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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6766

Chapter 6766 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gutierrez Rosales F.; Alba Risco J.M.; Gutierrez Gonzalez Quijano R., 1984:
The selection of judges by rating of intensity method

Mahoney, D.F.; Mirre, G.B., 1977:
The selection of larvae of boophilus microplus infected with babesia bovis synonym babesia argentina

Zhang S Z.; L.D.R.; Yuan L C.; Chen Q., 1979:
The selection of leucine producing mutants and their fermentation conditions

Vaisey Genser M.; Ylimaki G.; Johnston B., 1987:
The selection of levels of canola oil water and an emulsifier system in cake formulations by response surface methodology

Kim Y.S.; Hong K.H.; Kim W.S., 1981:
The selection of local jujube cultivars ziziphus jujuba

Walker, G.; Dillon, H., 1983:
The selection of modulation rates for frequency modulated sound field stimuli

Mellins, H.Z.; McNeil, B.J.; Abrams, H.L.; Van Houten, F.X.; Murphy, M.A.; Korngold, E., 1979:
The selection of patients for excretory urography

Hutchinson, C.M., 1976:
The selection of patients with bronchogenic carcinoma for mediastinoscopy

Goodey A.R.; Doel S.M.; Piggott J.R.; Watson M.E.E.; Zealey G.R.; Cafferkey R.; Carter B.L.A., 1986:
The selection of promoters for the expression of heterologous genes in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Horsch R.B.; Jones G.E., 1980:
The selection of resistance mutants from cultured plant cells

Hansell, M.H., 1970:
The selection of resting positions by anopheles gambiae and culex pipiens fatigans and the function of the meta thoracic legs

Reed S.I., 1980:
The selection of saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants defective in the start event of cell division

Kieruzel, M., 1976:
The selection of shelter place by the house cricket

Fernandez C.; Szabo I.M., 1982:
The selection of streptomycetes in the rhizoplane of sugarcane

Szczesna-Skorupa, E.; Mead, D.A.; Kemper, B., 1986:
The selection of the first aug as the initiator of eukaryotic messenger rna species translation is favored by a 5' terminal cap group and a purine in the minus 3' position

Geer T.A., 1982:
The selection of tits parus spp by sparrow hawks accipiter nisus

Owen, M., 1976:
The selection of winter food by white fronted geese

Lange A.B.; Loughton B.G., 1981:
The selective accumulation of vitellogenin in the locust locusta migratoria oocyte

Foulkes E.C.; Blanck S., 1984:
The selective action of nickel on tubule function in rabbit kidneys

Gonzalez Lopez J.; Rhodes Roberts M.E.; Paton A.M.; Fenlon D., 1981:
The selective activity of a benzoxazole brightener against phyto pathogenic bacteria

Ganong, W.F.Iii, 1978:
The selective adaptation effects of burst cued stops

Doy, T.G.; Hughes, D.L.; Harness, E., 1980:
The selective adherence of rat eosinophils to newly excysted Fasciola hepatica in vitro

Pierce N.E.; Easteal S., 1986:
The selective advantage of attendant ants for the larvae of a lycaenid butterfly glaucopsyche lygdamus

Mckillup S.C., 1982:
The selective advantage of avoidance of the predatory whelk lepsiella vinosa by littorina unifasciata

Lange P.; Woehrmann K., 1981:
The selective advantage of inducible maltase in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chou C H.; Hwang S Y.; Peng C I.; Wang Y C.; Hsu F H.; Chung N J., 1987:
The selective allelopathic interaction of a pasture forest intercropping in taiwan

Copeland A.P.; Reiner E.M., 1984:
The selective attention of learning disabled children 3 studies

Johnson M.L.; Gaines M.S., 1987:
The selective basis for dispersal of the prairie vole microtus ochrogaster

Levy, B., 1973:
The selective beta receptor blocking properties of racemic 1 2 acetyl 4 n butyramidophenoxy 2 hydroxy 3 isopropylamino propane hydro chloride m and b 17803 a in the anesthetized dog

Ginsberg, M.H.; Morrison, D.C., 1978:
The selective binding of aggregated immuno globulin g to lipid a rich bacterial lipo poly saccharides

Behm E.; Zinner G.; Richers A.; Ernst B.; Kunkel S.; Sabrowski E.; Schwachula G.; Brown G.S.; Falkenhagen D.; Klinkmann H., 1988:
The selective binding of immunologically relevant molecules in vitro studies with different adsorbents from the aspect of their clinical application

Hyne, R.V.; Boettcher, B., 1977:
The selective binding of steroids by human spermatozoa

Sutton, I.; Simmonds, M.A., 1974:
The selective blockade by di amino butyric acid of neuronal uptake of tritiated gamma amino butyric acid in rat brain in vivo

Shimizu, K.; Akishige, J.; Tominaga, K.; Murata, N.; Ebihara, T.; Sato, M., 1976:
The selective blocking action of imidazoline derivative compounds on the conduction of unmyelinated c fibers

Bender, N.; Fasold, H.; Kenmoku, A.; Middelhoff, G.; Volk, K.E., 1976:
The selective blocking of the polymerization reaction of striated muscle actin leading to a derivative suitable for crystallization modification of tyrosine 53 by 5 diazonium 1h tetrazole

O'Donald, P., 1969:
The selective coefficients that keep modifying genes in a population

Oswald A.K., 1980:
The selective control of poa trivialis by dalapon in perennial rye grass lolium perenne crops grown for seed

Gusterson B.A.; Edwards P.A.W.; Foster C.S.; Neville A.M., 1981:
The selective culture of keratinocytes using a cyto toxic anti fibroblast mono clonal antibody

Nitta Y.; Arakawa Y., 1986:
The selective dealkylation of mixed esters of phosphoric acid and phenylphosphonic acid using cation exchange resin

Kaplan M.R.; Calef E.; Bercovici T.; Gitler C., 1983:
The selective detection of cell surface determinants by means of antibodies and acetylated avidin attached to highly fluorescent polymer microspheres

Cremer U., 1988:
The selective detection of cytomegalovirus cmv by in situ hybridization

Mezzanotte R., 1986:
The selective digestion of polytene and mitotic chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster by the alu i and hae iii restriction endonucleases

Sutherland J.A.; Krug D.; Glover J.A., 1988:
The selective displaced rehearsal hypothesis and failure to obtain the generation effect

Borisov, V.M., 1978:
The selective effect of fishing on the structure of populations of long cycle fish

Wolff, L.J.; Boxer, L.A.; Allen, J.M.; Baehner, R.L., 1978:
The selective effect of hyperoxia on the guinea pig alveolar macrophage membrane

Blatt C.; Haimovich J., 1981:
The selective effect of tunicamycin on the secretion of immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g produced by the same cells

Zhao Z.Q.; Morton C.R.; Hall J.G.; Dugan A.W., 1986 :
The selective effects of metorphamide on dorsal horn neurons of the cat spinal cord

L.L.; Broxmeyer H.E., 1983:
The selective enhancing influence of hemin and products of human erythrocytes on colony formation by human multipotential and erythroid progenitor cells in vitro

Büdingen, H.J.; Reutern, G.M.; Freund, H.J., 1976:
The selective examination of the neck arteries by directional Doppler sonography

Xu, H., 1978:
The selective excitation effect of laser to the cell wall of a bacillus subtilis strain as 1.831

Fukasawa, H.; Uchiyama, T., 1977:
The selective extraction of rna polymerase i from cauliflower inflorescence

Aspinall G.O.; Puvanesarajah V., 1983:
The selective fragmentation of methylated leiocarpan a by beta d glucosiduronic acid and beta d glucosiduronamide cleavage

Kalashnik N.A.; Portyanko V.A.; Bogachkov V.I., 1985:
The selective genetic analysis of the productivity of oats hybrids

Steer, C.J.; James, S.P.; Vierling, J.M.; Hosea, S.W.; Jones, E.A., 1980:
The selective hepatic uptake of desialylated peripheral blood mononuclear cells in rabbits

Abe, H.; Morita, K.; Ohmomo, A.; Sato, K., 1981:
The selective impairment of blue sensitive mechanism isolated by chromatic adaptation in the Maxwellian view optical system in pathologic eyes with fundus disease. Studies of spatial summation and temporal summation

Strobel, R.; Woehrmann, K., 1978:
The selective importance of allozymes in yeast populations

Salzman A.G., 1982:
The selective importance of heat stress in gull nest location

Durkin J.P.; Whitfield J.F., 1985:
The selective induction of a small number of proteins during g 1 transit results from the mitogenic action of pp 60v src in ts avian sarcoma virus infected rat cells

Jones, G.R.N., 1977:
The selective induction of cellular damage within neoplasia in situ a putative role for sympathomimetic agents

Kapfhammer, J.P.; Grunewald, B.E.; Raper, J.A., 1986:
The selective inhibition of growth cone extension by specific neurites in culture

Itoh, M.; Ebadi, M., 1982:
The selective inhibition of hippocampal glutamic acid decarboxylase ec in zinc induced epileptic seizures

Walker, J.R.L.; Mccallion, R.F., 1980:
The selective inhibition of o di phenol oxidases ec and p di phenol oxidases ec

Towart R., 1981:
The selective inhibition of serotonin induced contractions of rabbit cerebral vascular smooth muscle by calcium antagonistic di hydro pyridines an investigation of the mechanism of action of nimodipine

Venable D.L.; Brown J.S., 1988:
The selective interactions of dispersal dormancy and seed size as adaptations for reducing risk in variable environments

Siev, M.; Weinberg, R.; Penman, S., 1969:
The selective interruption of nucleolar rna synthesis in neopl hela cells by cordycepin human

Batey, I.L.; Brown, D.M., 1975 :
The selective iodination of yeast phenyl alanine transfer rna with iodine 125

Stevenson, K.J., 1974:
The selective isolation of an active site histidine peptide from alpha chymotrypsin by diagonal peptide mapping an n tau carboxymethyl histidine diagonal peptide map

Karwowski J.P., 1986:
The selective isolation of micromonospora from soil by cesium chloride density gradient ultracentrifugation

Thrower, S.; Hall, C.; Lim, L.; Davison, A.N., 1976:
The selective isolation of the uterine estradiol receptor complex by binding to oligo deoxy thymidylic acid cellulose the mediation of an essential activator in the transformation of cytosol receptor

Cossery J.M.; Gozlan H.; Spampinato U.; Perdicakis C.; Guillaumet G.; Pichat L.; Hamon M., 1987:
The selective labelling of central 5 ht 1a receptor binding sites by tritiated 5 methoxy 3 di n propylaminochroman

Kraal, G.; Van Hoogstraten, I.; Klerx, J.P.; Van Dijk, H., 1985:
The selective localization of B lymphocytes in the spleen and the role of complement receptors

Patroni J.J.; Stick R.V.; Skelton B.W.; White A.H., 1988:
The selective monobenzylidenation of some monosaccharides and their derivatives with alpha alpha dimethoxytoluene

Weitsch-Dick, F.; Jessell, T.M.; Kelly, J.S., 1978:
The selective neuronal uptake and release of tritiated racemic d 2 4 di amino butyric acid by rat cerebral cortex

Smits P.C.C.; Kuster B.F.M.; Van Der Wiele K.; Van Der Baan H.S., 1986:
The selective oxidation of aldoses and aldonic acids to 2 ketoaldonic acids with lead modified platinum on carbon catalysts

Barton D.H.R.; Gokturk A.K.; Morzycki J.W.; Motherwell W.B., 1985:
The selective oxidation of protected cholestanol derivatives using the gif system

Fishman L.; Primor N.; Zlotkin E., 1984:
The selective permeability of flesh fly sarcophaga falculata mid gut to an orally toxic cobra venom cardio toxin

Greenwell, J.R., 1977:
The selective permeability of the pancreatic duct of the cat to monovalent ions

Potapov A.A., 1985:
The selective properties of the afferent input inhibition and the slow potentials in carp olfactory bulb

Yarmonenko, S.P.; Wainson, A.A.; Bereznova, L.I.; Krimker, V.M.; Ovakimov, V.G.; Petrosian, E.P.; Shmakova, N.L., 1976:
The selective protection of normal tissues by irradiation of tumor bearing mice in hypoxic hypoxia

Jarman M.; Mccague R., 1987:
The selective protection of the 3 ketone functions of steroids as heptafluoro p tolyl enol ethers

Schorlemmer, H.U.; Davies, P.; Hylton, W.; Gugig, M.; Allison, A.C., 1977:
The selective release of lysosomal acid hydrolases from mouse peritoneal macrophages by stimuli of chronic inflammation

Tewari D.S.; Sommer A.; Traut R.R., 1986:
The selective release of one of the two l 7 l 12 dimers from the escherichia coli ribosome induced by a monoclonal antibody to the amino terminal region

Joyner W.L.; Mohama R.E.; Myers T.O.; Gilmore J.P., 1988:
The selective response to adenosine of renal microvessels from hamster explants

Thomas, T.; Ferrara, J.J., 1986:
The selective role of endoscopic sclerotherapy in the management of bleeding esophageal varices

Stevens R.H.; Benveniste E.; Pineda E., 1982:
The selective role of membrane immuno globulin g in the antigen induced inhibition of human in vitro antibody synthesis

Moosic J.P.; Sung E.; Nilson A.; Jones P.P.; Mckean D.J., 1982:
The selective solubilization of different murine splenocyte membrane fractions with lubrol wx and triton x 100 distinguishes 2 forms of ia antigens

Delmage, J.M.; Powars, D.R.; Jaynes, P.K.; Allerton, S.E., 1986:
The selective suppression of immunogenicity by hyaluronic acid

Jones, R.E., 1976:
The selective uptake and transmission of proteins to the circulation from the small intestine of the suckling rat

Delmonico, F.L.; Auchincloss, H.; Rubin, R.H.; Russell, P.S.; Tolkoff-Rubin, N.; Fang, L.T.; Cosimi, A.B., 1987:
The selective use of antilymphocyte serum for cyclosporine treated patients with renal allograft dysfunction

Buth, J.; Cohen, R.F.; Adhin, S.K., 1983:
The selective use of modified human umbilical vein as an arterial substitute in the lower extremity

Wilkins, T.J.; Bennett, J.E., 1980:
The selective use of systemic antibiotics in the treatment of burns

Foley, J.E.; Mcchesney, J., 1976:
The selective utilization of information in the optic array

Gaylis, N.B.; Altman, R.D.; Ostrov, S.; Quencer, R., 1982:
The selective value of computed tomography of the brain in cerebritis due to systemic lupus erythematosus

Dinger F.; Constantinescu C.; Draganescu I.C.; Serban D.; Spulber M., 1980:
The selective value of some morphological traits of the udder subjectively and objectively appreciated

Frigyesi, T.L.; Siegfried, J.; Broggi, G., 1975:
The selective vulnerability of evoked potentials in the trigeminal sensory root to graded thermo coagulation

Nashimoto K., 1985:
The selectively of the japanese surf clam pseudocardium sybillae dredge

Jarosz M.M., 1979:
The selectivity and polarity of pathology in schizophrenia

Timmermans P.B.M.W.M.; Qian J.Q.; Ruffolo R.R.Jr; Van Zwieten P.A., 1984:
The selectivity and potency of rauwolscine rx 781094 racemic 2 2 1 4 benzodioxanyl 2 imidazoline and rs 21361 racemic 2 1 ethyl 2 imidazolylmethyl 1 4 benzodioxan as antagonists of alpha 1 and alpha 2 adrenoceptors

Dargent B.; Hofmann W.; Pattus F.; Rosenbusch J.P., 1986:
The selectivity filter of voltage dependent channels formed by phosphoporin pho e protein from escherichia coli

Andre P.; Legendre P.; Harper P.P., 1981:
The selectivity of 3 samplers for lake benthos

Fritsch B.; Maretzki D.; Hiebsch C.; Schewe T.; Rapoport S., 1979:
The selectivity of action of the lip oxygenase from rabbit reticulocytes on mitochondria and erythrocyte membranes

Nashimoto K.; Motoya S., 1985:
The selectivity of great northern tellin hydraulic jet dredge

Bergseth, H.; Stuanes, A., 1976 :
The selectivity of humus material for several heavy metal ions

Shimono M.; Tsuji N., 1985:
The selectivity of impregnation of neurons by the golgi method

Churakova, N.I.; Kravchenko, N.A.; Serebryakov, E.P.; Kaverzneva, E.D., 1976:
The selectivity of lysozyme oxidation by singlet oxygen

Blair, A.M.; Drennan, D.S.H.; Holly, K., 1976:
The selectivity of methabenzthiazuron between barley perennial rye grass and poa trivialis

Bastide J.; Badon R., 1984:
The selectivity of propyzamide approach by structure activity relation

Stewart P.A.M., 1987:
The selectivity of slackly hung cod gillnets constructed from three different types of twine

Guerrier G., 1984:
The selectivity of sodium fixation in embryos and young plants sensitive to or tolerant of sodium chloride

Mcpherson G.A.; Beart P.M., 1983:
The selectivity of some ergot derivatives for alpha 1 adrenoceptors and alpha 2 adrenoceptors of rat cerebral cortex

Gay, L.A.; Stanfield, P.R., 1978:
The selectivity of the delayed potassium conductance of frog skeletal muscle fibers

Barlow R.B.; Dawson S., 1986:
The selectivity of the levo and dextro forms of hyoscine methiodide and of hyoscyamine camphorsulfonate for muscarinic m 2 receptors

Nashimoto K., 1984 :
The selectivity of the sunray surf clam dredge

Faur, Y.C.; Weisburd, M.H.; Wilson, M.E., 1978:
The selectivity of vancomycin and lincomycin in new york city medium for the recovery of neisseria gonorrhoeae from clinical specimens

Wiech K.; Wnuk A., 1985:
The selectivity of white clover cultivars by white clover leaf weevil sitona hispidulus coleoptera curculionidae

McCaffrey, P.M.; Riddell, J.G.; Shanks, R.G., 1988:
The selectivity of xamoterol, prenalterol, and salbutamol as assessed by their effects in the presence and absence of ICI 118,551

Janssen A.G.M.; Van Den Bosch R.L.P.; D.G.eij J.J.M.; Theelen H.M.J., 1980:
The selenium 77 to bromine 77 reaction and the selenium 78 to bromine 77 reaction production routes for bromine 77

Heys V.; Hill R., 1984:
The selenium concentration of cereal grain and conserved and fresh herbage from farms in england and wales uk

Norrman E., 1984:
The selenium content in cows milk

Piepponen, S.; Liukkonen-Lilja, H.; Kuusi, T., 1983:
The selenium content of edible mushrooms in Finland

Pelc, B., 1977:
The selenium di oxide oxidation of cholecalciferol

Lombeck, I.; Kasperek, K.; Harbisch, H.D.; Becker, K.; Schumann, E.; Schroeter, W.; Feinendegen, L.E.; Bremer, H.J., 1978:
The selenium state of children part 2 selenium content of serum whole blood hair and the activity of erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase in dietetically treated patients with phenyl ketonuria and maple syrup urine disease

Lombeck, I.; Kasperek, K.; Harbisch, H.D.; Feinendegen, L.E.; Bremer, H.J., 1977:
The selenium state of healthy children part 1 serum selenium concentration at different ages activity of glutathione peroxidase of erythrocytes at different ages selenium content of food of infants

Lipson, A.; Masters, H.; O'Halloran, M.; Thompson, S.; Coveney, J.; Yu, J., 1988:
The selenium status of children with phenylketonuria: results of selenium supplementation

Binnerts W.T., 1979:
The selenium status of dairy cows in the netherlands derived from milk and blood analysis

Ginsburg L.; Huin J.; Locher J P., 1985:
The selenodont artiodactyla from the lower miocene of les beilleaux at savigne sur lathan indre et loire france

Ginsburg, L.; Bulot, C., 1987:
The selenodont artiodactyla from the miocene of bezian in la romieu gers. france

Fransson L A.; Del Rosso M., 1985:
The self affinity of heparan sulfates from quiescent or proliferating normal 3t3 cells and from sv 40 transformed cells

Erickson, J.W.; Bancroft, J.B., 1978:
The self assembly of papaya mosaic virus

Savithri H.S.; Erickson J.W., 1983:
The self assembly of the cowpea strain of southern bean mosaic virus formation of t equals 1 and t equals 3 nucleo protein particles

Gilligan, T.J.I.i ; Schwarz, G., 1976:
The self association of atp studied by circular dichroism at low ionic strengths

Baldwin, G.S.; Mckenzie, G.H.; Davidson, B.E., 1981:
The self association of chorismate mutase ec prephenate dehydratase ec from escherichia coli k 12

Woods, E.F.; Lilley, G.G.; Jermyn, M.A., 1978:
The self association of glycosyl phenylazo dyes yariv antigens

Kaneshiro, C.M.; Reithel, F.J., 1976:
The self association of jack bean urease ec and its modification by silver ions

Neurohr, K.J.; Mantsch, H.H., 1979:
The self association of naturally occurring purine nucleoside 5' mono phosphates in aqueous solution

Stone, W.L.; Reynolds, J.A., 1975:
The self association of the apo glutamine i and apo glutamine ii poly peptides of human high density serum lipo proteins

Barnes, D.; Benjamin, S., 1987:
The self care assessment schedule scas i. the purpose and construction of a new assessment of self care behaviors

Hilmi F., 1988:
The self concept of delinquent and non delinquent saudi juveniles

Zimet S.G.; Farley G.K., 1984:
The self concepts of children entering day psychiatric treatment

Gould, S.J., 1986:
The self consciousness scale a confirmatory analysis

Mikawa, J.K.; Nordin, K.; Eyman, J., 1986:
The self consciousness scale and locus of control

Rossi, R.R.; Stutz, R.M., 1978 :
The self deprivation phenomenon competition between appetitive rewards and electrical stimulation of the brain

Biddison W.E.; Ward F.E.; Shearer G.M.; Shaw S., 1980:
The self determinants recognized by human virus immune thymus derived cells can be distinguished from the serologically defined hla antigens

Coulter, N.A.Jr, 1975:
The self determinism of teleogenic systems

Riveros-Moreno, V.; Wittenberg, J.B., 1972:
The self diffusion coefficients of myo globin and hemo globin in concentrated solutions

Staunton S., 1986:
The self diffusion of sodium in soil factors affecting the surface mobility

Sherer M.; Maddux J.E.; Mercandante B.; Prentice Dunn S.; Jacobs B.; Rogers R.W., 1982:
The self efficacy scale construction and validation

Magnus K.; Matroos A.W.; Strackee J., 1983:
The self employed and self driven 2 coronary prone sub populations from the zeist study

Low A.; Pistollo G., 1986:
The self fertility status of some sunflower helianthus annuus cultivars in australia

Ackermann H J.; Kupper H., 1984:
The self healing rate of hips with a positive ortolani sign

Jones J.C.; Raj S.C., 1988:
The self heating and ignition of hops

McGuire, W.J.; McGuire, C.V.; Cheever, J., 1986 :
The self in society: effects of social contexts on the sense of self

Roxburgh, P.A., 1977:
The self management of an occupational habit spasm

Coutinho, A.; Moller, G., 1975:
The self nonself discrimination a 1 signal mechanism

Fabes, R.A., 1986:
The self observation of performance and young children's task interest

Stigler J.W.; Smith S.; Mao L W., 1985:
The self perception of competence by chinese children

Van Willigen J.D.; Broekhuijsen M.L., 1983:
The self perception of jaw positions in man

Panides W.C.; Ziller R.C., 1981:
The self perceptions of children with asthma and asthma enuresis

Murphy D., 1982:
The self poisoner a profile

Kokina, A.G.; Hel'fer, E.A., 1976:
The self purification of underground waters

Quayle C.M.; Powers R.B., 1979:
The self recording of weights and bites in the treatment of obesity

Bodisko O.D.; Yurkevich V.V., 1986:
The self regulation of alpha amylase formation in bacillus subtilis

D.W.tte P.; Colpaert F.; Schmitt P., 1983:
The self regulation of hypothalamic rewarding brain stimulus after inoculation of mycobacterium butyricum inducing chronic arthritis

Greenberg J.; Pyszcyznski T.; Solomon S., 1982:
The self serving attributional bias beyond self presentation

Reifenberg R.J., 1986:
The self serving bias and the use of objective and subjective methods for measuring success and failure

Hibbs D.E., 1987:
The self thinning rule and red alder management

Weinstein, M.; Tyrrell, B.; Newton, T.H., 1976:
The sella turcica in Nelson's syndrome

Danziger, J.; Wallace, S.; Handel, S.; Samaan, N.B., 1979:
The sella turcica in primary end organ failure

Denischi A.; Dinulescu I.; Purghel F.; Barbu D.; Robanescu M., 1984:
The selter pelvic osteotomy in the therapy of luxating dysplasia

Oh, Y.C., 1987:
The sem and lm epidermal characters of the leaf blades in korean sedge taxa i. carex

Butterworth B.; Howard D.; Mcloughlin P., 1984:
The semantic deficit in aphasia the relationship between semantic errors in auditory comprehension and picture naming

Hermann D.J., 1982:
The semantic episodic distinction and the history of long term memory typologies

Neuringer C., 1979:
The semantic perception of life death and suicide

Hall W.S.; Nagy W.E., 1987:
The semantic pragmatic distinction in the investigation of mental state words the role of the situation

Lahey, M.; Feier, C.D., 1982:
The semantics of verbs in the dissolution and development of language

Schneider M.; Marco Algarra J.A.; Palop J.M., 1987:
The semeiologic importance of the compression of the vertebral arteries

Usmani R.H.; Shah S.K.; Latif M., 1985:
The semen producing ability of sahiwal bulls under subtropical environmental conditions of pakistan

O'brien, C.W., 1977:
The semi aquatic weevil genus listronotus in mexico and central america coleoptera curculionidae cylindrorhininae

Olafsson J., 1986:
The semi automated determination of manganese in sea water with leuco malachite green

Altemeyer K.H.; Fosel T.; Wick C.; Kilian J., 1985:
The semi closed circle system

Rosenberg, B.; Pant, H.C., 1970:
The semi conducting rectifier behavior of a bi molecular lipid membrane

Arrufat A.O.; Fernandez Alonso J.I.; Pardo A.; Llabres J., 1979:
The semi conductivity of cation radicals of certain phenothiazine derivatives

Stenroos L.E.; Grabowski D.W.; Spearman J.; Siebert K.J., 1985:
The semi routine use of capillary gas chromatography for analysis of aroma volatiles in beer

Wallace C.J.A.; Rose K., 1983:
The semi synthesis of analogs of cytochrome c modifications of arginine residues 38 and 91

Muren, C.; Wilbrand, H., 1986:
The semicircular canals of the inner ear and the pneumatization of the temporal bone. A radioanatomic investigation

Heide O.M.; King R.W.; Evans L.T., 1988:
The semidian rhythm in flowering response of pharbitis nil in relation to dark period time measurement and to a circadian rhythm

Kastoro, 1987:
The semidiurnal m 2 tide in the southeast asian waters

Natural, N.G.; Sato, K.; Miyake, M., 1977:
The seminal characteristics and serum testosterone concentrations of a monorchid and 6 normal colts/

Ilias A.M.; Taylor S.M., 1982:
The seminal excretion blood elimination tissue distribution and metabolism of l alpha acetyl methadol in the rabbit

Giusti F.; Selmi M.G., 1985:
The seminal receptacle and sperm storage in cochlostoma montanum gastropoda prosobranchia

Luxova M., 1986:
The seminal root primordia in barley and the participation of their non meristematic cells in root construction

Hofmann H D.; Unsicker K., 1982:
The seminal vesicle of the bull a new and very rich source of nerve growth factor

Borowiec L., 1985:
The seminarius group of bruchidius coleoptera bruchidae with description of three new species

Bilaspuri G.S.; Guraya S.S., 1984:
The seminiferous epithelial cycle and spermatogenesis in goats capra hircus

Aire, T.A.; Olowo-okorun, M.O.; Ayeni, J.S., 1980:
The seminiferous epithelium in the guinea fowl (Numida meleagris)

Mendez, J.A.; Emery, J.L., 1979:
The seminiferous tubules of the testis before, around and after birth

Cochran, J.S., 1976:
The seminoma decoy: measurement of serum human chorionic gonadotropin in patients with seminoma

Guseinov G.K.; Ramazanova A.M.; Guseinov A.G., 1984:
The semiotics of abdominal tuberculosis

Prejzner-Morawska, A., 1978:
The semitendinosus muscle in lemurs and platyrrhine monkeys

Franzen, J.L.; Weber, J.; Wuttke, M., 1982:
The senckenberg excavations in the messel quarry near darmstadt west germany 3. the results of 1979 1981

Trippi V.; Paulin A., 1984:
The senescence of cut carnations dianthus caryophyllus cultivar scania a phasic phenomenon

Choe, H.T.; Thimann, K.V., 1974:
The senescence of isolated chloroplasts

Trippi V.S.; D'oro G.M., 1985:
The senescence process in oat avena sativa cultivar suregrain leaves and its regulation by oxygen concentration and light irradiance

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The sensing of retinal motion

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The sensitive innervation of the digital metacarpal and metatarsal pads of the rat and guinea pig

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The sensitive measurement of mycobacterium intracellulare and mycobacterium kansasii to antituberculous drugs

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The sensitive period for the morphological effects of monocular deprivation in two nuclei of the tectofugal pathway of zebra finches

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The sensitivities of dragonfly photo receptors and the voltage gain of transduction

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The sensitivity of larval plodia interpunctella and ephestia elutella lepidoptera to light during the photoperiodic induction of diapause

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The sensitivity of light modulation of enzyme activity to arsenite and sulfite and of photosynthetic induction to arsenite is determined by a cytoplasmic gene

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The sensitivity of locust skeletal muscle fibers to l glutamate following de nervation and injury

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The sensitivity of modeled sulfur dioxide fluxes and profiles to stomatal and boundary layer resistances

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The sensitivity of net photosynthesis in several plant species to short term fumigation with sulfur dioxide

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The sensitivity of neurons in the visual cortex of the tortoise emys orbicularis to the effect of biologically active substances

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The sensitivity of neurons of different rat brain areas to methionine enkephalin beta endorphin and thyroliberin

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The sensitivity of nigrostriatal dopamine neurons to mpp ion does not increase with age

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The sensitivity of normal stroma to fractionated radiotherapy measured by a tumor growth rate assay

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The sensitivity of opiate receptors and ligands to short wavelength uv light

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The sensitivity of personnel monitoring film to negative pions

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The sensitivity of phytophthora infestans to several antibiotics

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The sensitivity of pigweeds amaranthus spp to herbicides

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The sensitivity of placental trophoblast cells to intraplacental and allogeneic cytotoxic lymphocytes

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The sensitivity of pollen from various coniferous and broad leaved trees to combinations of acidity and trace metals

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The sensitivity of rat gastric mucosa to the ulcerogenic effect of hydrocortisone assessed by gastric chamber

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The sensitivity of receptors in the posterior median eye of the nocturnal spider dinopis subrufus

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The sensitivity of select varieties and new selections of capsicum pepper capsicum annuum l. to the broad bean wilt virus with respect to respiration

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The sensitivity of shigella to antibiotics

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The sensitivity of some apple varieties toward panonychus ulmi

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The sensitivity of some cultivars of red clover to selected fusarium spp and the effect of fungicides on the growth of fusaria in vitro

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The sensitivity of some oat cultivars to the herbicide chlorphenprop methyl

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The sensitivity of some winter wheat cultivars to herbicides

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The sensitivity of soybean glycine max cultivar acme tissue cultures to the thymidine analog 5 bromo deoxy uridine

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The sensitivity of staphylococcus aureus 79 and 80 and escherichia coli 95 to sodium salicylate and nicotinaldehyde singly and in combination with nicotinic acid or nicotinamide

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The sensitivity of strains of salmonella subgenera i to iv to felix o 1 phage its possible significance for the classification of the genus salmonella

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The sensitivity of the fetal rat adrenal gland to acth in vivo and in vitro

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The sensitivity of the longitudinal and circular muscle layers of the rat's myometrium to oxytocin in vitro during pregnancy

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The sensitivity of the neuronal cholino receptive membrane to mono quaternary and bis quaternary ammonium compounds in the mollusk lymnaea stagnalis

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The sensitivity of the pigeons keypeck to the differential reinforcement of long inter response times

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The sensitivity of the pollen and stylar component of the self incompatibility reaction to chronic gamma irradiation

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The sensitivity of the pseudo murein containing genus methanobacterium to inhibitors of murein synthesis

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The sensitivity of the rat cortico sterone response to environmental manipulations and to chronic chlordiazepoxide treatment

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The sensitivity of the seedlings of pinus sylvestris pinus nigra picea abies larix decidua and alnus glutinosa to dusts from 10 industrial works introduced into the soil

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The sensitivity of the skin of hairless mice to chemical carcinogenesis

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The sensitivity of the symptom angina pectoris as a marker of transient myocardial ischemia in chronic stable angina pectoris

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The sensitivity of the thyro toxic heart to adrenergic influences

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The sensitivity of the ventral nerve photoreceptor of limulus recovers after light adaptation in two phases of dark adaptation

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The sensitivity of trichomonas vaginalis and trichomonas gallinae to uv radiation

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The sensitivity of various serologic test 3 in the diagnosis of rocky mountain spotted fever

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The sensitivity of whole fragmented and enucleated embryos of the starfish aphelasterias japonica to drug anti mediators

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The sensitivity of whole half and quarter sea urchin embryos to cyto toxic neuro pharmacological drugs

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The sensitivity shift due to light adaptation depending on the extracellular calcium ion concentration in limulus ventral nerve photo receptor

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The sensitivity, specificity, and predictive value of traditional clinical evaluation of peripheral arterial disease: results from noninvasive testing in a defined population

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The sensitivity to cytosine arabinoside of the blast progenitors of acute myeloblastic leukemia

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The sensitivity to hyperbaric oxygen of human di ploid fibroblasts during aging in vitro

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The sensitivity to hypoxia of peripheral and central respiratory control mechanisms under normo thermic and hypo thermic conditions

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The sensitivity to light of the circadian rhythm of 3 cave beetle species of the genus laemostenus

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The sensitivity to low ph of some selected crustaceans daphnia and gammarus crustacea

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The sensitization of children by opportunist mycobacteria in Lagos, Nigeria

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The sensitization of near uv radiation killing of mammalian cells by the sunscreen agent p amino benzoic acid

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The sensitization potential of d and c yellow no. 11 in guinea pigs

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The sensitization potential of some perfume ingredients tested using a modified draize procedure

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The sensitizing action of electro magnetic fields of super high frequency

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The sensitizing activity of neisseria perflava under experimental conditions

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The sensitizing capacity of alstroemeria ligtu cultivars in man and guinea pig remarks on the occurrence quantity and irritant and sensitizing potency of their constituents tuliposide a and tulipalin a alpha methylene gamma butyro lactone

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The sensitizing capacity of atranorin

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The sensitizing capacity of compositae plants 7. experimental investigations with extracts and compounds of chamomilla recutita and anthemis cotula

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The sensitizing capacity of compositae plants part 3 test results and cross reactions in compositae sensitive patients

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The sensitizing capacity of helenin and of 2 of its main constituents the sesqui terpene lactones alanto lactone and iso alanto lactone a comparison of epi cutaneous and intra dermal sensitizing methods in different strains of guinea pig

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The sensitizing capacity of merthiolate and its methyl analog

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The sensitizing capacity of multifunctional acrylates in the guinea pig

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The sensitizing capacity of naturally occurring quinones experimental studies in guinea pigs part 2 benzo quinones

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The sensitizing effect of a sun screening agent p amino benzoic acid on near uv induced damage in a repair deficient strain of escherichia coli

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The sensitizing potential of periodontal dressings

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The sensorial apparatus of the snout of the desman galemys pyrenaicus insectivores talpidae electron microscopic study

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The sensorial organ of the cruciform muscle of tellinacea systematic significance in the psammobiidae

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The sequence of a region of bacterio phage phi x 174 dna coding for parts of gene a and gene b

Crain W.R.Jr; Boshar M.F.; Cooper A.D.; Durica D.S.; Nagy A.; Steffen D., 1987:
The sequence of a sea urchin muscle actin gene suggests a gene conversion with a cytoskeletal actin gene

Campan M.; Lauga J., 1981:
The sequence of acts in sexual behavior of galliphora vomitoria diptera galliphoridae experimental ethological and statistical study

Chroboczek J.; Jacrot B., 1987:
The sequence of adenovirus fiber similarities and differences between serotypes 2 and 5

Jones, E.T.; Williams, C.H.Jr, 1975:
The sequence of amino acid residues around the oxidation reduction active di sulfide in yeast glutathione reductase ec homology with the analogous region in lipoamide dehydrogenase ec

Reid, K.B.; Grant, P.T.; Youngson, A., 1968:
The sequence of amino acids in insulin isolated from islet tissue of the cod (Gadus callarias)

Geller D.M.; Currie M.G.; Siegel N.R.; Fok K.F.; Adams S.P.; Needleman P., 1984:
The sequence of an atriopeptigen a precursor of the bioactive atrial peptides

Molina M.I.; Kropp K.E.; Gulick J.; Robbins J., 1987:
The sequence of an embryonic myosin heavy chain gene and isolation of its corresponding complementary dna

Bisseling T.; Moen A.A.; Van Den Bos R.C.; Van Kammen A., 1980:
The sequence of appearance of leg hemo globin and nitrogenase components i and ii in root nodules of pisum sativum

Grujic Injac B.; Braunitzer G.; Stangl A., 1979:
The sequence of beta a and beta b chains from carp hemo globins cyprinus carpio

Hull, R.; Sadler, J.; Longstaff, M., 1986:
The sequence of carnation etched ring virus DNA: comparison with cauliflower mosaic virus and retroviruses

Pulawska Z., 1986:
The sequence of cell divisions in the i tunic layer of actinidia arguta in light of the development of twin cell complexes

Drayson, M.T.; Smith, M.E.; Ford, W.L., 1981:
The sequence of changes in blood flow and lymphocyte influx to stimulated rat lymph nodes

Gressner A.M.; Heinrigs S.; Grouls P., 1982:
The sequence of changes in the biosynthesis of sulfated glycosamino glycans in acute experimental liver disease

Kirchgessner T.G.; Svenson K.L.; Lusis A.J.; Schotz M.C., 1987:
The sequence of complementary dna encoding lipoprotein lipase a member of lipase gene family

Gaudin, A.J., 1978:
The sequence of cranial ossification in the california toad bufo boreas amphibia anura bufonidae

Prusky D.; Dinoor A.; Jacoby B., 1980:
The sequence of death of haustoria and host cells during the hyper sensitive reaction of oat to crown rust

Desprels Fraysse A., 1985 :
The sequence of development of certain classification skills

Kingma J., 1984:
The sequence of development of transitivity correspondence and seriation

Rudzinska M.; Spielman A.; Lewengrub S.; Piesman J.; Karakashian S., 1984:
The sequence of developmental events of babesia microti in the gut of ixodes dammini

Millbocker D.C.; Wright R.D., 1979:
The sequence of differentiation leading to flowering in burford holly

Westerink B.H.C., 1979:
The sequence of dopamine metabolism in the rat brain

Hunter, D.M., 1978:
The sequence of events in outbreaks of austrosimulium pestilens diptera simuliidae

Ausprunk, D.H.; Falterman, K.; Folkman, J., 1978:
The sequence of events in the regression of corneal capillaries

Mazokhin Porshnyakov G.A.; Kartsev V.M., 1979:
The sequence of flight by insects of several equal food subjects strategy of their visual search

Kiew, K.Y., 1977:
The sequence of flower opening in 2 species of zingiberaceae

Newton, S.E.; Carroll, A.R.; Campbell, R.O.; Clarke, B.E.; Rowlands, D.J., 1985:
The sequence of foot and mouth disease virus rna to the 5' side of the polycytidylic acid tract

Bonch-Osmolovskaya, E.A., 1978:
The sequence of formation of gaseous products in the course of anaerobic decomposition of cellulose in the presence of several electron acceptors

Strachan I., 1981:
The sequence of graptolite faunas in the ordovician of the shelve inlier welsh borderland uk

Weyer, W.J.; De-Boer, H.A.; De-Boer, J.G.; Gruber, M., 1976:
The sequence of guanosine 5 di phosphate 3 di phosphate and guanosine 5 tri phosphate 3 di phosphate in the reaction scheme for magic spot synthesis

Mazur G.; Braunitzer G., 1982:
The sequence of hemo globins from asiatic wild ass equus hemionus kulan and a mountain zebra equus zebra

Travis E.L., 1980:
The sequence of histological changes in mouse lungs after single doses of x rays

Shmakov D.N.; Klyushina I.V.; Roshchevskii M.P., 1981:
The sequence of intra mural de polarization of the heart ventricles in the seal phoca groenlandica

Theodorou C., 1980:
The sequence of mycorrhizal infection of pinus radiata following inoculation with rhizopogon luteolus

Rozeik C.; Von Keyserlingk D., 1987:
The sequence of myelination in the brainstem of the rat monitored by myelin basic protein immunohistochemistry

Narang, H.K.; Wisniewski, H.M., 1977:
The sequence of myelination in the epi retinal portion of the optic nerve in the rabbit

Anderson, P.H.; Bradley, R.; Berrett, S.; Patterson, D.S.P., 1977:
The sequence of myo degeneration in nutritional myopathy of the older calf

Abildskov, J.A., 1975:
The sequence of normal recovery of excitability in the dog heart

Badcock J.; Larcombe R.A., 1980:
The sequence of photophore development in xenodermichthys copei pisces alepocephalidae

Iacangelo, A.L.; Fischer-Colbrie, R.; Koller, K.J.; Brownstein, M.J.; Eiden, L.E., 1988:
The sequence of porcine chromogranin A messenger RNA demonstrates chromogranin A can serve as the precursor for the biologically active hormone, pancreastatin

Elleman, T.C.; Dopheide, T.A., 1972:
The sequence of s carboxymethylated kerateine b 2b a high sulfur protein from wool keratin

Kjems J.; Garrett R.A.; Ansorge W., 1987:
The sequence of the 16s rna gene and its flanking region from the archaebacterium desulfurococcus mobilis

Jones R.W.; Goodbourn S.E.Y.; Old J.M.; Weatherall D.J., 1985:
The sequence of the agamma globin gene in a g gamma beta positive type of hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin

Aschauer H.; Vertesy L.; Brauntizer G., 1981:
The sequence of the alpha amylase inhibitor hoe 467a from streptomyces tendae 4158

Braunitzer, G.; Rodewald, K., 1980:
The sequence of the alpha chain and beta chain of goldfish hemo globin carassius auratus

Tong S.W.; Elzinga M., 1983:
The sequence of the amino terminal 204 residue fragment of the heavy chain of rabbit skeletal muscle myosin

Pitcher, S.E.; Konigsberg, W., 1970 :
The sequence of the amino terminal cyanogen bromide fragment from the heavy chain of a gamma gi myeloma protein

Morris, H.R.; Dell, A., 1975:
The sequence of the blocked n terminal peptide from neurospora crassa glutamate dehydrogenase

Konkel, D.A.; Tilghman, S.M.; Leder, P., 1978:
The sequence of the chromosomal mouse beta globin major gene homologies in capping splicing and poly adenylic acid sites

Kasparek M., 1979:
The sequence of the complete post nuptial molt in the reed bunting emberiza schoeniclus

Hughes, P.J.; Phillips, A.; Minor, P.D.; Stanway, G., 1987:
The sequence of the coxsackievirus A 21 polymerase gene indicates a remarkably close relationship to the polioviruses. Brief report

Eckert, R.L.; Rorke, E.A., 1988:
The sequence of the human epidermal 58 kd number 5 type ii keratin reveals an absence of 5' upstream sequence conservation between coexpressed epidermal keratins

Gray L.J.; Sanders M.L.; Campbell W.P., 1987:
The sequence of the middle size genomic rna of an isolate of la crosse virus

Banjo A.O., 1982:
The sequence of the structural changes in the endoplasmic reticulum rough endoplasmic reticulum and smooth endoplasmic reticulum during the synthesis of drug metabolizing enzymes in the liver

Green N.M.; Toms E.J., 1985:
The sequence of two peptides isolated from the calcium transporting atpase of rabbit sarcoplasmic reticulum after cleavage at tryptophan

Emery D.G.; Lucas J.H.; Gross G.W., 1987:
The sequence of ultrastructural changes in cultured neurons after dendrite transection

Nordheim A.; Rich A., 1983:
The sequence poly deoxy cytidylate deoxy adenylate poly deoxy guanylate thymidylate forms left handed z dna in negatively super coiled plasmids

Murray, V.; Tan, L.; Matthews, J.; Martin, R.F., 1988:
The sequence specificity of bleomycin damage in three cloned DNA sequences that differ by a small number of base substitutions

Thompson L.A.; Plomin R., 1988:
The sequenced inventory of communication development an adoption study of two and three year olds

Gaillard R.K.; L.J.K K.; Keene J.D.; Joklik W.K., 1982:
The sequences at the termini of 4 genes of the 3 reovirus serotypes

Paucha, E.; Smith, A.E., 1978:
The sequences between 0.59 and 0.54 map units on sv 40 dna code for the unique region of small tumor antigen

Campos-Cavieres, M.; Milstein, C.P., 1975:
The sequences of the coenzyme binding peptide in the cytoplasmic and the mitochondrial aspartate amino transferases ec from sheep liver

Auperin D.D.; Galinski M.; Bishop D.H.L., 1984:
The sequences of the nucleo capsid protein gene and intergenic region of the s rna of pichinde arenavirus

Crews S.; Attardi G., 1980:
The sequences of the small ribosomal rna gene and the phenyl alanine transfer rna gene are joined end to end in human mitochondrial dna

Green G.A.; Weil J H.; Steinmetz A., 1986:
The sequences of two nuclear genes and a pseudogene for proline transfer rna from the higher plant phaseolus vulgaris

Witkowski, T.; Losinski, J., 1978:
The sequent effect of alar on soil nematodes and collembola

Chase I.D., 1985:
The sequential analysis of aggressive acts during hierarchy formation an application of the jigsaw puzzle approach

Ying, T.S.; Sarma, D.S.R.; Farber, E., 1980:
The sequential analysis of liver cell necrosis inhibition of di ethyl nitrosamine induced and di methylnitrosamine induced acute liver cell death by post treatment with di ethyl di thio carbamate

Ross, G.D.; Jarowski, C.I.; Rabellino, E.M.; Winchester, R.J., 1978:
The sequential appearance of ia like antigens and 2 different complement receptors during the maturation of human neutrophils

Takeda, J., 1988:
The sequential changes in respiratory resistance during the inhalation of cold air and bronchial hyperresponsiveness

Inoue Y.; Sawai S.; Watanabe H.; Shimomura Y.; Sasaoka A.; Ohashi Y.; Fukuda M.; Manabe R., 1987:
The sequential changes of substance p during acute herpetic keratitis in mice

Hopkins W.G.; Slack J.R., 1981:
The sequential development of nodal sprouts in mouse muscles in response to nerve degeneration

Masters, C.L.; Rohwer, R.G.; Franko, M.C.; Brown, P.; Gajdusek, D.C., 1984:
The sequential development of spongiform change and gliosis of scrapie in the golden Syrian hamster

Yew D.T.; Woo H.H., 1979:
The sequential development of the higher visual centers in the central nervous system of the quail coturnix coturnix

Entrocasso, C.; McKellar, Q.; Parkins, J.J.; Bairden, K.; Armour, J.; Kloosterman, A., 1986:
The sequential development of type I and type II ostertagiasis in young cattle with special reference to biochemical and serological changes

Takato T.; Harii R.; Nakatsuka T., 1988:
The sequential evaluation of bone scintigraphy an analysis of revascularized bone grafts

Langou, R.A.; Cohen, L.S., 1977:
The sequential external counter pulsator: a circulatory assist device

Bird R.P.; Zaider M.; Rossi H.H.; Hall E.J.; Marino S.A.; Rohrig N., 1983:
The sequential irradiation of mammalian cells with x rays and charged particles of high linear energy transfer

Micetich R.G.; Spevak P.; Hall T.W.; Bains B.K., 1985:
The sequential lithiation of 1 phenyl 1 2 4 triazoles

Micetich R.G.; Baker V.; Spevak P.; Hall T.W.; Bains B.K., 1985:
The sequential lithiation of 1 phenylpyrazoles

Muramatsu, I., 1981:
The sequential metabolic and histological changes occurring in dog leg muscles as a consequence of ischemia

Black D.; Love R.M., 1986:
The sequential mobilization and restoration of energy reserves in tissues of atlantic cod gadus morhua during starvation and refeeding

Yahner, R.H., 1978:
The sequential organization of behavior in tamias striatus

Etienne A.S.; Matathia R.; Emanuelli E.; Zinder M.; D.C.prona D.C., 1983:
The sequential organization of hoarding and its ontogeny in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus

Bentwood B.J.; Henson P.M., 1980:
The sequential release of granule constituents from human neutrophils

Hamann, U.; Runge, M., 1975:
The sequential serologic identification of potato virus x potato virus y potato virus s and potato virus m in pressed juices with artificially induced modification of colloidal properties

Z.Z., 1982:
The sequential taxonomic key an application to some copepod genera

Fishman, J.B.; Cook, J.S., 1986:
The sequential transfer of internalized, cell surface sialoglycoconjugates through the lysosomes and Golgi complex in HeLa cells

Tsong, T.Y.; Baldwin, R.L.; Elson, E.L., 1971:
The sequential unfolding of rnase a detection of a fast initial phase in the kinetics of unfolding

Walker L.J., 1982:
The sequentiality of kohlbergs stages of moral development

Malone, P.C.; Morris, C.J., 1978:
The sequestration and margination of platelets and leukocytes in veins during conditions of hypo kinetic and anemic hypoxia potential significance in clinical post operative venous thrombosis

Marchau M.; Calliauw L.; Polderman J., 1980:
The serial cerebro spinal fluid lactate and pyruvate levels as a guide to prognosis after severe head injury

Fujimura T.; Komamine A., 1980:
The serial observation of embryogenesis in a carrot daucus carota cultivar kurodogosun cell suspension culture

Madigan S., 1980:
The serial position curve in immediate serial recall

Alonso, K.B., 1978:
The serial thrombin time in the diagnosis of consumptive coagulopathy

Wolf, P.; Williams, S., 1976:
The serial thromboplastin dilution test a presumptive test for hyper coagulability

Pascale, A.J.; Damario, E.A., 1977:
The serial water balance applied to agro climatological studies

Depeshko I.T.; Triskach V.I.; Bezuhlyi P.O.; Chernykh V.P.; Voronina L.M.; Chubenko V.O., 1981:
The series of 2 thiazolyl oxaminic acid derivatives

Zakharov I.K.; Golubovskii M.D., 1984:
The series of unstable singed alleles isolated from wild populations of drosophila melanogaster principles of mutation

Banno, Y.; Morris, H.P.; Katunuma, N., 1978:
The serine protease from rat liver and hepatoma 8999. Location and role in mitochondrial protein degradation

Medicus, R.G.; Gotze, O.; Mueller-Eberhard, H.J., 1976:
The serine protease nature of the complement c 3 convertase and complement c 5 convertase of the classical and alternative complement pathways

Tsurugi K.; Ogata K., 1982:
The serine proteases associated with rat liver chromatin

Carter P.E.; Dunbar B.; Fothergill J.E., 1983:
The serine proteinase chain of human activated complement c 1s cyanogen bromide cleavage and n terminal sequences of the fragments

Otlewski, J.; Wilusz, T., 1985:
The serine proteinase inhibitor from summer squash (Cucurbita pepo): some structural features, stability and proteolytic degradation

Martin N.C.; Miller D.; Hartley J.; Moynihan P.; Donelson J.E., 1980:
The serine transfer rna a g y and arginine transfer rna c g y genes form a gene cluster in yeast mitochondrial dna

Blum West S.R., 1985:
The seriousness of crime a study of popular morality

Matossian, R.M.; Mclaren, M.L.; Draper, C.C.; Bradstreet, C.M.P.; Dighero, M.W.; Kane, G.J.; Mackinlay, L.M.; Rickard, M.D., 1979:
The sero diagnosis of human hydatid disease 2. additional studies on selected sera using indirect hem agglutination enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay and defined antigen substrate spheres

Hawkes, R.A.; Boughton, C.R.; Ferguson, V., 1981:
The sero epidemiology of hepatitis in papua new guinea 1. a long term study of hepatitis a

Hawkes, R.A.; Boughton, C.R.; Ferguson, V.; Vale, T.G., 1981:
The sero epidemiology of hepatitis in papua new guinea 2. a long term study of hepatitis b

Warren, M.; Collins, W.E.; Jeffrey, G.M.; Skinner, J.C., 1983:
The sero epidemiology of malaria in middle america 5. antibody responses in an indicator population from an endemic area with attack phase anti malaria activities

Collins, W.E.; Cedillos, R.A.; Warren, M., 1977:
The sero epidemiology of malaria in middle america part 4 passage of malaria antibodies from mothers to infants

Linoli O.; Donnini R.; Mazzi D., 1981:
The sero epidemiology of neurotropic virus infections in healthy persons complement fixation reaction using dextran t 70 as adjuvant

Reeves, W.C.; Peters, C.J., 1976:
The sero epidemiology of reovirus coxsackievirus b and hepatitis b virus infections among panamanian indian children

Engels M.; Mayr Bibrack B.; Ruckstuhl B.; Metzler A.; Wyler R., 1980:
The sero epizootiology of canine herpesvirus infections in switzerland and preliminary studies with a vaccine

Gerber, J.; Morawiecka, B.; Woyton, J.; Sward, J., 1975:
The sero mucoid of serum in patients with ovarian carcinoma

Mauch H.; Fischer W.; Grange J.M.; Kardjito T., 1988:
The serodiagnosis of tuberculosis a comparison of an elisa and a solid phase radioimmunoassay

Lysenko, A.Y. ; Avdyukhina, T.I.; Fedorenko, T.N.; Kuprina, N.N.; Ponomareva, S.I., 1987:
The seroepidemiology of toxocariasis and toxoplasmosis in mixed foci communication 1. immunological structure of the population in urban and rural foci

Avdyukhina, T.I.; Lysenko, A.Y. ; Fedorenko, T.N.; Kuprina, N.N.; Usova, T.I., 1987:
The seroepidemiology of toxocariasis and toxoplasmosis in mixed foci communication 2. pica and the rate of seropositive cases in children

Hathaway, S.C.; Blackmore, D.K.; Marshall, R.B., 1978:
The serologic and cultural prevalence of leptospira interrogans balcanica in possums trichosurus vulpecula in new zealand

Livingston, P.O.; Jones, M.; Deleo, A.B.; Oettgen, H.F.; Old, L.J., 1985:
The serologic response to Meth A sarcoma vaccines after cyclophosphamide treatment is additionally increased by various adjuvants

Schollum, L.M.; Blackmore, D.K., 1981:
The serological and cultural prevalence of leptospirosis in a sample of feral goats

Cameron, C.M.; Engelbrecht, M.M.; Vermeulen, A.S., 1978:
The serological and immunological relationship of type strains A and D of Pasteurella multocida to field isolates from sheep

Boehm, G.; Werner, H., 1975:
The serological behavior of the pyogenic anaerobes peptococcus asaccharolyticus and peptococcus prevotii

Fabricius E M.; Schmidt W.; Schneeweiss U., 1987:
The serological clostridium tumor test application of discriminance analysis

Ahmed A.A.S.; E.A.m I.M.A.; Ayoub N.N.K.; E.T.ukhi B.I.M., 1982:
The serological detection of antibodies to avian encephalomyelitis virus

Pollack, M.S.; Slimp, G.H.; Sokal, J.E., 1977:
The serological detection of leukemia associated antigens in chronic leukemia correlation with disease status

Rousseau S.A.; Tettmar R.E., 1985:
The serological diagnosis of mycoplasma pneumoniae infection a comparison of complement fixation hemagglutination and immunofluorescence

Macaulay, M.E., 1979:
The serological diagnosis of whooping cough

Jarvis, A.W., 1977:
The serological differentiation of lactic streptococcal bacterio phage

Neppert J.; Gerlich W., 1979:
The serological manifestation of hepatitis b virus infections in liberia

Lung Escarmant B.; Dunez J., 1980:
The serological properties a possible basis of the classification of armillariella

Kabir, S., 1983:
The serological properties of the cell surface proteins of Vibrio cholerae

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