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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6769

Chapter 6769 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Roberts, H.; Choo, W.M.; Smith, S.C.; Marzuki, S.; Linnane, A.W.; Porter, T.H.; Folkers, K., 1978:
The site of inhibition of mitochondrial electron transfer by coenzyme q analogs

Sakakura M.; Yoshioka M.; Kobayashi M.; Takebe K., 1981:
The site of inhibitory action of a natural cortico sterone and synthetic steroid dexamethasone in the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis

Hellström, S.; Salén, B.; Stenfors, L.E., 1982:
The site of initial production and transport of effusion materials in otitis media serosa. A study on rat middle ear cavity

Fukuda, M.; Okada, Y.; Otsuki, Y.; Takebe, I., 1980:
The site of initiation of rod assembly on the RNA of a tomato and a cowpea strain of tobacco mosaic virus

Frayn, K.N., 1977:
The site of insulin resistance after injury

Mondon, C.E.; Dolkas, C.B.; Reaven, G.M., 1978:
The site of insulin resistance in acute uremia

Kit S.; Hazen M.; Otsuka H.; Qavi H.; Trkula D.; Dubbs D.R., 1981:
The site of integration of the herpes simplex virus type 1 thymidine kinase gene in human cells transformed by herpes simplex virus type 1 dna fragment

Wikman F.P.; Siboska G.E.; Petersen H.U.; Clark B.F.C., 1982:
The site of interaction of aminoacyl transfer rna with elongation factor tu

Tachibana M.; Yamamichi I.; Nakae S.; Hirasugi Y.; Machino M.; Mizukoshi O., 1984:
The site of involvement of hypertension with the cochlea a comparative study of normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Mangum C.P.; Saintsing D.G.; Johnson J.M., 1980:
The site of ion transport in an estuarine annelid

Hulbert, W.C.; Walker, D.C.; Hogg, J.C., 1981:
The site of leukocyte migration through the tracheal mucosa in the guinea pig

Mori, M.; Marsh, J.M., 1982:
The site of luteinizing hormone stimulation of steroidogenesis in mitochondria of the rat corpus luteum

Koop, H.U., 1975:
The site of meiosis in Acetabularia mediterranea

Tredici G.; Pizzini G.; Bogliun G.; Tagliabue M., 1982:
The site of motor cortico spinal fibers in the internal capsule of man a computerized tomographic study of restricted lesions

Sugimoto T.; Itoh K.; Mizuno N.; Nomura S.; Konishi A., 1979:
The site of origin of cardiac preganglionic fibers of the vagus nerve an horseradish peroxidase study in the cat

Jeon, M.J., 1983:
The site of parasitization and the occurrence of solitary vs. gregarious larval or egg larval parasitism of the pine needle gall midge thecodiplosis japonensis diptera cecidomyiidae by platygaster matsutama and inostemma seoule hymenoptera platygastridae

Faingold C.L.; Hoffmann W.E.; Caspary D.M., 1983:
The site of pentylene tetrazole induced enhancement of auditory responses of the reticular formation localized cooling and electrical stimulation studies

Moir, A.J.; Solaro, R.J.; Perry, S.V., 1980:
The site of phosphorylation of troponin I in the perfused rabbit heart. The effect of adrenaline

Fianu, S.; Vaclavinkova, V., 1978:
The site of placental attachment as a factor in the etiology of breech presentation

Beertsen, W.; Everts, V., 1977:
The site of remodeling of collagen in the periodontal ligament of the mouse incisor

Fukusawa H., 1987:
The site of sedimentation of late neogene bedded siliceous rocks in northern hokkaido japan

Herd, Y.R.; Beadle, D.J., 1980:
The site of self incompatibility mechanism in tradescantia pallida

Laihonen P.; Furman E.R., 1986:
The site of settlement indicates commensalism between blue mussel and its epibiont

Sarojini R.; Mirajkar M.S.; Nagabhushanam R., 1982:
The site of sex pheromone production in the fresh water prawn macrobrachium kistnensis

Campanella, C., 1975:
The site of spermatozoon entrance in the unfertilized egg of discoglossus pictus anura an electron microscope study

Mehta, N.G., 1977:
The site of synthesis and functions of acute phase plasma proteins close relationship with the res

Ghani A., 1986:
The site of synthesis and secondary transformation of hyoscyamine in solandra grandiflora

Levine, R.P.; Armstrong, J., 1972:
The site of synthesis of 2 chloroplast cytochromes in chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Bouthyette, P.Y.; Jagendorf, A.T., 1978:
The site of synthesis of pea chloroplast coupling factor i

Leu S W.; Chiang S H.T., 1981:
The site of the 1st periderm in the stem

Lachavanne, J.B., 1977:
The site of the grangettes at the beginning of the century

Goodman, R.L., 1978:
The site of the positive feedback action of estradiol in the rat

Lee, T.C.; O'Driscoll, K.J.; McGettigan, P.; Moraes, D.; Ramphall, S.; O'Brien, M., 1988:
The site of the tendinous interruption in semitendinosus in man

Zachman, T.A.; Bell, R.W.; Hast, M., 1977:
The site of ultrasonic sound production in rodents

Tyree M.T.; Yianoulis P., 1980:
The site of water evaporation from sub stomatal cavities liquid path resistances and hydroactive stomatal closure

Evans, N.A., 1977:
The site preferences of 2 digeneans asymphylodora kubanicum and sphaerostoma bramae in the intestine of the roach

Ikawa, S.; Shibata, T.; Ando, T., 1976:
The site specific dnase from bacillus pumilus restriction endo nuclease r bpu 1387

Xiong Y.; Eickbush T.H., 1988:
The site specific ribosomal dna insertion element r1rm belongs to a class of non long terminal repeat retrotransposons

Murthy A.S.N.; Bramblett G.T.; Flavin M., 1985:
The sites at which brain microtubule associated protein 2 is phosphorylated in vivo differ from those accessible to cyclic amp dependent kinase in vitro

Kennedy, C.R.; Broughton, P.F.; Hine, P.M., 1976:
The sites occupied by the acanthocephalan Pomphorhynchus laevis in the alimentary canal of fish

Plant, T.M.; Nakai, Y.; Belchetz, P.; Keogh, E.; Knobil, E., 1978:
The sites of action of estradiol and phentolamine in the inhibition of the pulsatile circhoral discharges of luteinizing hormone in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Light J.; Molin S., 1982:
The sites of action of the 2 copy number control functions of plasmid r 1

Hansburg D.; Appella E., 1985:
The sites of antigen t cell and antigen major histocompatibility interactions overlap

Moldoveanu, Z.; Epps, J.M.; Thorpe, S.R.; Mestecky, J., 1988:
The sites of catabolism of murine monomeric IgA

Paraense, W.L., 1976:
The sites of cross fertilization and self fertilization in planorbid snails

Van't Hooft F.M.; Van Tol A., 1985:
The sites of degradation of rat high density lipoprotein apolipoprotein e specifically labeled with iodine 125 o 4 diazo 3 iodobenzoylsucrose

Evans, D.M.; Cleary, B.K., 1979 :
The sites of origin of gastric cancers and ulcers in relation to mucosal junctions and the lesser curvature

Moir, A.J.G.; Perry, S.V., 1977:
The sites of phosphorylation of rabbit cardiac troponin i by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase effect of interaction with troponin c/

Shim B S.; Hong K J., 1985:
The sites of stimulatory action of prostaglandin e 1 carrageenan endotoxin and turpentine on haptoglobin synthesis in the liver

Rich, P.R.; Bonner, W.D.J., 1978:
The sites of super oxide anion generation in higher plant mitochondria

Dunn, J.T.; Anderson, P.C.; Fox, J.W.; Fassler, C.A.; Dunn, A.D.; Hite, L.A.; Moore, R.C., 1987:
The sites of thyroid hormone formation in rabbit thyroglobulin

Hecker, L.I.; Egan, J.; Reynolds, R.J.; Nix, C.E.; Schiff, J.A.; Barnett, W.E., 1974:
The sites of transcription and translation for euglena gracilis var bacillaris chloroplastic aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases

Aeschlimann J P., 1980:
The sitona coleoptera curculionidae species occurring on medicago and their natural enemies in the mediterranean region

Jensen J.W., 1983:
The situation after 12 years of environmental monitoring at the museum of the royal norwegian science society

Bregulla D., 1983:
The situation of amphibians in over crowded areas with reference to the city of herne in the ruhr area west germany

Trestioreanu A.; Coban A.; Ursuleanu N.; Georgescu M., 1981:
The situation of cancer in romania

Ragnaud J M.; Bonnal F.; Poirault J.; Boineau F.; Latrille J.; Aubertin J., 1981:
The situation of h streptococci in human streptococcal infections

Schoberberger C.; Schober E.; Frisch H., 1984:
The situation of juvenile diabetics looking for apprenticeship

Fonseca C.H.B.D.; Torres I.D.F.; Lima J.G.D.; Lima S.R.D., 1987:
The situation of measles in the state of paraiba brazil

Trebbin, H., 1976:
The situation of pathology a contribution to the history of pathological anatomy

Inderawati-Dehne, E.; Dehne, D.; Heitefuss, R., 1980:
The situation of powdery mildew population of barley erysiphe graminis f sp hordei in the goettingen area west germany

Galvagni A., 1985:
The situation of the genus miramella dovnar zapolskij 1933 in the balcanic and carpathic regions insecta caelifera catantopidae

Massa, B., 1976:
The situation of the sicilian italy avi fauna problems of conservation

Planck U., 1983:
The situation with regard to rural youth

Miyamoto K.; Fujita O., 1981:
The situational determinants of open field behavior in icr jcl mice

Bishop, J.A.; Hartley, D.J., 1976:
The size and age structure of rural populations of rattus norvegicus containing individuals resistant to the anti coagulant poison warfarin

Timonen E., 1983:
The size and condition of ditches made by plows and tractor diggers in drained peatlands

Clarke, S., 1975:
The size and detergent binding of membrane proteins

Northemann W.; Schmelzer E.; Heinrich P.C., 1981:
The size and distribution of cytochrome c oxidase subunit iv messenger rna between free and membrane bound poly ribosomes

Weiss, S.R.; Varmus, H.E.; Bishop, J.M., 1977:
The size and genetic composition of virus specific rna in the cytoplasm of cells producing avian sarcoma leukosis viruses

Blackwell P.S.; Green T.W.; Olsson K.A., 1987:
The size and horizon of origin of fragments produced by deep ripping texture contrast soils

Burness, A.T.H.; Pardoe, I.U.; Duffy, E.M.; Bhalla, R.B.; Goldstein, N.O., 1977:
The size and location of the poly adenylic acid tract in encephalomyocarditis virus rna

Nikonorov S.I.; Pol'gin A.V.; Pichugin M.Yu; Vitvitskaya L.V., 1985:
The size and nucleic acid content of the brain in juvenile atlantic salmon salmo salar

Kaihoh T.; Masuda T.; Sasano N.; Takahashi T., 1986:
The size and number of langerhans islets correlated with their endocrine function morphometry on immunostained serial sections of adult human pancreases

Smith, R.; Dawson, J.R.; Tanford, C., 1972:
The size and number of poly peptide chains in human serum low density lipo protein

Sofield R.K.; Hansens E.J.; Vrijenhoek R.C., 1985 :
The size and seasonal distribution of the sibling species tabanus nigrovittatus and tabanus conterminus in new jersey usa diptera tabanidae

Callaghan P.T.; Lelievre J., 1985:
The size and shape of amylopectin a study using pulsed field gradient nmr

Linder, M.C.; Nagel, G.M.; Roboz, M.; Hungerford, D.M., 1981:
The size and shape of heart and muscle ferritins analyzed by sedimentation, gel filtration, and electrophoresis

Ahmed B., 1981:
The size and shape of rod and cone center of cat retinal ganglion cells

Young, A.; Stokes, M.; Crowe, M., 1985:
The size and strength of the quadriceps muscles of old and young men

Soldo, A.T.; Brickson, S.A.; Larin, F., 1983:
The size and structure of the DNA genome of symbiont xenosome particles in the ciliate Parauronema acutum

Schnitzlein, W.M.; Reichmann, M.E., 1976:
The size and the cistronic origin of defective vesicular stomatitis virus particle rna in relation to homotypic and heterotypic interference

Szczepanski K.; Lys J.; Smolarek C.; Cianciara Z., 1987:
The size and the shape of fruits of 10 apple cultivars

Debruyn, E.J.; Wise, V.L.; Casagrande, V.A., 1980:
The size and topographic arrangement of retinal ganglion cells in galago

Boltovskoy E., 1984:
The size change of benthic foraminifers of the bathyal zone during the oligocene quaternary interval

Allan J.D., 1984:
The size composition of invertebrate drift in a rocky mountain colorado usa stream

Fenerich Verani N.; Godinho H.M.; Narahara M.Y., 1984:
The size composition of the eggs of curimbata prochilodus scrofa induced to spawn with human chorionic gonadotropin

Polloni P.; Haedrich R.; Rowe G.; Clifford C.H., 1979:
The size depth relationship in deep ocean animals

Ruegg M.; Moor U., 1987:
The size distribution and shape of curd granules in traditional swiss hard and semi hard cheeses

Herbland A.; Bouteiller A.L., 1981:
The size distribution of phyto plankton and particulate organic matter in the equatorial atlantic ocean importance of ultra seston and consequences

Brocklehurst, P.A.; Evers, A.D., 1977:
The size distribution of starch granules in endosperm of different sized kernels of the wheat cultivar maris huntsman

Nagasawa, S.; Kanzaki, T.; Nagatsu, A., 1977:
The size factor in the toxic action of di methyldichlorovinyl phosphate upon gypsy moth larvae

Creaser E.P.; Clifford D.A., 1986:
The size frequency and abundance of subtidal bloodworms glycera dibranchiata in montsweag bay woolwich wiscasset maine usa

Yamanaka M., 1988:
The size frequency and number of pore of pollen grain in japanese species of genus carpinus

Khan S.; Hossain S.M.D., 1984:
The size frequency distribution of the freshwater prawn macrobrachium dolichodactylus

Kusamran K.; Mattox S.M.; Thompson G.A.Jr, 1980:
The size location and turnover of calcium pools accessible to growing tetrahymena pyriformis cells

Blank, A.; Gonen, B.; Magora, A., 1979:
The size of active motor units in the initiation and maintenance of an isometric contraction carried out to fatigue

Kot Z., 1982:
The size of an individual farm and the yield of plants

Kronick, P.; Jimenez, S.A., 1980:
The size of collagen fibrils that stimulate platelet aggregation in human plasma

Bonneau, M.; Russeil, P., 1985:
The size of cowper's bulbo urethral glands as an estimate of boar taint on the slaughter line

Sabodash, V.M., 1977:
The size of eggs and larvae produced by carps of different age groups under normal conditions and during increased doses of zinc sulfate/

Chappell M.C.; O'donohue T.L.; Millington W.R.; Kempner E.S., 1986:
The size of enzymes acetylating alpha msh and beta endorphin

Chelidze, T.L.; Yakovlev, I.L.; Kiknadze, V.D.; Kevlishvili, G.E., 1977:
The size of erythrocytes of human blood based on specific electro conductivity

Kuehlhorn F., 1981:
The size of females and the clutch size at anopheles messeae messeae diptera culicidae

Hartwig M., 1982 :
The size of folded loops in mammalian nuclear dna

Kanai H., 1986:
The size of genus and family as a foundation of environmental monitoring

Osborne J.A.; Sassic N.M., 1981:
The size of grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella as a factor in the control of hydrilla verticillata

Landolt, A.M.; Rothenbühler, V., 1977:
The size of growth hormone granules in pituitary adenomas producing acromegaly

Hort W.; Lichti H.; Kalbfleisch H.; Koehler F.; Frenzel H.; Milzner Schwarz U., 1982:
The size of human coronary arteries depending on the physiological and pathological growth of the heart the age the size of the supplying areas and the degree of coronary sclerosis a post mortem study

Aase, S., 1985:
The size of human parietal cells before and 7 days after vagotomy

Morooka, S.; Kimura, Y.; Sumino, S.; Takabatake, Y.; Sugimoto, T., 1985:
The size of kidney with renovascular hypertension in patients with aortitis syndrome

Izumi, T.; Kawakami, M.; Enzan, H.; Ohkita, T., 1983:
The size of megakaryocytes in human fetal, infantile and adult hematopoiesis

Murei I.A., 1984:
The size of metabolic pools of assimilates in photosynthesizing plant tissues

Ioffe, I.D., 1976:
The size of olfactory and visual centers in 3 species of ixodid ticks parasitiformes ixodidae

Wotton, R.S., 1977:
The size of particles ingested by moorland stream black fly larvae simuliidae

Sajverova E., 1988:
The size of pollen grains of chenopodium album sensu stricto and chenopodium suecicum as an unreliable diacritical feature

Lamb, M.M.; Laird, C.D., 1976:
The size of poly adenylic acid containing rna in drosophila melanogaster embryos

Lizardi, P.M., 1976:
The size of pulse labeled fibroin rna

Voronina A.S., 1985:
The size of rna within the composition of heavy informosomes from loach embryo cytoplasm

Alpern, M.; Rushton, W.A.; Torii, S., 1970:
The size of rod signals

Pawson, T.; Harvey, R.; Smith, A.E., 1977:
The size of rous sarcoma virus messenger rna active in cell free translation

Schmidt D.G.; Buchheim W., 1982:
The size of small protein particles determined by electron microscopy of uni directionally shadowed freeze etched preparations

Frantsevich, L.I.; Pichka, V.E., 1976:
The size of the bin ocular zone of the visual field in insects

Abramcheck F.J.; Blankemeyer J.T.; Harvey W.R., 1980:
The size of the extracellular space in the isolated mid gut of manduca sexta

Lutz, H.; Ermini, M.; Jenny, E.; Bruggmann, S.; Joris, F.; Weber, E., 1978:
The size of the fiber populations in rabbit skeletal muscles as revealed by indirect immuno fluorescence with anti myosin sera

Laveine J P., 1986:
The size of the frond in the genus alethopteris pteridospermopsida carboniferous

Dinauer, M.C.; Lamarca, M.J., 1976:
The size of the gtp pool active in the synthesis of stable rna by stage 6 oocytes of xenopus laevis

Dornmair, K.; Corin, A.F.; Wright, J.K.; Jähnig, F., 1985:
The size of the lactose permease derived from rotational diffusion measurements

de Nobel, E.; van't Laar, A., 1978:
The size of the loading dose as an important determinant of the results of the oral glucose tolerance test: a study in subjects with slightly impaired glucose tolerance

Fraser C.M.; Venter J.C., 1982:
The size of the mammalian lung beta 2 adrenergic receptor as determined by target size analysis and immuno affinity chromatography

Molvaer, O.I.; Vallersnes, F.M.; Kringlebotn, M., 1978:
The size of the middle ear and the mastoid air cell system measured by an acoustic method

Graham, M.F.; Cooperberg, P.L.; Cohen, M.M.; Burhenne, H.J., 1980:
The size of the normal common hepatic duct following cholecystectomy: an ultrasonographic study

Bujard, H.; Mazaitis, A.J.; Bautz, E.K.F., 1970:
The size of the rii region of bacterio phage t 4

Chloupek, O., 1976 :
The size of the root system of tetra ploid red clover and its relation to the chemical composition of the herbage produced

Warham J.; Wilson G.J., 1982:
The size of the sooty shearwater puffinus griseus population at the snares islands new zealand

Myagkov N.A., 1987:
The size of the telencephalon in present day cartilaginous fishes as an index of the level of the organization of their central nervous system

Gruol, D.J.; Kempner, E.S., 1982:
The size of the thyroid hormone receptor in chromatin

Sandling O.T.; Naesje T.F.; Kjellberg G., 1987:
The size selection of bosmina longispina and daphnia galeata by co occurring cisco coregonus albula whitefish coregonus lavaretus and smelt osmerus eperlanus

Nesterova D.A., 1986:
The size structure of the phytoplankton in the western part of the black sea in summer

Kovalev, A.V.; Bileva, O.K.; Moryakova, V.K., 1976:
The size structure of the zoo plankton community of the south atlantic anticyclonic gyre

Pandey R.K.; Pandey S.K., 1983:
The size variability of ovulated eggs in grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella

Souster, L.P.; Emery, J.L., 1980:
The sizes of renal glomeruli in fetuses and infants

Yurov Y.B., 1982:
The sizes of replicons and the rate of dna replication in polytene chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Coleman, R., 1982:
The sizes of spheres from profiles in a thin slice 2. opaque spheres

Scheinberg, M.A.; Cathcart, E.S.; Eastcott, J.W.; Skinner, M.; Benson, M.; Shirahama, T.; Bennett, M., 1976:
The sjl j mouse a new model for spontaneous age associated amyloidosis part 1 morphologic and immunochemical aspects

Altamar Rios J., 1985:
The sjogren syndrome as manifestation of the vitamin b complex deficiency a seventeen year study on 98 cases

Dreisig H., 1987:
The skallingen peninsula denmark and the insects

Råstam, L.; Berglund, G.; Isacsson, S.O.; Rydén, L., 1986:
The Skaraborg hypertension project. I. The prevalence of hypertension

Råstam, L.; Berglund, G.; Isacsson, S.O.; Rydén, L., 1986:
The Skaraborg hypertension project. II. Feasibility of a medical care program for hypertension

Råstam, L.; Berglund, G.; Isacsson, S.O.; Rydén, L., 1986:
The Skaraborg hypertension project. III. Influence on blood pressure of a medical care program for hypertension

Anon, 1976:
The skeletal changes in chronic fluorosis

Macurda D.B.Jr; Roux M., 1981:
The skeletal morphology of the isocrinid crinoids annacrinus wyvillethomsoni and diplocrinus maclearanus

Kimura, K.; Konishi, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Iwamoto, S., 1985:
The skeletal system of macaca fascicularis description and measurement 2. the bones of the lower pelvic limb

Kimura, K.; Konishi, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Iwamoto, S., 1986:
The skeletal system of macaca fascicularis description and measurement part iii. the vertebrae

Kimura, K.; Konishi, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Iwamoto, S., 1988:
The skeletal system of macaca fascicularis description and measurement part v. thorax and body pelvis

Kimura, K.; Konishi, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Iwamoto, S., 1982:
The skeletal system of macaca fascicularis description and measurements 2. bones of the upper limb

Jenni L., 1981:
The skeleto muscular system of the neck of the great spotted woodpeckers and middle spotted woodpeckers dendrocopos major and dendrocopos medius

Bock W.J., 1985:
The skeletomuscular system of the feeding apparatus of the noisy scrub bird atrichornis clamosus passeriformes atrichornithidae

Nir, I.; Lin, H., 1982:
The skeleton, an important site of lipogenesis in the chick

Schauenberg P., 1980:
The skeleton and physical maturity of the european wild cat felis silvestris

Willey P.; Mann B., 1986:
The skeleton of an elderly women from the crow creek site south dakota usa and its implications for paleodemography

Martin, L.D.; Tate, J.J., 1976:
The skeleton of baptornis advenus aves hesperornithiformes

De-La-Hoz, E.; Chardon, M., 1975:
The skeleton of the ethmoidal region of the gymnotoidei teleostei ostariophysi

Wang Z., 1984:
The skeleton of the false killer whale pseudorca crassidens from the china sea

Wissdorf H.; Irmer S., 1979:
The skeleton of the hind limb of the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus the syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus and the laboratory mouse mus musculus

Cluver, M.A., 1978:
The skeleton of the mammal like reptile cistecephalus with evidence for a fossorial mode of life

Lahaye M C.; Jangoux M., 1987:
The skeleton of the stalked stages of the comatulid crinoid antedon bifida echinodermata fine structure and changes during growth

Cruickshank, A.R.I., 1975:
The skeleton of the triassic anomodont kannemeyeria wilsoni

Van Kempen T.M.G.; Ten Kate W.G.H.Z., 1980:
The skeletons of 2 ordovician anthaspidellid sponges a semi numerical approach

Fladerer F.A., 1984:
The skeletons of the forelimb of the early pleistocene hypolagus beremendensis and lepus sp lagomorpha mammalia from deutsch altenburg lower austria

Kolpakov I.E., 1980:
The skibinskii coefficient in persons subjected to the effect of cineb

Andrews, S.R.; Blumenthal, J.B.; Johnson, D.L.; Kahn, A.J.; Ferguson, C.J.; Lasater, T.M.; Malone, P.E.; Wallace, D.B., 1982:
The skills of mothering: a study of parent child development centers

Le-Quang-Trong, Y., 1975:
The skin and skin glands of dicroglossus occipitalis

Al-Khoja, M.S.; Darrell, J.H., 1979:
The skin as the source of Acinetobacter and Moraxella species occurring in blood cultures

Micheau P.; Costagliola M.; Chavoin J.P.; Rouge D.; Laguerre J.; Conil J.M.; Hammami A.; Laffitte F.; Archambaud M.; Moatti N.; Puel T.; Calot J.P.; Bouissou H., 1988:
The skin bank its requirements and its future

Sale, G.E.; Lerner, K.G.; Barker, E.A.; Shulman, H.M.; Thomas, E.D., 1977:
The skin biopsy in the diagnosis of acute graft vs host disease in man

Bilek P.; Doskoczil S.; Greiter F.; Prokop L.; Siladij T., 1979:
The skin blood supply factor a useful index for hyperemia producing fitness cosmetics

Chin, P.; Davies, D.G., 1976:
The skin flora of the hemiplegic hand

Zawada E.T.; Ramirez G., 1985:
The skin in immunoglobulin a nephropathies

Miraglia, T.; da Costa Nery, J.W.; Costa Guedes, M.L., 1976:
The skin of the palms and soles of the marmosets (Callithrix jacchus and Callithrix penicillata)

Heyl T., 1986:
The skin of the pre term baby a visual appraisal

Hall, K.J.; Hill, J.C., 1986:
The skin plasticization effect of 2 hydroxyoctanoic acid i. the use of potentiators

Hayakawa R.; Matsunaga K.; Ukei C., 1984 :
The skin safety evaluation of pranoprofen gel

Mebs, D., 1976:
The skin secretion of hyla vasta amphibia salientia hylidae

Hurtado I.; Medina J.D.; Dao L.; Urbina C., 1982:
The skin sensitizing properties of the pepeo tree mauria puberula anacardiaceae

Shimizu, M.; Hasegawa, S.; Hattori, T.; Kitade, K.; Miyamura, I., 1984:
The skin signs of internal malignancy 4. metastatic skin carcinoma

Tartof D.; Curran J.J.; Levitt D.; Loken M.R., 1983:
The skin test antigen stimulated killer cell mediating natural killer like cell mediated cytolysis is okm 1 positive and okt 3 negative

Maucher O.M.; Fuchs A., 1986:
The skin test for verification of a pyrazolone allergy

Arvy, L., 1977:
The skin the keratinous appendages and their parasites in cetacea

Ogura T.; Ohura T.; Minakawa H.; IIda K., 1986:
The skin ulcer in patients with systemic corticosteroid therapy problems and treatment

Cassens R.G.; Eddinger T.J.; Moss R.L., 1986:
The skinned fiber technique as a potential method for study of muscle as a food

Sues H D., 1986:
The skull and dentition of two tritylodontid synapsids from the lower jurassic of western north america

Rieppel O., 1981:
The skull and jaw adductor musculature in chameleons

Gad J., 1988:
The skull and pectoral girdle of paramblypterus gelberti actinopterygii and its relationship to the paramblypteriformes and redfieldiiformes

Evans S.E., 1980:
The skull of a new eosuchian reptile gephyrosaurus bridensis new genus new species from the lower jurassic of south wales uk

Pinna G., 1979:
The skull of a young placochelid psephoderma alpinum from the upper triassic of endenna bergamo italy reptilia placodontia

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