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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6768

Chapter 6768 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Scott D.L.; Almond T.J.; Naqvi S.N.H.; Lea D.J.; Stone R.; Walton K.W., 1982: The significance of fibronectin in cryo precipitation in rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases

Weller M.; Wiedemann P.; Heimann K.; Zilles K., 1988: The significance of fibronectin in vitreoretinal pathology a critical evaluation

Pattman R.S., 1984: The significance of finding curved rods in the vaginal secretions of patients attending a genito urinary medical clinic

Cardozo P.L., 1980: The significance of fine needle aspiration cytology for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant lymphomas

Fermanis G.G.; Deane S.A.; Fitzgerald P.M., 1985: The significance of first and second rib fractures

Zloch, Z., 1977: The significance of flavonoids and related poly phenol compounds in nutrition

Van-Huizen, T. H. P., 1977: The significance of flight activity in the life cycle of amara plebeja coleoptera carabidae

Lamont B., 1985: The significance of flower color change in 8 co occurring shrub species

Bogdanowski, T.; Gluza, J.; Rasiewicz, D., 1977: The significance of fluorescein angiography in the early diagnosis of lesions on ocular fundus at pseudoxanthoma elasticum patients

Querfeld U.; Waldherr R.; Schaerer K., 1985: The significance of focal global sclerosis in idiopathic nephrotic syndrome long term clinical observations

Kohaut, E. C.; Singer, D. B.; Hill, L. L., 1976: The significance of focal glomerular sclerosis in children who have nephrotic syndrome

Nash, M. A.; Greifer, I.; Olbing, H.; Bernstein, J.; Bennett, B.; Spitzer, A., 1976: The significance of focal sclerotic lesions of glomeruli in children

Buchanan, W. M., 1971: The significance of folic acid tissue iron stores and tissue viability in determining iron uptake from serum by thyroid tissue slices

Hosoya R., 1980: The significance of food allergen specific immuno globulin e in atopic dermatitis by radio allergo sorbent test and oral provocation test

Leisler, B., 1975: The significance of foot morphology in the habitat separation of central european acrocephalus spp and locustella spp

Choulis, N. H., 1985: The significance of formulation in drug bioavailability i. a study with cimetidine tablets

Hahn, E. W.; Alfieri, A. A.; Kim, J. H., 1978: The significance of fractionation regimens in radiation and combined hyper thermia using a murine fibro sarcoma

Van-Den-Brenk, H. A. S.; Crowe, M.; Kelly, H.; Stone, M. G., 1977: The significance of free blood in liquid and solid tumors

Weaver R.J.; Strambi A.; Strambi C., 1984: The significance of free ecdysteroids in the hemolymph of adult cockroaches periplaneta americana

Wilson, H. R., 1976: The significance of frequency gradients in bin ocular grating perception

Czekalski S.; Salwa W.; Szmeja Z.; Zeromski J.; Malczewska B.; Skonieczna M.; Pospieszynski M., 1980: The significance of functional and morphological examinations of the kidneys in early stage of wegeners disease

Foss J.G., 1987: The significance of fungal diseases in combining peas effects of control chemicals 1985 1986

Kaiser, P., 1978: The significance of fungal hyphae in mycotic gall midges research on lasioptera rubi diptera cecidomyiidae

Sanger D.G.; Humphreys I.J.; Patel A.C.; Japp M.; Osborne R.G.L., 1985: The significance of gas chromatographic impurity patterns obtained from illicitly produced amphetamine

Markel, A. L.; Borodin, P. M.; Osadchuk, A. V.; Khusainov, R. A.; Plotnikov, V. V., 1976: The significance of genetic factors in the formation of a hypertensive response to emotional stress

Ennos R.A., 1985: The significance of genetic variation for root growth within a natural population of white clover trifolium repens

Von Hochstetter A.R.; Sigg C.; Saremaslani P.; Hedinger C., 1985: The significance of giant cells in human testicular seminomas a clinico pathological study

Stewart R.V.; Dincsoy H.P., 1982: The significance of giant mitochondria in liver biopsies as observed by light microscopy

Asbury, A. K.; Cox, S. C.; Baringer, J. R., 1971: The significance of giant vacuolation of endo neurial fibroblasts

Moffat A.J.; Jarvis M.G., 1988: The significance of gley features in soils derived from gray parent materials

Perkins, R. P., 1976: The significance of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in pregnancy

Valsta L.M.; Hendricks J.D.; Bailey G.S., 1988: The significance of glutathione conjugation for aflatoxin b 1 metabolism in rainbow trout and coho salmon

Konradi, L. I.; Matveeva, O. F., 1977: The significance of glycosuria during pregnancy as a risk factor with respect to diabetes mellitus

Deshmukh I.K.; Baig M.N., 1983: The significance of grass mortality in the estimation of primary production in african grasslands

Ford M.J.; Innes J.A.; Parrish F.M.; Allan N.C.; Horn D.B.; Munro J.F., 1979: The significance of gross elevations of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate in a general medical unit

Withers, P. C.; Timko, P. L., 1977: The significance of ground effect to the aerodynamic cost of flight and energetics of the black skimmer rhyncops nigra

Christensen K.K.; Christensen P.; Dahlander K.; Linden V.; Lindroth M.; Svenningsen N., 1983: The significance of group b streptococci in neo natal pneumonia

Tsertsvadze T.A.; Abramidze S.P.; Rapava L.P., 1982: The significance of growth regulators in the wintering of some evergreen plants

Gerrits, J. P. G., 1977: The significance of gypsum applied to mushroom compost in particular in relation to the ammonia content

Norberg B.; Wredhammar U.; Wahlin A.; Eriksson S.; Rudolphi O., 1986: The significance of handmirror cells in acute myelocytic leukemia type m 1 and m 2 after weak cytostatic treatment

Mclachlan R.S., 1987: The significance of head and eye turning in seizures

Randall C.W.; Hoehn R.C.; Grizzard T.J.; Gawlik S.P.Jr; Helsel D.R.; Lorenz W.D.Jr, 1981: The significance of heavy metals in urban runoff entering the occoquan reservoir virginia usa

Eiskjaer S.; Larsen S.T.; Schmidt M.B., 1988: The significance of hemarthrosis of the knee in children

Ikeda Y.; Sakamoto Y.; Matsuba I.; Saito S.; Ohno M.; Itoh K.; Ide Y.; Minami N.; Tajima N.; Tanese T., 1980: The significance of hemo globulin a 1 measurement as a screening test for diabetes

Lebedeva E.S.; Danilov L.N.; Aganezov S.A.; Laskin G.M., 1979: The significance of hemodynamic changes in the pulmonary circulation for lung gas exchange

Lesnicar, J.; Zaversnik, H.; Ferluga, D.; Krk, C., 1975: The significance of hepatitis b antigenemia in apparently healthy persons in the clinic for liver diseases

Bagshawe, A. F.; Cameron, H. M., 1976: The significance of hepatitis b antigenemia in symptom free blood donors in kenya

Castren J.; Aho J.; Rutanen H., 1982: The significance of heterophoria for stereoscopic vision

Husseinzadeh N.; Zaino R.; Nahhas W.A.; Mortel R., 1983: The significance of histologic findings in predicting nodal metastases in invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva

Rollag H.; Evensen S.A.; Froland S.S.; Glomstein A., 1987: The significance of hiv antigen and hiv antibodies specific against envelope and core proteins in serum of hiv infected hemophiliacs

Ebinger G.; Michotte Y.; Herregodts P., 1987: The significance of homovanillic acid and 3 4 dihydroxyphenylacetic acid concentrations in human lumbar cerebrospinal fluid

Riley L.W.; Ceballos B.S.O.; Trabulsi L.R.; De Toledo M.R.F.; Blake P.A., 1984: The significance of hospitals as reservoirs for endemic multiresistant salmonella typhimurium causing infection in urban brazilian children

Walker H.; Singer C.R.J.; Patterson J.; Goldstone A.H.; Prentice H.G., 1986: The significance of host hemopoietic cells detected by cytogenetic analysis of bone marrow from recipients of bone marrow transplants

Milwidsky, A.; Adoni, A.; Palti, Z.; Stark, M.; Segal, S., 1977: The significance of human chorionic gonadotropin in blood serum for the early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Bos, P.; De-Bruyn, J. C., 1973: The significance of hydro carbon assimilation in yeast identification

Mahro B.; Kuesel A.C.; Grimme L.H., 1986: The significance of hydrogenase activity for the energy metabolism of green algae anaerobiosis favors atp synthesis in cells of chlorella with active hydrogenase

Dancis J.; Hutzler J., 1986: The significance of hyperpipecolatemia in zellweger syndrome

Baath E.; Soderstrom B., 1979: The significance of hyphal diameter in calculation of fungal bio volume

Levites, R.; Baker, T.; Anderson, G. J., 1978: The significance of hypotension developing during treadmill exercise testing

Treisman M., 1981: The significance of immunity restriction by the major histo compatibility complex and of the occurrence of high polymorphism at major histo compatibility complex loci 2 hypotheses

Kauffmann R.H.; De Rooy Dijk H.H.; Klein F.; Lafeber G.J.M.; Cats A.; Van Es L.A., 1983: The significance of immuno fluorescent immuno globulin inclusion in polymorphonuclear leukocytes for the detection of circulating immune complexes

Chellingworth M.C.; Salmon M.; Scott D.L.; Bacon P.A., 1984: The significance of immuno globulin m anti nuclear antibody in rheumatoid arthritis and other connective tissue diseases

Feinman S.V.; Overby L.R.; Berris B.; Chau K.; Schable C.A.; Maynard J.E., 1982: The significance of immuno globulin m antibodies to hepatitis b core antigen in hepatitis b carriers and hepatitis b associated chronic liver disease

Balta, N.; Lenkei, R.; Bordeianu, A.; Gheorghe, N.; Metz, L., 1978: The significance of immuno serological investigations in chronic hepatopathies

Chakhvashvili G.I., 1979: The significance of immunochemical study of plasma albumins and uro proteins in the assessment of severity of nephropathy in pregnant women

Fodre S.; Sipos K.; Berencsi G., 1979: The significance of immunological constellation with regard to the development of hyper sensitivity against various chemical compounds

Boller B.; Kaercher K.H., 1981: The significance of immunological investigations during radio therapy for breast cancer

Cernusenko E.F.; Mamolat A.S.; Kogosova L.S.; Lerner C.I., 1980: The significance of immunological investigations in pulmonary pathology

Westphal, O., 1977: The significance of immunology for mankind changes brought about by human action

Kennedy F.P.; Bolli G.B.; Go V.L.W.; Cryer P.E.; Gerich J.E., 1987: The significance of impaired pancreatic polypeptide and epinephrine responses to hypoglycemia in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Masugi Y.; Kogoshi T.; Ishizaki M., 1980: The significance of in vitro activation of guinea pig complement in glomeruli of human renal biopsy materials from varied subtypes of glomerulo nephritis

Richmond J.D.; Davie R.M., 1987: The significance of incomplete excision in patients with basal cell carcinoma

Sirotskii V.V.; Voronovskaya V.I.; Govorukha L.I.; Trofimchuk G.E.; Zuev S.N.; Panchenko V.M.; Maiorenko P.P.; Pil'kevich N.A., 1982: The significance of individual typological properties of the nervous system when training top quality athletes

Kaufman, O. Ya ; Perov-Yu, L.; Boikov, A. K.; Timashkevich, T. B., 1977: The significance of injury in the origin of activated smooth muscle cells

Trela, F. M., 1975: The significance of inner ear fluid perilymph in forensic medicine

Biss R.; Cogan U., 1988: The significance of insoluble protein solubilization in corn steeping

Sivenius J.; Pyorala K.; Heinonen O.P.; Salonen J.T.; Riekkinen P., 1985: The significance of intensity of rehabilitation of stroke a controlled trial

Steane D.E., 1983: The significance of interactions in practical sheep breeding in northern europe

Osborne, G. J., 1976: The significance of intercalary ammonium in representative surface and sub soils from southern new south wales

Morris, C. J., 1970: The significance of intermediate fibers in re innervated human skeletal muscle

Pexman J.H.W.; Wriedt C.H.R.; Richard T.C., 1987: The significance of internal carotid artery occlusion shown by iv digital subtraction angiography

Geresi M.; Rethy L.A.; Erdos L.; Rethy L.; Acharya M.P.; Magyar T., 1984: The significance of interval prolongation between immunizing shots with adsorbed clostridial clostridium tetani clostridium perfringens toxoids

Tietjen, R.; Stinchfield, F. E.; Michelsen, C. B., 1977: The significance of intra capsular cultures in total hip operations

Kroener, H.; Planker, M., 1977: The significance of intra cellular calcium in rat liver cell damage by carbon tetra chloride

Poppema, S.; Elema, J. D.; Halie, M. R., 1978: The significance of intra cytoplasmic proteins in reed sternberg cells

Shaw, H. E. Jr ; Landers, M. B. Iii ; Sydnor, C. F., 1977: The significance of intra ocular hemorrhages due to subarachnoid hemorrhage

Spanos, P. K.; Brown, A. L-Jr ; Mcgoon, D. C., 1977: The significance of intra operative ventricular fibrillation during aortic valve replacement

Gialafos, J.; Kolettis, M.; Hadjigeorge, C.; Georgiou, V.; Avgoustakis, D., 1975: The significance of intra ventricular electro cardiogram in artificial heart pacing observations made on 232 patients

Lygidakis N.J.; Brummelkamp W.H., 1985: The significance of intrabiliary pressure in acute cholangitis

Tummala V.; Barwick K.W.; Sontag S.J.; Vlahcevic R.Z.; Mccallum R.W., 1987: The significance of intraepithelial eosinophils in the histologic diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux

Staszewski J., 1982: The significance of investigations on neoplasm incidence for the study of their etio pathogenesis

Ljungstedt, I.; Seiving, B.; Sjoholm, I., 1976: The significance of iodine 125 as a tracer for lymphocytes liver cells and erythrocytes after iodination by the lacto peroxidase hydrogen per oxide technique

Waxman A.; Ramanna L.; Chapman N.; Chapman D.; Brachman M.; Tanasescu D.; Berman D.; Catz B.; Braunstein G., 1981: The significance of iodine 131 scan dose in patients with thyroid cancer determination of ablation concise communication

Ananthakrishnan, R.; Rothe, G. M., 1976: The significance of iso enzymes in metabolic regulation and developmental processes

Bokebaeva R.T., 1986: The significance of isometric exercises for the rehabilitation of myocardial infarction patients

Steinmetz J.C.; Anderson T.F., 1984: The significance of isotopic and paleontologic results on quaternary calcareous nanno fossil assemblages from caribbean core p 6304 4

Kiselev V.I.; Ryzhskov A.A.; Panchenko A.L., 1981: The significance of kallikrein kinin system in hemodynamic effects of catecholamines

Arnason, E.; Grant, P. R., 1978: The significance of klepto parasitism during the breeding season in a colony of arctic skuas stercorarius parasiticus in iceland

Anderstrom C.; Johansson S.; Nilsson S., 1980: The significance of lamina propria invasion on the prognosis of patients with bladder tumors

Fu K.K.; Woodhouse R.J.; Quivey J.M.; Phillips T.L.; Dedo H., 1982: The significance of laryngeal edema following radio therapy of carcinoma of the vocal cord

Awa, S.; Linde, L. M.; Oshima, M.; Oki-Okuni, M.; Momma, K.; Nakamura, N., 1970: The significance of late phased dart t wave in the electro cardiogram of children

Eller, B. M.; Willi, P., 1977: The significance of leaf pubescence for the absorption of global radiation by tussilago farfara

Levine J.A.; Emery P.E., 1987: The significance of learned food aversions in the etiology of anorexia associated with cancer

Loehr E.; Marzotko B.; Eismann D., 1987: The significance of lee way space and the sequence of the eruption of buccal teeth for spatial relationships in the canine and premolar region

Zamfirescu, N. R.; Ciplea, A.; Filcescu, V.; Bubueanu, G.; Dragulescu, N.; Balta, N.; Petec, M., 1976: The significance of left axial deviation vector electro cardiographic studies

Feindt, F., 1977: The significance of length to breadth indices as an auxiliary means in identification of charred cereals from archaeological sites demonstrated in hordeum vulgare and hordeum vulgare var nudum

Elder J.K.; Pepper P.M.; Hill M.W.M.; Ward H.W., 1985: The significance of leptospiral titers associated with bovine abortion

Ross, D. W., 1978: The significance of leukemic cell volume distribution

Engel D., 1979: The significance of leukocytosis in the x irradiated tumor bed

Fujiwara H.; Takigawa Y.; Katayama T.; Goto S.; Okamoto S.; Nakata K., 1988: The significance of leukotriene b 4 in experimental and clinical uveitis

Robinson S.P.; Walker D.A., 1980: The significance of light activation of enzymes during the induction phase of photosynthesis in isolated chloroplasts

Majkic Singh N.; Popovic B.; Spasic S.; Popovic D.; Ivanovic I., 1986: The significance of lipase enzyme immunoassay for diagnosis of acute pancreatitis

Goto Y.; Ide M.; Tamachi H., 1987: The significance of lipid metabolism in young and aged myocardial infarction

Kladetzky R G.; Santosa H.; Schulte H.; Spiller P., 1986: The significance of lipids in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease in patient groups and individuals

Tan, M. H.; Sata, T.; Havel, R. J., 1977: The significance of lipo protein lipase in rat skeletal muscles

Wieland H.; Meissner Heins H.; Heins C.; Seidel D., 1982: The significance of lipo protein x cholesterol in the differential diagnosis of cholestasis

Sakurada O.; Kobayashi M.; Ueno H.; Ishii S., 1982: The significance of local cerebral glucose utilization determined by the auto radiographic carbon 14 labeled deoxy glucose method in experimentally induced coma

Toonkel L.M.; Fix I.; Jacobson L.H.; Wallach C.B., 1983: The significance of local recurrence of carcinoma of the breast

Sawyer R.T., 1986: The significance of local resident pulmonary alveolar macrophage proliferation to population renewal

Viljoen B.C.; Kock J.L.F.; Britz T.J., 1988: The significance of long chain fatty acid composition and other phenotypic characteristics in determining relationships among some candida kluyveromyces and saccharomyces species

Viljoen B.C.; Kock J.L.F.; Britz T.J., 1988: The significance of long chain fatty acid composition and other phenotypic characteristics in determining relationships among some pichia and candida species

Kotzur J.; Muderlak K.; Theisen K., 1986: The significance of long term electrocardiographs in the determination of acute syncope or dizziness in pacemaker patients

Fernbach, J. C.; Langer, F.; Gross, A. E., 1976: The significance of low back pain in older adults

Roesijadi G., 1981: The significance of low molecular weight metallo thionein like proteins in marine invertebrates current status

Jennings, W.; Rowland, R.; Hecker, R.; Gibson, G. E.; Fitch, R. J.; Reid, D. P., 1976: The significance of lowered jejunal di saccharidase levels

Van Der Stock J.; De Schepper J., 1987: The significance of lowered values of serum alanine aminotransferase in dogs with pyometra

Diener H.C.; Koch W.; Dichgans J., 1982: The significance of luminance on visual evoked potentials in diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Balasch J.; Creus M.; Marquez M.; Burzaco I.; Vanrell J.A., 1986: The significance of luteal phase deficiency on fertility a diagnostic and therapeutic approach

Ballanger R.; Ballanger P., 1980: The significance of lymph adenectomy in prostatic cancer early stage therapy

Stefanits, K.; Kuhn, E.; Csere, T.; Kovacs, A., 1988: The significance of lymph node hyperplasia in patients suffering from hodgkin's disease or testicular cancer after radiation

Kalofoutis, A.; Koutselinis, A.; Dionyssiou-Asteriou, A.; Miras, C., 1978: The significance of lymphocyte lipid changes after smoking hashish

Daly D.C.; Tohan N.; Doney T.J.; Maslar I.A.; Riddick D.H., 1982: The significance of lymphocytic leukocytic infiltrates in interpreting late luteal phase endometrial biopsies

Henkert K.; Luening M., 1981: The significance of lymphography in injuries and disorders of the lower extremities

Pruzanski, W.; Saito, S.; Ogryzlo, M. A., 1970: The significance of lysozyme muramidase in rheumatoid arthritis part 1 levels in serum and synovial fluid

Khatter E.A.; Magd M.H., 1986: The significance of macro and micro morphology to the study and classification of some soils of the interference zone between the nile flood plain and the eastern calcareous plateau of egypt

Alldredge A.L.; Youngbluth M.J., 1985: The significance of macroscopic aggregates marine snow as sites for heterotrophic bacterial production in the mesopelagic zone of the subtropical atlantic

Axelsson P.; Lindhe J., 1981: The significance of maintenance care in the treatment of periodontal disease

Shukla H.S.; Hughes L.E.; Gravelle I.H.; Satir A., 1979: The significance of mammary skin edema in noninflammatory breast cancer

Sparup J.; Thisted J.; Halkier E., 1981: The significance of mammography in surgical hospital practice

Raffi S., 1986: The significance of marine boreal molluscs in the early pleistocene faunas of the mediterranean area

Boegel, K.; Schaal, E.; Moegle, H., 1977: The significance of martens as transmitters of wildlife rabies in europe

Orr E.L.; Pace K.R., 1984: The significance of mast cells as a source of histamine in the mouse brain

Zhang J.; Et Al, 1986: The significance of measurement of beta 2 microglobulin in pleural effusion and serum in the differential diagnosis of pleural effusion

Samaan, N. A.; Smith, J. P.; Rutledge, F. N.; Schultz, P. N., 1976: The significance of measurement of human placental lactogen human chorionic gonadotropin and carcino embryonic antigen in patients with ovarian carcinoma

Villani A.; Bondoli A.; Camaioni D.; D'allessandro A.M.; Magalini S.I.; Scrascia E., 1979: The significance of measurement of osmolality in critically ill patients

Yokoyama M., 1984: The significance of measurements of the serum ferritin concentration in liver diseases

Ercegovac D., 1985: The significance of measures for protection from rabies

Kodera S.; Misawa M.; Yanaura S.; Iwata T.; Kobayashi N.; Ishimura K.; Hayakawa H., 1985: The significance of measuring theophylline and its metabolites in serum of children with bronchial asthma

Mauch, P.; Goodman, R.; Hellman, S., 1978: The significance of mediastinal involvement in early stage hodgkins disease

Levine R.F.; Hazzard K.C.; Lamberg J.D., 1982: The significance of megakaryocyte size

Badcock J., 1981: The significance of meristic variation in benthosema glaciale pisces myctophoidei and of the species distribution off northwest africa

Zufarov, K. A.; Gontmakher, V. M., 1975: The significance of mesangial cells in the juxtaglomerular apparatus of the kidney

Nielsen I.M.; Bladt P.; Pless J., 1980: The significance of metal wrist watch bracelets for high voltage electric burns

Sadek P.C.; Carr P.W.; Bowers L.W., 1985: The significance of metallophilic and silanophilic interactions in reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Cedermark, B. J.; Blumenson, L. E.; Pickren, J. W.; Elias, E. G., 1977: The significance of metastases to the adrenal gland from carcinoma of the stomach and esophagus

Cedermark, B. J.; Blumenson, L. E.; Pickren, J. W.; Holyoke, D. E.; Elias, E. G., 1977: The significance of metastases to the adrenal glands in adeno carcinoma of the colon and rectum

Schoenbauer M., 1983: The significance of micro calcifications in comedo carcinoma in the dog and cat

Labib F.B.; Fathi A.; Shehata A.R., 1981: The significance of micro morphology to the study of some calcareous soils of egypt

Tinnemans J.G.M.; Wobbes T.; Lubbers E J.C.; Van Der Sluis R.F.; De Boer H.H.M., 1986: The significance of microcalcifications without palpable mass in the diagnosis of breast cancer

Lipper S.; Kahn L.B.; Ackerman L.V., 1983: The significance of microscopic invasive cancer in endoscopically removed polyps of the large bowel a clinico pathologic study of 51 cases

Bleker O.P.; Ketting B.W.; Van Wayjen Eecen B.; Kloosterman G.J. , 1983: The significance of microscopic involvement of the parametrium and or pelvic lymph nodes in cervical cancer stages ib and iia

Hooke J.M., 1986: The significance of mid channel bars in an active meandering river

Adekolu-John, E. O., 1978: The significance of migrant fulani for human trypanosomiasis in kainji lake area of nigeria

Tang R B.; Hwang B.; Tsai L C.; Lin F M.; Chang H N., 1987: The significance of mite antigens in kawasaki disease

Lee T K.; Myers R.T.; Marshall R.B.; Bond G.; Kardon B., 1985: The significance of mitotic rate a retrospective study of 127 thyroid carcinomas

Higgins, C. B.; Reinke, R. T.; Gosink, B. B.; Leopold, G. R., 1976: The significance of mitral valve prolapse in middle aged and elderly men

Hajek Rosenmayr A.; Wolf A., 1981: The significance of mixed lymphocyte culture and mitogen stimulated culture for kidney transplantation

Cerilli J.; Newhouse Y.G.; Fesperman D.P.; Brasile L., 1980: The significance of mixed lymphocyte culture in related renal transplantation

Ruckebusch M.; Sutra J.F., 1984: The significance of mono amines and their metabolites in the cerebro spinal fluid of sheep

Umesaki N.; Nakade J.; Nakamori H.; Sako H.; Lee T.; Sugawa T., 1980: The significance of monocyte function on the cellular immunity in cancer patients

Harry T.R.; Coles G.A.; Davies M.; Bryant D.; Williams G.T.; Griffin P.J.A., 1984: The significance of monocytes in glomeruli of human renal transplants

Abbott, I., 1978: The significance of morphological variation in the finch species on gough inaccessible and nightingale islands south atlantic ocean

Sandner G.W.F., 1982: The significance of mother child interaction for the development of emotional and cognitive processes

Horning C.R.; Agnolil A.L.; Dorndorf W., 1987: The significance of mrt in the diagnosis of ischemic cerebrovascular diseases initial experience

Verspohl E.J.; Berger U.; Ammon H.P.T., 1986: The significance of mu receptors and delta receptors in rat pancreatic islets for the opioid mediated insulin release

Copeland L.J.; Silva E.G.; Gershenson D.M.; Sneige N.; Atkinson E.N.; Wharton J.T., 1988: The significance of muellerian inclusions found at second look laparotomy in patients with epithelial ovarian neoplasms

Takenaka T.; Konda C.; Sakano T.; Shimoyama M.; Kitahara T.; Minato K.; Kitaoka H.; Hirota T.; Itabashi M., 1981: The significance of multi agent combination chemo therapy for primary gastric malignant lymphoma

Engelman, R. M.; Auvil, J.; O'donoghue, M. J.; Levitsky, S., 1978: The significance of multi dose cardioplegia and hypo thermia in myo cardial preservation during ischemic arrest

Devitt, J. E.; Roth-Moyo, L. A.; Brown, F. N. , 1969: The significance of multiple neopl adeno carcinomas of the colon and rectum human

Mccarthy P.M.; Piehler J.M.; Schaff H.V.; Pluth J.R.; Orszulak T.A.; Vidaillet H.J.Jr; Carney J.A., 1986: The significance of multiple recurrent and complex cardiac myxomas

Pilato G., 1981: The significance of musculature in the origin of the annelida

Zharov E.I.; Kalantarov K.D.; Sal'nikov S.N.; Vertkin A.L.; Arshakuni R.O.; Zhukov V.A., 1984: The significance of myo cardial scintigraphy and scanning with technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate in the diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction

Ishii T.; Hosoda Y.; Osaka T.; Imai T.; Shimada H.; Takami A.; Yamada H., 1986: The significance of myocardial bridge upon atherosclerosis in the left anterior descending coronary artery

Kemp A.S.; Simpson J.; Mellis C.M., 1982: The significance of nasal eosinophils and mast cells in children with nasal symptoms

Dissanayake C.B.; Ariyaratne U.G.M., 1980: The significance of natural environmental factors in the distribution of copper in potable waters of sri lanka

Cox, J. D.; Stoffel, T. J., 1977: The significance of needle biopsy after irradiation for stage c adeno carcinoma of the prostate

Lin, K. M.; Ye, S. Y.; Liu, Q. F., 1988: The significance of new abnormal isoenzymes of 5' nucleotide phosphodiesterase in the diagnosis of human liver cancer

Hoff J.; Portet R.; Becue J.; Poulhes J.; Vancina S., 1980: The significance of nipple discharge in breast pathology

Spaagaren D.H., 1985: The significance of nitrate in the nitrogenous excretion of carcinus maenas

Grunewald, J., 1978: The significance of nitrogen excretion and sensitivity to ammonia of simuliid larvae diptera for laboratory cultures

Laverty, C. R.; Russell, P.; Hills, E.; Booth, N., 1978: The significance of noncondylomatous wart virus infection of the cervical transformation zone a review with discussion of 2 illustrative cases

Sato A.; Chin E.; Endo C.; Kyozuka M.; Akagi K.; Saito J.; Yamaguchi Y.; Sato M.; Liou S M.; Suzuki M., 1984: The significance of nonstress test from 24 to 42 weeks gestation

Huang M J.; Liaw Y F.; Tzen Y Y., 1984: The significance of nonvisualization of extrahepatic bile duct in intra venous radio nuclide chole scintigraphy with special reference to acute suppurative cholangitis

Weisberg L.A., 1982: The significance of nonvisualization of the cortical sulcal spaces on computed tomography

Lane D., 1979: The significance of noxious weeds on roadsides in agricultural areas of victoria australia

Jensen N.E.; Berg B., 1981: The significance of nt 1 nt 2 and nt 3 antigens in epidemiological investigations of bovine group b streptococcus infections

Lee T K.; Myers R.T.; Bond M.G.; Marshall R.B.; Kardon B., 1987: The significance of nuclear diameter in the biologic behavior of thyroid carcinomas a retrospective study of 127 cases

Werner J.; Bienek A., 1985: The significance of nucleus raphe dorsalis and centralis for thermoafferent signal transmission to the preoptic area of the rat

Dapic D.; Mirilov M.; Karanov Z., 1980: The significance of obesity in arterial hypertension epidemiology

Hamilton, J. W., 1977: The significance of object loss in individual response to accidental trauma

Bogdany F.J.; Taber S.IIi, 1979: The significance of odor for bees apis mellifera orienting across a canyon

Storch B.; Wildemann B.; Von Kummer R., 1987: The significance of oligoclonal igg fractions in csf and serum of patients with neurological diseases

Schumann, H., 1982: The significance of ophyra aenescens diptera muscidae antagonist to musca domestica 2. morphology of developmental stages

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