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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6788

Chapter 6788 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barth F.; Gruetter M.G.; Kessler R.; Manz H J., 1986:
The use of free flow electrophoresis in the purification of recombinant human tissue plasminogen activator expressed in yeast

Kobayashi S.; Sekugichi J., 1988:
The use of free medial plantar flap to resurface heel and sole defects

Elling D.; Bader K.; Schicke B., 1987:
The use of free serum amino acids for monitoring therapy in patients during treatment of cancer of vulva

Huang H Q.; E.A., 1985:
The use of free toe nail flap in the repair of severe avulsion injury of the thumb

Liu X Y.; G.B.F., 1985:
The use of free transfer of medial gastrocnemius myocutaneous flap with neuro vascular anastomosis for the reconstruction of arm function a report of 4 cases

Wetzel H., 1980:
The use of freeze dried blood in the membrane feeding of tsetse flies glossina palpalis palpalis diptera glossinidae

Harvey, D.M.R.; Hall, J.L.; Flowers, T.J., 1976:
The use of freeze substitution in the preparation of plant tissue for ion localization studies

Kartashevskii, N.G.; Abdulkadyrov, K.M.; Mel'nikova, V.N.; Mikhnovich, E.P.; Shulutko, L.S.; Kuz'min, V.A.; Balakova, N.I.; Ropotikhina, A.F., 1977:
The use of freeze thawed erythrocytes in diseases of the blood system

Solomon, K.R.; Baker, M.K.; Heyne, H.; van Kleef, J., 1979:
The use of frequency diagrams in the survey of resistance to pesticides in ticks in Southern Africa

Picano, E.; Landini, L.; Lattanzi, F.; Mazzarisi, A.; Sarnelli, R.; Distante, A.; Benassi, A.; L'Abbate, A., 1986:
The use of frequency histograms of ultrasonic backscatter amplitudes for detection of atherosclerosis in vitro

Jackson, M.C.; Richardson, D.W., 1977:
The use of fresh and frozen semen in human artificial insemination

Thompson, R.; Knight, E.; Ahmed, M.; Somerville, W.; Towers, M.; Yacoub, M., 1977:
The use of fresh unstented homo graft valves for replacement of the aortic valve analysis of 6.5 years experience

Steinmuller, D.; Wunderlich, J.R., 1976:
The use of freshly explanted mouse epidermal cells for the in vitro induction and detection of cell mediated cyto toxicity

Myhrvold, V.; Jonsen, J.; Morland, B., 1983:
The use of frozen erythrocytes in macrophage studies 2. attachment and phagocytosis mediated by the 2 immunological receptors of the macrophages

Myhrvold V., 1981:
The use of frozen erythrocytes in the single radial hemolysis test for antibodies to rubella virus

Myhrvold V.; Morland B., 1985:
The use of frozen monocytes in phagocytosis studies

Telischi, M.; Hoiberg, R.; Rao, K.R.; Patel, A.R., 1977:
The use of frozen, thawed erythrocytes in blood banking: a report of 28 months' experience in a large transfusion service

Lofstedt R.M.; Eness P.G., 1982:
The use of fsh and gonadotropin releasing hormone as alternative compounds to pregnant mare serum gonadotropin for springtime breeding of ewes

Frieden, C., 1975:
The use of full time course experiments in the determination of rate constants for an ordered 2 substrate reaction

Marchetti N.; Guido G.; Peluffo G.; Puxeddu L., 1985:
The use of functional casts in postoperative treatment in orthopedics and traumatology

Schmid-Haas, P., 1976:
The use of functions of stem form in forest inventory

Mccracken A.R.; Cooke L.R.; Seaby D.A., 1983:
The use of fungicidal preparations to treat existing apple cankers caused by nectria galligena

Hunter L.D.; Blake P.S.; Swait A.A.J., 1982:
The use of fungicide containing mixtures during the dormant season for safe and effective apple powdery mildew podosphaera leucotricha eradication

Al-Mohanna, F.A.; Hallett, M.B., 1988:
The use of fura 2 to determine the relationship between cytoplasmic free calcium and oxidase activation in rat neutrophils

D.R.s G.; D.F.o G., 1979:
The use of furosemide as an emergency therapy in acute glaucoma

Engle, M.A.; Lewy, J.E.; Lewy, P.R.; Metcoff, J., 1978:
The use of furosemide in the treatment of edema in infants and children

Achar K.P., 1983:
The use of g banding technique in the chromosome studies of a millipede species spirostreptus asthenes

Proll M.A.; Morgan W.W., 1982:
The use of gabaculine induced accumulation of gamma amino butyric acid for an index of synthesis of gamma amino butyric acid in the retina

Runge V.M.; Clanton J.A.; Price A.C.; Wehr C.J.; Herzer W.A.; Partain C.L.; James A.E.Jr, 1985:
The use of gadolinium diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid as a perfusion agent and marker of blood brain barrier disruption

Radin, N.S.; Evangelatos, G.P., 1981:
The use of galactose oxidase ec in lipid labeling

Shavrin V.A.; Polkovnikov Y.F., 1985:
The use of galascorbin as a fixative of histological material for light and electron microscopy

Zoz N.N.; Lemanova N.B.; Akhmedov S.A.; Suleimanov D.S.; Serebryanyi A.M.; Morozova I.S.; Sultanova O.D., 1985:
The use of gall formation inhibitors for bacterial canker of grape

Mracek Z., 1980:
The use of galleria traps for obtaining nematode parasites of insects in czechoslovakia lepidoptera nematoda steinernematidae

Bloomfield, R.D.; Sy, W.M.; Yoon, T.; Calame, R., 1978:
The use of gallium 67 citrate in gynecologic malignancies

Bogdasarov Y.B.; Ozhiganov E.L.; Lenskaya O.P., 1986:
The use of gallium 67 citrate in the diagnosis of rectal cancer recurrences

Ignatov G.; Tunkara A.; Ignatova M., 1987:
The use of gamma globulins in the peritoneal liquid of cats with infectious peritonitis fip for the immunofluorescence demonstration of a tge antigen

Szewczuk, A.; Wellman-Bednawska, M., 1978:
The use of gamma glutamyl p amino benzoic acid as the substrate for determination of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase ec activity in blood serum

Klimenko, Z.K.; Zykov, K.I., 1977:
The use of gamma irradiated pollen of cultured roses in hybridization

Jacobs, G.P.; Donbrow, M.; Eisenberg, E.; Lapidot, M., 1977:
The use of gamma irradiation for the sterilization of water for injections and normal saline solution for injection

Ansari, Z.; Singh, K.S., 1978:
The use of gamma radiation attenuated larvae of gaigeria pachyscelis for vaccination in lambs

Christensen, F.N.; Davis, S.S.; Hardy, J.G.; Taylor, M.J.; Whalley, D.R.; Wilson, C.G., 1985:
The use of gamma scintigraphy to follow the gastrointestinal transit of pharmaceutical formulations

Shaposhnikova V.V.; Levitman M.Kh; Plotnikova E.D.; Eidus L.Kh, 1987:
The use of gammaphos to prevent the delayed radiation injury to the brain

Russell, P.E.; Mussa, A.E.A., 1977:
The use of garlic allium sativum extracts to control foot rot of phaseolus vulgaris caused by fusarium solani f sp phaseoli

Lobanov, N.M., 1977:
The use of gas analyzer type gl 5118 for measuring the quantity of consumed oxygen under increased pressure of the gas medium

Cohn K.K.; Marcero D.H.; Wojinski S.F., 1984:
The use of gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis and fungal culturing in a pulp mill industrial hygiene program

Zhdanov Y.A.; Kalenikova E.I.; Arzamastsev A.P.; Semenov V.A.; Akalaev A.N., 1983:
The use of gas liquid chromatography for the quantitative determination of propranolol in blood plasma

Gracheva O.A.; Melent'eva G.A.; Vedenin A.N., 1986:
The use of gas liquid chromatography in the pharmaceutical analysis of fatty acids

Irving G.C.J.; Cosgrove D.J., 1982:
The use of gas liquid chromatography to determine the proportions of inositol isomers present as pentakis phosphates and hexakis phosphates in alkaline extracts of soils

Simón, A.; de la Fuente, V.; Notivol, R.; Vilardell, F., 1985:
The use of gastric ultrasonography in the evaluation of a new antiflatulent preparation in human volunteers

Meguid M.M.; Williams L.F., 1979:
The use of gastrostomy to correct mal nutrition

Fenner J.E.; Knopp R.; Lee B.; Dos Santos P.A.; Wessel R.J.; Dang C.B.; Parks S.N., 1984:
The use of gated radionuclide angiography in the diagnosis of cardiac contusion

Jelic Z.; Majkic Singh N.; Berkes P.; Berkes I., 1981:
The use of gel electro focusing in the analysis of bovine hemo globin

Martenson, R.E., 1978:
The use of gel filtration to follow conformational changes in proteins. Conformational flexibility of bovine myelin basic protein

Fedorov N.A.; Klemyashov G.P.; Timofeev A.M.; Oreshkova N.A.; Borovkova T.V., 1984:
The use of gel immobilized ethidium bromide in the extraction and fractionation of dna from solutions biological fluids and cell lysates

Lamb, B.C., 1977:
The use of gene conversion to study synaptinemal complex structure and molecular details of chromatid pairing in meiosis

Ogram A.V.; Sayler G.S., 1988:
The use of gene probes in the rapid analysis of natural microbial communities

Fielding W.J.; Killick R.J., 1983:
The use of generalized lattice designs in potato variety trials some preliminary results

Shapira, S.K.; Finnerty, V.G., 1986:
The use of genetic complementation in the study of eukaryotic macromolecular evolution: rate of spontaneous gene duplication at two loci of Drosophila melanogaster

Gibson S.L.M.; Ferguson Smith M.A., 1980:
The use of genetic linkage in counseling families with dystrophia myotonica

Holsters, M.; De-Waele, D.; Depicker, A.; Messens, E.; Van-Montagu, M., 1978:
The use of genetic markers for the identity of paternity in father mother child relationships

Penaloza R.; Jurado V.H.; Nunez C.; Salamanca F.; Zavala C., 1986:
The use of genetic markers in a case of paternity corroboration

Foster G.G.; Helman R.A., 1979:
The use of genetic markers to demonstrate the ability of field populations of lucilia cuprina dorsalis diptera calliphoridae to over winter in southeastern australia

Westneat D.F.; Frederick P.C.; Wiley R.H., 1987:
The use of genetic markers to estimate the frequency of successful alternative reproductive tactics

Teinberg R., 1983 :
The use of genetic parameters and selection indexes in large scale selection of dairy cattle

Baker, C.M., 1982:
The use of genetic relationships among cattle breeds in the formulation of rational breeding policies: a re-examination of the example of the South Devon and the Gelbvieh

Aubrey D.A.; Jenkins N.H.; Morgan W.P.; Thomas M., 1986:
The use of gentamicin polymethylmethacrylate chains in abdominal surgery a pilot study of prophylaxis against wound infection

Coe C.J., 1981:
The use of geologic hydrologic and geochemical mapping techniques in environmental assessment

Seixas N.S.; Robins T.G.; Moulton L.H., 1988:
The use of geometric and arithmetic mean exposures in occupational epidemiology

Perrot, A., 1976:
The use of germ free mice for assessing the efficiency of disinfection of breeding units

Bukhova V.P.; Samsonova E.S.; Galakhova T.V.; Belyaev D.L.; Bolotskikh L.A.; Dmitriev A.A.; Beletskaya L.V., 1986:
The use of germ free mice in experimental transplantology

Cianciara, T.; Smolarz, K., 1973:
The use of gesatop 50 on berry bushes during the 1st years after planting

Moss, G.I.; Bevington, K.B., 1977:
The use of gibberellic acid to control alternate cropping of late valencia sweet orange

Guerra Filho M.D.S., 1983:
The use of giemsa in plant cyto genetics comparison between conventional staining and banding method

Mitchel, R.E.J.; Birnboim, H.C., 1977:
The use of girard t reagent in a rapid and sensitive method for measuring glyoxal and certain other alpha di carbonyl compounds

Schössler, W.; Hiepe, F.; Montag, T.; Schmidt, H.E., 1985:
The use of glass as solid phase in enzyme immunoassay as exemplified by the detection of circulating immune complexes

Jennings, W., 1979:
The use of glass capillary columns for food and essential oil analysis

Spesivtseva, V.G.; Golubyatnikova, G.A.; Koroleva, T.V.; Pokryshkin, V.I.; Anisimova, V.N.; Barkhatova, V.M., 1987:
The use of glipizide and evaluation of its effect on microcirculation in patients with type ii diabetes mellitus

Yamoah C.F.; A.P.; Agboola A.A., 1986:
The use of gliricidia sepium for alley cropping in the southern guinea savanna zone of nigeria

Pun, K.K.; Young, R.T.; Wang, C.; Tam, C.F.; Ho, P.W., 1988:
The use of glucagon challenge tests in the diagnostic evaluation of hypoglycemia due to hepatoma and insulinoma

Golikov, A.P.; Berestov, A.A., 1975:
The use of glucagon in cardiac insufficiency

Grouse, L.D.; Schrier, B.K., 1977:
The use of glucosamine and actinomycin D in radioactive labeling of RNA in cells in culture

Grodzka, Z.; Chojnacki, T., 1976:
The use of glucose 1 phosphorus 32 phosphate for the determination of hexose 1 phosphate uridyl transferase ec activity in red blood cells

Meerson F.Z.; Dosmagambetova R.S. , 1985:
The use of glucose and uridine to control contractility and extensibility disturbances in the nonischemized compartments of the heart in myocardial infarction

Bublitz C.; Steavenson S., 1988:
The use of glucose dehydrogenase to monitor the integrity of microsomes

Mckean T.; Schmidt D.; Tingey J.M.; Wingerson D.; Seeb L.W., 1986:
The use of glucose lactate pyruvate and palmitic acid by muskrat and guinea pig hearts

Serra A.; Vancheri M.; D.M.uro A., 1980:
The use of glucuronyl glucosamino glycan sulfate in dys lipidemic subjects with labyrinthine disorders

Meek K.M., 1981:
The use of glutaraldehyde and tannic acid to preserve reconstituted collagen for electron microscopy

Turner, R.H.; Liener, I.E., 1975:
The use of glutaraldehyde treated erythrocytes for assaying the agglutinating activity of lectins

Ogiga I.R., 1985:
The use of glycerol in nematode desiccation and reactivation

Osinowo O.; Monro J.L.; Ross J.K., 1985:
The use of glycerol preserved homologous dura mater grafts in cardiac surgery the southampton england uk experience

Acosta, F.O.; Bernis, W.O.; Cardoso, G., 1976:
The use of glyceryl guaiacolate alone and associated with sodium thyamylal in the equine

Cano-Magana, S.F.; Fuentes-Hernandez, V.O., 1986:
The use of glyceryl guaiacolate as a muscle relaxant in cattle short communication

Das, D.K.; Chowdury, J.R., 1981:
The use of glycogen studies in the evaluation of treatment for carcinoma of the cervix uteri

Bonet S.; Molinas M., 1986:
The use of glycol methacrylate for histological manipulation of invertebrates

Atkinson, D.; Stott, K.G.; O'kennedy, N.D.; Abernethy, W.; Allen, J.G., 1978:
The use of glyphosate in fruit trees effects on the suckers and on the trees

Francks J.B.; Smith S.M.; Ward T.B., 1985:
The use of goggles for testing hemispheric asymmetry

Pennell R.I.; Bell P.R., 1985:
The use of gold labeled rnase as a probe for rna in nuclear bodies and cytoplasmic inclusion in plant cells

Gorcs T.J.; Leranth C.; Maclusky N.J., 1986:
The use of gold substituted silver intensified diaminobenzidine and non intensified diaminobenzidine for simultaneous electron microscopic immunoperoxidase labeling of tyrosine hydroxylase and glutamic acid decarboxylase immunoreactivity in the rat medial preoptic area

Langley O.H.; O'farrell K.J., 1979:
The use of gonadotropin releasing hormone to stimulate early resumption of post partum estrous cycles in dairy cows

Snir, E.; Yakirevich, V.; Vidne, B.A., 1984:
The use of Gore Tex grafts in coronary surgery

Monaenkov A.M.; Lebedeva O.D.; Demina I.F., 1984:
The use of graded bicycle ergometry as a method for an objective evaluation of the efficacy of reflexotherpay of the early stages of essential hypertension

Gillison A.N.; Brewer K.R.W., 1985:
The use of gradient directed transects or gradsects in natural resource surveys

Humphries M.; Nemcek J.; Cantwell J.B.; Gerrard J.J., 1987:
The use of graft copolymers to inhibit the adhesion of bacteria to solid surfaces

Menezes, E.B.; Suzuichi, J.; Batista, L.B.; Ismael, A.J., 1977:
The use of granular formulations of insecticides against pineapple mealy bug dysmicoccus brevipes homoptera pseudococcidae

Nagel M.; Horing H.; Schreckenbach M.; Desi I.; Hollo A., 1985:
The use of graphic methods in working with multivariate data in toxicology

Meranze, S.G.; Pollack, H.M.; Banner, M.P., 1982:
The use of grasping forceps in the upper urinary tract: technique and radiologic implications

Gaevyi M.D., 1986:
The use of gravitational overloads as screening methods for the investigation of new biologically active agents

Pregitzer K.S.; Barnes B.V., 1982:
The use of ground flora to indicate edaphic factors in upland ecosystems of the mccormick experimental forest upper michigan usa

Penninck R.; Verdonck O.; D.B.odt M., 1986:
The use of ground ld slags as lime

Kljajić, M.; Krajnik, J., 1987:
The use of ground reaction measuring shoes in gait evaluation

Munter J.A.; Anderson M.P., 1981:
The use of ground water flow models for estimating lake seepage rates

Mulqueen J.; Hendriks R., 1986:
The use of groundwater surveys in the diagnosis and solution of a drainage problem

Wing, G.; Pollack, K., 1973:
The use of groups in a city psychiatric hospital

Sharma S.B.; Ray P.K.; Rai R., 1986:
The use of growth regulators for early ripening of litchi litchi chinensis sonn

Mccarthy, D.; Buenemann, G., 1982:
The use of growth regulators in the production of dwarf ornamental shrubs 3. histological observations

Mccarthy D.; Buenemann G., 1981:
The use of growth regulators in the production of dwarf ornamental shrubs dwarf conifers

Pavlovec, A.; Evenson, D.P.; Hamilton, M.G., 1978:
The use of guanidine hydro chloride for the isolation of both rna and protein from rna tumor viruses

Carr M.L., 1986:
The use of guiding catheter in coronary angioplasty the technique of manipulating catheters to obtain the necessary power to cross tight coronary stenoses

Madin L.P.; Cetta C.M., 1984:
The use of gut fluorescence to estimate grazing by oceanic salps

Kuz'mina, R.I.; Tarelkina, M.N.; Kazueva, T.V.; Kovrizhnykh, E.E.; Semkin, V.I., 1975:
The use of gutimine in treating experimental traumatic shock

Gobran G.R.; Dufey J.E.; Laudelout H., 1982:
The use of gypsum for preventing soil sodification effect of gypsum particle size and location in the profile

Zongxi F.; Dai J., 1980:
The use of ha ploid phases in the genetic study of laminaria japonica

Barnett, J.L.; How, R.A.; Humphreys, W.F., 1978:
The use of habitat components by small mammals in eastern australia

Clement M.; Phillips H.; D.V.vier A., 1984:
The use of hairless mouse to develop topical cytostatic combination chemo therapy

Harder, A., 1978:
The use of haloperidol and lorazepam in the treatment of agitated psychosis

Reitan J.A.; Wright R.G., 1982:
The use of halothane in a patient with asymmetrical septal hypertrophy a case

Law J.R.; Reeves J.C., 1984:
The use of hand held data terminals in national institute of agricultural botany uk field trial recording

Farrer L.; N.S.C.M., 1982:
The use of hand held terminals and micro computers for the recording and analysis of potato cyst nematode counts

Haviernick S.; Lalague E.D.; Corvellec M.R.; Pelletier L.; Calamba A.D.; Derghazarian C.; Cousineau G.H., 1984:
The use of hanks pipes buffers in the preparation of human normal leukocytes for transmission electron microscopy observation

Garrido, M.J.; Moreno, C., 1979:
The use of hapten poly saccharide conjugates for the induction of bone marrow derived cell tolerance involving immuno globulin e responses 3. specific tolerance induced by sulfonamide substituted levan in the guinea pig

Moreno, C.; Hale, C.; Hewett, R., 1978:
The use of hapten poly saccharide conjugates for the induction of bone marrow derived cell tolerance involving immuno globulin e responses part 1 preparation characterization and specific tolerogenic activity of penicilloyl substituted levans affecting immuno globulin e responses in normal and sensitized mice

Garrido, M.J.; Moreno, C., 1979:
The use of hapten poly saccharide conjugates for the induction of bone marrow derived cell tolerance involving immuno globulin responses 2. specific tolerance induced by sulfonamide substituted levan in the mouse

Vulpis, N.; Purrott, R.J.; Lloyd, D.C., 1978:
The use of harlequin staining to assess radiation effects on the in vitro cell cycle kinetics of human lymphocytes

Lesoin F.; Kabbaj K.; Debout J.; Jomin M.; Lacheretz M., 1982:
The use of harringtons rods in metastatic tumors with spinal cord compression

Schmidt, O., 1977:
The use of head width instead of body thickness as a criterion for classification of scolecophidia serpentes

Kramer J., 1982:
The use of hearing aids for adults

Kaneda Y.; Komomae H.; Domeki I.; Nishikata K.; Nakahara T., 1982:
The use of heat mount detectors in estrus synchronized heifers

Mount, L.E., 1977:
The use of heat transfer coefficients in estimating sensible heat loss from the pig/

Sutalo, J.; Poje, Z., 1987:
The use of heliosite in the aesthetic treatment of some orthodontic and morphological anomalies

Culbreath A.K.; Rodriguez Kabana R.; Morgan Jones G., 1985:
The use of hemicellulose waste matter for reduction of the phytotoxic effects of chitin and control of root knot nematodes

Wiggins K.G.; Wraxall B.G.D., 1979:
The use of hemo globin f anti serum for the detection of fetal hemo globin

De-Groot, G.; Maes, R.A.A.; Van-Heyst, A.N.P., 1977:
The use of hemo perfusion in the elimination of absorbed drug mixtures in acute intoxications

Gupta, U.S., 1977:
The use of hemolymph proteins in taxonomic studies

Jacobs, M.J.H.M.; Slaaf, D.W.; Lemmens, H.A.J.; Reneman, R.S., 1987:
The use of hemorheological and microcirculatory parameters in evaluating the effect of treatment in raynaud's phenomenon

Cox, J.L.; Sabiston, D.C., 1978:
The use of heparin bonded shunts for perfusion of the renal artery during resection of complex abdominal aortic aneurysms

Suri B.S.; Targ M.E.; Robinson D.S., 1984:
The use of heparin sepharose affinity chromatography to separate 2 distinct lipoproteins from the low density lipoprotein fraction of rat plasma

Eley J.H., 1988:
The use of hepes as a buffer for the growth of cyanobacterium anacystis nidulans

Chavasse, C.G.R., 1976:
The use of herbicides in forestry in new zealand

Prodanov I., 1981:
The use of herbicides in newly seeded areas of alfalfa grown for grain production

Banks, M.S.; Evans, P.K., 1976 :
The use of hetero chromatin spot counts to determine ploidy levels in root tips and callus cultures of nicotiana otophora and its hybrids

Urwin V., 1983:
The use of heterologous radio immunoassays for the measurement of fsh and luteinizing hormone concentrations in horse and donkey serum

Gallais, A., 1976:
The use of heterosis in auto tetra ploid cross fertilized plants with some applications to lucerne and cocksfoot

Swart G.J.; Venter B.G.; Mostert J.F., 1987:
The use of hide powder azure to determine proteolytic activity in milk

Koss, L.G.; Sherman, A.B.; Adams, S.E., 1983:
The use of hierarchic classification in the image analysis of a complex cell population. Experience with the sediment of voided urine

Kharchenko, V.I.; Evsikov, E.M., 1977:
The use of high doses of furosemide in treatment of patients with congestive circulatory insufficiency

Smith, J.F.; Spencer, D.M., 1977:
The use of high energy carbon sources in rapidly prepared mushroom composts

Koci, M.; Kral, V., 1975:
The use of high frequency electro magnetic field for evaluation of heart function

Grabski R.S.; Czopek A.; Foltyn A., 1986:
The use of high frequency magnetic field pulses in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative joint disease

Hogan D.L.; Kraemer K.L.; Isenberg J.I., 1982:
The use of high performance liquid chromatography for quantitation of plasma amino acids in man

Rietz B., 1985:
The use of high performance liquid chromatography for the analytical determination of diisocyanates and acid anhydrides in the air of working environments

Kalanik K.; Webb J.W.; Tsang J.C., 1981:
The use of high performance liquid chromatography for the studies of pigment components from serratia marcescens o 8 before and after hydrogen per oxide oxidation

Dunlap, C.E-Iii, 1978:
The use of high performance liquid chromatography in organic synthesis

Smith J.A.; Ham J.; Winslow D.P.; O'hare M.J.; Rudland P.S., 1984:
The use of high performance liquid chromatography in the isolation and characterization of mouse and rat epidermal growth factors and examination of apparent heterogeneity/

Manahan D.T.; Stephens G.C., 1983:
The use of high performance liquid chromatography to measure dissolved organic compounds in bivalve aquaculture systems

Edwards W.P., 1985:
The use of high performance liquid chromatography to separate triglycerides in confectionery fats using uv detection

Mcentire, J.; Oberwein, B.; Burmeister, G.; Sorg, C., 1984:
The use of high performance molecular sieving columns for the study of lymphocyte products 1. macrophage trans glutaminase interaction with products of concanavalin a stimulated mouse spleen cells

Hancock, W.S.; Bishop, C.A.; Prestidge, R.L.; Hearn, M.T.W., 1978:
The use of high pressure liquid chromatography for peptide mapping of proteins part 4

Davies D.; Holdsworth E.S., 1980:
The use of high pressure liquid chromatography for the identification and preparation of pigments concerned in photosynthesis

Russell F.A.; Deykin D., 1979:
The use of high pressure liquid chromatography for the separation of radio labeled arachidonic acid and its metabolites produced by thrombin treated human platelets part 1 the validation of the technique

Deykin D.; Russell F.A.; Vaillancourt R., 1979:
The use of high pressure liquid chromatography for the separation of radio labeled arachidonic acid and its metabolites produced by thrombin treated human platelets part 2 establishment of optimal assay conditions

Martin J.L.; Taburet A.M.; Pohl L.R., 1979:
The use of high pressure liquid chromatography in the preparation of tritium labeled chloramphenicol and its analogs

Gallant, S.; Bruckheimer, S.M.; Brownie, A.C., 1978:
The use of high pressure liquid chromatography in the simultaneous assay of 11 beta hydroxylase and 18 hydroxylase in zona fasciculata reticularis tissue of the rat adrenal cortex

Buczacki, S.T., 1976:
The use of high pressure sodium discharge lamps as an aid to obtaining club root infection

Vliers, A.; Knop, N.; Visser, K.R.; Van-Der-Werf, T.; Zock, J.P.; Zijlstra, W.G., 1970:
The use of high resistance thermistors in recording thermo dilution curves

Cromack D.T.; Norton J.A.; Sigel B.; Shawker T.H.; Doppman J.L.; Maton P.N.; Jensen R.T., 1987:
The use of high resolution intraoperative ultrasound to localize gastrinomas an initial report of a prospective study

Kern K.A.; Shawker T.H.; Doppman J.L.; Miller D.L.; Marx S.J.; Spiegel A.M.; Aurbach G.D.; Norton J.A., 1987:
The use of high resolution ultrasound to locate parathyroid tumors during reoperations for primary hyperparathyroidism

Pattison, J.R.; Jackson, C., 1978:
The use of high speed gel filtration for the detection of rubella specific immuno globulin m

Demushkin, V.P.; Plyashkevich-Yu, G., 1976:
The use of high speed ion exchange chromatography in nucleotide analysis

Ly, J.; Diaz, J., 1979:
The use of high test molasses for weaning piglets 2. some digestive indexes

Ly, J.; Peraza, M.; Diaz, J., 1978:
The use of high test molasses for weaning piglets part 1 sucrase and maltase activity

Hofmann F.; Buchner M.; Hebecker W., 1980:
The use of high voltage electrophoresis for the separation of some important classes of compounds

Kulyukin, A.N.; Peterburgskii, A.V.; Litvinov, B.V., 1977:
The use of highly concentrated simple and complex phosphorus fertilizers in greenhouse cultivation of cucumbers

Brzeziecki, B., 1984:
The use of hill's method of reciprocal averaging for arranging phytosociological data

Silver A.; Bligh J., 1980:
The use of histamine receptor blockers in a further investigation of the role of histamine in thermo regulation in the sheep

Anon, 1977:
The use of histo photography in bone histology and morphometry

Ryl'nikov V.A.; Karaseva E.V.; Dubinina N.V., 1981:
The use of histological dyes and tetracycline for studying the mobility of norway rats rattus norvegicus on rice fields in the krasnodar krai ussr

Boyer, M.J.; Scalarone, G.M., 1983:
The use of Histolyn CYL in an enzyme immunoassay to detect Histoplasma capsulatum antibodies

Seigel, D.G., 1971:
The use of historical data and adverse reaction reporting systems for epidemiologic study

E.S.aarawi A.H.; Block J.C.; Maul A., 1985:
The use of historical data for estimating the number of samples required for monitoring drinking water

Thrasyvoulou A.T., 1986:
The use of hmf and diastase as criteria of quality of greek honey

Sekulic P.; Todorcic B., 1988:
The use of hog liquid manure in wheat production

Bokeriya L.A.; Pil'shchikova I.I., 1986:
The use of holter monitoring in patients after heart surgery at the early postoperative period

McCusker, J., 1985:
The use of home care in terminal cancer

Dalen, A.B., 1977:
The use of homo carnosine as a spacer in indirect hem agglutination

Allen, R.M.; Redshaw, M.R., 1978:
The use of homologous and heterologous iodine 125 radio ligands in the radio immunoassay of progesterone

Martin A.; Cubero J.I., 1981:
The use of hordeum chilense in cereal breeding

Owen J.H., 1987:
The use of hordeum leaf protoplasts to study non osmotic volume during cell development

Larsen V.J.; Schierup H H., 1981:
The use of hordeum vulgare straw for removal of heavy metals from waste water

Webster, A.D.; Goldwin, G.K., 1978:
The use of hormone mixtures to increase the set of plum prunus domestica cultivar victoria

Mather J.P.; Sato G.H., 1979:
The use of hormone supplemented serum free media in primary cultures

Merkens, H.W.; Schamhardt, H.C.; Hartman, W.; Kersjes, A.W., 1988:
The use of H(orse) INDEX: a method of analysing the ground reaction force patterns of lame and normal gaited horses at the walk

Brammer M.; Christau B.; Statland B.E.; Winkel P.; Ostergaard E.R., 1988:
The use of hospital bed days throughout life and until death

Ogborne A.C.; Adrian M., 1987:
The use of hospital beds for the treatment of excessive drinkers without serious medical complications

Bado, A.P.; Calvete, C.H., 1978:
The use of hospital beds in the treatment of tuberculosis

Bolognesi M.; Merkel C.; Gatta A., 1987:
The use of human albumin millimicrospheres tagged with technetium 99m in the evaluation of the removal capacity of the res

Persson M.A.A.; Hammarstrom L.; Smith C.I.E.; Stricker E.A.M., 1987:
The use of human antigen specific monoclonal antibodies in an elisa for the determination of anti hbsag antibody subclasses

Finlay G.J.; Baguley B.C., 1984 :
The use of human cancer cell lines as a primary screening system for antineoplastic compounds

Kelâmi, A., 1976:
The use of human dura in urology, except as a substitute of urinary bladder

D.N.bili U.; Pezzola D.; Lojacono A.; Lojacono L., 1985:
The use of human fibrin glue tissucol in general surgery

Sooriyamoorthy M.; Harvey W.; Gower D.B., 1988:
The use of human gingival fibroblasts in culture for studying the effects of phenytoin on testosterone metabolism

Middleton P.; Stewart T.R.; Leary J., 1985:
The use of human judgment and physical chemical measurements in visual air quality management

Hamblin A.S.; Zawisza B.; Shipton U.; Dumonde D.C.; Den Hollander F.C.; Verheul H., 1982:
The use of human lymphoid cell line lymphokine preparations as working standards in the bioassay of human leukocyte migration inhibition factor

Schwartz M.; Jewelewicz R.; Dyrenfurth I.; Tropper P.; Wiele R.L.V., 1980:
The use of human menopausal and chorionic gonadotropins for induction of ovulation 16 years experience at the sloane hospital for women new york city usa

Takashi Y.; Mutasim D.F.; Patel H.P.; Anhalt G.J.; Labib R.S.; Diaz L.A., 1985:
The use of human pemphigoid autoantibodies to study the fate of epidermal basal cell hemidesmosomes after trypsin dissociation

Eil, C.; Edelson, S.K., 1984:
The use of human skin fibroblasts to obtain potency estimates of drug binding to androgen receptors

Kanzawa, F.; Matsushima, Y.; Ishihara, J.; Shimizu, E.; Sasaki, Y.; Saijo, N.; Miyazawa, N., 1985:
The use of human tumor clonogenic assay in predicting combination effect of cisplatin plus vindesine in carcinoma of the lung

Papa L.A.; Fitzgerald D.L.; Kauffman L.M.; Schiff S.; Daly S.J.; Hurwitz H.; Caruso J.W.; Lowney J.D.; Corbally F., 1983:
The use of hyaluronidase in acute myo cardial infarction

Lanzavecchia, A.; Scheidegger, D., 1987:
The use of hybrid hybridomas to target human cytotoxic T lymphocytes

Gonda, T.J.; Symons, R.H., 1978:
The use of hybridization analysis with complementary DNA to determine the RNA sequence homology between strains of plant viruses: its application to several strains of cucumoviruses

Ezaki T.; Marbrook J., 1985:
The use of hybridoma cells as a murine model to study tumor immunity

Fuchs, E.; Gilvarg, C., 1978:
The use of hydro fluoric acid in the identification of lipid intermediates in peptido glycan synthesis

Brown L., 1980:
The use of hydrobia jenkinsi to detect intermittent toxic discharges to a river

Malashenko Y.R.; Karpenko V.I.; Muchnik F.V.; Romanovskaya V.A., 1983:
The use of hydrogen per oxide as a source of oxygen nutrition for methylococcus thermophilus

Innes Taylor N.; Ross L.G., 1988:
The use of hydrogen peroxide as a source of oxygen for the transportation of live fish

Mercado A., 1985:
The use of hydrogeochemical patterns in carbonate sand and sandstone aquifers to identify intrusion and flushing of saline water

Moriniere J L.; Danree B.; Guy A., 1987:
The use of hydrolases in organic chemistry synthesis of amide and ester bonds catalyzed by industrial papain

Bjorklof M.; Nordlund J., 1981:
The use of hydrolyzed de mineralized syrup in the manufacture of ice cream a typical case within product development

Zamora, R.; Hidalgo, F.J.; Alaiz, M.; Millan, F.; Maza, M.P.; Vioque, E., 1987:
The use of hydrophilic oxidized lipids in the studies of lipid protein interaction

Ruzicka, F., 1975:
The use of hydroponics in spring barley breeding

Wallis, J.; Clark, D.M.; Bain, B.J., 1986:
The use of hydroxocobalamin in the Schilling test

Kiss A.; Jako J.; Rak K., 1981:
The use of hydroxy urea biosupresin in the accelerated phase of chronic myeloid leukemia

Kobakhidze E.A.; Pospelova E.P.; Divonin A.L.; Loginova L.I., 1985:
The use of hydroxyethyl starch as a colloid component of perfusion media

Tze, W.J.; Wong, F.C.; Tingle, A.J., 1976:
The use of hypaque ficoll in the isolation of pancreatic islets in rats

Konoplyannikov, A.G.; Shtein, L.V., 1977:
The use of hyper thermia for suppression of the repair processes in neoplastic cells and for enhancement of the effectiveness of radiation therapy

Holbach, K.H.; Wassmann, H.; Linke, D., 1977:
The use of hyperbaric oxygenation in the treatment of spinal cord lesions

Jarrett F.; Polcyn R.; Levin A.; Mccormick D., 1982:
The use of hypercapnia in the study of regional cerebral blood flow abnormalities with xenon 133

Golikov, A.P.; Babkov, V.K.; Borisenko, A.P.; Ivleva, V.I., 1978:
The use of hyperstat to arrest hypertensive crises

Savchenko N.E.; Zhakov I.G.; Fradkin S.Z.; Zhavrid Z.A., 1987:
The use of hyperthermia in oncology

Chantler, J.K., 1978:
The use of hypertonicity to selectively inhibit host translation in murine cytomegalovirus infected cells

Buniatyan, D.A., 1977:
The use of hypno electric sleep in the treatment of patients requiring surgical treatment

Kraft, W.A.; Rodolfa, E.R., 1982:
The use of hypnosis among psychologists

Jackson, J.A.; Middleton, W.R.J., 1978:
The use of hypnosis for analgesia in upper gastro intestinal endoscopy

Collison D.R., 1985:
The use of hypnosis in minor tranquilizer withdrawal

Snow, B.R., 1985:
The use of hypnosis in the management of preoperative anxiety and postoperative pain in a patient undergoing laminectomy

Crasilneck H.B., 1979:
The use of hypnosis in the treatment of psychogenic impotency

Dywan, J.; Bowers, K., 1983:
The use of hypnosis to enhance recall

Laguaite, J.K., 1976:
The use of hypnosis with children with deviant voices

Mutter, C.B., 1984:
The use of hypnosis with defendants

Baker, E.L., 1983:
The use of hypnotic dreaming in the treatment of the borderline patient: some thoughts on resistance and transitional phenomena

Kiefer R.C.; Hospodarsky J., 1980:
The use of hypnotic technique in anesthesia to decrease post operative meperidine requirements

Jackson H.J.; Francey S.M., 1985:
The use of hypnotically induced covert modeling in the desensitization of an escalator phobia

Irving G.C.J.; Cosgrove D.J., 1981:
The use of hypo bromite oxidation to evaluate 2 current methods for the estimation of inositol poly phosphates in alkaline extracts of soils

Aguglia E.; D.C.taldo A.; Sapienza S.; Urbano D.; Latteri F., 1985:
The use of hypothalamic phospholipid liposomes in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

Gualdi M.; Del B.P., 1985:
The use of ial in anterior segment trauma of the eye

Ochi K.; Okamoto M.; Yokoyama M.; Takeuchi M., 1984:
The use of ileum as a ureteral substitute

Gayer A.; Schwartz M., 1983:
The use of image analysis for measuring neuritic outgrowth from goldfish regenerating retinal explants

Nebes, R.D., 1976:
The use of imagery in memory by right and left handers

Muronets V.I.; Cherednikova T.V.; Nagradova N.K., 1981:
The use of immobilization for investigation of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase immobilized tetramers

Muronets, V.I.; Golovina, T.O.; Nagradova, N.K., 1982:
The use of immobilization for the study of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec immobilized dimers of the enzyme

Muronets V.I.; Ashmarina L.I.; Asriyants R.A.; Nagradova N.K., 1982:
The use of immobilization for the study of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase immobilized monomers

Campbell, J.; Chawla, A.S.; Chang, T.M.S., 1977:
The use of immobilized enzyme membrane sandwich reactors in automated analysis

Fishman J.H.; Fishman J., 1979:
The use of immobilized estradiol anti serum in the study of receptors and other estradiol binding proteins

Bezvershenko I.A.; Kravchuk G.P., 1979:
The use of immobilized eu globulins for isolating low molecular thymus factor stimulating thymus derived lymphocyte differentiation

Ahmed M.U.; Aasted B., 1986:
The use of immune blotting technique for detection of aleutian disease virus protein in infected mink

French, W.J.; Stassi, D.L.; Schaad, N.W., 1978 :
The use of immuno fluorescence for the identification of phony peach bacterium

L.Z.; Wang H.; Song G.; Chen W., 1981:
The use of immuno fluorescent methods in detection of immuno globulin m antibody for early diagnosis of japanese b encephalitis

Lee, D.; Flowerday, M.H.E.; Tomlinson, J., 1977:
The use of immuno globulin m anti blood group d coated cells in the deliberate immunization of blood group rh negative male volunteers

Bringuier, J.P.; Andre, J.; Sohier, R., 1978:
The use of immuno globulin m antibody responses in the diagnosis of primary infection to measles rubella mumps and myxovirus parainfluenzae viruses

Nagy G.; Kosa S.; Takatsy S.; Koller M., 1984:
The use of immuno globulin m tests for analysis of the causes of measles vaccine failures experience gained in an epidemic in hungary in 1980 and 1981

Stachura J.; Dubiel Bigaj M., 1983:
The use of immuno histochemical methods in routine diagnosis of neoplasms in the alimentary canal

Sveshnikova N.A.; Mal'tseva N.N.; Khabakhpasheva N.A., 1980:
The use of immuno peroxidase method for rapid detection of certain togaviruses orthopoxviruses and antibodies to them

Lenzi, A.; Gandini, L.; Claroni, F.; Lombardo, F.; Dondero, F., 1987:
The use of immunobeads in the diagnosis of male infertility laboratory study

Pettersson I.; Wang G.; Smith E.I.; Wigzell H.; Hedfors E.; Horn J.; Sharp G.C., 1986:
The use of immunoblotting and immunoprecipitation of u small nuclear ribonucleoproteins in the analysis of sera of patients with mixed connective tissue disease and systemic lupus erythematosus a cross sectional longitudinal study

Coomes M.W.; Smith T.E., 1987:
The use of immunoblotting to study mutant enzymes

Nagradova, N.K.; Grozdova, I.D., 1977:
The use of immunochemical methods in enzymology

Soliman A.M., 1987:
The use of immunofluorescence to the non decalcified frozen guinea pig cochlea to detect autoantibodies in inner ear disorders

L.Z.; E.A., 1985:
The use of immunofluorescent method in detection of immunoglobulin antibody for early diagnosis of tick borne encephalitis

Hubbard W.N.; Fish D.R.; Mcbrien D.J., 1986:
The use of impedance cardiography in heart failure

Thangarajah, N.; Hames, T.; Mubako, H.; Patel, J.; MacLennan, W.J., 1980:
The use of impedance cardiography in the young and elderly during postural stress

Suen, K.C.; Yermakov, V.; Raudales, O., 1976:
The use of imprint technique for rapid diagnosis in post mortem examinations a diagnostically rewarding procedure

Ishii M.; Furukawa M.; Okada M.; Hamada T., 1984:
The use of improved ruthenium red staining for the ultrastructural detection of proteoglycan aggregates in normal skin and lichen myxedematosus

Davies J.M.; Tibbetts P.J.C., 1987:
The use of in situ benthic chambers to study the fate of oil in sublittoral sediments

Berland, B.R.; Bonin, D.J.; Maestrini, S.Y., 1976:
The use of in situ culture of test algae enclosed in dialysis sacks concurrently with the bioassayed determination of nutritional factors limiting marine primary production

Kuzin B.A.; Evgen'ev M.B.; Korochkin L.I., 1982:
The use of in situ hybridization of rna synthesized in ejaculatory bulbs of drosophila virilis for gene localization on the cytological map of chromosomes

Thomas B.A., 1987:
The use of in situ spores for defining species of dispersed spores

Liu, D.Y.; D.P.essis, Y.P.; Nayudu, P.L.; Johnston, W.I.; Baker, H.W., 1988:
The use of in vitro fertilization to evaluate putative tests of human sperm function

Debetto P.; Antolini M., 1987:
The use of in vitro mammal cell systems in the study of the molecular mechanisms of toxic action the example of chromium

Kelton J.G.; Huang A.T.; Mold N.; Logue G.; Rosse W.F., 1979:
The use of in vitro techniques to study drug induced pan cytopenia

Semkin B.I.; Komarova T.A., 1985:
The use of inclusion measures in studies of secondary successions as exemplified by post fire communities of southern sikhote alin russian sfsr ussr

Sverdlov, E.D.; Levitan, T.L., 1977:
The use of incomplete apurinization for the determination of terminal dna sequences

Cooper, D.W., 1968:
The use of incomplete family data in the study of selection and population structure in marsupials and domestic animals

Roth, C.W.; Longacre, S.; Raibaud, A.; Baltz, T.; Eisen, H., 1986:
The use of incomplete genes for the construction of a Trypanosoma equiperdum variant surface glycoprotein gene

Asmussen, M.A., 1985 :
The use of incompletely linked markers in genetic counseling accuracy vs. linkage

Ramisz, A., 1977:
The use of increased doses of neguvon under cover of a reactivator of acetyl cholin esterase in the course of experimental trichinellosis in mice

Verbeke, R.; Corin, E., 1976:
The use of indian hemp in zaire a formulation of hypotheses on the basis of the inquiry using a written questionnaire/

Okoth J.O., 1985:
The use of indigenous plant materials for the construction of tsetse traps in uganda

Sinnett, E.R.; Niedenthal, L.K., 1968:
The use of indigenous volunteers in a rehabilitation living unit for disturbed college students

Vavilov, P.P.; Kabysh, V.A.; Putnikov, L.I., 1976:
The use of indirect methods for the preliminary isolation of tetra ploid forms of red clover

Schmidt K.G.; Rasmussen J.W.; Grove O.; Andersen D., 1986:
The use of indium 111 labeled platelets for scintigraphic localization of gastrointestinal bleeding with special reference to occult bleeding

Popova, M.; Uzunov, I., 1975:
The use of indium 113m complex compounds with some amino acids for scanning

Griesbach R.J., 1983:
The use of indole acetyl amino acids in the in vitro propagation of phalaenopsis orchids

Klimczyk K., 1980:
The use of indomethacin for amplifying prostaglandin e 2 induced uterine contractions

Delaere, K.P.; Debruyne, F.M.; Moonen, W.A., 1981:
The use of indomethacin in the treatment of idiopathic bladder instability

Klein W.A.; Miller H.H.; Anderson M.; Decosse J.J., 1987:
The use of indomethacin sulindac and tamoxifen for the treatment of desmoid tumors associated with familial polyposis

Newbould, F.H.S., 1979:
The use of induced mammary infections for evaluating dry cow treatment products 2. trial of a proposed method to compare 3 levels of novobiocin

Walther, H.; Seibold, K.H., 1978:
The use of induced micro mutations in quantitatively inherited characters of spring barley compared to cross bred lines

Stark, G.P.; Hodous, T.K.; Hankinson, J.L., 1988:
The use of inductive plethysmography in the study of the ventilatory effects of respirator wear

Vollosovich N.E.; Vollosovich A.G., 1982:
The use of industrial waste for rauwolfia serpentina tissue cultivation

Baille, A.; Mermier, M., 1980:
The use of industrial waste water 1. aerial and soil micro climatic modifications due to heating by waste water 20 celsius circulating in buried pipes

Steers, W.D.; Corriere, J.N.; Benson, G.S.; Boileau, M.A., 1985:
The use of indwelling ureteral stents in managing ureteral injuries due to external violence

Koren, G.; Litwack, J.; Biggar, D.W., 1988:
The use of infants in drug research when there is no direct benefit to them: a survey of Canadian health care professionals serving on ethics committees

Pitkeathly D.A.; Evans A.L.; James W.B., 1979:
The use of information theory in evaluating the contribution of radiological and laboratory investigations to diagnosis and management

Karpachevskii, L.O.; Budantsev, P.B.; Aleksandrovich, V.E., 1978:
The use of informational logical analysis for the evaluation of the effect of soil and climatic factors on the productivity of forest plantations from introduced and aboriginal arboreal types

Kim, A.C. ; Krasnova, T.K.; Romanova, V.Y., 1987:
The use of inhalation of ultrasonic aerosols and galvanic current in the treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Andersen M.E.; Gargas M.L.; Jones R.A.; Jenkins L.J.Jr, 1979:
The use of inhalation techniques to assess the kinetic constants of 1 1 di chloro ethylene metabolism

Tsyrlov I.B.; Lyakhovich V.V., 1979:
The use of inhibition by metyrapone in a mutual depletion system for evaluation of active centers of various aryl hydro carbon hydroxylases

Foster, S.J.; Johnstone, K., 1986:
The use of inhibitors to identify early events during Bacillus megaterium KM spore germination

Mitchell P.D.; Chalmers D.J.; Jerie P.H.; Burge G., 1986:
The use of initial withholding of irrigation and tree spacing to enhance the effect of regulated deficit irrigation on pear pyrus communis cultivar bartlett trees

Heath D.A., 1981:
The use of inorganic phosphate in the management of hyper calcemia

Gophen M.; Gold B., 1981:
The use of inorganic substances to stimulate gut evacuation in daphnia magna

Lonergan S.C.; Cocklin C., 1985:
The use of input output analysis in environmental planning

Antignus Y.; Klein M.; Ovadia S., 1987:
The use of insecticides to control maize rough dwarf virus mrdv in maize

Slovak M.; Kuskova D., 1983:
The use of insecticides to control the caterpillars of cabbage moth mamestra brassicae

Baker, N., 1969:
The use of inst computers to study rates of lipid metabolism liver plasma

Khmel'nitskii, R.A.; Chernikov, V.A.; Lukashenko, I.M.; Konchits, V.A., 1977:
The use of instrumental methods in structure analyses of humic compounds

Carpenter P.J., 1984:
The use of inter generational family ratings methodological and interpretive considerations

Mitrofanova O.P.; Konarev V.G., 1983:
The use of inter varietal chromosome substitution lines to study genetic control of gliadin protein in bread wheat

Lyons, S.F.; Schoub, B.D.; Kew, M.C.; Sachs, E.; Chiu, M.N.; Crespi, M., 1986:
The use of interferon functional assays in the laboratory monitoring of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma receiving interferon

Ikic, D.; Smerdel, S.; Soos, E.; Jusic, D., 1974:
The use of interferon in herpes simplex infections and condyloma acuminatum

Smith L.A.; Cohen D.A.; Kaplan A.M., 1986:
The use of interleukin 1 positive and interleukin 1 negative cell lines to dissociate signals involved in the induction of cytolytic t cells

Voitenok N.N.; Zobnin V.D., 1985:
The use of interleukin 2 for the estimation of allogeneic sensitization of t lymphocytes response of human lymphocytes sensitized with allogeneic cells to interleukin 2

De-Pace, C.; Filippetti, A.; Marzano, F.C., 1987:
The use of intermating for producing high performing and genetically variable vicia faba l. populations

Van Prooijen H.C.; Dekker A.W.; Punt K., 1984:
The use of intermediate dose cytosine arabinoside in the treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in relapse

Green, D.M.; Brecher, M.L.; Blumenson, L.E.; Grossi, M.; Freeman, A.I., 1982:
The use of intermediate dose methotrexate in increased risk childhood acute lympho blastic leukemia a comparison of 3 vs. 6 courses

Wierzbicki B., 1980:
The use of intermittent illumination in studies on photosynthesis of pine pinus sylvestris and spruce picea abies of various physiological condition

Penning, P.D.; Johnson, R.H., 1983:
The use of internal markers to estimate herbage digestibility and intake 1. potentially indigestible cellulose and acid insoluble ash

Penning, P.D.; Johnson, R.H., 1983:
The use of internal markers to estimate herbage digestibility and intake 2. indigestible acid detergent fiber

Hamblin J.; Wood P.M.; Allen J.G., 1981:
The use of interspecific mixtures of lupinus species to simulate the effects of different levels of phomopsis leptostromiformis resistance in lupinus angustifolius cultivar unicrop

Knight P.J.; Doornbos J.F.; Rosen D.; Lin J.J.; Farha G.J., 1986 :
The use of interstitial radiation therapy in the treatment of persistent localized and unresectable cancer in children

Ochi K.; Yokoyama M.; Wakatsuki A.; Matsumoto A.; Bekku T.; Takeuchi M., 1981:
The use of intestinal segment for ureteral replacement

Malikova T.M.; Bisenkov L.N.; Skorik V.I.; Safonova E.S., 1981:
The use of intra aortic balloon pump to treat severe contusions of the heart an experimental study

Godukhin, O.V.; Petukhov, V.V.; Popov, L.A., 1975:
The use of intra brain negative emotional stimulation as a reinforcer in a controlled experiment

Levine, G.A.; Sowers, J.R.; Hershman, J.M., 1978:
The use of intra muscularly administered methyl thyrotropin releasing hormone to evaluate the pituitary thyroid axis

Cury A.A., 1984:
The use of intra operative radiology in selective spleno renal shunt

Muir J.F.; Defouilloy C.; Ndarurinze S.; Hermant A.; Quequet P.M.; Broussier P.M.; Aubry P.; Desablens B., 1987:
The use of intra pleural doxycycline by lavage and drainage in recurrent malignant pleural effusions

White, J.S.; Gee, C.; Ledger, W.J., 1978:
The use of intra venous cefoxitin sodium in patients with obstetric gynecologic infections

Lim L.S.; Kowa N.S.; N.C.; Yeo P.B.P.; Gwee H.M.; Cheah J.S.; Lim P.; Woon K.Y.; Tan K.L.; Ratnam S.S., 1981:
The use of intra venous low dose insulin infusion in the intra partum management of diabetes mellitus

Pyrgos, N.M.; Argyropoulos, E.I.; Pyrgos, V.N., 1976:
The use of intra venous regional anesthesia for the reduction of colles fractures

Riel K A.; Paar O., 1982:
The use of intra venous regional anesthesia in out patient surgery

Koontz W.W.Jr; Prout G.R.Jr; Smith W.; Frable W.J.; Minnis J.E., 1981:
The use of intra vesical thiotepa in the management of noninvasive carcinoma of the bladder

Ellen P.; Wages C., 1984:
The use of intramaze stimuli in the attenuation of the problem solving deficit of septal animals

Klotter H.J.; Rueckert K.; Kuemmerle F.; Rothmund M., 1987:
The use of intraoperative sonography in endocrine tumors of the pancreas

Barnes, P.R.; Williams, C.B.; Davies, R.L.; Childs, C.S.; Hedges, A.; Graham, D., 1985:
The use of intravenous meptazinol for analgesia in colonoscopy

Gao, R.L.; Bai, M.Y.; Xu, Y.S., 1984:
The use of intravenous nitroglycerin in acute myocardial infarction: a preliminary clinical study

Copel J.A.; Grannum P.A.; Harrison D.; Hobbins J.C., 1988:
The use of intravenous pancuronium bromide to produce fetal paralysis during intravascular transfusion

Pagani I.; Carnevale L.; Casati A.; Preseglio I., 1985:
The use of intravenous regional anesthesia for upper arm surgery

Green, R.F.; Suchey, J.M., 1976:
The use of inverse sine transformations in the analysis of nonmetric cranial data

Prensky, W.; Steffensen, D.M.; Hughes, W.L., 1973:
The use of iodinated RNA for gene localization

Hampl, R.; Dvorak, P.; Lukesova, S.; Kozak, I.; Chrpova, M.; Starka, L., 1978:
The use of iodinated steroid as radio ligand for testosterone radio immunoassay

Dudczak R.; Kletter K.; Frischauf H.; Losert U.; Angelberger P.; Schmoliner R., 1984:
The use of iodine 123 labeled heptadecanoic acid as metabolic tracer preliminary report

Shepherd P.S.; Dean C.J., 1979:
The use of iodine 125 complement c 1q subcomponent for the measurement of complement binding antibodies on cell surfaces

Menconi, E.; Neri, M.; Sorci, V.; Frati, L., 1978:
The use of iodine 125 deoxy uridine for semi micro evaluation of human lymphocyte response to phyto hem agglutinin in vitro

Schonberg M.; Morris S.A.; Krichevsky A.; Bilezikian J.P., 1983:
The use of iodine 125 labeled iodo cyano pindolol as a specific probe for beta adrenergic receptors in differentiating cultured rat skeletal muscle

Holmes H.C.; Tuffrey M.; Steuden J.; Hilgers J.; Barnes R.D., 1980:
The use of iodine 125 labeled protein a for the detection of humoral immunity to gross murine leukemia virus

Connellan J.M.; Quinn M.; Wiley J.S., 1986:
The use of iodine 125 labeled staphylococcal protein a in the diagnosis of autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura and other immune mediated thrombocytopenias

Chakrabarty S.; Bratain M.G., 1987:
The use of iodine 125 lectin probes in defining plasma membrane carbohydrate moieties in 3 subpopulations of human colonic carcinoma cells

Clarke, R.M.; Hardy, R.N., 1969:
The use of iodine 125 poly vinyl pyrrolidone k 60 in the quantitative assessment of the uptake of macro molecular substances by the intestine of the young rat

Mori, T.; Fukuda, M., 1975:
The use of iodine labeled rna for detection of the rna binding to ribosomes

Nagy, G.; Mezey, I., 1977:
The use of ion exchange chromatography for demonstration of rubella specific immuno globulin m antibodies

Koka, I.P., 1977:
The use of ion exchange chromatography for quantitative analysis of medicinal preparations containing quinine physostigmine pilocarpine and proserine

Lajtha K., 1988:
The use of ion exchange resin bags for measuring nutrient availability in an arid ecosystem

Carlyle J.C.; Malcolm D.C., 1986:
The use of ion exchange resin bags to assess nitrogen availability beneath pure spruce and larch plus spruce stands growing on a deep peat soil

Gasko, O.D.; Knowles, A.F.; Shertzer, H.G.; Suolinna, E.M.; Racker, E., 1976:
The use of ion exchange resins for studying ion transport in biological systems

Osorio, E.Castro, V.R., 1974:
The use of ion exchange resins in column chromatography

Miller, R.R.; Peters, S.P.; Kuhlenschmidt, M.S.; Glew, R.H., 1976:
The use of ion exchange resins in the application of protein samples to gel filtration columns

Piotrovskii V.K.; Veiko N.N.; Rumyantsev D.O.; Zhirkov Y.A.; El'man A.R.; Metelitsa V.I., 1985:
The use of ion exchange sorbents to identify drugs and their metabolites in biological fluids by high performance liquid chromatography

Weihe, E.; Hartschuh, W.; Metz, J.; Bruehl, U., 1977:
The use of ionic lanthanum as a diffusion tracer and as a marker of calcium binding sites

Tarba C., 1987:
The use of ionophores and channel formers in the study of membrane bioenergetic phenomena

Camellini U.; Marconi G.; Abelli P.; Cocchi S.; Cerutti R., 1985:
The use of iopamidol a non ionic contrast medium in retrograde cholangiopancreatography a comparative evaluation

Cox F.H.; Jakovljevic S., 1986:
The use of iopamidol for myelography in dogs a study of twenty seven cases

Ratcliffe J.F., 1983:
The use of ioxaglate in the pediatric gastro intestinal tract 25 cases

Carlson, C.E., 1978:
The use of ir aerial photography in determining fluoride damage to forest ecosystems near an aluminum plant in northwestern montana usa

Jacobs, H.W.; Syrjala, R.H., 1978:
The use of ir analyzers for monitoring acrylonitrile

Beach, M.H., 1978:
The use of ir light and closed circuit television to validate records from automatic fish counters

Bowker P.; Martin C.J.; Fulton D.; Muir I.F.K., 1981:
The use of ir radiation to reduce heat loss in burned patients experiments with a phantom

Kennedy J.F.; White C.A.; Browne A.J., 1985:
The use of ir reflectance spectroscopy for the automatic continuous monitoring and control of whey ultrafiltration processes

Gulyaeva, N.D.; Zaslavskii, B.Y. ; Rogozhin, S.V.; Lyapunova, T.S., 1977:
The use of ir spectroscopy for studying the chemical composition of yeast cell walls

Assad E.; Freteaud J P.; Kerr Y.; Lagouarde J P.; Seguin B., 1985:
The use of ir thermography to evaluate evaporation at the regional scale application to senegal

Orlic, D., 1968:
The use of iron 55 in high resolution inst radioautography of developing red cells rabbit

Cazzola M.; Alessandrino P.; Barosi G.; Berzuini C.; Frassoni F.; Orlandi E.; Stefanelli M.; Perugini S., 1979:
The use of iron 59 for estimating red cell production and destruction a comparative evaluation of 2 methods for the analysis of experimental data

Maillie, H.D.; Baxter, R.C.; Lisman, H., 1977:
The use of iron 59 uptake in estimating the marrow dose in normal and splenectomized rats exposed to 1000 kilovolt peak x irradiation

Kravtsov A.N.; Rublev B.D.; Khodova V.A.; Zyuzina V.P.; Tynyanova V.I., 1987:
The use of iron from various substrates by yersinia pestis

Snape, J.W.; Parker, B.B.; Simpson, E.; Ainsworth, C.C.; Payne, P.I.; Law, C.N., 1983:
The use of irradiated pollen for differential gene transfer in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Watanabe N.; Ishimaru Y.; Ishida N.; Katayama Y.; Kitayama S., 1979:
The use of isaza chaenogobius isaza to study poly chlorinated bi phenyl pollution

Pilecka N.; Rakovic M.; Obrusnik I., 1987:
The use of ise for checking the washing procedure prior to the inaa of calcium in hair

Pawelek J., 1979:
The use of iso electro focusing for comparing antigenic surface proteins of embryonal and neoplastic cells in mice and hamsters

Cheney J.L.; Fortune C.R.; Turlington C.F., 1984:
The use of iso propanol to distinguish sulfuric acid from particulate sulfate on filters

Pollers Wieers C.; Vekemans J.; Toppet S.; Hoornaert G., 1981:
The use of iso quinolinetriones in the synthesis of benzo c phenanthridine alkaloids

Vintina O.G.; Sapozhnikov Y.M.; Kamenskii A.B.; Trubnikov V.I., 1985:
The use of isobaric systems of solvents for standardization of the conditions of thin layer chromatographic analysis of polyethyleneglycols

Cooke, R.J.; Smith, T.M.; Morgan, A.G., 1986:
The use of isoelectric focusing of seed esterases to classify cultivars of allium cepa l. onions

Basili P.; Collini S.; Pannarale L.; Riva R.; Pinto G., 1987:
The use of isoflurane in pediatric ophthalmological diagnosis

Rittinghausen R.E.; Moulds R.F.W., 1980:
The use of isolated digital arteries to study factors influencing adrenergic transmitter release in man

Lejeune C.; Boussougant Y.; D.P.illerets F.; Gallet J.P.; Ghnassia J.C.; Raibaud P.; Ducluzeau R., 1981:
The use of isolators in neo natology clinical trial and potential indications

Gallo L.Jr; Maciel B.C.; Marin Neto J.A.; Martins L.E.B.; Lima Filho E.C.; Manco J.C., 1988:
The use of isometric exercise as a means of evaluating the parasympathetic contribution to the tachycardia induced by dynamic exercise in normal man

Volenec, K.; Vodicka, J.; Kuna, P., 1984:
The use of isoprenaline in experimental hyperthermia

Vakhlyaev V.D.; Pomerantsev E.V.; Serova I.V.; Bogatyrev I.V.; Poltavskaya M.G.; Saprygin D.B.; Makolkin V.I.; Syrkin A.L., 1984:
The use of isoptin in the acute period of myocardial infarction the effect on the hemodynamics and metabolism of the myocardium

Sacks W., 1980:
The use of isopyrine phenyl butazone compound in migraine

Leier C.V., 1987:
The use of isosorbide dinitrate in the treatment of congestive heart failure

Fontanet, H.; García, J.C.; del Río, J.; Martínez-Maldonado, M., 1987:
The use of isosorbide in the treatment of severe, uncontrolled hypertension

Ferran A.; Buscarlet A.; Larroque M.M., 1981:
The use of isotopic oxygen 18 labeling for measuring the food consumption in aged larvae of the aphidophagous lady beetle semiadalia undecimnotata coleoptera coccinellidae

Marcon G.; Heidrich Sobrinho E., 1982:
The use of isozymes as genetic markers for the identification of 2 pop corn zea mays populations and for relating heterosis to genetic diversity expressed by f 1 hetero zygosis

Wetter, L.R.; Kao, K.N., 1976:
The use of isozymes in distinguishing the sexual and somatic hybrids in callus cultures derived from nicotiana

Gelsema, E.S.; Landeweerd, G.H., 1981:
The use of ISPAHAN: interactive system for statistical pattern recognition and analysis

Ackerman B.P., 1986 :
The use of item specific and relational episodic information in the recall of children and adults

Martinez Palacios C.A.; Galvan Cruz R.; Olvera Novoa M.A.; Chavez Martinez C., 1988:
The use of jack bean canavalia ensiformis leguminosae meal as a partial substitute for fish meal in diets for tilapia oreochromis mossambicus cichlidae

Bradley D.W.; Landry R.E.; Collins C.T., 1984:
The use of jackknife confidence intervals with the richards curve for describing avian growth patterns

Nagy, J.I.; Vincent, S.R.; Lehmann, J.; Fibiger, H.C.; Mcgeer, E.G., 1978:
The use of kainic acid in the localization of enzymes in the substantia nigra

Longhurst, C.; Howse, P.E., 1978:
The use of kairomones by megaponera foetens hymenoptera formicidae in the detection of its termite prey

Kategile, J.A.; Ishengoma, M.; Katule, A.M., 1978:
The use of kapok ceiba pentandra seed cake as a source of protein in broiler rations

Van Heerden J.; Komen J.; Myer E., 1987:
The use of ketamine hydrochloride in the immobilization of the cape vulture gyps coprotheres

Ori C.; D.Z.tti M.A.; Innocente F.; Cassetta M.; Farnia A.; Iob I.; Salar G.; Rotilio A.; Rigobello L., 1985:
The use of ketamine in neurosurgical patients at pediatric age

Schill W B.; Schneider J.; Ring J., 1986:
The use of ketotifen a mast cell blocker for treatment of oligozoospermia and asthenozoospermia

Tinkelman, D.G.; Webb, C.S.; Vanderpool, G.E.; Carroll, M.S.; Spangler, D.L.; Lotner, G.Z., 1986:
The use of ketotifen in the prophylaxis of seasonal allergic asthma

Litman, A.; Levav, I.; Saltz-Rennert, H.; Maoz, B., 1986:
The use of khat. An epidemiological study in two Yemenite villages in Israel

Luqman, W.; Danowski, T.S., 1976:
The use of khat (Catha edulis) in Yemen. Social and medical observations

Banerjee D.P.; Prasad K.D., 1985:
The use of killed vaccine in immunization of cattle against babesia bigemina infection

Flachowsky G.; Loehnert H J.; Stubendorff G.; Flachowsky E.; Staupendahl G.; Hennig A., 1982:
The use of kiln dust originating from the production of portland cement in the feeding of fattening bulls

Marrs R.H., 1985:
The use of krenite to control birch on lowland heaths

Pommet R.; Therain F., 1982:
The use of krypton 81m in ventilation imaging

Glowinski, J., 1976:
The use of l 3 5 tritiated tyrosine and the measurement of tritiated water to estimate dopamine turnover in central dopaminergic terminals

Wilson, B.K.; Spannagel, V.; Thomson, C.P., 1976:
The use of l alpha acetyl methadol in treatment of heroin addiction an open study

Kiladze, R.M., 1978:
The use of l s pontryagins principle of the maximum in problems of irrigation

Romanenko, V.I.; Kuznetsov, S.I., 1976:
The use of labeled carbon 14 phenol for determining its content and the rate of its utilization by the micro flora of water bodies

George, R.B.; Light, R.W.; Hudson, L.; Conrad, S.A.; Manocha, K.L.; Burford, J.G., 1985:
The use of labetalol for the treatment of hypertension in patients with reversible airway obstruction

Hicks, G.P.; Ziesemer, R.A.; Tietz, N.W., 1973:
The use of laboratory computers in monitoring kinetic enzyme assays

Gabareva A.V.; Fadeev N.P.; Markocev A.B.; Savel'eva O.P.; Ivanova L.V., 1981:
The use of laboratory lympho granulomatosis of mice strain sjl j for the testing of labeled radio pharmaceuticals for positive scintigraphy

Pipek P.; Cesenekova I., 1985:
The use of lactic acid in fish marination

Pavani J.F.M.; Oliveira J.E.; Basso P.P.; Rocha C.M.M.; Santos J.D.P.; Barros W.J.S.M.; Oliveira A.C., 1981:
The use of lactobacillus acidophilus in the normalization of vaginal ph as treatment of leukorrheas

Deneke, C.F.; Buck, J.D.; Cosenza, B.J., 1976:
The use of lactobacillus viridescens for the bioassay of thiamine in marine waters

Cabral A.C.V.; Miranda S.P.; Celani M.F.D.S.; Resende C.A.D.L., 1987:
The use of laminaran in inducing labor in a woman carrying a dead fetus

Chartres C.J., 1982:
The use of landform soil associations in irrigation soil surveys in northern nigeria

Ormsby J.P., 1982:
The use of landsat 3 thermal data to help differentiate land covers

Brown A.G.; Gregory K.J.; Milton E.J., 1987:
The use of landsat multispectral scanner data for the analysis and management of flooding on the river severn england uk

Nebes R.D.; Boller F., 1987:
The use of language structure by demented patients in a visual search task

Morris, G.E., 1980:
The use of lanthanum and cytochalasin B to study calcium effects on skeletal muscle differentiation in vitro

Wisniewski, M.; Ashworth, E.; Schaffer, K., 1987:
The use of lanthanum to characterize cell wall permeability in relation to deep supercooling and extracellular freezing in woody plants i. intergeneric comparisons between prunus cornus and salix

Wisniewski, M.; Ashworth, E.; Schaffer, K., 1987:
The use of lanthanum to characterize cell wall permeability in relation to deep supercooling and extracellular freezing in woody plants ii. intrageneric comparisons between betula lenta and betula papyrifera

Brading, A.F.; Widdicombe, J.H., 1977:
The use of lanthanum to estimate the numbers of extracellular cation exchanging sites in the guinea pigs tenia coli and its effects on trans membrane monovalent ion movements

Dupont, F.M.; Leonard, R.T., 1977:
The use of lanthanum to study the functional development of the casparian strip in corn roots

Salky B.A.; Bauer J.J.; Gelernt I.M.; Kreel I., 1988:
The use of laparoscopy in retroperitoneal pathology

Wilkerson F.P.; Dugdale R.C., 1987:
The use of large shipboard barrels and drifters to study the effects of coastal upwelling on phytoplankton dynamics

Kitching I.J., 1984:
The use of larval chaetotaxy in butterfly systematics with special reference to the danaini lepidoptera nymphalidae

Schlehr, F.J.; Limbird, T.A.; Swiontkowski, M.F.; Keller, T.S., 1987:
The use of laser Doppler flowmetry to evaluate anterior cruciate blood flow

Ohkubo H.; Kurita S.; Hirano M., 1987:
The use of laser in conservation therapy for carcinoma of the oropharynx

Bandieramonte G.; Chiesa F.; Lupi M.; D.P.etro S., 1986:
The use of laser in microsurgical oncology

Davenport D.M.; Richardson D.A.; Baker D.A., 1986:
The use of laser in pediatric gynecologic disorders

Pfeffermann R.; Merhav H.; Rothstein H.; Simon D., 1986:
The use of laser in rectal surgery

Mueller W.; Schmid E.; Wieser P., 1985:
The use of laser induced mass spectrometry for characterization of dust particles in air of animal houses

Melua, A.I., 1977:
The use of laser location of the atmosphere for establishing sanitary protection zones in commercial enterprises

Girolami A.; Antico S.; Pengo V.; Ruffato G.; Callegari F.; Cappellato M., 1985:
The use of laser nephelometry in evaluating fibrinogenemia in patients with hepatocarcinoma and cirrhosis

Tan C.H.; Sin Y.M.; Huang X.G., 1987:
The use of laser on acupuncture points for smoking cessation

Popescu V.; Vasiliu D.; Nitescu M., 1984:
The use of lasers in stomatology and maxillo facial surgery

Mitz V.; Staub S.; Vilain R., 1981:
The use of latissimus musculo cutaneous flaps is easy and reliable

Hessel, P.A.; Sluis-Cremer, G.K., 1985:
The use of lay readers of chest roentgenograms in industrial screening programs

Simson, J.A.; Dom, R.M., 1983:
The use of lead as an ionic tracer for investigating routes of passive fluid transfer

Evans H.E.; Dillon P.J.; Scholer P.J.; Evans R.D., 1986:
The use of lead lead 210 ratios in lake sediments for estimating atmospheric fallout of stable lead in south central ontario canada

Blunt C.G.; Jones R.F., 1980:
The use of leaf development rate to determine time to irrigate pangola grass digitaria decumbens

Jones, D.R.; Deverall, B.J., 1978:
The use of leaf transplants to study the cause of hyper sensitivity to leaf rust puccinia recondita in wheat carrying the lr 20 gene

Stanley C.D.; Harbaugh B.K.; Price J.F., 1982:
The use of leaf water potential for estimating the effect of seasonal water stress on yields of chrysanthemums chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar manatee yellow iceberg

Tarasov D.I.; Nikolaevskaya V.P.; Ababii I.I., 1985:
The use of lecozyme in the diseases of the middle ear

Kaplan, L.J.; Barr, F.G.; Daims, M.; Nelson, D.; Tanner, T.B., 1984 :
The use of lectin affinity chromatography for the selective isolation of plasma membranes

Zwaagstra J.C.; Armstrong G.D.; Leung W C., 1988:
The use of lectin affinity columns for selection of precursor or fully glycosylated forms of glycoproteins gd1 of herpes simplex virus type 1

Cipolloni P.B.; Hersch S.M.; White E.L., 1985:
The use of lectin transport in the mouse central nervous system as an anterograde axonal marker for electron microscopy

Horejsi V.; Ticha M.; Trnka T., 1984:
The use of lectins for determination of absolute configurations of small amounts of sugars eluted from chromatograms

Oberst S.; Villwock W.; Renwrantz L., 1988:
The use of lectins in erythrocyte agglutination tests to differentiate among tilapia spp

Owen, P.; Oppenheim, J.D.; Nachbar, M.S.; Kessler, R.E., 1977:
The use of lectins in the quantitation and analysis of macro molecules by affino electrophoresis

Lutsik M.D.; Kusen' S.I., 1987:
The use of lectins in the study of human red blood cell membrane glycoproteins

Raedler A.; Raedler E., 1985:
The use of lectins to study normal differentiation and malignant transformation

Kirilov M.P.; Sosnitskii I.I., 1986:
The use of leguminous crop grain in combined fodder starters for calves

Chakhal V.P.S.; Sharma P.K., 1982:
The use of lentil lens esculenta nodules as an antigen for strain identification of rhizobium leguminosarum

Ortolani O.; Biasiucci M.; Trebbi A.; Mazzarella L.; Imperatore R., 1985:
The use of lephetamine in the postoperative pain

Hattori T.; Fibiger H.C., 1982:
The use of lesions of afferents to localize neuro transmitter receptor sites in the striatum

Morse, E.E.; Quinn, J.; Altman, A.; Talaizedeh, M.; Brassel, J.; Taubman, S., 1980:
The use of leukocyte acid phosphatase in the diagnosis of malignant disease. Case report and review of literature

Alomar, A.; Giménez-Camarasa, J.M.; de Moragas, J.M., 1978:
The use of levamisole in atopic dermatitis: a prospective study

Fleming R., 1986:
The use of lhrh analogs combined with exogenous gonadotropins in the treatment of infertility

Hart R.; Webb P.G.; Biggs R.H.; Portier K.M., 1988:
The use of lichen fumigation studies to evaluate the effects of new emission sources on class i areas

Matthews K.M., 1981:
The use of lichens in a study of geo thermal radon emissions in new zealand

Kovalesky, A.; Sherry, D.D.; Lehman, T.J., 1986:
The use of lidocaine to reduce the pain of myochrysine injections for children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Blasi C.; Scoppola A., 1981:
The use of life forms in phytosociological classifications an example with data from xerophilous pastures

Gentile J.H.; Gentile S.M.; Hairston N.G.Jr; Sullivan B.K., 1982:
The use of life tables for evaluating the chronic toxicity of pollutants to mysidopsis bahia

Campbell, G.J.; Roach, M.R., 1983:
The use of ligament efficiency to model fenestrations in the internal elastic lamina of cerebral arteries 1. modeling scheme

Campbell, G.J.; Roach, M.R., 1983:
The use of ligament efficiency to model fenestrations in the internal elastic lamina of human cerebral arteries 2. analysis of the spatial geometry

Oud, P.S.; Henderik, J.B.; Huysmans, A.C.; Pahlplatz, M.M.; Hermkens, H.G.; Tas, J.; James, J.; Vooijs, G.P., 1984:
The use of Light Green and Orange II as quantitative protein stains, and their combination with the Feulgen method for the simultaneous determination of protein and DNA

Harbinson J.; Woodward F.I., 1987:
The use of light induced absorbance changes at 820 nm to monitor the oxidation state of p 700 in leaves

Sengupta, S.; Muir, M.D., 1977:
The use of light microscopy and electron microscopy in the study of experimentally altered spores and pollen grains

Chandler, J., 1977:
The use of light traps to study flight activity and seasonal abundance of mosquitoes of medical importance on the kano plain kenya

E.Hakim M.M., 1986:
The use of lignocaine adrenaline during halothane anesthesia

Doppelbauer R.; Esterbauer H.; Steiner W.; Lafferty R.M.; Steinmuller H., 1987:
The use of lignocellulosic wastes for production of cellulase by trichoderma reesei

Skolnick M.L.; Glaser E.R.; Mcwilliams B.J., 1980:
The use of limitations of the barium pharyngogram in the detection of velo pharyngeal insufficiency

Essig, A.; Caplan, S.R., 1979:
The use of linear nonequilibrium thermodynamics in the study of renal physiology

Hood, R.L., 1977:
The use of linear regression analysis in the isotope dilution assay of biotin

Marinchuk G.E., 1983:
The use of linked casein gene blocks to find milk production markers in red steppe cattle/

Harper, P.S.; O'Brien, T.; Murray, J.M.; Davies, K.E.; Pearson, P.; Williamson, R., 1983:
The use of linked DNA polymorphisms for genotype prediction in families with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Baghdassarian, R.; Wright, M.W.; Vaughn, S.A.; Berns, M.W.; Martin, D.C.; Wile, A.G., 1985:
The use of lipid emulsion as an intravesical medium to disperse light in the potential treatment of bladder tumors

Colley, C.M.; Ryman, B.E., 1976:
The use of liposomally entrapped enzyme in the treatment of an artificial storage condition

Cestelli, A.; White, F.V.; Costantino-Ceccarini, E., 1979:
The use of liposomes as acceptors for the assay of lipid glycosyl transferases ec from rat brain

Stefanovich L.E.; Linde S.A.; Karpova G.G.; Grineva N.I.; Magarill S.A., 1979:
The use of liposomes for incorporation of alkylating derivatives of mono nucleotides and oligo nucleotides into mammalian cells

Scherphof, G.L.; Roerdink, F.H.; Zborowski, J., 1975:
The use of liposomes to facilitate uptake of external substances by living cells possible therapeutic applications

Almazov V.A.; Freidlin I.S.; Krasil'nikova E.I., 1986:
The use of lipostabil to control the disorders of lipid metabolism in coronary patients

Bode, H.J., 1977:
The use of liquid poly acrylamide in electrophoresis part 1 mixed gels composed of agar agar and liquid poly acrylamide

Bode, H.J., 1977:
The use of liquid poly acrylamide in electrophoresis part 2 relationship between gel viscosity and molecular sieving

Bode H J., 1979:
The use of liquid poly acrylamide in electrophoresis part 3 properties of liquid poly acrylamide in the presence of cellulose acetate

Lawall J.S.; Wesselius C.L., 1982:
The use of lithium carbonate in borderline patients

Linden, S.; Rich, C.L., 1983:
The use of lithium during pregnancy and lactation

Iwanij, V., 1977:
The use of liver trans glutaminase for protein labeling

Halperin E.C.; Delmonico F.L.; Nelson P.W.; Shipley W.U.; Cosimi A.B., 1984:
The use of local allograft irradiation following renal transplantation

Sandkuehler J.; Maisch B.; Zimmermann M., 1987:
The use of local anesthetic microinjections to identify central pathways a quantitative evaluation of the time course and extent of the neuronal block

Aleksandrov, N.N.; Savchenko, N.E.; Fradkin, S.Z.; Zhavrid, E.A., 1977:
The use of local electro magnetic hyper thermia in oncology

Tsyb A.F.; Berdov B.A., 1987:
The use of local hyperthermia for therapy of cancer patients

E.D.shlouty M.S.; E.R.hman N.R.A.; Hussein M.F.; E.S.lam M.A.E., 1982:
The use of local pancreatic preparations for meat tenderization

Golob P.; Mwambula J.; Mhango V.; Ngulube G., 1982:
The use of locally available materials as protectants of maize grain against insect infestation during storage in malawi

Che X.; Yin H.; Liu L.; Lan Y.; Yang Y., 1986:
The use of logistic model in the study of factors affecting hbsag clearance

Vitaliano, P.P., 1978:
The use of logistic regression for modeling risk factors with application to nonmelanoma skin cancer

Ryan A.D.; Morrison W.A.; O'brien B.M., 1987:
The use of long synthetic microvascular grafts in dogs with a view to clinical application

Shen T Y.; Mitchell G.M.; Morrison W.A.; O'brien B.M., 1988:
The use of long synthetic microvascular grafts to vascularize free flaps in rabbits

Lipschitz D.A.; Mcginnis S.K.; Udupa K.B., 1983:
The use of long term bone marrow culture as a model of the aging process

Levite E.M.; Razzhivin V.P., 1986:
The use of long term epidural autoanalgesia

Paterson, I.D., 1977:
The use of loperamide for treatment of difficult to manage chronic diarrhea in adults

Dounce, A.L.; Ickowicz, R., 1970:
The use of low concentrations of heavy metals in the isolation of rat liver nuclei

Mabadeje, A.F., 1979:
The use of low dose of chlorthalidone in hypertensive Nigerians

Vitou, C.K.; Vitou, S.E., 1977:
The use of low intensity electrical stimulation to the auricles in psychiatric patients

Molchalov-Yu, S.; Beletskii, V.V., 1976:
The use of low intensity ir radiation for the prophylaxis of catarrhal diseases

Lincoln, P.J.; Dodd, B.E., 1978:
The use of low ionic strength solution in elution experiments and in combination with papain treated cells for the titration of various antibodies including eluted antibody

Ratcliffe J.F., 1986:
The use of low osmolality water soluble contrast media in the pediatric gastrointestinal tract a report of 115 examinations

Reifsnyder D.H.; Young C.T.; Jones E.E., 1984:
The use of low protein liquid diets to determine the methionine requirement and the efficacy of methionine hydroxy analog for the 3 week old pig

Ball, D.F.; Purnell, C.J., 1976:
The use of low temperature matrix isolation ir spectroscopy for the identification and measurement of airborne amines

Oliveira D.B.G., 1986:
The use of lumbar puncture in district general hospital

Kharina L.V.; Chudnyi A.V.; Patrikeev V.V., 1979 :
The use of luminescent dyes in the study of pollen distribution

Varshavskii, V.A.; Shakhanina, K.L.; Malkina, L.A.; Borisov, I.A.; Butko, T.S., 1975:
The use of luminescent mono specific sera against human immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m for diagnostic purposes

Barak M.; Ulitzur S.; Merzbach D., 1983:
The use of luminous bacteria for determination of phagocytosis

Wunderlich D.; Teramoto Y.A.; Alford C.; Schlom J., 1981:
The use of lymphocytes from axillary lymph nodes of mastectomy patients to generate human mono clonal antibodies

Iannetti, G.; D'arco, F., 1977:
The use of lyophilized dura in reconstruction of the orbital floor

Gjonovich A.; D.S.bbata A.; D.A.ici M.; Malattia F., 1988:
The use of lysine acetylsalicylate injected at the subarachnoid level for cancer pain the importance of the hyperbaricity of the solution employed

Stadhouders J.; Stegink H.; Van Den Berg G., 1986:
The use of lysozyme for the prevention of butyric acid fermentation in gouda cheese the limited effect of the enzyme

Fuersich, F.T., 1976:
The use of macro invertebrate associations in interpreting corallian upper jurassic environments

Szekerke, M.; Driscoll, J.S., 1977:
The use of macro molecules as carriers of anti tumor drugs

Konstantinova, O.V.; Chudnovskaya, M.V.; Yanenko, E.K.; Korolev, V.V., 1987:
The use of magnesium oxide and vitamin b 6 to prevent oxalate urolithiasis

Spisso, K.R.; Harbert, G.M.; Thiagarajah, S., 1982:
The use of magnesium sulfate as the primary tocolytic agent to prevent premature delivery

Bradshaw R.; Thompson R., 1985:
The use of magnetic measurements to investigate the mineralogy of icelandic lake sediments and to study catchment processes

Som, P.M.; Shugar, J.M.; Troy, K.M.; Sacher, M.; Stollman, A.L., 1988:
The use of magnetic resonance and computed tomography in the management of a patient with intrasinus hemorrhage

Vadyunina, A.F.; Smirnov-Yu, 1978:
The use of magnetic susceptibility for studying soils and their mapping

Muller M., 1984:
The use of magnets in orthodontics an alternative means to produce tooth movement

Reymert J.; Pape J., 1986:
The use of maintenance digitoxin in elderly patients with sinus rhythm is it useful

Belousov A.A., 1983:
The use of maize forms with chromosome duplicative deficit deficiency as a breeding method for lines and hybrid analogs based on male genic sterility

Lawton J.R., 1986:
The use of malachite green during fixation of plant tissues for the preservation of lipids

Kostin V.I., 1986:
The use of malate and nad to correct the blood supply and oxygen balance of the acutely ischemic myocardium

Teteryan, A.E.; Sarkisyan, M.K., 1975:
The use of male genital structure in the taxonomy of tabanids diptera tabanidae

Mazzucco G.; Basolo B.; Monga G., 1982:
The use of mallorys phospho tungstic acid hematoxylin stain in renal pathology

Doyle, T.C., 1982:
The use of mammography in diagnosis and screening

Forgione, A.G., 1976:
The use of mannequins in the behavioral assessment of child molesters 2 case reports

Habr Gama A.; Teixeira M.G.; Alves P.R.A.; Ventura T.C.M.; Gama Rodrigues J.J., 1981:
The use of mannitol 10 percent preparatory to endoscopy and surgery of the colon

Winterhalder K., 1983:
The use of manual surface seeding liming and fertilization in the reclamation of acid metal contaminated land in the sudbury ontario mining and smelting region of canada

Pascoe, L.; Morton, N.E., 1987:
The use of map functions in multipoint mapping

Blades M.; Spencer C., 1987:
The use of maps by 4 to 6 year old children in a large scale maze

Mendelson J.H.; Rossi A.M.; Meyer R.E., 1975:
The use of marihuana a psychological and physiological inquiry

Bowmer T.; Boelens R.G.V.; Keegan B.F.; O'neill J., 1986:
The use of marine benthic key species in ecotoxicological testing amphiura filiformis echinodermata ophiuroidea

Mueller S.; Ohnesorge B., 1985:
The use of marked slugs in estimating population densities and studying migrations of arion sp

Almeida J.D.; Skelly J.; Howard C.R.; Zuckerman A.J., 1981:
The use of markers in immune electron microscopy

Wouters, D.B.; Krom, R.A.; Slooff, M.J.; Kootstra, G.; Kuijjer, P.J., 1983:
The use of Marlex mesh in patients with generalized peritonitis and multiple organ system failure

Black S.A., 1985:
The use of marshlands in wastewater treatment a novel concept

Upton R.N.; Mather L.E.; Runciman W.B.; Nancarrow C.; Carapetis R.J., 1988:
The use of mass balance principles to describe regional drug distribution and elimination

Klepper O.; Van D.K.mer J.P.G., 1987:
The use of mass balances to test and improve the estimates of carbon fluxes in an ecosystem

Hendl, J., 1977:
The use of mathematical methods for the solution of question concerning physiological data in biochemical diagnostics/

Borisovets E.E.; Dgebuadze Y.Y.; Ermokhin V.Ya, 1987:
The use of mathematical methods to identify forms of altai oreoleuciscus pisces cyprinidae

Franke, D.S., 1980:
The use of mathematical optimization in radiation therapy for finding optimum irradiation techniques

Ignat'ev, N.N.; Peredkova, L.I., 1977:
The use of mathematical planning of an experiment in studying the biological activity of the soil

Bertolini J.E., 1981:
The use of mathematics in pharmaceutical research

Fuentes-Pardo, B.; Ortega, E.V., 1979:
The use of mathematics in the study of biologic rhythms 1. the periodogram

Robinson D.A., 1982:
The use of matrices in analyzing the 3 dimensional behavior of the vestibulo ocular reflex

Smith, C.A.B., 1976:
The use of matrices in calculating mendelian probabilities

Dzwonko Z., 1981:
The use of matrix for modeling population growth and dynamics

Rim Y., 1981:
The use of means of influence according to ordinal position and length of marriage

Scavia, D.; Eadie, B.J., 1976:
The use of measurable coefficients in process formulations zoo plankton grazing

Van Hoegaerden, M.; Ivanoff, B.; Flocard, F.; Salle, A.; Chabaud, B., 1987:
The use of mebendazole in the treatment of filariases due to Loa loa and Mansonella perstans

Arambulo, P.V.; Cabrera, B.D.; Cabrera, M.G., 1978:
The use of mebendazole in the treatment of Taenia saginata taeniasis in an endemic area in the Philippines

Farfan, H.F., 1985:
The use of mechanical etiology to determine the efficacy of active intervention in single joint lumbar intervertebral joint problems. Surgery and chemonucleolysis compared: a prospective study

Dykstra, D.; Sidi, A.; Cameron, J.; Magness, J.; Stradal, L.; Portugal, J., 1987 :
The use of mechanical stimulation to obtain the sacral reflex latency: a new technique

Nazaroff W.W.; Boegel M.L.; Hollowell C.D.; Roseme G.D., 1981:
The use of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery for controlling radon and radon daughter concentrations in houses

Potekhina L.I., 1983:
The use of media containing molybdenum glycerol and admixtures of nonassimilated polyols for differentiation of actinomycetes

Lavelle, C.L., 1985:
The use of medial axis transformation to examine evolutionary changes in mandibular shape

Panconi B.; Vidal L.; Bovet J.L.; Schoofs M.; Baudet J., 1985:
The use of medial planter flap to cover heel defects

Goldstone, J.; Way, L.W., 1978:
The use of medical audits in surgical education

Ozcelik S.; Saygi G., 1986:
The use of medium made of soybean in cultures of protozoa

Roa, R.L.; Pickard, W.F., 1976:
The use of membrane electrical noise in the study of characean electro physiology

Zillmann, U.; Nehls, R.; Schwartz, K., 1976:
The use of membrane filters to produce bacteria free water to be used in a specific pathogen free laboratory

Patrick, F.M., 1978:
The use of membrane filtration and marine agar 2216e to enumerate marine heterotrophic bacteria

Heatley F.W.; Revell W.J., 1985 :
The use of meniscal fibrocartilage as a surface arthroplasty to effect the repair of osteochondral defects an experimental study

Rabins, P.V.; Rovner, B.W.; Larson, D.B.; Burns, B.J.; Prescott, C.; Beardsley, R.S., 1987:
The use of mental health measures in nursing home research

Batten, P.J.; Hicks, L.J., 1988:
The use of mental status in death certification of suicide

Grodzinskii D.M.; Andreichenko S.V., 1982:
The use of mentor pollen to overcome self incompatibility in petunia hybrida

Elejalde B.R.; Pleyte K.; D.E.ejalde M.M., 1984:
The use of mercaptoethanol to obtain high resolution rbg banded chromosomes and a more successful chromosome analysis in humans

Dawson W.D.; Robinson S.C.; Smith T.C., 1983:
The use of mercuric chloride to evaluate the co substrate amino acid transport stoichiometry in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Konstankiewicz, K.; Stawinski, J., 1976:
The use of mercury porosimeter for studies of some soil properties

Soreq H.; Dziegielewska K.M.; Zevin Sonkin D.; Zakut H., 1986:
The use of messenger rna translation in vitro and in ovo followed by crossed immunoelectrophoretic autoradiography to study the biosynthesis of human cholinesterases

Nehls, R., 1978:
The use of metabolic inhibitors for the selection of fusion products of higher plant protoplasts

Rosenstein B.S.; Chao C.C K.; Ducore J.M., 1986:
The use of metabolic inhibitors to compare the excision repair of pyrimidine dimers and nondimer dna damages in human skin fibroblasts exposed to 254 nanometer and sunlamp produced greater than 310 nanometer uv radiation

Hazrati A.M., 1979:
The use of metal films in studying sulfuric acid droplets in the atmosphere

Edney K.L.; Chambers D.A., 1981:
The use of metalaxyl to control phytophthora syringae rot of apple fruits

Cheeseman, J.M.; Lund, S.C.; Doggett, C.A.; Perry, T.O., 1978:
The use of meteorological modeling and biological indicators to identify sources of phyto toxic pollutants

Knight P.V.; Semple C.G.; Kesson C.M., 1986:
The use of metformin in the older patient

Lee, H.J.; King, S.L.; Huang, W.L.; Lin, T.M.; Chung, W.C.; Sheu, J.Y.; Jih, K.S.; Yiin, K.T.; Chiang, C.D., 1987:
The use of methacholine challenge testing in the evaluation of chronic cough in adults

White J.G., 1983:
The use of methyl bromide and carbendazim for the control of lettuce big vein disease

Dobrovol'skaya T.G., 1986:
The use of methyl red to estimate the number of actinomycetes group bacteria in soils

Pinto G.; Basili P.; Romanelli L.; Collini S.; Gasparetto A., 1985:
The use of methylphenidate in ophthalmosurgical patients waking up from general anesthesia

Ghanadian, R.; Auf, G.; Chaloner, P.J.; Chisholm, G.D., 1978:
The use of methyltrienolone in the measurement of the free and bound cytoplasmic receptors for di hydro testosterone in benign hypertrophied human prostate

Chia, B.L.; Teoh, P.C.; Tan, N.B.; Ee, B., 1979:
The use of metoprolol in the management of hypertension

Cohen M.; Smith W.L.; Smith H.A.; Gresham E.L.; Schreiner R.; Lemons J., 1980:
The use of metrizamide amipaque to visualize the gastro intestinal tract in children a preliminary report

Fukuda, M.; Kawanami, T.; Nishitani, H.; Onitsuka, H.; Kawahira, K., 1984:
The use of metrizamide to examine the gastrointestinal tract in children. Preliminary report

Willison J.C.; Vignais P.M., 1982:
The use of metronidazole to isolate nif minus mutants of rhodopseudomonas capsulata and the identification of a mutant with altered regulatory properties of nitrogenase

Murayama, S.Y.; Sakai, T.; Makino, S.; Kurata, T.; Sasakawa, C.; Yoshikawa, M., 1986:
The use of mice in the Sereny test as a virulence assay of shigellae and enteroinvasive Escherichia coli

Linke E.; Zimmermann K.; Krause H., 1979:
The use of micro collodion capsules in concentrating cerebro spinal fluid by centrifugal force

Symonds R.J.; Unwin D.M., 1982:
The use of micro computer to collect activity data

Schneider, W.; Wahl, M.; Kuschinsky, W.; Thurau, K., 1977:
The use of micro electrodes for measurement of local hydrogen ion activity in the cortical subarachnoidal space of cats

Pinciroli, F., 1978:
The use of micro processors in biomedical applications an overview

Trakhtenberg, I.M.; Brit, I.S.; Morgunova-Ya, I., 1976 :
The use of micro spectral analysis of cell cultures for the evaluation of the comparative toxicity of new chemical substances

Lebedev L.V.; Vavilov V.N.; Shlomin V.V.; Gorbunov G.N.; Tokarevich K.K., 1983:
The use of micro surgical techniques to treat obliterating diseases of the main arteries in lower extremities

Chapuis J.L., 1980:
The use of micro techniques for the identification of the dietary items in the feces of the european wild rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus

Picci G.; Civilini M.; D.B.rtoldi M., 1986:
The use of microbial tests to evaluate the mutagenic potential of pesticide residues and their metabolites in produce

Hydes D.J., 1985:
The use of microcomputer for data acquisition and reduction from a continuous flow analysis system for use at sea

Legras J.; Legras B.; Lambert J.P.; Aletti P., 1986:
The use of microcomputer for non linear optimization of doses in external radiotherapy

Irving J.M.; Crombie I.K., 1986:
The use of microcomputers for data management in a large epidemiological survey

Wylie, G.A.; Wilson, S.L.; Wedgwood, J., 1984:
The use of microcomputers for psychological assessment of physically disabled adults

Lott, T.J.; Yang, J.H.; Ye, J.H.; Wallace, D.C., 1985:
The use of microcomputers for the quantitation of light intensity patterns using digitized video signals

Cragg B.A.; Fry J.C., 1984:
The use of microcosms to simulate field experiments to determine the effects of herbicides on aquatic bacteria

Hodgson A.; Minson J.; Chalmers J.; Pilowsky P., 1987:
The use of microinjected colloidal gold and immunocytochemistry to localize pressor sites in the rostral medulla oblongata of the rat

Il'inskikh, N.N.; Il'inskikh, I.N., 1988:
The use of micronuclei analysis for testing aneuploid cells' level in murine bone marrow of mice affected by different mutagenic factors

Akita, H.; Furuichi, A.; Koshiji, H.; Horikoshi, K.; Oishi, T., 1983:
The use of microorganisms in organic synthesis 1. microbiological asymmetric reduction of 2 methyl 3 oxo butyrates

Akita, H.; Furuichi, A.; Koshiji, H.; Horikoshi, K.; Oishi, T., 1983:
The use of microorganisms in organic synthesis 2. microbiological asymmetric reduction of 2 methyl 3 oxo succinates

Akita, H.; Furuichi, A.; Koshiji, H.; Horikoshi, K.; Oishi, T., 1984:
The use of microorganisms in organic synthesis 3. microbiological asymmetric reduction of methyl 3 2 furyl 2 methyl 3 oxo propionate

Akita, H.; Furuichi, A.; Koshiji, H.; Horikoshi, K.; Oishi, T., 1984:
The use of microorganisms in organic synthesis 4. microbiological asymmetric reduction of methyl 3 phenyl 2 oxo butyrate

Wang, M.L.; Yan, J.X.; Lin, Q.A., 1986:
The use of micropeptide maps and monoclonal antibodies for antigenic variation analysis of influenza A viruses isolated in China from 1972 to 1983

Zelder O.; Werner H.; Jerusalem C.R., 1983:
The use of microvascular graft as an arterial substitute in the abdominal aorta of the rat

Habeger C.C.; Baum G.A., 1987:
The use of microwave attenuation as a measure of fiber orientation anisotropy

D.Castro, J., 1987:
The use of midazolam and opioid associations in anesthesia (ataranalgesia)

Jonas D.; Linzbach P.; Weber W., 1979:
The use of midodrine in the treatment of ejaculation disorders following retroperitoneal lymph adenectomy

Hammerer I.; Gassner I.; Schwingshackl A., 1981:
The use of midodrine in the treatment of the orthostatic syndrome

Feo, M.; De-Pacheco, A., 1976:
The use of milk in the production of chlamydo spores

Ferreira A.A.; Silva J.R.; Vasques M.I.A.R.; Cunha I.J.A.C.C.D., 1985:
The use of milk progesterone for diagnosis of pregnancy and investigation of reproductive parameters

Lamming, G.E.; Bulman, D.C., 1976:
The use of milk progesterone radio immunoassay in the diagnosis and treatment of subfertility in dairy cows

Asarov-Kh, K.; Gulyakin, I.V.; Demin, V.A.; Zhukov-Yu, P.; Chuprikov-Yu, K., 1976:
The use of mineral fertilizers in the nonchernozem zone with the moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr as an example

Bell A.C., 1980:
The use of mineral oil to inhibit aphid transmission of potato veinal necrosis virus a laboratory and field experiment

Milorad M.; Teodor D., 1986:
The use of miniplates produced in yugoslavia in the treatment of the lower jaw fracture

Glooschenko W.A.; Holloway L.; Arafat N., 1986:
The use of mires in monitoring the atmospheric deposition of heavy metals

Awwad H.K.; Barsoum M.; E.M.rzabani M.; Omar S.; E.B.dawy S.; Ezzat S.; Abd H.; Zaki A., 1983:
The use of misonidazole in association with a 3 fractions per day regimen in advanced head and neck epidermoid cancer a pilot study

Visscher M.N.D., 1981:
The use of mist nets in birds community analysis in a tropical habitat

Spencer J.F.T.; Spencer D.M.; Bizeau C.; Martini A.V.; Martini A., 1985:
The use of mitochondrial mutants in hybridization of industrial yeast strains

Spencer, J.F.T.; Bizeau, C.; Reynolds, N.; Spencer, D.M., 1985:
The use of mitochondrial mutants in hybridization of industrial yeast strains vi. characterization of the hybrid saccharomyces diastaticus x saccharomyces rouxii obtained by protoplast fusion and its behavior in simulated dough raising tests

Spencer, J.F.T.; Spencer, D.M., 1980:
The use of mitochondrial mutants in the isolation of hybrids involving industrial yeast strains 1. use in mass matings of intact cells

Spencer, J.F.T.; Laud, P.; Spencer, D.M., 1980:
The use of mitochondrial mutants in the isolation of hybrids involving industrial yeast strains 2. use in isolation of hybrids obtained by protoplast fusion

D.S.nchez N.; Marinkelle C.J.; Guhl F., 1983:
The use of mixed antigen in diagnosis of chagas disease and toxoplasmosis by indirect immuno fluorescence test

Jamroz D.; Mazurkiewicz M.; Bartczak R., 1987:
The use of mixed concentrated fodder with decreased protein levels prepared from domestic polish components in the rearing of pheasants

Jeroch H., 1986:
The use of mixed corn cob silage in the feeding of laying hens

Polishchuk, A.M.; Aksenovich, T.I.; Ginzburg, E.K. ; Kalmykov, E.Y. ; Urzhenko, A.V., 1976:
The use of mixed suspensions of liver cells isolated from several rats for cytological studies

Armstrong N.A.; Lowndes D.H.L., 1984:
The use of mixtures of spray dried lactose and microcrystalline cellulose as direct compression diluents

Rychlik P., 1985:
The use of modal default reasoning in information systems

Borstlap A.C., 1983:
The use of model fitting in the interpretation of dual uptake isotherms

Ponkratov P.A.; Orlov A.N.; Iovshchik V.I., 1985:
The use of moderate prolonged ganglioplegia during surgery and in the postoperative period

Hardon, A.P., 1987:
The use of modern pharmaceuticals in a Filipino village: doctors' prescription and self medication

Pross H.F.; Gallinger L.A.; Rubin P.; Baines M.G., 1981:
The use of modified cunningham chambers for the enumeration of h rosettes e rosettes and lymphocyte tumor cell conjugates

Hatle, K.; Schmoranz, M.; Kyslikova, L., 1977:
The use of modified tissue medium epl for perfusion of the rat liver

Popovici D.; Neacsu E.; Jurenkova G.; Raitaru M.; Murgu I.; Miclaus V., 1980:
The use of molasses as a correction factor of the dietary fat depressing effect on the rumen digestion in fattening cattle

Ogarkova, O.A.; Turova, T.P.; Balayeva, N.M., 1985 :
The use of molecular hybridization to evaluate the divergence of some altered Rickettsia prowazekii strains

Balashova V.V., 1985:
The use of molecular sulfur as an agent oxidizing hydrogen by the facultative anaerobic pseudomonas strain

Kennedy, P.C., 1986:
The use of molluscs for monitoring trace elements in the marine environment in new zealand 1. the contribution of ingested sediment to the trace element concentrations in new zealand molluscs

Small, E.W.; Isenberg, I., 1976:
The use of moment index displacement in analyzing fluorescence time decay data

Wilkinson J.I.D.; Appleby W.G.C.; Shaw C.J.; Lebas G.; Pflug R., 1980:
The use of monensin in european pasture cattle

Bonsembiante M.; Andrighetto I., 1984:
The use of monensin in fattening heifers fed with maize stovers and maize grain silages

Beever D.E.; Losada H.R.; Gale D.L.; Spooner M.C.; Dhanoa M.S., 1987:
The use of monensin or formaldehyde to control the digestion of the nitrogenous constituents of perennial ryegrass lolium perenne cultivar melle and white clover trifolium repens cultivar blanca in the rumen of cattle

Dzhikidze Z.K.; Shaginyan S.A.; Pospelova V.V.; Rakhimova N.G.; Khaleneva M.P.; Shreder G., 1986:
The use of monkeys as models for evaluating the efficacy of microbial biopreparations in diseases associated with dysbacteriosis

Balayan M.S., 1986:
The use of monkeys for studying problems of viral hepatitis

Perrin D.; Ingrand D.; Fortier B.; Kemler R.; Nicolas J.C.; Huraux J.M.; Bricout F., 1984:
The use of mono clonal antibodies and restriction endo nuclease cleavage of viral dna in herpes simplex virus typing

Niehmann M.; Kearney J.F.; Volanakis J.E., 1984:
The use of mono clonal antibodies as probes of the 3 dimensional structure of human complement factor d

Cranage M.P.; Mclean C.S.; Buckmaster E.A.; Minson A.C.; Wildy P.; Coombs R.R.A., 1983:
The use of mono clonal antibodies in reverse passive hem agglutination tests for herpes simplex virus antigens and antibodies

Buckmaster E.A.; Cranage M.P.; Mclean C.S.; Coombs R.R.A.; Minson A., 1984:
The use of mono clonal antibodies to differentiate isolates of herpes simplex types 1 and 2 by neutralization and reverse passive hem agglutination tests

Wolff B.; Gregoriadis G., 1984:
The use of monoclonal anti thy 1 immunoglobulin g 1 for the targeting of liposomes to akr a cells in vitro and in vivo

Chervonskii A.V.; Filatov A.V.; Cherepakhin V.V.; Brondz B.D., 1984:
The use of monoclonal antibodies against rat immunoglobulin light chains in radioimmunoassay of differentiation antigens of mouse lymphocytes

Shawler D.L.; Wormsley S.B.; Dillman R.O.; Frishman D.M.; Bairds S.M.; Glassy M.C.; Royston I., 1985:
The use of monoclonal antibodies and flow cytometry to detect peripheral blood and bone marrow involvement of a diffuse poorly differentiated lymphoma

Pereira, M.S.; Chakraverty, P.; Cunningham, P.; Webster, R.G., 1985:
The use of monoclonal antibodies for the antigenic analysis of influenza A viruses

Eshba I.R.; Kochanova N.A.; Popov K.M.; Bulargina T.V.; Severin E.S., 1987:
The use of monoclonal antibodies for the purification of a regulatory subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Hosoi S.; Shinomiya K.; Mikawa H., 1984:
The use of monoclonal antibodies in demonstrating the effect of antibody heterogeneity on immune complex size

Juntti N.; Larsson B.; Fossum C., 1987:
The use of monoclonal antibodies in elisa for detection of antibodies to bovine viral diarrhea virus

Bohner K.; Boons J.; Gheuens J.; Konings F.; D.P.tter W.P., 1985:
The use of monoclonal antibodies in the study of the interaction between adrenal medullary cell membranes and chromaffin granules

Alterman, L.; Bird, C.; Callus, M.; Ford, A.; Thorpe, R., 1987:
The use of monoclonal antibodies raised against a human IgE myeloma paraprotein for the study of allergen extracts and sera from allergic patients

Kozaki, S.; Kamata, Y.; Nagai, T.; Ogasawara, J.; Sakaguchi, G., 1986:
The use of monoclonal antibodies to analyze the structure of Clostridium botulinum type E derivative toxin

Chen, P.; Bochacki, V.; Reynolds, H.S.; Beanan, J.; Tatakis, D.N.; Zambon, J.J.; Genco, R.J., 1986:
The use of monoclonal antibodies to detect Bacteroides gingivalis in biological samples

Bahrani Z.; Sherwood J.L.; Sanborn M.R.; Keyser G.C., 1988:
The use of monoclonal antibodies to detect wheat soil borne mosaic virus

Poulsen H.S.; Ozzello L.; King W.J.; Greene G.L., 1985:
The use of monoclonal antibodies to estrogen receptors for immunoperoxidase detection of estrogen receptors in paraffin sections in human breast cancer tissue

Merry, A.H.; Hodson, C.; Thomson, E.; Mallinson, G.; Anstee, D.J., 1986:
The use of monoclonal antibodies to quantify the levels of sialoglycoproteins alpha and delta and variant sialoglycoproteins in human erythrocyte membranes

Blair Zajdel, M.E.; Barker, M.D.; Dixon, S.C.; Blair, G.E., 1985:
The use of monoclonal antibodies to study the proteins specified by the transforming region of human adenoviruses

Allen C.; Weereratne H.; Gale R.; Beverley P.C.L.; Huehns E.R., 1987:
The use of monoclonal antibodies uch beta and uch gamma for the antenatal diagnosis of beta thalassemia

Chen B Q.; Zhou G F.; Liu Q Z.; L.G.C.; P.X.Z., 1984:
The use of monoclonal antibody against japanese b encephalitis virus for experimental treatment of mice infected by japanese b encephalitis virus

Kanitakis J.; Schmitt D.; Thivolet J., 1985:
The use of monoclonal antibody d 47 in sweat gland pathology

Thomson E.R.E., 1985:
The use of morphanalysis in orthognathic surgery

Borisenko, E.Y. ; Kot, M.M., 1977:
The use of morpho physiological biochemical and immuno genetic parameters in the selection of animals

Shustov, A.P., 1978:
The use of morpho physiological indices for distinguishing populations of pinnipeds

Ananthasubramanian, L.; Govindan, S.V.; Deodhar, K.D.; Bhattacharyya, S.C., 1978:
The use of morpholine adducts in the chemistry of sesqui terpene alpha methylene gamma lactones

Mikhael, N.Z.; Boggs, M.; Kacew, S.; Potvin, D.L., 1986:
The use of morphologic tissue examinations as novel technique for estimation of drug adverse reactions in hospitalized patients

Uhrin V.; Kulisek V., 1980 :
The use of morphometric methods for determination of the thickness of muscular fibers

Macdonald G.M.; Waters N.M., 1988:
The use of most predictable surfaces for the classification and mapping of taxon assemblages

Miller E.; Jones E.; Staten R., 1986:
The use of moth scales to determine male pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella visitation to individual pheromone dispensers in a mating disruption system

Fleming, T.P.; Pratt, H.P.; Braude, P.R., 1987:
The use of mouse preimplantation embryos for quality control of culture reagents in human in vitro fertilization programs: a cautionary note

Bourne P.K., 1984:
The use of ms 222 tricaine methanesulfonate as an anesthetic for routine blood sampling in 3 species of marine teleosts

Connor V.M., 1986:
The use of mucous trails by intertidal limpets to enhance food resources

Hamilton, P.V., 1977:
The use of mucous trails in gastropod orientation studies

Basford K.E., 1982:
The use of multi dimensional scaling in analyzing multi attribute genotype response across environments

Cailliez M.; Poupin F.; Pages J.P.; Savel J., 1982:
The use of multi variate analysis for the study of specific immuno globulins in african sleeping sickness

Rod, J.; Tosovsky, J., 1975:
The use of multi variate analysis in breeding and variety testing

Donner A.P.; Cunningham D.A., 1983:
The use of multi variate analysis of variance in physiological research the 2 group case

Hopke, P.K.; Gladney, E.S.; Gordon, G.E.; Zoller, W.H.; Jones, A.G., 1976:
The use of multi variate analysis to identify sources of selected elements in the boston massachusetts usa urban aerosol

Erhardt, V.; Taeufel, A.; Ruttloff, H.; Seppelt, B., 1984:
The use of multi variate mathematical statistical methods in the solution of tasks in the fields of nutritional science foodstuff economy and food technology 1. introduction and goal

Erhardt, V.; Taeufel, A.; Seppelt, B.; Ruttloff, H., 1984:
The use of multi variate mathematical statistical methods in the solution of tasks in the fields of nutritional science foodstuff economy and food technology 2. the statistical experimental plans of a first order

Bruland O.; Fodstad O.; Pihl A., 1985:
The use of multicellular spheroids in establishing human sarcoma cell lines in vitro

Claude S.G.; Tabacchi R., 1988:
The use of multidimensional capillary chromatography in conjunction with a triple quadripole mass spectrometer in the analysis of complex mixtures gc gc ms ms

Gorman, R.P.; Sawatari, T., 1985:
The use of multidimensional perceptual models in the selection of sonar echo features

Gray L.; King J.A., 1986:
The use of multidimensional scaling to determine principal resource axes

Laing R.L., 1979:
The use of multiple inversion and clean flo lake cleanser in controlling aquatic plants

Andrews, J.T., 1977:
The use of multiple radio nuclide scanning in the differentiation of upper abdominal lesions

Onadipe A.O.; Bushell M.E., 1987:
The use of multivariate analysis for the design of selective isolation conditions for mutants of streptomyces cattleya with improved antibiotic titre

Brown J.; Caligari P.D.S., 1988:
The use of multivariate cross prediction methods in the breeding of a clonally reproduced crop solanum tuberosum

Trajtenberg M., 1984:
The use of multivariate regression analysis in contrast detail studies of computed tomography scanners

Turgut H.; Pearson D.; Brennan J., 1979:
The use of mutton tallow fat in fish merlangus merlangus sausages

Kennedy C.L.; Breach N.M.; Shepherd J.H.; Hendry W.F., 1987:
The use of myocutaneous flaps following radical excision of the external genitalia

Miroshnikov, A.I.; Dem'yashkin, E.Y. ; Kudelin, A.B.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1975:
The use of n carboxy anhydrides of o nitrophenylsulfenyl amino acids for chemical modification of proteins

Abdipranoto, A.; Hope, A.P.; Halpern, B., 1977:
The use of n epsilon 2 hydroxyaryl methylene protected ornithine and lysine derivatives in solid phase peptide synthesis

Bramson H.N.; Thomas N.E.; Kaiser E.T., 1985:
The use of n methylated peptides and depsipeptides to probe the binding of heptapeptide substrates to cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Scheuner G.; Flemming G., 1979 :
The use of n n di ethyl pseudo iso cyanin chloride for polarization optical detection of poly anions in the histological section

Piotrovskii, L.B.; Kiselev, O.I., 1976:
The use of n n thionyl di imidazole for labeling rna 5 prime terminal mono ester phosphate groups with phosphorus 32 ortho phosphate

Hewitt, D.; Labib, A.I., 1978:
The use of n paraffin grown yeast as the main source of protein in diets for chicks

Buttery, J.E.; Lim, H.H.; De-Witt, G.F., 1976:
The use of nadh as a standard in a modified phenazine methyl sulfate 2 4 iodophenyl 3 4 nitrophenyl 5 phenyl tetrazolium chloride colorimetric assay of lactate dehydrogenase

Lee, C.T.; Giam, Y.C.; Tan, T., 1987:
The use of naftifine (Exoderil) cream in the treatment of dermatophytosis

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