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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6794

Chapter 6794 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fujimura Y.; Holland L.Z.; Ruggeri Z.M.; Zimmerman T.S., 1987:
The von willebrand factor domain mediating botrocetin induced binding to glycoprotein ib lies between valine 449 and lysine 728

Margulis, T.; David, M.; Maor, N.; Soff, G.A.; Grenadier, E.; Palant, A.; Aghai, E., 1986:
The von Willebrand factor in myocardial infarction and unstable angina: a kinetic study

Reher C.A.; Frison G.C., 1980:
The vore site 48ck 302 a stratified buffalo jump in the wyoming black hills usa

Powell, D., 1977:
The voyage of the plant nursery hms providence 1791 1793

Mongin D.; Peybernes B.; Souquet P.; Thomel G., 1983:
The vraconian upper albian deposit of la selva de bonansa spanish pyrenees stratigraphical paleo ecological and paleo bio geographic importance

Muramatsu M., 1986:
The vulgare super gene q its universality in durum wheat and its phenotypic effects in tetraploid and hexaploid wheats

Eccles A.; Marshall W.L.; Barbaree H.E., 1988:
The vulnerability of erectile measures to repeated assessments

Guende, G., 1978:
The vulnerability of mount ventoux ecosystems and the impact of human activities

Kunze, K.; Gothe, R., 1978:
The vulnerability of peripheral nerves and the somatic toxin linkage in tick paralysis of chickens caused by argas walkerae

Beattie A.J.; Turnbull C.; Hough T.; Jobson S.; Knox R.B., 1985:
The vulnerability of pollen and fungal spores to ant secretions evidence and some evolutionary implications

Jones, D.G., 1976:
The vulnerability of the brain to under nutrition

Hoppenbrouwers, P.M.; Driessens, F.C.; Borggreven, J.M., 1986:
The vulnerability of unexposed human dental roots to demineralization

Foy H.; Kondi A., 1984:
The vulnerable esophagus riboflavin deficiency and squamous cell dysplasia of the skin and esophagus

Lun A.; Gross J.; Beyer M.; Fischer H.D.; Wustmann C.; Schmidt J.; Hecht K., 1986:
The vulnerable period of perinatal hypoxia with regard to dopamine release and behavior in adult rats

Friedrich E.G.Jr; Burch K.; Bahr J.P., 1979:
The vulvar clinic an 8 year appraisal

Friedrich, E.G., 1983:
The vulvar vestibule

Hewitt J.; Pelisse M.; Lessana Leibowitch M.; Sedel D.; Fischesser D.; Moyal Barracco M.; Frances C.; Farcet Y., 1985:
The vulvovaginogingival syndrome a new characteristic grouping of multiple site erosive lichen planus

Mercer, J.F.; McAdam, W.; Chambers, G.W.; Walker, I.D., 1986:
The W and L allelic forms of phenylalanine hydroxylase in the rat differ by a threonine to isoleucine substitution

Traut, W.; Rathjens, B., 1973:
The w chromosome of ephestia kuehniella lepidoptera and the derivation of the sex chromatin

Imhoff J.F.; Sahl H.G.; Soliman G.S.H.; Trueper H.G., 1979:
The wadi natrun egypt chemical composition and microbial mass developments in alkaline brines of eutrophic desert lakes

Shahrad, P.; Marks, R., 1977:
The wages of warmth changes in erythema ab igne

Johnson M.S.; Black R., 1984:
The wahlund effect and the geographical scale of variation in the inter tidal limpet siphonaria sp

Spedding G.R., 1986:
The wake of a jackdaw corvus monedula in slow flight

Spedding G.R., 1987:
The wake of a kestrel falco tinnunculus in flapping flight

Spedding G.R., 1987:
The wake of a kestrel falco tinnunculus in gliding flight

Hirsch U., 1980:
The waldrapp ibis geronticus eremita the situation in the eastern part of its distribution area

Tips, W., 1977:
The walenboscomplex a conservation site of national importance in brabant belgium

Schanz F.; Thomas E.A., 1983:
The walenseeli a small lake near baech canton schwyz switzerland connected with lake zurich

Dagg A.I., 1979:
The walk of large quadrupedal mammals

Dagg, A.I., 1977:
The walk of the silver gull larus novaehollandiae and of other birds

Bazzini G.; Pistarini C., 1985:
The walking hemiplegic patient instrumental analysis on 10 subjects

Klante, H., 1976:
The walking leaves a taxonomic revision of the genus phyllium insecta orthoptera phasmatoptera

Miyamoto, T.; Yamaguchi, T., 1977:
The walking movement and its plasticity in the crab hemigrapsus sanguineus

Kool R., 1981:
The walking speed of dinosaurs from the peace river canyon british columbia canada

Chuaqui, B.; Piwonka, G.; Farrú, O., 1977:
The wall in persistent ductus arteriosus

Nemetschek-Gansler, H.; Meinel, A.; Daum, R., 1976:
The wall of primary hydrocele in childhood light microscopic and electron microscopic findings

Van-Brussel, A.A.N.; Planque, K.; Quispel, A., 1977:
The wall of rhizobium leguminosarum in bacteroid and free living forms

Cormier F.; Dieterlen Lievre F., 1988:
The wall of the chick embryo aorta harbors m cfc g cfc gm cfc and bfu e

Ferrazzi P., 1987:
The wall rocket

Castaldo Cobianchi R.; Giordano S., 1985:
The wall structure of the reticulate cells of conocephalum conicum observed by scanning electron microscope

Barenthin, H., 1975:
The wall structure of the vena centralis of the human suprarenal gland

Brandes D., 1987:
The wall vegetation in the eastern part of lower saxony west germany

Ogawa, M.; Miki, T.; Okubo, H.; Morii, S., 1976:
The wallenberg syndrome with myo cardial aneurysm an autopsy case

Falk M.R.; Gillman D.V.; Read C.J., 1980:
The walleye stizostedion vitreum sport fishery on mosquito creek northwest territories canada 1973 1978

Horton A.; Worssam B.C.; Whittow J.B., 1981:
The wallingford england uk fan gravel

Rallu J L., 1982:
The wallisians on the wallis and futuna islands and in new caledonia southwest pacific ocean

Harmaja, H., 1976:
The walls of the spores and basidia of tricholoma found to be cyanophilic

Koivisto I.J., 1985:
The wally creek area forest drainage experiment in northeastern ontario canada

Wyss A.R. , 1987:
The walrus auditory region and the monophyly of pinnipeds

Johansson, A., 1975:
The walrus has returned to spitsbergen norway

Vasil'ev-Ya, A.; Trush, V.D., 1978:
The walsh orthogonal system in wiener filters for evaluation of averaged evoked potentials

Worth, A.J., 1984:
The Walton report and its subsequent impact on cervical cancer screening programs in Canada

Vesmanis I.E., 1980:
The wandering hedgehog erinaceus algirus of djerba tunisia mammalia insectivora erinaceidae

D.S.ete G.; Carroll J.D.; Desarbo W.S., 1986:
The wandering ideal point model a probabilistic multidimensional unfolding model for paired comparisons data

Cravens H., 1985:
The wandering iq american culture and mental testing

Wilhelm, E., 1977:
The wandering testicular pain

Tindale N.B., 1987:
The wanderings of tjirbruki a tale of the kaurna people of adelaide south australia

Bishop, D.T.; Cannings, C.; Smith, J.M., 1978:
The war of attrition with random rewards

Smirnov E.I.; Garin N.S., 1980:
The war world war ii soviet front and anti epidemic protection

Nazarov-Yu, N.; Kachalova, M.E.; Sharmankin, V.A., 1978:
The warbler acrocephalus bistrigiceps in the primorski krai ussr

Gol'd V.M.; Belonog N.P.; Morgun V.N., 1981:
The warburg effect in maize leaves as affected by nitrogen sources in the nutrient medium

Weinhouse, S., 1976:
The warburg hypothesis 50 years later

Grant Mackie J.A., 1985:
The warepan stage of the upper triassic redefinition and subdivision

Panek F.M., 1981:
The warm water sport fishery of eastern lake ontario new york usa

Koeniger, N., 1978:
The warming of honey bee apis mellifera broods

Stucky R.K., 1984:
The wasatchian bridgerian land mammal age boundary early to middle eocene in western north america

Vaillant, G.E.; McCullough, L., 1987:
The Washington University Sentence Completion Test compared with other measures of adult ego development

Beingolea G.O.D.; Salazar T.J.M., 1986:
The wasp polistes peruvianus damaging grapes in purmacana supe lima peru

Branch J.B., 1984:
The waste bin nuclear waste dumping and storage in the pacific

Ubaldi, D., 1976:
The waste fields vegetation in marche and romagna italy pioneer herbaceous groups and shrubby stages

Kaiserlian, D.; Delacroix, D.; Bach, J.F., 1985:
The wasted mutant mouse 1. an animal model of secretory immunoglobulin a deficiency with normal serum immunoglobulin a

Tomas Lorente F.; Garcia Grau M.; Tomas Barberan F., 1988:
The wastes of the industrial treatment of salvia lavandulaefolia as a source of biologically active flavonoids

Cahoon D.; Edmonds E.M., 1980:
The watched pot still will not boil expectancy as a variable in estimating the passage of time

Thornton J.A., 1980:
The water act 1976 and its implications for water pollution control case studies

L.Y.C.; Froning G.W.; Arnold R.G., 1983:
The water activity lowering properties of selected humectants in eggs

Alzamora S.M.; Chirife J., 1984:
The water activity of 1 3 butylene glycol and 2 3 butylene glycol solutions

Chirife J.; Favetto G.; Scorza O.C., 1982:
The water activity of common liquid bacteriological media

Chirife J.; Favetto G.; Fontan C.F., 1982:
The water activity of fructose solutions in the intermediate moisture range

Chirife J.; Favetto G.; Fontan C.F.; Resnik S.L., 1983:
The water activity of standard saturated salt solutions in the range of intermediate moisture foods

Pegg, D.E., 1977:
The water and cation content of nonmetabolizing perfused rabbit kidneys

Holz, R.; Finkelstein, A., 1970:
The water and nonelectrolyte permeability induced in thin lipid membranes by the polyene antibiotics nystatin and amphotericin b

Pitterich H.; Lawaczeck R., 1985:
The water and proton permeabilities across membranes from erythrocyte ghosts

Panov N.P.; Shuravilin A.V.; Afanas'ev V.P., 1979:
The water and salt states of meadow sierozem soils under irrigation with drainage waters

Besse F.; Van Der Ploeg R.R.; Richter W., 1978:
The water balance of a loess parabraunerde gray brown podzolic soil under winter wheat and fallow conditions computer models and their experimental verification

Turner J.V.; Allison G.B.; Holmes J.W., 1984:
The water balance of a small lake using stable isotopes and tritium

Van-Der-Ploeg, R.R.; Beese, F.; Strebel, O.; Renger, M., 1978:
The water balance of a sugar beet crop a model and some experimental evidence

Remmert, H., 1969:
The water balance of animals as reflected in their ecological history

Sotherland P.R.; Ashen M.D.; Shuman R.D.; Tracy C.R., 1984:
The water balance of bird eggs incubated in water

Angus J.F.; Hasegawa S.; Hsiao T.C.; Liboon S.P.; Zandstra H.G., 1983:
The water balance of post monsoonal dryland crops

Horowitz, M., 1970:
The water balance of the terrestrial isopod porcellio scaber

Werner Y.; Lindberg M.; Forslind B., 1982:
The water binding capacity of stratum corneum in dry noneczematous skin of atopic eczema

Ferrier J.M.; Dillon E.M., 1983:
The water binding capacity of the periodontal ligament and its role in mechanical function

Round P.D.; Moss M., 1984:
The water bird populations of 3 welsh rivers uk

Koehler P., 1986:
The water bird trapping system on the ismaning reservoir near munich west germany

Tulloch, D.G., 1978:
The water buffalo bubalus bubalis in australia grouping and home range

Tulloch D.G., 1979:
The water buffalo bubalus bubalis in australia reproductive and parent offspring behavior

Gans C.; Merlin R.; Blumer W.F.C., 1982:
The water collecting mechanism of moloch horridus reexamined

Titova, V.G., 1977:
The water condition of southern chernozems in the crimea ussr

Kedrov G.B., 1985:
The water conducting system of oak tree xylem as a pathway for the downward flow of substances

Wright, S.J.; Ashton, B.L., 1978:
The water consumption of sheep and beef cattle on northern eyre peninsula australia

Bassal, T.T.M.; Ahmed, S.H., 1975:
The water content and distribution in the body of the egyptian cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis noctuidae lepidoptera during metamorphosis

Werner, Y., 1986:
The water content of the stratum corneum in patients with atopic dermatitis. Measurement with the Corneometer CM 420

Weinraub, Z.; Brenner, S.; Krakowski, A.; Caspi, E., 1982:
The water cushion in dermatological diagnostic ultrasound. A new method

Engelbert H P.; Lawaczeck R., 1985:
The water deuterium oxide exchange across vesicular lipid bilayers lecithins and binary mixtures of lecithins

Boparai M.S.; Sharma B.R.C., 1980:
The water drinking provocative test

Perry, R.N., 1977:
The water dynamics of stages of ditylenchus dipsaci and ditylenchus myceliophagus during desiccation and re hydration

Zamachowski, W., 1977:
The water economy in some european species of anuran amphibians during the annual cycle part 1 water content of the organism

Zamachowski, W., 1977:
The water economy in some european species of anuran amphibians during the annual cycle part 2 skin permeability in vitro

Zamachowski, W., 1977:
The water economy in some european species of anuran amphibians during the annual cycle part 3 resistance to water shortage

Patten B.C.; Matis J.H., 1982:
The water environs of okefenokee swamp usa an application of static linear environ analysis

Mitchell D.S.; Petr T.; Viner A.B., 1980:
The water fern salvinia molesta in the sepik river papua new guinea

Ogata K., 1983:
The water film electrode a new device for measuring the characean electro potential and electro conductance distributions along the length of the internode

Wolverton B.C.; Mcdonald R.C., 1979:
The water hyacinth from prolific pest to potential provider

Wilkinson W.B.; Greene L.A., 1981:
The water industry and the nitrogen cycle

Pickard W.F., 1982:
The water mass transfer coefficient of an elliptical stoma

Harris G.; Nilsson C.; Clementson L.; Thomas D., 1987:
The water masses of the east coast of tasmania australia seasonal and interannual variability and the influence on phytoplankton biomass and productivity

Viets, K.O., 1974:
The water mite fauna of a brook in the oberharz west germany

Davids C., 1979:
The water mites of the netherlands life history and occurrence

Greer K.L.; Plumley F.G.; Schmidt G.W., 1986:
The water oxidation complex of chlamydomonas reinhardti accumulation and maturation of the largest subunit in photosystem ii mutants

Fisher R.F., 1982:
The water permeability of basement membrane under increasing pressure evidence for a new theory of permeability

Kossow W.I., 1987:
The water permeability of peat and changes caused by drainage

Petersen D.C., 1983:
The water permeability of the mono olein tri olein bi layer membrane

Levine, S.D.; Jacoby, M.; Finkelstein, A., 1984:
The water permeability of toad bufo marinus urinary bladder 1. permeability of barriers in series with the luminal membrane

Levine, S.D.; Jacoby, M.; Finkelstein, A., 1984:
The water permeability of toad urinary bladder 2. the value of osmotic water permeability coefficient diffusional water permeability coefficient ratio for the anti diuretic hormone induced water permeation pathway

Troshchii A.I.; Troshchii V.N., 1979:
The water physical properties of soils of the northern part of the oka don lowland russian sfsr ussr

Witt K., 1982:
The water pipit anthus spinoletta as a visitor to the northern part of central europe

Trinajstic I.; Pavletic Z., 1980:
The water plant vegetation in croatia yugoslavia

Ferguson D.W.; Male J.W., 1980:
The water pollution potential from demolition waste disposal

Gonzalez J.A., 1985:
The water potential of some plants and the hydric stress in high mountain environment

D.V.lliers G.D.T.; Malan E., 1985:
The water quality of a small urban catchment near durban south africa

Ericsson P.; Hajdu S.; Willen E., 1984:
The water quality of gorvaln a dynamic bay of lake malaren sweden water chemistry and phyto plankton in a perspective of 40 years

Van Donk E., 1987:
The water quality of the two maarsseveen lakes the netherlands in relation to their hydrodynamics

Winter C.T., 1985:
The water quality of waterholes utilized by game in the etosha national park south west africa

Zaidel'man F.R.; Ginzburg M.E.; Gusev V.V., 1986:
The water regime of drained heavy soils on tills and changes in it due to deep loosening

Rukavishnikov A.A.; Antropov V.N.; Karazhanov K.D., 1987:
The water regime of irrigated southern chernozems

Prusinkiewicz Z.; Bednarek R.; Degorski M.; Grelewicz A., 1982:
The water regime of sandy soils in a dry pine forest cladonio pinetum in the northern part of the glacial outwash plains of the brda and wda rivers poland

Hetsch W.; Heilig K H., 1981:
The water regime of spruce in relation to soil and atmosphere

Sandu, G.; Stepanescu, E.; Nitu, I., 1977:
The water regime of the sandy soils of the northwestern plain of romania

Urushadze, T.F.; Mlokosevich, B.V., 1976:
The water regime of the subtropical pseudopodzols of the georgian ssr ussr

Laszlo A., 1984:
The water regimen of festuca pallens stipa eriocaulis and cotinus coggygria 2

Surmach, G.P.; Velichkin, V.E., 1976:
The water regulatory role of forest belts in dark chestnut soils of the right bank of the middle don ussr

Walsby A.E., 1980:
The water relations of gas vacuolate prokaryotes

Fujino D.W.; Reid M.S.; Kohl H.C., 1983:
The water relations of maidenhair fern adiantum raddianum cultivar decorum fronds treated with silver nitrate

Hellkvist, J.; Parsby, J., 1976:
The water relations of pinus sylvestris part 3 diurnal and seasonal patterns of water potential

Hellkvist, J.; Parsby, J., 1977:
The water relations of pinus sylvestris part 4 diurnal and seasonal patterns of water potential in pine trees from different latitudinal provenances

Nelsen C.E.; Safir G.R., 1982:
The water relations of well watered mycorrhizal and nonmycorrhizal onion plants allium cepa

Thompson R.G.; Tyree M.T.; L.G.llo M.A.; Salleo S., 1983:
The water relations of young olive olea europaea trees in a mediterranean winter measurements of evaporation from leaves and water conduction in wood

Kisgeci, J.; Vucic, N., 1978:
The water requirements of hops and various irrigation systems

Wang H., 1987:
The water resources of lakes in china

Nerurkar A.R.; Pal J.K.; Goel S.C., 1981:
The water soluble lens proteins of vertebrates with particular reference to low molecular weight fractions

Paakkonen K., 1987:
The water sorption of chitin isolated from the northern milk cap mushroom lactarius trivialis

Nagieva, E.E., 1977:
The water state and drought resistance of grapes in the kopet dag piedmont subzone

Izmailova, N.N., 1977:
The water state of cryophilic pulvinate plants of the eastern pamirs tadzhik ssr ussr

Billenkens P., 1985:
The water supply area near venlo netherlands a new saddle fungus paradise

Naim M.; Dukan E.; Zehavi U.; Yaron L., 1986:
The water sweet aftertaste of neohesperidin dihydrochalcone and thaumatin as a method for determining their sweet persistence

Koike T., 1980:
The water temperature at the time of catching the yellowtail by troll fishing

Blake D.B.; Guensburg T.E., 1988:
The water vascular system and functional morphology of paleozoic asteroids

Silega Kh; Zakhariev T., 1981:
The water yield relation under varying water supply conditions of maize for grain

Campredon, P., 1987:
The waterbirds breeding on the banc d'arguin national park mauritania west africa 1984 1985

Rondelaud, D., 1978:
The watercress pools in connection with cases of human fascioliasis in limousin france experimental studies of snail vectors and their biological control

Alexandrowicz, Z., 1976:
The waterfalls of the white and black vistulas poland

D.Kam M., 1983:
The watermark disease is not transmitted with 17 year old cuttings of salix alba

Stern D.B.; Bang A.G.; Thompson W.F., 1986:
The watermelon citrullus lanatus cultivar florida giant mitochondrial urf 1 gene evidence for a complex structure

Castellanos-Trujillo, L.; Palacios-Mayorga, S., 1977:
The waters of lake tequesquitengo state of morelos mexico

Sherman, J.W.; Patrick, R., 1981:
The waters of merom a study of lake huleh israel 7. diatom stratigraphy of the 54 meter core

Ohlhorst, S.; Shmida, A.; Poulson, M.M.; Hutchinson, G.E., 1982:
The waters of merom a study of lake huleh near east 8. nonsiliceous plant ramins with appendices on some animal fossils

Ohlhorst, S.; Hutchinson, G.E., 1977:
The waters of merom israel a study of lake huleh part 5 temporal changes in the molluscan fauna

Visser S.A.; Bisson M.; Couture P., 1981:
The watershed of lake st jean quebec canada analysis and interpretation of the quality of the water

Hattori, M.; Kudoh, T.; Ishiyama, N.; Toya, S., 1978:
The watertight spinal window technique

Catling P.M.; Wojtas W., 1986:
The waterweeds elodea and egeria hydrocharitaceae in canada

Cooperman, A.M.; Eversman, J.J.; Winkelman, E.I., 1979:
The watery diarrhea syndrome; guidelines for treatment

Ruff, C.F.; Ayers, J.L.; Templer, D.I., 1977:
The watson and the hovey minnesota multiphasic personality inventory scales do they measure organicity or functional psycho pathology

Lees, A.; Noel, B.; Bouw, P., 1977:
The waulsortian reefs of belgium a progress report

Munker, H.; Kratzer, B., 1970:
The wave length discrimination of the eye to linear dispersion spectra

Nuccitelli R., 1987:
The wave of activation current in the egg of the medaka fish

Kline D.; Nuccitelli R., 1985:
The wave of activation current in the xenopus laevis egg

Levin S.V.; Gol'fand K.A.; Malev V.V., 1986:
The wave of local shortening and lengthening of a single crab axon during action potential

Yoshimoto Y.; Iwamatsu T.; Hirano K I.; Hiramoto Y., 1986:
The wave pattern of free calcium release upon fertilization in medaka and sand dollar eggs

Smith, E.L.; Witzel, D.A.; Pitts, D.G., 1976:
The waveform and scotopic critical fusion frequency of the sheep electro retinogram

Ikuta T.; Furuta N.; Kondo K.; Ohe S., 1980:
The waveform of the group mean somato sensory evoked potential of normal human subjects

Abboud S.; Sadeh D., 1982:
The waveforms alignment procedure in the averaging process for external recording of his bundle activity

Ikuta T.; Furuta N., 1981:
The waveforms of the group mean somato sensory evoked potential of each sex

Reimer, K.A.; Lowe, J.E.; Rasmussen, M.M.; Jennings, R.B., 1977:
The wavefront phenomenon of ischemic cell death part 1 myo cardial infarct size vs duration of coronary occlusion in dogs

Reimer K.A.; Jennings R.B., 1979:
The wavefront phenomenon of myo cardial ischemic cell death part 2 trans mural progression of necrosis within the framework of ischemic bed size myo cardium at risk and collateral flow

Coohill T.P.; James L.C., 1979:
The wavelength dependence of 8 methoxy psoralen photo sensitization of host capacity inactivation in a mammalian cell virus system

James L.C.; Coohill T.P., 1979:
The wavelength dependence of 8 methoxy psoralen photo sensitization of radiation enhanced reactivation in a mammalian cell virus system

Detsch R.M.; Bryant F.D.; Coohill T.P., 1980:
The wavelength dependence of herpes simplex virus inactivation by uv radiation

Moore S.; Coohill T.P., 1981 :
The wavelength dependence of the effect of 8 methoxy psoralen plus uv radiation on the induction of latent sv 40 from a mammalian cell

Camerini-Otero, R.D.; Day, L.A., 1978:
The wavelength dependence of the turbidity of solutions of macro molecules

Coohill, T.P.; James, L.C.; Moore, S.P., 1978:
The wavelength dependence of uv enhanced reactivation in a mammalian cell virus system

Coohill, T.P.; Moore, S.P.; Drake, S., 1977:
The wavelength dependence of uv inactivation of host capacity in a mammalian cell virus system

Jacobson E.D.; Krell K.; Dempsey M.J., 1981:
The wavelength dependence of uv light induced cell killing and mutagenesis in l 5178y mouse lymphoma cells

Allwood M.C.; Plane J.H., 1986:
The wavelength dependent degradation of vitamin a exposed to uv radiation

Kittel, R., 1977:
The wavelength of light and fertility

Smeets, J.L.; Allessie, M.A.; Lammers, W.J.; Bonke, F.I.; Hollen, J., 1986:
The wavelength of the cardiac impulse and reentrant arrhythmias in isolated rabbit atrium. The role of heart rate, autonomic transmitters, temperature, and potassium

Nelson L.H.; Anderson S.G.; Penry M.F., 1984:
The wavering midline a diagnostic sign of fetal hydrocephalus

Darchen R., 1980:
The wax cycle in a beehive of apis mellifica and its various functions

Malterud K.E.; Wollenweber E.; Gomez P.L.D., 1979:
The wax of calathea lutea marantaceae

Percy J.E.; Blomquist G.J.; Macdonald J.A., 1983:
The wax secreting glands of eriocampa ovata hymenoptera tenthredinidae ultrastructural observations and chemical composition of the wax

Peklo A.M.; Sopyev O.S., 1980:
The waxwing hypocolius ampelinus aves bombycillidae a nesting species of the ussr fauna

Nelson, O.E., 1975:
The waxy locus in maize part 3 effect of structural hetero zygosity on intra genic recombination and flanking marker assortment

De-Kock, K.N.; Van-Eeden, J.A., 1976:
The way in which different cohort sizes affect the value of the population statistic r m of a fresh water snail species

Leroy J.L.; Leroy Brasme T.; Puech F.; Delecour M.; L.C.utour X.; Beuscart R., 1988:
The way inflammatory disease evolve the consequences of salpingitis

Spitzer K.; Jaros J., 1986:
The way of life of eupithecia gelidata moeschler 1860 lepidoptera geometridae a relict occurrence in a high peat bog in south bohemia czechoslovakia

Popp F.; Sauer R., 1988:
The way to deal with tumor disease talks with radiotherapy patients

Chi-Dong-Cty-Agric-Bur-Kiangsu-China, 1976:
The way to gain high and stable yield of cotton in a large area

Galmiche, P., 1975:
The way to stop the cortico therapy local cortico therapy and intra articular injections in rheumatology

Gilyazetdinov S.Y.; Kinyapina N.L.; Khangil'din V.Kh, 1985:
The ways for increasing the selection efficiency of pea cultivars with high productivity and protein content in seeds

Serova L.I.; Kolesnikova L.A., 1983:
The ways of activation influence of cerebral dopamine on the endocrine function of the testis

Lindeman, G.V., 1978:
The ways of adaptation of bark beetles coleoptera scolytinae to inhabiting slightly weakened trees

Kadlec O.; Sagat T.; Kovacech J.; Krekan J.; Zavacka V.; Steinerova M.; Hanzel B.; Bircak J., 1987:
The ways of detection of metabolic risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in maturing children

Mishustin E.N., 1983:
The ways of nitrogen balance improvement on the ussr arable lands and the realization of the food program

Fetisova, Z.G.; Fok, M.V.; Shibaeva, L.V., 1985:
The ways of optimization of light energy conversion in primary steps of photosynthesis iii. the role of spectral heterogeneity of light harvesting antenna

Fetisova, Z.G.; Fok, M.V.; Shibaeva, L.V., 1985:
The ways of optimization of light energy conversion in primary steps of photosynthesis iv. the role of mutual orientation of vectors of dipole transition moments of photosynthetic unit molecules

Fetisova, Z.G.; Fok, M.V.; Shibaeva, L.V., 1985:
The ways of optimization of light energy conversion in primary steps of photosynthesis v. the molecular focusing zone of a reaction center and optimization of its parameters

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The wild pear of transcarpathian oblast

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The wild type gene for glutamine synthetase restores ammonia control of nitrogen fixation to g ln minus gln a mutants of rhodopseudomonas capsulata

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The willinks field

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The willow tit parus montanus in the eichsfeld east germany comparison with the marsh titmouse parus palustris

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The willwood formation lower eocene of the southern bighorn basin wyoming usa and its mammalian fauna

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The wilting point determined by the properties of peat soils

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The window fistula symptom caused by lesions of the round and oval window

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The wing length as a sexing criterion of cettia diphone cantans in autumn routine ringing

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The wing membrane of pterodactylus reptilia pterosauria demonstrated with the example of the vienna specimen of pterodactylus kochi wagner

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The wing movement of birds during rapid flight

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The wing musculature of the weka gallirallus australis a flightless rail endemic to new zealand

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The wing spreading behavior of the little cormorant phalacrocorax niger

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The winter distribution of purple sandpipers in britain

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The winter food of the european water shrew

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The winter prey of oliva sayana gastropoda olividae

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The winteraceae of the old world part 3 notes on the ovary of takhtajania perrieri

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The winteraceae of the old world v. exospermum links bubbia to zygogynum

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The wintering and migration of waterfowl in alsace

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The wintering of the goldeneye bucephala clangula in southern bavaria especially on the lower river inn west germany

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The woods of thouars a good entomological station in the bordeaux france area which is in the process of disappearing

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The word superiority effect in a case of Hiragana letter strings

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The work of s. s. nenyukov systematic position of the family theligonaceae

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The working capacity of Liberian males: a comparison between urban and rural populations in relation to malaria

Sukhanova, V.A.; Sukhotina, K.I.; Ostrovskaya, R.S.; Polyanskii, V.A.; Golovin, V.P.; Pokalo, V.N., 1977:
The working capacity of pre retirement age of women working in laboratories and goods stores of oil refineries

Awad el Karim, M.A.; Sukkar, M.Y.; Collins, K.J.; Doré, C., 1981:
The working capacity of rural, urban and service personnel in the Sudan

Hörnquist, J.O.; Hansson, B.; Akerlind, I., 1988:
The working capacity of the alcohol abuser. Prognostic multiple regression analyses

Mikkelsen J.B.; Kruse T., 1987:
The working economy and the treatment of injuries

Foret, J., 1978:
The working man and his sleep

Vellinga E.; Kuyper T.W., 1985:
The working week in belgium 1984

Navarro C.; Escribe C.; Marine C., 1981:
The working wife and the management of life activities of the married coupled

Heyden, S., 1976:
The workingmans diet

Heyden, S., 1978:
The workingmans diet part 2 effect of weight reduction in obese patients with hypertension diabetes hyper uricemia and hyper lipidemia

Baksi S.K.; Ray T.K.; D.C., 1980:
The workings of some crabs on the sandy beach of western sundarban bengal delta india

Cloud P.; Gustafson L.B.; Watson J.A.L., 1980:
The works of living social insects as pseudofossils and the age of oldest known metazoa

Crosby, P.A.; Gunn, B.J.; Hall, B.R.; Hudson, S.; Malachowski, G.C.; Schlosser, D.; Stevens, V., 1985:
The workstation approach to laboratory computing

Combes C.; Albaret J L.; Arvy L.; Bartoli P.; Bayssade Dufour C.; Deblock S.; Durette Desset M C.; Gabrion C.; Jourdane J.; E.A., 1980:
The world atlas of cercariae

Harrison J.; Miller K.; Mcneely J., 1982:
The world coverage of protected areas development goals and environmental needs

Papiha, S.S.; Nahar, A., 1977:
The world distribution of the electrophoretic variants of the red cell enzyme esterase D

Edwards, R., 1976:
The world distribution pattern of the german wasp paravespula germanica hymenoptera vespidae

Kappeler T.U., 1979:
The world eco toxicology watch

Dorofeev V.F., 1983:
The world gene pool of the cultivated plants and the tasks of selection in connection with the food program

Fisher D.W., 1981:
The world of coelophysis a new york usa dinosaur of 200 million years ago

Schneider H., 1980:
The world of small forms of life in a park pond

Scudder, G.G.E., 1981:
The world rhyparochrominae hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae 17. the genus hebrolethaeus

Scudder, G.G.E., 1984:
The world rhyparochrominae hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae 18. the genus sinierus

Scudder, G.G.E., 1978:
The world rhyparochrominae hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae part 15 new genera and species from the indo pacific

Scudder, G.G.E., 1977:
The world rhyparochrominae hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae part 16 the status of tethallotrum and the description of a new species allocentrum impunctatum new species from madagascar malagasy republic

Scudder, G.G.E., 1977:
The world rhyparochrominae types hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae part 13 the stal types

Frahm J P., 1985:
The world wide range of campylopus shawii new record

Nordenstam, B., 1986:
The world wildlife fund's flora project in sweden

Rich, P.V.; Bohaska, D.J., 1976:
The worlds oldest owl a new strigiform from the paleocene of the southwestern colorado usa

Dixon J.R.; Hendricks F.S., 1979:
The worm snakes family typhlopidae of the neotropics exclusive of the antilles

Rhee, J.K.; Lee, S.B.; Ahn, B.Z., 1984:
The wormicidal substance of fresh water fishes on clonorchis sinensis 5. purification and chemical characterization of clonorchicidal substance from epidermal mucus of cyprinus carpio

Rhee J.K.; Kim P.G.; Ahn B.Z., 1987:
The wormicidal substance of fresh water fishes on clonorchis sinensis vi structure identification of purified clonorchicidal substance from epidermal mucus of cyprinus carpio nudus

Rhee, J.K.; Baek, B.K.; Ahn, B.Z.; Park, Y.J., 1979:
The wormicidal substances of fresh water fishes on clonorchis sinensis 1. preliminary research on the wormicidal substance from mucous substance of carassius carassius

Rhee, J.K.; Baek, B.K.; Ahn, B.Z.; Park, Y.J., 1980:
The wormicidal substances of fresh water fishes on clonorchis sinensis 2. preliminary research on the wormicidal substances from mucous substances of various fresh water fishes

Rhee, J.K.; Baek, B.K.; Ahn, B.Z.; Park, Y.J., 1980:
The wormicidal substances of fresh water fishes on clonorchis sinensis 3. seasonal variation on the wormicidal substances of mucous substances of carassius carassius

Jones, D.E.; Gibbons, D.E.; Doughty, J.F., 1981:
The worth of a therapist

Grosse-Brauckmann, E., 1977:
The worth of pot experiments for use in comparison with field trials

Haimes Y.Y.; Craig J.A.; Subrahmanian J., 1979:
The worth of stream flow data in water resources planning computational results

Pankratz H.; Fischer H., 1985:
The wound ballistics of the kroenlein shot

Harrison, J.D.; David, A.J.; Stather, J.W., 1980:
The wound clearance and distribution of plutonium, americium and curium in rodents

Helpap, B.; Grouls, V.; Johaentges, F., 1977:
The wound healing of the liver after thermo necrosis auto radiographical investigations with tritiated thymidine on rats

Liang H G.; Y.L.J.; M.Z.J.; Dai X Y., 1982:
The wound induced cyanide resistant respiration in potato tuber slices

Fackler, M.L.; Malinowski, J.A., 1985:
The wound profile: a visual method for quantifying gunshot wound components

Hawthorne, D.B.; Dreher, T.W.; Grant, B.R., 1981:
The wound response in the siphonous alga caulerpa simpliciuscula 2. the effect of wounding on carbon flow

Dreher, T.W.; Grant, B.R.; Wetherbee, R., 1978:
The wound response in the siphonous alga caulerpa simpliciuscula fine structure and cytology

Dreher, T.W.; Hawthorne, D.B.; Grant, B.R., 1982:
The wound response of the siphonous green algal genus caulerpa 3. composition and origin of the wound plugs

De-Waal, F.B.M., 1975:
The wounded leader a spontaneous temporary change in the structure of agonistic relations among captive java monkeys macaca fascicularis

Lowdon I.M.R.; Nunley J.A.; Goldner R.D.; Urbaniak J.R., 1987:
The wraparound procedure for thumb and finger reconstruction

Sanchez-Delgado, F., 1981:
The wrasses labridae of the iberian coasts spain 1. description of the species

Koenig H.; Lucas D.; Meissner R., 1986:
The wrist a preliminary report on high resolution magnetic resonance imaging

O'brien B.M.; Barton R.M.; Pribaz J.J., 1987:
The wrist as an immediate free flap carrie for reconstruction of the pelvis a case report

Mendel F.C., 1979:
The wrist joint of two toed sloths and its relevance to brachiating adaptations in the hominoidea

Pryce J.C., 1980:
The wrist position between neutral and ulnar deviation that facilitates the maximum power grip strength

Peters M.; Mcgrory J., 1987:
The writing performance of inverted and noninverted right handers and left handers

Holliday, R.; Whitehouse, H.L.K., 1970:
The wrong way to think about gene conversion

Vinyas L., 1981:
The wuerm beds of the coast of gerona spain

Arn R., 1985:
The wuerm interstadial sediments of senarclens vaud switzerland

Benes, J., 1975:
The wuermian foxes of bohemian and moravian karst

Peters N.; Schmidt W.; Kranz H.; Watermann B.; Stich H.F., 1984:
The x cell problem

Hofker, M.H.; Skraastad, M.I.; Bergen, A.A.; Wapenaar, M.C.; Bakker, E.; Millington-Ward, A.; van Ommen, G.J.; Pearson, P.L., 1986:
The X chromosome shows less genetic variation at restriction sites than the autosomes

Gilgenkrantz, S.; Baue, G., 1977:
The x chromosome with deletion of a long arm

Chen I.S.Y.; Slamon D.J.; Rosenblatt J.D.; Shah N.P.; Quan S.G.; Wachsman W., 1985:
The x gene is essential for human t cell leukemia virus replication

Mann J.R.; Corkery J.J.; Fisher H.J.W.; Cameron A.H.; Mayerova A.; Wolf U.; Kennaugh A.A.; Woolley V., 1983:
The x linked recessive form of xy gonadal dysgenesis with a high incidence of gonadal germ cell tumors clinical and genetic studies

Grathwohl, C.; Wuthrich, K., 1976:
The x proline peptide bond as an nmr probe for conformational studies of flexible linear peptides

Beitz L.; Plesch R.; Rethfeld H., 1980:
The x ray analysis of heavy metals in vegetable products

Wong R.Y.; Horowitz R.M., 1986:
The x ray crystal and molecular structure of neohesperidin dihydrochalcone sweetener

Walter, J.; Bode, W., 1983:
The x ray crystal structure analysis of the refined complex formed by bovine trypsin ec and p amidinophenyl pyruvate at 1.4 angstrom resolution

Falshaw C.P.; King T.J., 1983:
The x ray crystal structure and absolute configuration of maytenol a reduction product of the bis di terpene maytenone

Wilkins A.L.; Goh E.M., 1988:
The x ray crystal structure and photochemistry of 22 alpha hydroxystictan 3 one a triterpenoid keto alcohol from pseudocyphellaria species

Stipanovic R.D.; Howell C.R., 1983:
The x ray crystal structure determination and biosynthetic studies of the antibiotic heptelidic acid

Watkins S.F.; Abboud K.A.; Voll R.J.; Koerner T.A.W.Jr; Younathan E.S., 1983:
The x ray crystal structure of 2 5 anhydro d mannitol

Koell P.; Kopf J., 1986:
The x ray crystal structure of 2 5 anhydro l iditol

White, P.S.; Findlay, J.A.; Tam, W.H.J., 1978:
The x ray crystal structure of racemic flavipucine

Epstein, R.H.; Zeiger, A.V.; Crocker, C.; Voet, D., 1976:
The x ray crystal structure of the molecular complex 8 bromo 9 ethyl adenine 5 allyl 5 isobutyl barbituric acid

Scarbrough, F.E.; Shieh, H.S.; Voet, D., 1977:
The x ray crystal structure of the molecular complex bis lumiflavine 2 6 di amino 9 ethyl purine ethanol water

Cosulich, D.B.; Lovell, F.M., 1977:
The x ray crystal structures of loxapine 2 chloro 11 4 methyl 1 piperazinyl di benz b f 1 4 oxazepine and amoxapine 2 chloro 11 1 piperazinyl di benz b f 1 4 oxazepine

Meiler J., 1985:
The x ray dose for effective aluminum filtrations

Grinfeld S.; Jacquet P.; Gilles J.; Baugnet Mahieu L., 1988:
The x ray induced g 2 arrest in mouse eggs a maternal effect involving a lack of polypeptide phosphorylation

Lindeman S.V.; Timofeeva T.V.; Shklover V.E.; Struchkov Y.T.; Turuta A.M.; Kamernitzky A.V., 1984:
The x ray investigation of 16 alpha 17 alpha thiazolidine derivatives of delta 4 pregnane and delta 5 pregnane and conformational analysis of their oxathiolane analog

Majewski S.; Hliniak A., 1981:
The x ray sterilization of axillary metastases in patients with breast cancer irradiated pre operatively

Kamiya K.; Kennard O., 1982:
The x ray structure analysis of anhydrous hepta methyl di cyano cobyrinate cobester

Hanson J.R.; Rivett D.E.A.; Ley S.V.; Williams D.J., 1982:
The x ray structure and absolute configuration of insect anti feedant clerodane di terpenoids from teucrium africanum

Kopf J.; Koell P., 1986:
The x ray structure of 2 3 5 tri o acetyl 1 6 anhydro alpha d galactofuranose

Lavie D.; Frolow F.; Meshulam H., 1984:
The x ray structure of methyl shoreate and the stereochemistry of eichlerianic acid cabraleone and ocotillone

Suh S.W., 1985:
The x ray structure of the fab fragment of galactan binding immunoglobulin j 539

Shieh, H.S.; Voet, D., 1976:
The x ray structure of the molecular complex 8 bromo 9 ethyl adenine cyanuric acid mono hydrate

Shieh, H.S.; Voet, D., 1976:
The x ray structure of the molecular complex 9 ethyl adenine parabanic acid

Mowbray, S.L.; Petsko, G.A., 1983:
The x ray structure of the periplasmic galactose binding protein from salmonella typhimurium at 3.0 angstrom resolution

Bunick, G.; Mckenna, G.P.; Colton, R.; Voet, D., 1974:
The x ray structure of yeast inorganic pyro phosphatase ec crystal properties

Nielsen H.; Vilhelmsen R., 1987:
The x syndrome a rare cause of angina pectoris

Byfield, P.; Sercarz, E., 1969:
The x y z scheme of immunocyte maturation vii cell division and the establishment of short term immuno globulin m memory methotrexate immunol hydroxy urea immunol

Kinsman J.M.IIi; Murry C.E.; Richard V.J.; Jennings R.B.; Reimer K.A., 1988:
The xanthine oxidase inhibitor oxypurinol does not limit infarct size in a canine model of 40 minutes of ischemia with reperfusion

Priimenko B.A.; Romanenko N.I.; Garmash S.N.; Gnatov N.I.; Sheinkman A.K., 1980:
The xanthine series and its condensed derivatives

Parmasto E.; Parmasto I., 1979:
The xanthochroic reaction in aphyllophorales

Cozzutto, C.; Carbone, A., 1988:
The xanthogranulomatous process. Xanthogranulomatous inflammation

Cotterill, P.J.; Scheinmann, F., 1980:
The xanthone series 13. structural and synthetic studies on toxylo xanthone b

Roth, K.; Mathey, A.; Leuckert, C., 1978:
The xanthones of buellia galapagona lichenes physicaceae

Wagner, H.P.; Zaneveld, J.S., 1988:
The xanthophyceae and chlorophyceae of the western ross sea victoria land antarctica and macquarie island collected under the direction of prof. dr. j. s. zaneveld 1963 1967

Schaeffer B., 1981:
The xenacanth shark neuro cranium with comments on elasmobranch monophyly

Estroff, T.; Galanaud, P.; Dormont, J.; Wallon, C.; Tchernia, G., 1976 :
The xenogeneic effect evidence for co participation of human monocytes and thymus derived lymphocytes in the restoration of nude mouse in vitro response to sheep red blood cells

Farrar, J.J.; Fuller-Bonar, J., 1976:
The xenogeneic effect part 2 requirement for unactivated murine thymus derived cells during restoration of immune responsiveness with xenogeneic reconstitution factor

Simon, P.L.; Farrar, J.J.; Kind, P.D., 1977:
The xenogeneic effect part 3 induction of cell mediated cyto toxicity by allo antigen stimulated thymocytes in the presence of xenogeneic reconstitution factor

Bittner H.; Glaser A., 1984:
The xenogeneic transplantation of human malignant melanoma under highly dosed immunosupression

Weiler I.J.; Lew D.; Shapiro D.J., 1987:
The xenopus laevis estrogen receptor sequence homology with human and avian receptors and identification of multiple estrogen receptor messenger rna species

Ballas, S.K.; Larner, J.; Smith, E.D.; Surrey, S.; Schwartz, E.; Rappaport, E.F., 1987:
The xerocytosis of Hb SC disease

Heide-Jorgensen, H.S., 1980:
The xeromorphic leaves of hakea suaveolens 3. ontogeny structure and function of the t shaped trichomes

Heide-Jorgensen, H.S., 1978:
The xeromorphic leaves of hakea suaveolens part 1 structure of photosynthetic tissue with inter cellular pectic strands and tylosoids

Jorgensen-Heide, H.S., 1978:
The xeromorphic leaves of hakea suaveolens part 2 structure of epidermal cells cuticle development and ectodesmata

Moor M., 1981:
The xerophytic bushes berberidon e of the reinach moor near basel switzerland

Studnickova, I.; Studnicka, M., 1976:
The xerothermic sward near mnichovo hradiste

Redhead S.A.; Ginns J.; Shoemaker R.A., 1987:
The xerula radicata collybia radicata oudemansiella radicata complex in canada

Redhead S.A., 1987:
The xerulaceae basidiomycetes a family with sarcodimitic tissues

Delgado Calvo Flores G.; Parraga Martinez J.; Serrano Molina E.; Delgado Calvo Flores R., 1985:
The xerumbrepts of mountain shrubbery from south versant of sierra nevada granada spain

Smith, D.R., 1976:
The xiphydriid wood wasps of north america hymenoptera xiphydriidae

Bauch K.; Witkowski R.; Ullrich E.; Dempe A.; Lindner J., 1980:
The xx male a child and an adult

Rogers J.D.; Callan B.E.; Samuels G.J., 1987:
The xylariaceae of the rain forests of north sulawesi indonesia

Rogers J.D., 1979:
The xylariaceae systematic biological and evolutionary aspects

Bright, D.E., 1980:
The xyleborini 1. 3 new species of schedlia from papua new guinea coleoptera scolytidae

Bhattacharyya, P., 1975:
The xylem anatomy of the section callianche cuscutaceae

Huzulak J., 1979:
The xylem pressure potential of shrub species in an oak hornbeam forest

Herridge D.F.; O'connell P.; Donnelly K., 1988:
The xylem ureide assay of nitrogen fixation sampling procedures and sources of error

Mateu, J., 1974:
The xylophagous insects on acacia in the saharan regions

Fedail, S.S., 1985:
The xylose absorption test in normal Sudanese subjects

Shelley R.M., 1981:
The xystodesmid millipede furcillaria new genus and 3 new species from piedmont south carolina usa polydesmida xystodesmidae

Stein V., 1986:
The xyy syndrome in orthopedic practice

Byers, V.S.; Sercarz, E.E., 1968:
The xyz scheme of immunocyte maturation v paralysis of memory cells secondary antibody response rabbit bovine serum albumin

Furuya Y.; Shintaku K.; Kita T., 1979:
The y and z blood groups

Tu, C.P.D.; Lai, H.C.J.; Li, N.Q.; Weiss, M.J.; Reddy, C.C., 1984:
The y c and y a subunits of rat liver glutathione s transferases ec are the products of separate genes

Le-Roux, A., 1977:
The y organ of palaemon serratus decapoda natantia localization and histological aspects

Taketomi Y.; Hyodo M., 1986:
The y organ of the crab portunus trituberculatus effects of ecdysterone on the ultrastructure

Ricbourg B.; Manne J.; Thevenot A., 1988:
The yag laser in conservative odontology preliminary report

Mclaurin, A.N., 1976:
The yapeenian upper lower ordovician succession in central victoria australia

Lindblad M., 1988:
The year 1987 for plant protection agriculture

Jacobs R.P.W.M.; Bouwhuis A.M.J., 1979:
The year cycle of eudiaptomus vulgaris copepoda calanoida in a small acid water body during 1973 development in the natural habitat and relationships between temperature and duration of development stages

Shklyarevich G.A., 1980:
The year to year dynamics of mass benthos species in the inter tidal zone of islands in the kandalaksha bay of the white sea ussr

Abel, H.; Baumgartner, A.; Donle, W., 1970:
The yearly behavior of infectious diseases in central europe

Shikhshabekov, M.M., 1977:
The yearly cycle of ovaries and testes in the tench tinca tinca in the reservoirs of the dagestan assr

Reijnders J., 1979:
The years of appearance of some clavarioid fungi

Mead D.J.; Gardner D.C.J.; Oliver S.G., 1986:
The yeast 2 mu plasmid strategies for the survival of a selfish dna

Silve S.; Monod M.; Hinnen A.; Haguenauer Tsapis R., 1987:
The yeast acid phosphatase can enter the secretory pathway without its amino terminal signal sequence

Bowen W.R.; Lambert N.; Pugh S.Y.R.; Taylor F., 1986:
The yeast alcohol dehydrogenase catalyzed conversion of cinnamaldehyde to cinnamyl alcohol

Kern, D.; Dietrich, A.; Fasiolo, F.; Renaud, M.; Giege, R.; Ebel, J.P., 1977:
The yeast aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases methodology for their complete or partial purification and comparison of their relative activities under various extraction conditions

Saez H.; Rodrigues D.M.randa L., 1984:
The yeast candida sequanensis new species

Stoops J.K.; Wakil S.J., 1981:
The yeast fatty acid synthetase structure function relationship and the role of the active cysteine sulfhydryl group and pantetheine sulfhydryl group

Schmidt J.L.; Lenoir J., 1980:
The yeast flora composition of camembert cheese 2

Middelhoven W.J.; Franzen M.M., 1986:
The yeast flora of ensiled whole crop maize

Golubev V.I.; Blagodatskaya V.M.; Liss O.L., 1981:
The yeast flora of peats

Van-Der-Walt, J.P.; Liebenberg, N.V.D.W., 1973:
The yeast genus wickerhamiella domercqii new genus new species ascomycetes

Sanchez Muniz F.J.; D.L.H.guera M.; Mataix F.J.; Varela G., 1979:
The yeast hansenula anomala as a protein source for rainbow trout salmo gairdneri hematological aspects

Struhl K., 1982:
The yeast his 3 promoter contains at least 2 distinct elements

Hughes J.M.X.; Konings D.A.M.; Cesareni G., 1987:
The yeast homologue of u3 small nuclear dna

Poulard A.; Simon L., 1981:
The yeast micro flora of the vineyards of the region of nantes western france

Ryrie, I.J., 1977:
The yeast mitochondrial atpase complex purification subunit composition and some effects of protease inhibitors

Roedel, G.; Fox, T.D., 1987:
The yeast nuclear gene cbs1 is required for translation of mitochondrial messenger rnas bearing the cob 5' untranslated leader

Rudolph H.; Hinnen A., 1987:
The yeast ph 05 promoter phosphate control elements and sequences mediating messenger rna start site selection

Johnson, E.A.; Conklin, D.E.; Lewis, M.J., 1977:
The yeast phaffia rhodozyma as a dietary pigment source for salmonids and crustaceans

M.C.J.; Gao H T.; L.Y.Y.; L.Z.Q.; Tan W Y.; Zhang X Z., 1979:
The yeast pichia petrophilum new species

Finley D.; Ozkaynak E.; Varshavsky A., 1987:
The yeast polyubiquitin gene is essential for resistance to high temperatures starvation and other stresses

Dabeva, M.D.; Warner, J.R., 1987 :
The yeast ribosomal protein L32 and its gene

Lustig A.J.; Lin R J.; Abelson J., 1986:
The yeast rna gene products are essential for messenger rna splicing in vitro

Fischhoff D.A.; Waterston R.H.; Olson M.V., 1984:
The yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cloning vector yep 13 contains a leucine transfer rna gene that can mutate to an amber suppressor

Gaber, R.F.; Culbertson, M.R., 1982:
The yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae frameshift suppressor gene suf 16 1 encodes an altered glycine transfer rna containing the 4 base anti codon 3' cccg 5'

Bigelis R.; Keesey J.K.; Fink G.R., 1981:
The yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae his 4 multi functional protein immunochemistry of the wild type protein and altered forms

Miller A.M., 1984:
The yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mat a 1 gene contains 2 introns

Todd R.D.; Griesenbeck T.A.; Douglas M.G., 1980:
The yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial atpase complex subunit stoichiometry and physical characterization

Marguet D.; Lauquin G.J M., 1986:
The yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae srp gene positive modulation by glucose of its transcriptional expression

Dietzel C.; Kurjan J., 1987:
The yeast scg1 gene a g alpha like protein implicated in the alpha and alpha factor response pathway

Kepes, F.; Schekman, R., 1988:
The yeast SEC53 gene encodes phosphomannomutase

Johnson P.F.; Abelson J., 1983:
The yeast tyrosine transfer rna gene intron is essential for correct modification of its transfer rna product

Webster N.; Jin J.R.; Green S.; Hollis M.; Chambon P., 1988:
The yeast uas g is a transcriptional enhancer in human hela cells in the presence of the gal4 trans activation

Ozkaynak, E.; Finley, D.; Solomon, M.J.; Varshavsky, A., 1987:
The yeast ubiquitin genes: a family of natural gene fusions

Chatton B.; Walter P.; Ebel J P.; Lacroute F.; Fasiolo F., 1988:
The yeast vas 1 gene encodes both mitochondrial and cytoplasmic valyl transfer rna synthetases

Ventynya E.Yu; Vetsozola A.O.; Zvyagintseva I.S.; Luka V.T., 1987:
The yeast yarrowia lipolytica grown under different conditions and studied by electron microscopy

Grillot R.; Chouteau J.; Guy P.; Saez H.; Ambroise Thomas P., 1982:
The yeasts in fruit syrups the value of monitoring and identifying them in an industrial production line

Nakazato A.; Nakazima Y.; Takeda M.; Tsukahara T., 1981:
The yeasts isolated from the sakemoto manju mash

Badillet G.; Sene S.; Barnel C.; Jung C., 1986:
The yeasts of genus cryptococcus in dermatology

Slavikova E.; Kockova Kratochvilova A., 1981:
The yeasts of the different genera transferred by insects on the lowlands of zahorie czechoslovakia

Slavikova E.; Kockova Kratochvilova A., 1980:
The yeasts of the genus aureobasidium transferred by insects of the lowlands of zahorie slovakia czechoslovakia

Slavikova E.; Kockova Kratochvilova A., 1980:
The yeasts of the genus debaryomyces transferred by insects on the lowlands of zahorie czechoslovakia

Mccoy C.J.; Hahn D.E., 1979:
The yellow bellied sea snake pelamis platurus reptilia hydrophiidae in the philippines

Macdonald, M.A., 1978:
The yellow billed egret in west africa

Cooper, G.F.; Robson, J.G., 1969:
The yellow color of the lens of man and other primates papio macaca saimiri sciureus galago crassicaudatus

Cooper, G.F.; Robson, J.G., 1969:
The yellow color of the lens of the grey squirrel sciurus carolinensis leucotis horse cow pig dog cat citellus mexicanus cavia porcellus mustelo furo

Elven, R., 1985:
The yellow flowered primula of tromso north norway

Hedberg O.; Ericson B.; Grill Willen A.; Hunde A.; Kallsten L.; Lofgren O.; Ruuth T.; Ryding O., 1979:
The yellow flowered species of bartsia scrophulariaceae in tropical africa

Gordon, G.; Mcgreevy, D.G.; Lawrie, B.C., 1978:
The yellow footed rock wallaby petrogale xanthopus macropodidae in queensland australia

Wilson, G.R.; Gerritsen, J.; Milthorpe, P.L., 1976:
The yellow footed rock wallaby petrogale xanthopus macropodidae in western new south wales australia

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