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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6770

Chapter 6770 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Serfaty D.; Assor A.; Clar S.; Lumbroso A.; Susini E.; Vexiau D., 1987:
The soluble contraceptive benzalkonium chloride foil preliminary results

Dijkstra M.; Frank J.; Van Wielink J.F.; Duine J.A., 1988:
The soluble cytochrome c of methanol grown hyphomicrobium x evidence against the involvement of autoreduction in electron acceptor functioning of cytochrome c l

Miller D.J.; Wood P.M., 1983:
The soluble cytochrome oxidase of nitrosomonas europaea

Herbland, A., 1978:
The soluble fluorescence in the open sea distribution and ecological significance in the equatorial atlantic ocean

Kremers, P.; Kolodzici, C.; Gielen, J., 1977:
The soluble fraction of the ovary contains an inhibitor of steroid 17 alpha hydroxylase

Farach H.A.Jr; Strittmatter W.J., 1987:
The soluble metalloendoprotease required in myoblast fusion remains intracellular

Colby, J.; Stirling, D.I.; Dalton, H., 1977:
The soluble methane mono oxygenase of methylococcus capsulatus strain bath its ability to oxygenate n alkanes n alkenes ethers and ali cyclic aromatic and hetero cyclic compounds

Brinbaum R.J.; Head J.F., 1983:
The soluble phospho di esterases of chicken gizzard smooth muscle

Ahmad I.; Wainwright S.J.; Stewart G.R., 1981:
The solute and water relations of agrostis stolonifera ecotypes differing in their salt tolerance

Rao V.S.; Sauve G.; Lajoie G.; Belleau B., 1985:
The solution conformation of chemotactic peptides and their backbone modified analogs nmr and computer modeling studies with active amidoxime analogs of formylmethionylleucylphenylalanine

Tonelli, A.E., 1978:
The solution conformation of malformin a

Pitner, T.P.; Edwards, W.B.I.i ; Bassfield, R.L.; Whidby, J.F., 1978:
The solution conformation of nicotine proton nmr and deuterium nmr investigation/

Kotovych G.; Aarts G.H.M.; Nakashima T.T.; Bigam G., 1980:
The solution conformation of prostacyclin as determined by high field pmr techniques

Mccain D.C.; Markley J.L., 1986:
The solution conformation of sucrose concentration and temperature dependence

Llinas, M.; Klein, M.P.; Neilands, J.B., 1973:
The solution conformation of the ferrichromes part 4 ph dependence of the individual slow amide hydrogen deuterium exchange in alumichrome

Llinas, M.; Klein, M.P.; Neilands, J.B., 1973:
The solution conformation of the ferrichromes part 5 the hydrogen exchange kinetics of ferrichrome analogues the conformational state of the peptides

Hensens O.D.; Albers Schonberg G.; Anderson B.F., 1983:
The solution conformation of the peptide antibiotic thiostrepton a proton nmr study

Gerlt J.A.; Youngblood A.V., 1980:
The solution conformational preferences of the sugar and sugar phosphate constituents of rna and dna

Sychev S.V.; Nevskaya N.A.; Jordanov S.; Shepel E.N.; Miroshinikov A.I.; Ivanov V.T., 1980:
The solution conformations of gramicidin a and its analogs

Agard, E.T.; Gribble, M.A.; Pacheco, J.C.; Gomez, S., 1976:
The solution of a dosimetry problem caused by a mercury shutter

Spoelstra J.; Van Wyk D.J., 1988:
The solution of a linear model for the diffusion between two well stirred cells

Bush, D.F.; Ecker, S.L., 1980:
The solution of achromatic and chromatic Embedded Figures revisited

Jaggi S.; Caron A., 1983:
The solution of an integral equation with its application to human joints

Yuan, C.; Gullberg, G.T.; Parker, D.L., 1987:
The solution of Bloch equations for flowing spins during a selective pulse using a finite difference method

Tewarson R.P.; Stephenson J.L.; Garcia M.; Zhang Y., 1985:
The solution of equations for renal counterflow models

Duecker, G.; Rensch, B., 1977:
The solution of patterned string problems by birds

Haniff M.I.; Zienius R.H.; Langford C.H.; Gamble D.S., 1985:
The solution phase complexing of atrazine by fulvic acid equilibria at 25 celsius

Sjoberg B.; Rosenqvist E.; Michaelsen T.; Pap S.; Oesterberg R., 1980:
The solution shapes of immuno globulin g 3 and its fch and fc fragments a small angle x ray scattering study

Mascagni P.; Gibbons W.A.; Rich D.H.; Niccolai N., 1985:
The solution structure of 4 alanine dedimethylchlamydocin a proton nmr relaxation study

Clore G.M.; Gronenborn A.M., 1985:
The solution structure of a b dna undecamer comprising a portion of the specific target site for the cyclic amp receptor protein in the gal operon refinement on the basis of interproton distance data

Clore G.M.; Gronenborn A.M.; Piper E.A.; Mclaughlin L.W.; Graeser E.; Van Boom J.H., 1984:
The solution structure of a rna pentadecamer comprising the anticodon loop and stem of yeast phenylalanine transfer rna a 500 megahertz proton nmr study

Hilbers C.W.; Heerschap A.; Haasnoot C.A.G.; Walters J.A.L.I., 1983:
The solution structure of yeast phenyl alanine transfer rna as studied by nuclear overhauser effects in nmr

Moore G.R.; Williams R.J.P., 1980:
The solution structures of tuna and horse cytochromes c

Goff L.J.; Coleman A.W., 1987:
The solution to the cytological paradox of isomorphy

Beal S.L., 1982:
The solution to the michaelis menten equation

Dekeyser P.; Bruynseels G., 1983:
The solvay park at la hulpe belgium study of the indigenous flora

Nakamura H.; Asai K.; Fujita H.; Nakazato H.; Nishimura Y.; Furuse Y.; Sahashi E., 1985:
The solvent action of sodium hypochlorite on bovine tendon collagen bovine pulp and bovine gingiva

Amidon G.L.; Pearlman R.S.; Anik S.T., 1979:
The solvent contribution to the free energy of protein ligand interactions

Woodward, C.K.; Ellis, L.M.; Rosenberg, A., 1975:
The solvent dependence of hydrogen exchange kinetics of folded proteins

Traut H., 1983:
The solvent di methyl sulfoxide does not induce aneu ploidy in oocytes of drosophila melanogaster

Seitanidi, K.L.; Yagudaev, M.R.; Israilov, I.A.; Yunusov, M.S., 1978:
The solvent effect on nmr spectral parameters of phthalidiso quinoline alkaloids part 6

Wiggins P.M.; Van Ryn R.T., 1986:
The solvent properties of water in desalination membranes

Hara, S.; Mibe, K., 1975:
The solvent selectivity of the mobile phase in thin layer chromatography in relation to the mobility and the structure of steroidal pharmaceuticals

Coleman E.B., 1979:
The solzhenitsyn finger test a significance test for spontaneous recovery

Patterson D.G.; O'gorman E.C., 1986:
The soma sexual orientation method and anxiety a questionnaire measure of sexual anxiety

De-Boer, L.E.M., 1976:
The somatic chromosome complements of 16 species of falconiformes aves and the karyological relationships of the order L.E.M.; Belterman R.H.R., 1980:
The somatic chromosomes of 3 parrots the kea nestor notabilis the yellow headed parrot amazona ochrocephala and the gray parrot psittacus erithacus

Badr, F.M.; Badr, R.S., 1970:
The somatic chromosomes of a wild population of rats numerical polymorphism

D.Lucca E.J., 1985:
The somatic chromosomes of brotogeris sanctithomae and brotogeris versicolorus psittaciformes aves

Schlarbaum S.E.; Tsuchiya T.; Johnson L.C., 1984:
The somatic chromosomes of cryptomeria japonica with special reference to the marker chromosomes

Karlberg, P.; Taranger, J.; Engstrom, I.; Karlberg, J.; Landstrom, T.; Lichtenstein, H.; Lindstrom, B.; Svennberg-Redegren, I., 1976:
The somatic development of children in a swedish urban community part 1 physical growth from birth to 16 years and longitudinal outcome of the study during the same age period

Taranger, J., 1976:
The somatic development of children in a swedish urban community part 2 evaluation of biological maturation by means of maturity criteria

Taranger, J.; Lichtenstein, H.; Svennberg-Redegren, I., 1976:
The somatic development of children in a swedish urban community part 3 dental development from birth to 16 years

Taranger, J.; Bruning, B.; Claesson, I.; Karlberg, P.; Landstrom, T.; Lindstrom, B., 1976:
The somatic development of children in a swedish urban community part 4 skeletal development from birth to 7 years

Taranger, J.; Bruning, B.; Claesson, I.; Karlberg, P.; Landstrom, T.; Lindstrom, B., 1976:
The somatic development of children in a swedish urban community part 5 a new method for the assessment of skeletal maturity the mat method mean appearance time of bone stages

Taranger, J.; Engstrom, I.; Lichtenstein, H.; Svennberg-Redegren, I., 1976:
The somatic development of children in a swedish urban community part 6 somatic pubertal development

Taranger, J.; Karlberg, P., 1976:
The somatic development of children in a swedish urban community part 7 graphic analysis of biological maturation by means of maturograms

Chau M.F.; N.S.F., 1988:
The somatic function of the micronucleus in asexual reproduction of paramecium thermosensitivity of amicronucleates

Chau M.F.; N.S.F., 1988:
The somatic function of the micronucleus in sexual reproduction of paramecium tetraurelia initiation of oral membranelle assembly

Chiang B.Y.; Grant W.F.; Chiang M.S., 1979:
The somatic karyotype of cabbage brassica oleracea ssp capitata

Riede I.; Renz M., 1983:
The somatic pairing of polytene chromosomes

Durand, D., 1984:
The somatic shunt cable model for neurons

Furlanetto, R.W., 1980:
The somatomedin C binding protein: evidence for a heterologous subunit structure

Earl, P.R.; Villarreal, D.C., 1980:
The somatometrics of students in the northeast of Mexico

Fujishima A., 1984:
The somatoscopical study of the form of the tongue and face in japanese

D.B.yl D.Z.; Delberghe X.; Herbaut A.G.; Brunko E., 1988 :
The somatosensory central conduction time physiological considerations and normative data

Warren S.; Kelahan A.M.; Pubols B.H.Jr, 1986:
The somatosensory thalamus of the raccoon procyon lotor properties of single neurons responsive to light mechanical stimulation of the forepaw

Gluschankof P.; Morel A.; Benoit R.; Cohen P., 1985:
The somatostatin 28 convertase of rat brain cortex generates both somatostatin 14 and somatostatin 28 1 12

George S.R.; Hegele R.A.; Burrow G.N., 1987:
The somatostatin analogue sms 201 99 in acromegaly prolonged preferential suppression of growth hormone but not pancreatic hormones

Sakamoto, C.; Goldfine, I.D.; Williams, J.A., 1984:
The somatostatin receptor on isolated pancreatic acinar cell plasma membranes. Identification of subunit structure and direct regulation by cholecystokinin

Taber Pierce E.; Lichentenstein E.; Feldman S.C., 1985:
The somatostatin systems of the guinea pig cavia cobaya brainstem

Pons, T.P.; Garraghty, P.E.; Cusick, C.G.; Kaas, J.H., 1985:
The somatotopic organization of area 2 in macaque monkeys

Nyberg, G.; Blomqvist, A., 1985:
The somatotopic organization of forelimb cutaneous nerves in the brachial dorsal horn: an anatomical study in the cat

Swett, J.E.; Woolf, C.J., 1985:
The somatotopic organization of primary afferent terminals in the superficial laminae of the dorsal horn of the rat spinal cord

Marfurt, C.F., 1981:
The somatotopic organization of the cat trigeminal ganglion as determined by the horseradish peroxidase technique

Watkins L.R.; Griffin G.; Leichnetz G.R.; Mayer D.J., 1980:
The somatotopic organization of the nucleus raphe magnus and surrounding brain stem structures as revealed by horseradish peroxidase slow release gels

Mitz, A.R.; Wise, S.P., 1987:
The somatotopic organization of the supplementary motor area: intracortical microstimulation mapping

Kaas, J.H.; Nelson, R.J.; Sur, M.; Dykes, R.W.; Merzenich, M.M., 1984:
The somatotopic organization of the ventroposterior thalamus of the squirrel monkey, Saimiri sciureus

Florence S.L.; Wall J.T.; Kaas J.H., 1988:
The somatotopic pattern of afferent projections from the digits to the spinal cord and cuneate nucleus in macaque monkeys

Schultz W.; Wiesendanger R.; Hess B.; Ruffieux A.; Wiesendanger M., 1981:
The somatotopy of the gracile nucleus in cats with agenesis of hind foot

Miall, A.D.; Kerr, J.W.; Gibling, M.R., 1978:
The somerset island formation an upper silurian to lower devonian inter tidal supratidal succession boothia uplift region arctic canada

Lance-Jones, C., 1988:
The somitic level of origin of embryonic chick hindlimb muscles

Littman P.; Rosenstock J.; Gale G.; Krisch R.E.; Meadows A.; Sather H.; Coccia P.; Decamargo B., 1984:
The somnolence syndrome in leukemic children following reduced daily dose fractions of cranial radiation

Campbell, I.W., 1976:
The Somogyi phenomenon. A short review

Muyakshin S.I.; Selivanovskii D.A., 1982:
The sonar measurement of currents produced by internal waves

Samways, M.J., 1976:
The song of metrioptera azami orthoptera tettigoniidae and new localities for the species

Goller F., 1987:
The song of the coal tit parus ater description and communicative function

Jouventin P.; Guillotin M.; Cornet A., 1979:
The song of the emperor penguin aptenodytes forsteri and its adaptive significance

Winn, H.E.; Winn, L.K., 1978:
The song of the humpback whale megaptera novaeangliae in the west indies

Mcvean A., 1986:
The song of the new zealand weta hemideina thoracica orthoptera stenopelmatidae

Stolt, B.O.; Astrom, G., 1975:
The song of the ortolan bunting emberiza hortulana on sonagrams

Heuwinkel, H., 1978:
The song of the reed warbler acrocephalus scirpaceus with special reference to the sound pressure volume level

Csicsaky, M., 1978:
The song of the skylark alauda arvensis and its relation to respiration

Jarvi T.; Radesater T.; Jakobsson S., 1980:
The song of the willow warbler phylloscopus trochilus with special reference to singing behavior in agonistic situations

Bezzel E., 1988:
The song period of the chaffinch fringilla coelebs a regional study

Claridge M.F.; Wilson M.R.; Singhrao J.S., 1979:
The songs and calling sites of 2 european cicadas

Ragge D.R.; Reynolds W.J., 1988:
The songs and taxonomy of the grasshoppers of the chorthippus biguttulus group in the iberian peninsula orthoptera acrididae

Yuganov, E.M.; Krylov-Yu, V.; Kuznetsov, V.S., 1976:
The sonic boom of airplanes and rockets as a new environmental factor standardization data

Lippitt, B.; Mc-Cord, J.M.; Fridovich, I., 1972:
The sonochemical reduction of cytochrome c and its inhibition by super oxide dis mutase

Oda M.; Koga N.; Watanabe H.; Shin T., 1985:
The sonogram as a preoperative screening method for radical neck dissection

Deichert, U.; Hackelöer, B.J.; Daume, E., 1986:
The sonographic and endocrinologic evaluation of the endometrium in the luteal phase

Heckemann R.; Seidel K.J., 1983:
The sonographic appearance and contrast enhancement of puncture needles

Spring, D.B.; Deshon, G.E.; Babu, S., 1983:
The sonographic appearance of fluid in the prevesical space

Bolondi L.; Casanova P.; Santi V.; Caletti G.; Barbara L.; Labo G., 1986:
The sonographic appearance of the normal gastric wall an in vitro study

Bartholomew, T.H.; Slovis, T.L.; Kroovand, R.L.; Corbett, D.P., 1980:
The sonographic evaluation and management of simple renal cysts in children

Sivit, C.J.; Hill, M.C.; Larsen, J.W.; Kent, S.G.; Lande, I.M., 1986:
The sonographic evaluation of fetal anomalies in oligohydramnios between 16 and 30 weeks gestation

Paling, M.R.; Wakefield, J.A.; Watson, L.R., 1985:
The sonographic evaluation of hydronephrosis with progressive ureteric obstruction. An experimental model

Gruenebaum, M.; Ziv, N.; Kornreich, L., 1986:
The sonographic evaluation of the great vessels' interspace in the pediatric retroperitoneum

Adams H.; Jones A.; Hayward C., 1988:
The sonographic features and implications of fetal pleural effusions

Murphy J.F.; Bernardino M.E., 1979:
The sonographic findings of splenic metastases

Frentzel Beyme B.; Norck M.; Ledwa D.; Schwartz J., 1984:
The sonographic image of carcinoma of the prostate

Giorlandino, C.; Gleicher, N.; Nanni, C.; Vizzone, A.; Gentili, P.; Taramanni, C., 1987:
The sonographic picture of endometrium in spontaneous and induced cycles

Cruz Villalon F.; Gonzalez Lopez J.; Jimenez Carrasco A.; Pareja Arcos M., 1987:
The sonographic sign of pseudokidney considerations on 16 cases

Saddekni, S.; Hutchinson, D.E.; Cooperberg, P.L., 1982:
The sonographically patent umbilical vein in portal hypertension

Leekam R.N.; Matzinger M.A.; Brunelle M.; Gray R.R.; Grosman H., 1983:
The sonography of renal columnar hypertrophy

Y.T.J.; Sutherland R.G.; Verrall R.E., 1987:
The sonolysis of cytosine and thymine

Y.T.J.; Sutherland R.G.; Verrall R.E., 1980:
The sonolysis of uracil

Schain, W.S.; Wellisch, D.K.; Pasnau, R.O.; Landsverk, J., 1985:
The sooner the better a study of psychological factors in women undergoing immediate vs. delayed breast reconstruction

Hardy D.E., 1980:
The sophira group of fruit fly genera diptera tephritidae acanthonevrini

Irschik, H.; Jansen, R.; Gerth, K.; Höfle, G.; Reichenbach, H., 1987:
The sorangicins, novel and powerful inhibitors of eubacterial RNA polymerase isolated from myxobacteria

Jedziniak, J.A.; Chylack, L.T.; Cheng, H.M.; Gillis, M.K.; Kalustian, A.A.; Tung, W.H., 1981:
The sorbitol pathway in the human lens: aldose reductase and polyol dehydrogenase

Efimov A.S.; Obrosova I.G.; Velikii N.N., 1984:
The sorbitol pathway of glucose metabolism in streptozotocin diabetes of varying duration and gravity

Aisien A.O.; Palmer G.H., 1983:
The sorghum sorghum bicolor embryo in relation to the hydrolysis of the endosperm during germination and seedling growth

Stemler, A.B.L.; Harlan, J.R.; De-Wet, J.M.J., 1977:
The sorghums of ethiopia

Jameson, E.W.Jr ; Jones, G.S., 1977:
The soricidae of taiwan

Kornmann P.; Sahling P H., 1984:
The sorocarpus complex ectocarpaceae phaeophyta

Portnoi O.A.; Nikolaev V.G.; Fridman L.I.; Belkin A.L.; Postrelko T.N.; Pendrak K.A.; Eretskaya E.V.; Povzhitkova M.S.; Senzhkova E.A.; Ivanova A.B., 1984:
The sorption of biologically active compounds by activated carbon fibers

Tiller K.G.; Gerth J.; Brummer G., 1984:
The sorption of cadmium zinc and nickel by soil clay fractions procedures for partition of bound forms and their interpretation

Fergusson, J.E.; Holzbecher, J.; Ryan, D.E., 1983:
The sorption of copper (II), manganese (II), zinc (II) and arsenic (III) onto human hair, and their desorption

Haronikova K.; Soviar K.; Kral L., 1984:
The sorption of diazepam on the surface of application aids made from plastic materials

Thanabalasingam P.; Pickering W.F., 1985:
The sorption of mercury ii by humic acids

Kerndorff H.; Schaefer A.; Tobschall H.J., 1979:
The sorption of mercury ions in north sea mud

D.R.dder, D.; Remon, J.P.; Neyt, E.N., 1987:
The sorption of nitroglycerin by infusion sets

Fischer, W.R.; Baumann, G., 1978 :
The sorption of phosphate by under water soils rich in carbonate

Morehead N.R.; Eadie B.J.; Lake B.; Landrum P.F.; Berner D., 1986:
The sorption of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons onto dissolved organic matter in lake michigan usa canada

Sharpley A.N.; Menzel R.G.; Smith S.J.; Rhoades E.D.; Olness A.E., 1981:
The sorption of soluble phosphorus by soil material during transport in runoff from cropped and grassed watersheds

H.C.H.; Doern D.C., 1985:
The sorption of uranyl species on a hematite sol

Matthews, E.W.; Faust, S.D., 1981:
The sorption of Zectran on bottom sediments and peat moss

Shatirishvili I.Sh; Zautashvili L.A., 1981:
The sorptional behavior of manganese on zeolites

Weinberger, P.; Greenhalgh, R., 1985:
The sorptive capacity of an aquatic macrophyte for the pesticide aminocarb

Szmytowna, M.; Hladon, T., 1975:
The sorptive capacity of peat part 2 sorption mechanism on humic acids from peat

Smirnov S.V., 1987:
The sound conducting apparatus of urodela structure function and evolutionary pathways

Vince M.A.; Armitage S.E.; Baldwin B.A.; Toner J.; Moore B.C.J., 1982:
The sound environment of the fetal sheep

Konagaya T., 1980:
The sound field of lake biwa japan and the effects of construction sounds on the behavior of the fish

Kozak, V.A., 1977:
The sound generating apparatus in the sperm whale physeter catodon

Lehnhardt E., 1981:
The sound intensity related behavior of the brain stem response p 6 in different forms of hearing disorders

Bloothooft, G.; Plomp, R., 1986:
The sound level of the singer's formant in professional singing

Nagylaki, T.; Levy, J., 1973:
The sound of 1 paw clapping isnt sound

Repp B.H., 1987:
The sound of two hands clapping an exploratory study

Dabelsteen T., 1981:
The sound pressure level in the dawn song of the blackbird turdus merula and a method for adjusting the level in experimental song to the level in natural song

Daugherty, J.L.; Marshall, J.A., 1976:
The sound producing mechanism of the croaking gourami trichopsis vittatus pisces belontiidae

Schaefer C.W., 1980:
The sound producing structures of some primitive pentatomoidea hemiptera heteroptera

Smit, P., 1976:
The sound production behavior of japanese chipmunk tamias sibiricus lineatus

Adret P., 1982:
The sound signals of the adult avocet recurvirostra avosetta during the peri natal phase

H.Z.; Chen N., 1985:
The sound structure of five species of common chirp insects in beijing china

Rieppel O., 1980:
The sound transmitting apparatus in primitive snakes and its phylogenetic significance

Kim S.R.; Suk B.C., 1985:
The sound velocity and attenuation coefficient of the marine surface sediments in the nearshore area korea

Ishay J.S.; Sadeh D., 1982:
The sounds of honey bees apis mellifera and social wasps are always composed of uniform frequency

Clark C.W.; Johnson J.H., 1984:
The sounds of the bowhead whale balaena mysticetus during the spring migrations of 1979 and 1980

Ganzevles P.G.J.; Kroeze J.H.A., 1987:
The sour taste of acids the hydrogen ion and the undissociated acid as sour agents

Sohmer H.; Kinarti R.; Gafni M., 1980:
The source along the basilar membrane of the cochlear microphonic potential recorded by surface electrodes in man

Ellaway P.H.; Murthy K.S.K., 1985:
The source and distribution of short term synchrony between gamma motoneurons in the cat

Jenkins, S.N.; Wakelin, D., 1977:
The source and nature of some functional antigens of trichuris muris

Seng W.L.; Kenyon K.R.; Wolf G., 1982:
The source and release of collagenase in thermally burned corneas of vitamin a deficient and control rats

Kambara, S.; Yoneda, S.; Yoshimura, M.; Yamazaki, H.; Okabayashi, H.; Takeda, K.; Takahashi, H.; Ijichi, H., 1987:
The source and significance of increased urinary dopamine excretion during sodium loading in rats

Smith, A.J.; Wells, J.W., 1978:
The source of androgenic activity in the African wood Funtumia latifolia: a steroid hormone formed by the action of Fusarium solani

Davey K.G.; Kuster J.E., 1981:
The source of anti gonadotropin in the female of rhodnius prolixus

Blackberg L.; Blind P J.; Ljungberg B.; Hernell O., 1985:
The source of bile salt stimulated lipase in human milk a study based on serum concentrations as determined by sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay technique

Mugiya Y., 1980:
The source of calcium in regenerating scales of the goldfish carassius auratus

Yamashita S.; Nonomura Y., 1981:
The source of calcium required for electrically induced contraction of potassium de polarized smooth muscle

Freeman, J.J.; Jenden, D.J., 1976:
The source of choline for acetyl choline synthesis in brain

Maislos M.; Mead P.M.; Gaynor D.H.; Robbins D.C., 1986:
The source of circulating aggregate of insulin in type i diabetic patients is therapeutic insulin

Taylor, A.; Chafetz, N.; Hollenbeck, J.; Hooser, W., 1978:
The source of fecal gallium clinical implications concise communication

Dunnette D.A.; Chynoweth D.P.; Mancy K.H., 1985 :
The source of hydrogen sulfide in anoxic sediment

Heddle, R.J.; Rowley, D., 1978:
The source of immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g in the dog intestine

Ungar-Waron, H.; Gluckman, A.; Trainin, Z., 1982:
The source of increased serum ceruloplasmin ec activity in rabbits bearing the vx 2 carcinoma

Griggs R.A.; Newstead S.E., 1983:
The source of intuitive errors in wasons thog problem

Johnston, P.A.; Lacy, F.B.; Sanjana, V.M.; Robertson, C.R.; Jamison, R.L., 1977:
The source of inulin in samples of vasa recta blood

Miller D.R.; Byrd J.E.; Perona M.J., 1987:
The source of lead copper and zinc in fogwater

Persson P E., 1979:
The source of muddy odor in bream abramis brama from the porvoo sea area gulf of finland

Klotman, M.E.; Starnes, D.; Hamilton, J.D., 1985:
The source of murine cytomegalovirus in mice receiving kidney allografts

Ruskell, G.L., 1976:
The source of nerve fibers of the trabeculae and adjacent structures in monkey eyes

Venker-Van-Haagen, A.J.; Hartman, W.; Goedegebuure, A.; Wentink, G.J., 1978:
The source of normal motor unit potentials in supposedly de nervated laryngeal muscles of dogs

Snyder, F.; Rainey, W.T.J. ; Blank, M.L.; Christie, W.H., 1970 :
The source of oxygen in the ether bond of glycero lipids oxygen 18 studies

Kramer B.; Andrew A., 1981:
The source of pancreatic endocrine cell types

Lesser, R.P.; Lüders, H.; Dinner, D.S.; Hahn, J.; Morris, H.; Wyllie, E.; Resor, S., 1987:
The source of 'paradoxical lateralization' of cortical evoked potentials to posterior tibial nerve stimulation

Moody G.H., 1982:
The source of plasminogen activator in human saliva

Bradbury, J.H.; Foster, J.R.; Hammer, B.; Lindsay, J.; Murrell, W.G., 1981:
The source of the heat resistance of bacterial spores. Study of water in spores by NMR

Abilov, Z.K.; Gasanov, R.A., 1978:
The source of the long wavelength fluorescence of chlorophyll in vivo

Bystrzycka E.K.; Nail B.S., 1983:
The source of the respiratory drive to nasolabialis moto neurons in the rabbit a horseradish peroxidase study

Higgs G.A.; Moncada S.; Salmon J.A.; Seager K., 1983:
The source of thromboxane and prostaglandins in experimental inflammation

Meltzer R.S.; Tickner G.; Sahines T.P.; Popp R.L., 1980:
The source of ultrasound contrast effect

Martin L., 1984:
The source of uterine luminal fluid proteins in the mouse

Hatano R.; Sakuma T.; Okajima H., 1985 :
The source sink effect of clayey soil peds on solute transport

Il'yashuk E.M.; Gulyaev B.I.; Likholat D.A., 1981:
The source sink relationship in fruit bearing sunflower plants and in those with the flowers removed

Chen L.; Arimoto R.; Duce R.A., 1985:
The sources and forms of phosphorus in marine aerosol particles and rain from northern new zealand

Anderson L.S.; Dale J.E., 1983:
The sources of carbon for developing leaves of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar proctor

Sanders, J.G., 1978:
The sources of dissolved manganese to calico creek north carolina

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The spatial distribution of the fresh water macro invertebrate fauna of the river ely south wales uk in relation to pollutional discharges

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The spatial integration of signals in the retina and lamina of the fly compound eye under different conditions of luminance

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The spatial interrelationship of the body wall mesoderm and ectoderm of the chick embryo at the level of the developing limbs

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The spatial location of chromosomes in somatic cell nuclei part 4 homologous chromosomes in guinea pig and domestic pigs

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The spatial model of the formation of mongolian oak quercus mongolica

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The spatial organization of olfactory nerve projections

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The spatial organization of polytene chromosomes in chironomus thummi salivary gland nuclei

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The spatial organization of retinal receptive fields in light and darkness as revealed by the pattern electroretinogram

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The spatial organization of the active sites of the bi functional oligomeric enzyme tryptophan synthase ec cross linking by a novel method

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The spatial organization of the excitatory regions in the visual receptive fields of the pigeons optic tectum

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The spatial organization of the hierarchical proliferative cells of the crypts of the small intestine into clusters of synchronized cells

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The spatial organization of vegetation of china

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The spatial patchiness of pacific herring larvae

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The spatial pattern analysis of the regenerating axons of peroneal nerves in the rat

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The spatial pattern of aggregation centers in the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

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The spatial pattern of infected or infested plants and negative hyper geometric series

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The spatial pattern of RNA in fully grown oocytes of an amphibian, Xenopus laevis

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The spatial patterns of parasitism of eumenid wasps anterhynchium flavomarginatum and orancistrocerus drewseni by the miltogrammine fly amobia distorta

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The spatial population structure of a harpacticoid copepod community in spring

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The spatial relationship of the viral and h 2 antigens recognized by anti viral cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes

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The special case: isolated neurinoma of the labyrinth

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The special characteristics of urinary tract infections in infancy

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The special hemodynamics and metabolism in severe disturbances of peripheral blood flow and their treatment

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The speciation of the chemical forms of arsenic in the biological monitoring of exposure to inorganic arsenic

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The species and community characteristics of ground beetles coleoptera carabidae in some northern ireland uk nature reserves

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The species and quantitative composition of rotifers in some lakes of the sheka zakatal'skaya zone of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

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The species and size composition of tropical fresh water zoo plankton with special reference to the oriental region southeast asia

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The species area relation for archipelago biotas islands as samples from a species pool

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The species area relation of the belgian flora of vascular plants and its use for evaluation

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The species area relation part 3 a 3rd model for a delimited community

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The species area relationship of the southern appalachian high peaks vascular plant richness and rare plant distributions

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The species assumed to be lacinius armatus arachnida opiliones phalangiidae oligolophinae

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The species belonging to copepoda crustacea of karamik and hoyran lakes turkey

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The species cneorum tricoccon cneoraceae rutales present in cuba

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The species composition and distribution of euphausiids in the sea of okhotsk ussr

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The species composition and distribution of ostracods in the dniester estuary ussr

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The species composition and diversity of tree dwelling beetles in deciduous oak and evergreen forests in central japan relationship between the diversity index and sample size

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The species composition and extensiveness of protostrongylid nematodes invasion in cervids on selected hunting grounds

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The species composition and population dynamics of fleas on little susliks in sites of stable plague nidality on the ergenin ridge

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The species composition and seasonal dynamics of the micro phyto benthos of matsalu bay estonian ssr ussr

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The species composition density and biomass of bird communities on wrangel island russian sfsr ussr

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The species composition of soil seed banks beneath lowland tropical rain forests in north queensland australia

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The species composition of zooplankton in nakhichevan reservoir azerbaijan ssr ussr

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The species concept in agarics

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The species concept in hymenochaetaceae fungi hymenomycetes

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The species conception and taxonomy within norwegian species of daphnia

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The species culiseta nipponica new record for the fauna of the ussr

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The species dependent vulnerability of snails pulmonata lymnaeidae to infestation by trematode parthenites and an analysis of that dependence from the standpoint of taxonomy and parasitology

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The species diversity numbers and biomass of benthic nematodes in central part of lakes with different trophy

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The species group of ceratosolen armipes hymenoptera chalcidoidea agaonidae

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The species group patzunensis of the genus lachesilla psocoptera lachesillidae

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The species group within the subgenus sophophora diptera drosophilidae drosophila and the role of the functioning of male genitalia in the definition of supraspecific taxa

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The species groups of the south american frogs of the genus eleutherodactylus leptodactylidae

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The species halocordyle disticha and its synonyms

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The species isolating parameters in the vocalizations of the collared turtle dove streptopelia decaocto

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The species limits of galerella sanguinea rueppell 1836 galerella pulverulenta wagner 1839 and galerella nigrata thomas 1928 in southern africa carnivora viverridae

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The species of adesmia series microphyllae leguminosae papilionoideae

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The species of adonis naturalized in australia

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The species of agapetus trichoptera glossosomatidae of morocco with description of 2 new species

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The species of alseuosmia alseuosmiaceae

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The species of anommatus of veneto and neighboring regions italy coleoptera anommatidae 30. the endogenous fauna

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The species of anthonomus in the albolineatus group coleoptera curculionidae

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The species of anthracoidea ustilaginales on carex subgenus vignea with special regard to the nordic species

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The species of anthurium with palmately divided leaves

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The species of automate caridea alpheidae in the eastern pacific ocean

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The species of axiidae crustacea thallasinidea from the pacific coast of mexico with a key for their identification

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The species of bidessus coleoptera dytiscidae of africa south of the sahara including madagascar malagasy republic 2

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The species of cardiorhinus coleoptera elateridae with more than 1 dark band on the pronotum

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The species of chrysothrix

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The species of chusquea poaceae bambusoideae with verticillate buds

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The species of coleoptera for the lagoon of venice italy described in 1847 by nicolo contarini

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The species of comicus brunner v. wattenwyl orthoptera schizodactylidae with a discussion of their origin

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The species of cordyline agavaceae in the poor knights islands northern new zealand

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The species of crassula in australia

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The species of crocidura soricidae in morocco

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The species of dagbertus hemiptera heteroptera miridae associated with avocado in florida usa

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The species of diamesa from india diptera chironomidae

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The species of dicladispa outside africa coleoptera chrysomelidae

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The species of eichleriella tremellaceae of the ussr

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The species of erythrina in the republic of sao tome and principe

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The species of eucheiloid pericalina classification and evolutionary considerations coleoptera carabidae lebiini

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The species of eugahania hymenoptera encyrtidae from india

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The species of exidiopsis tremellaceae of the ussr

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The species of geissorhiza iridaceae of thunbergs herbarium uppsala sweden

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The species of genus aphis l. on dipsacaceae

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The species of genus hispa coleoptera chrysomelidae hispinae

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The species of genus turdus in provence france an analysis of band returns

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The species of hemipeplus coleoptera mycyteridae in florida usa with a taxonomic history of the genus

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The species of henotesia lepidoptera nymphalidae satyrinae in western west africa

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The species of hymenoptera described by linnaeus in the genera sphex chrysis vespa apis and mutilla

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The species of ichneumon hymenoptera described by linnaeus

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The species of lachesilla in the group texcocana psocoptera lachesillidae descriptions records and relationships

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The species of leandra in argentina

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The species of lebbeus in california usa crustacea caridea hippolytidae

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The species of living nautilus and their distribution

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The species of malva and lavatera malvaceae naturalized in south australia

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The species of marine mollusca gastropoda schafopoda bivalvia of the romagna coastline italy

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The species of microterys hymenoptera encyrtidae an annotated world list

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The species of moas aves dinornithidae

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The species of nebrioferonia and homalonesiota in new guinea coleoptera carabidae pterostichini

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The species of oenothera l. in rybnik plateau poland taxonomy ecology and distribution

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The species of oileus and their distribution coleoptera passalidae

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The species of pareromene pyralidae crambinae diptychophorini from malaysia indonesia and new guinea

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The species of pareromene pyralidae crambinae diptychophorini from the western south pacific with further notes on the new zealand species

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The species of paronychia caryophyllaceae in victoria australia

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The species of phaeochrous coleoptera scarabaeidae of sri lanka

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The species of philonthus varians coleoptera staphylinidae

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The species of phytoseiids acarina phytoseiidae of the swiss apple orchards

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The species of plesionika from california usa and western mexico natantia pandalidae

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The species of pseudexentera tortricidae

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The species of psilocybe known from central and south america

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The species of rastrelliger in the java sea their taxonomy and morphometry perciformes scombridae

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The species of rodents and their damages to cultivated crops in central anatolia turkey

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The species of scarabaeidae coleoptera associated with sugarcane in south florida usa

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The species of sepidium related to sepidium bidentatum and the description of a new species from portugal coleoptera tenebrionidae

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The species of sicyonia crustacea penaeoidea of the gulf of california mexico with a key for their identification and a note on their zoogeography

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The species of subfamily mycetophiloidea diptera distributed in bulgaria

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The species of tenebrionidae the genus tabarus coleoptera

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The species of the australian stonefly genus riekoperla insecta plecoptera gripopterygidae

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The species of the feather mite family rectijanuidae acarina analgoidea

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The species of the genus aporrhais in the eastern atlantic and observations on the turning back reflex of aporrhais pespelecani mollusca prosobranchia

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The species of the genus bombus hymenoptera apidae of chiapas mexico and guatemala with a morphometric and altitudinal analysis

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The species of the genus cheilanthes pteridaceae pteridophyta in france

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The species of the genus codium chlorophycophyta in the argentine coast

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The species of the genus emersonella from argentina uruguay and brazil insecta hymenoptera eulophidae

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The species of the genus eriosoma having ribes as secondary host plant homoptera aphidoidea

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The species of the genus euura hymenoptera tenthredinidae from japan

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The species of the genus fusarium on the ears of wheat

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The species of the genus glyptorhaestus hymenoptera ichneumonidae

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The species of the genus hamotegaeus oribatei cepheoidea

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The species of the genus hermannia acari oribatei 1

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The species of the genus hoplopleura of argentina insecta anoplura

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The species of the genus hylaeus collected by an apidological expedition to iran

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The species of the genus illiesoperla insecta plecoptera gripopterygidae

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The species of the genus ipelates sensu lato coleoptera silphidae agyrtinae

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The species of the genus leiodes coleoptera leiodidae from india and nepal

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The species of the genus megaloscapa in czechoslovakia coleoptera staphylinidae

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The species of the genus mesopolobus hymenoptera pteromalidae associated with cynipid galls in quercus spp in salamanca spain

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The species of the genus neophlepsius linnavuori 1955 homoptera cicadellidae

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The species of the genus ocneridia bolivar 1912 orthoptera pamphagidae

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The species of the genus panaeolus

Kits-Van-Waveren, E., 1979:
The species of the genus panaeolus 3. panaeolus acuminatus vs. panaeolus fimicola

Kits Van Waveren E., 1979 :
The species of the genus panaeolus part 2 key to the european species

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The species of the genus parageaya opiliones phalangiidae

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The species of the genus pria coleoptera nitidulidae

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The species of the genus pseudoniphargus amphipoda from northern spain

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The species of the genus scaphidema coleoptera tenebrionidae

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The species of the genus scaphoideus homoptera cicadellidae found in thailand with descriptions of new species

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The species of the genus sivacrypticus coleoptera tenebrionidae

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The species of the genus sonesimia with a description of 2 new ones homoptera cicadellidae

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The species of the genus spinolagriella coleoptera tenebrionidae

Kaszab Z., 1981:
The species of the genus stenosida coleoptera tenebrionidae

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The species of the genus suillia found in the americas south of the usa diptera heleomyzidae

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The species of the genus thymus in saxony east germany

Schmidt, P.; Knapp, H.D., 1977:
The species of the genus thymus labiatae in the hercynian floral area

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The species of the genus torneuma coleoptera curculionidae of the eastern mediterranean region and new data on soil living weevils from iran

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The species of the genus xenillus in the neogaea acari oribatei

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The species of the genus zeadolopus coleoptera leiodidae of the northern indian states

Daffner H., 1985:
The species of the genus zeadolopus of the melanesian islands coleoptera leiodidae

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The species of the group anisomerus prosternalis coleoptera dicronychidae

Lecordier C., 1984:
The species of the group of hyparpalus escheri coleoptera carabidae harpalinae

Golbach R., 1983:
The species of the groups 3 and 4 of cardiorhinus coleoptera elateridae

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The species of the indo west pacific genus calumia pisces eleotridae

Pohier F., 1982 :
The species of the lysandra coridon group in the jaca region huesca province spain lepidoptera lycaenidae

Pohier F., 1981:
The species of the lysandra coridon group in the region of jaca province of huesca spain lepidoptera lycaenidae

Pohier F., 1981:
The species of the lysandra coridon poda group lepidoptera lycaenidae in the jaca region province of huesca spain

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The species of the macrocera nobilis group in the holarctic region diptera mycetophilidae

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The species of the metaphycus asterolecanii group hymenoptera encyrtidae from south africa with notes on some extralimital species

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The species of the neotropical genus trichopselaphus coleoptera carabidae harpalini classification phylogeny and zoo geography

Tangelder I.R.M., 1984:
The species of the nephrotoma dorsalis group in the palearctic diptera tipulidae

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The species of the polypodium vulgare group of the armorican massif france

Lobl I., 1981:
The species of the scaphisoma rouyeri group coleoptera scaphidiidae

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The species of the subfamily athetae collected in mongolia by z kaszab coleoptera staphylinidae 2nd series

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The species of the tipula recticornis group

Duran R., 1982:
The species of thecaphora on compositae in north america

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The species of vespoidea described by provancher

Tereznykova-Ye, M., 1977:
The species ortheziola veydovskyi new record homoptera coccoidea ortheziidae new for ussr fauna

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The species phytomyza horticola diptera agromyzidae

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The species problem in caudofoveata mollusca

Sandon, H., 1976:
The species problem in the opalinids protozoa opalinata with special reference to protoopalina

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The species problem in the psathyrella candolleana complex

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The species rank of anodonta anatina and anodonta cygnea with remarks of pseudanodonta complanata bivalvia unionidae

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The species specific effects of sublethal concentrations of cadmium on freshwater phytoplankton communities in a canadian shield lake

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The species specificity of the contractile protein composition of the bivalve mollusks

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The species specificity of tsh receptor binding antibodies as measured by radio receptor assay

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The species spectrum distribution and biocide susceptibility of collembola in spruce picea abies forest soil 1. species spectrum and distribution

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The species spectrum of thysanoptera on various cereal species in the district of halle east germany

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The species structure of the parrot genus pionites psittacidae aves

Conway W., 1985:
The species survival plan and the conference on reproductive strategies for endangered wildlife

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The specific absorption coefficients of chlorophyllide a and pheophorbide a in 90 percent acetone and comments on the fluorometric determination of chlorophyll and pheopigments

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The specific action of neuroleptics in the study of their anti amphetamine effect in experimental defense response of rats

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The specific action of thrombin on the frog carotid labyrinth chemo receptors

Cowan D.A.; Daniel R.M.; Morgan H.W., 1987:
The specific activities of mesophilic and thermophilic proteinases

Kossatz, V.C.; Van-Huystee, R.B., 1976:
The specific activities of peroxidase ec and amino levulinic acid dehydratase ec during the growth cycle of peanut suspension culture

Anderson, P.J., 1976:
The specific activity of aldolase ec in the livers of old and young rats

Rorie D.K.; Muldoon S.M.; Tyce G.M., 1980:
The specific activity of retained and released norepinephrine in dog saphenous vein pre labeled with radio labeled norepinephrine

Gesser, H., 1977:
The specific activity of sodium ion potassium ion atpase in crude homogenates of brain and liver in mammals compared to body weight

Forbes, E.A.; Posner, A.M.; Quirk, J.P., 1976:
The specific adsorption of divalent cadmium cobalt copper lead and zinc on goethite

Fjose A.; Pryme I.F.; Lillehaug J.R.; Djurhuus R., 1983:
The specific appearance of a 65000 dalton protein in the nuclear associated endoplasmic reticulum of krebs ii ascites cells early after treatment with the phorbol ester 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate

Band P.; Lukton A., 1982:
The specific assay of heparin by its chemical properties

Andria, G.; Taniuchi, H.; Cone, J.L., 1971:
The specific binding of 3 fragments of staphylococcal nuclease

Barrack, E.R.; Coffey, D.S., 1980:
The specific binding of estrogens and androgens to the nuclear matrix of sex hormone responsive tissues

Ziegler, K.; Unanue, E.R., 1979 :
The specific binding of listeria monocytogenes immune thymus derived lymphocytes to macrophages 1. quantitation and role of h 2 gene products

IIzuka K.; Togawa K.; Konno A.; Higashi K.; Okuhara E.; Kitagawa Y., 1980:
The specific binding of parotin on duct cells of human parotid gland

Hedblom, M.L.; Cawley, D.B.; Houston, L.L., 1976:
The specific binding of ricin and its poly peptide chains to rat liver ribosomes and ribosomal subunits

Wilson, B.D.; Albrecht, C.F.; Wium, C.A., 1982:
The specific binding of the thyroid hormones to matrix isolated from rat liver nuclei

Romain P.R.; Cohen P.L.; Fish F.; Ziff M.; Vitetta E.S., 1980:
The specific bone marrow derived cell subset lacking in the cba n mouse is not required for the production of auto antibody in cba n x nzb f 1 male mice

Richards, J.C.; Perry, M.B.; Kniskern, P.J., 1984:
The specific capsular polysaccharide of Streptococcus pneumoniae type 33F

Kolarov Y.A., 1981:
The specific composition and distribution of insects of the subfamily mesochorinae hymenoptera ichneumonidae in the rhodopes bulgaria

Sergeeva E.G.; Freze V.I., 1981:
The specific composition of intermediate hosts of cestodes of the genus diphyllobothrium under conditions in karelia ussr

Ponomarenko, V.V., 1977:
The specific composition of wild growing apple trees in the ussr and centers of their genetic diversity

Holmes R.C.; Black M.M., 1982:
The specific dermatoses of pregnancy a reappraisal with special emphasis on a proposed simplified clinical classification

Bell M.L.; Engvall E., 1982:
The specific detection of collagenous proteins after electrophoresis using enzyme conjugated collagen binding fibronectin fragments

Kauffmann R.H.; Van E.L.A.; Daha M.R., 1981:
The specific detection of immuno globulin a in immune complexes

Cother E.J.; Blakeney A.B., 1987:
The specific detection of indole production by erwinia spp and some other enterobacteria on agar

Masschelein W.J.; Denis M., 1981:
The specific determination of bromide in natural waters

Nichols, J.L.; Weinstein, E.B.; Ellingstad, V.S.; Struckman-Johnson, D.L., 1978:
The specific deterrent effect of alcohol safety action projects education and rehabilitation programs

Kupfer, A.; Swain, S.L.; Singer, S.J., 1987:
The specific direct interaction of helper t cells and antigen presenting b cells ii. reorientation of the microtubule organizing center and reorganization of the membrane associated cytoskeleton inside the bound helper t cells

Eaton Rye J.J.; Govindjee, 1984:
The specific effect of bicarbonate on photosynthetic electron transport in the presence of methyl viologen

Cooke, J.D.; Quastel, D.M., 1973:
The specific effect of potassium on transmitter release by motor nerve terminals and its inhibition by calcium

Gurko N.S.; Pozdnyakov O.M.; Shenderov S.M., 1986:
The specific features of neuromuscular interrelations in the vessels in chronic regional arterial hypotension

Glasgow G.P., 1982:
The specific gamma ray constant and exposure rate constant of tantalum 182

Benito J.; Bernaldo D.Q.iros I.F., 1987:
The specific gland cells of the tubercula pubertatis in lumbricus friendi cognetti 1904 oligochaeta an ultrastructural study

Breimer, M.E.; Hansson, G.C.; Leffler, H., 1985:
The specific glycosphingolipid composition of human ureteral epithelial cells

Harper C.G.; Kril J.J.; Daly J.M., 1987:
The specific gravity of the brains of alcoholic and control patients a pathological study

Zachariassen, K.E.; Hammel, H.T.; Schmidek, W., 1976:
The specific heat of insects as a function of their relative water content

Woo F C.; Guo Y Y., 1984:
The specific identification distribution bionomics and economic importance of the genus blattella blattaria blattidae from china

Turner, B.J.; Liu, R.K., 1976:
The specific identity of the introduced pupfish population at zzyzx spring california usa

Moule, J.H.; Caul, E.O.; Wreghitt, T.G., 1987:
The specific IgM response to Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection: interpretation and application to early diagnosis

Smeland, E.; Godal, T.; Ruud, E.; Beiske, K.; Funderud, S.; Clark, E.A.; Pfeifer-Ohlsson, S.; Ohlsson, R., 1985:
The specific induction of myc protooncogene expression in normal human B cells is not a sufficient event for acquisition of competence to proliferate

Bernstein P.S.; Rando R.R., 1985 :
The specific inhibition of 11 cis retinylpalmitate formation in the frog rana pipiens eye by diaminophenoxypentane an inhibitor of rhodopsin regeneration

Vaughan A.T.M.; Bateman W.J.; Brown G.; Cowan J., 1982:
The specific inhibition of cellular clonogenic proliferation using astatine 211 labeled lectins and antibodies 1

Gregersen N., 1981:
The specific inhibition of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex from pig kidney by propionyl coenzyme a and iso valeryl coenzyme a

Moyer S.A.; Holmes K.S., 1979:
The specific inhibition of vesicular stomatitis virus replication by toyocamycin

Wiman B.; Lijnen H.R.; Collen D., 1979:
The specific interaction between the lysine binding sites in plasmin and complementary sites in alpha 2 anti plasmin and in fibrinogen

Ashton, A.R.; Polya, G.M., 1978:
The specific interaction of cibacron and related dyes with cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase ec and lactate dehydrogenase ec

Brugge J.S.; Erikson E.; Erikson R.L., 1981:
The specific interaction of the rous sarcoma virus transforming protein pp 60 s r c with 2 cellular proteins

Diringer, H.; Koch, M.A., 1981:
The specific labeling in hypertonic medium of a spleen protein

Mueller, J., 1976:
The specific laboratory diagnosis of fungus infections with special attention to quantitative methods

Boxall, J.D.; Proops, D.W.; Michaels, L., 1988:
The specific locomotive activity of tympanic membrane and cholesteatoma epithelium in tissue culture

Shiroya, Y.; Samejima, T., 1985:
The specific modification of histidyl residues of inorganic pyrophosphatase ec from bacillus stearothermophilus by photooxidation

Vasil'eva, S.V.; Rapoport, I.A., 1977:
The specific mutagenic effectiveness of 1 4 bis di azo acetyl butane with respect to individual genes

Gorbunova S.A.; Yanenko A.S.; Khrenova E.A.; Krylov V.N., 1984:
The specific mutation in the phage genome is needed for introduction of plasmid rp 4 d 3112 into pseudomonas putida cells

Jackson P.B.N., 1979:
The specific name of the snake catfish clarias theodorae

Lempke, B.J., 1976:
The specific names of 3 british scopariinae lepidoptera pyralidae

Bornstein, P.; Balian, G., 1970:
The specific nonenzymatic cleavage of bovine rnase with hydroxylamine

Shestiperov V.A.; Tikhonchuk V.S., 1983:
The specific peculiarities of the heat stress under microwave irradiation of mammals theoretical analysis

Cuny M.; Sripati C.E.; Hayes D.H., 1985:
The specific phosphorylation of a 40s ribosomal protein in growth arrested tetrahymena thermophila is induced by sodium

Pennycuick C.J.; Rezende M.A., 1984:
The specific power output of aerobic muscle related to the power density of mitochondria

Masalski N.; Ivanov I.N.; Dikova T.; Marinova A.; Gogov J.; Korukov G., 1986:
The specific prophylaxis of gangrenous mastitis in sheep

Fock, H.; Klug, K.; Krampitz, M.J., 1978:
The specific radioactivity of glycolate and photo respiration during carbon 14 di oxide assimilation at 4 different carbon di oxide concentrations by sunflower and bean leaves

Fern, E.B.; Garlick, P.J., 1973:
The specific radioactivity of the precursor pool for estimates of the rate of protein synthesis

Hudska, G., 1978:
The specific re plant problem in fruit growing

Rodionov A.A.; Azhipa Y.I.; Akimov Y.A., 1984:
The specific reception of aldosterone by cell cytoplasm of rat kidney tubules in neurogenic dystrophy

Liu, C.K.; Schmied, R.; Waxman, S., 1979:
The specific release of sialyl transferase ec activity by human hepatoma cell lines

Merz, W.E., 1979:
The specific role of the subunits of chorio gonadotropin for biological immunological and physical properties of the hormone digestion of the alpha subunit with carboxy peptidase a ec

Holder L.E.; Michael R.H., 1984:
The specific scintigraphic pattern of shin splints in the lower leg

Aualiitia T.U.; Pickering W.F., 1987:
The specific sorption of trace amounts of copper lead and cadmium by inorganic particulates

Nikolski A.A.; Wallschlaeger D., 1982:
The specific status of holarctic long tailed squirrels a bio acoustical study

Moulds M.S.; Atkins A.F., 1986:
The specific status of motasingha trimaculata tepper lepidoptera hesperiidae with the description of a new subspecies

Borowiec L., 1986:
The specific status of spermophagus variolosopunctatus gyllenhal 1833 coleoptera bruchidae amblycerinae with a description of a new species

Gibson P.H., 1979:
The specific status of the 2 cirratulid polychaetes dodecaceria fimbriata and dodecaceria caulleryi compared by their morphology and methods of reproduction

Popovici, I., 1977:
The specific structure and affinity of nematode populations in brown humus soil and leached chernozem

Roy, N.; Carroll, W.R.; Glaudemans, C.P.J., 1970:
The specific substance from diplococcus pneumoniae type 31

Chittenden, G.J.F.; Roberts, W.K.; Buchanan, J.G.; Baddiley, J., 1968:
The specific substance from pneumococcus type 34 41 ribitol d galacto furanosyl residues

Schulz R.J.; Bongiorni P., 1984:
The specific toxicity of 5 thio d glucose to hypoxic cells

Bauer D.J., 1977:
The specific treatment of virus diseases

Chung B C.; Goodgal S.H., 1979:
The specific uptake of cloned haemophilus influenzae dna

Parkin M.J.; Ross I.S., 1986:
The specific uptake of manganese in the yeast candida utilis

Demaret F.; Wilczek R., 1980:
The specific value of bryum dichotomum bryum bulbillosum bryum bicolor and bryum barnesii

Poirier J.; Donaldson J.; Barbeau A., 1985:
The specific vulnerability of the substantia nigra to 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine is related to the presence of transition metals

Dhouailly, D.; Rogers, G.E.; Sengel, P., 1978:
The specification of feather and scale protein synthesis in epidermal dermal recombinations

Van-Der-Meer, J.M.; Miyamoto, D.M., 1984:
The specification of metameric order in the insect callosobruchus maculatus coleoptera 2. the effects of temporary constriction on segment number

Van Der Meer J.M., 1979:
The specification of metameric order in the insect callosobruchus maculatus coleoptera part 1 incomplete segment patterns can result from constriction induced cytological damage to the egg

Selzer R., 1984:
The specificities of antennal olfactory receptor cells of periplaneta americana

Yoon H.; Suh H.; Kim K.; Han M.H.; Yoo O.J., 1985:
The specificity and catalytic properties of alu i methylase

Kubackova, M.; Karacosyni, S.; Bilisics, L.; Toman, R., 1979:
The specificity and mode of action of a xylanase ec from trametes hirsuta

Omene J.A.; Okolo A.A.; Longe A.C.; Onyia D.N., 1985:
The specificity and sensitivity of cerebrospinal fluid and blood glucose concentration in the diagnosis of neonatal meningitis

Mutlu N.; Aksit F.; Ozdamar K., 1986:
The specificity and sensitivity of some methods to determine brucella antibodies in milk by comparison of whey antiglobulin test wagt

Spector, R., 1976:
The specificity and sulfhydryl sensitivity of the inositol transport system of the central nervous system

Marshall, M.O.; Knudsen, J., 1977:
The specificity of 1 acyl sn glycerol 3 phosphate acyl transferase in microsomal fractions from lactating cow mammary gland towards short medium and long chain acyl coenzyme a esters

Marini J.L.; Sheard M.H., 1981:
The specificity of a cat behavior model for the study of hallucinogens

Silvennoinen Kassinen S., 1981:
The specificity of a nickel sulfate reaction in vitro a family study and a study of chromium allergic subjects

Gray N.C.C.; Strickland K.P., 1982:
The specificity of a phospho lipase a 2 purified from the 106000 x gravity pellet of bovine brain

Younis, S.E.A.; Ali, A.M.M.; Hussien, M.Y., 1975:
The specificity of acriflavine in inducing mutations in bacillus subtilis and escherichia coli row

Mclennan, H.; Wheal, H.V., 1976:
The specificity of action of 3 possible antagonists of amino acid induced neuronal excitations

Lestienne, P., 1978:
The specificity of amino acylation a transfer rna transfer rna interaction model

Shimoyama M.; Saito H.; Minato K., 1980:
The specificity of anti sera produced in rabbits against human leukemia cells cultured lympho blastoid and myeloid cells

Lafer E.M.; Stollar B.D., 1984:
The specificity of antibodies elicited by polydeoxyguanylic acid polydeoxycytidylic acid

Briggs, J.A.; Glass, W.F.; Briggs, R.C.; Hnilica, L.S., 1983:
The specificity of antibodies to chicken erythroid chromatin

Payne, C.C.; Churchill, M.P., 1977:
The specificity of antibodies to double stranded rna in anti sera prepared to 3 distinct cytoplasmic polyhedrosis viruses

Heimer, R.; Wolfe, L.D.; Abruzzo, J.L., 1985:
The specificity of antibodies to the fab' 2 fragment of human immunoglobulin g

Choy H.E.; Fowler R.G., 1985:
The specificity of base pair substitution induced by the mut l and mut s mutators in escherichia coli

Awruch, J.; Tomaro, M.L.; Frydman, R.B.; Frydman, B., 1984:
The specificity of biliverdin reductase ec reduction of biliverdin xiii isomers

Gul'tyaev A.P.; Zhelgovskii N.V., 1986:
The specificity of binding of regulatory proteins to dna the possibility of explaining in terms of point interactions

Yoshida M.; Allison W.S.; Esch F.S.; Futai M., 1982:
The specificity of carboxyl group modification during the inactivation of the escherichia coli f 1 atpase with carbon 14 labeled di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide

Aronson, N.N.Jr ; Barrett, A.J., 1978:
The specificity of cathepsin b ec hydrolysis of glucagon at the carboxyl terminus by a peptidyl di peptidase mechanism

Ferguson, J.B.; Andrews, J.R.; Voynick, I.M.; Fruton, J.S., 1973:
The specificity of cathepsin D

Janeway, C.A.J. ; Cohen, B.E.; Ben-Sasson, S.Z.; Paul, W.E., 1975:
The specificity of cellular immune responses in guinea pigs part 1 thymus derived cells specific for 2 4 di nitro phenyl o tyrosyl residues

Janeway, C.A.J. ; Maurer, P.H.; Dailey, M.O.; Inman, J.K., 1976:
The specificity of cellular immune responses in guinea pigs part 2 the structure of antigenic determinants leading to thymus derived lymphocyte stimulation

Janeway, C.A.J. ; Paul, W.E., 1976:
The specificity of cellular immune responses in guinea pigs part 3 the precision of antigen recognition by thymus derived lymphocytes

Vasta G.R.; Cohen E., 1982:
The specificity of centruroides sculpturatus arizona lethal scorpion hemolymph agglutinins

Roff J.D.; Wirt R.D., 1985:
The specificity of childhood problem behavior for adolescent and young adult maladjustment

Janson, C.A.; Cleland, W.W., 1974:
The specificity of chromium nucleotides as inhibitors of selected kinases

Deckers, P.J.; Pardridge, D.H.; Wang, B.S.; Mannick, J.A., 1976:
The specificity of concomitant tumor immunity at large tumor volumes

Bhan I.; Leskowitz S., 1982:
The specificity of delayed hyper sensitivity to azo benzene arsonate n acetyl tyrosine pulsed and azo benzene arsonate coupled macrophages

Younis, S.E.A.; Ali, A.M.M.; Hussein, M.Y., 1975:
The specificity of di ethylamine in inducing mutations in bacillus subtilis and escherichia coli

Hosoda H.; Kobayashi N.; Kawamoto H.; Nambara T., 1983:
The specificity of enzyme immunoassays for plasma 11 deoxy cortisol

Thornley, A.L.; Laurence, E.B., 1976:
The specificity of epidermal chalone action the results of in vivo experimentation with 2 purified skin extracts

Theodorides J., 1979:
The specificity of eu gregarines of brachyura crustacea decapoda

Drevich, V.F.; Salganik, R.I., 1975:
The specificity of galacto kinase induction in the rat liver under the effect of galactose

Arion, W.J.; Wallin, B.K.; Carlson, P.W.; Lange, A.J., 1972:
The specificity of glucose 6 phosphatase ec of intact liver microsomes

Cole, F.E.; Weed, J.C.; Schneider, G.T.; Holland, J.B.; Geary, W.L.; Levy, D.L.; Huseby, R.A.; Rice, B.F., 1976:
The specificity of gonadotropin binding by the human corpus luteum

Sparling R.; Daniels L., 1987:
The specificity of growth inhibition of methanogenic bacteria by bromoethanesulfonate

Green, W.R.; Brown, M.A., 1983:
The specificity of h 2 restricted cyto toxic t lymphocytes directed to akr gross leukemia virus induced tumors 2. altered gp 70 display and production of noninfectious virus particles by an insusceptible variant tumor

Manjunath, R.; Graziano, R.F.; Green, W.R., 1986:
The specificity of h 2 restricted cytotoxic t lymphocytes directed to akr gross leukemia virus induced tumors iii. coordinate alterations in viral gp 70 antigen expression and restoration of cytotoxic t lymphocyte susceptibility to insusceptible variant tumors

Carpenter J.E.; Sparks A.N., 1982:
The specificity of heliothis zea pheromone components in eliciting pre copulatory responses from heliothis zea male moths

Horwitz, C.A.; Henle, W.; Henle, G.; Polesky, H.; Wexler, H.; Ward, P., 1976:
The specificity of heterophil antibodies in patients and healthy donors with no or minimal signs of infectious mononucleosis

L.P.ndu J.; Lambert F.; Gerard G.; Vitrac D.; Mollicone R.; Oriol R., 1986:
The specificity of human anti h antibodies

Rekvig O.P.; Hannestad K., 1979:
The specificity of human auto antibodies that react with cell nuclei and plasma membranes the nuclear antigen is present on core mono nucleosomes

March R.E.; Winrow V.R.; Holborow E.J., 1986:
The specificity of human autoantibodies to immunoglobulin g the development of methodology for measuring the specificity of antiglobulin isotypes in rheumatoid and normal sera

Morishita H., 1983:
The specificity of in vivo and in vitro immunity directed against radiation leukemia virus induced murine leukemia cells

Scott R.S.; Burger H.G.; Quigg H.; Dobos M.; Robertson D.M.; D.K.etser D.M., 1982:
The specificity of inhibin bioassay using cultured pituitary cells

Whitington, P.M., 1979:
The specificity of innervation of regenerating motor neurons in the cockroach

Mitsuboshi M.; Mitsuboshi T., 1980:
The specificity of interactions among the visual photopic mechanisms as revealed by spatial sensitization effects

Colby, C.; Chamberlin, M.J., 1969:
The specificity of interferon induction in chick embryo cells by helical rna

Beaumont J.G.; Rugg M.D., 1979:
The specificity of intra hemispheric electro encephalogram alpha coherence asymmetry related to psychological task

Sriprakash, K.S.; Lundh, N.; Moo-On-Huh, M.; Radding, C.M., 1975:
The specificity of lambda bacterio phage exo nuclease interactions with single stranded dna

Keynes, R.J.; Stirling, R.V.; Stern, C.D.; Summerbell, D., 1987:
The specificity of motor innervation of the chick wing does not depend upon the segmental origin of muscles

Sal'nikova, T.V.; Grigorova, N.V.; Mamedova, E.M.; Kostyanovskii, R.G., 1987:
The specificity of mutagenic action of n nitroso n methyl n methoxyamine in higher plants

Kennett, R.H.; Fairbrother, T.; Hampshire, B.; Bodmer, W.F., 1976:
The specificity of naturally occurring heterophile antibodies in normal rabbit serum

Bakker, W.W.; Bagchus, W.M.; Vos, J.T.W.M.; Kooistra, K.; Hoedemaeker, P.J., 1981:
The specificity of nephritogenic antibodies 1. evidence on anti t cell specificity in nephritogenic antibodies detected by cyto toxicity and migration inhibition assays

Bagchus, W.M.; Donga, J.; Hoedemaeker, P.J.; Bakker, W.W., 1984:
The specificity of nephritogenic antibodies 2. immune complex glomerulopathy in rats induced by heterologous antithymocyte serum

Bagchus, W.M.; Donga, J.; Rozing, J.; Hoedemaeker, P.J.; Bakker, W.W., 1986:
The specificity of nephritogenic antibodies. IV. Binding of monoclonal antithymocyte antibodies to rat kidney

Klawans, H.L.; D'amico, D.J.; Nausieda, P.A.; Weiner, W.J., 1977:
The specificity of neuroleptic induced and methysergide induced behavioral hyper sensitivity

Sivolap Y.M.; Charskii V.V., 1983:
The specificity of nonhistone chromosomal protein component composition in higher plants

Keeling D.J.; Fallowfield C.; Underwood A.H., 1987:
The specificity of omeprazole as proton potassium atpase inhibitor depends upon the means of its activation

Hayashi, E.; Haruno, A.; Shimizu, T.; Terada, M., 1980:
The specificity of pharmacological responses in Ascaris muscle

Marshall, T.H.; Akgun, A., 1971:
The specificity of porcine elastase and alpha chymotrypsin effect of fatty acid chain length in a homologous series of nitro phenyl esters

Schroer, K.; Berg-Becker, M.; Nookhwun, C., 1978:
The specificity of prostaglandin e 2 in reducing coronary vascular resistance a comparison with adenosine

Kraus, E.; Kiltz, H.H.; Femfert, U.F., 1976:
The specificity of proteinase K against oxidized insulin B chain

Trop, M.; Birk, Y., 1970:
The specificity of proteinases from Streptomyces griseus (pronase)

Rabinowitz, R.; Korczyn, A.D., 1987:
The specificity of pupillary actions of morphine and naloxone

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