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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6765

Chapter 6765 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764000

Kazazian H.H.Jr, 1986: The same tata box beta thalassemia mutation in chinese and usa blacks another example of independent origins of mutation

Forre O., 1981: The same type of crystalline inclusions in t lymphocytes as in plasma cells and b lymphocytes in multiple myeloma a pathological clone originating from a common lymphocyte stem cell

Girardi, E. L., 1978: The samoan land snail genus ostodes mollusca prosobranchia poteriidae

Clarke K.R., 1981: The sample validity of the longhurst hardy plankton recorder for fish eggs and larvae

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764005

Russell, J. W.; Shadoff, L. A., 1977: The sampling and determination of halo carbons in ambient air using concentration on porous polymer

Douglas S.G., 1979: The sampling and gas chromatographic analysis of gases from landfill sites

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764008

Hilderbrand, D. C.; Koirtyohann, S. R.; Pickett, E. E., 1970: The sampling boat technique for determination of lead in blood and urine by atomic absorption

Lechowicz M.J., 1982: The sampling characteristics of electivity indices

Polacheck T., 1985: The sampling distribution of age specific survival estimates from an age distribution

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764013

Knapp K.T., 1988: The sampling of reactive atmospheric species by transition flow reactor application to nitrogen species

Gomes F.P., 1986: The sampling on the rubber tree nursery experimentation

Hammond, K.; Nicholas, F. W., 1972: The sampling variance of the correlation coefficients estimated from 2 fold nested and offspring parent regression analyses

Yasuda, N., 1978: The sampling variance of the linkage dis equilibrium parameter in multi allele loci

Nielsen, J., 1976: The samso project from 1957 to 1974

Light, W. J., 1976: The san francisco bay usa project identification manual series a new approach to invertebrate keys

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764020

Zevallos, M. C.; Galinat, W. C.; Lathrap, D. W.; Leng, E. R.; Marcos, J. G.; Klumpp, K. M., 1977: The san pablo corn kernel and its friends

Sarti M., 1986: The san vigilio oolite on monte baldo jurassic venetian prealps italy

Lysov I.V., 1982: The sanative effect of therapeutic measures on children with constitutional exogenous obesity in sanatorium pioneer camps

Rappaz F., 1984: The sanctioned species of the genus eutypa diatrypaceae ascomycetes taxonomic and nomenclatural study

Hiles R.W., 1987: The sanctity of the upper lid in lower eyelid reconstruction questioned a modification of a lid sharing procedure with a long term follow up

Hager, R. P.; Croker, R. A., 1980: The sand burrowing amphipod amphiporeia virginiana in the tidal plankton

Smith S.L., 1987: The sand dollar as a possible indicator of environmental stress

Ziehen W., 1981: The sand patch of ponta de sao lourenco madeira portugal

Hacker D., 1986: The sanders cove pines vegetational analysis of a pinus echinata and quercus alba community in northern lamar county texas usa

Harto M., 1984: The sanders retzlaff kraff regression formula in calculating the dioptric power of intra ocular lenses

Venn R.D., 1983: The sandoz clinical assessment geriatric scale a general purpose psycho geriatric rating scale

Schilling J., 1987: The sands in the werderland a noteworthy lichen site in bremen west germany

Pandeli E., 1984: The sandstone of the porretta terme suvian series italy analyses of the facies and paleogeographic considerations

Chaimoff C., 1985: The sandwich approach irradiation surgery irradiation in rectal cancer 4 years experience

Liu G F., 1986: The sandwich elisa for the thrombin like enzyme of agkistrodon acutus venom

Kresse, H.; Neufeld, E. F., 1972: The sanfilippo a corrective factor purification and mode of action

Smith M.L., 1985: The sangamon interglacial vertebrate fauna from rancho la brisca sonora mexico

Schaetzl R.J., 1986: The sangamon paleosol in brown county kansas usa

Musselman L.J., 1982: The santalaceae of virginia usa

Kocoshis S.A., 1988: The santmyer swallow a new and useful infant reflex

Jolivet P., 1986: The santo antao millipede cape verde islands atlantic ocean or how an inoffensive species can become a pest

Fell G., 1981: The sapheno femoral junction

Carlisle I., 1981: The saphenous neuro vascular free flap

Alvarez F.M., 1984: The sapogenin of chamaedorea elegans

Fatima I., 1987: The sapogenins from dodonaea viscosa

Achinewhu S.C., 1983: The saponins content of some nigerian oil seeds

Koizumi, H.; Sanada, S.; Ida, Y.; Shoji, J., 1982: The saponins of ginseng panax ginseng 4. structure and enzymatic hydrolysis of ginsenoside ra 1

Guignard J.L., 1982: The saponins of saponaria officinalis

Fitzpatrick J.M., 1986: The sapphire crystal ir photocoagulator and polyglactin vicryl mesh two new alternatives to the suturing of radial nephrotomies

Chilikina, N. S.; Domchinskaya, T. V., 1976: The saprophytic micro flora of the coastal strip of sea in the region of the city of odessa

Prance G.T., 1981: The sapucaia group of lecythis lecythidaceae

Mosley W.H., 1987: The saradidi kenya rural health development program retrospective demographic analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764053

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764054

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764055

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764056

Dina, D., 1978: The sarcoma specific region of moloney murine sarcoma virus 124

Mazabraud A., 1985: The sarcomatoid spindle cell carcinoma problem report of 15 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764059

Bressler B.H., 1980: The sarcomere length isometric tension diagram of the toad bufo bufo sartorius

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764061

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764062

Pape T., 1986: The sarcophagidae diptera of madeira portugal with the description of a new species of discachaeta enderlein

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764065

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764066

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764067

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764068

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764069

Sperelakis N., 1985: The sarcoplasmic reticulum of mouse heart divisions configurations and distribution

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764071

Drost, S., 1977: The sarcosporidia of caprioles part 2 sarcosporidia in the roe deer

Drost, S., 1977: The sarcosporidia of the wild deer part 3 sarcosporidia in the red deer and fallow deer

Valls-Palles, C.; Coll-Hellin, L.; Garcia-Miranda, M. P., 1985: The sardine oil from the spanish market and of the covering oil from their canned sardines 2. composition of fatty acids of the covering oil

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764075

Dieni I., 1988: The sardinian italy connection brachiopod meonia semiglobularis posselt links tethyan and boreal maastrichtian

Pacioni G., 1979: The sardinian italy hypogean mycological flora and some of its unknown members

Pisano P., 1982: The sardinian italy range of the species belonging to the genus pentodon

Pala, M., 1975: The sardinian newt

Case, F. W.; Case, R. B., 1976: The sarracenia rubra complex

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764081

Khonyakina Z.P., 1981: The sary kum ussr dunes should become a preserve

Fois E., 1981: The sass da putia italy carbonate buildup western dolomites bio facies succession and margin development during the ladinian

Catchlove R.F.H., 1983: The sat 9 a quantitative scoring system for the at 9 test as a measure of symbolic function central to alexithymic presentation

Schweber, M. S., 1974: The satellite bands of the dna of drosophila virilis

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764086

Alexander J.O., 1985: The satellite clinic a model for the treatment of handicapped children in towns and rural areas

Lohe A.R., 1981: The satellite dna of drosophila simulans

Braeunig P., 1987: The satellite nervous system an extensive neurohemal network in the locus head

Vasselli J.R., 1983: The satiety effects of intra gastric macro nutrient infusions in fatty and lean zucker rats

Frenette L., 1987: The satisfaction level of dropouts in a university psychological clinic

Griffin S., 1985: The satisfaction with life scale

Proenca J., 1985: The saturability of a site of loss and the degree of supersensitivity to agonists which are substrates of this site of loss

Edgington T.S., 1988: The saturable high affinity association of factor x to adp stimulated monocytes defines a novel function of the mac 1 receptor

Tamaki R., 1983: The saturation of mono chromatic lights obliquely incident on the retina

Zanforlin M., 1986: The saturn illusion a new stereokinetic effect

Spielman A., 1986: The satyr effect a model predicting parapatry and species extinction

Roberts, G. J., 1982: The saucer preparation 1. clinical evaluation over 3 years

Kidd, E. A. M.; Roberts, G. J., 1982: The saucer preparation 2. laboratory evaluation

Telford, S. R. Jr, 1978: The saurian malarias of venezuela hemosporidian parasites of gekkonid lizards

Auer, L., 1978: The sausage string phenomenon in acutely induced hypertension arguments against the vaso spasm theory in the pathogenesis of acute hypertensive encephalopathy

Duhamel G., 1988: The sausseron valley and its flora vexin france

Leveque, R.; Prodon, R., 1976: The sauvy bird collection at the arago laboratory

Field, C. R.; Ross, I. C., 1976: The savanna ecology of kidepo valley national park uganda part 2 feeding ecology of elephant and giraffe

Ross, I. C.; Field, C. R.; Harrington, G. N., 1976: The savanna ecology of kidepo valley national park uganda part 3 animal populations and park management recommendations

Lapointe G., 1984: The savannah sparrow passerculus sandwichensis territorial system can habitat features be related to breeding success

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764108

Muche, W. H., 1975: The sawflies of central europe the genus amauronematus hymenoptera nematinae

Taeger A., 1982: The sawfly fauna of bulgaria hymenoptera symphyta

Muche W.H., 1983: The sawfly fauna of pakistan 2

Togashi I., 1984: The sawfly genus conaspidia in japan hymenoptera tenthredinidae

Togashi I., 1986: The sawfly genus megatomostethus hymenoptera tenthredinidae in taiwan

Shinohara A., 1985: The sawfly genus onycholyda hymenoptera pamphilidae of japan 1

Shinohara A., 1985: The sawfly genus onycholyda hymenoptera pamphiliidae of japan ii

Shinohara A., 1986: The sawfly genus onycholyda hymenoptera pamphiliidae of japan iii

Shinohara A., 1986: The sawfly genus onycholyda hymenoptera pamphiliidae of japan iv

Shinohara A., 1987: The sawfly genus onycholyda hymenoptera pamphiliidae of japan v

Smith D.R., 1984: The sawfly genus periclista new record in korea and taiwan hymenoptera tenthredinidae

Huang F S., 1988: The sawfly genus strongylogaster in tibet and sichuan china hymenoptera tenthredinidae

Sheard J.W., 1982: The saxicolous species of the lichenized ascomycete genus rinodina with blue epithecia

Lifshitz, A.; Honigstein, A.; Livnat, A.; Roded, R.; Flexer, A., 1985: The sayyarim formation nahal ya'alon area southern arava valley israel lithostratigraphy ostracod biostratigraphy and paleoenvironmental implications

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764126

Takagi S., 1985: The scale insect genus chionaspis a revised concept homoptera coccoidea diaspididae

Takagi S., 1983: The scale insect genus smilacicola with particular reference to atavistic polymorphism in the 2nd instar homoptera coccoidea diaspididae

Konstantinova G.M., 1981: The scale insects homoptera coccoidea of deciduous fruit orchards in some european countries survey of scale insect infestations in european orchards 3

Naniundiah V., 1981: The scale invariance of spatial patterning in a developing system

Et Al, 1987: The scale method as a spectral analysis for accommodative fluctuation

Paterson J.A., 1984: The scale micro architecture of sphenodon punctatus

Iancu T.C., 1988: The scale of myocardial involvement in varicella myocarditis

Ben Sira Z., 1982: The scale of psychological distress cross population invariance and validity

Hallett P.E., 1987: The scale of the visual pathways of mouse and rat

Whiteside, J. P.; Spier, R. E., 1981: The scale up from 0.1 to 100 liters of a unit process system based on 3 millimeter in diameter glass spheres for the production of 4 strains of foot and mouth disease virus from baby hamster kidney mono layer cells

Coad, B. W., 1987: The scaleless dragonfish melanostomias valdiviae new record brauer 1902 new to the fish fauna of atlantic canada

Rogers W.J., 1981: The scalenus medius band and the 7th cervical transverse process

Perret J L., 1982: The scales of 2 african gymnophionae batrachia apoda observed with the scanning electron microscope

Allen, D. M.; Northcote, D. H., 1975: The scales of chrysochromulina chiton

Makinson, K. R., 1977: The scales of keratin fibers

Hill D.E., 1979: The scales of salticid spiders

Frost, W. E., 1978: The scales of the char salvelinus willughbii in windermere england uk and their use for the determination of age and growth

Blake J.A., 1981: The scalibregmatidae annelida polychaeta from south america and antarctica collected chiefly during the cruises of the research vessel anton bruun research vessel hero and usa navy ship eltanin

Grant R.H., 1983: The scaling of flow in vegetative structures

Lechner, A. J., 1978: The scaling of maximal oxygen consumption and pulmonary dimensions in small mammals

Stein D.M., 1988: The scaling of restraint and the prediction of eating

Demment M.W., 1982: The scaling of rumino reticulum size with body weight in east african ungulates

Alzieu C., 1981: The scallop pecten maximus evidence of contamination of the coastal waters by poly chloro bi phenyls

Pennisi V.R., 1988: The scalp as a donor site in burns

Matsuda S., 1986: The scalp distribution of human auditory brainstem responses

Py N., 1986: The scalp first intention emergency thin graft report of 4 cases

Krizek T.J., 1980: The scalp flap only onlay a method for managing large dural defects

Miller F.C., 1984: The scalp stimulation test a clinical alternative to fetal scalp blood sampling

Fukuda M., 1984: The scalp topography of auditory brainstem response stability reappearance

Nomura N., 1979: The scalp topography of early components of somato sensory evoked potential recorded simultaneously from 16 recording electrode locations

Goff, G. D.; Matsumiya, Y.; Allison, T.; Goff, W. R., 1977: The scalp topography of human somato sensory and auditory evoked potentials

Allison, T.; Matsumiya, Y.; Goff, G. D.; Goff, W. R., 1977: The scalp topography of human visual evoked potentials

Simson, R.; Vaughan, H. G. Jr ; Ritter, W., 1977: The scalp topography of potentials in auditory and visual discrimination tasks

Simson, R.; Vaughan, H. G. Jr ; Ritter, W., 1977: The scalp topography of potentials in auditory and visual go no go tasks

Buckingham H.W., 1986: The scan copier mechanism and the positional level of language production evidence from phonemic paraphasia

Retterstol, N., 1978: The scandinavian concept of reactive psychosis schizophreniform psychosis and schizophrenia

Owen A.W., 1987: The scandinavian middle ordovician trinucleid trilobites

Rystedt I., 1984: The scandinavian multicenter photo patch study preliminary results

Kauri, H., 1976: The scandinavian populations of hybomitra polaris diptera tabanidae with re description of the male and description of hybomitra polaris viddensis new subspecies

Brodthagen H., 1982: The scandinavian standard photo patch test procedure

Ribacchi R., 1985: The scanlon scale in the neurobehavioral examination of newborn infants after maternal anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764168

Caraco T., 1982: The scanning behavior of juncos a game theoretical approach

Dudas M.J., 1987: The scanning electron microscopic morphology of quartz in selected soils from alberta canada

Kazarian L.E., 1982: The scanning electron microscopy of compressed vertebral bodies

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764172

Bromage T.G., 1987: The scanning electron microscopy replica technique and recent applications to the study of fossil bone

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764174

Loebl I., 1979: The scaphidiidae coleoptera from southern india

Loebl I., 1980: The scaphidiidae of new ireland papua new guinea

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764177

Langhoff O., 1988: The scaphoid fat stripe in the diagnosis of carpal trauma

Flatt A.E., 1982: The scapholunate ligament

Flatt A.E., 1985: The scaphotrapezial ligament complex an anatomic and biomechanical study

Feduccia A., 1986: The scapulocoracoid of flightless birds a primitive avian character similar to that of theropods

Biswas, S., 1979: The scarab beetles coleoptera scarabaeidae of north india 2. 3 new species and 2 new records from india

Cambefort Y., 1982: The scarabaeidae sensu stricto coleopterans of lamto ivory coast structure of populations and role in the ecosystem

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764184

Chalumeau F., 1982: The scarabaeoidea of the antilles french west indies 3

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764186

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764187

Czikeli, H.; Busch, W.; Mazzucco, K., 1974: The scarlet grosbeak carpodacus erythrinus in austria

Walker, W. H. C., 1977: The scatchard plot in immunometric assay/

Sifner, F., 1975: The scatophagidae diptera of mongolia

Cook, E. F., 1978: The scatopsidae of nepal

Birth, G. S.; Davis, C. E.; Townsend, W. E., 1978: The scatter coefficient as a measure of pork quality

Bernardi G., 1982: The scattered distribution of actin genes in the mouse and human genomes

Stepanitskii B.V., 1983: The scattering of sand flies diptera phlebotominae and their distribution by territories not populated by great gerbils

Greenleaf J.F., 1986: The scattering of ultrasound by cylinders implications for diffraction tomography

Chivers, R. C., 1977: The scattering of ultrasound by human tissues some theoretical models

Goldstein J.L., 1980: The scavenger cell pathway for lipo protein degradation specificity of the binding site that mediates the uptake of negatively charged low density lipo protein by macrophages

Snover S.W., 1983: The scavenger device for nitrous oxide administration

Heidam N.Z., 1987: The scavenging of atmospheric sulfate by arctic snow

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764200

Fridovich I., 1982: The scavenging of super oxide radical by manganous complexes in vitro

Engelmann R.J., 1988: The scavenging ratio normalized to remove the effect of humidity

Mineo, G., 1982: The scelionidae hymenoptera proctotrupoidea 17. material for a revision of the genus gryon ethiopian region with descriptions of 3 new species gryon kenyotum gryon paracharontis and gryon urum

Mineo, G., 1983: The scelionidae hymenoptera proctotrupoidea 20. revision of the genus gryon ethiopian region the insulare and oculatum groups

Mineo, G., 1979: The scelionidae hymenoptera proctotrupoidea 9. material for a revision of the genus gryon with description of 4 new species gryon austrafricanum new species gryon eremiogryon new species gryon laraichii new species gryon nicolai new species and notes on other scelionids

Savolainen R., 1984: The scenic value of the forest landscape as assessed in the field and the laboratory

Mills M.E.J., 1980: The scent marking behavior of the brown hyena hyaena brunnea

Gorman M.L., 1987: The scent marking behaviour of the spotted hyena crocuta crocuta in the southern kalahari south africa

Sakao T., 1985: The scent substances of pierid butterflies hebomoia glaucippe and the volatile components of their food plants crataeva religiosa

Menzies D.N., 1988: The schauta operation its place in the treatment of malignancy of the cervix and vagina

Beaton J.M., 1986: The schedule dependent effects of 3 quinuclidinylbenzilate on operant behavior in the rat

Gruen R., 1981: The schedule for schizotypal personalities a diagnostic interview for schizotypal features

Read J.A., 1985: The scheduling of repeat cesarean section operations prospective management protocol experience

Vandierendonck A., 1986: The schema concept in current theories of memory

Van Rossum J.H.A., 1980: The schema notion in motor learning theory some persistent problems in research

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764218

Levine L., 1981: The schick test a useful tool for screening for antibody deficiency

Kenakin T.P., 1982: The schild regression in the process of receptor classification

Adam W.E., 1988: The schilling test cannot be replaced by an absorption test with unlabeled vitamin b12

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764222

Peiffer R.L.Jr, 1979: The schirmer tear test in the equine normal values and the contribution of the gland of the nictitating membrane

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764224

Kassis, A. I.; Warren, K. S.; Mahmoud, A. A. F., 1978: The schistosoma haematobium egg granuloma

Warren, K. S.; Grove, D. I.; Pelley, R. P., 1978: The schistosoma japonicum egg granuloma part 2 cellular composition granuloma size and immunologic concomitants

Moore, D. L.; Grove, D. I.; Warren, K. S., 1977: The schistosoma mansoni egg granuloma quantitation of cell populations

Rumjanek F.D., 1980: The schistosome manno lipid

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764230

Smithers S.R., 1985: The schistosomulum surface antigens of schistosoma haematobium

Et Al, 1980: The schists and limestones of armorica france lower devonian stratigraphic paleontology

Munk Jorgensen P., 1985: The schizophrenia diagnosis in denmark a register based investigation

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764234

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764235

Pfeiffer, C. C., 1976: The schizophrenias 1976

Claridge G., 1987: The schizophrenias as nervous types revisited

Rabin A.I., 1986: The schizophrenic diathesis and the kibbutz

Hurwitz E., 1979: The schizophrenic reaction a follow up study after 20 years

Soll D., 1984: The schizosaccharomyces pombe sup 3 i suppressor recognizes ochre but not amber codons in vitro and in vivo

Adelung D., 1982: The schlei west germany as a model for the distribution of the green shore crab carcinus maenas

Celio, M. R., 1976: The schmidt lantermann incisures of the myelin sheath of mauthner axons places of longitudinal growth of myelin

Yodice R., 1981: The schmidt reaction on 3a 4 5 6 tetra hydro succinimido 3 4 b acenaphthen 10 one and its alkylated derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764244

Pecotche G.R., 1984: The school age celiac child

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764246

Andoerfer B., 1980: The school behavior of leucaspius delineatus in relation to ambient space and the presence of a pike esox lucius

Karp, R. J.; Nuchpakdee, M.; Fairorth, J.; Gorman, J. M., 1976: The school health service as a means of entry into the inner city family for the identification of mal nourished children

Sarycheva, T. G., 1977: The school of the academician a a borisyak

Chand, N.; Eyre, P., 1978: The schultz dale reaction a review

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764251

Trewavas, E., 1977: The sciaenid fishes croakers or drums of the indo west pacific

Araya H.A., 1984: The sciaenids of gulf of nicoya costa rica

Alt F.W., 1988: The scid defect affects the final step of the immunoglobulin vdj recombinase mechanism

Weaver D.T., 1988: The scid gene encodes a trans acting factor that mediates the rejoining event of ig gene rearrangement

Weissman I.L., 1988: The scid hu mouse murine model for the analysis of human hematolymphoid differentiation and function

Ramakrishnan P.S., 1984: The science behind rotational bush fallow agriculture system jhum

Maxey, E. S., 1977: The science of bio meteorology

Burns, G. W., 1976: The science of genetics an introduction to heredity

Chapple, E. D., 1978: The science of humanics multi disciplinary renaissance of general anthropology/

Eliopoulos E.G., 1986: The science of leisure service program planning for older adults

Allen, R. D., 1977: The science of life

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764263

Kliorin A.I., 1986: The science of the human constitution and medical genetics

Cherkinskii, S. N., 1977: The scientific bases of a new standard for selection of sources for the centralized domestic water supply

Caraway, W. T., 1973: The scientific development of clinical chemistry to 1948

Van-Praag, H. M., 1978: The scientific foundation of anti psychiatry

Moss, D. W., 1977: The scientific foundations of clinical enzymology

M'yakushko, T. Ya, 1976: The scientific heritage of m s turchaninov

G"l"bov S., 1986: The scientific inadequacy of some basic terms used in cultivar maintenance of fields crops

Siebertz H., 1981: The scientific institutions of the federal armed forces medical and health services west germany

Lambourn R.F., 1981: The scientific investigation of road accidents

Kupriyanov, V. V.; Lev, I. D., 1976: The scientific legacy of b a dolgo saburov and prospects of its further development

Sokolov, L. I.; Sychevskaya, E. K.; Tsepkin, E. A., 1977: The scientific legacy of professor v d lebedev

Chew F.S., 1986: The scientific literature in diagnostic radiology for american readers a survey and analysis of journals papers and authors

Kurogi M., 1979: The scientific name of numehanori a delesseriacean red alga

Kobayashi, Y., 1978: The scientific name of sarcodon aspratus

Kerzhner, I. M., 1977: The scientific name of the common palearctic species of the genus plea heteroptera pleidae

Mees, G. F., 1977: The scientific name of the laughing kookaburra dacelo gigas vs dacelo novaeguineae

Vogel P., 1986: The scientific recording of phleboprophylaxis

Dubois, A., 1977: The scientific work of jean rostand 1894 1977

Lamy P., 1985: The scimitar sign the pulmonary vein or a systemic artery? report of a case of pure vascular sequestration

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764284

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764285

Huisman J.M., 1985: The scinaia assemblage galaxauraceae rhodophyta a re appraisal

Jarvis J., 1988: The scintigraphic and radiographic appearance of the ischiopubic synchondroses in normal children and in osteomyelitis

Geiselmann T., 1984: The scintigraphic appearance of the normal thyroid gland size form variations and dystopia

Loken M.K., 1980: The scintigraphic appearance of the spleen following splenic artery resection

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764290

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764291

Winkler C., 1980: The scintigraphic features of cirrhosis of the liver

Lentle, B. C.; Russell, A. S.; Percy, J. S.; Jackson, F. I., 1977: The scintigraphic investigation of sacro iliac disease

Et Al, 1986: The scintigraphic localization of mineralocorticoid producing adrenocortical carcinoma

Christie J.H., 1980: The scintigraphic pattern of acute renal vein thrombosis

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764296

De-Rossi, G.; Focacci, C.; Bock, E.; Romanelli, F., 1975: The scintigraphy as an aid in the early detection of bone metastases

Wiley R.G., 1979: The scintillating scotoma without head ache

Levis A.G., 1983: The scintillometric evaluation of dna repair synthesis can be distorted by changes of thymidine pool radioactivity

Brunel C., 1987: The sciomyzidae diptera of france presence of pherbellia pallidicarpa new record and species distribution

Besshapov E.P., 1986: The scissors phenomenon in hormonal response to exercise in coronary patients

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764304

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764305

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764307

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764308

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764309

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764310

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764311

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764312

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764313

Section 7, Chapter 6765, Accession 006764314

Bagshawe K.D., 1980: The scm structuredness of cytoplasmic matrix test for cancer an evaluation in terms of lymphocytes from healthy donors and cancer patients

Pretorius E., 1987: The scmc test a accurate indicator for spermatozoal antibodies

Pretorius E., 1988: The scmc test a reliable monitor for antispermatozoal antibodies

Negri V., 1982: The scoliosis incidence in parma italy school adolescents

Mattoni, R. H. T., 1977: The scolitantidini part 1 2 new genera and a generic rearrangement lycaenidae

Shelley R.M., 1987: The scolopendromorph centipedes of north carolina usa with a taxonomic assessment of scolopocryptops gracilis peregrinator crabill chilopoda scolopendromorpha

Nakazawa H., 1987: The scolytidae and platypodidae coleoptera from molucca islands indonesia found in logs at nagoya port japan

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