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Chapter 6,781

The toxic action of acrylonitrile entering the body of experimental animals via the skin

Zotova, L.V.

Gigiena i Sanitariia 10: 103-105


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-9900
Accession: 006780924

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The toxic action of acrylonitrile was studied on rats in a series of acute, subacute and chronic experiments. Analyses of blood, urine and organs (brain, liver, kidneys) indicated that this substance was generally toxic, but primarily affected the vessels. LD50 was 281.60 mg/kg when applied to the skin of the tail and 148.12 mg/kg when applied to the skin of the abdomen. A dose of 2.82 mg/kg was close to the threshold dose during a single application to the tail (Limac), while 0.11 mg/kg was the threshold dose during chronic application to the tail (Limch). Since quantities higher than this last dose were found on the hands of workers in contact with acrylonitrile (laboratory technicians, instrument control personnel, mechanics), the protection of workers' skin is recommended.

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