The utilization of high nonprotein nitrogen supplements in forage diets 2. effect on in situ digestibility of star grass forage cynodon nlemfuensis and king grass pennisetum purpureum x pennisetum typhoides

Munoz, E.; Elias, A.; De-Dios-Suarez, J.

Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science 18(1): 29-34


ISSN/ISBN: 0864-0408
Accession: 006790064

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Four 460 kg live weight cows with cannula in the rumen and fed a basic diet of star grass froage (C. nlemfuensis) and pangola grass (Digitaria decumbens) according to the following treatments: no supplementation (control); N supplement with 100% NPN digestibility of star grass and king grass. A 2 .times. 4 factorial arrangement was used where the factors considered were the evaluated forages and type of supplementation. DM digestibility of both forages was determined 72 h after incubation. No interactions were found. Significant differences (P < 0.001) between forages in DM digestibility (45.79 vs. 54.36%) for star grass and king grass were found. The N supplements with 100 and 77% NPN did not differ (54.53 vs. 53.17%) but differences were encountered between the latter and the control (P < 0.001), and also the grain concentrate diet (44.79 vs. 47.85%, respectively). Supplements with high NPN contents and an adequate combination of nutrients and consumption rates were important stimuli in the digestion of DM. The study of its relationship with the plant cell wall is suggested.