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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6782

Chapter 6782 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

O'donnell M.J., 1980: The toxicities of 4 insecticides to tribolium confusum in 2 sets of conditions of temperature and humidity

Pedersen J.P., 1988: The toxicity absorption and excretion of rotenone in oysters ostrea edulis and its degradation in seawater at temperatures near 0c

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781002

Lutsyk, M. D.; Lutsyk, A. D.; Kipiani, E. K.; Krupko, A. E., 1977: The toxicity and anti tumor activity of 3 individual fractions of lectins from ricinus communis seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781004

Winner R.W., 1984: The toxicity and bioaccumulation of cadmium and copper as affected by humic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781006

Chen T., 1981: The toxicity and morphology of crystals from several strains of bacillus thuringiensis

Crofton Sleigh C., 1987: The toxicity and mutagenicity of the anti tumor drug 5 aziridino 2 4 dinitrobenzamide cb 1954 is greatly reduced in a nitroreductase deficient strain of escherichia coli

Moiseeva L.A., 1985: The toxicity and narcotic effect of sodium hydroxybutyrate and ketalar in various periods of the combined radiation injury burn trauma and x rays

Thompson C.A., 1984: The toxicity and neuropathology of 2 4 5 tribromoimidazole and its derivates in rats

Brown A.W., 1987: The toxicity and neuropathology of dimethylethyltin and methyldiethyltin in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781012

Wynn, J. E.; Van, T. Riet, B.; Borzelleca, J. F., 1970: The toxicity and pharmacodynamics of ethyleneglycolbis beta aminoethylether n n n n tetra acetic acid oral administration to rats and comparison with edta

Rose M.S., 1979: The toxicity and renal handling of paraquat in cynomolgus monkeys macaca fascicularis

Naito H., 1986: The toxicity and structure of various aromatic fluorides

Webb M., 1986: The toxicity and teratogenicity of mercuric mercury in the pregnant rat

Walker C.H., 1981: The toxicity and the biochemical effects of ethylene di bromide in the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Montenero, A. S., 1978: The toxicity and tolerance of tryptophan and its metabolites

Braddon Galloway S., 1987: The toxicity distribution and elimination of methylmercury in mice following intracerebral injection

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781020

Torkelson, T. R.; Oyen, F., 1977: The toxicity of 1 3 di chloro propene as determined by repeated exposure of laboratory animals

Heywood, R.; Sortwell, R. J.; Prentice, D. E., 1978: The toxicity of 1 amino 3 chloro 2 propanol hydro chloride cl 88236 in the rhesus monkey

Robinson W.E., 1985: The toxicity of 1 hour silver exposures to early life stages of the surf clam spisula solidissima

Bell C.H., 1981: The toxicity of 12 fumigants to 3 species of mites infesting grain

Hsie A.W., 1984: The toxicity of 16 metallic compounds in chinese hamster ovary cells

Durve V.S., 1981: The toxicity of 2 4 d to cyprinus carpio var communis in relation to the seasonal variation in the temperature

Arias E., 1986: The toxicity of 2 4 d to the adult crested newt triturus cristatus carnifex

Rettich F., 1979: The toxicity of 4 synthetic pyrethroids to mosquito larvae and pupae diptera culicidae in czechoslovakia

Thompson E.T., 1986: The toxicity of a number of different bactericides to clavibacter michiganense ssp michiganense new combination smith 1910 jensen 1934 basonym corynebacterium michiganense pathovar michiganense al and to the tomato plant lycopersicon esculentum

Derkach A.I., 1981: The toxicity of a preparation from stachys inflata

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781031

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781032

Schifanella A.V., 1979: The toxicity of alpha tomatine to tetrahymena pyriformis

Abbott, O. J., 1977: The toxicity of ammonium molybdate to marine invertebrates

Nechushkina L.V., 1985: The toxicity of an original antiemetic drug dimethpramide

Sims I.R., 1982: The toxicity of aniline to rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Ishikawa, H.; Oki, T.; Kiriyama, H., 1976: The toxicity of anti fungal compounds produced by some hypocrea spp against wood rotting fungi

Et Al, 1987: The toxicity of azidothymidine azt in the treatment of patients with aids and aids related complex a double blind placebo controlled trial

Pashinskii, V. G.; Aref'eva, A. K.; Sedova, K. S.; Motovilova, V. G.; Fil'tsanova, G. A.; Ponomareva, L. V.; Romanova, T. V., 1976: The toxicity of benzhydryl urea in experiments

Kagan E.D., 1986: The toxicity of benzo a pyrene and pyrene in the mosquito aedes aegypti in the dark and in the presence of uv light

Hummler H., 1985: The toxicity of beta carotene

Joffe S.N., 1982: The toxicity of bile salt conjugates on human esophageal epithelium grown in tissue culture

Sikorski R., 1979: The toxicity of biseptol polfa preparation for pregnant hamster females

Sirenko L.A., 1984: The toxicity of blue green algae for the larvae of certain insects

Landis W.G., 1986: The toxicity of brass dust to the microalgae ankistrodesmus falcatus and selenastrum capricornutum

Dagorn M., 1982: The toxicity of bromophenophos administered orally during a 3 month period in the rat

Rowell D.L., 1988: The toxicity of cadmium to barley plants as affected by complex formation with humic acid

Adam S.E.I., 1980: The toxicity of capparis tomentosa in goats

Thiess, A. M.; Hey, W.; Hofmann, H. T.; Oettel, H., 1968: The toxicity of carbon oxy sulfide illustrated by a case of fatal poisoning human

Prokopenko, V. A.; Zhiteneva, L. D.; Sokol'skaya, N. P.; Kalyuzhnaya, T. I.; Zavgorodnyaya, V. P.; Isaeva, L. N.; Kopylova, Z. N., 1976: The toxicity of carbophos for some hydrobionts

Twist J.O., 1988: The toxicity of castanospermum australe seeds for cattle

Millet Y., 1980: The toxicity of certain essential oils of commerce oil of hyssop and oil of sage

Kuwahara, M., 1977: The toxicity of chlordimeform to 5 strains of kanzawa spider mite tetranychus kanzawai acarina tetranychidae

Hammerschlag R.S., 1984: The toxicity of chlorine to a common vascular aquatic plant

Torkelson, T. R.; Oyen, F.; Rowe, V. K., 1976: The toxicity of chloroform as determined by single and repeated exposure of laboratory animals

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781059

Roshchina, T. A., 1976: The toxicity of chromium hexa carbonyl

Hagerman L., 1987: The toxicity of chromium nickel and zinc effects of salinity and temperature and the osmoregulatory consequences in the mysid praunus flexuosus

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781063

Millero F.J., 1985: The toxicity of copper to the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus

Karydis M., 1981: The toxicity of crude oil for the marine alga skeletonema costatum in relation to nutrient limitation

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781066

Makundi R.H., 1986: The toxicity of deltamethrin and cyfluthrin to the larger grain borer prostephanus truncatus coleoptera bostrychidae

Miller, J. J.; Powell, G. M.; Olavesen, A. H.; Curtis, C. G., 1976: The toxicity of di methoxy phenol and related compounds in the cat

Doppelreiter H., 1980: The toxicity of diflubenzuron dimilin to newly hatched larvae of hylotrupes bajulus

Lee S S., 1982: The toxicity of diflubenzuron to oxya japonica and its effect on molting

Hashimoto K., 1986: The toxicity of digestive gland of trumpet shells charonia sauliae inhabiting the coast of shizuoka prefecture japan

Novakova, S.; Dinoeva, S., 1976: The toxicity of dimid in acute and subacute experiments

Bergstrom B., 1984: The toxicity of effluents from a titanium oxide plant to the harpacticoid copepod nitocra spinipes

Komala Z., 1986: The toxicity of enolophos for paramecium primaurelia

Kaska, M., 1976: The toxicity of extracellular proteases of the bacterium serratia marcescens for larvae of greater wax moth galleria mellonella

Bubien, Z.; Slowik, J.; Turska, R.; Michalski, Z.; Wilczek, J., 1977: The toxicity of ferro chromium sinter to rats

Shakoori A.R., 1986: The toxicity of four new synthetic pyrethroids to sixth instar larvae of a stored grain pest tribolium castaneum herbst

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781078

Leveau, A. M.; Durand, M.; Paris, R. R., 1977: The toxicity of fruits of various lonicera caprifoliaceae

Gopinath C., 1986: The toxicity of gossypol to the male rat

Calabrese, A.; Collier, R. S.; Nelson, D. A.; Mac-Innes, J. R., 1973: The toxicity of heavy metals to embryos of the american oyster crassostrea virginica

Pope C.R., 1979: The toxicity of hexa chloro ethane in laboratory animals

Halaburt, G.; Hilden, J.; Jensen, K. B.; Ronnike, F., 1975: The toxicity of human serum against ehrlich cells an attempt at characterizing responsible components

Peric P., 1985: The toxicity of insecticides for insects

Wu I.S., 1986: The toxicity of insecticides to the various life stages of the citrus mealybug planococcus citri and its predator cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781086

Alderman D.J., 1984: The toxicity of iodophors to salmonid eggs

Klein, S. A.; Jenkins, D., 1983: The toxicity of jet fuels to fish 2. the toxicity of jp 8 to flagfish jordanella floridae and rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and golden shiners notemigonus crysoleucas

Saeid A.A., 1987: The toxicity of khat catha edulis in rat embryos

Bender, M. E.; Westman, J. R., 1976: The toxicity of malathion and its hydrolysis products to the eastern mud minnow umbra pygmaea

Graham, D. G.; Tiffany, S. M.; Stephen-Vogel, F., 1978: The toxicity of melanin precursors

Pettersson B., 1983: The toxicity of menthol in short term bioassays

Neff J.M., 1982: The toxicity of mercuric chloride and methyl mercuric chloride to fundulus heteroclitus embryos in relation to exposure conditions

Tweedale R., 1983: The toxicity of metabolites of sodium valproate in cultured hepatocytes

Giliomee J.H., 1982: The toxicity of methidathion and citrus spray oil to mature and immature stages of resistant and susceptible red scale aonidiella aurantii hemiptera homoptera diaspididae

Giliomee J.H., 1982: The toxicity of methidathion to parasitoids of red scale aonidiella aurantii hemiptera homoptera diaspididae

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781098

Bowley C.R., 1985: The toxicity of methylchloroform to stored product insects

Mytilineou C., 1987: The toxicity of mptp to dopamine neurons in culture is reduced at high concentrations

Aulie A., 1985: The toxicity of non ionic water soluble contrast media in selective vertebral angiography an experimental study in rabbits with special reference to the difference between monomeric and dimeric compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781103

Ribelin, W. E.; Fukushima, K.; Still, P. E., 1978: The toxicity of ochra toxin to ruminants

Tatem, H. E.; Cox, B. A.; Anderson, J. W., 1978: The toxicity of oils and petroleum hydro carbons to estuarine crustaceans

Vesonder R.F., 1986: The toxicity of orally administered deoxynivalenol vomitoxin in rats and mice

Heidinger R.C., 1979: The toxicity of ozone to the bluegill

King T.P., 1981: The toxicity of phaseolus vulgaris lectins nitrogen balance and immunochemical studies

Kristoffersson R., 1979: The toxicity of phenol to phoxinus phoxinus gammarus duebeni and mesidotea entomon in brackish water

Rao A.S., 1986: The toxicity of phenolic compounds to soil algal population and to chlorella vulgaris and nostoc linckia

Omidiji, O., 1985: The toxicity of phenolic extracts from purple onion allium cepa l. to pathogenic and non pathogenic bacteria

Hole, B. D.; Bell, C. H.; Mills, K. A.; Goodship, G., 1976: The toxicity of phosphine to all developmental stages of 13 species of stored product beetles

Mills K.A., 1988: The toxicity of phosphine to the immature stages of resistant and susceptible strains of some common stored product beetles and implications for their control

Banks H.J., 1984: The toxicity of phosphine to tolerant stages of trogoderma granarium coleoptera dermestidae

Pryadilova, N. V.; Galkina, K. A.; Likhachev-Yu, P.; Komovnikov, G. S., 1977: The toxicity of poly vinyl pyridine n oxide

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781118

Nakajima K., 1979: The toxicity of propionibacterium acnes and its cell wall fraction

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781120

Kinae, N.; Hashizume, T.; Makita, T.; Tomita, I.; Kimura, I.; Kanamori, H., 1981: The toxicity of pulp and paper mill effluents 1. mutagenicity of the sediment samples derived from kraft paper mills

Kinae, N.; Hashizume, T.; Makita, T.; Tomita, I.; Kimura, I.; Kanamori, H., 1981: The toxicity of pulp and paper mill effluents 2. mutagenicity of the extracts of the liver from spotted sea trout nibea mitsukurii

Walden, C. C., 1976: The toxicity of pulp and paper mill effluents and corresponding measurement procedures

Kagan E.D., 1987: The toxicity of pyrene in the fish pimephales promelas synergism by piperonyl butoxide and by uv light

Albright J.F., 1988: The toxicity of rat large granular lymphocyte tumor cells and their cytoplasmic granules for rodent and african trypanosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781126

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781127

Hart D.S., 1979: The toxicity of sodium mono fluoro acetate to wild rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus from 3 sites in western australia

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781129

Bowman, F.; Borzelleca, J. F.; Munson, A. E., 1978: The toxicity of some halo methanes in mice

Wright, A. V.; Niskanen, A.; Pyysalo, H.; Korpela, H., 1978: The toxicity of some n methyl n formyl hydrazones from gyromitra esculenta and related compounds in mouse and microbial tests

Thompson, A.; Halbert, S. P.; Smith, U., 1970: The toxicity of strepto lysin o for beating mammalian heart cells in tissue culture

Thorne, M. C.; Vennart, J., 1976: The toxicity of strontium 90 radium 226 and plutonium 239

Carr, J. G.; Davies, P. A.; Sparks, A. H., 1976: The toxicity of sulfur di oxide towards certain lactic acid bacteria from fermented apple juice

Ishaaya I., 1986: The toxicity of synthetic pyrethroids and other insecticides and pesticides to spodoptera littoralis drosophila melanogaster and bemisia tabaci

Pang, V. F.; Swanson, S. P.; Beasley, V. R.; Buck, W. B.; Haschek, W. M., 1987: The toxicity of t 2 toxin in swine following topical application i. clinical signs pathology and residue concentrations

Pang, V. F.; Felsburg, P. J.; Beasley, V. R.; Buck, W. B.; Haschek, W. M., 1987: The toxicity of t 2 toxin in swine following topical application ii. effects on hematology serum biochemistry and immune response

Matthiessen P., 1988: The toxicity of tecnazene a potato sprouting inhibitor to freshwater fauna

Kisliuk, R. L.; Friedkin, M.; Reid, V.; Crawford, E. J.; Schmidt, L. H.; Rossan, R.; Lewis, D.; Harrison, J.; Sullivan, R., 1968: The toxicity of tetra hydrohomo folic acid anti parasit in normal and malaria infected monkeys

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781141

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781142

Garcia F.Z., 1984: The toxicity of the alkaloids from picnomon acarna

Oliver, A. J.; Wheeler, S. H., 1978: The toxicity of the anti coagulant pindone to the european rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus and the sheep ovis aries

Stevens M.F.G., 1985: The toxicity of the antitumor agent n methylformamide in mice

Codd G.A., 1985: The toxicity of the cyanobacterium microcystis aeruginosa to rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

French M.C., 1981: The toxicity of the mothproofing chemical eulan wa new to frog rana temporaria tadpoles

Lyubimov, B. I.; Mitrofanov, V. S.; Porfir'eva, R. P.; Smol'nikova, N. M.; Strekalova, S. N.; Sharov, P. A., 1976: The toxicity of the new anti arrhythmic agent ethmozine

Maitai, C. K., 1977: The toxicity of the plant catha edulis in rats

Stratford, I. J.; Adams, G. E., 1978: The toxicity of the radiosensitizer misonidazole towards hypoxic cells in vitro a model for mouse and man

Berry, R. W., 1976: The toxicity of the synthetic pyrethroid nrdc 143 to some wood boring insects

Vieillefond H., 1987: The toxicity of thermolysis products of aeronautical materials in a simulated altitude study

Abernathy, C. O.; Zimmerman, H. J., 1975: The toxicity of thio xanthene neuroleptics to isolated rat liver cells

Bull K.R., 1983: The toxicity of tri alkyl lead compounds to birds

Campagnari F., 1984: The toxicity of tritium the effects of tritiated amino acids on pre implanted mouse embryos

Auge D., 1985: The toxicity of two pyrethroids to encarsia formosa and its host trialeurodes vaporariorum prospecting for a resistant strain of the parasite

Webb, M.; Ruber, H.; Leduc, G., 1976: The toxicity of various mining flotation reagents to rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Sawai Y., 1984: The toxicity of venoms extracted from duvernoys gland of certain asian colubrid snakes

Rana, B. C.; Kumar, H. D., 1974: The toxicity of zinc to chlorella vulgaris and plectonema boryanum and its protection by phosphate

Sarot, D. A.; Perlmutter, A., 1976: The toxicity of zinc to the immune response of the zebrafish brachydanio rerio injected with viral and bacterial antigens

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781162

Church, R. M.; Williams, R. R., 1977: The toxicity to apple pollen of several fungicides as demonstrated by in vivo and in vitro techniques

Dunster P.J., 1987: The toxicity to cattle and bufadienolide content of six bryophyllum species

Alsarha A., 1987: The toxicity to clarias lazera of copper and zinc applied jointly

Phillips S.C., 1981: The toxicity to rat cerebral cortex of topical applications of acetaldehyde ammonia or bilirubin

Rickard J., 1982: The toxico kinetics of deltamethrin in rats after intra venous administration of a toxic dose

Ochillo, R. F.; Chaturvedi, A. K.; Rama-Sastry, B. V., 1978: The toxicological and pharmacological effects of furan analogs of muscarine

Arutyunyan S.A., 1984: The toxicological characteristics of the plant growth regulator parafen

Madissoo H., 1981: The toxicological evaluation of carminomycin an anti neoplastic anthracycline antibiotic

Truhaut, R.; Coquet, B.; Guyot, D.; Rouaud, J. L.; Saint-Lebe, L., 1976: The toxicological evaluation of irradiated maize starch by long term studies in the rat

Hottendorf G.H., 1983: The toxicological evaluation of marcellomycin an anti neoplastic anthracycline antibiotic

Hottendorf G.H., 1984: The toxicological evaluation of tallysomycin s 10b biosynthetic tallysomycin derivative

Capen C.C., 1980: The toxicological evaluation of the myco toxins t 2 and t 2 tetraol using normal human fibroblasts in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781176

Verschoyle R.D., 1979: The toxicological properties of impurities in malathion

Warkentine B., 1984: The toxicological response of the alga anabaena flos aquae cyanophyceae to cadmium

Appleton, H. T.; Nakatsugawa, T., 1977: The toxicological significance of paraoxan deethylation

Davies, P. E.; White, R. W. G., 1985: The toxicology and metabolism of chlorothalonil in fish i. lethal levels for salmo gairdneri galaxias maculatus galaxias truttaceus and galaxias auratus and the fate of carbon 14 chlorothalonil salmo gairdneri

Davies, P. E., 1985: The toxicology and metabolism of chlorothalonil in fish ii. glutathione conjugates and protein binding

Davies, P. E., 1985: The toxicology and metabolism of chlorothalonil in fish iii. metabolism enzymatics and detoxication in salmo spp and galaxias spp

Davies, P. E., 1985: The toxicology and metabolism of chlorothalonil in fish iv. zinc coexposure and the significance of metallothionein in detoxication in salmo gairdneri

Oxman, M. A.; Kissman, H. M.; Burnside, J. M.; Edge, J. R.; Haberman, C. B.; Wykes, A. A., 1976: The toxicology data bank

Netter K.J., 1981: The toxicology of 1 acetyl 2 methyl 2 formyl hydrazine

Nelson, P. E.; Selkirk, R. C., 1975: The toxicology of 12 cases of death involving methadone examination of post mortem specimens

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781187

Scanlon P.F., 1984: The toxicology of lead shot ingestion in ringed turtle doves streptopelia risoria under conditions of cold exposure

Swann, P. F., 1975: The toxicology of nitrate nitrite and n nitroso compounds

Yamazaki, M.; Horie, Y.; Itokawa, H., 1980: The toxigenic fungi contaminating crude drugs 1. myco flora of commercially available crude drugs and productivity of myco toxins in some species

Chungue, E.; Bagnis, R.; Fusetani, N.; Yasumoto, T., 1977: The toxin complex from the parrotfish

Bowers D.E., 1988: The toxin kainic acid a study of avian nerve and glial cell response utilizing tritiated kainic acid and electron microscopic autoradiography

Yokota, K.; Kamaguchi, A.; Sakaguchi, O., 1984: The toxin of aspergillus fumigatus 18. photo oxidation of asp hemo lysin in the presence of various dyes and its relation to the site of hemolytic activity/

Wu, J.; Sun, B.; Wang, Y.; Kong, H.; Chiao, J., 1981: The toxins of gibberella zeae 2. toxicogenic studies of fusarium graminearum fg 1 in solid and liquid cultures

Dubey, J. P.; Miller, N. L.; Frenkel, J. K., 1970: The toxoplasma gondii oocyst from cat feces

Rub S., 1987: The toy library service at honeylands family support unit an assessment

Hogenauer G., 1985: The tra m gene of the resistance plasmid r 1 comparison with the corresponding sequence of the escherichia coli f factor

Edwards M.F., 1986: The tra t protein is able to normalize the phenotype of a plasmid carried permeability mutation of salmonella typhimurium

Arnzen R.J., 1980: The trabecular mesh a mathematical analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781203

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781204

Smith S.B.Jr, 1982: The trace analysis for catechol derivatives via boronate ester formation and gas chromatography microwave induced plasma emission spectroscopic detection

Rozov, N. F., 1977: The trace element balance in a hydroponic phytotron

Nemkovskii, B. B.; Oshchepkova, L. P., 1976: The trace element composition of mine waters

Thomas, Aj; Bunker, Vw; Brennan, E; Clayton, Be, 1986: The trace element content of hospital meals and potential low intake by elderly patients

Edmond J., 1984: The trace element geochemistry of marine biogenic particulate matter

Peck R.K., 1986: The trace element selenium induces trichocyst formation in the ciliated protozoan pseudomicrothorax dubius

Taian Y., 1986: The trace element zinc and aphthosis plasma zinc concentration assay and treatment of aphthosis with zinc

Cornish F.G., 1986: The trace fossil diplocraterion evidence of animal sediment interactions in cambrian tidal deposits

Schiefelbein D.R.J., 1984: The trace fossil thalassinoides from the upper ordovician of the eastern great basin deep burrowing in the early paleozoic

Pickerill R.K., 1986: The trace fossil yakutatia emersoni from the cretaceous kodiak formation of alaska usa

Pinheiro Joventino F., 1982: The trace sterols of the red alga laurencia papillosa investigated by open tubular capillary column gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Salmivaara J., 1980: The tracer gas technique a useful tool for industrial hygiene

Emery J.L., 1980: The trachea in children with respiratory diseases including children presenting as cot deaths

Emery J.L., 1979: The trachea in children with tracheo esophageal fistula

Richard, P. B.; Micheau, C., 1975: The tracheal junction in the adaptation of the desman of the pyrenees galemys pyrenaicus to the fresh water aquatic life

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Nilsson K., 1979: The tracheal mucosa micro vasculature and micro circulation intra vital microscopic observations in rabbits and a histologic study in man

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781224

Burrows M., 1980: The tracheal supply to the central nervous system of the locust

Filin V.R., 1981: The tracheary elements of the horsetail equisetum

Zaw Tun H.A., 1982: The tracheo esophageal septum fact or fantasy? origin and development of the respiratory primordium and esophagus

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Hyde D.M., 1984: The tracheobronchial epithelium of the bonnet monkey macaca radiata a quantitative ultrastructural study

Dethlefs R., 1982: The trachoma status and blindness rates of selected areas of papua new guinea in 1979 1980

Landau B.R., 1982: The tracing of the pathway of mevalonate metabolism to other than sterols

Saban R., 1980: The track of middle meningeal veins on the skull plaster cast of homo habilis knm er 1470

Marshall J.H., 1986: The track structure of electrons in water

Gelfand, S. A., 1976: The tracking alternate bin aural loudness balance in clinical recruitment testing

Maire A., 1980: The tracks of caribou rangifer caribou in the hemi arctic a time honored biotope for mosquito larvae culicidae

Cervero, F.; Iggo, A.; Molony, V., 1978: The tract of lissauer and the dorsal root potential

Payne N.H., 1986: The trade in fruit bats pteropus spp on guam and other pacific islands

Rao V.S.H., 1983: The trade off between mutual interference and time lags in predator prey systems

Zarebski M., 1986: The traditional bone graft in restoration of loss of substance of the mandible

Xu J., 1982: The traditional chinese method of closed reduction of fractures and dislocations with a rolling rod further development in its use and the mechanical principles involved

Barrera A., 1981: The traditional farm family unit and management of resources in the mayan area of yucatan mexico

Singh, D., 1976: The traditional medicine of india

Moreau, R.; De-Namur, C., 1978: The traditional system of cultivation of the oubis of the tai region ivory coast

Shinar, D., 1984: The traffic conflict technique a subjective vs. objective approach

Le Duc J P., 1987: The traffic of birds in france

Macpherson, G. G.; Murphy, M. J. Jr ; Morris, B., 1977: The traffic of mononuclear phagocytes through renal allo grafts in sheep

Olefsky J.M., 1987: The trafficking and processing of insulin and insulin receptors in cultured rat hepatocytes

Liang M Y.C., 1982: The trail following substance of the black winged subterranean termite odontotermes formosanus

Norton, J. C., 1978: The trail making test and bender background interference procedure as screening devices

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781251

Gaspar, C., 1967: The trails and habits of lasius fuliginosus hymenoptera formicidae

Thorson, G.; Hochhaus, L., 1977: The trained observer effects of prior information on eyewitness reports

Abel R., 1987: The trained traditional birth attendant a study of her role in two cultures

Muller R., 1986: The trainee and the transfer case why is this case different from all other cases

Miller E., 1980: The training characteristics of severely head injured patients a preliminary study

Scanlon P.J., 1985: The training for and practice of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty results of two surveys

Ingle P.O., 1982: The training needs of agricultural extension officers

Kottke, F. J.; Halpern, D.; Easton, J. K. M.; Ozel, A. T.; Burrill, C. A., 1978: The training of coordination

Gillmann H., 1987: The training of emergency physicians an interdisciplinary problem

Plug C., 1987: The training of south african psychologists summary of findings of the pasa council committee for training

Spencer H.C., 1987: The training process in community based health care saradidi kenya

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781264

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781265

Funder D.C., 1980: The trait of ascribing traits individual differences in the tendency to trait ascription

Capaday C., 1988: The trajectory of human wrist movements

Kishi K., 1984: The trajectory of mitral cell axons in the rabbit olfactory cortex revealed by intracellular horseradish peroxidase injection

De Villacis Y.P., 1982: The tramp ant wasmannia auropunctata aut ecology and effects on ant diversity and distribution on santa cruz island galapagos ecuador

Loock W., 1980: The trans abdominal cerclage according to ardillo a case

Haseltine W.A. , 1986: The trans activator gene of the human t cell lymphotropic virus type iii is required for replication

Pupo-Nogueira, D., 1977: The trans amazonic route and the health of its workers a challenge

Hirotsu T., 1980: The trans aminase reaction of cysteine sulfinate with alpha keto glutarate in aspergillus awamori

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781274

Shibata C.S., 1980: The trans antral orbital decompression ogura technique as performed by the ophthalmologist

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781276

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781277

Kelly P.J., 1980: The trans capillary passage and interstitial fluid concentration of penicillin in canine bone

Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781279

Rachmilewitz, B.; Manny, N.; Rachmilewitz, M., 1977: The trans cobalamins in polycythemia vera

Shoemaker W.C., 1983: The trans conjunctival oxygen monitor

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Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781283

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Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781294

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Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781321

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Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781484

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Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781802

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Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781850

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Section 7, Chapter 6782, Accession 006781999

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