konev S.V., 1979:
The role of acetyl cholin esterase in trans membrane transfer of anions in the erythrocyte

Munday M.R.; Hardie D.G., 1986:
The role of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase phosphorylation in the control of mammary gland fatty acid synthesis during the starvation and re feeding of lactating rats

Hein D.W.; Kirlin W.G.; Ogolla F.; Trinidad A.; Thompson L.K.; Ferguson R.J., 1986:
The role of acetylator genotype on hepatic and extrahepatic acetylation deacetylation and sulfation of 2 aminofluorene 2 acetylaminofluorene and n hydroxy 2 acetylaminofluorene in the inbred hamster

Shugalev N.P., 1984:
The role of acetylcholinergic structures of the caudate nucleus in the inhibitory mechanisms of conditioned food procuring reflex in cats

Ivanov A.P.; Korotkoruchko V.P.; Nizhinkovskaya T.N.; Gubchenko S.V.; Korniets G.V., 1979:
The role of acid anion in formation of low soluble aggregates of immuno globulin g characteristic of malignant growth

Wolman, M.; Gaton, E.; Michowitz, M., 1977:
The role of acid esterase in the pathogenesis of xanthoma. A histochemical study in rabbits

Rubalcava, B.; Rodbell, M., 1973:
The role of acidic phospho lipids in glucagon action on rat liver adenylate cyclase

Setyono, B.; Schmid, H.P.; Köhler, K., 1979:
The role of acidic proteins from cytoplasmic fractions of Krebs II ascites cells for efficient translation

Stuart, D.A.; Jones, R.L., 1978:
The role of acidification in gibberellic acid induced and fusicoccin induced elongation of growth of lettuce hypocotyl sections

Kenny, J.D.; Adams, J.M.; Corbet, A.J.; Rudolph, A.J., 1976:
The role of acidosis at birth in the development of hyaline membrane disease

Sikharulidze N.V.; Mchedlishvili G.I., 1987:
The role of acidosis in the development of postischemic edema in rabbits

Bakuradze A.N.; Gugushvili L.N.; Dzhafarli M.T., 1984:
The role of acquired skill in the performance of reasoning activity in lower monkeys

Beyler, S.A.; Zaneveld, L.J., 1979:
The role of acrosin in sperm penetration through human cervical mucus

Ivanov V.V., 1981:
The role of acrylonitrile metabolism in the mechanism of its toxic effect

Kudryashov, B.A.; Shapiro, F.B.; Lomovskaya, E.G.; Lyapina, L.A., 1977:
The role of acth and gluco corticoids in nonenzymic fibrinolysis during immobilization stress in animals

O'reilly H.M.; Coleman G.J.; N.K.T., 1983:
The role of acth and norepinephrine in appetitive learning in the rat

Kamkin A.G.; Kiseleva I.S.; Kositskii G.I., 1986:
The role of acth fragments in the regulation of neuron electrogenesis and electrotonic synaptic interaction of the pond snail neurons

Brooks V.L.; Daneshvar L.; Reid I.A., 1988:
The role of acth in the cortisol and aldosterone responses to angiotensin ii in conscious dogs

Pederson D.R.; Rook Green A.; Elder J.L., 1981 :
The role of action in the development of pretend play in young children

Rosing, J.; van Rijn, J.L.; Bevers, E.M.; van Dieijen, G.; Comfurius, P.; Zwaal, R.F., 1985:
The role of activated human platelets in prothrombin and factor X activation

Strzyzewski, W.; Rybakowski, J., 1976:
The role of activating system disturbances in the patho mechanism of endogenous depression and their psycho pharmacological aspects

Greco A., 1982:
The role of active control of the stimulus in categorization and learning processes

Higuchi, M.L.; D.M.rais, C.F.; Pereira Barreto, A.C.; Lopes, E.A.; Stolf, N.; Bellotti, G.; Pileggi, F., 1987:
The role of active myocarditis in the development of heart failure in chronic Chagas' disease: a study based on endomyocardial biopsies

Cheng R F.; Hsieh K H.; Chen J H., 1982:
The role of active t lymphocytes in human immunity to tuberculous infection

Falser, N.; Bandtlow, I.; Rziha, H.J.; Haus, M.; Wolf, H., 1987:
The role of acute and latent virus infections in the pathogenesis of inner ear disturbances

Lovegrove, T.; Thompson, P., 1978:
The role of acute myo cardial infarctions sudden cardiac death a statisticians nightmare

Sampson W.J.; Suffolk R.A.; Bowers P.; Houghton J.D.; Botham K.M.; Suckling K.E., 1987:
The role of acyl coenzyme a cholesterol acyltransferase in the metabolism of free cholesterol to cholesteryl esters of bile acids in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes

Wykle, R.L.; Piantadosi, C.; Snyder, F., 1972:
The role of acyldihydroxy acetone phosphate nadh and nadph in the biosynthesis of o alkyl glycero lipids by microsomal enzymes of ehrlich ascites tumor

Nagalakshmi S.; Ramaswamy M.S.; Natarajan C.P.; Seshadri R., 1984:
The role of added carbohydrates in tea cream solubilization

Philpott W.H.; Khaleeluddin K.; Philpott K., 1980:
The role of addiction in the mental disease process and chemistry of addiction

Filipowicz-Sosnowska, A., 1986:
The role of additional bacterial infections as risk factors for amyloidosis development in patients with rheumatoid arthritis ii. frequency of amyloidosis in rheumatoid arthritis

Filipowicz-Sosnowska, A., 1986:
The role of additional bacterial infections as risk factors for the development of amyloidosis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis i. frequency of additional bacterial infections in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Mal'tseva O.V.; Golovleva L.A., 1985:
The role of additional substrates in ddt degradation by pseudomonas aeruginosa

Van Staden J.; Forsyth C., 1984:
The role of adenine and adenosine in the synthesis of cyto kinins by excised maize zea mays roots

Dupont C H.; Mazat J.P.; Guerin B., 1985:
The role of adenine nucleotide translocation in the energization of the inner membrane of mitochondria isolated from rho positive and rho o strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yamaguchi T., 1980:
The role of adenoids in otitis media with effusions

Tramontano, D.; Moses, A.C.; Ingbar, S.H., 1988:
The role of adenosine 3' 5' amp in the regulation of receptors for thyrotropin and insulin like growth factor i in the frtl5 rat thyroid follicular cell

Phillis, J.W.; DeLong, R.E., 1986:
The role of adenosine in cerebral vascular regulation during reductions in perfusion pressure

Lazou A.; Beis I., 1986:
The role of adenosine in the isolated rana ridibunda heart

Ushijima I.; Mizuki Y.; Hara T.; Kudo R.; Watanabe K.; Yamada M., 1986:
The role of adenosinergic gamma aminobutyric acid ergic and benzodiazepine systems in hyperemotionality and ulcer formation in stressed rats

Aleinik S.I.; Stan E.Ya; Chernkov M.P., 1987:
The role of adenylate cyclase in the inhibition of gastric secretion with products of limited kappa casein proteolysis

Ivashkin V.T.; Roshchin V.V.; Dorofeev G.I.; Pirumov P.A.; Vasil'ev V.Yu, 1982:
The role of adenylate cyclase in the regulation of succinate utilization by the gastric mucosa of frog rana esculenta

Wroblewski, J.T.; Lazarewicz, J.W., 1977:
The role of adenylate energy charge and divalent cations in the regulation of brain hexo kinase activity

Litovchenko, I.N.; Savitskii, I.V., 1984:
The role of adenylate kinase amp deaminase and 5' nucleotidase in adenyl nucleotide metabolism

Deacock, S.J.; Steward, K.A.; Carne, H.R., 1983:
The role of adherence in determining the site of infection by Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Tomsikova A.; Kotal L.; Novackova D., 1987:
The role of adherence of candida species in the pathogenesis of vaginal and oral candidiasis

Van-Der-Meulen, F.W.; Van-Der-Hart, M.; Fleer, A.; Von-Dem-Borne, A.E.G.K.; Engelfriet, C.P.; Van-Loghem, J.J., 1978:
The role of adherence to human mononuclear phagocytes in the destruction of red cells sensitized with noncomplement binding immuno globulin g antibodies

Hausman, P.B.; Kawasaki, H.; O'Hara, R.M.; Minami, M.; Sherr, D.H.; Dorf, M.E., 1986:
The role of adherent accessory cells in the generation of effector suppressor T cells

Huber C.; Fink U.; Leibold W.; Schmalzl F.; Peterson P.A.; Klareskog L.; Braunsteiner H., 1981:
The role of adherent hla dr positive mononuclear cells in autologous and allogeneic mixed lymphocyte reaction

Sedláková, A.; Paulíková, E.; Ahlers, I., 1985:
The role of adipose tissue in glucose utilization in irradiated rats

Sakai, T.; Matsumoto, N.; Yano, H.; Yoshida, H.; Ohsumi, A.; Fukui, A.; Takaori, M., 1987:
The role of adipose tissue of the splanchnic area in the biodegradation of halothane

Montie, J.E.; Stewart, B.H.; Straffon, R.A.; Banowsky, L.H.; Hewitt, C.B.; Montague, D.K., 1977:
The role of adjunctive nephrectomy in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Quee, T.C.; Chan, E.C.; Clark, C.; Lautar-Lemay, C.; Bergeron, M.J.; Bourgouin, J.; Stamm, J., 1987:
The role of adjunctive Rodogyl therapy in the treatment of advanced periodontal disease. A longitudinal clinical and microbiologic study

Hreshchyshyn, M.M.; Park, R.C.; Blessing, J.A.; Norris, H.J.; Levy, D.; Lagasse, L.D.; Creasman, W.T., 1980:
The role of adjuvant therapy in Stage I ovarian cancer

D.M.nno, G.; Shapiro, S.S.; Catalano, P.M.; D.M.rco, L.; Murphy, S., 1983:
The role of ADP secretion and thromboxane synthesis in factor VIII binding to platelets

Campbell, C.S.; Schwartz, N.B.; Firlit, M.G., 1977:
The role of adrenal and ovarian steroids in the control of serum luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone

Zilf'yan A.V.; Dovlatyan R.A.; Vartanyan A.V.; Ovsepyan R.S.; Kagan G.Ya, 1984:
The role of adrenal glands in the pathogenesis of polyarthritic syndrome induced by mycoplasma arthritidis in rats

Montastruc J.L.; Tran L.D., 1984:
The role of adrenal medulla and neurohypophysis in the central and peripheral cardiovascular effects of neurohypophyseal peptides

Ramaley, J.A., 1976:
The role of adrenal rhythmicity in puberty: effects of intermittent steroid replacement

Wang C H.; Chang C M.; Lee C S.; Tsan K W.; Huang C H., 1985:
The role of adrenal scintigraphy in the localization of hypertension of adrenal origin a comparison with computed tomography

Berezina T.P.; Ovsyannikov V.I., 1985:
The role of adrenergic mechanisms in serotonin induced contractile effects of the ileal smooth muscles

Miller L.G., 1982:
The role of adrenergic mechanisms in the development of cerebro vascular disorders during acute myo cardial ischemia

Sholukh, M.V.; Pikulev, A.T., 1976:
The role of adrenergic mechanisms in the regulation of aspartate amino transferase ec isozyme activity from the albino rat liver

Hikawyj-Yevich, I.; Spitzer, J.A., 1977:
The role of adrenergic receptors and calcium ii ion in the action of endo toxin on human fat cells

Sukmanskii O.I.; Arkhipenko V.I.; Cherkashina L.P., 1984:
The role of adrenergic receptors in the mechanism of the influence of catecholamines and l dopa on proliferative processes

Berk, J.L.; Hagen, J.F.; Tong, R.K.; Levy, M.L.; Martin, P.J., 1977:
The role of adrenergic stimulation in the pathogenesis of pulmonary insufficiency

Kalishevskaya T.M.; Golubeva M.G.; Vlasenko B.V., 1983:
The role of adreno reactive hypothalamic structures in the regulation of the anti plasmin system

Rudneva L.M.; Novikov B.G.; Nikonenko A.G., 1980:
The role of adreno reactive structures in the regulation of hypothalamo thyroid function in birds

Grubb, B.; Folk, G.E.J., 1977:
The role of adrenoceptors in norepinephrine stimulated oxygen consumption in muscle

D.M.; Ghosh A., 1985:
The role of adrenocortical and medullary hormones on the bursectomized chicken through the glycemic response

Golyshenkov S.P.; Skipetrov V.P., 1985:
The role of adrenoreactive structures on the regulation of intestinal release of hemocoagulating compounds into the bloodstream

Lowry J.D.; Burkhead C.E., 1980:
The role of adsorption in biologically extended activated carbon columns

Bresnahan W.T.; Elving P.J., 1981:
The role of adsorption in the initial 1 electron electrochemical reduction of nad

Prokopy R.J.; Fletcher B.S., 1987:
The role of adult learning in the acceptance of host fruit for egglaying by the queensland fruit fly dacus tryoni

Osuchowska E., 1987:
The role of aeromonas spp in food poisonings in humans and animals

Moore, B.S.; Clyburn, A.; Underwood, B., 1976:
The role of affect in delay of gratification

Ikegami, T., 1986:
The role of affect in person memory the influence of positive and negative affect upon recognition memory

Korpas, J.; Nasalova, G.; Strapkova, A., 1978:
The role of affection of single components of the cough

Bronzino M.P.; Carlone M.; Granella L., 1985:
The role of afference in the rehabilitation of peripheral nerve lesions in the hand

Eremeev V.S.; Balashov N.V.; Dulinets V.V.; Shcherbin Y.I., 1986:
The role of afferentiation from the aortic arch and carotid sinus mechanoreceptors in the long term control of sympathetic tone

Campbell, T.C.; Hayes, J.R., 1976:
The role of afla toxin metabolism in its toxic lesion

Uhlarik, J.; Brigell, M., 1977:
The role of after images in visual spatial after effects

Vobor'ev S.A.; Loshakov V.G.; Ivanova S.F., 1984:
The role of afterharvest green fertilization in controlling weeds in cereal crop rotations in the nonchernozem zone of the russian sfsr ussr

Puthawala A.A.; Syed A.M.N.; Neblett D.; Mcnamara C., 1981 :
The role of afterloading iridium 192 implant in the management of carcinoma of the tongue

Chernoguz D.G.; Reznik S.Ya; Zinov'eva K.B., 1987:
The role of age and physiological conditions of calliphora vicina for parasitizing by a braconid alysia manducator

Sinyakov, E.G., 1976:
The role of age and the amount of plutonium administered in osteo sarcomogenesis in rats

Golubev A.G.; Revskoi S.Yu; Tsyrlina E.V.; Dil'man V.M., 1983:
The role of age dependent hyper lipidemia in disorders of lymphocyte functions caused by changes in the internal environment of the body of aging humans

Khudolei V.V., 1982:
The role of age in carcinogenesis induced by n nitroso di methylamine and di methyl nitrosamine in amphibians xenopus borealis

Moskalev-Yu, I.; Shelesnova, V.I., 1976:
The role of age in the long term after effects of external beta irradiation in rats

Moore, W.V., 1978:
The role of aggregated human growth hormone in the therapy of human growth hormone deficient children

Mesterhazy A., 1981:
The role of aggressiveness of fusarium graminearum isolates in the inoculation tests on wheat in seedling state

Mulligan, T.; Retchin, S.M.; Chinchilli, V.M.; Bettinger, C.B., 1988:
The role of aging and chronic disease in sexual dysfunction

Marone G.; Thomas L.L.; Lichtenstein L.M., 1980:
The role of agonists that activate adenylate cyclase in the control of cyclic amp metabolism and enzyme release by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Sempeho G., 1987:
The role of agro industrial by products in the feeding of west african dwarf sheep and goats in rural areas of south west nigeria

Smith P.G.; Arab F.K., 1988:
The role of air bubbles in the desorption of ammonia from landfill leachates in high ph aerated lagoon

Schulze, E.D.; Lange, O.L.; Evenari, M.; Kappen, L.; Buschbom, U., 1974:
The role of air humidity and leaf temperature in controlling stomatal resistance of prunus armeniaca under desert conditions part 1 a simulation of the daily course of stomatal resistance

Schulze, E.D.; Lange, O.L.; Kappan, L.; Evenari, M.; Buschbom, U., 1975:
The role of air humidity and leaf temperature in controlling stomatal resistance of prunus armeniaca under desert conditions part 2 the significance of leaf water status and internal carbon di oxide concentration

Schulze, E.D.; Lange, O.L.; Evenari, M.; Kappen, L.; Buschbom, U., 1975:
The role of air humidity and temperature in controlling stomatal resistance of prunus armeniaca under desert conditions part 3 the effect on water use efficiency

Jacobson, B.S., 1984:
The role of air pollution and other factors in local variations in general mortality and cancer mortality

Khan, A.U., 1977:
The role of air pollution and weather changes in childhood asthma

Cohen, Y.; Sherman, Y., 1977:
The role of airborne conidia in epiphytotics of sclerospora sorghi on sweet corn

Okazawa, M.; Kawakami, M.; Katayama, M.; Tsubo, S.; Konno, K.; Takizawa, T., 1985:
The role of airflow in mucous transport in the trachea

Orlicky, J.; Ruscak, M., 1976:
The role of alanine in inter organal metabolism of amino acids and saccharides

Fruend H.; Yoshimura N.; Fischer J.E., 1980:
The role of alanine in the nitrogen conserving quality of the branched chain amino acids in the post injury state

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The role of alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenases in the formation of a stable pathological addiction to ethanol

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The role of alcohol dehydrogenase in the fermentation of d xylose by candida shehatae atcc 22984

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The role of alcohol drugs suicide attempts and situational strains in homicide committed by offenders seen for psychiatric assessment

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The role of alcohols in the polymerization of n carboxy alpha amino acid anhydrides by alkaline alkoxides dualism of the polymerization mechanism

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The role of aldo sterone at the initial stage of 2 forms of experimental reno vascular hypertension

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The role of aldose reductase in diabetic corneal epitheliopathy. Second report: The corneal epithelium of galactosemic rats

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The role of aleurone grains in the formation of the content and fractional composition of pea pisum sativum seed proteins

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The role of aleurone layer in the germination of caryopses of wild oats avena fatua l

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The role of algal antigenic determinants in the recognition of potential algal symbionts by cells of Chlorohydra

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The role of algal synusia of grasslands in successional processes in hungary

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The role of alimentary and metabolic factors in the regulation of fat tissue growth review of literature

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The role of alkaline phosphatase in regulation of stability of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase from human cells cultured in vitro

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The role of alkaline phosphatase in the sediments of venice lagoon adriatic sea on nutrient regeneration

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The role of alkaline protease on formation of yeast protoplasts

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The role of alkaline secretion in acid tolerance of rabbit duodenum

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The role of alkalinity in the mortality of daphnia magna in bioassays of sediment bound copper

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The role of allergy in the pathogenesis of otitis media with effusion

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The role of alpha 1 adrenoceptors and alpha 2 adrenoceptors in the coronary vasoconstrictor responses to neuronally releases and exogenous noradrenaline in the dog

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The role of alpha 1 anti trypsin in obstructive broncho pneumopathies

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The role of alpha adreno receptors and beta adreno receptors in the catecholamine regulation of the natriuretic renal function in rats

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The role of alpha adrenoceptors in the regulation of glycogen metabolism in the liver

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The role of alpha adrenoreceptors and beta adrenoreceptors in the development of shifts of the intestine vascular functions in acute cooling of the body

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The role of alpha and beta adrenergic receptors in constriction and dilation of the systemic capacitance vessels: a study with measurements of the mean circulatory pressure in dogs

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The role of alpha and beta receptors and their regulation of 5 ht metabolism of rat brain in electroacupuncture analgesia

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The role of alpha lact albumin in the primary phase of chymosin ec action on heated casein micelles

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The role of alteration in the gastro intestinal tract mucosa in the mechanism of disturbances of mediator metabolism in allergic and dysenteric colitis

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The role of altered gastric emptying in the initiation of clinical dumping

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The role of altered intestinal permeability in the pathogenesis of salmonella diarrhea in the rhesus monkey

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The role of aluminum contamination in determining phytoplankton and zooplankton responses to acidification

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The role of aluminum on humus accumulation in acid forest soils

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The role of alveolar macrophages in surfactant turnover. An experimental study with metabolite VIII of bromhexine (Ambroxol)

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The role of ambient lighting in circadian disc shedding in the rod outer segment of the rat retina

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The role of amino acids and inorganic ions in osmoregulatory responses of plantago japonica franch. et sav

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The role of amino acids and taurine in is osmotic intra cellular regulation in ehrlich ascites mouse tumor cells

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The role of amino acids in the chemo sensory swarming and feeding of marine copepods

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The role of amino acids in the nitrogen metabolism of artificially fed carp

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The role of amino acids in the regulation of protein synthesis in perfused rat liver 1. reduction in rates of synthesis resulting from amino acid deprivation and recovery during flow through perfusion

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The role of amino acids in the regulation of protein synthesis in perfused rat liver 2. effects of amino acid deficiency on peptide chain initiation polysomal aggregation and distribution of albumin messenger rna

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The role of amino terminal amino group in the activity of pancreatic lipase

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The role of ammonia l glutamate and cyclic amp in the regulation of ammonia assimilation in rhizobium japonicum

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The role of ammonium nitrogen in the biosynthesis of vitamin b 12 by propionibacterium shermanii

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The role of amniotic fluid on the in vitro palatal fusion of normal and vitamin a treated rat fetuses

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The role of amount consumed in flavor pre exposure effects and neophobia

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The role of amp nucleosidase in the regulation of adenine nucleotide levels in azotobacter vinelandii during aerobic anaerobic transitions

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The role of amylolytic enzymes of clostridium acetobutylicum in the biosynthesis of solvents

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The role of an acid dnase in dna replication

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The role of an active site histidine in the catalytic mechanism of aspartate transcarbamoylase

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The role of an alpha 2 macro globulin of rat serum in the phagocytosis of colloidal particles

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The role of an identified brain neuron in mediating opto motor movements in a moth manduca sexta

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The role of an indicator of potential productivity of forest as a criterion

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The role of an x linked gene in the regulation of secondary humoral response kinetics to sperm specific testis specific isozyme of lactate dehydrogenase antigen

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The role of anabaena in the azolla anabaena symbiosis

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The role of anaerobic bacteria in the pathogenesis of urinary tract infections

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The role of anaerobic respiration in germinating muskmelon cucumis melo seeds 1. in relation to seed lot quality

Pesis, E.; Ng, T.J., 1984:
The role of anaerobic respiration in germinating muskmelon cucumis melo seeds 2. effect of anoxia treatment and alcohol dehydrogenase activity

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The role of ancymidol in clerodendrum thomsoniae flower initiation and development

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The role of androgen in the development of sexual differences in pituitary responsiveness to gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist in the bull frog rana catesbeiana

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The role of androgen in the maintenance of sexual functioning in oophorectomized women

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The role of androgens in the effect of diabetes mellitus on hepatic drug metabolism in the male rat

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The role of anesthesia and catecholamines in the renal response to mild hemorrhage

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The role of anesthetic management in enhancing peripheral blood flow in patients undergoing free flap transfer

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The role of anger in hypertension

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The role of angiographic hemostasis in salvage of the injured spleen

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The role of angiography in the formation of pectoralis myocutaneous flaps

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The role of angiopulmography in diagnosing hypoplasia of the pulmonary arteries

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The role of angiotensin ii and acetylcholine in the central mechanisms of alcohol motivation in rats

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The role of angiotensin ii in the formation of avoidance reactions during electrical stimulation of the ventromedial hypothalamus in rabbits

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The role of angiotensin II in the renal responses to somatic nerve stimulation in the rat

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The role of animal associations and current velocity in sediment specific leaf litter decomposition

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The role of animal vegetal interaction with respect to the determination of dorsoventral polarity in the equal cleaving spiralian lymnaea palustris

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The role of animate and inanimate nouns in determining sentence voice

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The role of anion transport in the passive movement of lead across the human red cell membrane

Kormilitsyn, V.F., 1977:
The role of annual legumes in improving physical properties of irrigated dark chestnut soils

Prell, H.H., 1977:
The role of ant product of salmonella typhimurium phage p 22 in the process of transactivation of pro phage px 1 genes

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The role of antarctica in the formation of the deep sea fauna of the world ocean

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The role of antegrade barium studies in the evaluation of colitis

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The role of antepartum testing in the management of postterm pregnancies with heavy meconium in early labor

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The role of anterior lumbar fusion for internal disc disruption

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The role of anterograde pyelography in the transplant kidney

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The role of antho cyanins in vegetative tissues a relationship with stem length in pea seedlings pisum arvense

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The role of anthocoris spp hemiptera heteroptera anthocoridae in the integrated control of the damson hop aphid phorodon humuli

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The role of anthocyanosides on vascular permeability in diabetic retinopathy

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The role of anthropogenic factors in the evolution of the natural foci of echinococcoses

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The role of anthropometric measures on the musculoskeletal system of workers performing heavy physical work

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The role of antibiotic bonding in the prevention of vascular prosthetic infections

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The role of antibiotics, immunizations, and adenoviruses in pertussis

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The role of antibiotics in the control of infection after orthopedic operations

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The role of antibodies and serum complement in the interaction between macrophages and leptospires

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The role of antibodies in immunity against Theileria annulata infection in cattle

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The role of antibodies to hepatitis b core antigen in the assessment of serological status to hbv infection in singapore

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The role of antibody and complement in phagocytosis by rabbit alveolar macrophages

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The role of antibody complement and protein a in the opsonization and phagocytosis of staphylococcus aureus

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The role of antibody dependent cyto toxicity in recovery from herpesvirus infections

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The role of antibody in cellular cyto toxicity to cultured human colon carcinoma cells

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The role of antibody in host defense against the agent of mouse pneumonitis

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The role of antibody in immunity against experimental naegleria meningoencephalitis ('amoebic meningitis')

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The role of antibody in protection against African swine fever virus

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The role of antibody in rat renal allo graft rejection 1. absence of antibody to erythrocyte associated antigens is associated with enhanced renal allo graft survival

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The role of antibody in recovery from experimental rabies part 1 effect of depletion on bone marrow derived and thymus derived cells

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The role of antibody in the inhibition of the growth of meth a tumor in syngeneic experiments in vivo and in vitro

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The role of antibody in the interaction of salmonella typhimurium and listeria monocytogenes with peritoneal macrophages

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The role of antigen binding cells in the formation of the producers of antibodies and antigen dependent nonspecific immunoglobulin

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The role of antigen form and function in the primary and secondary intestinal immune responses to cholera toxin and toxoid in rats

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The role of antigen presentation in the ontogeny of immune responses to herpes simplex virus

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The role of antigen presenting cell in the immune response in vitro selection of antigen specific thymus derived lymphocytes by antigen presenting cells

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The role of antigen presenting cells in the immuno globulin e antibody response 1. the induction of high titer immuno globulin e antibody responses in immuno globulin e high responder and low responder mice by the administration of antigen pulsed macrophages in the absence of adjuvants

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The role of antigen recognition and suppressor cells in mice with oral tolerance to ovalbumin

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The role of antigens and adjuvant substances in the histological response in experimental granulomas immunogenic granuloma

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The role of antineoplastic solution in transcatheter hepatic arterial embolization

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The role of antioxidative activity and of rat liver phospholipid composition in the mechanism of phenazepam effect on liver tissue under conditions of protective action of thalamonal

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The role of antiplatelet drugs in carotid reconstructive surgery

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The role of antispila treitschkieella lepidoptera heliozelidae in the biomass circulation of quercetum petraeae cerris forest north hungary

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The role of antithrombin iii heparin complex in the activation of thrombin in animal and human blood

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The role of antithrombin potential in sanogenesis during hemorrhage into serous cavities

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The role of antocoridae in the control of panonychus ulmi in vineyards

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The role of antral g cell hyperplasia in the genesis of ulcers

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The role of anxiety in obsessive compulsive disorders

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The role of aortic chemoreceptors during severe carbon monoxide hypoxia

Polgar L., 1982:
The role of aphid parasites hymenoptera aphidiidae in the maize ecosystem

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The role of aphytis chilensis hymenoptera aphelinidae the main parasite of aspidiotus nerii homoptera diaspididae on olive trees in crete greece

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The role of apical and basolateral cell respiration in the transport of sugars amino acids and dipeptides in the small intestine

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The role of apolipophorin III in in vivo lipoprotein interconversions in adult Manduca sexta

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The role of apolipoproteins of high density lipoproteins in the selective uptake of cholesteryl linoleyl ether by cultured rat and bovine adrenal cells

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The role of aquatic birds in spreading bothriocephalus gowkongensis cestoda

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The role of aquatic invertebrates in processing of wood debris in coniferous forest streams

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The role of aqueous divalent cations on the spontaneous synchronization in bovine iris muscles

Brill' G.E., 1986:
The role of arachidonic acid and cyclic amp dependent system in the platelet aggregation induced by staphylococcal toxin and adp

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The role of arachidonic acid metabolism on the generation of active oxygen in human granulocytes

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The role of arachidonic acid metabolites in mast cell mediated mitogenesis in the rat

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The role of arachidonic acid metabolites in the mediation of the polymorphonuclear leukocyte response following corneal injury

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The role of arachidonic acid metabolites on bronchial hyperresponsiveness to acetylcholine in asthmatic patients

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The role of area heterogeneity and favorability in plant species diversity of pinyon juniper ecosystems

Gorfain, D., 1972:
The role of areawide comprehensive health planning in the environment

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The role of arginine and histidine residues in biological activity of botulinic neuro toxin a

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The role of arginine in enzymes

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The role of arginine in the tpn dependent iso citrate dehydrogenase ec of pig heart

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The role of arginine residues in aspartate trans aminase from chicken heart cytosol

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The role of arginine residues in phenyl alanyl transfer rna synthetase substrate interaction

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The role of arginine residues in the rat mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase transit peptide

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The role of arginyl residues in porphyrin binding to ferrochelatase

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The role of argon laser photocoagulation in the treatment of diabetic maculopathy

McIntyre, J.C.; Hundley, P.; Behnke, W.D., 1987:
The role of aromatic side chain residues in micelle binding by pancreatic colipase. Fluorescence studies of the porcine and equine proteins

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The role of arsenites at the beginning of lipid peroxidation in pseudomonas putida cells oxidizing arsenite

Molyneux, G.S., 1977:
The role of arterio venous anastomoses in the peripheral circulation

Muraro G.B.; Pecori M.; Carini M.; Mazzarino A.; Biso A., 1981:
The role of arteriography in the follow up of kidney tumors

Ziv, I.; Carroll, N.C., 1982:
The role of arthroscopy in children

Abasov E.Sh, 1985:
The role of arthroscopy in the diagnosis of chronic monoarthritis of the knee joint

Stocks, J.; Godfrey, S., 1976:
The role of artificial ventilation oxygen and continuous positive airway pressure in the pathogenesis of lung damage in neo nates assessment by serial measurements of lung function

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The role of ascorbic acid in chemical dough experiment development 2. partial purification and characterization of an enzyme oxidizing ascorbate in flour

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The role of ascorbic acid in the function of the adrenal cortex: studies in adrenocortical cells in culture

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The role of ascorbic acid in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism and in the pathogenesis of athero sclerosis

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The role of ascorbic acid on the structural integrity of developing tooth germs

Stary P., 1982:
The role of ash fraxinus as a reservoir of aphid parasitoids with description of a new species in central europe hymenoptera aphidiidae

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The role of aspartic acid 49 in the active site of phospholipase a 2 a site specific mutagenesis study of porcine pancreatic phospholipase a 2 and the rationale of the enzymatic activity of lysine 49 phospholipase a 2 from agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus venom

Muratov V.S.; Chestukhina G.G.; Klepikova F.S.; Ogarkov V.I.; Stepanov V.M., 1987:
The role of aspartic acid and asparagine in increasing the productivity of bacillus thuringiensis var dendrolimus culture

Sheth, N.K.; Kurup, V.P.; Barron, B.A., 1980:
The role of Aspergillus fumigatus antigens in blood coagulation and platelet function

Murrell D.S.; Melcher D.H., 1982:
The role of aspiration cytology in a radio therapy and oncology center

Rainsford, K.D., 1978:
The role of aspirin in gastric ulceration . Some factors involved in the development of gastric mucosal damage induced by aspirin in rats exposed to various stress conditions

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The role of astrocytes in the formation of cartilage in gliomas an immunohistochemical study of 4 cases

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The role of asymmetric cell division in pteridophyte cell differentiation i. localized metal accumulation and differentiation in vittaria gemmae and onoclea prothallia

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The role of asymptomatic infections in the epizootiology of aujeszkys disease

Hain F.P.; Arthur F.H., 1985:
The role of atmospheric deposition in the latitudinal variation of fraser fir abies fraseri mortality caused by the balsam woolly adelgid adelges piceae hemiptera homoptera adelgidae a hypothesis

Lasceve G.; Couchat P., 1981:
The role of atmospheric oxygen on root water absorption in helianthus annuus

Vtorova, V.N., 1978:
The role of atmospheric precipitation in exchange processes of coniferous forests of the moscow region ussr

Hsiao, K.J.; Sandberg, A.R.; Li, H.C., 1978:
The role of atp and divalent cations in the regulation of a cardiac phosphorylase phosphatase phospho protein phosphatase of molecular weight 35000

Goldberg, A.L.; Waxman, L., 1985:
The role of ATP hydrolysis in the breakdown of proteins and peptides by protease La from Escherichia coli

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The role of atp in regulation of the adrenal oxo glutarate dehydrogenase complex

Paoletti, E.; Lipinskas, B.R., 1978:
The role of atp in the biogenesis of vaccinia virus messenger rna in vitro

Van Den Broek P.J.A.; D.B.uijne A.W.; Van Steveninck J., 1987:
The role of atp in the control of proton galactoside symport in the yeast kluyveromyces marxianus

Seo, S.W.; Ota, Y., 1981:
The role of atp in the ripening of the rice plant 1. changes in the content of atp in the embryo endosperm and bran of the developing rice kernel

Seo, S.W.; Ota, Y., 1981:
The role of atp in the ripening of the rice plant 2. effect of temperature on atp content in the kernel and hull during the ripening period

Assanelli, D.; Astorri, E.; Bianchi, G.; Bolognesi, R.; Effendi, F.N.; Cucchini, F. , 1978:
The role of atrial systole and intra ventricular conduction in determining the intra cavitary gradient in a patient with hypertrophic obstructive cardio myopathy

Sloman, L., 1977:
The role of attractiveness and mate selection in phylogenetic adaptation with particular reference to early man

Oller, D.K.; Eilers, R.E., 1988:
The role of audition in infant babbling

Shipley C.; Buchwald J.S.; Carterette E.C., 1988:
The role of auditory feedback in the vocalization of cats

Von-Schilcher, F., 1976:
The role of auditory stimuli in the courtship of drosophila melanogaster

Motovski, A., 1975:
The role of aujeszkys disease virus in the respiratory diseases of swine

Arnbjörnsson, E.; Bengmark, S., 1983:
The role of auscultation and registration of bowel sounds in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis

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The role of auto immunization in the pathogenesis of para proteinemic hemo blastosis

Rouleau J.; Boerboom L.E.; Surjadhana A.; Hoffman J.I.E., 1979:
The role of auto regulation and tissue diastolic pressures in the trans mural distribution of left ventricular blood flow in anesthetized dogs

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The role of autotransfusion in developing countries

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The role of axillary radiotherapy in cancer of the breast in 1986

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The role of azov black sea invaders in the productivity of the caspian sea usa benthos

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The role of b b polynov in the development of modern soil science in honor of the 100th anniversary of his birth

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The role of bats in the life cycle of chagasic infection in venezuelan guiana

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The role of behavioral intentions in the prediction of behavior

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The role of benthic algae in the shallow reef of curacao netherlands antilles part 2 primary productivity of the sargassum beds on the northeast coast submarine plateau

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The role of benthic algae in the shallow reef of curacao netherlands antilles part 3 the significance of grazing

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The role of benzyladenine in the differentiation of tracheary elements in jerusalem artichoke helianthus tuberosus tuber explants cultured in vitro

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The role of bi spores in the life history of the parasitic red alga gardneriella tuberifera solieriaceae gigartinales

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The role of bin ocular neurons in the cat striate cortex in combining information from the 2 eyes

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The role of bio elements in the formation of gall stones in patients from different geographical locations