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The volatile loss of mercury from soils amended with methyl mercury chloride

Soil Science 128(1): 9-16

The volatile loss of mercury from soils amended with methyl mercury chloride

Surface soils (5) from southeastern Montana [USA] were studied to determine the influence of autoclaying, metabolic substrate additions, soil moisture status and soil temperature on the microbiological volatilization of Hg from soils amended with methylmercury. Soils were amended to 1.0 ppm of Hg as 203Hg-CH3HgCl, and the Hg content was monitored for 2 mo. by gamma spectrometry. Hg losses were stimulated by higher soil temperatures and repressed by glucose and nitrate additions and by excessive moisture or dryness. Highest losses were observed from the strongly alkaline soils.

Accession: 006792916

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