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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6797

Chapter 6797 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tosto L.; Ortelli L.; Cattini G.C.; Fostini R.; Benedetti M., 1988:
Therapeutic efficacy and tolerance of ofloxacin oflocin in lower respiratory tract infections in the elderly

Miller, J.; Salem, H., 1976:
Therapeutic efficacy of a new anhydrous theophylline dosage form

Gunella G.; Galleri C.; Del Bufalo C.; Fasano L.; Fabiani A.; Zanasi A., 1985:
Therapeutic efficacy of a new quinolone ciprofloxacin in acute and chronic infections of the respiratory tract

Wester H A.; Mouselimis N., 1984:
Therapeutic efficacy of a transdermal system containing nitroglycerin in comparison with nifedipine

Cecchettin M.; Cerea P.; Torri G., 1988:
Therapeutic efficacy of aceclofenac and diclofenac in acute knee arthroses a study of e 2 prostaglandin levels in synovial fluid and in serum

Kumar A.; Leonard M.F.; Alfano J.; Murray D.L.; Cleveland R.P.; Beaman D.C., 1987:
Therapeutic efficacy of acyclovir and acyclovir laurocapram combination on herpes simplex in an immunocompromised baby guinea pig model

Movshev B.E.; Nedoshivina R.V.; Koryakina I.K., 1982:
Therapeutic efficacy of alpha globulin in experimental burns

Sukhorukov V.P.; Shishkin B.A.; Prozorov Y.G., 1983:
Therapeutic efficacy of aminokrovin and xylite administered enterally to patients with cirrhosis of the liver

Lee Y S.; Bullard D.E.; Zalutsky M.R.; Coleman R.E.; Wikstrand C.J.; Friedman H.S.; Colapinto E.V.; Bigner D.D., 1988:
Therapeutic efficacy of antiglioma mesenchymal extracellular matrix iodine 131 radiolabeled murine monoclonal antibody in a human glioma xenograft model

Prasad B.; Misra S.K.; Choudhuri P.C., 1984:
Therapeutic efficacy of ascorbic acid in acute methemoglobinemia in buffalo calves

Mele L.; Farias M.; Copponi V.; Berni P.; Scaglione L.; Malvicino F., 1987:
Therapeutic efficacy of benfluorex in dyslipidemic diabetics

Chisholm, D.R.; DeRegis, R.G.; Behr, D.A., 1986:
Therapeutic efficacy of cefadroxil and cephalexin for pneumonia in a rat test model

Fu, K.P.; Hetzel, N.; Hung, P.P.; Gregory, F.J., 1986:
Therapeutic efficacy of cefpiramide and cefoperazone alone and in combination with gentamicin against pseudomonal infections in neutropenic mice

Roosendaal, R.; Bakker-Woudenberg, I.A.J.M.; Van-Den-Berg, J.C.; Michel, M.F., 1985:
Therapeutic efficacy of continuous vs. intermittent administration of ceftazidime in an experimental klebsiella pneumoniae pneumonia in rats

Goren, E.; de Jong, W.A.; Doornenbal, P.; Laurense, T., 1988:
Therapeutic efficacy of doxycycline hyclate in experimental Escherichia coli infection in broilers

Kumar B.; Joshi H.C.; Kumar M., 1987:
Therapeutic efficacy of drug combinations in buffaloes naturally infected with microfilariae of setaria cervi

Capitani G.M.B.; Dugnani M., 1984:
Therapeutic efficacy of eye drops containing clobetasone butyrate and bekanamycin sulfate

Singh, A.N., 1984:
Therapeutic efficacy of flupenthixol decanoate in schizoaffective disorder: a clinical evaluation

Dnestranskaya L.I.; Tsyganenko A.Ya, 1982:
Therapeutic efficacy of gentamicin and rifampicin in experimental infection caused by staphylococcus and pseudomonas aeruginosa and antibiotic action on some immunological processes

Provotorov V.M.; Nikitin A.V., 1986:
Therapeutic efficacy of hemodez in patients with chronic bronchitis complicated by drug allergy

Piven, I.N.; Golosova, T.V.; Sidorova, A.V., 1975:
Therapeutic efficacy of homologous anti botulin plasma

Guevara Sosa I.R.; Aceituno Molina J.; Huicochea S.G., 1981:
Therapeutic efficacy of iodopropylidene glycerol in acute and chronic respiratory infections in pediatrics

Rajan, K.S.; Diamond, B.I.; Borison, R.L.; Davis, J.M., 1986:
Therapeutic efficacy of metal atp chelates of l dopa in animal models for parkinson's disease

Venuti M.; Orlando R.; Nassuato G.; Martines D.; Lirussi F.; Okolicsanyi L., 1981:
Therapeutic efficacy of methoxymine combined with an amino glycoside in a case of severe gram negative sepsis

Campana, A.; Ruspa, M., 1986:
Therapeutic efficacy of naproxen lysine in dysmenorrhea a double blind study vs. naproxen

Nooruddin M.; Mondal M.M.H., 1984:
Therapeutic efficacy of neguvon dimethyl 2 2 2 trichloro 1 hydroxyethyl phosphonate in the treatment of bovine demodicosis

Lambertucci J.R.; Pedroso E.R.P.; D.S.uza D.W.C.; D.P.; Neves J.; Salazar H.M.; Marinho R.P.; Rocha M.O.D.; Coelho P.M.Z.; E.A., 1980:
Therapeutic efficacy of oral oxamniquine in the toxemic form of schistosomiasis mansoni treatment of 11 individuals from 2 families and experimental study

Schwartz-Porsche, D.; Löscher, W.; Frey, H.H., 1985:
Therapeutic efficacy of phenobarbital and primidone in canine epilepsy: a comparison

Cooper T.W.; Bauer E.A., 1984:
Therapeutic efficacy of phenytoin in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis a comparison of short term and long term treatment

Sharma M.C.; Gupta O.P.; Dwivedi S.K.; Das S.C., 1980:
Therapeutic efficacy of sevin 50 wp carbaryl l naphthylmethyl carbamate against bovine dermatophytoses trichophyton verrucosum ringworm

Dunky A.; Nitsche V.; Eberl R., 1981:
Therapeutic efficacy of slow release allopurinol in gout and hyper uricemia

Sullam, P.M.; Täuber, M.G.; Hackbarth, C.J.; Sande, M.A., 1985:
Therapeutic efficacy of teicoplanin in experimental enterococcal endocarditis

Buzzelli G.; Salvadori G.; Arcangeli A.; Smorlesi C.; Caramelli L., 1981:
Therapeutic efficacy of the combination drug prifinium bromide lorazepam in the treatment of irritable colon controlled clinical trial

Huh Y., 1979:
Therapeutic efficacy of the dv 1006 on peptic ulcer

Demma, I.; Houssin, D.; Capron, M.; Minato, M.; Morin, J.; Gigou, M.; Szekely, A.M.; Bismuth, H., 1986:
Therapeutic efficacy of the transplantation of isolated hepatocytes in rats with surgically induced acute hepatic failure: a study of the mechanism

Tatarchenko I.P.; Oleinikov V.E.; Zhivotovskaya G.G.; Malinovskaya L.I., 1984:
Therapeutic efficacy of trimecain in cardiac arrhythmias and some approaches to its enhancement

Okolicsanyi L.; Orlando R.; Busnardo F.; Naccarato R.; Vellier Fornasa C.; Polin R., 1980:
Therapeutic efficacy of udp glucose in the management of porphyria cutanea tarda preliminary observations

Kwon, S.W.; Wang, C.S., 1977:
Therapeutic efficacy to female gonorrhea patient by single dose schedule

Denechaud M.; Laval M.; Robert J.; Ducassou D., 1981:
Therapeutic efficiency of adriamycin in mice bearing transplanted or autochthonous solid tumors drug and fluorescent metabolites plasma levels

Cruz Ponce J., 1981:
Therapeutic efficiency of bacampicillin acute bacterial otitis media

O.S.; Sun M., 1987:
Therapeutic efficiency of methyldopa in hypertensives

Gerasimo P.; Duserre C.; Ducousso R.; Metivier H., 1987:
Therapeutic efficiency of normal licam c against plutonium radiocontamination

Gil J.R., 1979:
Therapeutic efficiency of penicillamine d in rheumatoid arthritis

Duplan J.F.; Legrand E.; Castaignos C.; D.C.lignon E., 1979:
Therapeutic efficiency of spleen or bone marrow colony forming units in x irradiated strontium 89 labeled marrow ablated mice

Tsutsaeva A.A.; Popov N.N.; Voskoboinikova T.N., 1980:
Therapeutic efficiency of transplantation of cryo preserved lymphoid cells in radiation pathology

Batra Y.K.; Negi O.N., 1987:
Therapeutic electroacupuncture in the treatment of cervical spine syndrome

Harrington, D.P.; Barth, K.H.; Baker, R.R.; Truax, B.T.; Abeloff, M.D.; White, R.I., 1978:
Therapeutic embolization for hemorrhage from locally recurrent cancer of the breast

Higgins, C.B.; Bookstein, J.J.; Davis, G.B.; Galloway, D.C.; Barr, J.W., 1977:
Therapeutic embolization for intractable chronic bleeding

Lin, Z.Y., 1983:
Therapeutic embolization for primary liver cancer

Goldin, A.R.; Walker, W.J.; Goldblatt, M., 1978:
Therapeutic embolization for spontaneous retroperitoneal and other extravisceral hemorrhage

Peeters, F.L., 1980:
Therapeutic embolization in angiomas and tumors

Maynar M.; Garcia Pumarino J.L.; Pacho A.J.; Diaz A.; Pueyo I.; Martinez J.L.G., 1981:
Therapeutic embolization in gluteus arterio venous malformation

Vincent Y.; Broos J.; Gerard M.; Baleriaux D., 1981:
Therapeutic embolization in oto rhino laryngological pathology indications and results

Montana J.; Sancho C.; Dominguez J.; Martin L.; Manchon A.; Serrallach N., 1987:
Therapeutic embolization in renal traumatisms

Chaufour J.; Melki J.P.; Riche M.C.; Fernand M.; Cormier J.M.; Laurian C.; Fichelle J.M.; Gigou F., 1986:
Therapeutic embolization in the treatment of hemorrhages associated with fractures of the pelvis nine cases

Ahn H.S.; Kerber C.W., 1983:
Therapeutic embolization of external carotid cavernous fistula in infancy a case

Stojanovic J.; Keros P.; Vidovic M.; Milenkovic R., 1985:
Therapeutic embolization of extracranial to intracranial transdural arteriovenous fistula

Varma, J.; Huben, R.P.; Wajsman, Z.; Pontes, J.E., 1984:
Therapeutic embolization of pelvic metastases of renal cell carcinoma

Giuliani, L.; Carmignani, G.; Belgrano, E.; Puppo, P., 1977:
Therapeutic embolization of renal cell carcinoma

Nieh, P.T.; Waltman, A.C.; Althausen, A.F., 1977:
Therapeutic embolization of symptomatic secondary renal tumors

Kendall, B.; Moseley, I., 1977:
Therapeutic embolization of the external carotid arterial tree

Campbell, D.R.; Mason, W.F.; Flemming, B.K.; Fraser, D.B., 1985:
Therapeutic embolization of the hepatic artery

Allison D.J.; Jordan H.; Hennessy O., 1985:
Therapeutic embolization of the hepatic artery a review of 75 procedures

Kadir, S.; Marshall, F.F.; White, R.I.; Kaufman, S.L.; Barth, K.H., 1983:
Therapeutic embolization of the kidney with detachable silicone balloons

White, R.I.; Ursic, T.A.; Kaufman, S.L.; Barth, K.H.; Kim, W.; Gross, G.S., 1978:
Therapeutic embolization with detachable balloons. Physical factors influencing permanent occlusion

White, R.I.; Kaufman, S.L.; Barth, K.H.; DeCaprio, V.; Strandberg, J.D., 1979:
Therapeutic embolization with detachable silicone balloons. Early clinical experience

Foutch, P.G.; Sivak, M.V., 1985:
Therapeutic endoscopic balloon dilatation of the extrahepatic biliary ducts

H.K.T.; Chia B.L.; Chan H.L., 1980:
Therapeutic endoscopy endoscopic removal of an unusual intra gastric foreign body

Wahlin Boll E.; Groop L.; Karhumaa S.; Groop P H.; Totterman K J.; Melander A., 1986:
Therapeutic equivalence of once daily and 3 times daily glipizide

Melander A.; Bitzen P O.; Olsson S., 1982:
Therapeutic equivalence of sulfaisodimidine 2 grams twice daily and 1 gram 4 times daily in lower urinary tract infections

Nemery A.; Duvivier A.; Delcour C.; Mouchette R., 1983:
Therapeutic errors the atropine syndrome appian plutarch syndrome

Almeida E.A.D.; Barone M.A., 1984:
Therapeutic essay with propafenone on chagas disease chronic patients having extra systoles

Ferradas R.; Bataglia F.; Mignogna M.; Lopez A.; Rebozov E.M.; Magarinos R., 1986:
Therapeutic evaluation of a new ointment for the management of leg ulcers

Jorge, A.D.; Sanchez, D., 1978:
Therapeutic evaluation of chronic aggressive hepatitis and its relation to the australian antigen

Buckshee, K.; Ahuja, M.M., 1985:
Therapeutic evaluation of effectiveness of cimetidine in the treatment of hirsutism

Tavares W.; Marins A.B.L.; Ferreira R.A.X.; Pereira A.C.M.; Guimaraes M.T.C., 1985:
Therapeutic evaluation of midecamycin and miocamycin in skin and respiratory infections

Viglioglia P.A., 1980:
Therapeutic evaluation of the oral retinoid ro 10 9359 tigason in several nonpsoriatic dermatoses

Yamada M.; Kaneko E.; Kumagai J.; Nawano M.; Watanabe F.; Ohi S.; Kajimura M.; Senoh K.; Honda N., 1987:
Therapeutic evaluation of the treatment for achalasia with a pneumatic dilator attached to a panendoscope

Mazin V.V.; Antropov E.A.; Krupin I.V., 1985:
Therapeutic exercise for patients with prostatic adenoma

Nakada, T.; Akiya, T.; Yoshikawa, M.; Umeda, K.; Katayama, T., 1985:
Therapeutic experience of advanced urothelial tract tumors

Pizzuto J.; Ambriz R., 1984:
Therapeutic experience on 934 adults with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Demartino G.; Narciso P.; Struglia C.; Zechini F.; Visco G., 1981:
Therapeutic experience with a single doxycycline dose in conori rickettsiosis

Caiazza, A.; Ghisoni, F., 1984:
Therapeutic experience with an antianemic preparation double blind clinical study vs. placebo

Sakuragi T.; Nakano S.; Saito Y.; Kondo A., 1980:
Therapeutic experience with chlormadinone acetate for patients with prostatic carcinoma

Asano H.; Yanaoka M.; Morigughi R.; Fujita T.; Naide Y.; Ino A.; Hirano M.; Okishio N.; Yamakoshi T., 1982:
Therapeutic experience with cis di ammine di chloro platinum cisplatin for patients with uro genital malignant tumor

Barreca T.; Cicchetti M.; Indiveri F.; Paterno E.; Pierri I.; Rolandi E., 1984:
Therapeutic experience with cofosfolactamines clinical and bacteriological results of 2 multicenter double blind studies

Saito Y.; Sakuragi T.; Ogawa S.; Kanetake H.; Shindo K., 1981:
Therapeutic experience with ethynyl estradiol for patients with prostatic carcinoma

Vetró, A.; Szentistványi, I.; Pallag, L.; Vargha, M.; Szilárd, J., 1985:
Therapeutic experience with lithium in childhood aggressivity

Chadwick, P.; Bruce, A.W.; Cooke, T.D.; Hardy, G.J., 1978:
Therapeutic experience with netilmicin

Barry M.J.Jr, 1981:
Therapeutic experience with patients referred for prolonged grief reaction some 2nd thoughts

Nakada T.; Katayama T., 1982:
Therapeutic experience with piperacillin in patients with urinary tract infections analysis associated with renal function

Sakuragi T.; Sakai H.; Kamemoto H.; Hisamatsu A.; Jodai A.; Yamada J.; Kanetake H.; Shindo K.; Saito Y., 1986:
Therapeutic experience with synthetic salmon calcitonin for patients with hypercalcemia associated with carcinoma of urinary tract

Heilmann H D., 1987:
Therapeutic experience with ticarcillin disodium plus potassium clavulanate in west germany results of a multicenter study

Bassi, S.; Albizzati, M.G.; Corsini, G.U.; Frattola, L.; Piolti, R.; Suchy, I.; Trabucchi, M., 1986:
Therapeutic experience with transdihydrolisuride in Huntington's disease

Ogawa O.; Yoshimura N.; Taniguchi T.; Nishimura K.; Nakagawa T., 1986:
Therapeutic experiences of cis diamminedichloroplatinum adriamycin and 5 fluorouracil combination chemotherapy in advanced urothelial cancer with special reference to the adjuvant chemotherapy in invasive urothelial cancer

Terada T.; Ishikawa S.; Katayama T., 1985:
Therapeutic experiences of seishinrenshiin in patients with equivocal complaints of lower urinary tract

Somhegyi A.; Gomor B., 1988:
Therapeutic experiences with salazopyrin en in spa and ra patients

Riba Adell M.; Ballin L.; Lafon M.; Amourette Martin C.; Pasquier C.; Fatome M., 1983:
Therapeutic experiments on 2 3 di mercapto 1 propanesulfonic acid administered orally in the rat contaminated by polonium 210

Schuppli, R., 1981:
Therapeutic experiments on the hamster melanoma

Bars R.; Riba Adell M.; Fatome M.; Pasquier C., 1983:
Therapeutic experiments on the rat contaminated by cadmium 109 radiation

Desplan D.; Pasquier C.; Fatome M.; Riba Adell M., 1983:
Therapeutic experiments on the rat contaminated by strontium 85 radiation

Dubois, J.B.; Broquerie, J.L.; Pourquier, H.; Pujol, H.; Izarn, P.; Navarro, M.; Donadio, D., 1981:
Therapeutic failures in early stages of Hodgkin's disease : causes and prevention

Galhotra A.P.; Gill J.S., 1987:
Therapeutic field trials of analgon and nilzan in gastro intestinal nematodiasis of camels camelus dromedarius

Winston D.J.; H.W.G.; Gale R.P., 1982:
Therapeutic granulocyte transfusions for documented infections a controlled trial in 95 infectious granulocytopenic episodes

Szekais B., 1986:
Therapeutic group activities

Saint Jean B.H.; Asriel C.E.; Fuentes M.X.; Bitran H.; Zalazar M.E., 1987:
Therapeutic group counseling for women with sexual dysfunctions

Friedman, E.L.; Garnick, M.B.; Stomper, P.C.; Mauch, P.M.; Harrington, D.P.; Richie, J.P., 1985:
Therapeutic guidelines and results in advanced seminoma

Kretschmer H., 1982:
Therapeutic guidelines for the acute phase of cranio cerebral trauma

Valle, R.F., 1984:
Therapeutic hysteroscopy in infertility

Robinson, J.A.; O'Connell, J.B., 1986:
Therapeutic immunosuppression in cardiac transplantation

Selby, P.; Bizzari, J.P.; Buick, R.N., 1983:
Therapeutic implications of a stem cell model for human breast cancer: a hypothesis

Whelton, A.; Blanco, L.J.; Carter, G.G.; Craig, T.J.; Bryant, H.H.; Herbst, D.V.; King, T.M., 1980:
Therapeutic implications of doxycycline and cephalothin concentrations in the female genital tract

Yajko, D.M.; Nassos, P.S.; Hadley, W.K., 1987:
Therapeutic implications of inhibition versus killing of Mycobacterium avium complex by antimicrobial agents

Wiener, L.; Walinsky, P.; Kasparian, H.; Duca, P.R.; Gottlieb, R.S.; Hanckel, F.; Templeton, J.Y.Iii ; Brest, A.N., 1978:
Therapeutic implications of myo cardial lactate metabolism in patients considered candidates for emergency myo cardial re vascularization

Paule B.; Medicis P.; Clerc D.; Bennet P.; Bison M.; Massias P., 1986:
Therapeutic incidence of sequential bone marrow biopsy in myeloma an analysis of 13 bone marrow biopsies

Kohda M.; Takei Y.; Inagaki Y.; Ueki H., 1986:
Therapeutic indication for ingrown nail

Metaizeau J P.; Beltramo F.; Gayet C.; Marchal C., 1981:
Therapeutic indications in congenital metatarsus varus

Boiron M.; Gisselbrecht C.; Tricot G.; Asselain A., 1984:
Therapeutic indications of non hodgkins lymphomas localized to the digestive tract

Szekais B., 1986:
Therapeutic individual activities

Engelhardt D.; Possinger K., 1980:
Therapeutic influence on systolic time intervals of patients with acute myo cardial infarction

Kaplan W.D.; Zimmerman R.E.; Bloomer W.D.; Knapp R.C.; Adelstein S.J., 1981:
Therapeutic intra peritoneal phosphorus 32 a clinical assessment of the dynamics of distribution

Rotheram M.J., 1984:
Therapeutic issues in assertiveness training

Ungerleider J.T.; Andrysiak T., 1985:
Therapeutic issues of marihuana and tetrahydrocannabinol

Chuang, V.P.; Wallace, S.; Soo, C.S.; Charnsangavej, C.; Bowers, T., 1982:
Therapeutic Ivalon embolization of hepatic tumors

Vancaillie, T.; Schmidt, E.H., 1987:
Therapeutic laparoscopy. An update on the instrumentation

Worsley A.; Cuttner J.; Gordon R.; Reilly M.; Ambinder E.P.; Conjalka M., 1982:
Therapeutic leukapheresis in a patient with hairy cell leukemia presenting with a white cell count greater than 500000 per microliter

Mielke, C.H.; Dobbs, C.E.; Winkler, C.F.; Yam, L.T., 1982:
Therapeutic leukapheresis in hairy cell leukemia

Meyer, R.J.; Cuttner, J.; Truog, P.; Ambinder, E.P.; Holland, J.F., 1978:
Therapeutic leukapheresis of acute myelo monocytic leukemia in pregnancy

Fink, A.I.; Jordan, A.J.; Lao, P.N.; Fong, D.A., 1988:
Therapeutic limitations of argon laser trabeculoplasty

Bishay, N., 1985:
Therapeutic manipulation of nightmares and the management of neuroses

Sasso F.; Destito A.; Giustacchini M.; Vacilotto D.; D'addessi A.; Grasso G.; Alcini E., 1985:
Therapeutic means available for the control of severe hematuria caused by bladder carcinoma

Tokura S., 1981:
Therapeutic method for functional sterility establishment of selective therapies being examined by morphological characteristics of endometrium at the implantation period

Kouam L.; Miller E.C., 1981:
Therapeutic methods in prolapse of the umbilical cord and fetal prognosis

Harf R.; Lechemia D., 1987:
Therapeutic modalities applied to tuberculous patients in the rhone department france in 1982

Pearce, E.I., 1984:
Therapeutic modifications to the mineral ion composition of dental plaque

Spruyt, L.L.; Kirsten, G.F.; Parkin, D.P.; Müller, G.J.; Kriegler, A., 1987:
Therapeutic monitoring as an aid in rationalizing aminoglycoside dosage techniques in the neonate

D.S.efani R.; Celadin M.; Fazzin G.; Turetta F.; D.S.efani V., 1984:
Therapeutic monitoring of aminoglycosides use of a pocket calculator to individualize the dosage regimens

Varma, R., 1978:
Therapeutic monitoring of anti convulsant drugs in psychiatric patients rapid simultaneous gas chromatographic determination of 6 commonly used anti convulsants without interference from other drugs

Elling D.; Bader K., 1986:
Therapeutic monitoring of breast cancer patients by means of free serum amino acids

Hubbard, J.W.; Cooper, J.K.; Hawes, E.M.; Jenden, D.J.; May, P.R.A.; Martin, M.; Mckay, G.; Van-Putten, T.; Midha, K.K., 1985:
Therapeutic monitoring of chlorpromazine 1. pitfalls in plasma analysis

McKay, G.; Cooper, J.K.; Hawes, E.M.; Hubbard, J.W.; Martin, M.; Midha, K.K., 1985:
Therapeutic monitoring of chlorpromazine II: Pitfalls in whole blood analysis

Hawes, E.M.; Hubbard, J.W.; Martin, M.; McKay, G.; Yeung, P.K.; Midha, K.K., 1986:
Therapeutic monitoring of chlorpromazine. III: Minimal interconversion between chlorpromazine and metabolites in human blood

Acciaro E.; Acciaro L.; L.S.ala G.; Giuseppini S.; Valentini A., 1988:
Therapeutic monitoring of hypertension in pregnancy

Varma R.; Varma R.S., 1981:
Therapeutic monitoring of tri cyclic anti depressants using thermionic sensitive detection in gas chromatography

Schobben, F.; van der Kleijn, E.; Vree, T.B., 1980:
Therapeutic monitoring of valproic acid

Szechwan-Med-Coll-Dep-Med, 1974:
Therapeutic observation of intra venous doxycycline combined with trimethoprim in treating pulmonary infections in chronic cor pulmonale

Zhang, T.X., 1985:
Therapeutic observations on 232 cases of intrathoracic lymph node tuberculosis in children

Guagnano M.T.; Della Loggia F.; Sensi S., 1984:
Therapeutic observations on fenfluramine in obese subjects

Huber H.; Schmidt J.B.; Spona J., 1984:
Therapeutic options in hirsutism

Arenberg, I.K.; Bayer, R.F., 1977:
Therapeutic options in Meniere's disease

Schneider M.U.; Lux G.; Gebhardt C.; Meister R.; Pichl J.; Heptner G.; Knorr H.; Roedl T.; Domschke S.; Domschke W., 1985:
Therapeutic pancreatic duct occlusion in chronic pancreatitis clinical exocrine and endocrine consequences

Lushnikov, E.F.; Polonskaia, N.Iu., 1976:
Therapeutic pathomorphism of osteogenic sarcoma

Polonskaia, N.Iu., 1987:
Therapeutic pathomorphosis of bone tumors

Kireeva S.G.; Selitskaya R.P., 1982:
Therapeutic pathomorphosis the influence of the immuno stimulator levamisole on the morphology of specific experimental inflammation

Kuszen, P., 1976:
Therapeutic pedagogic unit of the university childrens clinic special position and integration

Weidle E.G.; Thiel H J., 1984:
Therapeutic penetrating keratoplasty in the treatment of serious bacterial infections of the cornea

Avery, T.L.; Cruze, P.G., 1978:
Therapeutic performance of carminomicin cyclo phosphamide against l 1210 leukemia

Miura M.; Saito I.; Miki M.; Kondo T., 1985:
Therapeutic peripheral lamellar keratoplasty in three cases

Epifanov V.A.; Zverev V.V., 1981:
Therapeutic physical training of patients with trauma to the cervical part of the vertebral column and the spinal cord

Bambauer R.; Jutzler G.A.; Stelzer K.; Weber A.; Schoenenberger H J.; Gaitzsch A.; Keller H.E., 1984:
Therapeutic plasma exchange in acute renal failure

Kuzin M.I.; Sologub V.K.; Zaets T.L.; Marchuk A.I.; Lavrov V.A.; Elagina L.V., 1988 :
Therapeutic plasmapheresis in burn disease

Morse, E.E.; Pisciotto, P.T., 1981:
Therapeutic plasmapheresis in patients with renal disease

Panlilio A.L.; Reiss R.F., 1979:
Therapeutic plateletpheresis in thrombocythemia

Selyuzhitskii I.V.; Lapshin I.M.; Polenko V.K., 1980:
Therapeutic policy in synchronous and metachronous breast cancers

Dorow P.; Weiss T.; Felix R.; Schmutzler H., 1987:
Therapeutic possibilities and factors affecting mucociliary clearance

Penev Z.; Nenov D.; Drumeva P.; Nenov K.; Paskalev D., 1988:
Therapeutic possibilities and perspectives of plasmapheresis in dermatology

Saraux H., 1979:
Therapeutic possibilities in ocular complications of chromosomal aberrations

Lalova, A.; Konstantinov, K., 1987:
Therapeutic possibilities in patients with urticaria vasculitis preliminary communication

Cracco, D.; Riquet, D.; Ametepe, B.; Elmoukadem, R., 1987:
Therapeutic possibilities in pyelocaliceal diverticula

Pérez Lozano, A.; Padrón Schiaffino, A., 1979:
Therapeutic possibilities of cyclic AMP in bronchial asthma

D.B.lsunce M.; Barnay C.; Kessali V., 1981:
Therapeutic possibilities of dialysis apart from terminal uremia

Angelescu, N.; Cîrîc, G.; Popescu, A.; Tătaru, C., 1984:
Therapeutic possibilities of lumbar sympathectomy in chronic obstructive arteriopathies of the pelvic limbs

Dénes, L.; Szende, B.; Hajós, G.; Szporny, L.; Lapis, K., 1987:
Therapeutic possibilities of thymopoietin fragments (TP3 and TP4) based on experimental animal models

Guagliano G.; Bagliani A.; D.C.llo G., 1985:
Therapeutic potential of calcium heparin in the management of obstructive atherosclerotic arterial disease of the lower limbs

Danesh, B.J.; Saniabadi, A.R.; Russell, R.I.; Lowe, G.D., 1987:
Therapeutic potential of choline magnesium trisalicylate as an alternative to aspirin for patients with bleeding tendencies

Walker K.J.; Nicholson R.I.; Turkes A.O.; Turkes A.; Griffiths K.; Robinson M.; Crispin Z.; Dris S., 1983:
Therapeutic potential of the lhrh agonist ici 118630 6 o 1 1 di methyl d serine 10 deglycinamide lhrf 2 aminocarbonyl hydrazide in the treatment of advanced prostatic carcinoma

Furusawa, E.; Furusawa, S., 1986:
Therapeutic potentials of pretazettine, standard anticancer drugs, and combinations on subcutaneously implanted Lewis lung carcinoma

Lazarus, H.M.; Hutto, W.; Ellertson, D.G., 1977:
Therapeutic prevention of ischemia following intra arterial barbiturate injection

Tassler, H., 1981:
Therapeutic principles in third degree open fractures of the distal lower leg

Thevenet J.P.; Vernay D.; Bignon Y.J.; Roux D.; Legendre M.; Plagne R.; Tournilhac M., 1987:
Therapeutic problems in a metastatic hemiballism

van Heijst, A.N.; Douze, J.M.; van Kesteren, R.G.; van Bergen, J.E.; van Dijk, A., 1987:
Therapeutic problems in cyanide poisoning

Scherer, E., 1976:
Therapeutic problems in radiation therapy of tumors of the bladder

Mian E.U.; Barachini P.; Cervadoro G., 1981:
Therapeutic problems in skin tumors of the nose

Oka K.; Kuromatsu C.; Takaki T.; Maeyama R.; Fukui M.; Kitamura K., 1987:
Therapeutic problems in the aged patients with intracranial aneurysm

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Therapeutic use of the medicinal water hunyadi janos in surgical patients

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Therapeutic usefulness of a corticosteroid, antibacterial and antifungal combination in skin diseases of various origins

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Therapeutic uses of azapropazone (Rheumox)

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Therapeutic uses of halcinonide

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Therapeutic utilization of laparoscopy in liver abscess cases

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Therapist actions that address initially poor therapeutic alliances in psychotherapy

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Therapy and prognosis of obstetrical lesions of the brachial plexus

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Therapy and prognosis of stomach sarcoma

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Therapy and prophylaxis of tyzzers disease in vivo antibiogram of 3 strains of bacillus piliformis

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Therapy by ceramo metallic conjunct plural constructions

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Therapy carried out in pregnancy in a patient with congenital antithrombin iii deficiency and complicated by preeclamptic toxemia congenital antithrombin iii deficiency and pregnancy

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Therapy for associated mental disturbances of the mentally deficient in an acute psychiatric service

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Therapy for auricular sinuses

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Therapy for trigeminal neuralgia with percutaneous glycerol gangliolysis

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Therapy of acute severe hypertension in children

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Therapy of bacterial infections in infancy and childhood

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Therapy of Campylobacter pylori infection

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Therapy of carcinomas of the mobile part of the tongue

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Therapy of chronic venous insufficiency a field of the dermatologic out patient department

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Therapy of cluster head ache with histamine h 1 and histamine h 2 receptor antagonists

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Therapy of Crohn's disease with metronidazole -- an uncontrolled trial --

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Therapy of cryptococcal neuromeningitis and resistance in one case to amphotericin b and 5 fluorocytosine combination at the recommended doses

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Therapy of cryptorchism in historical view

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Therapy of distal biceps tendon rupture

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Therapy of experimental staphylococcal mastitis in the mouse with cloxacillin and rifampicin, alone and in combination

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Therapy of grinding in general stomatologic practice

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Therapy of hirsutism with cyproterone acetate

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Therapy of human photo sensitivity

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Therapy of hyperthyroidism with iodine 131 labeled sodium iodide

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Therapy of hypo chromic sideropenic anemia using proteoferrina ferritin

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Therapy of induratio penis plastica peyronies disease by radium moulages

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Therapy of infections with cefazolin

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Therapy of inflammatory diseases of the brain with kanamycin

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Therapy of intractable tinnitus a report on our experience

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Therapy of isolate Rhesus: different partners and social behavior

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Therapy of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis with sulfasalazine

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Therapy of klebsiella pneumoniae septicemia in neutropenic rats

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Therapy of leg ulcer with crilanomer and dextranomer

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Therapy of loss of weight in puberty

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Therapy of lung cancer from a radiotherapeutic point of view

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Therapy of main biliary duct lithiasis

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Therapy of major ecto parasitoses in grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella fry and fingerlings

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Therapy of malignancy by immunological methods

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Therapy of malignant amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation cell tumors effectiveness of 5 3 3 di methyl 1 triazeno imidazole 4 carboxamide

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Therapy of malignant brain tumors comparison of the in vitro activities of vidarabine monophosphate bcnu and 5 fluorouracil

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Therapy of malignant hamster insulinomas with mono amine precursors

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Therapy of mammary carcinoma of c 3h mice by means of thymic factor measles vaccine and l dopa

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Therapy of mite asthma

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Therapy of mouse leukemia l 1210 with combinations of nebularine and nitrobenzyl thio imp

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Therapy of murine leukemia with cyclophosphamide and immune lyt 2 positive cells cytolytic t cells can mediate eradication of disseminated leukemia

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Therapy of Mycobacterium marinum infections. Use of tetracyclines vs rifampin

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Therapy of neonatal instabilities of the hip joint comparison of the achieved results with different orthopedic remedies

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Therapy of neutropenic rats infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Therapy of non seminomatous germ cell tumors in the mediastinum

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Therapy of obstetrical infections with moxalactam

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Therapy of occlusions of the retinal vessels

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Therapy of occlusive arterial disease with ancrod

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Therapy of orthostatic dys regulation di hydro ergotamine and etilefrine as combination compared to the single drugs

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Therapy of otitis externa

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Therapy of ovarian cysts of cattle using gonadotropin releasing hormone

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Therapy of respiratory tract infections joined to hypersecretion criteria for the combined use of antibiotics and mucolytics

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Therapy of the acute diarrhea syndrome in the horse

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Therapy of the advanced carcinoma of the hypopharynx

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Therapy of the edema in ocular vascular occlusions

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Therapy of tinnitus with binaural continuous pulse sound

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Therapy of uric acid lithiasis

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Therapy planning and dosimetry for the pion applicator at the swiss institute for nuclear research

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Therapy planning from computed tomographic data

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Therapy planning with computerized tomography

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Therapy recommendations on problems of children's psychological and medical preparation with stomatological measures in the ambulatorium

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Therapy therapist confounds in psychotherapy research

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Therapy to reduce free radicals during early reperfusion does not limit the size of myocardial infarcts caused by 90 minutes of ischemia in dogs

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Therapy with 9 beta d arabinofuranosyladenine and 2' deoxycoformycin increases the 9 beta d arabinofuranosyladenine content of ocular tissues

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Therapy with beta blockers in case of acute myocardial infarction in old age

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Therapy with cinmetacin in the treatment of painful gonarthrosis and coxarthrosis clinical study of two different dosage schedules

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Therapy with clindamycin and gentamicin in patients with severe infections

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Therapy with colloidal plasma substitutes

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Therapy with cromolyn sodium

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Therapy with factor ix concentrate resulting in disseminated intra vascular coagulation and thrombo embolic phenomena

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Therapy with gestagens for gynecological tumors sensitive to hormones

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Therapy with hydrazino pyridazine a new anti hypertensive vaso dilatory agent in combination with beta receptor blocking substances

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Therapy with hyperbaric oxygen in modern traumatology

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Therapy with women in the later stages of life a symbolic quest

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Therates pseudorothschildi new species a new therates species from new guinea coleoptera cicindelidae

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There are 2 forms of androgen binding protein in human testes comparison of their protomeric variants with serum testosterone estradiol binding globulin

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There are at least 2 kinds of poor readers whole work poor readers and re coding poor readers

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There are at least 2 yeast viral double stranded rna of the same size an explanation for viral exclusion

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There are no morphologic abnormalities of the gastric wall or abdominal vagus in patients with diabetic gastroparesis

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There are two gene sequences for human apolipoprotein c i apolipoprotein e on chromosome 19 one of which is 4 kilobases from the gene for apolipoprotein e

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There is an inverse relationship between the presence of significant endoscopic findings and the amount of diazepam required to obtain adequate sedation in upper endoscopy

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There is evidence that amniotic fluid arginine vasopressin is a marker for fetal stress in rhesus erythroblastosis

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There is no acetylcholine sensitivity at the myotendinous junction of fast muscle or slow muscle fibers with combined fast muscle and slow muscle nerve supplies in rats

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There is no interaction between dipyrone metamizol and the anti coagulants phenprocoumon and ethyl bis coumacetate in normal caucasian subjects

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There is only 1 type of a cells in the pancreatic islets of langerhans

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There is selective accumulation of a growth factor in chicken skeletal muscle 1. transferrin accumulation in adult anterior latissimus dorsi

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There is selective accumulation of a growth factor in chicken skeletal muscle 2. transferrin accumulation in dystrophic fast muscle

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There still remain unknown fly species

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There termination pattern of sciatic nerve afferents in the substantia gelatinosa of neo natal rats

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Therevidae diptera from mongolia

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Theria primaria new record theria ibicaria found in denmark

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Theria primaria theria rupicapraria and theria ibicaria a newly recognized geometrid also identified in switzerland and in the vorarlberg in austria lepidoptera geometridae

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Theria rupicapraria and theria primaria in the netherlands lepidoptera geometridae

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Theridion antusi new species and mysmena jobi from czechoslovakia araneae theridiidae and symphytognathidae

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Thermal alli esthesial response in man is independent of skin location stimulated