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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6798

Chapter 6798 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anderson M.P., 1979: Thermal alteration of ground water caused by seepage from a cooling lake

Zidek J., 1986: Thermal alteration of microscopic fish remains an initial study

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797002

Corbett E.S., 1984: Thermal alteration of streams draining clear cut watersheds quantification and biological implications

Koerting W., 1985: Thermal alterations of pyruvate kinases in the fish tapeworm bothriocephalus acheilognathi

Finskii A.I., 1980: Thermal amelioration of peat bog soils

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797006

Klepacka M., 1987: Thermal analysis and ir spectroscopy study of changes in heat denatured rapeseed proteins

Smith A.K., 1985: Thermal analysis microscopy for the study of phase changes in fats

Richards E.L., 1980: Thermal analysis of 1 deoxy 1 glycino d fructose and 1 beta alanino 1 deoxy d fructose

Koga S., 1980: Thermal analysis of bacterial ribosomes

Koga S., 1979: Thermal analysis of bacterio phage t 4

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797014

Fukushima M., 1979: Thermal analysis of fat in meat suet and lard

Gunstone F.D., 1982: Thermal analysis of fatty acids

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797017

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797018

Fujita T., 1983: Thermal analysis of membrane lipids from the blue green algae anacystis nidulans and anabaena variabilis

Wesolowski M., 1981: Thermal analysis of neuroleptic drugs and vitamins

Ozawa Y., 1986: Thermal analysis of raw egg

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797022

Saha S., 1987: Thermal analysis of the bone surface induced by laser radiation

Maeda, Y.; Kagami, I.; Koga, S., 1978: Thermal analysis of the spores of bacillus cereus with special reference to heat activation

Kline D.E., 1981: Thermal analysis of white oak quercus alba northern red oak quercus rubra and black cherry prunus serotina bark chemical components

Kageyama N., 1987: Thermal analysis on water components in brain tissue quantitative determination of free and bound water fractions

Lordi N.G., 1984: Thermal analysis studies of glass dispersion systems

Davidson, C. L.; Arends, J., 1977: Thermal analysis studies on sound and artificially decalcified tooth enamel

Van Vliet B.M., 1985: Thermal analytic study of the influence of oxidative water pretreatment on adsorbate characteristics in spent activated carbon

Blatteis C.M., 1986: Thermal and acute phase protein responses of guinea pigs to intrapreoptic injections of leukotrienes

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797032

Kemna D., 1984: Thermal and cardio vascular changes during 3 methods of resuscitation from mild hypo thermia

Adamska M., 1979: Thermal and catalytic decomposition of n methyl atropine nitrate

Metelitsa D.I., 1987: Thermal and chemical inactivation of catalase and its conjugate with strophanthin k

Obal F., 1982: Thermal and chemical stimulations of the hypothalamic heat detectors the effects on the electro encephalogram

Hawkins P.R., 1985: Thermal and chemical stratification and mixing in a small tropical reservoir solomon dam australia

Roemer R.B., 1980: Thermal and circulatory response of tissue to localized pressure application a mathematical model

Critz J.B., 1979: Thermal and circulatory responses to repeated bouts of prolonged running

Friedman M., 1985: Thermal and compositional changes of dry wheat gluten carbohydrate mixtures during simulated crust baking

Manning D.M., 1987: Thermal and compositional properties of cocoa butter during static crystallization

Nanda R., 1987: Thermal and day length changes affecting leaf number and their appearance in wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797043

Filatovs, J.; Mcginness, J.; Corry, P., 1976: Thermal and electronic contributions to switching in melanins

Fanning F.D., 1981: Thermal and energetic problems of semi aquatic mammals a study of the australian water rat hydromys chrysogaster including comparisons with the platypus ornithorhynchus anatinus

Diefenbach C.O.D.C., 1988: Thermal and feeding relations of caiman latirostris crocodylia reptilia

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797047

Kingsolver J.G., 1979: Thermal and hydric aspects of environmental heterogeneity in the pitcher plant mosquito wyeomyia smithii

Mongelli, F.; Panichi, C.; Tongiorgi, E., 1975: Thermal and isotopic studies on the crater lakes of monticchio lucania italy

Roussel B., 1986: Thermal and metabolic adaptation to first cold water immersion in juvenile penguins

Prepijchal W., 1983: Thermal and metabolic factors affecting poly chlorinated bi phenyl uptake by adult brown trout salmo trutta

Venables, B. J.; Pearson, W. D.; Fitzpatrick, L. C., 1977: Thermal and metabolic relations of largemouth bass micropterus salmoides from a heated reservoir and a hatchery in north central texas

Ohsawa W., 1981: Thermal and metabolic responses in the japanese macaque macaca fuscata acclimated to an ambient temperature of 5 celsius

Murazumi K., 1986: Thermal and metabolic responses of repetitively immobilized rats to acute heat exposure

Ohno T., 1982: Thermal and metabolic responses of temperature acclimated rats during cold and heat exposures

Zahorska Markiewicz B., 1982: Thermal and metabolic responses to heat exposure in obesity

Brooks D.D., 1987: Thermal and metal catalyzed decomposition of methyl linolenate hydroperoxides

Sarokin A.I., 1984: Thermal and moisture exchange in peat bog soils

Eledjam J.J., 1986: Thermal and morphological effects of hepatic blood flow variations during liver resection with the neodymium yag laser

Ribera A., 1981: Thermal and nmr studies of chick embryo lecithins

Hecky R.E., 1984: Thermal and optical characteristics of southern indian lake canada before during and after impoundment and churchill river diversion

Oeveraasen M., 1985: Thermal and optical properties of living tissue application to laser induced hyperthermia

Monti Bloch L., 1979: Thermal and osmotic responses of arterial receptors

Zachwieja J., 1984: Thermal and oxygen conditions and the chemical composition of the water in the great masurian lakes poland

Zav'yalov V.P., 1986: Thermal and ph dependent protein a resistance in staphylococcus aureus

Bender M.L., 1987: Thermal and ph stability of beta benzyme

Logan, D. M., 1972: Thermal and ph stability of delta 2 iso pentenyl pyro phosphate

Platonov, A. V.; Dorokhov, V. V., 1975: Thermal and ph stability of the enzymic preparation of hemi cellulase from aspergillus awamori 16 4e

Roth, J. J.; Ralph, C. L., 1977: Thermal and photic preferences in intact and parietalectomized anolis carolinensis

Pande, H. K.; Lahiri, S.; Ravindranath, E., 1975: Thermal and photo thermal units to predict wheat crop maturity

Buchkremer K., 1988: Thermal and photochemical oxetane formation a contribution to the synthesis of branched chain aldonolactones

Maugeri G., 1984: Thermal and photoperiodic reactions of agrimonia eupatoria and agrimonia pilosa

Martin C.J., 1981: Thermal and potentiometric titrations of phytic acid

Gomaa, M. A.; Eid, A. M., 1976: Thermal and pre irradiation effect on the thermo luminescent properties of sand

Myasoedova K.N., 1981: Thermal and proteolytic inactivation of cytochrome p 450

Reck, R. A., 1976: Thermal and radiative effects of atmospheric aerosols in the northern hemisphere calculated using a radiative convective model

Feldmeth, C. R.; Baskin, J. N., 1976: Thermal and respiratory studies with reference to temperature and oxygen tolerance for the unarmored stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus williamsoni

Rosenberg L.C., 1987: Thermal and solvent stability of proteoglycan aggregates by quasielastic laser light scattering

Adolph, A. R., 1968: Thermal and spectral sensitivities of discrete slow potentials in limulus eye

Shipley G.G., 1986: Thermal and structural behavior of natural cerebroside 3 sulfate in bilayer membranes

Ismail M., 1985: Thermal and textural characteristics of modified silica

Rock G.C., 1985: Thermal and thermoperiodic effects on larval and pupal development and survival in tufted apple bud moth platynota idaeusalis lepidoptera tortricidae

David, H. L.; Duponchel, C., 1977: Thermal and uv light inactivation of mycobacterium africanum

Mciver, D. J. L., 1978: Thermal anomalies in acetyl choline release evidence for control of membrane fusion by interfacial water

Gettinger R.D., 1985: Thermal aspects of anuran foam nests

Ravary V., 1985: Thermal aspects of biological effects of microwaves in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Warner R.M., 1984: Thermal balance and sleep state in the new born

Davis, F. M.; Parimelazhagan, K. N.; Harris, E. A., 1977: Thermal balance during cardio pulmonary bypass with moderate hypo thermia in man

Wiklund L., 1985: Thermal balance during transurethral resection of the prostate a comparison of general anesthesia and epidural analgesia

Kubota H., 1987: Thermal balance in composting operations

Elizondo R.S., 1981: Thermal balance in ketamine anesthetized rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Timbal, J.; Colin, J.; Boutelier, C.; Guieu, J. D., 1972: Thermal balance in man during 24 hours in controlled environment

Johansen K., 1985: Thermal balance in the european coot fulica atra exposed to temperatures from minus 28 celsius to 40 celsius

Utina Z.M., 1985: Thermal balance of the kara bogaz gol bay turkmen ssr ussr at different stages of drying up

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797097

Summers M.P., 1983: Thermal behavior and dissolution properties of phenyl butazone polymorphs

Raison J.K., 1982: Thermal behavior and lipid composition of cauliflower brassica oleracea plasma membranes in relation to atpase activity and chilling sensitivity

Heldmaier G., 1985: Thermal behavior as a function of the time of day heat exchange rates and oxygen consumption in the lacertid lizard lacerta viridis

Prosperi T., 1987: Thermal behavior of a heterothermic enzyme a 4 lactate dehydrogenase from triturus cristatus

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797102

Shitzer, A.; Kleiner, M. K., 1976: Thermal behavior of biological tissues a general analysis

Foresti E., 1984: Thermal behavior of bone and synthetic hydroxylapatites submitted to magnesium interaction in aqueous medium

De-Souza-Otero, A.; Rogana, E.; Mares-Guia, M., 1980: Thermal behavior of bovine beta trypsin ec at physiological temperature range

Leliger J., 1982: Thermal behavior of cereals studies by heat flow calorimetry

Douzou P., 1987: Thermal behavior of collagen and agarose solutions and its possible implications in the cryobehavior of living systems

Susott R.A., 1980: Thermal behavior of conifer needle extractives

Hamilton R.L., 1984: Thermal behavior of cores of human serum tri glyceride rich lipo proteins a study of induced circular dichroism of beta carotene

Bernalte Garcia A., 1985: Thermal behavior of dimethoate retained on different metallic oxides

Curatolo W., 1982: Thermal behavior of fractionated and unfractionated bovine brain cerebrosides

Cerretti, D. P.; Dorsey, J. D.; Bolen, D. W., 1977: Thermal behavior of hela and kb cells in suspension and attached to glass

Tall, A. R.; Deckelbaum, R. J.; Small, D. M.; Shipley, G. G., 1977: Thermal behavior of human plasma high density lipo protein

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797114

Dumitrescu G., 1987: Thermal behavior of poly alpha cyanoacrylates

Wada K., 1986: Thermal behavior of reconstituted collagen fibrils

Hoste J., 1986: Thermal behavior of rock and environmental samples during proton irradiation

Thompson T.E., 1981: Thermal behavior of stearoyl sphingomyelin cholesterol dispersions

Deyme M., 1986: Thermal behavior of superficially oxidized polyethylene

Thompson T.E., 1979: Thermal behavior of synthetic sphingomyelin cholesterol dispersions

Servant, I.; Gilot, B.; Gibert, H., 1986: Thermal behavior of vegetable peroxidases 1. experimental study

Servant, I.; Gibert, H.; Gilot, B., 1986: Thermal behavior of vegetable peroxidases 2. model of the kinetics of deactivation and reactivation

Ter Minassian Saraga L., 1981: Thermal behavior of water in model membrane systems below 0 celsius

Mcgowen G.E., 1979: Thermal behavioral responses of selected california usa littoral fishes

Hammerson G.A., 1987: Thermal behaviour of the snake coluber constrictor in west central california usa

Calzolai R., 1986: Thermal benefits from familiarity with the environment in a reptile

Ancoli-Israel, S.; Seifert, A. R.; Lemon, M., 1986: Thermal biofeedback and periodic movements in sleep patients' subjective reports and a case study

Hertz P.E., 1981: Thermal biology of 4 israeli agamid lizards in early summer

Huey, R. B.; Webster, T. P., 1976: Thermal biology of anolis lizards in a complex fauna the anolis cristatellus group on puerto rico

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797130

Gibson, A. R.; Falls, J. B., 1979: Thermal biology of the common garter snake thamnophis sirtalis 2. the effects of melanism

Stewart J.R., 1984: Thermal biology of the liver bearing lizard gerrhonotus coeruleus

Harris H., 1988: Thermal blast peeling of tomatoes

Tyurin, V. A.; Korchagin, V. P.; Shukolyukov, S. A.; Fedosov-Yu, V., 1977: Thermal bleaching of rhod opsins from the fish theragra chalcogramma and ox

Heinmets F., 1983: Thermal brady cardia during radio frequency irradiation

Chylack L.T.Jr, 1979: Thermal burns the management of thermal burns of the lids and globes

Guy A.W., 1987: Thermal cataract formation in rabbits

Wilgis E.F.S., 1986: Thermal changes in a rabbit ear model after sympathectomy

Stanton, T. L.; Beckman, A. L., 1977: Thermal changes produced by intra hypothalamic injections of acetyl choline during hibernation and eu thermia in citellus lateralis

Idso K.E., 1982: Thermal characteristics of a marine microcosm designed to simulate the coastal water environment of the northern gulf of california mexico

Yanagimoto M., 1979: Thermal characteristics of antarctic krill euphausia superba

Kricka L.J., 1979: Thermal characteristics of micro titer plates used in immunological assays

Simon E., 1988: Thermal characterization and transmitter analysis of single units in the preoptic and anterior hypothalamus of conscious ducks

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797145

Juliano B.O., 1986: Thermal characterization of rice starches a polymeric approach to phase transitions of granular starch

Buchardt, O.; Jensen, R. B.; Hansen, H. F.; Nielsen, P. E.; Andersen, D.; Chinoin, I., 1986: Thermal chemistry of podophyllotoxin in ethanol and a comparison of the cytostatic activity of the thermolysis products

Mallavadhani U.V., 1988: Thermal claisen rearrangement studies on 4 6 and 2 4 diacetylresorcinol bisallyl ethers observation of loss or 1 5 sigmatropic shift of acetyl groups

Matsushita S., 1981: Thermal coagulation of bovine serum albumin

Matsushita S., 1980: Thermal coagulation of egg albumin

Harwalkar V.R., 1987: Thermal coagulation of oat globulin

Kaess H., 1980: Thermal coagulation of puncture lesions in the cholestatic rabbit liver with neodymium yag laser and high frequency current

Rholam M., 1984: Thermal coefficient of the frictional resistance to rotation in simple fluorophores determined by fluorescence polarization

Hildebrandt G., 1980: Thermal comfort during work a function of time of day

Hoeppe P., 1987: Thermal comfort of man in different urban environments

Mccarthy, J. F.; Sastry, A. N.; Tremblay, G. C., 1976: Thermal compensation in protein and rna synthesis during the inter molt cycle of the american lobster homarus americanus

Devay J.E., 1984: Thermal components of soil solarization as related to changes in soil and root micro flora and increased plant growth response

Enina L.N., 1980: Thermal condition of young school children under hot climate conditions in the uzbek ssr ussr

Mertens, J. A. L., 1977: Thermal conditions for successful breeding in great tits parus major part 1 relation of growth and development of temperature regulation in nestling great tits

Mertens, J. A. L., 1977: Thermal conditions for successful breeding in great tits parus major part 2 thermal properties of nests and nest boxes and their implications for the range of temperature tolerance of great tit broods

Tyczynska S., 1979: Thermal conditions in 3 masurian lakes

Pinnagoda J., 1985: Thermal conditions in small scale metal industries in singapore

Tyczynska S., 1983: Thermal conditions of botton sediments in 5 shallow lakes of masurian lakeland poland

Koschine K., 1984: Thermal conditions on the recent plaster dressing

Smith E.N., 1981: Thermal conductance and its relation to thermal time constants

Piergallini J.R., 1979: Thermal conduction effects in human skin

Dickinson R.J., 1985: Thermal conduction errors of maganin constantan thermocouple arrays

Ahuja, A. S.; Prasad, K. N.; Hendee, W. R.; Carson, P. L., 1978: Thermal conductivity and diffusivity of neuro blastoma tumor

Luna J., 1986: Thermal conductivity and heat capacity of dulce de leche a typical argentine dairy product

Chen M.M., 1983: Thermal conductivity and water content in rabbit kidney cortex and medulla

Pfeiffenberger U., 1982: Thermal conductivity of bovine and pig retina an experimental study

Itoh K., 1982: Thermal conductivity of dry milk

Kostaropoulos, A. E., 1975: Thermal conductivity of freeze dried foods in bulk

Drane C.R., 1981: Thermal conductivity of the skin of crocodilians

Saravacos G.D., 1985: Thermal conductivity of tomato paste

Dane J.H., 1986: Thermal conductivity of two porous media as a function of water content temperature and density

Southwick E.E., 1985: Thermal conductivity of wax comb and its effect on heat balance in colonial honey bees apis mellifera

Krause G., 1982: Thermal conductivity of white bread during convective heat processing

Lal R., 1985: Thermal conductivity thermal diffusivity and thermal capacity of some nigerian soils

Von Herzen R.P., 1986: Thermal conductivity variation in a deep sea sediment core and its relation to water calcium and silicon content

Walsberg G.E., 1986: Thermal consequences of roost site selection the relative importance of three modes of heat conservation

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797187

Parra J.R.P., 1983: Thermal constant of the froghoppers zulia entreriana and deois flavopicta in field conditions

Clark L., 1987: Thermal constraints on foraging in adult european starlings

Meats A., 1984: Thermal constraints to successful development of the queensland australia fruit fly dacus tyroni in regimes of constant and fluctuating temperature

Bouton, P. E.; Harris, P. V.; Shorthose, W. R., 1976: Thermal contraction of meat during cooking and its possible influence on tenderness

Hales, J. R. S.; Fawcett, A. A.; Bennett, J. W.; Needham, A. D., 1978: Thermal control of blood flow through capillaries and arterio venous anastomoses in skin of sheep

Leon M., 1985: Thermal control of maternal contact bouts the interbout interval

Leon M., 1986: Thermal control of mother young contact in norway rats factors mediating the chronic elevation of maternal temperature

Leon, M.; Croskerry, P. G.; Smith, G. K., 1978: Thermal control of mother young contact in rats

Jessen C., 1980: Thermal control of respiratory evaporative heat loss in exercising dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797198

Robinson W.A., 1985: Thermal crush injuries of the hands and forearms an analysis of 60 cases

Skurikhin I.M., 1985: Thermal culinary treatment induced changes in the nutritive value of foods

Bryce-Smith, D.; Gilbert, A.; Mccoll, I. S.; Drew, M. G. B.; Yianni, P., 1987: Thermal cycloaddition of n arylmaleimides to phenols the convenient synthesis of bicyclo 2.2.2 oct 2 en 5 one and tricyclo 2 8 octan 2 one derivatives from phenols

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797202

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797203

Baar, S.; Arrowsmith, D. J., 1970: Thermal damage to red cells

Higenbottam, C.; Marcus, P.; Waddell, J., 1977: Thermal data from helicopters operating in a subarctic environment

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797206

Severance, M. M.; La-Rock, P. A., 1973: Thermal death of a hydro carbon bacterium in a nonaqueous fluid

Paik, W. W.; Sherry, E. J.; Stern, J. A., 1969: Thermal death of bacillus subtilis var niger spores on selected lander capsule surfaces

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797209

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797210

Mao B., 1981: Thermal decay of the batho product of bacterio rhod opsin

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797212

Kamiya S., 1982: Thermal decomposition of 1 3 di aryl 1 nitroso ureas in benzene

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797214

Ranganathan, N.; Brinigar, W. S., 1978: Thermal decomposition of 1 di alkylphosphoryl imidazoles

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797216

Tsuji K., 1983: Thermal decomposition of 2 methoxy 4h 1 3 2 benzodioxaphosphorin 2 sulfide salithion

Romero Molina M.A., 1986: Thermal decomposition of 6 amino 1 3 dimethyl 5 phenylazouracil complexes of cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii and silver i

Penades, S.; Schaefer, G., 1978: Thermal decomposition of 8 azido adenine nucleotides

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797220

Oslyakov G.V., 1981: Thermal decomposition of ammonium nicotinate

Pikal, M. J.; Lukes, A. L.; Lang, J. E., 1977: Thermal decomposition of amorphous beta lactam anti bacterials

Al Salamah M.A., 1986: Thermal decomposition of aromatic thioureas 1

Bihari-Varga, M.; Gero, S., 1976: Thermal decomposition of cholesterol metallic salt complexes

Muramoto N., 1983: Thermal decomposition of dimethoate

Marshall, W. D., 1977: Thermal decomposition of ethylene bis di thio carbamate fungicides to ethylene thio urea in aqueous media

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797227

Young R.A., 1980: Thermal decomposition of human tooth enamel

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797229

Lowery S.R., 1982: Thermal decomposition of ketoxime carbamates the thermolysis of thiofanox

Kutty T.R.N., 1984: Thermal decomposition of lead zirconyl oxalate hexahydrate

Nawar W.W., 1979: Thermal decomposition of lysine

Selke, E.; Frankel, E. N.; Neff, W. E., 1978: Thermal decomposition of methyl oleate hydro per oxides and identification of volatile components by gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Tsuji K., 1982: Thermal decomposition of o o di methyl o 3 methyl 4 nitrophenyl phosphorothioate auto catalytic decomposition mechanism

Hiroaki O., 1980: Thermal decomposition of o o di methyl o 3 methyl 4 nitrophenyl phosphorothioate sumithion

Fuentes Aponte A., 1982: Thermal decomposition of per oxy di sulfate in aqueous solutions of benzene nitro benzene benzonitrile mixtures formation of hydroxyl radicals from benzene radical cations and water at room temperature

Saito, K.; Saito, N.; Nagoyoshi, H.; Suzuki, K., 1981: Thermal decomposition of pesticides 2. thermal decomposition of various pesticides in closed tubes

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797238

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797239

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797240

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797241

Lawrence J.F., 1986: Thermal decomposition of the food colors amaranth sunset yellow fcf and tartrazine in the presence of sucrose and glucose

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797243

Ohnishi, A.; Kato, K., 1977: Thermal decomposition of tobacco cell wall poly saccharides

Burton, H. R.; Childs, G. Jr, 1977: Thermal decomposition of tobaccos part 7 influence of atmosphere on the formation of gas phase constituents

Klayman D.L., 1986: Thermal decomposition products of dihydroartemisinin dihydroqinghaosu

Heimann R., 1982: Thermal decomposition products of poly vinyl chloride plastics effects of guinea pig lung mechanics and pulmonary mixed function oxidase activity

Mori, Y.; Akagi, F.; Yajima, A.; Kitagawa, T., 1985: Thermal decompositions of solid amino acids in relation to their hydrogen bonds 1. kinetic studies on the thermal decomposition of solid cystine

Beveridge T., 1983: Thermal deduction of 5 methyl tetra hydro folic acid in buffer and model food systems

Volz, R. G.; Gradillas, E. L., 1978: Thermal deformation of poly ethylene in a total knee prosthesis a laboratory analysis and case report

Leung H.K., 1980: Thermal degradation and leaching of vitamin c from green peas pisum sativum during processing

Dellinger B., 1988: Thermal degradation characteristics of chloromethane mixtures

Beelman R.B., 1985: Thermal degradation kinetics of agaritine in model systems and agaritine retention in canned mushrooms

Rosenthal I., 1987: Thermal degradation kinetics of prickly pear fruit red pigment

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797255

Mills, F. D.; Baker, B. G.; Hodge, J. E., 1970: Thermal degradation of 1 deoxy 1 piperidino d fructose

Brault A., 1985: Thermal degradation of amphetamine sulfate

Lorient, D.; Humbert, G.; Alais, C., 1976: Thermal degradation of bovine alpha s casein and beta casein part 3 modifications of enzymatic proteolysis relationship with the degradation of amino acids

Olano A., 1987: Thermal degradation of different crystalline forms of lactose

Hasegawa K., 1988: Thermal degradation of flavor enhancers imp and gmp in aqueous solution

Gil V., 1981: Thermal degradation of glucosinolates

Higuchi, R.; Kitamura, Y.; Komori, T., 1986: Thermal degradation of glycosides i. degradation of typical triterpenoid and steroid glycosides

Takenouchi K., 1982: Thermal degradation of hide collagen and tanned hide collagen

Brault A., 1982: Thermal degradation of oxadiazon

Ahlman M., 1984: Thermal degradation of poly chlorinated alkanes/

Kaminski, E.; Przybilski, R.; Gruchala, L., 1981: Thermal degradation of precursors and formation of flavor compounds during heating of cereal products 1. changes of amino acids and sugars

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797267

Tsutsui M., 1980: Thermal degradation of sugars in a gas chromatographic injection port

Bourne M.C., 1985: Thermal degradation of texture in apples

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797270

Andersson B., 1988: Thermal degradation of weldable polyvinyl chloride samples at low temperatures

Burgess K.R., 1987: Thermal degradation products from an ethylene methacrylic acid copolymer partial metal salt as the cause of industrial bronchitis

Shigematsu, H.; Shibata, S.; Kurata, T.; Kato, H.; Fujimaki, M., 1977: Thermal degradation products of several amadori compounds

De-Oliveira, R. L.; Gomes, R. A., 1980: Thermal degradation products of sugars in alkaline ph 1. lethal effect of glucose phosphate solutions on escherichia coli

De-Oliveira, R. L. C.; De-Sa, P. N.; Gomes, R. A., 1981: Thermal degradation products of sugars in alkaline ph 2. effect of mono saccharide and di saccharide phosphate solutions on escherichia coli

Scheer M.D., 1983: Thermal dehydration kinetics of di saccharides

Yakhontova L.D., 1980: Thermal demethylation and dehydration of glaucine

Lanier T.C., 1982: Thermal denaturation and aggregation of acto myosin from atlantic croaker micropogon undulatus

Harwalkar, V. R.; Kalab, M., 1985: Thermal denaturation and aggregation of beta lactoglobulin at ph 2.5 effect of ionic strength and protein concentration

Kalab M., 1985: Thermal denaturation and aggregation of beta lactoglobulin in solution electron microscopic study

Mulvihill D.M., 1987: Thermal denaturation and aggregation of whey proteins

Annett R.G., 1988: Thermal denaturation and coagulation of whey proteins effect of sugars

Kleinwachter V., 1987: Thermal denaturation and fluorescence study of nucleosomes containing non histone chromosomal protein hmg2

Yulikova E.P., 1980: Thermal denaturation and nuclease degradation of complexes of stellin a and stellin b with dna

Mendelsohn, R., 1976: Thermal denaturation and photochemistry of bacterio rhod opsin from halobacterium cutirubrum as monitored by resonance raman spectroscopy

Oda, T.; Omura, S.; Hidaka, H., 1977: Thermal denaturation and template activities of reconstituted dna histone complexes

Shih, T. Y.; Bonner, J., 1970: Thermal denaturation and template properties of dna complexes with purified histone fractions

Cox, R. A.; Kanagalingam, K.; Sutherland, E., 1971: Thermal denaturation in acidic solutions of double helical rna from virus like particles found in penicillium chrysogenum a spectrophotometric study

Hillier, R. M.; Lyster, R. L. J.; Cheeseman, G. C., 1978: Thermal denaturation of alpha lact albumin and beta lacto globulin in cheese whey effect of total solids concentration and ph

Childs A., 1983: Thermal denaturation of alpha protease inhibitor stabilization by neutral salts and sugars

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797291

Braun H., 1981: Thermal denaturation of beef cardiac troponin and its subunits with and without calcium ion

Sekikawa Y., 1982: Thermal denaturation of carp g actin

Fasman G.D., 1979: Thermal denaturation of chromatin and lysine co polymer dna complexes effects of ethylene glycol

Tsereteli G.I., 1982: Thermal denaturation of collagen in fibrils and water solutions

Staynov D.Z., 1980: Thermal denaturation of covalently cross linked dna at low salt concentrations relation to nucleo protein melting

Gross, M. T.; Erman, J. E., 1985: Thermal denaturation of cytochrome c peroxidase ec ph dependence

Section 7, Chapter 6798, Accession 006797298

Padros E., 1988: Thermal denaturation of deionized and native purple membranes

Raim T., 1980: Thermal denaturation of distamycin a dna complexes as followed by hyper chromic spectra

Walter A., 1982: Thermal denaturation of dna complexed with mercury ions

Zaalishvili M.M., 1981: Thermal denaturation of dna histone h 3 complexes

Kruh J., 1982: Thermal denaturation of dna in the chromatin fragments released by mild micrococcal nuclease digestion of hepatoma tissue cultured cell nuclei

Ryan D.S., 1982: Thermal denaturation of genetic variants of the kunitz soybean glycine max trypsin inhibitor

Mendelsohn R., 1987: Thermal denaturation of globular proteins fourier transform ir studies of the amide iii spectral region

Bewley T.A., 1982: Thermal denaturation of human somatotropin human chorio mammotropin and ovine prolactin

Yudina I.E., 1981: Thermal denaturation of interphase chromatin structure of di ploid and trisomal human cells in low ionic strength media

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