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The values of serum copper and ceruloplasmin in patients with acute leukemia

Berkman, K.; Aksoy, M.; Hatipoglu, I.; Canberk, A.; Koyuncuoglu, H.

Istanbul Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Mecmuasi 43(1): 115-122


Accession: 006791422

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In this study serum Cu and ceruloplasmin determinations were performed in 20 patients with acute leukemia before and during treatment. Serum Cu and ceruloplasmin levels were high in untreated patients. Rapid decreases of the serum Cu and ceruloplasmin levels were observed in cases with satisfactory response to treatment. The findings in this study indicate that the serum Cu and ceruloplasmin levels represent a sensible index in the determination and evaluation of relapse and remission periods in acute leukemia.

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