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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6764

Chapter 6764 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Romaniuk J.R., 1980: The role of timing and magnitude of the vagal input in controlling the phrenic output in rabbits and baboons

Strong E.R., 1988: The role of tissue acidosis in ischemic tissue injury the concept of the ph integral

Allayan A.A., 1987: The role of tissue antigen in balantidiasis simulated in adult white rats

Perez Saad H., 1980: The role of tissue catecholamines in anaphylaxis in vitro

Dai Z Y., 1986: The role of tissue immune complex complement activation and its immunopathologic injury in the pathogenesis of the epidemic hemorrhagic fever

Thorogood P., 1980: The role of tissue interactions in the skeletogenic differentiation of avian neural crest cells

Privalova, L. I.; Osipenko, A. V.; Frash, V. N., 1976: The role of tissue macrophage destruction products in granulocytopoiesis regulation

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763007

Maroti, M.; Pais, I.; Bognar, J., 1984: The role of titanium in plant life v. the effect of titanium on the growth of tobacco callus

Sheppard D., 1987: The role of titratable acidity in acid aerosol induced bronchoconstriction

Fomichev Yu V., 1985: The role of tn 1000 transposition from the flac positive plasmid into the chromosome of erwinia chrysanthemi in formation of hfr like donors

Papadimitriou J.M., 1985: The role of tobacco smoke iron ore mine dusts viruses and chemicals in experimental cancer

Phelps, D. L.; Rosenbaum, A. L., 1977: The role of tocopherol in oxygen induced retinopathy kitten model

Stepanyan, L. G.; Avakyan-Ts, M., 1975: The role of tocopherol in radiation damage of pisum sativum

Bassett L.W., 1984: The role of tomography in the evaluation of the postoperative spinal fusion

Bambridge, R.; Gijsbers, K., 1977: The role of tonic neural activity in motivational processes

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763016

Kirsner J.B., 1981: The role of total parenteral nutrition in inflammatory bowel disease

Meiboom A., 1986: The role of touch in prey density estimation by calidris alba

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763019

Nedoshivina, R. V.; Koryakina, I. K.; Zaets, T. L., 1978: The role of toxemia in pathogenesis of liver function disturbances during thermal burns

Reuber M.D., 1981: The role of toxicity in the carcinogenicity of endosulfan

Shustrov A.K., 1979: The role of toxoplasma gondii in chromosomal pathology of man and animals

Mak J.W., 1985: The role of toxoplasmosis in congenital disease in malaysia

Guseinov O.M., 1981: The role of toxoplasmosis infection in the genesis of chronic tonsillitis

Losacco T., 1987: The role of tpn and en in the treatment of post operative enterocutaneous fistulae personal experience

Necsei, P., 1977: The role of trabecular meshwork in the hydrodynamics of aqueous humor as revealed by model experiments

Bhat J.V., 1981: The role of trace elements and phosphates in the synthesis of vascular permeability factor by vibrio cholerae

Lins L E., 1983: The role of trace elements in uremic heart failure

Atnagulov, R. Ya ; Dmitriev, A. S., 1976: The role of trace excitation in conditioning to time

Meyer, J. L.; Angino, E. E., 1977: The role of trace metals in calcium uro lithiasis

Huppert, F. A.; Piercy, M., 1978: The role of trace strength in recency and frequency judgments by amnesic and control subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763032

Cederberg B., 1983: The role of trail pheromones in host selection by psithyrus rupestris hymenoptera apidae

Mitchell, A. D.; Benevenga, N. J., 1978: The role of trans amination in methionine oxidation in the rat

Lister T.A., 1981: The role of trans tracheal aspiration in the diagnosis of respiratory infection in neutropenic patients with acute leukemia

Peters P.C., 1986: The role of transabdominal ultrasound in the preoperative evaluation of patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763038

Fedullo P.F., 1984: The role of transcarinal needle aspiration in the staging of bronchogenic carcinoma

Black M.M., 1982: The role of transcription dependent priming in nerve growth factor promoted neurite outgrowth

Lal S.K., 1984: The role of transcription in primary induction

Tsuji K., 1987: The role of transfected hla dq genes in the mixed lymphocyte reaction like condition

Villee C.A., 1985: The role of transferrin and ferritin in the fetal maternal placental unit

Brock J.H., 1984: The role of transferrin in lymphocyte transformation

Golub S.H., 1986: The role of transferrin in natural killer cell and interleukin induced cytotoxic cell function

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763046

Ekblom P., 1985: The role of transferrin receptors and iron delivery in mouse embryonic morphogenesis

Friedlander, M., 1976: The role of transient peri nuclear micro tubules during spermiogenesis of the warehouse moth ephestia cautella

Natori Y., 1982: The role of translational inhibitor in ethionine induced inhibition of protein synthesis

Pingoud A., 1987: The role of translocation in ribosomal accuracy translocation rates from cognate and noncognate aminoacyl and peptidyl transfer rna species on escherichia coli ribosomes

Simons E.R., 1988: The role of transmembrane cationic gradients in immune complex stimulation of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Kukushkin A.I., 1985: The role of transmembrane potential in the impairment of erythrocyte membrane barrier properties during cryopreservation

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763053

Diaz A., 1982: The role of transplanting moving plants in the national botanical gardens havana cuba

Schoenberg H.W., 1986: The role of transrectal aspiration biopsy in the diagnosis of prostatic cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763056

Moesslacher H., 1985: The role of treadmill exercise testing in diagnosis of left main coronary artery stenosis significantly different findings in relation to severity of stenosis

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763058

Hart G., 1983: The role of treponemal tests in therapeutic decision making

Edwards R.A., 1983: The role of tri glycerides and phospho lipids in the aroma of cooked beef

Tolezano E., 1987: The role of triatominae in the transmission of the hepatitis b in different clinical forms of the disease

Hext P.M., 1988: The role of trichloroacetic acid and peroxisome proliferation in the differences in carcinogenicity of perchloroethylene in the mouse and rat

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763064

Torresani J., 1984: The role of triiodothyronine in the regulation of synthesis rate and translatable messenger rna level of fatty acid synthetase in a preadipocyte cell line

Shkutina, F. M.; Kalinina, N. P.; Usova, T. K., 1988: The role of triticum aestivum l. variations in the level on introgression of allogenic genetic material into its genome and in the rate of stabilization of the hybrid form

Brooks S., 1987: The role of trochanteric wire revision after total hip replacement

Mori T., 1987: The role of trochilioides recta in elimination of bulking

Glime J.M., 1987: The role of tropisms in rhizoid attachment and branch orientation in fontinalis

Maruyama K., 1987: The role of tropomyosin in the interactions of f actin with caldesmon and actin binding protein or filamin

Sattar S.A., 1980: The role of trypsin in plaque formation by simian rotavirus sa 11

Korf, B. R.; Schuh, B. E.; Salwen, M. J.; Warburton, D.; Miller, O. J., 1976: The role of trypsin in the pre treatment of chromosomes for giemsa banding

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763075

Salter, M.; Pogson, C. I., 1985: The role of tryptophan 2 3 dioxygenase ec in the hormonal control of tryptophan metabolism in isolated rat liver cells effects of glucocorticoids and experimental diabetes

Medvedeva T.N., 1982: The role of tryptophan and histidine in biosynthesis of alkaloids by penicillium roqueforti

Komarova N.V., 1981: The role of tryptophan in enzymatic activity of histidine decarboxylase from a new micrococcus sp

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763079

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763080

Yoshino, H., 1976: The role of tryptophanyl residues in heavy mero myosin as studied by chemical modification with 2 hydroxy 5 nitro benzyl bromide

Clarke, A. J.; Svensson, B., 1984: The role of tryptophanyl residues in the function of aspergillus niger gluco amylase ec g 1 and g 2/

Albregts, E.; Ohlrogge, A. J., 1970: The role of tube diameter and surface characteristics in the tolerance of roots to toxic solutions

Hsu, C. H.; Kurtz, T. W.; Weller, J. M., 1976: The role of tubular necrosis in the patho physiology of acute renal failure

Barnes, S.; Gollan, J. L.; Billing, B. H., 1977: The role of tubular re absorption in the renal excretion of bile acids

Shay J.W., 1981: The role of tubulin in the steroidogenic response of murine adrenal and rat leydig cells

Cande W.Z., 1987: The role of tubulin polymerization during spindle elongation in vitro

Thiel G., 1983: The role of tubulo glomerular feedback in acute impairment of renal function in obstructive jaundice

Magnuson J.A., 1986: The role of tumor cell surface carbohydrate in experimental metastasis

Tong, Y.; Et-Al, 1983: The role of tumor hybrid cells in anti tumor immunity 1. immunization of mice against ascitic hepatoma by tumor hybrid cells

Paganelli R., 1985: The role of tumor markers in breast cancer

Fujiwara, H.; Fukuzawa, M.; Yoshioka, T.; Nakajima, H.; Hamaoka, T., 1984: The role of tumor specific lyt 1 positive 2 negative t cells in eradicating tumor cells in vivo 1. lyt 1 positive 2 negative t cells do not necessarily require recruitment of host cytotoxic t cell precursors for implementation of in vivo immunity

Yoshioka, T.; Fujiwara, H.; Takai, Y.; Ogata, M.; Shimizu, J.; Hamaoka, T., 1987: The role of tumor specific lyt plus minus t cells in eradicating tumor cells in vivo ii. lyt plus minus t cells have potential to reject antigenically irrelevant bystander tumor cells on activation with the specific target tumor cells

Geddes M.C., 1988: The role of turbidity in the limnology of lake alexandrina river murray south australia comparisons between clear and turbid phases

Matarazzo J.D., 1987: The role of type a behavior and hostility in an evaluation of plasma lipids in adult women and men

Diffley P., 1984: The role of type iii streptococcus agalactiae extracellular type specific antigen in mouse virulence enhancement

Crankshaw, D. L.; Zabik, M.; Aust, S. D., 1977: The role of tyrosinase in the inactivation of house fly microsomal mixed function oxidases

Hollo J., 1980: The role of tyrosine groups at the active center of amylolytic enzymes

Helene C., 1979: The role of tyrosine in the association of proteins and nucleic acids specific recognition of single stranded nucleic acids by tyrosine containing peptides

Werner D., 1988: The role of u tube palliative treatment in high bile duct carcinoma

Viinikka, Y., 1977: The role of u type exchanges in the differentiation of karyotypes in najas marina

Bowyer, J. R.; Baccarini-Melandri, A.; Melandri, B. A.; Crofts, A. R., 1978: The role of ubi quinone 10 in cyclic electron transport in rhodopseudomonas capsulata ala pho plus effects of lyophilization and extraction

Dadak V., 1984: The role of ubi quinone in linking nitrate reductase and cytochrome o to the respiratory chain of paracoccus denitrificans

Slater E.C., 1982: The role of ubi quinone in the respiratory chain

Benziman, M.; Goldhamer, H., 1968: The role of ubiquinone in the respiratory chain of acetobacter xylinum

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763106

Ou G., 1986: The role of ultrasonic imaging of left liver lobe morphology in the diagnosis of cirrhosis

Babaian, R. J.; Fried, F. A.; Cole, A. T.; Staab, E. V., 1976: The role of ultrasonics in the evaluation of renal masses

Borisova G.G., 1988: The role of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of renal diseases

Economou S.G., 1986: The role of ultrasonography in the evaluation of primary hyperparathyroidism

Monif G.R.G., 1979: The role of ultrasonography in the management of endometritis salpingitis peritonitis

Barrier J., 1986: The role of ultrasonography of the maternal kidney during pregnancy

Giacometti F., 1986: The role of ultrasound as a primary indicator of abdominal trauma

Paul R.H., 1985: The role of ultrasound assessment of amniotic fluid volume in the management of the postdate pregnancy

Hackeloeer B J., 1984: The role of ultrasound in female infertility management

Taymor M.L., 1981: The role of ultrasound in ovulation induction a critical appraisal

Platt L.D., 1985: The role of ultrasound in the aggressive management of obstructed labor secondary to fetal malformations

Zammit M., 1979: The role of ultrasound in the diagnosis of kidney allo graft rejection

Orr N., 1988: The role of ultrasound in the diagnosis of parenchymal disease in transplanted kidneys

Pridmore B.R., 1985: The role of ultrasound in the management of twin pregnancies

Gazzarrini O., 1982: The role of ultrasound in the study of poly cystic ovarian disease

Tsuchiya Y., 1988: The role of ultrasound percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography computed tomographic scanning and magnetic resonance imaging in the preoperative assessment of bile duct cancer

Catovsky D., 1988: The role of ultrastructural cytochemistry and monoclonal antibodies in clarifying the nature of undifferentiated cells in acute leukemia

Schendel, P. F.; Defais, M., 1980: The role of umuc gene product in mutagenesis by simple alkylating agents

Mechedowa, A. J.; Hecht, K.; Treptow, K.; Hecht, T., 1976: The role of uncertainty in the conditional reflectory learning behavior for selected cardio vascular functions

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763126

Yarie J., 1980: The role of understory vegetation in the nutrient cycle of forested ecosystems in the mountain hemlock bio geo climatic zone

Henry J.J., 1986: The role of unequal cleavage and the polar lobe in the segregation of developmental potential during first cleavage in the embryo of chaetopterus variopedatus

Chattopadhyay S., 1988: The role of ungeremine in the growth inhibiting and cytotoxic effects of lycorine evidence and speculation

Privalova L.I., 1986: The role of unspecific immunostimulation mechanism in the pathogenesis of pneumoconioses

Zgorzelska, K.; Semkow, R., 1977: The role of unspecific inhibitors of hem agglutination in the course of immunization with live and inactivated influenza virus

Paulson O.B., 1981: The role of unstirred layers for water exchange across the blood brain barrier

Parkin G.J.S., 1980: The role of upper abdominal ultrasonography in suspected acute cholecystitis

Weller W., 1979: The role of upper airways and of sensory receptors on reflex broncho constriction

Ulmer W.T., 1979: The role of upper airways in antigen induced broncho constriction

Karapetyan S.K., 1980: The role of upper cervical sympathetic ganglia in the regulation of core temperature and surface temperature of the body

Ostapkovich, E. V.; Radionova, G. K., 1987: The role of upper respiratory tract diseases in morbidity with temporary disability in workers exposed to asbestos containing dust

Venetianer P., 1986: The role of upstream sequences in determining the strength of ribosomal rna promoter of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763139

Tindall A., 1984: The role of urea in nitrogen excretion and cecal nitrogen metabolism in willow ptarmigan lagopus lagopus lagopus

Gudd D., 1987: The role of ureaplasma urealyticum in urinary tract infections demonstration of antibodies against ureaplasmas in the urine

Miyagawa I., 1986: The role of ureteral peristaltic rate and bolus volume on increasing urine flow

Sieben, D. M.; Howerton, L.; Amin, M.; Holt, H.; Lich, R. Jr, 1978: The role of ureteral stenting in the management of surgical injury of the ureter

Ulmsten U., 1982: The role of urethral pressure profile measurement in female patients with urethral carcinoma

Mccallum, R. W.; Colapinto, V., 1979: The role of urethrography in urethral disease 1. accurate radiological localization of the membranous urethra and distal sphincters in normal male subjects

Colapinto, V.; Mccallum, R. W., 1979: The role of urethrography in urethral disease 2. indications for trans sphincter urethro plasty in patients with primary bulbous strictures

Solomon R.J., 1985: The role of urinary kininogen in the regulation of kinin generation

Maizels M., 1982: The role of urinary obstruction in the genesis of renal dysplasia a model in the chick embryo

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763149

Skadhauge E., 1983: The role of urinary precipitates in the excretion of electrolytes and urate in the domestic fowl

Rodicio J.L., 1982: The role of urinary prostaglandin e 2 and renin angiotensin aldo sterone system in the pathogenesis of essential hypertension

Melicow M.M., 1982: The role of urine in a patient with a bladder neoplasm

Parkash, O.; Kiesswetter, H., 1976: The role of urine in the etiology of cancer of the urinary bladder

Malone, J. I.; Rosenbloom, A. L.; Grgic, A.; Weber, F. T., 1976: The role of urine sugar in diabetic management

Katz G.P., 1985: The role of urodynamic testing in the evaluation of subtle neurologic lesions

Valente S., 1987: The role of urodynamic tests in micturitional pathology in gynecological oncology

Gray B.K., 1987: The role of urodynamics in female urinary stress incontinence

Selva A.D.Jr, 1979: The role of urography in blunt trauma of the kidney

Adler N.T., 1985: The role of uterine luminal fluid in uterine contractions sperm transport and fertility of rats

Granstein, R. D.; Morison, W. L.; Kripke, M. L., 1983: The role of uv b radiation in the induction and elicitation of photo contact hyper sensitivity to 3 3' 4' 5 tetra chloro salicylanilide in the mouse

Protasova S.F., 1987: The role of uv irradiated plasma in the inhibition of dna synthesis in lymphocytes

Morpurgo, G.; Porro, M. N.; Passi, S.; Fanelli, C., 1980: The role of uv light in the control of melanogenesis

Bogenrieder, A.; Klein, R., 1977: The role of uv light in the transplanting shock of greenhouse raised plantlets

Hashimoto N., 1986: The role of v antigen in mice experimentally infected with yersinia pseudotuberculosis histopathological study using enzyme immunoassay

Jones P.W., 1980: The role of vagal afferent information during inspiration in determining phrenic moto neuron output

Breese G.R., 1985: The role of vagal afferents and carbon dioxide in the respiratory response to trh

Bishop V.S., 1980: The role of vagal afferents in the reflex control of the left ventricular refractory period in the cat

Lawes I.N.C., 1982: The role of vagal and intra mural inhibitory reflexes in the regulation of intra gastric pressure in the ferret

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763170

Palecek F., 1983: The role of vagal nerves in changes of functional residual lung capacity during acute hypoxia

Shparkovskii I.A., 1981: The role of vagal nerves in regulation of cardiac activity in fish under different temperature conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763173

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763174

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763175

Hoj L., 1987: The role of vaginal secretory immunoglobulin a gardnerella vaginalis anaerobes and chlamydia trachomatis in postabortal pelvic inflammatory disease

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763177

Fujiwara M., 1982: The role of vagotomy in healing of gastric ulcers induced in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763179

Mavrin M.I., 1979: The role of vagus nerves in regulation of renal tubular processes

Meisch, H. U.; Benzschwel, H.; Bielig, H. J., 1977: The role of vanadium in green plants part 2 vanadium in green algae 2 sites of action

Meisch, H. U.; Benzschawel, H., 1978: The role of vanadium in green plants part 3 influence on cell division of chlorella pyrenoidosa

Meisch, H. U.; Bauer, J., 1978: The role of vanadium in green plants part 4 influence on the formation of delta amino levulinic acid in chlorella pyrenoidosa

Kometiani Z.P., 1982: The role of vanadium in regulation of redox reactions in membranes

Butow R.A., 1979: The role of var 1 in the assembly of yeast mitochondrial ribosomes

Hommel M., 1985: The role of variant antigens in acquired immunity to plasmodium falciparum

Stewart, D. J., 1978: The role of various antigenic fractions of bacteroides nodosus in eliciting protection against foot rot in vaccinated sheep

Konovalova, L. K., 1976: The role of various areas of the hypothalamus in the regulation of the hypophyseal adreno cortical system in rats

Anand, B. S.; Piris, J.; Truelove, S. C., 1978: The role of various cereals in celiac disease

Chakhlou D.P., 1986: The role of various examination methods in the detection and functional assessment of chronic bronchitis

Leboulenger, F.; Dupont, W.; Vaudry, H.; Vaillant, R., 1976: The role of various factors regulating the interrenal activity in the response to an ether stress in the frog rana esculenta

Davies, F. L., 1977: The role of various milk fractions and the importance of somatic cells in the formation of germinants for bacillus cereus when milk is pasteurized

Kahn, A.; Brachet, E., 1978: The role of various prostaglandins on the correlation between permeability to albumin and cyclic amp levels in the isolated mesentery

Rubinstein, B., 1971: The role of various regions of the bean d hypocotyl on red light induced hook opening

Brient B.W., 1980: The role of various risk factors in living related donor renal transplant success

Beltrame D., 1985: The role of various structural alterations in the evaluation of the teratogenic activity of an agent

Sasa H., 1980: The role of various vagal fibers in antral motility an experimental study applying electrical stimulation

Figarov I.G., 1981: The role of vascular and dynamic radio isotopic study in the operative nephrology

Gupta S., 1979: The role of vascular architecture of the endometrium in the etio pathogenesis of dys functional uterine bleeding

Downey J.M., 1984: The role of vascular capacitance in the coronary arteries

Demuth W.E.Jr, 1982: The role of vascular laboratory criteria in the selection of patients for lower extremity amputation

Yamori Y., 1982: The role of vascular protein and renin in chronic 2 kidney 1 clip goldblatt hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763204

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763205

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763206

Miotto D., 1980: The role of vascularization in the formation of echographic patterns of hepatic metastases micro angiographic and echographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763208

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763209

Ktsoeva T.V., 1986: The role of vasodilators in multimodality therapy of circulatory insufficiency in ischemic heart disease patients

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763211

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763212

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763213

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763214

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763215

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763216

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763217

Nurberdyev, K., 1977: The role of vegetation in erosion control in the piedmont plain of kopet dag ussr

Doty D.B., 1986: The role of venography and surgery in the management of patients with superior vena cava obstruction

Jonkman E.J., 1985: The role of venous digital subtraction angiography of the carotid bifurcation in the evaluation of patients with reversible ischemic attacks or stroke

Smith P.J.S., 1981: The role of venous pressure in regulation of output from the heart of the octopus eledone cirrhosa

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763222

Shiraishi M., 1987: The role of ventricular and cisternal drainage in the early operation for ruptured intracranial aneurysms

Bentall, R. P.; Lowe, C. F.; Beasty, A., 1985: The role of verbal behavior in human learning 2. developmental differences

Bentall, R. P.; Lowe, C. F., 1987: The role of verbal behavior in human learning iii. instructional effects in children

Bentall R.P., 1983: The role of verbal behavior in human learning infant performance on fixed interval schedules

Del-Castillo, D. M.; Gumenik, W. E., 1978: The role of verbal codes in the serial recall of pictures

Duke M.P., 1985: The role of verbal vocal and nonverbal cues in the communication of evoking message styles

Safriel, U. N., 1975: The role of vermetid gastropods in the formation of mediterranean and atlantic reefs

Zeumer H., 1987: The role of vertebral angiography for the management of vertebrobasilar occlusive disease with special reference to recanalizing techniques

Williams I.R., 1981: The role of vertebral angiography in the investigation of 3rd nerve palsy

Findlay G.F.G., 1987: The role of vertebral body collapse in the management of malignant spinal cord compression

Lytton B., 1981: The role of vertebral veins in the dissemination of prostatic carcinoma

Bell W.J., 1979: The role of vertical and horizontal object orientation in mate finding and predator avoidance by the american cockroach periplaneta americana

Blum J.C., 1979: The role of very low density lipo proteins in the transport of nonesterified fatty acids in the laying hen

Morgan, M.; Asscher, A. W.; Moffat, D. B., 1976: The role of vesico ureteric reflux in the pathogenesis of kidney scars in the rat

Walther M., 1987: The role of vesicostomy in the management of anterior urethral valves in neonates and infants

Bloom J., 1984: The role of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the growth of kansas usa winter wheat triticum aestivum

Garmanova N.V., 1987: The role of vesicular moles in the pathogenesis of choriocarcinoma

Brandis H., 1980: The role of vesicular stomatitis virus major glyco protein in determining the specificity of virus specific and h 2 restricted cytolytic thymus derived cells

Castaigne, P.; Held, J. P.; Pierrot-Deseilligny, E.; Bussel, B.; Bergego, C., 1978: The role of vestibular and proprioceptive afferent pathways in the reaction to pushing

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763242

Williams D.A., 1982: The role of vibration in the tactual perception of roughness

Meyers L.S., 1984: The role of video game playing in adolescent life is there reason to be concerned?

Harada H., 1986: The role of vip in the experimental dumping as an humoral factor

Stiefel J., 1980: The role of viral and cell associated antigens in the cell mediated immune response of rats to virus induced lymphoma cells

Tsinzerling, A. V.; Ioakimova, N. V.; Shastina, G. V.; Tsinzerling, V. A.; Piskareva, N. A.; Dadomova, M. A., 1976: The role of viral bacterial associations in meningitis in children

Norrby E., 1980: The role of viral glyco proteins in mumps virus dependent lymphocyte mediated cyto toxicity in vitro

Perlmann P., 1984: The role of viral glycoproteins in mumps virus mediated antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity in vitro

Jansonius F.A.T., 1986: The role of viremic male breeder birds in congenital infection with lymphoid leukosis virus

Semenov B.F., 1984: The role of virus induces cytotoxic autoreactive t lymphocytes and t suppressors in the pathogenesis of experimental langat virus infection in mice

Golubovskii M.D., 1983: The role of viruses and foreign dna in natural mutation process experimental studies on drosophila

Barnhill, C. W.; Peterson, R. D. A., 1976: The role of viruses in the evolution of antibody diversity

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763254

Del Castillo L.F., 1985: The role of viscous flow in theories of membrane transport

Courjon, J. H.; Jeannerod, M.; Ossuzio, I.; Schmid, R., 1977: The role of vision in compensation of vestibulo ocular reflex after hemi labyrinthectomy in the cat

Longeway K.P., 1982: The role of vision in maternal attachment giving 2 year olds a photograph of their mother during separation

Drummond H., 1985: The role of vision in the predatory behavior of natricine snakes

Janata, J. W.; Joelson, J. M.; Joss, K. A.; Herrmann, D. J., 1978: The role of visual and acoustic coding in retrieval from very short term memory

Rose M., 1981: The role of visual and haptic cues in childrens discrimination learning

Bachmann M.D., 1982: The role of visual and olfactory cues in the prey catching behavior of the tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum

Mccarthy T.J., 1981: The role of visual auditory compellingness in the ventriloquism effect implications for transitivity among the spatial senses

Pick H.L.Jr, 1980: The role of visual experience in knowledge of spatial layout

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763264

Koitcheva V., 1981: The role of visual feedback gain in the control of voluntary body movements

Davis, D.; Mclemore, C. W.; London, P., 1970: The role of visual imagery in de sensitization

Housner L.D., 1984: The role of visual imagery in recall of modeled motoric stimuli

Cairns, E.; Coll, P., 1977: The role of visual imagery in visual tactual and cross modal matching

Uzbekov, M. G., 1976: The role of visual impulse activity in the age dependent formation of receptor properties of synaptosomal membranes

Thomson J.A., 1988: The role of visual information in control of a constrained locomotor task

Belden T.M., 1987: The role of visual interference in producing the long term modality effect

Ritter A., 1986: The role of visual pattern persistence in bistable stroboscopic motion

Legallet E., 1987: The role of visual reafferents during a pointing movement comparative study between open loop and closed loop performances in monkeys before and after unilateral electrolytic lesion of the substantia nigra

Kingdon J.S., 1980: The role of visual signals and face patterns in african forest monkeys guenons of the genus cercopithecus

Wolf G., 1987: The role of vitamin a in the glycosylation reactions of glycoprotein synthesis in an in vitro system

Cheneval J.P., 1980: The role of vitamin b 12 binding in the uptake of the vitamin by euglena gracilis

Agrawal N.K., 1980: The role of vitamin c in calcium uptake by fish

Boman B.M., 1987: The role of vitamin d 3 in the proliferation of a human colon cancer cell line in vitro

Imura H., 1985: The role of vitamin d metabolites in hypercalcemia of zucker fa fa rats

Hornsby P.J., 1982: The role of vitamin e in cellular energy metabolism in cultured adreno cortical cells

Mendelsohn J., 1979: The role of vitamin e in glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763282

Ishigaki, Y., 1985: The role of vitamin e on the prevention of red cell aging in rabbits with experimental hypercholesterolemia prevention of membrane peroxidation

Sharaev, P. N., 1977: The role of vitamin k in glyco protein metabolism

Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763286

Strogonov, B. P.; Genkel, K. P., 1976: The role of vitamins in the vital activity of plants and the problem of seed physiology in the work of k e ovcharov

Kenyon K.R., 1987: The role of vitrectomy in the treatment of postoperative bacterial endophthalmitis an experimental study

Fung W.E., 1979: The role of vitrectomy instrumentation in the treatment of severe traumatic hyphema

Rogers R.W., 1984: The role of vivid information in fear appeals and attitude change

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Section 7, Chapter 6764, Accession 006763468

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