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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6780

Chapter 6780 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Borgstroem B., 1982: The temperature dependent interfacial inactivation of porcine pancreatic lipase effect of colipase and bile salts

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779001

Middaugh C.R., 1986: The temperature dependent stoichiometry of mixed cryoimmunoglobulins

Saint-Blancard, J.; Clochard, A.; Cozzone, P.; Berthou, J.; Jolles, P., 1977: The temperature dependent structural transition of lysozyme a study of the arrhenius plots

Gosline, J. M., 1978: The temperature dependent swelling of elastin

Moeller R.E., 1980: The temperature determined growing season of a submerged hydrophyte tissue chemistry and biomass turnover of utricularia purpurea

Bazhenov-Yu, I.; Lelekov, N. G., 1978: The temperature effect of muscular activity in white rats during hypoxia

Sobolev, V. I.; Pevnyi, S. A.; Baer, H. U.; Baer, J., 1976: The temperature effect of muscular contraction after a single induction of hypo thermia in white rats

Mason, G.; Grime, J. P.; Lumb, A. H., 1976: The temperature gradient tunnel a versatile controlled environment

Toerien D.F., 1982: The temperature growth rate relationships of aerobic heterotrophic bacteria isolated from a silt laden impoundment

Es'kov E.K., 1982: The temperature in wasps nest and its effect on the development of the wasp colony

Brynda, E.; Bleha, M., 1977: The temperature induced conformational transition of immobilized chymotrypsinogen

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779012

Brittain, J. E., 1976: The temperature of 2 welsh lakes and its effect on the distribution of 2 fresh water insects

Crisp, D. T.; Le-Cren, E. D., 1970: The temperature of 3 different small streams in northwest england

Langford, T. E., 1970: The temperature of a british river upstream and downstream of a heated discharge from a power station

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779016

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779017

Vennerod K., 1979: The temperature of maximum density temperature profiles and circulation in deep temperate lakes

Dedkova N.A., 1979: The temperature of some plants of the sandy eastern kara kum desert turkmen ssr ussr

Giesecke A.H.Jr, 1987: The temperature of the air within the external auditory meatus compared with esophageal temperature during anesthesia and surgery

Mukherjee S., 1981: The temperature of the periodontal pockets

Korzun A.M., 1984: The temperature of winter wheat triticum aestivum seedling tissues under cold shock

Plateaux L., 1980: The temperature preference of sphaeroma serratum isopoda flabellifera

Roed K.H., 1979: The temperature preference of the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus pisces collected at different seasons

Steward R.C., 1981: The temperature preferences and climatic adaptations of building damaging dry wood termites cryptotermes isoptera

Sutherland B., 1980: The temperature preferences of the motile stages of stomoxys calcitrans diptera muscidae

Riedinger F.P., 1986: The temperature profiles of the air and plants in a high beech forest especially inside the canopy

Pap S., 1985: The temperature properties of human alpha 2 macroglobulin in the range minus 15 to 37 celsius an investigation of supercooled solutions using small angle x ray scattering and dilatometry

Volkov V.Ya, 1984: The temperature range of impairments in erythrocyte plasma membrane permeability to cations and water during slow freezing

Werner, J., 1975: The temperature regulation of the human body a mathematical model with distributed parameters and location dependent variables

Lange, O. L.; Schulze, E. D.; Evenari, M.; Kappen, L.; Buschbom, U., 1974: The temperature related photosynthetic capacity of plants under desert conditions part 1 seasonal changes of the photosynthetic response to temperature

Lange, O. L.; Schulze, E. D.; Evenari, M.; Kappen, L.; Buschbom, U., 1975: The temperature related photosynthetic capacity of plants under desert conditions part 2 possible controlling mechanisms for the seasonal changes of the photosynthetic response to temperature

Lange, O. L.; Schulze, E. D.; Evenari, M.; Kappen, L.; Buschbom, U., 1978: The temperature related photosynthetic capacity of plants under desert conditions part 3 ecological significance of the seasonal changes of the photosynthetic response to temperature

Pattee, E., 1980: The temperature relations of some fresh water planarians and their incidence in ecology 7. their natural zonation

Fenton, C. L.; Kester, D. E.; Liu, L., 1988: The temperature response of cultured almond cells derived from tree sources with and without non infectious bud failure i. specific growth rate

Fenton, C. A. L.; Kuniyuki, A. H.; Kester, D. E., 1988: The temperature response of cultured almond cells derived from tree sources with and without non infectious bud failure ii. heat shock

Swenson R.P., 1980: The temperature sensitive bond in human alpha 2 macro globulin is the alkylamine reactive site

Bourgaux P., 1984: The temperature sensitive defect in polyoma virus p 155 mutant

Avila, J.; Saral, R.; Martin, R. G.; Khoury, G., 1976: The temperature sensitive defect in sv 40 group d mutants

Mglinets, V. A.; Vikulova, V. K., 1977: The temperature sensitive lethal in drosophila melanogaster/

Isaksson, L. A.; Takata, R., 1978: The temperature sensitive mutant 72c part 1 pleiotropic growth and behavior and changed response to some antibiotics and mutations in the transcription or translation apparatus

Takata, R.; Isaksson, L. A., 1978: The temperature sensitive mutant 72c part 2 accumulation at high temperature of guanosine 3 di phosphate 5 di phosphate and guanosine 3 tri phosphate 5 tri phosphate in the presence of protein synthesis

Duclaux, R.; Kenshalo, D. R., 1972: The temperature sensitivity of the type i slowly adapting mechano receptors in cats and monkeys

Gof, V. F., 1977: The temperature state of common chernozems of the forest steppe of the omsk oblast in highly humid years

Voznyuk, S. T.; Olinevich, V. A.; Kardashov, A. T., 1977: The temperature state of reclaimed lands of the western polesye in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Okubo M., 1984: The temperatures of fresh vegetables shipped to central wholesale markets in summer and the effect of delay in pre cooling on the quality of some fresh vegetables

Chambon P., 1979: The template of the isolated native sv 40 transcriptional complexes is a mini chromosome

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779049

Schaefer J.M., 1979: The tempo of country music and the rate of drinking in bars

Spry C., 1988: The tempo of reproduction in hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis characidae with a discussion on the biology of multiple spawning in fishes

Doronin Yu K., 1982: The tempo of the frog larvae development as a test object in a study of some physical chemical factors

Souty C., 1984: The temporal action of ecdysteroids on ovarian protein synthesis in vitro in the terrestrial crustacean isopoda porcellio dilatatus

Coulson J.C., 1987: The temporal and geographical distribution of continental black headed gulls larus ridibundus in the british isles uk

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779055

Woombs M., 1988: The temporal and spatial distribution of nematodes in percolating filters

Bark A.W., 1981: The temporal and spatial distribution of planktonic benthic protozoan communities in a small productive lake

Moss, M. O., 1977: The temporal and spatial distribution of the valves of the diatom rhoicosphenia curvata in the river wey

Dean T.A., 1985: The temporal and spatial distribution of underwater quantum irradiation in a southern california usa kelp forest

Grey R.D., 1982: The temporal and spatial relationships between cortical contraction sperm trail formation and pronuclear migration in fertilized xenopus eggs

Stanley R.B.Jr, 1988: The temporal approach to impacted lateral orbital wall fractures

Geissler H G., 1987: The temporal architecture of central information processing evidence for a tentative time quantum model

Wilbrand H.F., 1983: The temporal bone in patients with menieres disease

Dietzel B., 1984: The temporal bone pneumatization in patients with lip jaw and palatal clefts a contribution to the pneumatization problem

Pernier J., 1984: The temporal component of the auditory evoked potential a reinterpretation

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779066

Glasberg B.R., 1987: The temporal course of masking and the auditory filter shape

Viemeister N.F., 1985: The temporal course of simultaneous tone on tone masking

Hood L., 1981: The temporal course of the masking of tinnitus as a basis for inferring its origin

Brandau C.J., 1983: The temporal course of visual pattern encoding effects of pattern goodness

Woerner F., 1979: The temporal development of the distribution of strontium 90 in agricultural and forest soils

Banerjee, U.; Yeoh, P. N., 1977: The temporal dimensions of anti convulsant action of some newer benzodiazepines against metrazole induced seizures in mice and rats

Sutherland D.J., 1982: The temporal distribution of chironomus decorus chironomidae in northern new jersey usa 1979

Abu Hilal A., 1983: The temporal distribution of nutrients in the surface waters of the jordan gulf of aqaba

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779076

Paulson R.J., 1988: The temporal effects of changes in in vitro fertilization culture media on the one cell mouse embryo system

Auer, R. N.; Kalimo, H.; Olsson, Y.; Siesjo, B. K., 1985: The temporal evolution of hypoglycemic brain damage 1. light and electron microscopic findings in the rat cerebral cortex

Auer, R. N.; Kalimo, H.; Olsson, Y.; Siesjo, B. K., 1985: The temporal evolution of hypoglycemic brain damage 2. light and electron microscopic findings in the hippocampal gyrus and subiculum of the rat

Kalimo, H.; Auer, R. N.; Siesjo, B. K., 1985: The temporal evolution of hypoglycemic brain damage 3. light and electron microscopic findings in the rat caudoputamen

Ruiz-Marcos, A.; Valverde, F., 1969: The temporal evolution of the distribution of dendritic spines in the visual cortex of normal and dark raised mice

Trimble, R. B.; Galivan, J.; Maley, F., 1972: The temporal expression of t 2r plus bacterio phage genes in vivo and in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779084

Simpkins, J. W.; Smith, C. J. V., 1976: The temporal interaction of cortico sterone and prolactin in affecting liver lipid metabolism of the chick

Kato K., 1986: The temporal line in japanese crania with special reference to the secular changes in its grade of development

Wilcock G.K., 1983: The temporal lobe in dementia of alzheimers type

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779088

Hoffman H.S., 1980: The temporal pattern of attachment behavior in the context of imprinting

Petersen, S., 1976: The temporal pattern of feeding over the estrous cycle of the mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779091

Sobel B.E., 1987: The temporal pattern of recovery of myocardial perfusion and metabolism delineated by positron emission tomography after coronary thrombolysis

Allison, J.; Moore, K. E.; Gawley, D. J.; Mondloch, C. J.; Mondloch, M. V., 1986: The temporal pattern of unconstrained drinking rats' responses to inversion and identity constraints

Barfield R.J., 1980: The temporal patterning of 40 60 kilohertz ultrasonic vocalizations and copulation in the rat rattus norvegicus

Friese D.D., 1979: The temporal phenology of amblyseius scyphus a natural predator of banks grass mite in western texas usa

Conner J.D., 1982: The temporal properties of rod vision

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779099

Lattal K.A., 1987: The temporal relation between contingent events in positive automaintenance

Konishi, T.; Nielsen, D. W., 1978: The temporal relationship between basilar membrane motion and nerve impulse initiation in auditory nerve fibers of guinea pigs

Snyder C.A., 1984: The temporal relationship between behavioral and hematological effects of inhaled benzene

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779103

Mcewen B.S., 1980: The temporal relationship between estrogen inducible progestin receptors in the female rat brain and the time course of estrogen activation of mating behavior

Pabst R., 1982: The temporal relationship between glomerular cell proliferation and monocyte infiltration in experimental glomerulo nephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779106

Arnold G.M., 1980: The temporal relationship between host cell death phyto alexin accumulation and fungal inhibition during hyper sensitive reactions of phaseolus vulgaris to colletotrichum lindemuthianum

Yogev, L.; Terkel, J., 1978: The temporal relationship between implantation and termination of nocturnal prolactin surges in pregnant lactating rats

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779109

Taylor A.J.N., 1987: The temporal relationship between increases in airway responsiveness to histamine and late asthmatic responses induced by occupational agents

Lenton E.A., 1987: The temporal relationship between melatonin and prolactin in women

Etches, R. J., 1977: The temporal relationship between ovulation and an injection of progesterone or cortico sterone in the hen gallus domesticus

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779113

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779114

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779115

Bonde M.R., 1988: The temporal relationship between the development of intracellular hyphae and haustoria by physopella zeae in zea mays

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779117

Parkin, R. F.; Hendrickx, A. G., 1975: The temporal relationship between the pre ovulatory estrogen peak and the optimal mating period in rhesus and bonnet monkeys

Royston J.P., 1988: The temporal relationship between vaginal fluid volumes obtained with the rovumeter vaginal aspirator and the fertile phase of the cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779120

Egole D.B., 1982: The temporal reliability of browns mean length of utterance measure with post stage v children

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779122

Morey Holton E., 1986: The temporal response of bone to unloading

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779124

Lewis L.A., 1982: The temporal response of recombination events to gamma radiation of meiotic cells in sordaria brevicollis

Van Hof M.W., 1988: The temporal retina and visual discrimination in the rabbit

Kitchell J.F., 1987: The temporal scale of variance in limnetic primary production

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779128

Maguire, M. P., 1972: The temporal sequence of synaptic initiation crossing over and synaptic completion

Wyman R., 1979: The temporal stability of the drosophila oocyte

Rutowski R.L., 1982: The temporal structure of behavioral interactions in hermissenda crassicornis opisthobranchia

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779132

Katz, R. J., 1980: The temporal structure of motivation 3. identification and ecological significance of ultradian rhythms of intra cranial reinforcement

Katz, R. J., 1981: The temporal structure of motivation 4. a reexamination of extinction effects in intra cranial reward

Katz, R. J.; Wagner, J. A., 1984: The temporal structure of reinforcement 6. local determinants of response topography as determined by analysis of interresponse times

Katz R.J., 1979: The temporal structure of reinforcement an analysis of brain stimulated reward

Williams K., 1987: The temporal structure of the forward roll inter and intra limb coordination

Neumann H., 1987: The temporal structuring of repeatable epidemiological results in dependence on the observation period

Murphy, P. M., 1978: The temporal variability in biotic indices

Perona M.J., 1980: The temporal variations of lead concentration in a fresh water lake

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779141

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779142

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779143

Walker G., 1984: The temporary adhesion of barnacle cyprids effects of some differing surface characteristics

Terzian E., 1981: The temporary aquatic environments of provence france resistance of invertebrates to the drying of the habitats

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779146

Dutton G.J., 1983: The temporary post natal decline in glucuronidation of certain phenols by rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779148

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779149

Leon C.A., 1981: The temporo spatial context a neglected aspect of the depressive response

Zaborszky L., 1981: The temporo spatial course of degeneration after cutting cortico cortical connections in adult rats

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779152

Hollender L., 1984: The temporomandibular joint in ankylosing spondylitis correlations between subjective clinical and radiographic features in the stomatognathic system and effects of treatment

Section 7 , Chapter 6780, Accession 006779154

Nordstrom B., 1985: The temporomandibular joint in young adults at autopsy a morphologic classification and evaluation

Harms, S. E.; Wilk, R. M.; Wolford, L. M.; Chiles, D. G.; Milam, S. B., 1985: The temporomandibular joint magnetic resonance imaging using surface coils

Yamada S., 1986: The ten leading work related diseases and injuries proposed by the niosh japan

Andreev A., 1988: The ten year cycle of the willow grouse of lower kolyma ussr

Greene H.H., 1985: The ten year malpractice experience of a large urban emergency medical service system

Groening K., 1981: The tenacity of airborne bacteria determining the kill constant beta biol for cocci

Mueller, W.; Groening, K.; Hartmann, F., 1981: The tenacity of bacteria in the airborne state 1. experimental examinations for the determination of the kill constant beta biol for escherichia coli salmonella spp and pasteurella multocida

Dinter, P. S.; Mueller, W., 1984: The tenacity of bacteria in the airborne state 3. principle studies of the epidemiology of pasteurella multocida under the influence of tropical climates

Mueller, W.; Dinter, P. S., 1986: The tenacity of bacteria in the airborne state iv. experimental examinations of the viability of airborne escherichia coli 0 78 under the influence of different temperatures and relative humidities

Dinter, P. S.; Mueller, W., 1988: The tenacity of bacteria in the airborne state vi. communication tenacity of airborne salmonella senftenberg

Walker G., 1981: The tenacity of the limpet patella vulgata an experimental approach

Karasev G.L., 1979: The tench tinca tinca a rare species in the ichthyo fauna of the baikal basin russian sfsr ussr

Bower J.D., 1982: The tenckhoff catheter for peritoneal dialysis an appraisal

Jonker, F. P., 1977: The tendency concepts a view illustrated by the principal evolutionary steps in the plant kingdom

Jitsunari, F.; Ohsaki, H.; Ogata, M., 1978: The tendency for an outbreak of whooping cough in patients based on time series analysis

Eggers C., 1986: The tendency for recurrence of neurological lesions in the immediate surgical treatment of lesions of the cervical spine with involvement of the spinal cord

Renous, S., 1977: The tendency for rudimentation in the squamata study of the hind limbs

Magnusson, K. E.; Stendahl, O.; Tagesson, C.; Edebo, L.; Johansson, G., 1977: The tendency of smooth and rough salmonella typhimurium bacteria and lipo poly saccharide to hydrophobic and ionic interaction as studied in aqueous polymer 2 phase systems

Harley E.E. , 1979: The tendency to repeat gestational age and birth weight in successive births

Hoffman H.J., 1983: The tendency to repeat gestational age and birth weight in successive births related to peri natal survival

Davey, C. L.; Gilbert, K. V., 1975: The tenderness of cooked and raw meat from young and old beef animals

Purchas, R. W.; Barton, R. A., 1976: The tenderness of meat of several breeds of cattle raised under new zealand pastoral conditions

Slodicak M., 1987: The tending of young spruce stands jeopardized by snow breaks and the influence of tending measures on the growth and static stability of trees belonging to various tree classes

Ross H.F., 1984: The tendon of flexor pollicis longus its effects on the muscular control of force and position at the human thumb

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779179

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779180

Emson R.H., 1987: The tendons of ophiocomina nigra and their role in autotomy echinodermata ophiuroida

Kaszab Z., 1983: The tenebrionid genus rehumius coleoptera

Schulze, L., 1976: The tenebrionidae of southern africa part 44 gonopus transvaalensis new species species from the transvaal coleoptera

Schulze, L., 1978: The tenebrionidae of southern africa part 45 description of some larvae of the subgenera gonopus and agonopus of the genus gonopus coleoptera

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779185

Pentycross C.R., 1982: The tennessee antigen test an evaluation in cancer and noncancer patients and normal subjects

Gellen M.I., 1983: The tennessee self concept scale a revisit

Tenny J.R., 1986: The tenon method of small joint arthrodesis in the hand

Minns, R. J.; Steven, F. S., 1976: The tensile properties of developing fetal elastic tissue

Lu, D.; Breuer, M. M., 1977: The tensile properties of hair fibers in 1 propanol water mixtures

Bonucci E., 1982: The tensile properties of single osteonic lamellae technical problems and preliminary results

Buschmann, W.; Linnert, D.; Hofmann, W.; Gross, A., 1978: The tensile strength of human zonule and its alteration with age

Trowbridge E.A., 1988: The tensile strength of natural and chemically modified bovine pericardium

Fell J.T., 1988: The tensile strength of tablets of binary mixtures lubricated with magnesium stearate

Fell J.T., 1982: The tensile strength of tablets of lactose sodium chloride and their mixtures

Hutton W.C., 1981: The tensile strength of the capsular ligaments of the apophyseal joints

Pena J., 1981: The tension of the cephalorachidian liquid as a criterion for choosing the type of valve in the treatment of nontumoral infantile hydrocephalus

Bergman R.S., 1981: The tensor fascia lata myo cutaneous flap experience with use as a rotation flap

Rothfleisch S., 1981: The tensor fascia lata myo cutaneous flap in gynecologic oncology

Scheflan M., 1981: The tensor fascia lata variations on a theme

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779202

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779203

Abel, E. F., 1970: The tentacle apparatus of the red coral corallium rubrum and its role in feeding behavior

Fox H., 1985: The tentacles of ichthyophis amphibia caecilia with special reference to the skin

Farsan N.M., 1984: The tentaculites from the fasnian upper devonian of ghuk western central afghanistan

Rossmann M.G., 1979: The tentative amino acid sequencing of lactate dehydrogenase c 4 by x ray diffraction analysis

Mowbray, J.; Moses, V., 1976: The tentative identification in escherichia coli of a multi enzyme complex with glycolytic activity

Jay J.M., 1987: The tentative recognition of psychrotrophic gram negative bacteria in 48 h by their surface growth at 10 celsius

Ruskell G.L., 1988: The tentorial nerve in monkeys in a branch of the cavernous plexus

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Smith M.K.P., 1979: The tenuipalpidae acari of africa with keys to the world fauna

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779214

Meares, P.; Page, K. R., 1973: The teorell membrane oscillator as a mechano electric transducer

Vari, R. P., 1978: The terapon perches percoidei teraponidae a cladistic analysis and taxonomic revision

Schumacher H.J., 1979: The teratogenic activity of a thalidomide analog em 12 2 2 6 di oxopiperiden 3 yl phthalimidine in rats on a low zinc diet

Petrova-Vergieva, T. , 1976: The teratogenic activity of zinc propylene bis di thio carbamate

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779219

Mercier-Parot, L., 1976: The teratogenic effect of parbendazole

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779221

Gomez I., 1985: The teratogenic effect of short chain unsaturated fatty acids in rhodnius prolixus

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779223

Raynaud A., 1982: The teratogenic effects of 9 hydroxy ellipticine in mouse fetuses

Raynaud A., 1984: The teratogenic effects of 9 hydroxyellipticine in the mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779226

Wiley, M. J.; Joneja, M. G., 1976: The teratogenic effects of beta amino propionitrile in hamsters

Singh J.D., 1981: The teratogenic effects of dietary cassava on the pregnant albino rat a preliminary report

Uemura K., 1980: The teratogenic effects of ethylene glycol di methyl ether on the mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779230

Mori Y., 1982: The teratogenic mechanism of 6 amino nicotinamide on limb formation of chick embryos abnormalities in the biosynthesis of glycosamino glycans and proteo glycans in micromelia

De S Wickramaratne G.A., 1986: The teratogenic potential and dose response of dermally administered ethylene glycol monomethyl ether estimated in rats with the chernoff kavlock assay

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Hard G.C., 1988: The teratogenicity of cadmium metallothionein in the rat

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Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779240

Selleck S.B., 1981: The teratogenicity of cytochalasin d and its inhibition by drug metabolism

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Grundfest, H., 1976: The term epi phenomena with regard to electrogenesis of receptor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779250

Eggers, T.; Niemann, P., 1980: The term weed and thresholds of harmfulness in weed control

Bils, W., 1976: The terminal abdominal segments of terrestrial living adephaga coleoptera and their phylogenetic significance

Roizman B., 1986: The terminal alpha sequence of the herpes simplex virus genome contains the promoter of a gene located in the repeat sequences of the l component

Section 7, Chapter 6780, Accession 006779254

Fujiki, K.; Fukuda, A.; Okada, Y., 1978: The terminal bases of rna from caulobacter crescentus rna phage phi cp 2

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Mccusker J., 1984: The terminal period of cancer definition and descriptive epidemiology

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