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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6772

Chapter 6772 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kjellberg, F.; Gouyon, P.H.; Ibrahim, M.; Raymond, M.; Valdeyron, G., 1987:
The stability of the symbiosis between dioecious figs and their pollinators a study of ficus carica l. and blastophaga psenes l

Pavlik E.J.; Katzenellenbogen B.S., 1980:
The stability of the uterine estrogen receptor when complexed with estrogens or anti estrogens

Kleinman M.J.; Gingold E.B.; Stanbury P.F., 1986:
The stability of the yeast plasmid pjdb 248 depends on growth rate of the culture

Pyatigorskaya T.L.; Zhilkova O.Yu; Arkhangelova N.M.; Shelkovskii V.S.; Sukhodub L.F., 1984:
The stability of thiophosphamide in aqueous and aqueous salt solutions

Medvedev, V.I.; Bagrova, N.D., 1977:
The stability of time perception as one of the criteria for evaluating the working capacity of operators

Gaffney P.J.; Templeman J.; Curtis A.D.; Campbell P.J., 1983:
The stability of tissue plasminogen activator

Oguma, K., 1976:
The stability of toxigenicity in clostridium botulinum type c and type d

Cabbat F.S.; Manzino L.; Heikkila R.E., 1985:
The stability of tritium dopamine tritium apomorphine and tritiated 2 amino 6 7 dihydroxytetrahydronaphthalene effects of sodium ascorbate and edta

Heikkila R.E.; Cabbat F.S., 1983:
The stability of tritium labeled dopamine in neo striatal membrane preparations effects of ascorbic acid

Katz E.L., 1986:
The stability of turbidity in raw water and its relationship to chlorine demand

Gopalakrishnan, T.V.; Thompson, E.B., 1977:
The stability of tyrosine amino transferase ec and other proteins in enucleated rat hepatoma tissue culture cells

Edholm P.; Hammer R.; Hammerby S.; Lindholm B., 1984:
The stability of union in tibial shaft fractures measurement by a noninvasive method

Clark T., 1983:
The stability of vinclozolin in the presence of ethanol methanol and water

Colombo, J.; Mitchell, D.W.; O'Brien, M.; Horowitz, F.D., 1987:
The stability of visual habituation during the first year of life

Spector, R.; Shikuma, S.N., 1978:
The stability of vitamin b 6 accumulation and pyridoxal kinase ec activity in rabbit brain and choroid plexus

Maeda E.E.; Mussa D.M.D.N., 1986:
The stability of vitamin c l ascorbic acid in bottled and canned orange juice

Morrison, W.R., 1978:
The stability of wheat starch lipids in untreated and chlorine treated cake flours

Schülke, N.; Schmid, F.X., 1988:
The stability of yeast invertase is not significantly influenced by glycosylation

Chapman, K.S.R.; Ingle, J., 1976:
The stability poly adenylic acid content and ribo nucleo protein form of nuclear rna in artichoke

Thistle D., 1983:
The stability time hypothesis as a predictor of diversity in deep sea soft bottom communities a test

Abele L.; Walters K., 1979:
The stability time hypothesis reevaluation of the data

Fernie B.F.; Gerin J.L., 1980:
The stabilization and purification of respiratory syncytial virus using magnesium sulfate

Struhar M.; Slivko P., 1984:
The stabilization of aqueous solutions of drugs against oxidation

Kato M.; Tokumasu S., 1983:
The stabilization of chromosome numbers and the maintenance of eu ploidy in brassicoraphanus

Cameron A.J.; Liss P.S., 1984:
The stabilization of dissolved iron in fresh waters

Struhar M.; Haronikova K.; Heinrich J.; Mandak M., 1985:
The stabilization of injections with c vitamin

Mccully M.E.; Canny M.J., 1985:
The stabilization of labile configurations of plant cytoplasm by freeze substitution

Fineran B.A.; Condon J.M., 1988:
The stabilization of latex in laticifers of the convolvulaceae application of freezing methods for scanning electron microscopy

Peacock, M.; Soll, D.R., 1978:
The stabilization of morphological field size during slime mold morphogenesis

Hed J.; Enestrom S., 1983:
The stabilization of the complement c 3b molecule in immune deposits by formalin

Just I.; Finke H., 1979:
The stabilization of the modified vaccinia virus ankara vaccine

Hull, R., 1978:
The stabilization of the particles of turnip rosette virus part 3 divalent cations

Harris, C.M.; Kopecka, H.; Harris, T.M., 1985:
The stabilization of vancomycin by peptidoglycan analogs

Omotosho J.A.; Law T.K.; Whateley T.L.; Florence A.T., 1986:
The stabilization of water oil water emulsions by interfacial interaction between albumin and nonionic surfactants

Confalone P.N.; Huie E.M., 1984:
The stabilized iminium ylide olefin 3 plus 2 cycloaddition reaction total synthesis of sceletium alkaloid a 4

Salerno J.C.; Ohnishi T., 1980:
The stabilized ubi semi quinone species in the succinate cytochrome c reductase segment of the intact mitochondrial membrane system

Nosova A.V.; Soifer R.D.; Manakov M.N., 1984:
The stabilizers of foam suppressing emulsions

Voronov G.G.; Lukienko P.I., 1983:
The stabilizing effect of alpha tocopherol during post ischemic injury to the hydroxylation system of rat liver endoplasmic reticulum membranes

Järveläinen, H.; Pelliniemi, T.T.; Rönnemaa, T., 1985:
The stabilizing effect of glucocorticoids on human endothelial cells in culture

Hoshino T.; Matsumoto U.; Goto T., 1980:
The stabilizing effect of the acyl group on the co pigmentation of acylated antho cyanins with c glucosyl flavones

Kiefer, H.; Claes, L.; Burri, C.; Holzwarth, J., 1986:
The stabilizing effect of various implants on the torn acromioclavicular joint. A biomechanical study

Haberal M.; Mavi V.; Oner G., 1987:
The stabilizing effect of vitamin e selenium and zinc on leukocyte membrane permeability a study in vitro

Li, Z.Z.; An, L.S., 1983:
The stabilizing factor of the nitrate reductase ec activity from the tomato lycopersicon esculentum leaves

Ejezie G.C.; Otigbuo I.N., 1987:
The stabilizing factors of parasitic infections in nigeria

Dofferhof A.S.M.; Vink P., 1985:
The stabilizing function of the musculi iliocostales and the musculi multifidi during walking

Kalabushkin B.A.; Kuznetsova G.I.; Prokhorovskaya V.D.; Gunashvili N.Yu, 1987:
The stabilizing selection of newborns for the body weight and length characters

Bell, E.B.; Sparshott, S.M.; Drayson, M.T.; Ford, W.L., 1987:
The stable and permanent expansion of functional T lymphocytes in athymic nude rats after a single injection of mature T cells

Rounick J.S.; Hicks B.J., 1985 :
The stable carbon isotope ratios of fish and their invertebrate prey in 4 new zealand rivers

Robinson, M.K.; Bennett, P.M.; Grinsted, J.; Richmond, M.H., 1978:
The stable carriage of 2 tn a units on a single replicon

Yampol' G.P.; Radchenko Z.F., 1984:
The stable chromosomal rna synthesis in polytene chromosomes of chironomus thummi salivary glands during the last larval instar

Vance R.R., 1985:
The stable coexistence of 2 competitors for 1 resource

Amundson R.G.; Lund L.J., 1987:
The stable isotope chemistry of a native and irrigated typic natrargid in the san joaquin valley of california usa

Zinn A.B.; Hine D.G.; Mahoney M.J.; Tanaka K., 1982:
The stable isotope dilution method for measurement of methyl malonic acid a highly accurate approach to the pre natal diagnosis of methyl malonic acidemia

Schroeder G.L., 1983:
The stable isotopes of carbon indigenous tracers in aquaculture food webs

Piper D.Z.; Kolodny Y., 1987:
The stable isotopic composition of a phosphorite deposit delta carbon 13 delta sulfur 34 and delta oxygen 18

Seregi A.; Schobert A.; Hertting G., 1988:
The stable prostacyclin analogue iloprost unlike prostanoids and leukotrienes potently stimulates cyclic amp synthesis of primary astroglial cell cultures

Carpenter, J.M., 1970:
The stacked disk structure of tobacco mosaic virus protein

Ishida T.; Usami H.; Inoue M.; Yamagata Y.; Tomita K I., 1982:
The stacking interaction in 9 indole 3 propyl 1 methyl adeninium iodide crystal a model study on the interaction between tryptophan residue and adenine base in protein nucleic acid interactions

Ishida T.; Katsuta M.; Inoue M.; Yamagata Y.; Tomita K I., 1983:
The stacking interactions in 7 methyl guanine tryptophan systems a model study for the interaction between the cap structure of messenger rna and its binding protein

Chow, W.S.; Thorne, S.W.; Duniec, J.T.; Sculley, M.J.; Boardman, N.K., 1980:
The stacking of chloroplast thylakoids. Effects of cation screening and binding, studied by the digitonin method

Sculley, M.J.; Duniec, J.T.; Thorne, S.W.; Chow, W.S.; Boardman, N.K., 1980:
The stacking of chloroplast thylakoids. Quantitative analysis of the balance of forces between thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts, and the role of divalent cations

Arnold D.C.; Drew W.A., 1987:
The stag beetles of oklahoma usa coleoptera lucanidae

Schuberth, R.E.; Werner, J.S.; Lipsitt, L.P., 1978:
The stage iv error in piagets theory of object concept development a reconsideration of the spatial localization hypothesis

Willatts P., 1984:
The stage iv infants solution of problems requiring the use of supports

Long P.L.; Jeffers T.K., 1982:
The stage of action of ionophorous antibiotics against eimeria tenella

Anan'ev G.M.; Zakrzhevskii D.A., 1983:
The stage of oxygen formation in photosynthetic decomposition of water

Davidson M.L.; King P.M.; Kitchener K.S.; Parker C.A., 1980:
The stage sequence concept in cognitive and social development

Redman, J.F., 1977:
The staged orchiopexy: a critical review of the literature

Kahn, F.; De-Namur, C., 1978:
The stages of a macaranga hurifolia installation development and disappearance

Fields, L.; Bruno, V.; Keller, K., 1976:
The stages of acquisition in stimulus fading

Carrington, J.L.; Fallon, J.F., 1984:
The stages of flank ectoderm capable of responding to ridge induction in the chick embryo

Norin B.N.; Kitsing L.I., 1982:
The stages of formation of the plant communities in the mountainous tundras of the putorana plateau russian sfsr ussr

Slezec A M., 1986:
The stages of meiosis in pleurotus growing on umbellifers

Jay, A.W.L.; Rowlands, S., 1975:
The stages of osmotic hemolysis

Bitsch J.; Bitsch C., 1982:
The stages of vitellogenesis in thermobia domestica thysanura lepismatidae

Young, R.C.; Fisher, R.I., 1978:
The staging and treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer

Cai W.; E.A. , 1983:
The staging of naso pharyngeal carcinoma appraisal of staging systems introduced at conferences held in kyoto japan and changsha china and a new proposal based on 875 consecutive cases

Pandolph, C.; Poulter, L.W., 1978:
The staining of acid fast bacilli in sections of glycol methacrylate embedded tissues

Yokoyama, M.; Nishiyama, F.; Kawai, N.; Hirano, H., 1980:
The staining of golgi membranes with ricinus communis agglutinin horseradish peroxidase conjugate in mice tissue cells

Pizzolato, P.; Berger, C., 1976:
The staining of hematoidin melanin and kerato hyalin granules with tin ii chloride and gold chloride

Grzycki, S.; Czerny, K., 1974:
The staining of histological preparations with the use of rywanol 2 5 di amino 7 ethoxy acridine in fluorescence microscopy

Schweisthal, M.R.; Clark, L.D.; Shevell, J.L., 1981:
The staining of pancreatic delta cells for light microscopy

Starkov, M.V., 1976:
The staining of sections with mixtures of hallo cyanin and picro fuchsin or eosin

Dietrich, A.J.; Mulder, R.J., 1981:
The staining of the synaptonemal complex for light microscopic study in the mouse

Meek, K.M.; Chapman, J.A.; Hardcastle, R.A., 1979:
The staining pattern of collagen fibrils. Improved correlation with sequence data

Samasti M., 1982:
The staining properties of ascaris lumbricoides eggs during their morphological development

Sumi, Y.; Koyama, Y.; Muraki, T.; Suzuki, T., 1984:
The staining properties of thiazolylazoalkylaminophenol derivatives in histochemical staining of cadmium

Shimizu, T., 1976:
The staining property of cortical cytoplasm and the appearance of pole plasm in the tubifex egg

Krol' T.M.; Polyak S.B., 1979:
The staircase phenomenon in the activity of the myo cardium of fishes and amphibians

Wiebes-Rijks, A.A., 1976:
The stamen and bud galls of the genus andricus found in the netherlands hymenoptera cynipidae

Dull W.L.; Bohadana A.B.; Teculescu D.B.; Cereceda V.J., 1982:
The standard chest roentgenogram for determining lung over inflation

Nicoletti I.; Pelissero G., 1979:
The standard for height in the italian population

Makinen A., 1985:
The standard karyotype of the blue fox alopex lagopus committee for the standard karyotype of alopex lagopus

Markman E.M.; Cox B.; Machida S., 1981:
The standard object sorting task as a measure of conceptual organization

Vainberg M.Sh, 1979:
The standard of the council for mutual economic assistance for physical values

Hukami, K.; Shimamoto, S., 1984:
The standard pseudoisochromatic plates 1 1. its availability as a screening test

Cardello A.V.; Matas A.; Sweeney J., 1982:
The standard scales of texture re scaling by magnitude estimation

Wise A., 1981:
The standard stock diet fact or fiction

Lekagul P.; Chumdermpadetsuk S., 1980:
The standard values of expiratory flow rates in thai students of bangkok thailand municipal schools

Trowbridge E.A.; Crofts C.E., 1986:
The standardization of gauge length its influence on the relative extensibility of natural and chemically modified pericardium

Sinegre, G.; Gave, B.; Jullien, J.L., 1981:
The standardization of laboratory tests on experimental and commercial formulations of serotype h 14 of bacillus thuringiensis 3. separate or joint influence of larval density volume or depth of water and presence of soil substrates on effectiveness and residual larvicidal activity of a primary powder

Sinegre, G., 1981:
The standardization of laboratory tests on experimental and commercial formulations of the serotype h 14 of bacillus thuringiensis 1. stability of tested suspensions and detection of possible chemical contaminants toxic for mosquitoes larvae

Sinegre, G.; Gaven, B.; Vigo, G., 1981:
The standardization of laboratory tests on experimental and commercial formulations of the serotype h 14 of bacillus thuringiensis 2. influence of temperature free chlorine ph and water depth on biological activity of primary powder

Pross H.F.; Maroun J.A., 1984:
The standardization of natural killer cell assays for use in studies of biological response modifiers

Bates, P.; Bradley, W.E.; Glen, E.; Melchior, H.; Rowan, D.; Sterling, A.; Hald, T., 1976:
The standardization of terminology of lower urinary tract function

Vasileva Todorova L.; Berakha R., 1987:
The standardization of the maximum allowable temperature during light work

Gupta R.K.; Mehta V.K.; Gupta V.K.; Misra C.N.; Saxena S.N., 1987:
The standardization of the reverse indirect hemagglutination test for the assay of the viral antigen of japanese encephalitis vaccine

Krishnamurthy, N.; Veliath, S.; Kishan, S.; Viswamitra, S.; Bharathi, S.; Chakrabarty, A.S., 1988:
The standardized distal motor latencies and the peak to peak amplitudes of evoked muscle action potentials in the extremities of humans

Zorn, H., 1977:
The standardized mean value as a parameter independent of growth of morphological landmarks

Mckinney M.E.; Miner M.H.; Ruddel H.; Mcilvain H.E.; Witte H.; Buell J.C.; Eliot R.S.; Grant L.B., 1985:
The standardized mental stress test protocol test retest reliability and comparison with ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Konishi, T., 1987:
The standardized of hyperventilation on eeg recording in childhood ii. the quantitative analysis of build up

Mano Y., 1980:
The standing ability of spino cerebellar degenerations at rest and during opto kinetic stimulation

Kobbia I.A., 1982:
The standing crop and primary production of phytoplankton in lake brollus egypt

Holm, R.F., 1977:
The standing crop of fishes in a tropical marine lagoon

Weprin, S.A.; Zuspan, F.P., 1980 :
The standing cystometrogram

Sakurai I., 1980:
The standing potential electro oculogram changes induced by experimentally increased intra ocular pressure influence of intra ocular levels and durations and results in retinal disorders

Harding L.W.Jr; Butler J.H., 1979:
The standing stock and production of eelgrass zostera marina in humboldt bay california usa

Larkum A.W.D.; Collett L.C.; Williams R.J., 1984:
The standing stock growth and shoot production of zostera capricorni in botany bay new south wales australia

Hilgard E.R.; Crawford H.J.; Wert A., 1979:
The stanford hypnotic arm levitation induction and test a 6 minute hypnotic induction and measurement scale

Albiin N.; Hellstrom S.; Salen B.; Stenfors L E., 1983:
The stapedial artery in the rat a microscopic study under normal conditions and in otitis media with effusion

Rosen, G.; Sellars, S.L., 1980:
The stapedius reflex in idiopathic facial palsy

Agulles M.J.; Zaragoza C.; Morera C.; Marco J., 1981:
The stapedius reflex in normal people as function of the frequency of the stimulus and of age

Piccolo, G.; Cosi, V.; Precerutti, G., 1977:
The stapedius reflex test as an aid in the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis

Hirsch, A.; Löfqvist, L., 1986:
The stapedius reflex test studied with laboratory and commercial equipment in acoustic neurinomas

Clack J.A., 1983:
The stapes of the coal measures embolomere pholiderpeton scutigerum amphibia anthracosauria and otic evolution in early tetrapods

Pajni H.R.; Kohli S.K., 1981:
The staphylinid coleoptera fauna of chandigarh india and surrounding areas

Coiffait H., 1984:
The staphylinids of himalaya nepal coleoptera staphylinidae

Altemeir W.A.; Lewis S.; Schlievert P.M.; Bjornson H.S., 1981:
The staphylococcal causation of toxic shock syndrome

Schaefer, A.; Schrecker, O.; Hengstenberg, W., 1981:
The staphylococcal phosphoenol pyruvate dependent phospho transferase ec 2.7.1. system purification and characterization of the galactoside specific membrane component enzyme ii

Brenner S.; Malafaia O.; Moraes R.D.; Bakonyi Neto A., 1981:
The stapled gastro intestinal tract anastomosis

Tanzini G.; Salvestrini F.; Setacci C.; Palasciano G.; Papi F.; Piccolotti T., 1984:
The stapling technique in esophagojejunostomy

Tanzini G.; Salvestrini F.; Setacci C.; Palasciano G.; Papi F.; Piccolotti T., 1984:
The stapling technique in low colorectal anastomosis

Ammerlaan A.W.S.; Joosten M.H.A.J.; Grange R.I., 1986:
The starch content of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar marathon leaves grown under glass

Iversen, T.H.; Rommelhoff, A., 1978:
The starch statolith hypothesis and the interaction of amyloplasts and endoplasmic reticulum in root geo tropism

Serratrice, G.; Gastaut, J.L.; Pellissier, J.F.; Pouget, J., 1976:
The stark kaeser type of chronic scapulo peroneal amyotrophy a description of 10 cases

Macmanus, Q.; Grunkemeier, G.; Thomas, D.; Lambert, L.E.; Starr, A., 1977:
The starr edwards model 6000 valve a 15 year follow up of the 1st successful mitral prosthesis

Oatley, T.B., 1982:
The starred robin pogonocichla stellata in natal south africa 1. behavior territory and habitat

Oatley, T.B., 1982:
The starred robin pogonocichla stellata in natal south africa 2. annual cycles and feeding ecology

Oatley, T.B., 1982:
The starred robin pogonocichla stellata in natal south africa 3. breeding populations and plumages

Endler N.S.; Edwards J.M., 1987:
The stars revisited what are the stars of the 1970s doing in the 1980s?

Benoit, P., 1977:
The start of the growing season in northern nigeria

Nachtigall, W., 1978:
The starting jump of the house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae

Baier, W.K., 1980:
The startle disease in brain damaged patients a case

Schlenoff D.H., 1985:
The startle responses of blue jays cyanocitta cristata to catocala lepidoptera noctuidae prey models

Weil, M.H.; Michaels, S.; Puri, V.K.; Carlson, R.W., 1981:
The stat laboratory: facilitating blood gas and biochemical measurements for the critically ill and injured

Ilyukhina V.A.; Kir'yanova R.E., 1985:
The state and physiological activity of the caudate nucleus in chronic diseases of the central nervous system

Demidov, V.P.; Petrova, A.S.; Agamova, K.A.; Glebova, M.I., 1977:
The state and prospects for development of cytological service in the ussr

Karlin D.L.; Konnov B.A.; Nizkovolos V.B.; Abrosimov N.K.; Vorob'ev A.A.; Kulikov A.V.; Ryabov G.A., 1983:
The state and prospects in the development of the medical proton tract on the synchro cyclotron in gatchina russian sfsr ussr

Tsitsin, N.V., 1978:
The state and prospects of scientific research in the field of remote hybridization

Marennikova, S.S.; Matsevich, G.R., 1974:
The state and some aspects of the control of complications resulting from small pox vaccinations

Ashbel, S.I., 1977:
The state and tasks of scientific research on occupational pathology at modern chemical plants

Satomi, D., 1979:
The state of accumulated calcium in mouse brain microsomes in vitro

Mcdougall, E.I.; Stewart, J.C., 1977:
The state of aggregation of red deer cervus elaphus beta lacto globulin preparations near neutral ph

Fernandez, F.A., 1976:
The state of alcoholism in spain covering its epidemiological and etiological aspects

Bondarev D.P.; Kozlov N.B.; Stunzhas N.M., 1985:
The state of antioxidant protective system of erythrocytes in body overheating

Bogdanova I.A.; Ovchinnikov K.G.; Torbenko V.P.; Gerasimov A.M., 1987:
The state of antioxidative enzymes in the rat bone marrow cells in irradiation bone fracture and combined radiation injury

Sveshnikov A.A.; Markhashov A.M.; Gracheva V.I., 1985:
The state of blood circulation and architectonics of the shin blood bed during lengthening after double distractive epiphysiolysis

Azimova F.I.; Nekrasova A.A.; Chernova N.A.; Nikolaeva L.F., 1983:
The state of blood kallikrein kinin system in post infarction patients and its response to physical stress

Zotikov, L.A.; Kindzel'skii, L.P.; Nikishin, B.K.; Chopik, E.A., 1977:
The state of bone marrow cell ultrastructure in strontium 85 incorporation

Martynyuk V.Yu; Bozhko G.T., 1983:
The state of brain hemodynamics in children and teenagers from data of radio nuclide determination of regional volumetric cerebral blood flow

Mamikonyan R.S.; Ananyan E.A.; Gaides M.A.; Vartanyan A.S., 1986:
The state of bronchial conductivity in patients with chronic left ventricular cardiac insufficiency

Lauer, H.A., 1978:
The state of bryo floristic mapping in the palatinate west germany

Blaich, G.; Krell, H.; Pfaff, E., 1984:
The state of calcium ions in isolated rat liver mitochondria 3. diversity of ruthenium red action on different calcium pools

Blaich, G.; Krell, H.; Pfaff, E., 1985:
The state of calcium ions in isolated rat liver mitochondria 4. prevention of phosphate induced mitochondrial destruction by ruthenium red insensitive calcium release

Mukherjee, S., 1986:
The state of calcium phosphate in saliva of caries susceptible and calculus susceptible children and adults

Gidayatov A.A.; Abasov I.T., 1988:
The state of calcium regulating blood hormones in patients with chronic pancreatitis

Saidkarimov, S.K.; Khalikov, T.R., 1976:
The state of carbohydrate phosphorus metabolism in the myo cardium in chronic intoxication with pesticide mixture

Gurevich M.I.; Kreines V.M.; Boiko V.I.; Dmitrieva A.V., 1982:
The state of cardiodynamics and hemodynamics under crush syndrome

Panchenkov, N.R., 1976:
The state of cellular immunity in burn disease review of literature

Kuzin M.I.; Svetlov V.A.; Sorokina M.I.; Kolesnikov A.I., 1981:
The state of central hemodynamics in patients with sepsis and acute renal insufficiency

Khomitskaya, L.F.; Razumovskaya-Molukalo, L.P.; Bezverkhaya, T.P.; Afanasenkov, M.I., 1976:
The state of central regulation of the gluco corticoid function of the adrenal glands in brain tumors

Daniyarov, S.B.; Plekhina, L.V., 1976:
The state of certain parameters of tissue oxygen metabolism in rats under alpine conditions during radiation damage

Fokin, A.S., 1977:
The state of cholesterol lipo protein metabolism and thyroid gland and the adrenal cortex functions during intense stress of the central nervous system in dogs with suppressed adrenal cortex functions

Narva D.; Callender R.H., 1980:
The state of chromophore protonation in rhod opsin implication for primary photochemistry in visual pigments

Kennedy M.C.; Beinert H., 1988:
The state of cluster sulfhydryl and sulfide of aconitase during cluster interconversions and removal a convenient preparation of apoenzyme

Shperling, I.D., 1977:
The state of contractile apparatus of myo cardial cells in ischemic lesions

Borovikov-Yu, S.; Kirillina, V.P.; Chernogryadskaya, N.A., 1982:
The state of contractile proteins during the pathological process in muscles 5. the effect of zenkers necrosis and de nervation atrophy on the structure of f actin

Gruzdev A.K.; Kyandzhuntseva E.A.; Popov V.G., 1982:
The state of contractility of the ischemized and intact segments of the myo cardium under conditions of experimental coronary occlusion

Lerch, K.; Deinum, J.; Reinhammar, B., 1978:
The state of copper in neurospora crassa laccase ec

Grigor'eva A.S.; Konakhovich N.F.; Gavrish I.N.; Voloshchenko Y.V.; Berdinskikh N.K., 1983:
The state of copper in the active center of ceruloplasmin

Isakhanyan G.S.; Lusinyan N.A., 1986:
The state of coronary blood circulation in focal infection of the palatine tonsils

Gannushkina I.V.; Baranchikova M.V.; Shinkarenko V.S.; Komm S.G., 1987:
The state of dead point in brain surface arterial anastomoses during acute increase of blood pressure

Protasova L.L., 1986:
The state of deep muscular sensitivity and its role in the pathogenesis and course of lumbar osteochondrosis

Poznyakov S.P.; Zakhidov S.T., 1984:
The state of deoxy ribo nucleo protein complex in the rat spermatogenic cells upon hypo vitaminosis a

Ide J.P.; Klug D.R.; Kuehlbrandt W.; Giorgi L.B.; Porter G., 1987:
The state of detergent solubilized light harvesting chlorophyll a b protein complex as monitored by picosecond time resolved fluorescence and circular dichroism

Monette, F.C.; Weiner, E.J.; Faletra, P.P., 1981:
The state of differentiation of erythroid cells forming clusters in vitro

Babloyan, A.S., 1977:
The state of electrolytic balance and acid base equilibrium in the blood long after derivation of urine into the intestine in exstrophy of the urinary bladder

Kashuba V.A.; Truzova N.F.; Lavrova E.N., 1988:
The state of energy metabolism in structures of the visual analyzer and the neurons of sympathetic ganglion after the irradiation of eye by low intensity ir laser of near spectral region

Zor'kina T.A.; Kazueva T.V.; Assur M.V., 1987:
The state of energy metabolism in the liver tissue of rats with acute single hemorrhage

Tsagikyan T.A.; Nesterova A.P.; Frolova I.A., 1979:
The state of exocrine function of the pancreas in patients with chronic entero colitis

Kock K H., 1986:
The state of exploited antarctic fish stocks in the scotia arc region during sibex second international biomass experiment 1983 1985

Fitch, C.D.; Kanjananggulpan, P., 1987:
The state of ferriprotoporphyrin IX in malaria pigment

Novichkova A.T.; Rapoport A.I., 1984:
The state of free amino acid intra cellular pool studied in dehydrated yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae organisms

Kitaev E.M.; Savchenko O.N.; Pimenova M.N.; Proimina V.I., 1986:
The state of gametes and the character of follicular oocyte maturation in neonatal androgenized rats after lhrh induced ovulation

Savitskii I.V.; Tsybul'skii V.V.; Rozanov V.A., 1982:
The state of gamma amino butyric acid metabolic shunt in the rabbit central nervous system at early items after total body x irradiation

Popov, O.V.; Smiller, R.R., 1977:
The state of gluco corticoid activity in patients with lympho granulomatosis of different histological variants

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The state of health of Swedish children

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The state of hemodynamics of the eye in diabetes mellitus patients

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The state of hemodynamics of the remaining kidney after nephrectomy

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The state of human motor functions during a prolonged exposure to nitrogen oxygen atmosphere at a pressure up to 5 absolute atmospheres

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The state of humoral and cellular immunity in experimental amyloidosis

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The state of immunity and system of cyclic nucleotides in the radiotherapy of breast cancer

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The state of intra cellular water in isolated leaves with respect of their treatment by growth regulators and regeneration

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The state of kallikrein kinin system in the blood of rat heart ventricles in the dynamics of spontaneous hypertension

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The state of knowledge of higher plant flora in the turkmen ssr ussr

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The state of lipid metabolism in rats preferentially consuming water or ethanol solution

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The state of lymphoid tissue in mice during immunization and benzene intoxication

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The state of manganese in the photosynthetic apparatus 5. the chloride effect in photosynthetic oxygen evolution is halide coordinated to the epr active manganese in the oxygen evolving complex? studies of the substructure of the low temperature multiline epr signal

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The state of marine stocks in icelandic waters and fishing prospects for 1983

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The state of marine stocks in icelandic waters and fishing prospects for 1985

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The state of micro circulation and hemo coagulation in patients with diabetes mellitus treated with different anti diabetics

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The state of micro circulation and the level of toxicity in dynamics of burn shocks of different severity in rats

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The state of micro circulation in massive transfusion of homologous donor blood to dogs

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The state of muscular circulation in patients with diabetes mellitus

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The state of natural and introduced trees and shrubs after a prolonged drought in the byala slatina area bulgaria

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The state of neuro muscular transmission in rats with experimental hypo parathyroidism

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The state of oxidative systems in mitochondria of wheat roots during phosphorus deficiency

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The state of phage psi DNA in lysogenic cells of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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The state of pollution of the mediterranean sea

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The state of pollution of the rigatore river italy

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The state of polycnemum arvense in central poland and the degree to which it is endangered in the light of the present distribution analysis

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The state of prenatal diagnosis in switzerland

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The state of proto chlorophyll and chlorophyll in corn roots

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The state of radiographic technique in the examination of the colon: a survey

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The state of radiographic technique in the examination of the colon: a survey in 1987

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The state of rat skin auto flora and synthesis of normal antibodies depending on the degree of nonuniformity in x ray dose distribution

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The state of regional hemodynamics in chronic obstructive bronchitis with arterial hypertension

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The state of relative pessimum as a base of organic evolution

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The state of research on heteroptera fauna in yugoslavia

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The state of ribosomal protein phosphorylation during thio acetamide induced liver injury

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The state of several physiological functions of workers in a new lumbering technology during northern winter conditions

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The state of some enzyme systems of riboso 5 phosphate metabolism in erythrocytes of irradiated rats

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The state of some functional indices of peripheral blood lymphocytes in patients with rheumatic heart disease during early post operative period

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The state of some functions of the gastro intestinal tract of animals exposed to ionizing radiation within a wide range of doses

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The state of some psychic functions memory attention and their time course in the use of sinusoidal modulated currents according to the electric sleep method in an early rehabilitation period after operation on intracranial arteries

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The state of some types of tissue metabolism at rest and under conditions of functional tests in patients at an early stage of heart failure

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The state of spermatogenesis of rats exposed on the bio satellite cosmos 690

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The state of sulfhydryl groups in normal and cataractous human lens proteins 2. cortical and nuclear regions

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The state of sulfhydryl groups in normal and cataractous human lens proteins part 1 nuclear region

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The state of sulfhydryl groups in normal and cataractous human lenses

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The state of sulfhydryl groups in proteins isolated from normal and cataractous human lenses

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The state of sulfhydryl groups of proteins and low molecular weight compounds in poisoning of rats by epi chlorohydrin or di chlorohydrin and treatment with acetyl cysteine

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The state of supply the pigsties in private peasant farms with technical means

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The state of sv 40 dna in the embryonal carcinoma cells of the murine terato carcinoma

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The state of teeth parodontium and oral mucosa in workers of the swidnica railway car factory poland

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The state of the acoustic and equilibrium organ in patients with atopic allergic rhinitis

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The state of the adrenal cortex in the offspring of irradiated female rabbits

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The state of the apical periodontium under fixed prosthetic constructions

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The state of the art in renal replacement programs for chronic uremia at the university of rome italy

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The state of the autonomic nervous system in preschool children evidenced to have psychomotor hyperexcitability

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The state of the blood coagulative system and fibrinolysis in patients with chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis

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The state of the blood gas barrier in experimental liver cirrhosis

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The state of the blood kallikrein kinin system in patients of young and middle age with ischemic heart disease

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The state of the blood plasma kallikrein kinin system in patients with infectious allergic myo carditis

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The state of the cardiovascular system in newborns of women affected with rheumatism and congenital heart disease

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The state of the cecum in rats during prolonged intravenous feeding with various mixtures

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The state of the cellular and humoral factors of nonspecific resistance and immunological reactivity in chronic pyelonephritis

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The state of the central hemodynamics and the ratio of exchange electrolytes in patients with familial hypertensive disease

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The state of the circulatory system in sailors as an index of adaptation to long term cruises

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The state of the contractile capacity of the myo cardium and hemodynamics in patients with hypo thyroidism

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The state of the contractile system during development of pathological process in muscles 3. the character and succession of structural changes of the contractile system during zenkers necrosis

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The state of the contractile system during the development of a pathological process in muscles 2. the influence of calcium ions on the morphology of spreading necrosis caused by uv light

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The state of the coronary bed in postinfarction angina pectoris

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The state of the device and copper levels in the products of conception in women becoming pregnant with a copper bearing inter uterine device in situ

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The state of the expansion reserves of the myocardial microcirculation in coronary heart disease patients according to the data provided by scanning with labeled microspheres

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The state of the external respiration function in patients with left ventricular cardiac insufficiency before and after broncho spasm simulation

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The state of the free radical oxidation of lipids in cerebral atherosclerosis patients and its correlation with the stage of the disease

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The state of the function of external respiration in persons engaged in the production of vinyl acetate and its derivatives

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The state of the genital organs in women working in a mechanic seamstress factory

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The state of the gingiva in childhood and juvenile diabetes type i in dependence of the oral hygiene duration of diabetes and degree of compensation of the metabolic disturbance

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The state of the hippocampus in patients with various forms of senile dementia

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The state of the hypo thalamo hypophyseal neuro secretory system after anaphylactic shock in rabbits

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The state of the hypophyseal gonadotropic function in galactorrhea amenorrhea syndrome

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The state of the hypophysis thyroid gland system of rats exposed to long term internal irradiation

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The state of the immunological reactivity in experimental gastric ulcer

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The state of the left coronary artery in ischemic heart disease patients estimated by the results of two dimensional echocardiography

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The state of the left ventricular myo cardium in mitral stenosis

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The state of the loco motor system of adolescent bricklayers in different levels of physical exertion during the period of occupational training

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The state of the microsomal oxidative system in rat liver tissue in the postoperative period

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The state of the mineral component and protein matrix of rat bones after flight aboard the satellite cosmos 1129

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The state of the monocytic component of the mononuclear phagocyte system in patients with chronic tonsillitis

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The state of the monooxygenase enzymatic system in the liver tissue of rats with hypokinesia

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The state of the motor nerve apparatus of muscles in hypo kinetic rats

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The state of the mucosa of the small intestine in high intestinal fistulas

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The state of the nervous apparatus of the cerebral meninges following bilateral ligation of the common carotid arteries

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The state of the osmo regulatory system and the possible paths of the differentiation of various forms of the atlantic salmon salmo salar salmonidae

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The state of the public ill health premature mortality in the uk and europe

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The state of the regulatory mechanisms of the cardiovascular activity in albino rats in different periods of immobilization stress

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The state of the renin angiotensin aldosterone system in thyroid pathology based on the results of a radioimmunoassay

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The state of the sensory sphere in schizophrenics with cenesthopathic hypochondria syndrome

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The state of the sphenoidal sinus in chronic pyo polypous sinusitis

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The state of the sympatho adrenal system in angina pectoris attacks

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The state of the sympatho adrenal system in lung cancer patients

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The state of the sympatho adrenal system the adrenal cortex electrolyte metabolism and acid base balance in acute massive hemorrhage during child birth

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The state of the sympathoadrenal system glucocorticoid adrenal function and beta insular apparatus of the pancreas in unstable angina pectoris

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The state of the sympathoadrenal system in the recovery period after a 3 hour run and prolonged insulin administration

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The state of the t system and b system of immunity depending on the severity of blood loss and the time of hemorrhage arrest in gastro duodenal ulcer

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The state of the thyroid gland in hypo kinesia in rats preliminarily adapted to hypoxia

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The state of the urinary bladder in genito urinary fistulas in women

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The state of the variable transfer rna leu arm from the cow's mammary gland in a solution

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The state of thrombin plasmin system in nephro toxic nephritis under conditions of the use of heparin uro kinase and uro plasmin

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The state of timberline in the carpathians ukrainian ssr ussr

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The state of tissue micro circulation in idiopathic dermato myositis in adults

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The state of tyrosine and phenyl alanine residues in proteins analyzed by 4th derivative spectrophotometry histone h 1 and rnase a

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The state of tyrosine and tryptophan residues in bacterio rhod opsin and bacterio opsin

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The state of tyrosine residues in coupling factor 1 prepared from chloroplasts of two wheat varieties with different photophosphorylation activity

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The state of urethral musculature during the detrusor areflexia after spinal cord transection

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The state of vertiginous lesions in tsushima island japan

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The state of water associated with the phosphoenzyme of the calcium atpase of sarcoplasmic reticulum

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The state of water electrolyte metabolism in ischemic heart disease

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The state of water in human and dog red cell membranes

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The state of water in normal and senile cataractous lenses studied by nmr

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The state of water studied in seeds of different qualitative compositions and its change under the action of temperature

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The state problems and tasks of the systematization of soviet medical terminology

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The states of tyrosyl and tryptophyl residues in a protein proteinase inhibitor streptomyces albogriseolus subtilisin inhibitor

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The static analysis of nonlinear feedback loops

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The static and dynamic behavior of fluorescent probe molecules in lipid bilayers

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The static and dynamic charge maximum of the human achilles tendon

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The static effect of rosaramicin on Ureaplasma urealyticum and the development of antibiotic resistance

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The static stabilizing function of the popliteal tendon in the knee. An experimental study

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The statics of malleus and incus and the function of the malleus incus joint

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The station of bechsteins bat myotis bechsteini new record in the lubuskie lake district

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The station of nigritella nigra in nordreisa troms norway

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The stationary phase of a natural population of asterionella formosa bacillariophyceae limited by silica

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The stationary processes of yield harvesting in populations with age structure

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The stationary regime of the functioning of a biocenosis under real conditions

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The stations with lophira lanceolata in the mosaic forest savanna of south benin former south dahomey

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The statistic study of radioactive iodine therapy for hyper thyroidism

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The statistical analysis for incomplete diallel cross series fixed model analysis of variance

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The statistical analysis for the evaluation of normal values of enzyme activities in sera of healthy children

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The statistical analysis of data from inter cropping experiments

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The statistical analysis of elimination of chromosome type aberrations and the fate of aberrant cells

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The statistical analysis of menstrual bleeding patterns

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The statistical analysis of population growth rates calculated from schedules of survivorship and fecundity

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The statistical consideration for pediatric dermatology in korea 1969 1973

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The statistical correlation between the distribution of water and nucleic acids within the bio structure of maize leaves

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The statistical demography of whooping cranes

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The statistical distribution of colony counts in the spleen colony assay

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The statistical distribution of macrophage migration distance and its application to migration inhibitory factor test

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The statistical evaluation of 2 automatic bacterial colony counters

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The statistical evaluation of the climatic factors influencing flying activity of the genus culicoides ceratopogonidae diptera over south moravia territory czechoslovakia

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The statistical inference of relative ratios

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The statistical interpretation of accelerated degradation studies in solutions

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The statistical prediction of violent behavior measuring the costs of a public protectionists vs. a civil libertarian model

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The statistical significance of heart rate variability tests

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The statistical significance of the peri stimulus time histogram

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The statistical thermodynamics of membrane formation

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The statistical treatment of hydrogen ion concentration and pH

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The statistical volumetric temperature salinity diagram applied to the analysis of water masses of rio grande do sul brazil continental shelf

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The statistically probable nature of the absorbed dose value

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The statistics and biology of the species area relationship

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The statistics of colony formation of bacterial cells

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The statistics of phosphorus 32 enrichment in skin tumors

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The statistics of super helicity

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The statistics of variation

Diaconis P.; Freedman D., 1981:
The statistics of vision the julesz conjecture

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The statocyst oculo motor system of octopus vulgaris extra ocular eye muscles eye muscle nerves statocyst nerves and the oculo motor center in the central nervous system

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The stature and weight of sterkfontein 14 a gracile australopithecine from transvaal as determined from the innominate bone

Grilletto R., 1979:
The stature of early egyptians from asiut and gebelen necropoles egypt

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The status and conservation of the fresh water pearl mussel margaritifera margaritifera in great britain uk

Reznicek A.A.; Catling P.M., 1986:
The status and distribution of carex subimpressa cyperaceae

Gicca D., 1980:
The status and distribution of cyclura rileyi rileyi reptilia iguanidae a bahamian rock iguana

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The status and distribution of greylag geese anser anser in the uists scotland uk

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The status and distribution of oxpeckers aves passeriformes buphagidae in kavango and caprivi south west africa namibia

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The status and distribution of the peregrine falcon falco peregrinus in victoria australia

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The status and distribution of waders breeding on wet lowland grasslands in england and wales uk

Grettenberger J.F.; Newby J.E., 1986:
The status and ecology of the dama gazelle in the air and tenere national nature reserve niger

Haarmann K., 1985:
The status and effectiveness of nature reserves in west germany demonstrated with the example of 15 bird sanctuaries

Hein H.A., 1986:
The status and future of small maternity services in iowa usa

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The status and habitats of the corncrake crex crex in britain uk 1978 1979

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The status and identity of carex caesariensis cyperaceae

Cogger H.; Heatwole H.; Ishikawa Y.; Mccoy M.; Tamiya N.; Teruuchi T., 1987:
The status and natural history of the rennell island solomon islands sea krait laticauda crockeri serpentes laticaudidae

Aleshina, O.A., 1978:
The status and prospects for the study of entomo pathogenic fungi in the ussr

Vorontsova, E.I., 1978:
The status and prospects of scientific research in prophylaxis of pneumoconioses in the mining industry of siberia the far east and the extreme north

Barton P.M.; Buckley G.P., 1983:
The status and protection of notified sites of special scientific interest in southeast england uk

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The status and relationships of the korean toad bufo stejnegeri

Ogle D., 1986:
The status and seasonality of birds in nakhon sawan province thailand

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The status and systematic position of the species of the bopyrid isopod genus phyllodurus

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The status and typification of desmidorchis and desmidorchis retrospiciens asclepiadaceae

Burman A.G., 1981:
The status and typification of thrasya paspaloides gramineae

Pape, K.E.; Buncic, R.J.; Ashby, S.; Fitzhardinge, P.M., 1978:
The status at 2 years of low birth weight infants born in 1974 with birth weights of less than 1001 grams

Mansergh I., 1983:
The status distribution and abundance of dasyurus maculatus tiger quoll in australia with particular reference to victoria

Pirkola M.K.; Kalinainen P., 1984:
The status habitats and productivity of breeding populations of bean goose anser fabalis fabalis in finland

Orlova, N.I., 1978:
The status of 2 birch species

Formas J.R.; Vera M.I., 1982:
The status of 2 chilean frogs of the genus eupsophus anura leptodactylidae

Stuart C.T., 1985:
The status of 2 endangered carnivores occurring in cape province south africa felis serval and lutra maculicollis

Reznicek A.A.; Ball P.W., 1979:
The status of 2 new england endemic carices carex elachycarpa and carex josselynii cyperaceae

Cummins, G.B., 1975:
The status of 3 western rust fungi

Pinhey E., 1979:
The status of a few well known african anisopterous dragonflies odonata

Cheng H Yu, 1987:
The status of a lacertid lizard takydromus stejnegeri van denburgh in taiwan

Umarova B.A.; Strukova S.M.; Bazaz'yan G.G.; Khlebnikova T.G.; Kolokol'chikova E.G., 1987:
The status of a mast cell population in rats with experimental atherosclerosis

Pinhey, E.C.G., 1975:
The status of a taxon in the arcaea nohara group lepidoptera acraeidae

Kucukhuseyin C., 1982:
The status of adenosine theophylline interaction in isolated guinea pig auricles rabbit aorta strips and rat pulmonary arterial beds under in vitro conditions

Crans, W.J., 1977:
The status of aedes sollicitans as an epidemic vector of eastern equine encephalitis in new jersey

Zang H., 1981:
The status of aegolius funereus in the harz mountains

Macroberts, D.T., 1978:
The status of agalinis caddoensis

Baker, P.M., 1985:
The status of age: preliminary results

Mcmillan C.; Young P.C.; Cambridge M.L.; Masini R.J.; Walker D.I., 1983:
The status of an endemic australian seagrass cymodocea angustata

Mcclintock D., 1979:
The status of and correct name for erica stuartii

Akhanov Z.U., 1987:
The status of and prospects for soil science development in the kazakh ssr ussr

Prigogine A., 1981:
The status of anthus latistriatus and the description of a new subspecies of anthus cinnamomeus from itombwe zaire

Guerra E Silva C.D., 1987:
The status of antituberculosis immunization in children

Lamboy W.F., 1988:
The status of aster commixtus and a new species of aster from the southeastern usa

Berner, L., 1978:
The status of asthenopus curtus ephemeroptera polymitarcyidae

Friedman L.I.; Severns M.L.; Goodkofsky I.; Holland N., 1986:
The status of automation and data processing in the usa blood banking community

Cheke A.S.; Dahl J.F., 1981:
The status of bats on western indian ocean islands with special reference to pteropus

Menke, A.S., 1976:
The status of belostomatid names published by j n f x gistel hemiptera heteroptera belostomatidae

Block E.; Farmer B., 1987:
The status of beta carotene and vitamin a in quebec dairy herds factors affecting their status in cows and their effects on reproductive performance

Bratton S.P.; Owen I.; White P.S., 1982:
The status of botanical information on national parks in the southeastern usa

Mitchell, N.D., 1976:
The status of brassica oleracea ssp oleracea wild cabbage in the british isles

Kennedy, C.R.; Broughton, P.F.; Hine, P.M., 1978:
The status of brown and rainbow trout salmo trutta and salmo gairdneri as hosts of the acanthocephalan pomphorhynchus laevis

Anderson, D.W.; Jurek, R.M.; Keith, J.O., 1977:
The status of brown pelicans at anacapa island california usa in 1975

Borowiec L., 1985:
The status of bruchus tragacanthae coleoptera bruchidae

Braum E., 1983:
The status of brycon labiatus pisces characoidei and its synonym othonophanes labiatus

Grims F., 1985:
The status of bryological research in austria

Henle K., 1985:
The status of bufo poeppigii anura bufonidae

Brown, H.A., 1976:
The status of california and arizona usa populations of the western spadefoot toads genus scaphiopus

Correa J.C.; Schwartz A., 1986:
The status of calisto hysius batesi lepidoptera satyridae with the description of a new species of calisto from hispaniola west indies

Catling P.M.; Lucas Z., 1987:
The status of calopogon tuberosus var latifolius with comments on the application of varietal rank

Tan B.C., 1983:
The status of campylopus hemitrichius

Thiel R.P., 1987:
The status of canada lynx in wisconsin usa 1865 1980

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The status of cancer cluster investigations undertaken by state health departments

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The status of cardiac transplantation, 1975

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The status of cardio vascular health knowledge among 6th 7th and 8th grade children

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The status of carex pampae cyperaceae in southern argentina

Williamson S.D.H.; Cooper A., 1983:
The status of carex pendula at glenarm forest county antrim h 39 northern ireland uk

Bazitov, A.A., 1976:
The status of caryophyllidea in the system of platyhelminthes

Paleov N.R.; Malov G.A.; Chereiskaya N.K.; Oblovatskaya O.G.; Tsar'kova L.N.; Zil'berman E.E., 1987:
The status of central hemodynamics and left ventricular contractility in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and stable pulmonary hypertension a radionuclide study

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The status of certain braconidae hymenoptera cultured for biological control programs and description of a new species of macrocentrus

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The status of chemical investigation of plants in the order celastrales

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The status of chum salmon stocks of the west coast of vancouver island canada 1951 1982 statistical areas 22 27

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The status of cirolana californiensis and cirolana deminuta with a key to the california species of cirolana isopoda cirolanidae

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The status of cirolana parva crustacea isopoda cirolanidae with notes on its distribution

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The status of cleptoria shelfordi with the proposal of a new genus in the millipede family xystodesmidae polydesmida

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The status of clinical pancreas transplantation

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The status of collagen in human atherosclerosis

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The status of communal herons ibis and cormorants on the witwatersrand

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The status of conopharyngia in the sense of stapf

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The status of cranes aves gruidae in the orange free state south africa

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The status of crocidura ariadne mammalia soricidae

Varona L.S., 1987:
The status of crocodylus acutus in cuba

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The status of cryptogramma stelleri matteuccia struthiopteris and ophioglossum pusillum in west virginia usa

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The status of cyllene zuniana coleoptera cerambycidae

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The status of dead cotton bolls as a source for infestation of cotton plants with pectinophora gossypiella lepidoptera gelechiidae

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The status of dolichotachina proxima diptera sarcophagidae miltogramminae

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The status of efferia similis williston with descriptions of three new nearctic efferia species in the albibarbis group diptera asilidae

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The status of electrodialysis technology for brackish and industrial water treatment

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The status of equine ophthalmology

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The status of erythrocytes and microcirculation in artificial blood circulation

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The status of estrogen receptor of breast cancer cell. Quantitative analysis of estrogen receptor status in fluoresceinated breast cancer cells

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The status of estrogen receptor of breast cancer cells

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The status of exchangeable potassium calcium and magnesium in the major fujian china soil great groups and their distributions

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The status of fetal and neonatal immune systems in relation to late gestosis

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The status of film screen mammography results of the breast exposure nationwide trends study

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The status of flounders platichthys flesus as hosts of the acanthocephalan pomphorhynchus laevis and its survival in marine conditions

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The status of golden plover pluvialis apricaria and dunlin calidris alpina in upper wharfedale england uk

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The status of greater antillean phyllodactylus reptilia gekkonidae

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The status of harmful insects and nematodes in market garden crops of southwest quebec canada in 1977

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The status of heleophryne rosei hewitt anura leptodactylidae on table mountain south africa and recommendations for its conservation

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The status of histoplasmosis in Brazil

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The status of hla system antigen distribution among the population of the carpathian genogeographic zone of the ukrainian ssr ussr

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The status of hordeum brachyantherum in eastern canada with related discussions

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The status of human filariasis in relation to clinical signs in endemic areas of the Niger Delta

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The status of human onchocerciasis in the kainji reservoir basin nigeria areas 20 years after the impoundment of the lake

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The status of humus of soddy podzolic soils and its changes under the influence of air pollution

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The status of hybalicus and oehserchestes acari acariformes endeostigmata

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The status of jacquemontia sandwicensis convolvulaceae hawaiian plant studies 57

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The status of juncus oronensis juncaceae

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The status of laridae from the somme bay france

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The status of limax maculatus kaleniczenko 1851 limax grossui lupu 1970 and limax pseudoflavus evans 1978 gastropoda limacidae

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The status of lindera melissifolium pondberry in missouri usa

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The status of little known north bornean frullania clemensiana hepaticae

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The status of local immune and inhibitory defense in new cases of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis complicated by nonspecific endobronchitis

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The status of longitarsus nitens coleoptera chrysomelidae

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The status of lophozia kiaerii

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The status of luzula antarctica

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The status of lysolecithin in rat cerebral cortex during ischemia

Ling Q.; Chen J., 1986 :
The status of magnesium in the main fujian soils china

Steinberg E.P., 1986:
The status of magnetic resonance imaging in 1986 rates of adoption in the usa and worldwide

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The status of mermithids in the system of nematodes and their taxonomic grouping

Gilmer, P.R.; Williams, L.J., 1980:
The status of methods of calibration in hematology

Smirnov V.K., 1982:
The status of micro hemodynamics and features of capillary permeability in schizophrenia

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The status of microsomal oxidation system in the liver of rats with acute mandibular osteomyelitis

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The status of muelleriella conserved name with muelleriella atrata new combination an earlier name for muelleriella engelii from kerguelen island south indian ocean

Rowe, F.W.E., 1977:
The status of nardoa subgenus andora asteroidea ophidiasteridae with the description of 2 new subgenera and 3 new species

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The status of new zealand actinotus umbelliferae

Sagild, I.K.; Haresnape, J.M., 1987:
The status of Newcastle disease and the use of V4 vaccine in Malawi

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The status of north american captive herds of the banteng bos javanicus

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The status of north american upper paleozoic coral bio stratigraphy

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The status of ochtodes capensis rhizophyllidaceae gigartinales rhodophyta

Blanchard, A., 1978:
The status of ollia parvella re description of it in a new genus pyralidae

Blanchard, A., 1978:
The status of ollia parvella re description of it in welderella new genus pyralidae

Paul A.M., 1987:
The status of ophioglossum azoricum ophioglossaceae pteridophyta in the british isles

Prigogine, A., 1978:
The status of oriolus percivali and its hybridization with oriolus larvatus in the african east

Hedenas L., 1988:
The status of orthothecium lapponicum and orthothecium complanatum musci plagiotheciaceae

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The status of orthotrichum stramineum var patens and fontinalis hypnoides in britain

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The status of oxygen atoms in the removal of carbon 19 in estrogen biosynthesis

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The status of pachygrontha solieri with the description of a new species from the new guinea area hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

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The status of papilio hipparchus staudinger papilionidae

Vaisanen R.; Somerma P., 1985:
The status of parnassius mnemosyne lepidoptera papilionidae in finland

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The status of persistent sepal yellowcress rorippa columbiae in washington usa

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The status of phaiophleps lyckholmi iridaceae

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The status of philodryas subcarinatus reptilia serpentes colubridae

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The status of plagiochasma intermedium in india

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The status of plague in zimbabwe

Jackson, D.R., 1976:
The status of pliocene turtles pseudemys caelata and chrysemys carri

Prigogine, A., 1977:
The status of pogoniulus leucolaima/

Conde B.; Nguyen Duy Jacquemin M., 1987:
The status of polyxenus ceylonicus pocock and polyxenus poecilus new combination chamberlin diplopoda penicillata

Mones A., 1986:
The status of pseudodiodomus annaratoneii ameghino rodentia dinomyidae? and diodomus copei ameghino xenarthra megalonychidae

Kritsky D.C.; Beverley Burton M., 1986:
The status of pseudorhabdosynochus and cycloplectanum monogenea diplectanidae

Perret J L., 1981:
The status of ptychadena schubotzi amphibia ranidae

Walton, D.W.; Brooks, J.E.; Tun, U.M.M.; Naing, U.H., 1977:
The status of rattus norvegicus in rangoon burma

Parish, R.A.; Novack, A.H., 1986:
The status of research in ambulatory pediatrics

Hambleton E.J., 1979:
The status of rhizoecus amorphophalli a little known oriental mealybug homoptera pseudococcidae

Zumpt, F., 1978:
The status of rhyncomya tetropsis and of rhyncomya nigeria diptera calliphoridae rhiniinae

Seppelt R.D., 1983:
The status of riccia areolata and riccia longiciliata 2 recently described species studies on riccia in australia 1

Thomas, R.D., 1975:
The status of rocky mountain elk in kern county 1974

Gall, L.F., 1976:
The status of satyrium boreale lycaenidae

Frisvoll A.A., 1986:
The status of schistidium andreaeopsis with notes on the krause collection from the chuck peninsula ussr

Ismail, M.M.; Bruce, J.I.; Attia, M.; Husein, M.H.; Sabah, A.A.; Tayel, S.E., 1988:
The status of schistosomiasis before and after treatment among school pupils in a village in the Nile Delta, Egypt

Blaxell, D.F., 1975:
The status of schlechters specimens of orchidaceae held at the national herbarium of new south wales part 2 new caledonia celebes borneo sumatra

Berruti A.; Griffiths A.M.; Imber M.J.; Schramm M.; Sinclair J.C., 1981:
The status of sea birds at prince edward island south africa

Nakamura Y.; Ariyoshi N.; Asakura A.; Nakamura T.; Kim H.; Shirahata A., 1986:
The status of seroconversion of anti htlv iii human t lymphotropic virus type iii antibody in 45 hemophiliac patients

Shelley R.M., 1979:
The status of sigmoria gracilipes with remarks on the millipede genus brachoria polydesmida xystodesmidae

Berta A., 1985:
The status of smilodon in north and south america

Churcher C.S., 1984:
The status of smilodontopsis and ischyrosmilus a taxonomic review of 2 genera of sabertooth cats felidae machairodontinae

Bekele A., 1986:
The status of some mole rats of the genus tachyoryctes rodentia rhizomyidae based upon craniometric studies

Leraut P.; Luquet G.C., 1982:
The status of some palearctic genera and species of odontiinae and description of 4 new taxa lepidoptera crambidae

Coiro M.I.; Brown D.J.F., 1984:
The status of some plants as hosts for 4 populations of xiphinema index nematoda dorylaimida

Thandar, A.S., 1987:
The status of some southern african nominal species of cucumaria s.e. referable to a new genus and their ecological isolation

Dubois G., 1980:
The status of some strigeata trematoda 6

Dubois, G., 1977:
The status of some strigeata trematoda part 5

Mulligan G.A.; Munro D.B.; Mcneill J., 1983:
The status of stachys palustris labiatae in north america

Mcdowall, R.M., 1976:
The status of stromateus maculatus a fish from new south wales australia

Zinner, H., 1977:
The status of telescopus hoogstraali and the telescopus fallax complex reptilia serpentes colubridae

Keener C.S., 1981:
The status of thalictrum hepaticum ranunculaceae

Furness S.B.; Gilbert O.L., 1980:
The status of thamnobryum angustifolium

Chinkin A.S., 1987:
The status of the alpha 1 adrenergic regulation of the stroke volume in hypokinetic rats

Dixon J.R.; Thomas R.A., 1982 :
The status of the argentine colubrid snakes liophis sagittifer and liophis trifasciatus

Allbrook, P.; Watson, J.A.L., 1978:
The status of the australian aeshnid genera acanthaeschna and austroaeschna odonata

Jehl J.R.Jr; Parkes K.C., 1982:
The status of the avi fauna of the revillagigedo islands mexico

Kaminskaya G.O.; Balta N.G.; Zhukova N.L.; Stepanyan I.E.; Lovacheva O.V., 1988:
The status of the blood kallikrein kinin system and proteinase inhibitor balance in active sarcoidosis

Erickson D.W.; Hamilton D.A.; Samson F.B., 1981:
The status of the bobcat lynx rufus in missouri usa

Manning R.B.; Felder D.L., 1986:
The status of the callianassid genus callichirus crustacea decapoda thalassinidea

Lynch C.D., 1981:
The status of the cape gray mongoose herpestes pulverulentus mammalia viverridae

Randall J.E.; Bohlke J.E., 1981:
The status of the cardinalfishes apogon evermanni and apogon anisolepis perciformes apogonidae with description of a related species apogon isus new species from the red sea

Savage J.M.; Deweese J.E., 1980:
The status of the central american leptodactylid frogs eleutherodactylus melanostictus and eleutherodactylus platyrhynchus

Morozov N.N.; Khardikov A.A.; Karpukhin A.V.; Tsukerman A.I., 1986:
The status of the chromatin of interphase lymphocyte nuclei of normal subjects and people with congenital malformations

Saffran, M.; Schally, A.V., 1977:
The status of the corticotropin releasing factor

L.Mao P., 1985:
The status of the cuttlefish sepia officinalis mollusca cephalopoda in the food chain of the normandy brittany gulf france

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