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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6759

Chapter 6759 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zanaboni, F.; Heintz, A.P.; Trimbos, J.B.; van Lindert, A.C.; Aalders, J.G.; Neijt, J.P., 1988:
The role of cytoreduction in ovarian cancer

Terashima Y., 1987:
The role of cytoreductive surgery and combination chemotherapy with carboquone and 5 fluorouracil in the management of ovarian malignancies

Wiltshaw E.; Raju K.S.; Dawson I., 1985:
The role of cytoreductive surgery in advanced carcinoma of the ovary an analysis of primary and 2nd surgery

Domnina L.V.; Vasil'ev Y.M., 1986:
The role of cytoskeleton in spreading of epithelial cells

Lew P.D.; Monod A.; Krause K H.; Waldvogel F.A.; Biden T.J.; Schlegel W., 1986:
The role of cytosolic free calcium in the generation of inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate and inositol 1 3 4 trisphosphate in hl 60 cells differential effects of chemotactic peptide receptor stimulation at distinct calcium levels

Pozdnyakova T.M.; Rybachuk V.N.; Ugarova T.P., 1987:
The role of d 2 e 2 centers of fibrin monomer interdomain binding in the copolymerization of fibrinogen with amino terminal disulfide knot of fibrin

Panijayanond, P.; Chotiprasidhi, P., 1985:
The role of Daflon in the treatment of acute hemorrhoids

Myers, W.A.; Overstrom, N.A., 1978:
The role of daily observation in the husbandry of captive dolphins tursiops truncatus

King B.J.; Layzell D.B.; Canvin D.T., 1986:
The role of dark carbon dioxide fixation in root nodules of soybean glycine max cultivar harosoy 63

Eisikowitch D., 1980:
The role of dark flowers in the pollination of certain umbelliferae

Cocucci S.; Ranieri A.M.; Morgutti S.; Ciroli F., 1981:
The role of darkness gibberellic acid and fusicoccin in breaking photo dormancy in phacelia tanacetifolia cultivar bleu clair seeds

Nanes, M.S.; Morishige, W.K.; Rothchild, I., 1983:
The role of decidual tissue in the development of the dependency on luteinizing hormone in the rat corpus luteum

Mackay D.N., 1987:
The role of decision analysis in antibiotic selection

DeMarchi, J.M.; Kaplan, A.S., 1977:
The role of defective cytomegalovirus particles in the induction of host cell DNA synthesis

Rima, B.K.; Davidson, W.B.; Martin, S.J., 1977:
The role of defective interfering particles in persistent infection of Vero cells by measles virus

Wapner, J.G.; Connor, K., 1986:
The role of defensiveness in cognitive impulsivity

Tracy, C.R.; Rubink, W.L., 1978:
The role of dehydration and anti diuretic hormone on water exchange in rana pipiens

Simpson R.L.; Good R.E.; Walker R.; Frasco B.R., 1983:
The role of delaware river usa fresh water tidal wetlands in the retention of nutrients and heavy metals

Leikina, E.S., 1975:
The role of delayed and immediate allergic reactions in immunity in helminthiases review of literature

Stepkowski, S.M.; Duncan, W.R., 1986:
The role of delayed type hypersensitivity and cytotoxic t populations in organ graft rejection i. functional analysis of graft infiltrating t cells

Kraft, J.M., 1977:
The role of delphinidin and sugars in the resistance of pea seedlings to fusarium solani f sp pisi root rot

L.C.Z.; E.A., 1984:
The role of deltoid ligament in injury of the ankle

Knight, S.C.; Krejci, J.; Malkovsky, M.; Colizzi, V.; Gautam, A.; Asherson, G.L., 1985:
The role of dendritic cells in the initiation of immune responses to contact sensitizers 1. in vivo exposure to antigen

Knight, S.C.; Bedford, P.; Hunt, R., 1985:
The role of dendritic cells in the initiation of immune responses to contact sensitizers 2. studies in nude mice

Levine, J.; Warrenburg, S.; Kerns, R.; Schwartz, G.; Delaney, R.; Fontana, A.; Gradman, A.; Smith, S.; Allen, S.; Cascione, R., 1987:
The role of denial in recovery from coronary heart disease

Kornblyum, E.A.; Lyubimova, I.N.; Ivanov, A.M., 1977:
The role of density and hardness changes in the formation of compact chernozems in the kuban russian sfsr ussr

Wilson W.H.Jr, 1983:
The role of density dependence in a marine in faunal community

Caspi, E.; Wickramasinghe, J.A.F.; Lewis, D.O., 1968:
The role of deoxy corticosterone in the biosynthesis of cardenolides in digitalis lanata d inst auto radiography

Caradonna S.J.; Cheng Y C., 1980:
The role of deoxy utp nucleotido hydrolase uracil dna glycosylase and dna polymerase alpha in the metabolism of 5 fluorodeoxy uridine in human tumor cells

Gallo, V.; Kingsbury, A.; Balázs, R.; Jørgensen, O.S., 1987:
The role of depolarization in the survival and differentiation of cerebellar granule cells in culture

Myadelets O.D.; Sukhanov A.F., 1986:
The role of dermal tissue basophils in changing the capillary bed and water exchange status in the skin of albino rats subjected to deep hypothermia and in the post hypothermic period

Weaver, G.E.; Stanny, C.J., 1984:
The role of detail information in the recognition of complex pictorial stimuli

Job, S.V., 1978:
The role of detritus in the economy of heterotrophy

Kaufman L., 1988:
The role of developmental crises in the formation of buttresses a unified hypothesis

Suschke H J., 1987:
The role of devitalized leukocytes in childhood inflammatory rheumatic disease

Shoemaker, P.B.; Lorbeer, J.W., 1977:
The role of dew and temperature in the epidemiology of botrytis squamosa blight of onion

Ross, W.M.; Koerbling, M.; Nothdurft, W.; Fliedner, T.M., 1978:
The role of dextran sulfate in increasing the colony forming unit in culture concentration in dog blood

Loeffler, M., 1980:
The role of di hydro orotate dehydrogenase ec in growth cessation of ehrlich ascites tumor cells cultured under oxygen deficiency

Schaison G.; Renoir M.; Lagoguey M.; Mowszowicz I., 1980:
The role of di hydro testosterone in regulating luteinizing hormone secretion in man

Bamforth C.W.; Anness B.J., 1981:
The role of di methyl sulfoxide reductase in the formation of di methyl sulfide during fermentations

Quist E.E.; Reece K.L., 1980:
The role of di phosphatidyl inositol in erythrocyte membrane shape regulation

Chan, E.; Desforges, J.F., 1976:
The role of di sulfide bonds in heinz body attachment to membranes

Forstner J.F.; Jabbal I.; Qureshi R.; Kells D.I.C.; Forstner G.G., 1979:
The role of di sulfide bonds in human intestinal mucin

Hoshi Y.; Yamauchi F.; Shibasaki K., 1982:
The role of di sulfide bonds in polymerization of soybean 7s globulin during storage

Bianchini F.; Terlizzi C.; Barsotti M., 1987:
The role of diabetes mellitus in the evolution of atherosclerosis obliterans

Kudryashov B.A.; Lyapina L.A.; Ul'yanov A.M., 1986:
The role of diabetogenic factor in the blood hypercoagulation

Bratusch Marrain P.; Waldhaeusl W.; Grubeck Loebenstein B.; Korn A.; Vierhapper H.; Nowotny P., 1981:
The role of diabetogenic hormones on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism following oral glucose loading in insulin dependent diabetics effects of acute hormone administration

Bahana, J.; Karuhize, G., 1986:
The role of diaeretiella rapae m'cintosh hymenoptera braconidae in the population control of the cabbage aphid brevicoryne brassicae l. hemiptera aphididae in kenya

Alekhnovich, M.V., 1977:
The role of diagnostic departments in the prophylaxis of oncological diseases among house wives

Aromaa U.; Korttila K.; Tammisto T., 1980:
The role of diazepam and fentanyl in the production of balanced anesthesia

Lallo, J.W.; Armelagos, G.J.; Mensforth, R.P., 1977:
The role of diet disease and physiology in the origin of porotic hyper ostosis

Chen, M.; Halter, J.B.; Porte, D., 1987:
The role of dietary carbohydrate in the decreased glucose tolerance of the elderly

Bolton, R.P.; Heaton, K.W.; Burroughs, L.F., 1981:
The role of dietary fiber in satiety, glucose, and insulin: studies with fruit and fruit juice

Clandinin, M.T., 1978:
The role of dietary long chain fatty acids in mitochondrial structure and function. Effects on rat cardiac mitochondrial respiration

Jackson, R.L.; Taunton, O.D.; Morrisett, J.D.; Gotto, A.M.Jr, 1978:
The role of dietary poly unsaturated fat in lowering blood cholesterol in man

Breslau, N.A.; McGuire, J.L.; Zerwekh, J.E.; Pak, C.Y., 1982:
The role of dietary sodium on renal excretion and intestinal absorption of calcium and on vitamin D metabolism

Tammisto, T.; Aromaa, U., 1977:
The role of different components of balanced anesthesia in tolerance to endo tracheal intubation

Verweij-Van Vught, A.M.; Namavar, F.; Peerbooms, P.G.; Sparrius, M.; Maclaren, D.M., 1984:
The role of different K antigens of Escherichia coli in phagocytosis by polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Ignatov Y.D.; Zaitsev A.A., 1987:
The role of different opiate receptors in the regulation of nociceptive reactions of arterial pressure

Lazarova M.; Bendotti C.; Samanin R., 1983:
The role of different types of adrenergic receptors in pentylene tetrazole induced seizures and the effect of di n propyl acetate in the rat

Mikhailova, A.A.; Zakharova, L.A., 1976:
The role of different types of cells in the effect of stimulation of immuno globulin synthesis in mixed cultures

Ignatkov V.Ya; Parimbetova R.B.; Babichev V.N., 1986:
The role of different types of serotonin reception in the hypothalamic control of luteinizing hormone release

Enwald R.; Sokolova S.V., 1983:
The role of diffusion processes in sugar uptake by conducting tissues of sugar beet

Waggett D.J.; Ven Doorn T., 1982:
The role of digital ultrasound scanners in radio therapy planning

Ferguson, L.R.; Cox, B.S., 1980:
The role of dimer excision in liquid holding recovery of uv irradiated ha ploid yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Markl J.; Decker H.; Stoecker W.; Savel A.; Linzen B.; Schutter W.G.; Van Bruggen E.F.J., 1981:
The role of dimeric subunits in the quaternary structure of arthropod hemo cyanins

Striganova B.R.; Loginova N.G., 1984:
The role of diplopods in biological matter turnover in the alpine meadows of the lesser caucasus ussr

Gruber N.; Almasi L.; Mester J.; Edes I.; Jozsa M.; Csanady M.; Kovacs G.; Csernay L., 1988:
The role of dipyridamole thallium 201 scintigraphy in the investigation of myocardial perfusion before and soon after by pass surgery

Moore R., 1984:
The role of direct cellular contact in the formation of compatible auto grafts in sedum telephoides

Luciani L.; Menichelli E.; Cestari R.; Piscioli F., 1988:
The role of direct percutaneous aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of adrenal metastases of urological cancers

Smirnova, I.B.; Dontsova, G.V.; Yanushevskaya, M.I.; Graevskii, E.Y., 1975:
The role of direct protection of hemopoietic system cells by the radioprotective action of some biogenic amines

Cioli V.; Putzolu S.; Rossi V.; Barcellona P.S.; Corradino C., 1979:
The role of direct tissue contact in the production of gastro intestinal ulcers by anti inflammatory drugs in rats

Zeledón, R.; Vargas, L.G., 1984:
The role of dirt floors and of firewood in rural dwellings in the epidemiology of Chagas' disease in Costa Rica

Bourland, G.; Miller, J.T., 1981:
The role of discriminative stimuli in concurrent performances

Milner, R.J., 1977:
The role of disease during an outbreak of oncopera alboguttata and oncopera rufobrunnea lepidoptera hepialidae in the ebor dorrigo region of new south wales australia

Greenwood, A., 1977:
The role of disease in the ecology of british raptors

Bang, F.B., 1978:
The role of disease in the ecology of famine

Abdelwahab, I.F.; Gould, E.S., 1988:
The role of diskography after negative postmyelography CT scans: retrospective review

Smolenskii V.S.; Fomina I.G.; Abinder A.A.; Kulikova L.A.; Vasil'eva V.L.; Morgunov N.B.; Voevodina N.Yu, 1987:
The role of disopyramide in relieving ectopic arrhythmia

Mironov A.N., 1985:
The role of dispersal in the formation of the recent faunistic complex of echinoids within the tropic zone

Ehrlich, R.S.; Colman, R.F., 1984:
The role of dissimilar subunits of nad specific isocitrate dehydrogenase ec from pig heart evaluation using affinity labeling

Roedell, W.C.; Slaby, R.G., 1977:
The role of distal and proximal interaction in infant social preference formation

Kanda T.; Itazawa Y., 1986:
The role of distance between individual fish in relation to the negative group effect on oxygen consumption in a goby tridentiger obscurus

Singh, S.; Hayden, M.E.; Toombs, M.S., 1981:
The role of distinctive features in articulation errors

Goldberg, P., 1987:
The role of distractions in the maintenance of dissociative mental states

Chapman K.M.; Mosinger J.L.; Duckrow R.B., 1979:
The role of distributed visco elastic coupling in sensory adaptation in an insect blaberus discoidalis mechano receptor

Kats E.B.; Vilks E.K., 1982:
The role of distribution of illumination in the stellar picture in a planetarium for the orientation of redbreast robins erithacus rubecula in round cages

Suchanek T.H., 1981:
The role of disturbance in the evolution of life history strategies in the inter tidal mussels mytilus edulis and mytilus californianus

Kimmerer R.W.; Allen T.F.H., 1982:
The role of disturbance in the pattern of a riparian bryophyte community

Kyrge P.K.; Vigel E.L.; Myannik G.N., 1987:
The role of disturbances in calcium homeostasis in the mechanism of ischemic contracture of the heart

Babakhanova V.B.; Gimmel'farb G.N.; Gerasimov N.M.; Kayumova I.K., 1988:
The role of disturbances in the metabolism of prostaglandin like compounds in the pathogenesis of acute heart failure in the early postperfusion period

Kunz J.; Schubert B., 1986:
The role of disturbances of dna synthesis in the genesis of cervical cancer results of histoautoradiographic studies

Volkov, A.V.; Efremova, N.M.; Zavadskii, P.S., 1975:
The role of disturbances of the function of the organs and systems of the body in the development of irreversibility during revival after prolonged circulatory arrest

Derzhavin V.M.; Vishnevskii E.L.; Gusev V.S.; Balandina E.K.; Efimova T.E.; Pidevich I.N., 1982:
The role of disturbed urodynamics of the lower urinary tract in the pathogenesis of infantile pyelo nephritis

Harhash, A.W.; Haikal, N., 1974:
The role of diuron on the metabolism of fusarium oxysporum

Ballantyne J.S.; Moyes C.D., 1987:
The role of divalent cations and ionic strength in the osmotic sensitivity of glutamate oxidation in oyster gill mitochondria

Azarnia, R.; Chambers, E.L., 1976:
The role of divalent cations in activation of the sea urchin egg part 1 effect of fertilization on divalent cation content

Dimond, R.L.; Erickson, K.L.; Wuepper, K.D., 1976:
The role of divalent cations in epidermolysis

Maloney, R.J.; Dennis, D.T., 1977:
The role of divalent cations in the activation of the nadp specific iso citrate dehydrogenase ec from pisum sativum

Ascher P.; Nowak L., 1988:
The role of divalent cations in the n methyl d aspartate responses of mouse central neurons in culture

Chakraburtty, K.; Midelfort, C.F.; Steinschneider, A.; Mehler, A.H., 1975:
The role of divalent cations in the reactions of valyl transfer rna synthetase of escherichia coli effects of spermine and edta

Antonenko, V.D.; Gerasimov, A.M.; Panchenko, L.F., 1976:
The role of divalent cations in the structural organization of the peroxisomal membrane

Jose, J.G., 1978 :
The role of dna damage its repair and its mis repair in the etiology of cataract a review

Janovska E.; Samoilova K.A.; Vizdalova M., 1979:
The role of dna dark repair systems in determining bacterial and phage sensitivity to ecological uv radiation

Elshourbagy, N.A.; Wilkinson, C.F., 1978:
The role of dna dependent rna polymerases in microsomal enzyme induction in southern armyworm spodoptera eridania larvae

Ishihama, A.; Hurwitz, J., 1969:
The role of dna in rna synthesis part 17 multiple active sites of escherichia coli rna polymerase

Frederick, E.W.; Maitra, U.; Hurwitz, J., 1969:
The role of dna in rna synthesis xvi the purification and properties of rna polymerase from yeast preferential utilization of denatured dna as template

Kmiec E.B.; Razvi F.; Worcel A., 1986:
The role of dna mediated transfer of transcription factor iiia in the concerted gyration and differential activation of the xenopus 5s rna genes

Wist E., 1979:
The role of dna polymerase alpha dna polymerase beta and dna polymerase gamma in nuclear dna synthesis

Dasgupta, S.; Mitra, S., 1977:
The role of dna polymerase i associated 5 prime exo nuclease in replication of coli phage m 13 replicative form dna

Veltkamp, E.; Nijkamp, H.J.J., 1973:
The role of dna polymerase i dna polymerase ii and dna polymerase iii in the replication of the bacteriocinogenic factor of c1o df 13

Burchuladze T.G.; Kvergelidze L.R.; Fraikin G.Ya, 1987:
The role of dna pyrimidine dimers in 313 nanometer uv induced inactivation of the yeast saccharomyces vini

Umnova N.V.; Moskaleva E.Yu; Poroshenko G.G., 1986:
The role of dna repair mechanisms in the alteration of sister chromatid exchange frequency in the peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with inflammatory diseases

Galli M.G., 1988:
The role of dna synthesis during hypocotyl elongation in light and dark

Shimada, S.; Kuraishi, H.; Aida, K., 1978:
The role of dna synthesis in death caused by starvation for biotin in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

D.S.hiapparelli E.R.; D.M.ybaum B.R., 1980:
The role of dodecanoic acid in the microbiological corrosion of jet aircraft integral fuel tanks

Dobrovol'skii G.V., 1983:
The role of dokuchaevs russian chernozem in the formation and development of soil science

Komissarov V.I., 1984:
The role of dominant motivation in the organization of functional interrelations between higher parts of the auditory analyzer in cat

Maruyama, Y.; Takemori, A.E., 1973:
The role of dopamine and norepinephrine in the naloxone induced abstinence of morphine dependent mice

Feigenbaum J.J.; Yanai J.; Blass R.B., 1982:
The role of dopamine and norepinephrine uptake inhibition in mediating the central effects of d amphetamine in vivo

White, F.J.; Appel, J.B., 1982:
The role of dopamine and serotonin in the discriminative stimulus effects of lisuride

Myslinski N.R.; Thut P.D.; Burgison R.M., 1976:
The role of dopamine and serotonin in the prolongation of post decapitation convulsions in mice

Tsuda, K.; Tsuda, S.; Masuyama, Y., 1988:
The role of dopamine in the regulation of neurotransmitter release in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Zharkovskii A.M.; Langel Y.L.; Chereshka K.S.; Zharkovskaya T.A., 1987:
The role of dopamine receptor and muscarinic acetylcholine receptor blockade in the antiapomorphine effect of neuroleptics

Frisina N.; Buemi M.; Macri I., 1984:
The role of dopamine receptors in aldosterone secretion

Delitala G.; Devilla L.; Canessa A.; D'asta F., 1981:
The role of dopamine receptors in the central regulation of human tsh

Tamásy, V.; Korányi, L.; Phelps, C.P., 1981:
The role of dopaminergic and serotonergic mechanisms in the development of swimming ability of young rats

Huang D.; Wilson M.C., 1983:
The role of dopaminergic and serotonergic systems in the acute lethal effects of dl cathinone d amphetamine and cocaine in mice a comparative study

Kantariya, V.A., 1977:
The role of dopaminergic kidney structures in renal effects of euphyllin

Feigenbaum, J.; Yanai, J., 1984:
The role of dopaminergic mechanisms in mediating the central behavioral effects of morphine in rodents

Moon B.H.; Feigenbaum J.J.; Carson P.E.; Klawans H.L., 1980:
The role of dopaminergic mechanisms in naloxone induced inhibition of apo morphine induced stereotyped behavior

Grecksch G.; Matties H., 1981:
The role of dopaminergic mechanisms in the rat hippocampus for consolidation in a brightness discrimination

Atanackovic D.; Simonic A.; Golubovic V., 1986:
The role of dopaminergic neurotransmission in the action of halothane upon the spinal cord

Konopacki J., 1983:
The role of dopaminergic nigro striatal system in the etiology of the lateral hypothalamic syndrome in cats is there any deficit in thermo regulation

Gans M.; Forquignon F.; Masson M., 1980:
The role of dosage of the region 7d 1 7d 5 6 of the x chromosome in the production of homoeotic transformation in drosophila melanogaster

Gobbi, P.G.; Cavalli, C.; Rossi, A.; Bertoloni, D.; Galeone, F.; Pieresca, C.; Grignani, E., 1987:
The role of dose and rate of administration of MOPP drugs in 97 retrospective Hodgkin's patients

Gertsuskii, D.F.; Mukhin, V.P., 1977:
The role of dose intensity in gamma irradiation of the lettuce plant

Parrella R.E.; Cecconi L.; Bianco P.; Anzelmo V.; Valle D., 1981:
The role of double contrast barium enema in the evaluation of early lesions of the colon

Long J.N.; Smith F.W.; Scott D.R.M., 1981:
The role of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii stem sapwood and heart wood in the mechanical and physiological support of crowns and development of stem form

Akhmedov, A.P., 1976:
The role of drainage systems in soil reclamation of the mugan salyany steppe ussr

Shibata A.; Hirohata T.; Toshima H.; Tashiro H., 1986:
The role of drinking and cigarette smoking in excess deaths from liver cancer

Begaud B.; Pere J.C.; Tubert P.; Barat C.; Haramburu F.; Albin H., 1987:
The role of drug information centers in discovering new adverse drug reactions

Gróf, P.; Belágyi, J.; Szöör, A.; Csabina, S.; Kónya, L., 1986:
The role of DTNB light chain in the contractile properties of skeletal muscle

Opelka, F.G.; Brigham, R.A.; Davies, R.S.; Kaplan, K.A., 1988:
The role of dual radionuclide scintigraphy in the preoperative localization of abnormal parathyroid glands

Köcher, M.; Holibková, D.; Rocek, V., 1987:
The role of ductography in the radiographic diagnosis of breast diseases

Rojewski C., 1980:
The role of dung beetles in nature and in the economy

Lasjaunias, P.; Ter Brugge, K.; Lopez Ibor, L.; Chiu, M.; Flodmark, O.; Chuang, S.; Goasguen, J., 1987:
The role of dural anomalies in vein of Galen aneurysms: report of six cases and review of the literature

Noe, H.N., 1985:
The role of dysfunctional voiding in failure or complication of ureteral reimplantation for primary reflux

Yakusheva, M.I.; Pospelova, T.A.; Morozova, T.P., 1976:
The role of e propanamide group or the corrin macro cycle in the manifestation of coenzymic properties of the cobamide coenzyme

Lewandowski, K., 1982:
The role of early developmental stages in the dynamics of dreissena polymorpha bivalvia populations in lakes 1. occurrence of larvae in the plankton

Lewandowski, K., 1983:
The role of early developmental stages in the dynamics of dreissena polymorpha bivalvia populations in lakes 2. settling of larvae and the dynamics of numbers of settled individuals

Grzybek-Hryncewicz, K., 1977:
The role of easily released substances from bacteria in physiologic solution in natural immunity part 6 induction of opsonins for different genera of bacteria by easily released substances from staphylococcus aureus

Nyary I.; Deak G.; Horvath M.; Pasztor E.; Ronai L.; Vajda J., 1987:
The role of ec ic bypass in the prevention of cerebrovascular stroke reflections to results of an international randomized clinical trial

Fujishita M.; Ohnishi E.; Ishizaki H., 1982:
The role of ecdysteroids in the determination of gut purge timing in the saturniid samia cynthia ricini

Paoloni, H.J.; Wilcken, D.E.L.; Dadd, M.J., 1977:
The role of echo cardiography in the assessment of chronic aortic regurgitation

Bargiggia G.S.; Raisaro A.; Pusineri E.; Lanzarini L.; Recusani F.; Tronconi L., 1986:
The role of echocardiography and of pulsed doppler in the congenital absence of left pericardium report of two cases

Widimský, P.; Gregor, P.; Cervenka, V.; Vísek, V., 1985:
The role of echocardiography in a coronary care unit

Gussenhoven, W.J.; de Villeneuve, V.H.; Hugenholtz, P.G.; van Meurs-van Woezik, H.; Ligtvoet, C.M.; Becker, A.E., 1984:
The role of echocardiography in assessing the functional class of the patient with Ebstein's anomaly

Tsukerberg L.I.; Svistushkin V.M., 1986:
The role of echography in the diagnosis of accessory nasal sinus affections

Resta, P.; Nardelli, G.B.; Ambrosini, A.; D'Antona, N., 1980:
The role of echography in the evaluation of gynecological neoplasia

Chami I.; Boujnah H.; Zmerli S., 1982:
The role of echography in the investigation of renal masses 65 cases

Oji E.O.; Clayton Y.M., 1982:
The role of econazole in the management of oculo mycosis

Caulkins P.; Binkley C.; Ruf C.; Miller C., 1988:
The role of economic benefits analysis in funding marine combined sewer overflow projects case study of boston harbor massachusetts usa

Parke J.L.; Linderman R.G.; Black C.H., 1983:
The role of ecto mycorrhizas in drought tolerance of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings

Dailey F.; Criddle R.S., 1980:
The role of effector molecules in regulating ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase activity

Voronin, L.G.; Nikol'skaya, K.A., 1977:
The role of efferent generalization in the formation of complex forms of motor reflexes

Sotherton N.W.; Wratten S.D.; Vickerman G.P., 1984:
The role of egg predation in the population dynamics of gastrophysa polygoni coleoptera in cereal fields

Graham, G.E.; Kamat, V.B., 1977:
The role of egg yolk lipo proteins in fatless sponge cake making

Stewart, D.J., 1979:
The role of elastase in the differentiation of Bacteroides nodosus infections in sheep and cattle

Lamparczyk H.; Ochocka R.J., 1986:
The role of electric interaction in the retention index concept application of the electric interaction indices to quantitative structure biological activity studies of monomethylbenz a anthracenes

Ikeda N.; Toyama J.; Shimizu T.; Kodama I.; Yamada K., 1980:
The role of electrical uncoupling in the genesis of atrio ventricular conduction disturbance

Mogilev, V.M., 1978:
The role of electro cardiogram in diagnostics of external cardiorrhexis during myo cardial infarction

Meshalkin E.N.; Pokrovskaya I.V.; Litasova E.E.; Odintsova M.P.; Zakharov V.N.; Ostan'kovich O.I.; Linova G.N.; Moiseeva S.M.; Gataullina N.Sh; E.A., 1982:
The role of electro cardiography in the determination of hemodynamic disorders in the pulmonary circulation of patients with ventricular septal defects

Robida A.; Fettich D., 1980:
The role of electro cardiography in the prognosis of children with primary endo cardial fibro elastosis

Gvozdyak P.I.; Gordienko A.S.; Chekhovskaya T.P.; Gavrish O.G., 1981:
The role of electro kinetic potential of escherichia coli cells in the process of the electro retention

Kishimoto, U.; Kami-ike, N.; Takeuchi, Y., 1980:
The role of electrogenic pump in Chara corallina A.H.; Katou K.; Mizuno A.; Kojima H.; Okamoto H., 1985:
The role of electrogenic xylem pumps in potassium absorption from the xylem of vigna unguiculata the effects of auxin and fusicoccin

Ghadially F.N., 1981:
The role of electron microscopy in the determination of tumor histogenesis

Kuzela, D.C.; True, L.D.; Eiseman, B., 1982:
The role of electron microscopy in the management of surgical patients

Howes, R.M.; Steele, R.H.; Hoopes, J.E., 1977:
The role of electronic excitation states in collagen biosynthesis

Wallace, K.; Chelva, E.; Collins, D.W.; Black, J.L., 1985:
The role of electrophysiology in the diagnosis and assessment of retinitis pigmentosa

Cellini M.; Zotti C.A.; Fantaguzzi P.; Profazio V.; Stecher F.; Longanesi L., 1987:
The role of electroretinogram in management of retinal venous occlusion

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The role of electrostatic interactions in modulating the local anesthetic effects of amphipathic agents in frog skeletal muscle

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The role of elicited responding in behavioral contrast

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The role of elongation factor tu in the expression of tuf a and tuf b genes

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The role of embolization in the treatment of kidney carcinoma

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The role of embolization in the treatment of severe epistaxis a review of 54 cases

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The role of emergency room thoracotomy in trauma

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The role of emergency thoracotomy in blunt trauma

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The role of emotions in the cholinergic mechanisms of the formation and reproduction of bilateral avoidance conditioned reflex

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The role of emulsification in the process of hydro carbon assimilation by pseudomonas aeruginosa cells

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The role of encapsulation and host age in the clearance of Haemophilus influenzae bacteremia

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The role of encoding and retrieval processes in the recall of text

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The role of endo mycorrhizae in re vegetation practices in semi arid western usa 3. vertical distribution of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza inoculum potential

Reeves F.B.; Wagner D.; Moorman T.; Kiel J., 1979:
The role of endo mycorrhizae in re vegetation practices in the semi arid west part 1 a comparison of incidence of mycorrhizae in severely disturbed vs natural environments

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The role of endo mycorrhizae in re vegetation practices in the semi arid west part 2 a bioassay to determine the effect of land disturbance on endo mycorrhizal populations

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The role of endo toxin during typhoid fever and tularemia in man iv the integrity of the endo toxin tolerance mechanisms during infection salmonella typhosa pseudomonas pasteurella tularensis

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The role of endocrine factors in development of immune response

Lagova N.D., 1982:
The role of endocrine mechanisms in the anti tumor action of hormone cytostatics

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The role of endoderm in blood cell ontogeny in the newt pleurodeles waltlii

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The role of endogenous auxins and ethylene in the formation of adventitious roots and hypocotyl hypertrophy in flooded sunflower plants helianthus annuus

Kallner G.; Ljunggren J G., 1979:
The role of endogenous cortisol in patients with nonthyroidal illness and decreased tri iodo thyronine levels

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The role of endogenous cyclic amp in cell radio resistance

Sebanek J.; Tan H.M.; Blazkova J., 1980:
The role of endogenous cyto kinins in correlation between cotyledon and its axillary bud and in hypocotyl regeneration of flax linum usitatissimum cultivar vera

Shimizu Y., 1984:
The role of endogenous dopamine on mineralo corticoid secretion in normal subjects patients with primary aldo steronism and patients with idiopathic hyper aldo steronism

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The role of endogenous factors in seasonal maturation in temperate zone female toads bufo bufo

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The role of endogenous free iron in the activation of lipid peroxidation in ischemia

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The role of endogenous gibberellin in seed and fruit development of tomato studies with a gibberellin deficient mutant

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The role of endogenous gibberellins in the formation of alpha amylase by aleurone layers of germinating barley hordeum vulgare cultivar himalaya caryopses

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The role of endogenous neurohumoral factors in the pathogenetic and compensatory mechanisms of unilateral motor disturbances after successive removal of the neocortex motor region

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The role of endogenous opiates in the mechanism of inhibited luteinizing hormone secretion in women with anorexia nervosa the effect of naloxone on luteinizing hormone fsh prolactin and beta endorphin secretion

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The role of endogenous opiates in thermal regulation of the body during exercise

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The role of endogenous opiates on luteinizing hormone secretion during the menstrual cycle

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The role of endogenous opioid peptides in the pathogenesis of motion sickness

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The role of endogenous opioid peptides in the regulation of prolactin secretion in rats

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The role of endogenous opioids in congestive heart failure: effects of nalmefene on systemic and regional hemodynamics in dogs

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The role of endogenous prostaglandins in the development of exercise induced and post occlusive hyperemia in human limbs

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The role of endogenous prostaglandins in the pulmonary circulation

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The role of endogenous prostaglandins in the renal vascular response to clonidine

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The role of endogenous prostanoids in the response of the rat gastric micro circulation to vasoactive agents

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The role of endogenous regulators in the compensation process after salivary gland resection

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The role of endogenous serotonin in phasic luteinizing hormone release

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The role of endogenous serotonin in radioprotective action of some amino thiols

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The role of endogenous substances in creating a background of enhanced radio resistance part 7 study of the action of dopamine and histamine on lipid radio sensitizers

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The role of endogenous substances in creating a background of enhanced radio resistance part 8 effect of radioprotectors on the biogenic amine level in bone marrow cells

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The role of endogenous substances in creating a background of enhanced radio resistance part 9 biogenic amine content and activity of super oxide dis mutase in yeast cells of varying radio sensitivity

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The role of endogenous sulfhydryl compounds in radio sensitivity of bean roots under fractionating irradiation

Lehrer, J.F.; Quraishi, A.U.; Poole, D.C., 1987:
The role of endolymphatic sac surgery in the management of secondary endolymphatic hydrops associated with perilymphatic fistulas: preliminary observations

Lehmann J., 1985:
The role of endoneurial edema in the pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy

Schubert, T.; Friede, R.L., 1981:
The role of endoneurial fibroblasts in myelin degradation

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The role of endorphins in septicemic shock a pilot study in burned patients

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The role of endoscopic investigations and cyto genetic indexes in the identification of preclinical forms of carcinoma of cervix uteri

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The role of endoscopy in duodenal pathology radioendoscopic comparison of 527 cases

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The role of endoscopy of the biliary tract in assessing the function of the ampulla of Vater

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The role of endothelium in dilator responses of spontaneously hypertensive rat arteries

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The role of endothelium in factor Xa regulation: the effect of plasma proteinase inhibitors and hirudin

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The role of endothelium in the formation of vascular smooth muscle contractile responses under decreased oxygenation

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The role of energy generating processes in the degradation of guanosine tetra phosphate in escherichia coli

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The role of enkephalin in contraction of ileum circular muscle of the guinea pig and rabbit

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The role of enkephalin reactive system of the caudate nucleus in the performance of an alimentary conditioned reflex in dogs

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The role of enkephalins in the hypothalamic monoaminergic control of prolactin secretion

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The role of enkephalins in the production of epileptogenic activity and autonomic dysfunction: origin of arrhythmia and sudden death in the epileptic patient?

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The role of enlarged adenoids in the etiology of serous otitis media

Fioretti M.; Neri M.; Rimoldi R., 1987 :
The role of enoxacin in the treatment of respiratory infections

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The role of enoyl coenzyme hydratase in the metabolism of iso leucine by pseudomonas putida

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The role of entamoeba histolytica in skin diseases

Thoren A., 1983:
The role of entero pathogenic escherichia coli in infantile diarrhea aspects of bacteriology epidemiology and therapy

Mauersberger P., 1979:
The role of entropy in water quality modeling

Freed, E.O.; Risser, R., 1987:
The role of envelope glycoprotein processing in murine leukemia virus infection

Patterson, J.H., 1976:
The role of environmental heterogeneity in the regulation of duck populations

Guminska M., 1986:
The role of environmental pollutants in the development of allergic diseases and chronic health impairments in humans

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The role of enzyme activity and charge properties on the presynaptic neurotoxicity and the contracture inducing activity of snake venom phospholipase a 2

Padh, H.; Brenner, M., 1985:
The role of enzyme sequestration in the regulation of the adenylate cyclase of Dictyostelium discoideum

Zajac A.; Kujawski M. , 1979:
The role of enzymes accompanying gluco amylase in the process of enzymatic saccharification of starch

Urbanek H., 1987:
The role of enzymes in the interaction between higher plant and pathogen

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The role of eosinophils in granulopoiesis 1. eosinophilia in neutropenic patients

Heath J.K.; Mahadevan L.; Foulkes J.G., 1986:
The role of epidermal growth factor receptor transmodulation in embryonal carcinoma derived growth factor induced mitogenesis

Shimomura, T., 1977:
The role of epidermis in local lesion formation on nicotiana glutinosa leaves caused by tobacco mosaic virus

Williams D.D.; Moore K.A., 1985:
The role of epilithon in substrate selection by stream invertebrates

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The role of epinephrine as a neuromodulator in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Bocquet Vedrine J., 1979:
The role of epithelial inter cellular spaces to convey the incoming water flow at exuviation in crinoniscus equitans a cryptoniscian isopod crustacea

Kirchner H., 1981:
The role of epstein barr virus in the development of human tumors

Hewetson, J.F., 1975:
The role of epstein barr virus in various human disorders

Nyuksha-Yu, P., 1978 :
The role of equilibrium moisture content of paper in its vulnerability to fungi

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The role of ergothioneine in the oxidation of nadh by met myo globin or met hemo globin

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The role of erosion by fish in shaping topography around hudson submarine canyon usa

Thao Chan M.; Garnier F.; George C., 1984:
The role of erythrocyte deformability in the rheological behavior of the blood

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The role of erythrocyte membrane cholesterol in disorders of erythrocyte structure and function in coronary patients

Mcmillan D.E.; Svoboda A.C.Iv, 1982:
The role of erythrocytes in cyanide de toxification

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The role of erythrocytes in stimulation of the immune response in toxic liver damage

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The role of erythrocytes in the regulation of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in dogs after the administration of adrenaline

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The role of erythrocytes in the regulation of the activity of the body's nonspecific resistance factors in toxic lesion of the liver

Geissler D.; Konwalinka G.; Peschel C.; Braunsteiner H., 1987:
The role of erythropoietin megakaryocyte colony stimulating factor and t cell derived factors on human megakaryocyte colony formation evidence for t cell mediated and t cell independent stem cell proliferation

Thapliyal J.P.; Pati A.K.; Gupta B.B.P., 1982:
The role of erythropoietin testosterone and l thyroxine in the tissue oxygen consumption and erythropoiesis of spotted munia lonchura punctulata

Gibson, D.O., 1980:
The role of escape in mimicry and polymorphism 1. the response of captive birds to artificial prey

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The role of escape motivated behavior in aversive conditioning in rats and gerbils

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The role of escherichia coli endotoxin in the etiology of post partum agalactia in sows

Guggenbichler J.; Weithaler A.; Dorner F., 1980:
The role of escherichia coli with hemolysis in diarrhea

Samuel, P.; Adams, F.G., 1976:
The role of esophageal and diaphragmatic movements in alaryngeal speech

Mittal S.R.; Jain S.C.; Sharma S.K.; Sethi A.K., 1986:
The role of esophageal electrocardiography in the diagnosis of right ventricular hypertrophy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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The role of essential fatty acids in alcohol dependence and tissue damage

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The role of esterase activity in the ocular disposition of di pivalyl epinephrine in rabbits

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The role of esterase zymograms in collembolan species determination

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The role of esterases in toxicity of thioorganophosphorus insectoacaricides containing a mercaptoacetic acid fragment

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The role of estradiol and progesterone in the regulation of myometrial activity for the onset of labor

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The role of estradiol as a biological amplifier of the actions of fsh in vitro studies in swine granulosa cells

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The role of estradiol dehydrogenase in mediating progestin effects on endometrium from post menopausal women receiving estrogens and progestins

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The role of estriol in biological dilation processes tissue culture histochemical electron microscopic and clinical studies on the influence of estriol in cervico isthmic uterine regions

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The role of estrogen and progesterone in the regulation of reproductive behavior in female ring doves streptopelia risoria under long vs short photoperiods

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The role of estrogen in the control of ciliated cells of the human endometrium

Fujino T., 1981:
The role of estrogen in the regulation of corpus luteum function in the mid pregnant rat

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The role of estrogen in the regulation of luteal progesterone secretion in the rat after day 12 of pregnancy

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The role of estrogens in the induction and regulation of the level of specific estrogen binding protein in the rat liver

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The role of estrogens in the regulation of lactate dehydrogenase activity and its submolecular organization in rat anterior pituitary

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The role of estrogens on gonadotropin secretion in the testicular feminization syndrome

Mcdowall, R.M., 1976:
The role of estuaries in the life cycles of fishes in new zealand

Krygier E.E.; Pearcy W.G., 1986:
The role of estuarine and offshore nursery areas for young english sole parophrys vetulus of oregon usa

Poltavets V.I., 1985:
The role of ethanol tolerance in the hereditary predisposition to alcoholism

Karagezyan, K.G.; Ovsepyan, L.M., 1975:
The role of ethanolamine phospho ethanolamine and phosphatidyl ethanolamine in oxidative phosphorylation in rat brain mitochondria

Szeky, P., 1977:
The role of ethology in zoological research/

Bailiss, K.W.; Balazs, E.; Kiraly, Z., 1977:
The role of ethylene and abscisic acid in tobacco mosaic virus induced symptoms in tobacco

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The role of ethylene and carbon dioxide in differentiation of shoot buds in excised cotyledons of pinus radiata in vitro

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The role of ethylene in anaerobic induction of cocklebur seed germination

Koning R.E., 1986:
The role of ethylene in corolla unfolding in ipomoea nil convolvulaceae

Madkour M.A., 1985:
The role of ethylene in growth and endopolygalacturonase production by sclerotium rolfsii

Lercari B., 1983:
The role of ethylene in photoperiodic control of bulbing in allium cepa cultivar dorata di parma

Plhak F., 1979:
The role of ethylene in plant regulation processes

Keong W.C., 1981:
The role of ethylene in seed dormancy with particular reference to apple malus domestica seeds

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The role of ethylene in the induction of amylase activity in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar potam s70 aleurone tissue

Robinson K.E.P.; Adams D.O., 1987:
The role of ethylene in the regeneration of helianthus annuus sunflower plants from callus

Gepstein S.; Thimann K.V., 1981:
The role of ethylene in the senescence of oat leaves avena sativa cultivar victory

Guillaumin, M., 1979:
The role of euphaedra and bebearia lepidoptera nymphalidae in mimetic associations in the equatorial african forest 2. associations without toxic models

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The role of evidence in the consensus process. Results from a Canadian consensus exercise

Tamarina N.A.; Khromova L.A., 1980:
The role of evolution of the vector trophics in the causative agent evolution as exemplified by arthropoda and nematodes of the order spirurida

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The role of excess hepatic copper in the evolution of Indian childhood cirrhosis

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The role of excess iron in the pathogenesis of disturbed neutrophil functions in cirrhotic patients

Kolodin V.A.; Gasilin V.S.; Branov V.A.; Antonov Y.S.; Dokuchaeva E.A.; Bobkov A.I., 1984:
The role of excessive body weight and hormonal shifts in the development of the main types of hyperlipoproteinemias

Orford, J.; Oppenheimer, E.; Egert, S.; Hensman, C., 1977:
The role of excessive drinking in alcoholism complicated marriages a study of stability and change over a 1 year period

Kanazawa Y., 1983:
The role of exchange transfusion in the management of infants with respiratory distress syndrome

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The role of exchange transfusion in the management of low birth weight infants with and without severe respiratory distress syndrome part 1 initial observations

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The role of exchange transfusions in the management of low birth weight infants with an without severe respiratory distress syndrome part 2 further observations and studies of mechanisms of action

Richer O.; Droz J.P.; Lemoine G.; Levasseur P.; Amiel J.L.; Brule G., 1982:
The role of excision of thoracic lesions in the treatment of metastatic germinal malignant tumors of the testis

Engel, G.; Schaeffer, A.J.; Grayhack, J.T.; Wendel, E.F., 1980:
The role of excretory urography and cystoscopy in the evaluation and management of women with recurrent urinary tract infection

Shelton, T.B.; Noe, H.N., 1985:
The role of excretory urography in patients with hypospadias

Redman, J.F.; Seibert, J.J., 1984:
The role of excretory urography in the evaluation of girls with urinary tract infection

Oren, A.; Sue, D.Y.; Hansen, J.E.; Torrance, D.J.; Wasserman, K., 1987:
The role of exercise testing in impairment evaluation

Dobrinskaya, L.A.; Syuzyumova, L.M.; Mikhailichenko, L.V., 1977:
The role of exo metabolites in the manifestation of genetically induced melanomas in interspecies hybrids of the genus xiphophorus

Carter, D.M.; Radding, C.M., 1971:
The role of exo nuclease and beta protein of phage lambda in genetic recombination part 2 substrate specificity and the mode of action of lambda exo nuclease

Radding, C.M.; Carter, D.M., 1971:
The role of exo nuclease and beta protein of phage lambda in genetic recombination part 3 binding to dna

Nicas, T.I.; Bradley, J.; Lochner, J.E.; Iglewski, B.H., 1985:
The role of exoenzyme S in infections with Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Dietz A.; Hermann H.R.; Blum M.S., 1979:
The role of exogenous juvenile hormone i juvenile hormone iii and anti juvenile hormone precocene ii on queen induction of 4 5 day old worker honey bee larvae

Khomullo, G.V.; Ivanenko, T.V., 1977:
The role of exogenous thyro calcitonin for post traumatic skin regeneration

Southworth S.; Kirsch I., 1988:
The role of expectancy in exposure generated fear reduction in agoraphobia

Matas D.; Urjevic M.; Ilic V.; Fukar B.; Loncar S., 1982:
The role of expert opinion in assessing the health fitness of car drivers with special reference to alcoholism

Mathews R.C.; Buss R.R.; Chinn R., 1988:
The role of explicit and implicit learning processes in concept discovery

Gaffan E.A.; Davies J., 1981:
The role of exploration in win shift and win stay performance on a radial maze

Davis S.F.; Anderson B.J.; Nash S.M., 1986:
The role of extended training and gradual reinforcement changes in odor mediated runway performance

Williams, T.G.; Turpin, D.H., 1987:
The Role of External Carbonic Anhydrase in Inorganic Carbon Acquisition by Chlamydomonas reinhardii at Alkaline pH

Shalev, A.; Hermesh, H.; Munitz, H., 1988:
The role of external heat load in triggering the neuroleptic malignant syndrome

Mita M.; Yasumasu I., 1984:
The role of external potassium ion in activation of sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus spermatozoa

Anstrom J.; Summers R.G., 1981:
The role of extracellular calcium ii in the activation of pectinaria gouldii oocytes

Mcclure J.B.; Steele J.E., 1981:
The role of extracellular calcium in hormonal activation of glycogen phosphorylase in cockroach periplaneta americana fat body

Joseph S.K.; Coll K.E.; Thomas A.P.; Rubin R.; Williamson J.R., 1985:
The role of extracellular calcium in the response of the hepatocyte to calcium dependent hormones

Yoshida T.; Kanno T., 1987:
The role of extracellular calcium in the secretory response of the exocrine pancreas to secretin and forskolin

Schulz, I., 1975:
The role of extracellular calcium ion and cyclic nucleotides in the mechanism of enzyme secretion from the cat pancreas

Gautvik K.M.; Iversen J G.; Sand O., 1980:
The role of extracellular calcium ion for prolactin release and cyclic amp formation induced by thyroliberin in cultured rat pituitary cells

Masuda A.; Goshima K., 1980:
The role of extracellular calcium ions in hemagglutinating virus of japan sendai virus induced cell fusion

Dangott L.J.; Terwilliger R.C., 1986:
The role of extracellular hemoglobins in the oxygen consumption of the burrowing polychaete euzonus mucronata

Lee, H.Y.; Sheffield, J.B.; Nagele, R.G.J. ; Kalmus, G.W., 1976:
The role of extracellular material in chick neurulation part 1 effects of concanavalin a

Lee, H.Y.; Sheffield, J.B.; Nagele, R.G.J., 1978:
The role of extracellular material in chick neurulation part 2 surface morphology of neuro epithelial cells during neural fold fusion

Solursh, M.; Fisher, M.; Meier, S.; Singley, C.T., 1979:
The role of extracellular matrix in the formation of the sclerotome

Frimmer, M.; Kroker, R., 1973:
The role of extracellular potassium concentration in phalloidin effects on isolated hepatocytes and perfused rat livers

Kanemori Y.; Nakai T.; Muroga K., 1987:
The role of extracellular protease produced by vibrio anguillarum

Spallone, A.; Cantore, G., 1981:
The role of extracranial carotid abnormalities in the genesis of cerebral aneurysms

Boecklen W.J., 1984:
The role of extrafloral nectaries in the herbivore defense of cassia fasciculata

Bortolaso, L., 1978:
The role of extrahospital cardiological treatment in the present sanitary organization in italy and in future perspectives

Grove D.J.; Campbell G., 1979:
The role of extrinsic and intrinsic nerves in the coordination of gut motility in the stomachless flatfish rhombosolea tapirina and ammotretis rostrata

Epstein L.; Lockwood J.L., 1983:
The role of exudation in the germination of cochliobolus victoriae conidia

Anilkumar G.; Adiyodi K.G., 1985:
The role of eyestalk hormones in vitellogenesis during the breeding season in the crab paratelphusa hydrodromous

Lloyd, C.W.; Traas, J.A., 1988:
The role of f actin in determining the division plane of carrot suspension cells drug studies

Chiu C Y.; Tsang S C.; Yang C F., 1988:
The role of face situation and attitudinal antecedents in chinese consumer complaint behavior

van den Besselaar, A.M.; Ram, I.E.; Alderkamp, G.H.; Bertina, R.M., 1982:
The role of factor IX in tissue thromboplastin induced coagulation

Neal G.G.; Chavin S.I., 1979:
The role of factor viii and factor ix in the activation of bovine blood coagulation factor x

Mertens, K.; van Wijngaarden, A.; Bertina, R.M., 1985:
The role of factor VIII in the activation of human blood coagulation factor X by activated factor IX

Connellan, J.M.; Castaldi, P.A.; Muntz, R.H., 1977:
The role of factor XI in the coagulant activity of platelets

Ueyama, M.; Urayama, T., 1978:
The role of factor XIII in fibroblast proliferation

Pegel'man S.G., 1983:
The role of family group in intraspecific relations of some rodents

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The role of fasciotomy for limb salvage in phlegmasia cerulea dolens

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The role of fast sodium calcium channels in the effect of parathyroid hormone on frog myo cardium

Hails C.J.; Turner A.K., 1985:
The role of fat and protein during breeding in the white bellied swiftlet collocalia esculenta

Fogden M.P.L.; Fogden P.M., 1979:
The role of fat and protein reserves in the annual cycle of the gray backed camaroptera camaroptera brevicaudata in uganda aves sylvidae

Piper H.M.; Das A., 1986:
The role of fatty acids in ischemic tissue injury difference between oleic acid and palmitic acid

Kreutter D.; Lafreniere D.C.; Rasmussen H., 1984:
The role of fatty acids in the regulation of brush border calcium transport

Wilton, J.M.A.; Renggli, H.H.; Lehner, T., 1977:
The role of fc and complement c 3b receptors in phagocytosis by inflammatory polymorphonuclear leukocytes in man

Kostandov E.A., 1987:
The role of feedback in the dynamics of the functional asymmetry of the cerebral hemispheres in humans

Nekrasov P.A.; Zemskaya E.I.; Trefilov A.B., 1985:
The role of feedback in the mechanism of gastric secretion first phase

Surwit, R.S.; Hager, J.L.; Feldman, T., 1977:
The role of feedback in voluntary control of blood pressure in instructed subjects

de Castro, E.F.; Martins, I., 1987:
The role of female autonomy in suicide among Portuguese women

Malashenko A.M.; Semenov K.K., 1980:
The role of female genotype in manifestation of dominant lethal mutations induced with thio phosphamide in male mouse spermatids

Tompkins, L.; Gross, A.C.; Hall, J.C.; Gailey, D.A.; Siegel, R.W., 1982:
The role of female movement in the sexual behavior of Drosophila melanogaster

Pastuszko J.; Jastrzebski M.; Kloczewska M., 1984:
The role of feral fishes in spreading of parasitic infection in breeding fishes

Gogotov, I.N.; Laurinavichene, T.V., 1975:
The role of ferredoxin in hydrogen metabolism of rhodospirillum rubrum

Van Der Mark F.; D.L.nge T.; Bienfait H.F., 1981:
The role of ferritin in developing primary bean phaseolus vulgaris leaves under various light conditions

Shinjo, S.; Kitajima, Y.; Hirai, Y.; Yoshino, Y., 1984:
The role of ferritin isomers on the maternofetal iron transfer in rats

Bromilow R.H.; Briggs G.G.; Williams M.R.; Smelt J.H.; Tuinstra L.G.M.T.; Traag W.A., 1986:
The role of ferrous ions in the rapid degradation of oxamyl methomyl and aldicarb in anaerobic soils

Keatinge J.D.H.; Neate P.J.H.; Shepherd K.D., 1985:
The role of fertilizer management in the development and expression of crop drought stress in cereals under mediterranean environmental conditions

Hercz P.; Siklos P.; Ungar L.; Siklosi G., 1987:
The role of fetal adrenal cortex in the onset of labor

Opitz, H.G.; Opitz, U.; Lemke, H.; Hewlett, G.; Schreml, W.; Flad, H.D., 1977:
The role of fetal calf serum in the primary immune response in vitro

Sadovsky E.; Laufer N.; Beyth Y., 1979:
The role of fetal movement assessment in cases of severe rh immunized patients

Vallancien G.; Beurton D.; Gonties D.; Cukier J., 1982:
The role of fetal surgery in urology

Maxfield, R.A.; Aranda, C.P., 1987:
The role of fiberoptic bronchoscopy and transbronchial biopsy in the diagnosis of Pancoast's tumor

Williams, D.; Yungbluth, M.; Adams, G.; Glassroth, J., 1985:
The role of fiberoptic bronchoscopy in the evaluation of immunocompromised hosts with diffuse pulmonary infiltrates

Heaton R.W.; Roberts C.M., 1988:
The role of fiberoptic bronchoscopy in the investigation of pleural effusion

Batch A.J.G., 1985:
The role of fiberoptic esophagogastroscopy in ear nose and throat practice

Shanmugham M.S., 1985:
The role of fiberoptic nasopharyngoscopy in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Hammon, J.W.; Kitzmiller, J.L.; Virgillio, R.; Getz, L.G.; Lucas, W.E., 1978:
The role of fibrin formation in the pathogenesis of bacteremic shock in the primate

Malik, A.B.; Lee, B.C.; van der Zee, H.; Johnson, A., 1979:
The role of fibrin in the genesis of pulmonary edema after embolization in dogs

Luterman, A.; Manwaring, D.; Curreri, P.W., 1977:
The role of fibrinogen degradation products in the pathogenesis of the respiratory distress syndrome

Ambrus, C.M.; Ambrus, J.L.; Gastpar, H.; Sharma, S.D.; Suh, O.W.; Moore, R.H.; Williams, P., 1984:
The role of fibrinolysis in the therapy of peripheral vascular disease

Zipori D.; Bol S., 1979:
The role of fibroblastoid cells and macrophages from mouse bone marrow in the in vitro growth promotion of hemopoietic tumor cells

Wallace, J.B.; Webster, J.R.; Woodall, W.R., 1977:
The role of filter feeders in flowing waters

James, J.; Matthews, R.N.; Holdsworth, R.F.; Fulton, A.; Tauro, G.P.; Hussein, S.; McGrath, K.M., 1986:
The role of filtration in the provision of leukocyte poor red cells to multitransfused patients

Gagneten, C.B.; Roccatagliata, G.; Lowenstein, A.; Soto, F.; Soto, R., 1987:
The role of fine needle aspiration biopsy cytology in the evaluation of the clinically solitary thyroid nodule

Moriarty, A.T.; Glant, M.D.; Stehman, F.B., 1986:
The role of fine needle aspiration cytology in the management of gynecologic malignancies

Mueller P.; Krahnert S.; Herrmann F.; Hambsch K., 1986:
The role of fine needle aspiration cytology in the prediction of the biologic behavior of thyroid nodules

Pilotti, S.; Rilke, F.; Alasio, L.; Garbagnati, F., 1988:
The role of fine needle aspiration in the assessment of renal masses

Mcclaugherty C.A.; Aber J.D.; Melillo J.M., 1982:
The role of fine roots in the organic matter and nitrogen budgets of 2 forested ecosystems

St-John, T.V.; Rundel, P.W., 1976:
The role of fire as a mineralizing agent in a sierran coniferous forest

Tatrai I., 1987:
The role of fish and benthos in the nitrogen budget of lake balaton hungary

Pavic H.; Teskeredzic E., 1986:
The role of fish in the transmission of diseases from fish to man

Hahn J.; Crutzen P.J., 1981:
The role of fixed nitrogen in atmospheric photochemistry

Mesland D.A.M.; Van Den Ende H., 1979:
The role of flagellar adhesion in sexual activation of chlamydomonas eugametos

Ilmavirta V., 1983:
The role of flagellated phyto plankton in chains of small brown water lakes in southern finland

Yongue, W.H.J. ; Cairns, J.J., 1978:
The role of flagellates in pioneer protozoan colonization of artificial substrates

Davis M.A., 1987:
The role of flower visitors in the explosive pollination of thalia geniculata marantaceae a costa rican marsh plant

Benech-Arnold, R.L.; Ghersa, C.M.; Sanchez, R.A.; Garcia-Fernandez, A.E., 1988:
The role of fluctuating temperatures in the germination and establishment of sorghum halepense l. pers. regulation of germination under leaf canopies

Grozovsky G.I.; Yakovlev V.M.; Grozovskaya T.V., 1986:
The role of fluctuations of red blood cell lipid peroxidation products in transition processes

Matsumoto H.; Chiba S.; Kikuchi S.; Wada T., 1981:
The role of folate deficiency in electro physiological neuropathy of experimental hepatoma of rats

Laborit, H., 1978:
The role of folic acid in the physiology of the central nervous system

Schwartz, N.B., 1974:
The role of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone and of their antibodies on follicle growth and on ovulation

Plas-Roser, S.; Hassani, M.; Aron, C., 1977:
The role of follicle stimulating hormone in combination with luteinizing hormone in estrogen induced ovulation during the estrous cycle in the rat

Wickings, E.J.; Usadel, K.H.; Dathe, G.; Nieschlag, E., 1980:
The role of follicle stimulating hormone in testicular function of the mature rhesus monkey

Hamann J.; Andrews B.; Cooke F., 1986:
The role of follicular atresia in interseasonal and intra seasonal clutch size variation in lesser snow geese anser caerulescens caerulescens

Skoblina M.N.; Kondrat'eva O.T., 1985:
The role of follicular cells during the period of inertia of oocyte maturation in rana temporaria

Hirshfield, A.H.; Midgley, A.R.Jr, 1978:
The role of follitropin in the selection of large ovarian follicles in the rat

Lunderstaedt J., 1981 :
The role of food as a density determining factor for phytophagous insects with reference to the relationship between norway spruce picea abies and gilpinia hercyniae hymenoptera diprionidae

Clamens A., 1987:
The role of food in determining demographic parameters in tits paridae in holm oak woodland preliminary results

Wolda, H.; Zweep, A.; Schuitema, K.A., 1971:
The role of food in the dynamics of populations of the land snail cepaea nemoralis

Joosse, E.N.G.; Testerink, G.J., 1977:
The role of food in the population dynamics of orchesella cincta collembola

Scott, D.W.; Wood, R.L., 1987:
The role of food substitutes in a token economy system

Norton G.A., 1980:
The role of forecasting in crop protection decision making an economic viewpoint

Heinrichs H.; Mayer R., 1980:
The role of forest vegetation in the bio geochemical cycle of heavy metals

Lloyd, R.C.; Guild, D.W., 1976:
The role of forestry in the development of the northland region new zealand

Connell, J.J., 1975:
The role of formaldehyde as a protein cross linking agent acting during the frozen storage of cod

Bedford P.; Fox B.W., 1981:
The role of formaldehyde in methylene di methanesulfonate induced dna cross links and its relevance to cyto toxicity

Fassbinder, W.; Seidl, S.; Koch, K.M., 1978:
The role of formaldehyde in the formation of hemo dialysis associated anti blood group n like antibodies

Manian S.S.; Gumbleton R.; O'gara F., 1982:
The role of formate metabolism in nitrogen fixation in rhizobium spp

Rav Acha C.; Choshen E.; Serri A.; Limoni B., 1985:
The role of formation and reduction of trihalomethanes and chlorite concentrations in the disinfection of water with chlorine and chlorine dioxide

Fair P.H.; Fortner A.R., 1981:
The role of formula feeds and natural productivity in culture of the prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii

Donnelly, M.I.; Wolfe, R.S., 1986:
The role of formylmethanofuran: tetrahydromethanopterin formyltransferase in methanogenesis from carbon dioxide

Alves, L.M.; Figueiredo, F.; Brandão Filho, S.L.; Tincani, I.; Silva, C.L., 1987:
The role of fractions from Paracoccidioides brasiliensis in the genesis of inflammatory response

Koblinsky S.A.; Cruse D.F., 1981:
The role of frameworks in childrens retention of sex related story content

Hanson, J.A.; Dietz, T.H., 1976:
The role of free amino acids in cellular osmo regulation in the fresh water bivalve ligumia subrostrata

Evtushenko, N.Yu, 1976:
The role of free carbon di oxide in the processes of carboxylation in cyprinidae

Palilaw A.I.; Karpusyenka L.I.; Sawchanka A.P.; Danilaw A.S., 1980:
The role of free cross pollination in barley seed production

Braiko V.D.; Dalekaya L.B., 1984:
The role of free living stages of infusoria in the formation of cenosis on plankton and features of their ecology

Chapron, C.; Chapron, J., 1976:
The role of free nucleotide 5 amp during cephalic regeneration in earthworms

Lur'e B.L.; Kochetova M.M.; Lobakov A.I.; Morozova N.V., 1986:
The role of free phenol in the development of encephalopathy in patients with endogenous intoxication

Karolewski P., 1985:
The role of free proline in the sensitivity of poplar populus cultivar robusta plants to the action of sulfur dioxide

Kogan A.Kh; Kudrin A.N.; Nikolaev S.M., 1979:
The role of free radical lipid per oxidation in the pathogenesis of adrenaline cardio necroses

Van-De-Vorst, A., 1977:
The role of free radicals and of oxygen singlets in photo sensitized auto oxidation of fatty acids

Osipov A.N.; Savov V.M.; Yakh'yaev A.V.; Zubarev V.E.; Azizova O.A.; Kagan V.E.; Kozlov Y.P.; Vladimirov Y.A., 1983:
The role of free radicals formed in the iron ii ascorbate system under lipid per oxidation

Gus'kova R.A.; Vilenchik M.M.; Kol'tover V.K., 1979:
The role of free radicals in aging studies of esr signals generation of super oxide radicals and changes in rat liver microsomal membranes during aging

Badawy, A.A.B.; Evans, M., 1976:
The role of free serum tryptophan in the biphasic effect of acute ethanol administration on the concentrations of rat brain tryptophan 5 hydroxy tryptamine and 5 hydroxy iaa

Barney P.E.Jr, 1987:
The role of free space calcium in the basipetal transport of iaa in sunflower hypocotyls

Sapozhnikov, P.M.; Skvortsova, E.B.; Bgantsov, V.N., 1987:
The role of freezing and thawing in soil thinning

Howard, J.H.J. ; O'toole, A.J.; Rice, S.E., 1986:
The role of frequency vs. informational cues in uncertain frequency detection

Popham E.J.; Bryant M.T.; Savage A.A., 1984:
The role of front legs of british uk corixid bugs in feeding and mating

Pilkis S.J.; E.M.ghrabi M.R.; Mcgrane M.M.; Pilkis J.; Claus T.H., 1981:
The role of fructose 2 6 bis phosphate in regulation of fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase

Orth J.M., 1984:
The role of fsh in controlling sertoli cell proliferation in testes of fetal rats

Holwerda D.A.; D.Z.aan A., 1980:
The role of fumarate reductase in anaerobic carbohydrate catabolism of mytilus edulis

Currie Jedermann J.L., 1984:
The role of function in conceptual development

Schumacher, G.H.; Ivánkievicz, D.; Fanghänel, J., 1979:
The role of function in the formation of the skull

Kogan A.B.; Kuraev G.A.; Reps G.E., 1980:
The role of functional asymmetry of cerebral hemispheres in organization of instrumental alimentary conditioned reflex in cats

Masnaghetti P.; Corberi G.; Fortina A., 1986:
The role of functional bandages in acute lesions of the capsular ligament of the lateral section of the tibia tarsus

Meani E.; Volpi P., 1987:
The role of functional bandages in sports traumatology

Prokhonchukov, A.A.; Loginova, N.K.; Novikov, L.L.; Mikhailova, R.I., 1977:
The role of functional changes in the vessels of the periodontium in the pathogenesis of periodontosis

Belovskaya, L.N.; Filippovich, N.V.; Romantsev, E.F., 1976:
The role of functional defects of the template in the process of dna replication and reparation in the rat thymus during radiation pathology

Egoh Y.; Kawazoe K.; Ohara K.; Tomino T.; Fujita T.; Manabe H., 1985:
The role of functional left ventricular morphology in selection of the mitral prosthesis

Kalamees K., 1979:
The role of fungal groupings in the structure of ecosystems

Strzelczyk A.B.; Leznicka S., 1981:
The role of fungi and bacteria in the consolidation of books

Irwin, J.A.G.; Jones, R.M., 1977:
The role of fungi and nematodes as factors associated with death of white clover trifolium repens stolons over summer in southeastern queensland

Chamier A C.; Willoughby L.G., 1986:
The role of fungi in the diet of the amphipod gammarus pulex an enzymatic study

Nadtochii S.E., 1987:
The role of fungus eating collembolans of the suborder symphypleona in the decomposition of plant residues

Knight, C.; Cutts, D.F.; Colhoun, J., 1977:
The role of fusarium semitectum in causing crown rot of bananas

Agadzhanyan M.G.; Smirnova I.N.; Sidorova E.V., 1986:
The role of g 0 splenocytes and g 1 splenocytes and antigen binding lymphocytes in the production of antigen dependent nonspecific immunoglobulins

Anderson, M.M.; Mccarty, R.E.; Zimmer, E.A., 1974:
The role of galacto lipids in spinach chloroplast lamellar membranes part 1 partial purification of a bean leaf galacto lipid lipase and its action on sub chloroplast particles

Ciatto, S.; Bravetti, P.; Berni, D.; Catarzi, S.; Bianchi, S., 1988:
The role of galactography in the detection of breast cancer

Schmit, A.R.; Rowley, A.F.; Ratcliffe, N.A., 1977:
The role of galleria mellonella hemocytes in melanin formation

Redford, K.H.; Da-Fonseca, G.A.B., 1986:
The role of gallery forests in the zoogeography of the cerrado's non volant mammalian fauna

Kumar, B.; Alderson, P.O.; Geisse, G., 1977:
The role of gallium 67 citrate imaging and diagnostic ultrasound in patients with suspected abdominal abscesses

Matson, P.L.; Blackledge, D.G.; Richardson, P.A.; Turner, S.R.; Yovich, J.M.; Yovich, J.L., 1987:
The role of gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) in the treatment of oligospermic infertility

Abe, M.; Matsuda, M., 1976:
The role of gamma amino butyrate metabolism in the mechanism of convulsions

Proudfit H.K.; Larson A.A.; Anderson E.G., 1980:
The role of gamma amino butyric acid and serotonin in the mediation of raphe evoked spinal cord dorsal root potentials

Sillito A.M.; Kemp J.A.; Blakemore C., 1981:
The role of gamma amino butyric acid ergic inhibition in the cortical effects of mon ocular deprivation

Standefer, M.J.; Dill, R.E., 1977:
The role of gamma amino butyric acid in dys kinesias induced by chemical stimulation of the striatum

Marshburn, P.B.; Iuvone, P.M., 1981:
The role of gamma amino butyric acid in the regulation of the dopamine tyrosine hydroxylase ec containing neurons of the rat retina

Voronina T.A.; Sopyev Z.A.; Garibova T.L.; Smirnov L.D., 1987:
The role of gamma aminobutyric acid and cholinergic systems in the formation of dissociated response to 3 hydroxypyridine class antioxidants

Vidyasagar T.R.; Heide W., 1986:
The role of gamma aminobutyric acid ergic inhibition in the response properties of neurons in cat visual area 18

Kovalev G.V.; Spasov A.A.; Bogachev N.A.; Petryanik V.D.; Ostrovskii O.V., 1987:
The role of gamma aminobutyric acid ergic system in the mechanism of stress regulating effect of phenibut

Kharkevich D.A.; Fisenko V.P.; Kasparov S.A., 1984:
The role of gamma aminobutyric acid in the action of narcotic analgesics on the spinal cord and cerebral cortex

Naumenko E.V.; Serova L.I., 1987:
The role of gamma aminobutyric acid in the activation of the mouse hypophyseotesticular complex induced by the presence of a female mouse

Vellucci S.V.; Webster R.A., 1984:
The role of gamma aminobutyric acid in the anticonflict action of sodium valproate and chlordiazepoxide

Berardi N.; Morrone M.C., 1984:
The role of gamma aminobutyric acid mediated inhibition in the response properties of cat lateral geniculate nucleus neurons

Kent A.P.; Webster R.A., 1986:
The role of gamma butyric acid and excitatory amino acids in the development of the leptazol induced epileptogenic electroencephalogram

Lindhout, M.J.; Hemker, H.C., 1978:
The role of gamma carboxy glutamyl residues in the positive cooperative binding of calcium ions ii to blood coagulation factor x

Rook G.A.W.; Taverne J.; Leveton C.; Steele J., 1987:
The role of gamma interferon vitamin d 3 metabolites and tumor necrosis factor in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis

Bastakov, V.A., 1977:
The role of ganglionic retinal cells of different classes in the organization of visually guided behavior of rana esculenta

Vee R.V.; Avrova N.F., 1983:
The role of gangliosides in calcium transport across the membrane of nerve cells

Fishman, P.H.; Bradley, R.M.; Rebois, R.V.; Brady, R.O., 1984:
The role of gangliosides in the interaction of human chorionic gonadotropin and cholera toxin with murine Leydig tumor cells

Locker R.H., 1984:
The role of gap filaments in muscle and in meat

Devol A.H.; Quay P.D.; Richey J.E.; Martinelli L.A., 1987 :
The role of gas exchange in the inorganic carbon oxygen and radon 222 budgets of the amazon river brazil

Fujimoto N.; Murakami S.; Suwa T.; Mori Y., 1984:
The role of gastric glycoproteins with reference to cytoprotection protective effect of prostaglandin e 2 and sofalcone on ethanol induced necrosis

Cheung, L.Y.; Chang, N., 1977:
The role of gastric mucosal blood flow and hydrogen ion back diffusion in the pathogenesis of acute gastric erosions

Onda M., 1982:
The role of gastric mucosal histamine and poly amines in relation to hydrogen ion back diffusion during the course of experimental ulceration in rats

Yushchuk N.D.; Frolov A.G.; Bulgakov S.A., 1985:
The role of gastrin in the development of gastrointestinal disorders in patients with acute intestinal infections

Loginov, A.S.; Bassalyk, L.S.; Kondashova, Z.D., 1976:
The role of gastrin in the genesis of gastric secretion disorders in cirrhosis of the liver

A.N.kib, B.; Radhakrishnan, S.; A.L.ddawi, H.; Jacob, G.S.; A.R.waih, A., 1986:
The role of gastrointestinal endoscopy in a developing country

Tsoneva M.; Nacheva M.; Mavrudieva M.; Toncheva D.; Georgiev A., 1986:
The role of gd negative heterozygosity in certain basic biological characters of man

Basavaraju R.; Safeeulla K.M.; Murthy B.R., 1980:
The role of gene effects and heterosis for resistance to downy mildew sclerospora graminicola in pearl millet

Erdile, L.; Inman, R.B., 1984:
The role of gene O protein in the replication of bacteriophage lambda

Gottesman S.; Abremski K., 1980:
The role of gene products hima and xis in phage lambda site specific recombination

Rychlikova M.; Cukrova V., 1981:
The role of gene products of non h 2 loci and m locus in secondary mixed lymphocyte culture response

Zhivetskii, A.V.; Andrusenko, V.A.; Bodnar, G.V.; Polos, V.M.; Sakhnenko, N.L., 1976:
The role of genealogical studies in the prophylaxis of malignant neoplasms

Ettinger, R.H.; Finch, M.D.; Mcsweeney, F.K., 1978:
The role of generalization in the acquisition of auto shaped key pecking in pigeons

Farge P.; Dallaire L.; Melancon S.B.; Albert G., 1984:
The role of genes in odontogenesis

Nemeth, C.; Joo-Szabados, T.; Kovacs, I., 1975:
The role of genetic and age and sex connected immunological factors in the morbidity of systemic lupus erythematosus

Wahn U., 1985:
The role of genetic and environmental factors for the development of atopic disease in childhood

Mitterauer B.; Sorgo G., 1982:
The role of genetic disposition in the formation of reactive psychotic states leading to extreme violence a case of arson with ensuing double murder and extended suicide

Maurer H.S.; Pendergrass T.W.; Borges W.; Honig G.R., 1979:
The role of genetic factors in the etiology of wilms tumor 2 pairs of mono zygous twins with congenital abnormalities aniridia hemi hypertrophy and discordance for wilms tumor

Evsikov, V.I.; Morozova, L.M., 1978:
The role of genetic physiological mother offspring interrelationships in establishment of viability and fertility in mammals part 2 weight of balb cba and dba mouse strain embryos developed from transplanted blastocysts

Evsikov, V.I.; Morozova, L.M., 1977:
The role of genetic physiological mother offspring interrelationships in the establishment of viability and fertility in mammals part 1 embryonic development of mice after inter linear blastocyst transplant

Borovkova I.G.; Korochkin L.I., 1986:
The role of genetically determined differences in the activity of organ specific esterase isozymes of drosophila virilis genitalia in the regulation of sexual behavior

Cole, M.M.; Leroex, H.D., 1978:
The role of geobotany bio geochemistry and geochemistry in mineral exploration in south west africa and botswana a case history

Whitmore, W.F.; Karsh, L.; Gittes, R.F., 1985:
The role of germinal epithelium and spermatogenesis in the privileged survival of intratesticular grafts

Hirai, S., 1976:
The role of germinal vesicle material on the swelling of sperm nuclei penetrated in immature oocytes of the starfish

Fowler N.L., 1984:
The role of germination date spatial arrangement and neighborhood effects in competitive interactions in linum

Wcislinska, B., 1977:
The role of gibberellic acid in the removal of dormancy in fraxinus excelsior seeds

Philipson J.J., 1983:
The role of gibberellin a 4 7 heat and drought in the induction of flowering in sitka spruce picea sitchensis

Radley M., 1979:
The role of gibberellin abscisic acid and auxin in the regulation of developing wheat grains

Tan H.M.; Sebanek J.; Klicova S., 1979:
The role of gibberellins and cyto kinins in the growth correlative effect of cotyledons in flax linum usitatissimum cultivar vera and pea pisum sativum cultivar raman

Manankov, M.K., 1976:
The role of gibberellins in the morphogenesis of tendrils of the grapevine vitis vinifera

Dimock M.B.; Kennedy G.G., 1983:
The role of glandular trichomes in the resistance of lycopersicon hirsutum f glabratum to heliothis zea

Erecinska, M.; Silver, I.A., 1986:
The role of glial cells in regulation of neurotransmitter amino acids in the external environment i. transmembrane electrical and ion gradients and energy parameters in cultured glia derived cell lines

Mei Z T.; L.D.Q., 1987:
The role of globus pallidus gp and nucleus accumbens nac in the control of the avoidance conditioning of rats

Lins P E.; Adamson U.; Clausen N.; Hamberger B.; Efendic S., 1986:
The role of glucagon catecholamines and cortisol in counterregulation of insulin induced hypoglycemia in normal men

Nakabayashi, H.; Dobbs, R.E.; Unger, R.H., 1978:
The role of glucagon deficiency in the Houssay phenomenon of dogs

Andel M.; Brodan V.; Kuhn E.; Vondra K., 1979:
The role of glucagon in the regulation of energy metabolism

Mizushima, Y.; Ishikawa, M., 1979:
The role of gluco corticoids in the regulation of glucose 6 phosphatase ec activity in fetal rat liver

Kyrge P.K.; Eller A.K.; Timpmann S.K.; Seppet E.K., 1982:
The role of gluco corticoids in the regulation of post exercise glycogen repletion and the mechanism of their action

Froer K.L., 1981:
The role of gluco corticoids in the treatment of acute myo cardial infarction

Quirk J.G.Jr; Raker R.K.; Petrie R.H.; Williams A.M., 1979:
The role of gluco corticoids unstressful labor and atraumatic deliver in the prevention of respiratory distress syndrome

Hamada H.; Murayama S.; Sasaki Y., 1987:
The role of glucocorticoids for the maintenance of plasma glucose levels in sheep

Heubi, J.E.; Gunn, T.D., 1985:
The role of glucocorticoids in the postnatal development of ileal active bile salt transport

Hamada H.; Seino Y.; Namikawa K., 1987:
The role of glucocorticoids in the regulation of plasma glucose insulin and glucagon in sheep

Wallin B.; Morland J., 1987:
The role of glucose and insulin in the effect of ethanol on protein synthesis synthesis in isolated rat hepatocytes

Korbelik M.; Petrovic D., 1987:
The role of glucose and the crabtree effect in cytotoxicity of nitroheterocycles

Hinshaw, L.B., 1976:
The role of glucose in endo toxin shock

Hearse, D.J.; Chain, E.B., 1972:
The role of glucose in the survival and 'recovery' of the anoxic isolated perfused rat heart

Van Den Ende G.; Kemp A.; Croes A.F.; Barendse W.M., 1984:
The role of glucose on flower bud formation in thin layer tissue cultures of nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun

Eliseev A.A.; Pushkin A.V.; Belozerova E.V.; Bykhovskii V.Ya, 1986:
The role of glutamine in cobinamide biosynthesis in propionibacterium shermanii

Kovacevic Z.; Jerance D.; Brkljac O., 1988:
The role of glutamine oxidation and the purine nucleotide cycle for adaptation of tumor energetics to the transition from the anaerobic to the aerobic state

Dunn-Coleman, N.S.; Garrett, R.H., 1980:
The role of glutamine synthetase ec and glutamine metabolism in nitrogen metabolite repression a regulatory phenomenon in the lower eukaryote neurospora crassa

Falkowski, P.G.; Rivkin, R.B., 1976:
The role of glutamine synthetase ec in the incorporation of ammonium in skeletonema costatum bacillariophyceae

Pilkington G.J.; Lantos P.L., 1982:
The role of glutamine synthetase in the diagnosis of cerebral tumors

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