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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6790

Chapter 6790 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Elkon D.; Constable W.C., 1979: The use of strontium 90 in the treatment of carcinoma in situ of the conjunctiva

Mortimer D.; Curtis E.F.; Dravland J.E., 1986: The use of strontium substituted media for capacitating human spermatozoa an improved sperm preparation method for the zona free hamster egg penetration test

Arnold J.R.; Winsor E.J.T., 1984: The use of structured scenarios in genetic counseling

Das P.K.; Ibrahim A.A.; Binkhuysen F.; Hue P.T.; Qui T.H.; Rangarajan R.; Ruitenberg E.J., 1982: The use of sub cellular components of bcg for studying host mycobacterium bovis interaction in relation to leprosy

Perez-Garcia, T.; Del-Castillo-Sanjuan, M., 1977: The use of sub cutaneous implants and the perez garcia system in the control of the sexual cycle of the ewe of the manchega breed comparative study

Dudek, B.; Nowacki, H., 1987: The use of subjective symptoms measurements for the evaluation of health effects of workers' exposure to neurotoxic compounds

Hermann, R.; Rudolph, R.; Jaenicke, R., 1982: The use of subunit hybridization to monitor the reassociation of porcine lactate dehydrogenase ec after acid dissociation

Torres-Anjel, M. J.; Darland, G.; Dowell, V. R.; Riemann, H. P., 1975: The use of suckling mice in assaying clostridium perfringens type a entero toxin

Hoffmann, E. M.; Brogden, M. C., 1976: The use of sucrose as a cryoprotective agent for the labile sheep erythrocyte complement component intermediate complex sheep erythrocyte antibody activated complement c 1 through c 2 complex

Kwok P.; Hawke M., 1987: The use of suction cautery in adenoidectomy

Chagas E.F.D.; Silveira Neto S., 1985: The use of suction sampler in the study of the entomofauna in a citrus sinensis orchard

Apolen D.; Malik J.; Margetin M.; Capistrak A., 1986: The use of suffolk and east frisian rams in commercial crossbreeding of merino ewes

Seyfried Williams R.; Mclaughlin B.J., 1983: The use of sugar coated beads to study phagocytosis in normal and dystrophic retina

Thiago L.R.L.D.S.; Costa F.P.; Silva J.M.D.; Baroli E.A.; Figueiredo G.R.; Curvo J.B.E., 1986: The use of sugarcane tops for fattening steers in feedlots supplemented with corn sorghum urea and pigeon pea forage

Cunningham P.R.; Clark D.P., 1986: The use of suicide substrates to select mutants of escherichia coli lacking enzymes of alcohol fermentation

Barbolani E.; Piccardi G.; Pantani F., 1985: The use of sulfite in the potentiometric titration of a mixture of chlorine and chloramines

Garsed S.G., 1981: The use of sulfite solutions for studying the effects of sulfur di oxide on higher plants

Shephard, E. G.; De-Beer, F. C.; Von-Holt, C.; Hapgood, J. P., 1988: The use of sulfosuccinimidyl 2 p azidosalicylamido 1 3' dithiopropionate as a crosslinking reagent to identify cell surface receptors

Canella R., 1986: The use of sulodexide in mesotherapy clinical aspects case histories results

Pisano L.; Moronesi F.; Falco F.; Stipa E.; Fabbianai N.; Dolfi R.; Conoscenti E.; Gloria R.; Pepe R., 1986: The use of sulodexide in the treatment of peripheral vasculopathy accompanying metabolic diseases controlled study in hyperlipidemic and diabetic subjects

Piva, R.; Tartaglia, R., 1987: The use of sulprostone for cervical dilation in internal abortions

Berzins T.; Wiken M.; Hellstrom U.; Perlmann P., 1983: The use of supernatants from neuraminidase and galactose oxidase treated lymphocytes as a source of t cell growth factor

Bhanganada K.; Kiettiphongthavorn V.; Wilde H., 1986: The use of supersaturated sucrose solution for chronic skin ulcers resurrection of an old remedy

Sherratt D.J.; Wheater H.S., 1984: The use of surface resistance soil moisture relationships in soil water budget models

Whitmore T.; Kalisch W E., 1986: The use of surface spread polytene chromosomes for high resolution fluorescence microscopic analyses

Nicholas N.K., 1987: The use of surgical rubber gloves by school dental nurses

Rocca W.A.; Fratiglioni L.; Bracco L.; Pedone D.; Groppi C.; Schoenberg B.S., 1986: The use of surrogate respondents to obtain questionnaire data in case control studies of neurologic diseases

Cole M., 1982: The use of surrogate sex partners in the treatment of sex dys functions and allied conditions

Landau, E.; Brandt, C. S., 1970: The use of surveys to estimate air pollution damage to agriculture

Wickramaratne P.J.; Prusoff B.A.; Merikangas K.R.; Weissman M.M., 1986: The use of survival time models with nonproportional hazard functions to investigate age of onset in family studies

Sherman L.M., 1987: The use of sustained release morphine in a hospice setting

Winstanley R.P., 1985: The use of sutures in the mouth

Franckx J.; Shmerling D.H., 1984: The use of sweat osmolality in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis

Samaras G.M.; Eddy H.A.; Better W.E.; Carlyle J.R., 1986: The use of swine in brain interstitial radiation studies

Oste C.; Brimacombe R., 1979: The use of sym triazine tri chloride in rna protein cross linking studies with escherichia coli ribosomal subunits

Abbakumov V.V.; Lebedeva R.N.; Eremenko A.A.; Podlesskikh Yu S.; Mikhailov Yu M., 1986: The use of sympathomimetics to treat early postoperative acute circulatory insufficiency in cardiosurgical patients

Harry G.J.; Goodrum J.F.; Krigman M.R.; Morell P., 1985: The use of synapsin i as a biochemical marker for neuronal damage by trimethyltin

Necas J.; Tetik K., 1984: The use of synchronization for higher yields zygotes in the culture of the homothallic alga chlamydomonas geitleri

Huxley, H. E.; Faruqi, A. R.; Bordas, J.; Koch, M. H. J.; Milch, J. R., 1980: The use of synchrotron radiation in time resolved x ray diffraction studies of myosin layer line reflections during muscle contraction

Clifton C.Jr; Frazier L., 1986: The use of syntactic information in filling gaps

Feichtinger W.; Kemeter P.; Menezo Y., 1986: The use of synthetic culture medium and patient serum for human in vitro fertilization and embryo replacement

Ratcliffe A.; Stanworth D.R., 1982: The use of synthetic gamma chain peptides in the localization of the binding sites on human immuno globulin g 1 for the fc receptors of homologous monocytes and heterologous mouse macrophages

Andreux F., 1981: The use of synthetic model molecules in the study of the insolubilization and bio degradation processes of humic poly condensates

Bianchi-Rossi, C. A.; Rizzini, V., 1981: The use of synthetic mono filament 0.2 10 0 sutures in cataract surgery

Evans, W. D., 1977: The use of synthetic octo ploids in strawberry breeding

Miyada C.G.; Soberon X.; Itakura K.; Wilcox G., 1982: The use of synthetic oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides to produce specific deletions in the ara bad promoter of escherichia coli b r

Brenner D.G.; Shaw W.V., 1985: The use of synthetic oligonucleotides with universal templates for rapid dna sequencing results with staphylococcal replicon pc 221

Harfenist E.J.; Guccione M.A.; Packham M.A.; Mustard J.F., 1982: The use of synthetic peptide glycylprolyarginyl proline in the preparation of thrombin de granulated rabbit platelets

Alfani F.; Cantarella M.; Cirielli G.; Scardi V., 1984: The use of synthetic polymers for preventing enzyme thermal inactivation

Freeman, G. G.; Whenham, R. J., 1975: The use of synthetic racemic s 1 propyl l cysteine sulfoxide and of alliinase preparations in studies of flavor changes resulting from processing of onion allium cepa

Del Bene G.; Rumine P., 1984: The use of synthetic sex pheromones against epichoristodes acerbella in carnations

Pagliano L.; Spelta P.; Monti G., 1987: The use of syntropium bromide in pediatric spastic pain preliminary clinical remarks

Elmore R.T.Jr; Wildman R.W.II.; Westefeld J.S., 1980: The use of systematic de sensitization in the treatment of blood phobia

Sisson R.W.; Mallams J.H., 1981: The use of systematic encouragement and community access procedures to increase attendance at alcoholics anonymous and al anon meetings

Nussey C.; Worthington B.; Pinkard D., 1985: The use of systematic reliability assessment techniques for the evaluation and design of mining electronic systems

Hill J.C., 1986: The use of systemic cyclosporin a in human corneal transplantation a preliminary report

Gilliland, M. W.; Risser, P. G., 1977: The use of systems diagrams for environmental impact assessment procedures and an application

Zhu M.; Et Al, 1982: The use of systolic time interval in atrial septal defect ventricular septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus

Traycoff R.B.; Rogers W.W.; Gregory S.A., 1981: The use of t cell subtyping to distinguish rheumatoid arthritis from systemic lupus erythematosus

Brown E.G., 1987: The use of t1 oligonucleotide mapping to determine that the emergence of canadian 1973 like and 1974 like h3n2 strains in 1984 was the result of laboratory contamination

Williams R.O.IIi; Mcginity J.W., 1988: The use of tableting indices to study the compaction properties of powders

Pfuntner, A. R., 1977: The use of tachometers to improve the accuracy of pesticide applications by ground equipment

Larson M.A.; Stein B.E., 1984: The use of tactile and olfactory cues in neo natal orientation and localization

De Herdt E.; Kondo M.; Slegers H., 1981: The use of taka diastase in a tritium labeled poly adenylic acid hybridization assay of oligo uridylic acid sequences in rna

Weissberg D.; Kaufman M., 1986: The use of talc for pleurodesis in the treatment of resistant empyema

Dundas I.S.; Britten E.J.; Byth D.E.; Gordon G.H., 1988: The use of tangled pachytene chromosomes for karyotype analysis in atylosia

Roholl P.J.M.; Leene W.; Kapsenberg M.L.; Vos J.G., 1981: The use of tannic acid fixation for electron microscope visualization of fluorochrome labeled antibodies attached to cell surface antigens

Cotta-Pereira, G.; Guerra-Rodrigo, F.; David-Ferreira, J. F., 1976: The use of tannic acid glutaraldehyde in the study of elastic and elastic related fibers

Pipinis, I. A.; Stalyukas, D. Yu ; Kershulis, A. S., 1977: The use of tanning waste from tanning knotweed for production of fodder yeasts

Wolff, S. W., 1978: The use of tape recorded calls to locate and census orange river partridge

Tsuboyama, A.; Miki, F.; Yoshida, M.; Ogura, Y.; Miyatake, T., 1977: The use of tears for diagnosis of gm 1 gangliosidosis

Frisch J.E., 1982: The use of teat size measurements or calf weaning weight as an aid to selection against teat defects in cattle

Raggueneau J.L.; Gambini D.; Spector M.; Levante A.; Thurel C., 1980: The use of technetium 99m di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid for the measurement of extracellular water

Okamura K.; Ito K.; Senda M.; Ban K.; Takeuchi F.; Shimoji T., 1985: The use of technetium 99m dimercaptosuccinic acid renoscintigraphy in evaluation of differential renal function

Abdel Dayem H.; Mahajan K.; Owuwanne A.; Ericsson S.; Nawaz K.; Kouris K.; Higazy E.; Awdeh M., 1988: The use of technetium 99m dtpa for detection and localization of site of acute gastrointestinal bleeding

Schoubye J.; Oester Joergensen E.; Pedersen S.A., 1981: The use of technetium 99m labeled 2 6 di ethyl acetanilide imino di acetic acid in evaluating normal hepato biliary dynamics

Sveshnikov, A. A.; Smotrova, L. A.; Grigencha, I. G., 1982: The use of technetium 99m labeled colloid to study the lymph flow in a leg stretch after g. a. ilizarovs technique

Dee P.; Lambruschi P.G.; Hiebert J.M., 1981: The use of technetium 99m labeled methylene di phosphonate bone scanning in the study of vascularized bone implants concise communication

Bardfeld P.A.; Rand J.; Goldsmith S.J., 1981: The use of technetium 99m labeled sulfur colloid as a marker for experimental venous thrombosis

Khammash N.F.; Halkar R.K.; Abdel Dayem H.M., 1988: The use of technetium 99m pertechnetate in postoperative thyroid carcinoma a comparative study with iodine 131

Kasatkin-Yu, N.; Purizhanskii, I. I.; Survila, Z. P.; Agranat, V. Z.; Korsunskii, V. N., 1976: The use of technetium 99m pyro phosphate in diagnosis of malignant bone tumors

Mandel P.; Faegenburg D.; Imbriano L.J., 1985: The use of technetium 99m sulfur colloid in the detection of patent processus vaginalis in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Oichman M.; Bar On J.; Homonnai Z.T.; Segal S.; Paz G.F., 1984: The use of technetium in evaluation of the male accessory glands activity

Piccinini R.S.; Peracchi A.L.; De Albuquerque S.T.; Raimundo S.D.L.; Tannure A.M.; De Souza J.C.P.; Furtado L.L., 1986: The use of tecvampicid paste 1 percent in the control of the vampire bat desmodus rotundus chiroptera

Borras C.; Liss M.M.; Thomason C.; Hidalgo Salvatierra O.; White C.P.; Barton J.E., 1987: The use of teflon embedded calcium sulfate dysprosium thermoluminescent dosimeters for chest radiography

Oswald, R. L., 1978: The use of telemetry to study light synchronization with feeding and gill ventilation rates in salmo trutta

Koornneef M., 1983: The use of telo trisomics for centromere mapping in arabidopsis thaliana

Nielsen, M. G., 1978: The use of temperature data in ecological field investigations

Harries J.R.; Ritchie A.I.M., 1981: The use of temperature profiles to estimate the pyritic oxidation rate in a waste rock dump from an open cut mine

Nordlund, J. J.; Anderson, C.; Hsiung, G. D.; Tenser, R. B., 1977: The use of temperature sensitivity and selective cell culture systems for differentiation of herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 in a clinical laboratory

Tian F.; Et Al, 1981: The use of temporal artery pedunculated skin flap in the reconstruction of palpebral defects

Malcolm I.D.; Cherry D.A.; Morin J.E., 1986: The use of temporary atrial electrodes to improve diagnostic capabilities with holter monitoring cardiac surgery

Mitchell P.D.; Chalmers D.J.; Van Heek L.A.G., 1983: The use of temporary trees in a hedgerow planting of peach trees prunus persica cultivar golden queen

Leoni, V.; Puccetti, G.; Colombo, R. J.; D'ovidio, A. M., 1976: The use of tenax for the extraction of pesticides and poly chlorinated bi phenyls from water part 2 tests with artificially polluted and natural waters

Jarvis N.J.; Leeds Harrison P.B.; Dosser J.M., 1987: The use of tension infiltrometers to assess routes and rates of infiltration in a clay soil

Nyamapfene K.W., 1986: The use of termite mounds in zimbabwe peasant agriculture

Oliveira L.A.D.; Paiva W.O.D., 1985: The use of termite nests and chicken manure as a fertilizer for lettuce in red yellow podzols of the manaus region brazil

Holbrook, J. J.; Stinson, R. A., 1973: The use of ternary complexes to study ionization and isomerizations during catalysis by lactate dehydrogenase

Calamari D.; Vighi M.; Bacci E., 1987: The use of terrestrial plant biomass as a parameter in the fugacity model

Cabanas R.M.; Whitmore W.F.Jr, 1981: The use of testicular lymphatics to bypass obstructed lymphatics in the dog

Kirkilionis A.J.; Pozsonyi J.; Sergovich F.R., 1988: The use of testicular volume as a clinical marker for cytogenetic disorders in mentally retarded males

Tattersall, S. F.; Benson, M. K.; Hunter, D.; Mansell, A.; Pride, N. B.; Fletcher, C. M., 1978: The use of tests of peripheral lung function for predicting future disability from air flow obstruction in middle aged smokers

Hadd, H. E., 1977: The use of tetra hydrocortisone 3 beta d glucuronide in the measurement of urinary 17 hydroxy cortico steroids

Richmond M.H.; Linton K.B., 1980: The use of tetracycline in the community and its possible relation to the excretion of tetracycline resistant bacteria

Brown, C. G. D.; Radley, D. E.; Burridge, M. J.; Cunningham, M. P., 1977: The use of tetracyclines in the chemo therapy of experimental east coast fever theileria parva infection of cattle

Hamdi, A. K.; Soliman, A. S., 1977: The use of tetrazolium salts in determining the viability of wheat pollen grains

Nanninga, J. B.; O'conor, V. J. Jr, 1976: The use of tetrazolium to determine hydro nephrotic damage in human kidneys

Bulkley, B. H.; Rouleau, J. R.; Whitaker, J. Q.; Strauss, H. W.; Pitt, B., 1977: The use of thallium 201 for myo cardial perfusion imaging in sarcoid heart disease

Laskin S.A.; Nechaev D.D.; Martynov I.V.; Mikhailova R.V.; Voronin V.A.; Zelentsova M.V.; Levitskaya G.D., 1986: The use of thallium 201 in the diagnosis of left ventricular parietal thrombi

Halon D.A.; Weiss A.T.; Tzivoni D.; Atlan H.; Gotsman M.S., 1981: The use of thallium 201 myo cardial imaging to exclude myo cardial infarction after dissection in congenital coarctation of the aorta

Gustafson A.; Stubbe I.; Svensson S E.; Tylen U.; Westling H., 1981: The use of thallium 201 myo cardial scintigraphy for the diagnosis of previous infarction

Adams N.J.; Wilson R.P.; Bain C.A.R., 1988: The use of thallium as a radioactive source in autoradiographic devices for penguins at sea

Kolev N.S., 1979: The use of the 1st derivative of the apex cardiogram for determining some systolic and diastolic time intervals in ischemic heart disease

Orr G.A., 1981: The use of the 2 imino biotin avidin interaction for the selective retrieval of labeled plasma membrane components

Jennings F.W.; Urquhart G.M., 1983: The use of the 2 substituted 5 nitro imidazole fexinidazole hoe 239 in the treatment of chronic trypanosoma brucei infections in mice

Takubo T.; Kubota Y.; Saigo K.; Ueda T.; Shibata H.; Nakamura H.; Masaoka T.; Yoshitake J.; Ishigami S., 1982: The use of the 5000 differential leukocyte count in the treatment of acute leukemias during the stage of remission

Dolezil, L.; Kirsop, B. H., 1977: The use of the a p i lactobacillus system for the characterization of pediococci

Ushakov, A. N.; Tsirenina, M. L.; Vaver, V. A.; Bergel'son, L. D., 1976: The use of the acetolysis reaction for studying natural phospho lipids

Shemakhanova, N. M.; Bonartseva, G. A.; Il'yasova, V. B., 1976: The use of the acetylene method for the selection of active strains of rhizobium meliloti and rhizobium trifolii

Dement'eva I.I.; Savina M.E.; Pyatnitskaya G.Kh, 1980: The use of the activated coagulation time to control the heparinization level during surgery with artificial circulation

Bala Yu M.; Babkin A.P.; Minakov E.V., 1984: The use of the additionally intensified electrocardiogram in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease

Steiner F.; Dunford R.; Dosdall N., 1987: The use of the agricultural land evaluation and site assessment system in the usa

Peliskova Z.; Trnavsky K.; Vacha J., 1987: The use of the aims questionnaire in the evaluation of sulfasalazine treatment in rheumatoid arthritis

Wood H.T., 1979: The use of the air pollution episode system as a criterion for curtailment of out of doors work

Engelmann, U. H.; Felderman, T. P.; Scott, F. B., 1985: The use of the ams as 800 artificial sphincter for continent urinary diversion 1. investigations including pressure flow studies using rabbit intestinal loops

Gheorghe, N.; Cirstoiu, I., 1976: The use of the analyzer in thyroid scintigraphy

Allmaier G.; Schmid E.R., 1985: The use of the anionic surfactant 2 5 dimethylbenzenesulfonic acid to influence the fragmentation and sensitivity of peptides in fab ms

Thiele J.; Krech R.; Wienhold S.; Simon K G.; Zankovich R.; Fischer R., 1987: The use of the anti factor viii method on trephine biopsies of the bone marrow for the identification of immature and atypical megakaryocytes in myeloproliferative diseases and allied disorders a morphometric study

Auer, L., 1975: The use of the anti gravity suit during operations in the sitting position as a treatment of postural hypotension

Benikova E.A.; Reznikov A.G.; Varga S.V.; Boyarskaya O.Ya; Demchenko V.N.; Zlatnik A.A.; Tarasenko L.V., 1985: The use of the antiandrogen flutamide in studying the reserves of the hypothalamo hypophyseal system in testicular hypogonadism

Kopecka, M., 1976: The use of the antibiotic lomofungin for demonstration of nuclei and chromosomes in live yeast cells and protoplasts

Borodina V.M.; Sondore O.Yu; Zelenin A.V., 1979: The use of the antibiotic olivomycin for cytochemical studies into chromatin

Tashmatova A.Yu; Staroverov I.I.; Rott G.M.; Leonov A.P.; Lapshina G.M.; Blinova T.V.; Poverennyi A.M.; Ruda M.Ya, 1986: The use of the antibody neutralization test to detect myoglobin in the urine in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction

Khudolei V.V., 1987: The use of the aquarium fish danio rerio and poecilia reticulata as highly sensitive objects for testing carcinogenic chemicals

Heimbach D.M.; Neal G.D.; Doty J.L.; Lee M.J.; Colocousis J.; Auth D.C., 1980: The use of the argon laser assisted quartz scalpel for burn wound excision to fascia

Kaspar L.; Kritz H.; Denck H.; Wuketich S.; Irsigler K., 1981: The use of the artificial endocrine pancreas in diagnosis of insulinoma and extrapancreatic tumor with hypo glycemia

De Oliveira N.; Paschoa A.F.; Crespo C.C.; Massumoto C.M.; Adam C., 1981: The use of the association of nitrofurazone derivatives with poly ethylene glycol for preventing the formation of peritoneal adhesions in experimental study

Yentsch C.; Phinney D.A., 1982: The use of the attenuation of light by particulate matter for the estimate of phyto plankton chlorophyll with reference to the coastal zone color scanner

Fuchsbichler G., 1979: The use of the automatic gel chromatography for clean up of pesticide extracts

Soliman, M. G.; Laberge, R., 1978: The use of the bain circuit in spontaneously breathing pediatric patients

Wojtak, S.; Morawska, Z.; Malec-Kedrzynska, E., 1986: The use of the balance method in the evaluation of the somatic state in children in the state children's home no. 6 in wroclaw poland

Schemehorn B.R.; Mcdonald J.L.Jr; Stookey G.K., 1982: The use of the beagle dog as a dental stain model

Teri L., 1982: The use of the beck depression inventory with adolescents

Chan J.C., 1988: The use of the bi digital o ring test to determine whether or not to give acupuncture in pain conditions

Flint E.F., 1980: The use of the bi polar micro coagulator for hemostasis in tonsillectomy

Redeuilh G.; Secco C.; Baulieu E E., 1985: The use of the biotinylestradiol avidin system for the purification of nontransformed estrogen receptor by biohormonal affinity chromatography

Held, M. E.; Wistendahl, W. A., 1978: The use of the bitterlich sampling technique in an athens county ohio usa forest

Renberg, L.; Tarkpea, M.; Sundstrom, G., 1986: The use of the bivalve mytilus edulis as a test organism for bioconcentration studies ii. the bioconcentration of two carbon 14 labeled chlorinated paraffins

Malik J.; Kral L.; Capistrak A.; Apolen D., 1985: The use of the bleu du maine breed in commercial crossbreeding of tsigai sheep

Kaplan, P. E.; Bonis, G.; Huret, J.; Goldschmidt, J., 1977: The use of the blink reflex in evaluating the patient with stroke and communication disorders

Gomes, A. S.; Rysavy, J. A.; Spadaccini, C. A.; Probst, P.; D'souza, V.; Amplatz, K., 1978: The use of the bristle brush for trans catheter embolization

Burgermeister G.; Bedrani M.; Tarradellas J., 1983: The use of the burbot lota lota as an indicator of the contamination of continental waters by organo chlorinated pollutants

Schwartz R.; Wone S.N., 1986: The use of the by products of carbonization in wood preservation

Mayer, R.; Camuffo, M.; Cerutti, R.; Lucarelli, L., 1986: The use of the c. d. i. children's depression inventory in elementary school a psychometric survey retest 6 months later

Slawyk, G.; Collos, Y.; Auclair, J. C., 1977: The use of the carbon 13 and nitrogen 15 isotopes for the simultaneous measurement of carbon and nitrogen turnover rates in marine phyto plankton

Meiraz, D.; Peled, I.; Gassner, S.; Ben-Bassat, M.; Kaplan, I., 1977: The use of the carbon di oxide laser for partial nephrectomy an experimental study

Freche C.; Drweski P., 1982: The use of the carbon di oxide laser in oro pharyngeal pathologies

Russin L.A., 1982: The use of the carbon di oxide laser in sternotomy in cardiac surgery a preliminary report

Bellina J.H., 1983: The use of the carbon di oxide laser in the management of condyloma acuminatum with 8 year follow up

Burke L., 1982: The use of the carbon di oxide laser in the therapy of cervical intra epithelial neoplasia

Sadoul G.; Beuret T.; Algava G.; Serpeau D., 1984: The use of the carbon dioxide laser in distal tubal microsurgery an experimental study an analysis of 95 cases

White B.; Adkins W.Y., 1986: The use of the carbon dioxide laser in head and neck lymphangioma

Andrews A.H.Jr, 1984: The use of the carbon dioxide laser in otolaryngology 10 years of experience

Artusi G.R.; Cittadino A.V.; Stigliano E.; Viola R., 1988: The use of the carbon dioxide laser in surgery

Hinshaw J.R.; Herrera H.R.; Lanzafame R.J.; Pennino R.P., 1987: The use of the carbon dioxide laser permits primary closure of contaminated and purulent lesions and wounds

Songa E.B.; Kageruka P.; Hamers R., 1987: The use of the card agglutination test testry catt for the serodiagnosis of trypanosoma evansi infection

Songa E.B.; Hamers Casterman C.; Hamers R.; Pholpark M.; Pholpark S.; Leidl K.; Tangchaitrong S.; Chaichanopoonpol I.; Vitoorakool C.; Thirapatsakum T., 1987: The use of the card agglutination test testryp catt for the detection of trypanosoma evansi infection a comparison with other trypanosomiasis diagnostic tests under field conditions in thailand

Mizgirev I.V., 1987: The use of the catastrophe theory methods for modelling dynamics of multistage skin carcinogenesis

Ashken M.H., 1987: The use of the cecum for cecocystoplasty

Terskov, I. A.; Vaganov, E. A.; Zyryanov, G. I.; Filimonov, V. S., 1978: The use of the cell dimension distribution curves for tree growth analysis

Mann D.G., 1982: The use of the central raphe endings as a taxonomic character

Freitas Junior E.D.; Silva E.M.D., 1984: The use of the centrifuge for determining the soil moisture characteristic curve in 1 step

Corbett R.J.T.; Laptook A.R.; Nunnally R.L., 1987: The use of the chemical shift of the phosphomonoester phosphorus 31 magnetic resonance peak for the determination of intracellular ph in the brains of neonates

Tovey M.G.; Brouty Boye D., 1979: The use of the chemostat to study the relationship between cell growth rate viability and the effect of interferon on l 1210 cells

Bettelheim K.A.; Gracey M.; Wadstrom T., 1985: The use of the coagglutination test to determine whether australian and new zealand isolates of escherichia coli produce the heat labile enterotoxin

Curran B.K.; Weaver D.S., 1982: The use of the coefficient of agreement and likelihood ratio test to examine the development of the tympanic plate using a known age sample of fetal and infant skeletons

Roberts J.K.A.; Lishman W.A. , 1984: The use of the computerized axial tomography head scanner in clinical psychiatry

Panchenko E.N., 1986: The use of the concept of determinant structures in acupuncture practice

Barros M.B.D.A., 1986: The use of the concept of social class in epidemiological profiles a proposal

Motovskii A.; Belopopska P.; S"rtmadzhiev K.; Aleksieva B.; Aleksandrov M., 1985: The use of the contrast immunofluorescence method to demonstrate the virus of transmissive gastroenteritis

Hotta M.N.; Shibasaki T.; Suda T.; Ling N.; Shizume K., 1985: The use of the corticotropin releasing hormone test to monitor the recovery of patients with cushings disease or cushings syndrome due to an adrenal adenoma after adenomectomy

Kersting, K.; Van-Der-Leeuw, W., 1976: The use of the coulter counter for measuring the feeding rates of daphnia magna

Fritsch, W. C.; Ceilley, R. I., 1977: The use of the cryostat for histographic surgery

Mengel M., 1985: The use of the cytocentrifuge in the diagnosis of meningitis

Schor, N. A.; Ogawa, K.; Lee, G.; Farber, E., 1978: The use of the d t diaphorase for the detection of foci of early neoplastic transformation in rat liver

De Boer R.W., 1988: The use of the d versus dd plot to estimate the alpha beta ratio from isoeffect radiation damage data

Jilg B.; Muscholl E., 1980: The use of the de deckere ten hoor preparation for study of nicotinic and potassium evoked dopamine beta hydroxylase release from the rabbit heart

Bielski R.J.; Holmes G.A.; West C.L.; Shafer C.L., 1987: The use of the dexamethasone suppression test in the evaluation of depression a re examination

Griffin M.L.; Weiss R.D.; Mirin S.M.; Wilson H.; Bouchard Voelk B., 1987: The use of the diagnostic interview schedule in drug dependent patients

Gusev M.V.; Vol'berg M.M.; Lebedeva A.F.; Savel'ev I.B., 1988: The use of the dialytic cultivation method for selection of symbiotic alga bacterial pairs

Connelly D.P.; Mcclain M.P.; Crowson T.W.; Benson E.S., 1982: The use of the differential leukocyte count for in patient casefinding

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Pelttari A.; Puumalainen P.; Helminen H.J., 1982: The utilization of a latex particle standard curve when using the particles as internal standards in electron microscopy

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Cury D.M.; Villa Nova N.A., 1987: The utilization of an evapotranspirometer with constant water table level to determine vegetable water consumption

Shenker J.M.; Dean J.M., 1979: The utilization of an inter tidal salt marsh creek by larval and juvenile fishes abundance diversity and temporal variation

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Thurling N., 1982: The utilization of backcrossing in improving the seed yield of spring rape brassica napus

Lee W.E.; Hershey D., 1985: The utilization of basal metabolic rate measurements as a routine diagnostic procedure in normal health maintenance

Fedorov V.N.; Mitina L.V.; Salyaev V.N., 1983: The utilization of beta aminoethyl methacrylate in traumatic paralysis of the sciatic nerve

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Dominy W.G.; Ako H., 1988: The utilization of blood meal as a protein ingredient in the diet of the marine shrimp penaeus vannamei

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Tice, R.; Schneider, E. L.; Rary, J. M., 1976: The utilization of bromodeoxy uridine incorporation into dna for the analysis of cellular kinetics

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