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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6792

Chapter 6792 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Seppanen U., 1985: The value of perinatal post mortem radiography 514 cases

Smith H.R.; Memon A.; Smart C.J.; Dewbury K., 1986: The value of permixon in benign prostatic hypertrophy

Herron W.G., 1988: The value of personal psychotherapy for psychotherapists

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Weindorf N.; Schultz Ehrenburg U., 1986: The value of photoplethysmography light reflection rheography in phlebology

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Andersen J.F.; Madsen P.E.H., 1979: The value of plain radiographs prior to oral cholecystography

Caille J.M.; Dautheribes M.; Guibert Tranier F.; Piton J.; Salamon R., 1981: The value of plain skull x rays in the diagnosis of intra cranial meningiomas

Chapman A.P.; Hussey E.E., 1980: The value of plant growth regulators in the propagation of vitis champini rootstocks

Lamberts S.W.J.; Liuzzi A.; Chiodini P.G.; Verde S.; Klijn J.G.M.; Birkenhaeger J.C., 1982: The value of plasma prolactin levels in the prediction of the responsiveness of growth hormone secretion to bromocriptine and trh in acromegaly

Nemec J.; Zamrazil V.; Rohling S.; Pohunkova D.; Bednar J., 1979: The value of plasma thyrotropin estimation and thyrotropin releasing hormone stimulation test in the course of treatment of differentiated thyroid cancers

Davies F.L.; Underwood H.M.; Gasson M.J., 1981: The value of plasmid profiles for strain identification in lactic streptococci and the relationship between streptococcus lactis 712 ml 3 and c 2

Hill H.A.; Hill J.E., 1986: The value of plasmid profiling in monitoring lactobacillus plantarum in silage fermentations

Mcconnell M.M.; Smith H.R.; Leonardopoulos J.; Anderson E.S., 1979: The value of plasmid studies in the epidemiology of infections due to drug resistant salmonella wien

Kayser W.; Mueller Eckhardt C.; Mueller Eckhardt G., 1983: The value of platelet associated immuno globulin g in predicting the efficacy of splenectomy in auto immune thrombocytopenia

Hesdorfer C.; Derman D.P.; Bezwoda W.R., 1984: The value of pleural fluid carcinoembryonic antigen estimation in the diagnosis of malignant tumors of the pleural cavity

Meyers J.D.; Pifer L.L.; Sale G.E.; Thomas E.D., 1979: The value of pneumocystis carinii antibody and antigen detection for diagnosis of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia after marrow transplantation

Cieslinski, A., 1975: The value of poly cardiographic method of pulmonary artery systolic pressure determination

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Schrumpf, J. D.; Margulis, A. R., 1978: The value of post evacuation radiographs of the bowel to distinguish free perforation from a confined extraluminal barium collection

Bartelink H.; Breur K.; Hart G.; Annyas B.; Van Slooten E.; Snow G., 1983: The value of post operative radio therapy as an adjuvant to radical neck dissection

Gerber W.L.; Brown R.C., 1985: The value of post void radiographs in excretory urography

Samberg I.; Martin Du Pan R.; Bourrit B.; Herrmann W., 1985: The value of postcoital test according to etiology and outcome of infertility

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Harward T.R.S.; Bernstein E.F.; Fronek A., 1987: The value of power frequency spectrum analysis in the identification of aortoiliac artery disease

Eika, C.; Havig, O.; Godal, H. C., 1978: The value of pre operative hemostatic screening

Draca P.; Tesic M.; Valuh M.; Nastic Z.; Babic J.; Hadzic M., 1980: The value of pre operative intra cavital irradiation in carcinoma of the uterus

Pearcey R.G.; Peel K.R.; Thorogood J.; Walker K., 1988: The value of pre operative intracavitary radiotherapy in patients treated by radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy for invasive carcinoma of the cervix

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Eliasson B.; Backman L.; Hallberg D.; Sundblad L., 1979: The value of pre operative serum lactate dehydrogenase iso enzyme 5 determination in predicting the risk of serious liver injury after bypass operations for treatment of obesity

Cave Bigley D.J.; Lamb G.H.R., 1985: The value of pre operative ultrasound of the liver in colonic and gastric neoplasia

Zwicker H.; Alder W., 1980: The value of pre therapeutic lymphography in testicular teratoma and carcinoma of the bladder

Piver, M. S., 1977: The value of pre therapy paraortic lymph adenectomy for carcinoma of the cervix uteri

Piver, M. S.; Lopez, R. G.; Xynos, F.; Barlow, J. J., 1977: The value of pre therapy peritoneoscopy in localized ovarian cancer

Rojczyk M.; Tscherne H., 1982: The value of preclinical care in open fractures

Lodewyckx M., 1981: The value of preliminary training by parents in pediatric audiometry in the case of 3 and 4 year old children

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Ihse I.; Lindstrom E.; Evander A.; Lundstedt C., 1987: The value of preoperative imaging techniques in patients with chronic pancreatic pleural effusions

Yokoyama I.; Ichihashi H.; Kamei H.; Kondo T., 1985: The value of preoperative parenteral administration of cefotaxime for prevention for postoperative wound infections in patients with colorectal cancer

Gignoux, M.; Roussel, A.; Paillot, B.; Gillet, M.; Schlag, P.; Favre, J. P.; Dalesio, O.; Buyse, M.; Duez, N., 1987: The value of preoperative radiotherapy in esophageal cancer results of a study of the e.o.r.t.c

Turnbull J.M.; Buck C., 1987: The value of preoperative screening investigations in otherwise healthy individuals

Crist D.W.; Kadir S.; Cameron J.L., 1987: The value of preoperatively placed percutaneous biliary catheters in reconstruction of the proximal part of the biliary tract

Iacobucci, I., 1977: The value of press on prisms in the management of partially accommodative esotropia and surgically over corrected esotropia

Sleijfer D.T.; Mulder N.H.; Nieweg H.O., 1981: The value of prognostic indices in aplastic anemia

Moerz R.; Schemper M.; Rainer H.; Jakesz J.; Moser K.; Francesconi M., 1982: The value of prognostic parameters for the stratification of advanced breast cancer patients

Mattox J.H.; Buckman M.T.; Peake G.T., 1984: The value of prolactin dynamics as a predictor of ovulation with bromocriptine in patients with poly cystic ovary syndrome

Willmer, J. P.; Brunet, D. G., 1986: The value of prolonged electroencephalographic and video monitoring in diagnosis of seizure disorders

Hershey S.D.; Sugawa C.; Cushing R.; Ledgerwood A.M.; Lucas C.E., 1982: The value of prophylactic antibiotic therapy during endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography

Boyd, M. E.; Garceau, R., 1976: The value of prophylactic antibiotics after vaginal hysterectomy

Al Sibai M.B.; Harder E.J.; Faskin R.W.; Johnson G.W.; Padmos M.A., 1987: The value of prophylactic antibiotics during the insertion of long term indwelling silastic right atrial catheters in cancer patients

Thirlby R.C.; Blair A.J.IIi; Thal E.R., 1983: The value of prophylactic antibiotics for simple lacerations

Fong I.W.; Baker C.B.; Mckee D.C., 1979: The value of prophylactic antibiotics in aorta coronary bypass operations a double blind randomized trial

Maruyama Y.; Nakajima H.; Hiramatsu K., 1981: The value of prostaglandin e 1 and selective angiography in the territorial definition of axial pattern flaps of the buttock

Miki M.; Machida T.; Ohishi Y.; Kido A.; Yanagisawa M.; Yoshida M.; Higashi Y.; Morikawa J., 1981: The value of prostatic acid phosphatase radio immunoassay test in screening prostatic cancer and in detecting therapeutic effects

Tuexen J., 1983: The value of protecting minor high moors in lower saxony west germany with a view to their vegetation/

Christmas R.B.; Harms R.H., 1984: The value of protein methionine or other nutrients for the alleviation of copper toxicity in the broiler chick diet

Pedersen B.; Brons M.; Holm K.; Pedersen D.; Lund C., 1985: The value of provoked expectoration in obtaining sputum samples for cytologic investigation a prospective consecutive and controlled investigation of 134 patients

Bond M.R., 1981: The value of psychological analysis of clinical pain problems

Dupont C.; Antonini M.T.; Denoyer M.; Lemaire F.; Menier R.; Chassain A.P., 1987: The value of pulmonary function testing in the continuing care of asthmatic children

Galant, S. P.; Groncy, C. E.; Shaw, K. C., 1978: The value of pulsus paradoxus in assessing the child with status asthmaticus

Cserhati M.D., 1986: The value of punch biopsy and drill aspiration biopsy in the diagnosis of spondylitis tuberculosa

Snaith M.L.; Galvin S.E.J.; Short M.D., 1982: The value of quantitative radio isotope scanning in the differential diagnosis of low back pain and sacro iliac disease

Mesic J.B.; Hanks G.E.; Doggett R.L.S., 1986: The value of radiation therapy as an adjuvant to surgery in intracranial meningiomas

Garcia D.M.; Fulling K.H.; Marks J.E., 1985: The value of radiation therapy in addition to surgery for astrocytomas of the adult cerebrum

Achim V.; Saler M.G.S.; Pop T.; Dumitrache D.; Ducman E.; Stancescu S., 1981: The value of radio immunoassay of the hypophyseal gonadotropic hormones and prolactin in investigations on amenorrhea and endocrine sterility

Haase G.M.; Ortiz V.N.; Sfakianakis G.N.; Morse T.S., 1980: The value of radio nuclide bone scanning in the early recognition of deliberate child abuse

Stadalnik R.C.; Rosenquist C.J.; Trudeau W.L.; Hines H.H., 1981: The value of radio nuclide scintigraphy in patients with nonvisualized gallbladders by oral cholecystography

Mira J.G.; Chahbazian C.M.; Del Regato J.A., 1980: The value of radio therapy for peyronies disease presentation of 56 new case studies and review of the literature

Vona S.; Sigurta D.; Gardani G.; Volterrani F., 1979: The value of radio therapy in the treatment of vaginal carcinoma

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Edwards J.C.W.; Edwards S.E.; Huskisson E.C., 1983: The value of radiography in the management of rheumatoid arthritis

Ge Q S.; Xu L.; Wang H L.; Gu C X.; Zhang Y W.; Lin S Q.; Yu K M.; Tang M Y.; Feng D D., 1987: The value of radioimmunoassay of lh fsh and prl in the diagnosis of secondary amenorrhea

Magyarosi G.; Nagy E.; Cozlea L.; Ilavas I., 1984: The value of radioimmunoassay of plasma digoxin in the diagnosis of digitalis intoxication

Rovinescu I.; Andrita A.; Stoicescu M.; Stroescu I.; Nestor R., 1981: The value of radiologic exploration in diagnosis of the painful shoulder

Coltart R.S.; Wraight E.P., 1985: The value of radionuclide venography in superior vena caval obstruction

Schmitt G.; Pape H.; Neu A.; Zamboglou N., 1986: The value of radiotherapy in the interdisciplinary treatment regimen of rectal cancer

Buligescu L.; Milcu V.; Voiculescu M.; Sava C.; Popescu A.; Dumitrescu D.; Stefanescu D., 1985: The value of ranitidine in the gastroduodenal ulcer

Dracopoulou, I.; Zambacos, J.; Lissaios, B.; Kouris, A., 1976: The value of rapid imprint smears in the surgery of skin cancer

Fakih M.H.; Barnea E.R.; Yarkoni S.; Decherney A.H., 1986: The value of real time ultrasonography in first trimester termination

Colas M.; Grosclaude M.; Balland S.; Perrin Fayolle M., 1985: The value of realistic exposure tests in the diagnosis of occupational asthma due to exotic woods

Novitzky D.; Cooper D.K.C.; Rose A.G.; Barnard C.N., 1984: The value of recipient heart assistance during severe acute rejection following heterotopic cardiac transplantation

Allison M.C.; Hamilton Dutoit S.J.; Dhillon A.P.; Pounder R.E., 1987: The value of rectal biopsy in distinguishing self limited colitis from early inflammatory bowel disease

Segonds A.; Eche J P.; Oksman F.; Orfila C.; Durand D.; Ton That H.; Suc J M., 1981: The value of renal biopsy in extrarenal forms of disseminated lupus erythematosus

Forster, D. M. C.; Steiner, L.; Hakanson, S.; Bergvall, U., 1978: The value of repeat pan angiography in cases of unexplained subarachnoid hemorrhage

Matic V.; Dzinic M.; Trickovic P., 1981: The value of resection of the vidian nerve in patients with vaso motor rhinitis

Firth B.G., 1984: The value of rest and exercise radionuclide ventriculography as compared to echocardiography and angiography in the detection of left ventricular dysfunction in patients with chronic aortic regurgitation

Corrie D.; Thompson I.M., 1987: The value of retrograde pyelography for fractionally visualized upper tracts on excretory urography in the evaluation of hematuria

Bigot A.C., 1980: The value of retrograde spermatic phlebography in varicocele

Templeton P.A.; Young J.W.R.; Mirvis S.E.; Buddemeyer E.U., 1987: The value of retropharyngeal soft tissue measurements in trauma of the adult cervical spine cervical spine soft tissue measurements

Verma, R. S.; Dosik, H., 1977: The value of reverse banding in detecting bone marrow chromosomal abnormalities translocation between chromosomes 1 9 and 22 in a case of chronic myelogenous leukemia

Wood M.R.; Hunter G.A.; Millstein S.G., 1987: The value of revision surgery after initial amputation of an upper or lower limb

Pilgramm, M.; Schumann, K., 1986: The value of rheological vasoactive and metabolically active substances in the initial treatment of acute acoustic trauma

Kuhner, A., 1976: The value of rhizotomy and phenol in the treatment of pelvic pain

Marmor A.T.; Michaeli S.; Plich M.; Frankel A.; Schneeweiss A., 1987: The value of right atrial emptying rate in predicting reduction in pulmonary artery pressure in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Zuraw B.L.; Sugimoto S.; Curd J.G., 1986: The value of rocket immunoelectrophoresis for c4 activation in the evaluation of patients with angioedema or c1 inhibitor deficiency

Huhti E.; Saloheimo M.; Sutinen S., 1983: The value of roentgenologic screening in lung cancer

Wilson D.; Roncada M.J., 1985: The value of rose bengal as a screening aid to diagnosis of conjunctival xerosis

Ogunseyinde A.O.; Awotedu A.A., 1985: The value of routine chest radiograph in chronic asthma in the tropics

Gann M., 1988: The value of routine chest radiography in offshore workers

Butler A.R.; Leo J.S.; Lin J.P.; Boyd A.D.; Kricheff I.L., 1979: The value of routine cranial computed tomography in neurologically intact patients with primary carcinoma of the lung

Fitzgerald R.; Davies A.M., 1988: The value of routine csf analysis during lumbar radiculography for low back pain

Ciatto S.; Cariaggi P.; Bulgaresi P., 1987: The value of routine cytologic examination of breast cyst fluids

Svend-Hansen, H.; Nielsen, P.; Pedersen, N., 1977: The value of routine intra venous urography in acute epididymitis

Farnsworth P.B.; Steiner E.; Klein R.M.; Sanfilippo J.A., 1980: The value of routine pre operative chest roentgenograms in infants and children

Boesen T.; Fiellau Nikolajsen M., 1987: The value of routine preoperative radiography of the nasal sinuses in nasal surgery a retrospective controlled investigation

Vezeridis M.P.; Petrelli N.J.; Mittelman A., 1987: The value of routine preoperative urologic evaluation in patients with colorectal carcinoma

Berman, W.; Johnson, B. A., 1977: The value of routine skull radiography in clinical evaluation of children with recurrent convulsions

Soiva M.; Haveri M.; Taavitsainen M.; Suramo I., 1986: The value of routine sonography in clinically suspected acute cholecystitis

Abayomi O.; Dritschilo A.; Emami B.; Watring W.G.; Piro A.J., 1982: The value of routine tests in the staging evaluation of gynecologic malignancies a cost effectiveness analysis

Mukamel E.; Engelstein D.; Simon D.; Servadio C., 1987: The value of rowatinex in the treatment of ureterolithiasis

Fernandez H.; Pons J.C.; Taylor S.; Ulmann A.; Frydman R., 1987: The value of ru 486 in failures of termination of pregnancy

Springall D.R.; Gu J.; Cocchia D.; Michetti F.; Levene A.; Levene M.M.; Marangos P.J.; Bloom S.R.; Polak J.M., 1983: The value of s 100 immuno staining as a diagnostic tool in human malignant melanomas a comparative study using s 100 and neuron specific enolase antibodies

Gazaryan G.A., 1985: The value of salt loads for the assessment of renal function in hypertensive patients

Hietakorpi S.; Korhonen T.; Aro A.; Lampainen E.; Alhava E.; Karjalainen P.; Wiljasalo S., 1986: The value of scintigraphy and computed tomography for the differential diagnosis of primary hyperaldosteronism

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Archer A.C.; Cohen B.J.; Mortimer P.P., 1983: The value of screening blood donors for antibody to hepatitis b core antigen

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Comhaire, F.; Monteyne, R.; Kunnen, M., 1976: The value of scrotal thermography as compared with selective retrograde venography of the internal spermatic vein for the diagnosis of subclinical variocele

Swensson R.G.; Hessel S.J.; Herman P.G., 1985: The value of searching films without specific preconceptions

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Glass R.M.; Uhlenhuth E.H.; Kellner R., 1987: The value of self report assessment in studies of anxiety disorders

Bradley F.A.; Ogasawara F.X., 1980: The value of semen freezing and artificial insemination techniques for preservation of onagadori the japanese long tailed fowl

Ribas Mundo M.; Rosenberg S.A., 1979: The value of sequential bone marrow biopsy and laparotomy and splenectomy in a series of 200 consecutive untreated patients with non hodgkins lymphoma

Turner Warwick M.; Haslam P.L., 1987: The value of serial bronchoalveolar lavages in assessing the clinical progress of patients with cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis

Al Sarraf M.; Baker L.; Talley R.W.; Kithier K.; Vaitkevicius V.K., 1979: The value of serial carcino embryonic antigen in predicting response rate and survival of patients with gastro intestinal cancer treated with chemo therapy a southwest oncology group study

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Ryden, G., 1978: The value of serum cystine amino peptidase human chorionic somato mammotropin and urinary estrogen assays for detecting intra uterine growth retardation

Eika C.; Godal H.C.; Kierulf P.; Tjora S.; Wisloff F., 1981: The value of serum ferritin in the diagnosis of iron deficiency

Buch J., 1979: The value of serum fibrinogen degradation products in the differential diagnosis between acute myo cardial infarction and pulmonary embolism

Thomson M.A.R.; Duncan R.O.; Cunningham P., 1988: The value of serum human placental lactogen and schwangerschaftsprotein 1 to determine gestation in an ante natal population

Boulloche J.; Mallet E.; Basuyau J.P.; Tayot P.; Samson Dollfus D., 1986: The value of serum immunoglobulin e assay in milk aspiration and the sudden infant death syndrome

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Suoranta H.; Standertskjold Nordenstam C G.; Lahde S., 1979: The value of simethicone in abdominal preparation

Glass R.; Batres R.; Selle C.; Garcia Ibanez R.; Solomons N.; Viteri F., 1979: The value of simple conjunctival examination in field screening for anemia

Kunert P.; Wannske M., 1982: The value of skin and muscle pedicle of myo cutaneous flaps

Allen U.; Smith C.R.; Prober C.G., 1986: The value of skin biopsies in febrile neutropenic immunocompromised children

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Lins S.G.; Pereira Filho O.D., 1981: The value of sleep deprivation as a method to activate electro encephalographic abnormalities in epileptic patients

Laroche C.M.; Mier A.K.; Moxham J.; Green M., 1988: The value of sniff esophageal pressures in the assessment of global inspiratory muscle strength

Bitton G.; Davidson J.M.; Farrah S.R., 1979: The value of soil columns for assessing the transport pattern of viruses through soils a critical outlook

Buczacki S.T.; White J.G., 1979: The value of soil sterilants for the control of clubroot plasmodiophora brassicae on a field scale

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Herman H.; Marinescu D., 1984: The value of some physiological and psychophysiological tests for the investigation of visual stress in industry

Verhaegen, P.; Vanhalst, B.; Derijcke, H.; Van-Hoecke, M., 1976: The value of some psychological theories on industrial accidents

Georgescu M., 1981: The value of some seyve villard hybrids as initial breeding material

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Hutschenreiter G.; Alken P.; Schneider H.M., 1979: The value of sonography and lymphography in the detection of retroperitoneal metastases in testicular tumors

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Kelly M.T.; Santos Ramos R.; Henrich Duenhoelter J., 1979: The value of sonography in suspected ectopic pregnancy

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Welter G.; Schmidt K.R.; Rothenberger K.; Pfeifer K.J.; Welter H.F., 1980: The value of sonography in the differential diagnosis of pseudotumors of the kidney

Brown B.S.; Hyde W.A.; Timoney P.J.; Ward J.; Hulse J.; Patterson F., 1985: The value of spectrofluorometry for the diagnosis of contagious equine metritis

Mayo M.E., 1979: The value of sphincter electro myography in urodynamics

Sachsenheimer W.; Hamer J.; Mueller H.A., 1982: The value of spinal computed tomography in diagnosis of herniated lumbar discs

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