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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6771

Chapter 6771 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Narayanan, A. S.; Anwar, R. A., 1969: The specificity of purified porcine pancreatic elastase

Botvinick, E. H.; Shames, D. M.; Sharpe, D. N.; Klausner, S. C.; Werner, J. A.; Chatterjee, K.; Parmley, W. W., 1978: The specificity of pyro phosphate myo cardial scintigrams in patients with prior myo cardial infarction concise communication

Aukrust, L.; Almeland, T. L.; Aas, K., 1978: The specificity of radio staining in crossed radio immuno electrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770004

Van-Essen, D. C.; Jansen, J. K. S., 1977: The specificity of re innervation by identified sensory and motor neurons in the leech

Cotman C.W., 1979: The specificity of reactive synaptogenesis a comparative study in the adult rat hippocampal formation

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770007

Weis C.D., 1980: The specificity of reductive dechlorination in the poly chloro pyridine series synthesis of 2 3 5 tri chloro pyridine and of 2 3 5 6 tetra chloro pyridine

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770009

Ludwig, W.; Follmann, H., 1978: The specificity of ribo nucleoside tri phosphate reductase ec multiple induced activity changes and implications for deoxy ribo nucleotide formation

Zappia, V.; Zydek-Cwick, C. R.; Schlenk, F., 1969: The specificity of s adenosyl methionine derivatives in methyl transfer reactions

Burley V.J., 1988: The specificity of satiety the influence of foods of different macronutrient content on the development of satiety

Singal D.P., 1979: The specificity of secondary mixed lymphocyte culture assayed by titration of primed lymphocyte populations

Glynn A.A., 1986: The specificity of serum and local antibodies in female gonorrhea

Akiba S., 1980: The specificity of serum inhibitors against hong kong influenza virus h 3n 2

Carmel P.W., 1979: The specificity of serum prolactin as a diagnostic indicator of pituitary adenoma

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770017

Eschenfelder, V.; Brossmer, R.; Wachter, M., 1983: The specificity of sialidase ec synthesis and properties of the n 5 acetyl beta d neuraminoyl peptides n n 5 acetyl beta d neuraminoyl glycine n n 5 acetyl beta d neuraminoyl glutamic acid n n 5 acetyl beta d neuraminoyl phenyl alanine and the corresponding alpha ketosides

Zalik S.E., 1981: The specificity of sialyl transferase activity in smooth membrane fractions of embryonic chicken liver

Schauer, R.; Moczar, E.; Wember, M., 1979: The specificity of sialyl transferases ec using glycosylated lysozyme derivatives as substrates

K"drev T., 1980: The specificity of soluble atpase multiple enzyme forms in roots of maize grown under magnesium deficiency

Auffret C.A., 1979: The specificity of some pig and human pepsins towards synthetic peptide substrates

Lennarz W.J., 1980: The specificity of sperm binding in echinoderm fertilization

Kohaut, E. C.; Singer, D. B.; Nevels, B. K.; Hill, L. L., 1976: The specificity of split renal membranes in hereditary nephritis

Curtis, D. R.; Duggan, A. W.; Johnston, G. A. R., 1971: The specificity of strychnine as a glycine antagonist in the mammalian spinal cord

Collins F.M., 1981: The specificity of suppressor t cells induced by chronic mycobacterium avium infection in mice

Reichelt, J. L.; Nealson, K.; Hastings, J. W., 1977: The specificity of symbiosis ponyfish and luminescent bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770029

Bernard, M.; Percheron, F.; Foglietti, M. J., 1983: The specificity of the 2 forms of human serum alpha l fucosidase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770031

Lazaroff, N., 1977: The specificity of the anionic requirement for iron oxidation by thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Jennings R., 1979: The specificity of the anti hem agglutinin antibody response induced in man by inactivated influenza vaccines and by natural infection

Krieglstein G.K., 1982: The specificity of the automated suprathreshold perimeter fieldmaster 200

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770035

Stepanov V.M., 1981: The specificity of the bacillus amyloliquefaciens intra cellular serine protease a comparison with the specificity of secretory subtilisins

Rubery P.H., 1985: The specificity of the carrier mediated uptake of abscisic acid by root segments of phaseolus coccineus cultivar prizewinner

Horvath, P.; Denes, G., 1977: The specificity of the chemical modification of n 6 delta 2 iso pentenyl adenosine in purified yeast serine transfer rna

Ersson B., 1981: The specificity of the combining site of the lectin from vicia villosa seeds which reacts with cyto toxic t lympho blasts

Devreotes P., 1986: The specificity of the cyclic amp receptor mediating activation of adenylate cyclase in dictyostelium discoideum

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770041

Abraham, S. F.; Denton, D. A.; Weisinger, R. S., 1976: The specificity of the dipsogenic effect of angiotensin ii

Yu D.T.Y., 1984: The specificity of the direct binding between bacteria and hla antigens

Geiler W., 1986: The specificity of the disease category related inability to work and the influence of multiple and long term unfitness for work on the level of sickness absence in a slaughtering and processing plant

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770045

Davies, P.; Powell-Jones, W.; Nicholson, R. I.; Griffiths, K., 1977: The specificity of the estrogen receptor of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced mammary tumors of the rat

Ramasamy, R.; Richardson, N. E.; Feinstein, A., 1976: The specificity of the fc receptor on murine lymphocytes for immuno globulins of the immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m classes

Kraal G., 1985: The specificity of the high endothelial venule in bronchus associated lymphoid tissue

Hall K., 1987: The specificity of the human igf 2 receptor

Muesing M.A., 1987: The specificity of the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 transactivator is different from that of human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Ishkov V.L., 1979: The specificity of the human uterine receptor

Kardjito T., 1980: The specificity of the humoral immune response to soluble mycobacterial antigens in tuberculosis

Settnes O.P., 1985: The specificity of the immunoglobulin g produced by chickens experimentally infected with mareks disease virus

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770054

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770055

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770056

Ruede E., 1988: The specificity of the interaction between the agretope of an antigen and an ia molecule can depend on the t cell clonotype

Pares, X.; Arus, C.; Llorens, R.; Cuchillo, C. M., 1978: The specificity of the interaction of bovine pancreatic rnase a ec with natural and halogenated purine nucleosides

Berg P.A., 1988: The specificity of the lymphocyte transformation test in a patient with hypersensitivity reactions to pyrazolone compounds a 10 week follow up study before and after rechallenge

Vilien, M.; Wolf, H., 1978: The specificity of the micro cyto toxicity assay for cell mediated immunity in human bladder cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770061

Thomson, A.; Kapadia, S. B., 1979: The specificity of the s 1 and s 2 subsites of elastase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770063

Lazdunski M., 1981: The specificity of the sodium channel for monovalent cations

Singer A., 1982: The specificity of the syngeneic mixed leukocyte response a primary anti i region t cell proliferative response is determined intra thymically

Ceccaldi P.F., 1982: The specificity of the ultrastructure of human hair medulla

Baum H., 1987: The specificity of thiourea dimethylthiourea and dmso as scavengers of hydroxyl radicals their protection of alpha 1 antiproteinase against inactivation by hypochlorous acid

Geha, R. S.; Mudawwar, F.; Schneeberger, E., 1977: The specificity of thymus derived cell helper factor in man

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770070

Pannekoek, H.; Pouwels, P. H., 1973: The specificity of transcription in vitro of the trp operon of escherichia coli

Bar Tana J., 1985: The specificity of triacylglycerol synthesis for medium chain fatty acids in rat and human adipose preparations

Kamel A.A., 1988: The specificity of trichinella ifat antigen in humans

Plotz P.H., 1980: The specificity of uptake of model immune complexes and other protein aggregates by the murine res

Glickman B.W., 1987: The specificity of uv induced mutations at an endogenous locus in mammalian cells

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770076

Rowley D., 1983: The specificity of vibrio cholerae adherence and the significance of the slime agglutinin as a 2nd mediator of in vitro attachment

Corfield, A. P.; Higa, H.; Paulson, J. C.; Schauer, R., 1983: The specificity of viral and bacterial sialidases ec for alpha 2 3 linked and alpha 2 6 linked sialic acids in glyco proteins

Londesborough J., 1985: The specificity of yeast low michaelis constant cyclic amp phosphodiesterase towards free bivalent metal ions and the diastereoisomers of cyclic adenosine phosphorothioate

Jensen, H. B.; Kleppe, G.; Schindler, M.; Mirelman, D., 1976: The specificity requirements of bacterio phage t 4 lysozyme

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770081

Yamada M., 1982: The speckled epidermal nuclear immuno fluorescence of mixed connective tissue disease seems to develop as an in vitro phenomenon

Rebora A., 1985: The speckled immunofluorescence of epidermal nuclei as an in vivo phenomenon

Woo G.C., 1986: The spectacle magnification of focal telescopes

Starosel'tseva L.K., 1983: The spectra and activities of enzyme isozymes compared among pichia pinus ha ploid and auto di ploid strains growing in a medium with glucose

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770086

Erdakov L.N., 1984: The spectra of rhythms of the activity of animals as an index of taxonomic differences

Tyler P.A., 1986: The spectral absorption and scattering properties of dissolved and particulate components in relation to the underwater light field of some tropical australian freshwaters

Goldsmith, T. H., 1978: The spectral absorption of crayfish rhabdoms pigment photoproduct and ph sensitivity

Leiva C., 1985: The spectral analysis of tremor

Furyaev, E. A.; Belyanin, V. N.; Spirov, V. V., 1976: The spectral changes of individual cells of chlorella vulgaris during a decrease in the environmental ph

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770092

Atha J., 1983: The spectral characteristics of postural sway behavior

Geisler C.D., 1979: The spectral content of the cochlear microphonic measured in scala media of the guinea pig cochlea

Tyler P.A., 1986: The spectral distribution and attenuation of underwater irradiance in tasmanian australia inland waters

Baker A.L., 1988: The spectral distribution of downwelling light in northern wisconsin usa lakes

Grammatikati, V. S.; Radzievskii, G. B.; Savel'ev, G. I., 1977: The spectral distribution of irradiation and the spectra of linear transmission of longwave roentgen irradiation energy

Quickenden, T. I.; Que-Hee, S. S., 1976: The spectral distribution of the luminescence emitted during growth of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae and its relationship to mitogenetic radiation

Kevan P.G., 1979: The spectral efficiency of photo taxis for some high arctic diptera

Robinson D.W., 1983: The spectral factor in noise induced hearing loss a case for retaining the a weighting

Zenkevich, E. I.; Kochubeev, G. A.; Losev, A. P.; Gurinovich, G. P., 1978: The spectral luminescent properties of separate aggregated forms of pigments in solutions

Liu R.S.H., 1988: The spectral properties and photosensitivities of analogue photopigments regenerated with 10 and 14 substituted retinal analogues

Boeijinga P., 1980: The spectral properties of hippocampal electro encephalogram related to behavior in man

Bertolami C.N., 1987: The spectral properties of temporomandibular joint sounds

Kleman J., 1986: The spectral reflectance of stands of norway spruce picea abies and scotch pine pinus sylvestris measured from a helicopter

Morris S.C., 1985: The spectral responses of chlorophyll and glycoalkaloid synthesis in potato tubers solanum tuberosum cultivar sebago

Saunders, R. M., 1977: The spectral responsiveness and the temporal frequency response of cat optic tract and lateral geniculate neurons sinusoidal stimulation studies

Williams D.S., 1981: The spectral sensitivities of identified receptors and the function of retinal tiering in the principal eyes of a jumping spider plexippus validus

Nolte, J.; Brown, J. E., 1969: The spectral sensitivities of single cells in the median ocellus of limulus

Nolte, J.; Brown, J. E., 1970: The spectral sensitivities of single receptor cells in the lateral median and ventral eyes of normal and white eyed limulus

Lee J., 1981: The spectral sensitivity of a polar bear ursus maritimus

Nuboer J.F.W., 1986: The spectral sensitivity of blue sensitive pigeon columba livia cones evidence for complete screening of the visual pigment by the oil droplets

Macagno E.R., 1985: The spectral sensitivity of eye movements in response to light flashes in daphnia magna

Granda, A. M.; Yazulla, S., 1971: The spectral sensitivity of single units in the nucleus rotundus of pigeon columba livia

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770116

Ingling, C. R-Jr, 1977: The spectral sensitivity of the opponent color channels

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770118

Van Den Berg T.J.T.P., 1983: The spectral shape of a 2 visual pigments

Hische E.A., 1987: The spectral stability of several sunscreening agents on stratum corneum sheets

Pinder, J. C.; Ungewickell, E.; Bray, D.; Gratzer, W. B., 1978: The spectrin actin complex and erythrocyte shape

Radejova E., 1982: The spectro fluorometric assay of pyridoxolium chloride vitamin b 6 in multi vitamin preparations

Johannesma P.I.M., 1981: The spectro temporal receptive field a functional characteristic of auditory neurons

Raymond K.N., 1988: The spectroelectrochemical determination of the reduction potential of diferric serum transferrin

Bloom, P. R.; Weaver, R. M.; Mcbride, M. B., 1978: The spectrophotometric and fluorometric determination of aluminum with 8 hydroxy quinoline and butyl acetate extraction

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770127

Summary, J. J., 1976: The spectrophotometric determination of human serum carboxy poly peptidase ec with angiotensin converting enzyme like activity

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770129

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770130

Evans C.H., 1983: The spectrophotometric determination of micro molar concentrations of cobalt using o phenanthroline

Allen S., 1988: The spectrophotometric determination of nanomole quantities of chloride in plant tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770133

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770134

Thomas B.S., 1987: The spectroscopic determination of coal tar pitch volatiles

Song P.S., 1981: The spectroscopy of porphyra spp in situ

Gelb, A. M.; Mildvan, D.; Stenger, R. J., 1977: The spectrum and causes of liver disease in narcotic addicts

Birch, R., 1976: The spectrum and intensity of extrafocal off focus radiation

Sopina V.A., 1987: The spectrum and thermoresistance of individual electrophoretic forms of triton soluble esterases in amoebae cultured at different temperatures

Risch N., 1987: The spectrum concept of schizophrenia evidence for a genetic environmental continuum

Tho P.T., 1983: The spectrum of 45 x 46 xy gonadal dysgenesis and its implications a study of 19 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770142

Zipursky A., 1979: The spectrum of abo hemolytic disease of the new born infant

Schteingart D.E., 1986: The spectrum of acth producing pituitary lesions

Savoldi F., 1984: The spectrum of actions of trh on the central nervous system a polygraphic study on rabbits

Busch H.M.Jr, 1985: The spectrum of agricultural trauma

Tursi A., 1988: The spectrum of allergenic pollens in italy a computerized method of aerobiological monitoring

Cho, K. J.; Reuter, S. R.; Hoskins, P. R., 1977: The spectrum of angiographic findings in transitional cell carcinoma of the kidney

Kornfeld S., 1983: The spectrum of anionic oligo saccharides released by endo beta n acetyl glucosaminidase h from glyco proteins structural studies and interactions with the phospho mannosyl receptor

Ehrenhaft J.L., 1979: The spectrum of anomalies of aorto pulmonary septation

Shinebourne E.A., 1984: The spectrum of atrio ventricular discordance a clinical study

Nicholson A., 1979: The spectrum of bacillus bacteremias in heroin addicts

Lo W.H.Y., 1986: The spectrum of beta thalassemia genes in china and southeast asia

Kazazian H.H.Jr, 1988: The spectrum of beta thalassemia mutations in sicily

Al Ali S., 1984: The spectrum of bronchial asthma in kuwait

Rogers E.L., 1984: The spectrum of carcinoma arising in barretts esophagus a clinico pathologic study of 26 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770157

Valentijn R.M., 1982: The spectrum of circulating immune complexes in various forms of systemic small vessel vasculitis

Thong M.L., 1984: The spectrum of clinical conditions associated with 40 cases of haemophilus bacteremia

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770160

Alpert M., 1988: The spectrum of closed head injuries in facial trauma victims incidence and impact

Behnke, W. D.; Vallee, B. L., 1972: The spectrum of cobalt bovine procarboxy peptidase a an index of catalytic function

Grodsinsky, C.; Ponka, J. L., 1978: The spectrum of colonic involvement in pancreatitis

Purcell R.H., 1985: The spectrum of complement fixing antinuclear antibodies in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770165

Alpert J.S., 1981: The spectrum of coronary artery spasm the variable variant

Barnes G.L., 1979: The spectrum of cows milk allergy in childhood clinical gastro enterological and immunological studies

Theodore J., 1986: The spectrum of cytomegalovirus infection following human heart lung transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770169

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770170

Gilbert E.F., 1982: The spectrum of double outlet right ventricle induced by electrical shocks to the conotruncus of the embryonic chick implications of tissue dynamics

Path M.R.C., 1979: The spectrum of ebsteins anomaly of the tricuspid valve

Schott, C. R.; Lesar, J. F.; Kotler, M. N.; Parry, W. R.; Segal, B. L., 1978: The spectrum of echo cardiographic findings in chronic renal failure

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770174

Mcnut N.S., 1979: The spectrum of epidermolysis bullosa acquisita

Crussi F., 1986: The spectrum of epstein barr virus hepatitis in children

Fuenmayor H.M., 1980: The spectrum of fronto nasal dysplasia in an inbred pedigree

Kyle R.W., 1984: The spectrum of gallium 67 renal activity in patients with no evidence of renal disease

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770179

Allan R.N., 1979: The spectrum of hepatic dys function in inflammatory bowel disease

Trehan V.K., 1988: The spectrum of hepatic injury in enteric fever

Jacobson E.S., 1980: The spectrum of histoplasmosis in a general hospital a review of 55 cases diagnosed at barnes hospital st louis missouri usa between 1966 and 1977

Westphal E., 1983: The spectrum of hla in tumors of the naso pharynx

Green D., 1987: The spectrum of human immunodeficiency virus infection in patients with factor ix deficiency christmas disease

Lenzini, L.; Rottoli, P.; Rottoli, L., 1977: The spectrum of human tuberculosis

Burke J.R., 1982: The spectrum of hypo parathyroidism 2 cases

Garton J.P., 1987: The spectrum of igm monoclonal gammopathy in 430 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770188

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770189

Kennedy C., 1981: The spectrum of inflammatory skin disease following jejuno ileal bypass for morbid obesity

Wenger, D. R.; Bobechko, W. P.; Gilday, D. L., 1978: The spectrum of inter vertebral disc space infection in children

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770192

Hatcher C.R.Jr, 1980: The spectrum of left main coronary artery disease variables affecting patient selection management and death

Wright S.A., 1986: The spectrum of leu m 1 staining in lymphoid and hematopoietic proliferations

Anuras S., 1980: The spectrum of liver disease in systemic lupus erythematosus report of 33 histologically proved cases and review of the literature

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770196

Pierce, G. E.; Brockenbrough, E. C., 1970: The spectrum of mesenteric infarction

Mallette L.E., 1987: The spectrum of metabolic bone disease in lymphoblastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770199

Ringel, S. P.; Carroll, J. E.; Schold, S. C., 1977: The spectrum of mild x linked recessive muscular dystrophy

Mihm M.C.Jr, 1986: The spectrum of minimal deviation melanoma a clinicopathologic study of 21 cases

Tenzer M.L., 1985: The spectrum of myocardial contusion a review

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770203

Vazquez J.J., 1985: The spectrum of neurological manifestations in myeloma

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770205

Tymons B.J., 1981: The spectrum of neutrons from a plutonium 238 lithium source

Gould V.E., 1986: The spectrum of olfactory neural tumors a light microscopic immunohistochemical and ultrastructural analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770208

Boisseau V., 1980: The spectrum of otitis media in family practice

Ben Ishay D., 1982: The spectrum of parathyroid function in thalassemia subjects with transfusional iron overload

Stack R.S., 1986: The spectrum of pathology associated with percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty during acute myocardial infarction

Geller S.A., 1982: The spectrum of pathology of nontuberculous mycobacterial infections in open lung biopsy specimens

Pfister R.C., 1983: The spectrum of peri pelvic cysts

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770214

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770215

Mozes M.F., 1985: The spectrum of peritonitis in renal transplant recipients

Beierwaltes W.H., 1982: The spectrum of pheo chromo cytoma in hypertensive patients with neuro fibromatosis

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770218

Decosse J.J., 1984: The spectrum of polyposis

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770220

Isikoff S.K., 1981: The spectrum of pulmonary edema differentiation of cardiogenic intermediate and noncardiogenic forms of pulmonary edema

Allen H., 1983: The spectrum of radiation enteritis surgical considerations

Kilman, W. J.; Berk, R. N., 1977: The spectrum of radiographic features of aberrant pancreatic rests involving the stomach

Mintzer, R. A.; Rogers, L. F.; Kruglik, G. D.; Rosenberg, M.; Neiman, H. L.; Patterson, R., 1978: The spectrum of radiologic findings in allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis

Blaser M.J., 1985: The spectrum of relapsing fever in the rocky mountains colorado usa

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770226

Kelleher S.P., 1982: The spectrum of rhabdo myolysis

Rajapakse C.N.A., 1987: The spectrum of rheumatic diseases in saudi arabia

Plonsey R., 1984: The spectrum of right bundle branch block as manifested in electrocardiographic body surface potential maps

Mclaughlin P., 1983: The spectrum of right ventricular involvement in inferior wall myo cardial infarction a clinical hemodynamic and noninvasive study

Harahap, E. S.; Arsyad, S. P. F.; Siregar, A. A.; Lubis, C. P., 1985: The spectrum of seven preventable diseases at dr. pirngadi hospital medan indonesia

Mcguire J., 1987: The spectrum of skeletal changes associated with long term administration of 13 cis retinoic acid

Goldberg B.B., 1987: The spectrum of sonographic findings in hemorrhagic ovarian cysts

Mcclennan B.L., 1985: The spectrum of sonographic findings in infantile polycystic kidney disease with urographic and clinical correlations

Holden R.W., 1986: The spectrum of sonographic findings of fibroadenoma of the breast

Ten Kate L.P., 1985: The spectrum of splenogonadal fusion case report and review of 84 reported cases

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770237

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770238

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770239

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770240

Tunbridge, W. M. G.; Evered, D. C.; Hall, R.; Appleton, D.; Brewis, M.; Clark, F.; Grimley-Evans, J.; Young, E.; Bird, T.; Smith, P. A., 1977: The spectrum of thyroid disease in a community the whickham survey

Karney, W. W.; O'donoghue, J. M.; Ostrow, J. H.; Holmes, K. K.; Beaty, H. N., 1977: The spectrum of tuberculous peritonitis

Sandler, M. A.; Karo, J. J., 1978: The spectrum of ultrasonic findings of endometriosis

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770244

Ansell, J. E.; Kumar, R.; Deykin, D., 1977: The spectrum of vitamin k deficiency

Olsen T., 1979: The specular microscopic appearance of corneal graft endothelium during an acute rejection episode a case

Edgerton, B. J., 1978: The speech air bone gap some clinical reservations

Pratap R.C., 1987: The speech evoked potential in normal subjects and patients with cerebral hemispheric lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770249

Handler S.D., 1981: The speech pathologist and management of children with tracheostomies

Humphrey Whitehead B.K., 1981: The speech spectrographic display interpretation of visual patterns by hearing impaired adults

Sheets S.M., 1986: The speed at which ethephon enters cucumber cucumis sativus leaves

Mikhalevich O.A., 1984: The speed of flight and frequency of wing strokes in ardea cinerea

Yasuda M., 1986: The speed of lowering in freshness of fishes in several waters and the effect of the habitat temperature on the speed

Kasparek M., 1982: The speed of migration of the common tern sterna hirundo

Iles, J. F., 1977: The speed of passive dendritic conduction of synaptic potentials in a model moto neuron

Powell J., 1984: The speed of sound in dna

Ivakhnyuk I.S., 1983: The speed of the zenker necrosis related to the concentrations of chloral hydrate urea and urethane

Leonova T.G., 1979: The spelling of specific epithets of 2 species of artemisia artemisia santonica and artemisia sieversiana asteraceae

Templeton, S.; Scarborough-Franks, L., 1985: The spelling's the thing knowledge of derivational morphology in orthography and phonology among older students

Davey R.B., 1987: The spencer op site applicator a new technique for treating the burned hand

Dresch C., 1984: The spent phase of polycythemia vera hyper splenism in the absence of myelo fibrosis

Schill W B., 1986: The sperm acrosome immunological analysis using specific polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies directed against the outer acrosomal membrane of boar spermatozoa

Riess, R. W.; Barker, K. R.; Biesele, J. J., 1978: The sperm and its formation in the scorpion centruroides vittatus

Jaenicke L., 1982: The sperm attractant of the marine brown alga ascophyllum nodosum phaeophyceae

Grobler S., 1983: The sperm cervical mucus contact test a screening test for spermatozoal antibodies

Breed W.G., 1983: The sperm head of the plains mouse pseudomys australis ultrastructure and effects of chemical treatments

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770270

Wakahama K I., 1986: The sperm length and the testis length in drosophila nasuta subgroup

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770272

Mabrouk, H. H., 1978: The sperm of equisetum arvense part 1 ultrastructural and cytochemical studies of nuclear constituents of the ripe sperm

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Ahmed, I.; Gillott, C., 1982: The spermatheca of melanoplus sanguinipes 2. ultrastructure

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770280

Blasco Feliu A., 1986: The spermathecae of nemesia araneae ctenizidae taxonomic value of this trait

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Weissenfels N., 1986: The spermatogenesis of ephydatia fluviatilis porifera

Fabre M C., 1985: The spermatogenesis of sphagnum palustre

Marchand, B.; Mattei, X., 1976: The spermatogenesis of the acanthocephala part 2 variation in the number of central fibers in the spermatic flagella of acanthosentis tilapiae eocanthocephala quadrigyridae

Section 7, Chapter 6771, Accession 006770294

Huerta, C., 1977: The spermatophore of canthon cyanellus cyanellus coleoptera scarabaeidae scarabaeinae

Hasenhuetl K., 1983: The spermatophore of eurypauropodids myriapoda pauropoda

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