The use of vegetable oils and ash in the protection of cowpea seeds vigna unguiculata l walp. against callosobruchus maculatus f coleoptera bruchidae

Mueke, J.M.; Apuuli, J.K.K.

East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal 52(2): 101-105


ISSN/ISBN: 2313-450X
Accession: 006789632

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Laboratory experiments carried out on the control of C. maculatus on cowpea seeds using vegetable oils showed castor oil as an outstanding preventive agent. Oil treatments resulted in mortality of adult weevils and any eggs which were on the treated seeds failed to hatch. Ash mixed with cowpea seeds gave satisfactory control of C. maculatus. Ash levels of 20 and 30 percent which had the percentages of 8.96 and 6.18 respectively compared with 52.59 damage in the control should be recommended to the farmers for the control of C. maculatus.