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The ruderal vegetation of the northern part of the danube river europe lowland 1. the onopordion acanthiis alliance

Mucina, L.

Folia Geobotanica and Phytotaxonomica 16(3): 225-264


Accession: 006763689

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Subthermophilous ruderal vegetation of the northwestern part of the Danube River lowlands was studied. General characteristics of the study area (.apprx. 890 square km) are given. A short outline of the characteristics of the order Onopordetalia and the class Artemisietea vulgaris are added. The main attention is paid to the associations of the alliance Onopordion acanthii, and to their synmorphological, synecological and syndynamical features. Following the code of phytosociological nomenclature the validation of some synatax was performed. Potentillo argenteae-Artemisietum absinthii typicum and Salvio-Marrubietum peregrini are the new described syntaxa.

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