The stellaria longipes complex phenotypic plasticity 1. response of stem elongation to temperature and photoperiod

Macdonald, S.E.; Chinnappa, C.C.; Reid, D.M.

Canadian Journal of Botany 62(3): 414-419


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4026
Accession: 006771883

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Clonal material of 1 genotype of S. longipes Goldie s.l. was used to study the effects of photoperiod and temperature on stem elongation. Temperature is the more important influence for induction of stem elongation. Photoperiod exerts a lesser effect. A combined synergistic effect of temperature and photoperiod is in operation. A minimum number of heat degree-days, equivalent to about 3 days at C (day:night) temperature, is required to induce elongation. A minimum period of "winter cold," equal to 50 short, cold days is required for maximum elongation in subsequent warm, long days. Some elongation will occur in continuous long, warm days, but a short cold period is essential for flowering. After 8 mo. in short, cold days flowering will occur without elongation.