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Thermal stability of skim milk powder in evaporated milk production 2. thermal stability of mixtures of fresh milk and skim milk powder

Cabrera-Santos, M.D.C.; Ortega-Fleitas, O.; Granadillo-Cruz, J.A.; Real-Del-Sol, E.

Revista de Ciencias Biologicas 14(1): 145-152


Accession: 006797946

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The thermal stabilities of fresh milk and of 5 lots of skim-milk powder (SMP) mixed with fresh milk (SMP proportions of 40 - 90%) were determined. The skim-milk powder had a thermal stability index greater than that of fresh milk and the thermal stability of mixtures increased with increasing proportions of skim-milk powder. A limit zone was established to explain if milk can or cannot be submitted to the concentration process.

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