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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6799

Chapter 6799 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Maitre H., 1985: Thermal structure of an agricultural region as seen by noaa 7 advance very high resolution radiometer

Stein, M., 1981: Thermal structure of the weddell scotia confluence antarctica during feb. 1981

Kernohan, J. C.; Roughton, F. J. W., 1968: Thermal studies of the rates of the reactions of carbon di oxide in concentrated hemo globin solutions and in red blood cells a the reactions catalyzed by enz carbonic anhydrase b the carbamino deoxygenated hemo globin bovine

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798003

Ohashi K., 1979: Thermal studies on polymorphism of phospho lipids part 1 polymorphism of lecithin water mixtures

Barnes M.M., 1984: Thermal summation for the development of the navel orangeworm amyelois transitella lepidoptera pyralidae in almond

Stewart T.P., 1984: Thermal support for the very low birth weight infant role of supplemental conductive heat

Glicksman A.S., 1983: Thermal survival characteristics of cell sub populations isolated from a heterogeneous human colon tumor

Coudert J., 1985: Thermal sweat lactate in cystic fibrosis and in normal children

Carette G., 1979: Thermal sweat rate response to an acute short exposure at a simulated altitude of 4600 meters

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798010

Sacchi C., 1979: Thermal tachypnea in the pig

Chiavazza F., 1982: Thermal therapy in gynecological diseases

Inoue, H.; Tanada, Y., 1977: Thermal therapy of the flacherie virus disease in the silkworm bombyx mori

Kessler H.G., 1981: Thermal thiamine destruction a second order reaction

Bues, R.; Poitout, S.; Robin, J. C.; Anglade, P., 1987: Thermal thresholds for the development of mythimna unipuncta haw. lepidoptera noctuidae under controlled conditions

Smith R.I., 1983: Thermal time chill days and prediction of bud burst in picea sitchensis

Callaghan W.M., 1981: Thermal tolerance and acclimation by 2 species of hydra

David J.R., 1980: Thermal tolerance and geographic distribution a comparison of cosmopolitan and tropical endemic drosophila spp

Hooper D.K., 1982: Thermal tolerance and preference of the fresh water shrimp palaemonetes kadiakensis

Vasal, S.; Sundararaj, B. I., 1978: Thermal tolerance and preference of the indian catfish heteropneustes fossilis

Harisiadis, L.; Sung, D. I.; Hall, E. J., 1977: Thermal tolerance and repair of thermal damage by cultured cells

Tanaka Y., 1986: Thermal tolerance and requirements for settlement of pediveliger larvae of the hard clam meretrix lusoria

Brewer, G. D., 1976: Thermal tolerance and resistance of the northern anchovy engraulis mordax

Castagna M., 1984: Thermal tolerance by embryos and larvae of the surf clam spisula solidissima

Castagna M., 1983: Thermal tolerance in embryos and larvae of the bay scallop argopecten irradians under simulated power plant entrainment conditions

Hoppe, D. M., 1978: Thermal tolerance in tadpoles of the chorus frog pseudacris triseriata

Coles, S. L.; Jokiel, P. L.; Lewis, C. R., 1976: Thermal tolerance in tropical vs subtropical pacific reef corals

Garg S.K., 1984: Thermal tolerance limits of the indian murrel channa punctatus

Verriopoulos G., 1981: Thermal tolerance of 2 populations of acartia clausi copepoda living at differently polluted areas

Cupp P.V.Jr, 1980: Thermal tolerance of 5 salientian amphibians during development and metamorphosis

Garten, C. T-Jr ; Gentry, J. B., 1976: Thermal tolerance of dragonfly nymphs part 2 comparison of nymphs from control and thermally altered environments

Kuramoto, M., 1978: Thermal tolerance of frog embryos as a function of developmental stage

Winkler, P., 1975: Thermal tolerance of gambusia affinis teleostei poeciliidae from a warm spring part 1 field tolerance under natural stream conditions

Wallis, R. L., 1975: Thermal tolerance of mytilus edulis of eastern australia

Levy, R.; Miller, T. W-Jr, 1977: Thermal tolerance of romanomermis culicivorax a nematode parasite of mosquitoes

Shinshima K., 1983: Thermal tolerance of stone flounder kareius bicoloratus eggs

Kuchnow, K. P.; Foster, R. S-Iv, 1976: Thermal tolerance of stored fundulus heteroclitus gametes fertilizability and survival of embryos

Beuchat L.R., 1988: Thermal tolerance of talaromyces flavus ascospores as affected by growth medium and temperature age and sugar content in the inactivation medium

Binkowski F.P., 1982: Thermal tolerance of the alewife alosa pseudoharengus

Cheper N.J., 1980: Thermal tolerance of the isopod lirceus brachyurus crustacea isopoda

Ouchi, K.; Koganezawa, A., 1976: Thermal tolerance of young forms of some important fish

Goss, L. B.; Bunting, D. L., 1976: Thermal tolerance of zoo plankton

Ingram L.O., 1986: Thermal tolerance of zymomonas mobilis temperature induced changes in membrane composition

Stuenkel E.L., 1987: Thermal tolerances and preferences of fishes of the virgin river system utah arizona nevada usa

Martin, W. J.; Garten, C. T-Jr ; Gentry, J. B., 1976: Thermal tolerances of dragonfly nymphs part 1 sources of variation in estimating critical thermal maximum

Greene P.R., 1985: Thermal torsion of f actin

Miyahara, M.; Naganuma, A.; Fukushima, M., 1985: Thermal transfer of meat 1. thawing rate of frozen pork examined by fat board model

Mcphail A.T., 1985: Thermal transformation of alkenoylated aziridines into ring fused pyrrolidines

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798049

Asakura S., 1982: Thermal transition in helical forms of salmonella flagella

King N.L., 1987: Thermal transition of collagen in ovine connective tissues

Daune M., 1980: Thermal transition of core particle is not a 2 state process

Chattoraj D.K., 1979: Thermal transition of dna in presence of long chain amines

Day R.A., 1981: Thermal transition of dna in the presence of aromatic poly cationic ionen

Fielder A.R., 1985: Thermal transition studies of a mature xanthelasma by differential scanning calorimetry

Atkinson D., 1983: Thermal transitions and structural properties of synthetic cholesterol alkyl and alkenyl ethers analogs of biological cholesterol esters

Colosimo A., 1979: Thermal transitions in biological macro molecules

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798058

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798059

Permyakov E.A., 1986: Thermal transitions in rat erythrocyte ghosts

Deman, J. J.; Bruyneel, E. A., 1977: Thermal transitions in the adhesiveness of hela cells effects of cell growth trypsin treatment and calcium

Rigby, B. J., 1977: Thermal transitions in the collagenous tissues of poikilothermic animals

Hamann D.D., 1985: Thermal transitions of actomyosin and surimi prepared from atlantic croaker as studied by differential scanning calorimetry

Hamann D.D., 1985: Thermal transitions of admixed starch and fish protein systems during heating

King R.D., 1984: Thermal transitions of melon colocynthis citrullus seed proteins

Goodno, C. C.; Harris, T. A.; Swenson, C. A., 1976: Thermal transitions of myosin and its helical fragments regions of structural instability in the myosin molecule

Dick R.L., 1986: Thermal transitions of natural actomyosin from poultry breast and thigh tissues

Koutsouris D., 1984: Thermal transitions of red blood cell deformability correlation with membrane rheological properties

Radojcic C., 1983: Thermal trauma induced changes in the synthesis of rat serum proteins

Peterson, D. A.; Wolfe, L. G.; Larkin, E. P.; Deinhardt, F. W., 1978: Thermal treatment and infectivity of hepatitis a virus in human feces

Harte B.R., 1985: Thermal treatment of cottage cheese in package by microwave heating

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798072

Hilbers, C. W.; Robillard, G. T.; Shulman, R. G.; Blake, R. D.; Webb, P. K.; Fresco, R.; Riesner, D., 1976: Thermal unfolding of yeast glycine transfer rna

Nall, B. T.; Baldwin, R. L., 1977: Thermal unfolding transition of rnase a measured by 2 cmp binding

Aliniazee, M. T., 1976: Thermal unit requirements for determining adult emergence of the western cherry fruit fly diptera tephritidae in the willamette valley of oregon usa

Weiss, N. S.; Dodell, P.; Brown, H. E., 1976: Thermal urticaria an unusual case

Chimney M.J., 1982: Thermal variation and heat uptake in a stratified strip mine lake in southern illinois usa

Schroeder F G., 1983: Thermal vegetation zones of the earth making precise definition of geobotanical terminology with vegetation map

Arp A., 1983: Thermal vent clam calyptogena magnifica hemo globin

Shustrov N.I., 1982: Thermal waste de toxication in the manufacturing of synthetic drugs

Hatch J.L., 1980: Thermal wedge with penetrating kerato plasty to reduce high corneal cylinder

Svensson S E., 1988: Thermal weed control on hardened surfaces experimental work in 1987

Chen J.H., 1986: Thermalizing milk as opposed to milk concentrate in a ultrafiltration system affects cheese yield

Roggen, H.; Van-Dijk, A. J., 1976: Thermally aided pollination a new method of breaking self incompatibility in brassica oleracea

Konishi T., 1986: Thermally controlled degradation of cytochrome c by cyclic peroxides possible approach to the hyperthermic sensitizer

Korber C., 1982: Thermally defined cryo microscopy and some applications on human leukocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798087

Dunham A.E., 1988: Thermally imposed time constraints on the activity of the desert lizard sceloporus merriami

Nakashima T., 1988: Thermally induced activities of the mesencephalic reticulospinal and rubrospinal neurons in the rat

Kumagai, I.; Watanabe, K.; Oshima, T., 1980: Thermally induced biosynthesis of 2' o methyl guanosine in transfer rna from an extreme thermophile thermus thermophilus hb 27

Simon E., 1986: Thermally induced changes in neural and hormonal control of osmoregulation in a bird with salt glands anas platyrhynchos

Stanacev N.Z., 1979: Thermally induced changes in reconstituted and membranous cytochrome c oxidase

Culberson, C. F.; Culberson, W. L.; Johnson, A., 1977: Thermally induced chemical artifacts in lichens

Liu, W.; Norisuye, T., 1988: Thermally induced conformation change of xanthan interpretation of viscosity behavior in 0.01 m aqueous sodium chloride

Yamano T., 1982: Thermally induced conformational and spin state changes of cytochrome b 5

Liu, W.; Sato, T.; Norisuye, T.; Fujita, H., 1987: Thermally induced conformational change of xanthan in 0.01m aqueous sodium chloride

Zav'yalov, V. P.; Troitsky, G. V.; Khechinashvili, N. N.; Privalov, P. L., 1977: Thermally induced conformational transitions of bence jones protein iva and its proteolytic fragments

Hales, J. R. S.; Iriki, M.; Tsuchiya, K.; Kozawa, E., 1978: Thermally induced cutaneous sympathetic activity related to blood flow through capillaries and arterio venous anastomoses

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798100

Ikeyama S., 1987: Thermally induced disulfide bond exchanges in human ige

Lanier T.C., 1984: Thermally induced gelation of native and modified egg white rheological changes during processing final strengths and microstructures

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798104

Gill, T. A.; Tung, M. A., 1978: Thermally induced gelation of the 12s rapeseed glyco protein

Yang J.T., 1979: Thermally induced helix beta transition of poly l alpha gamma di amino butyric acid and formation of left handed helix of poly l alpha beta di amino propionic acid in alkyl sulfate solution

Nozawa Y., 1980: Thermally induced heterogeneity in microsomal membranes of fatty acid supplemented tetrahymena pyriformis lipid composition fluidity and enzyme activity

Levin R.E., 1987: Thermally induced leakage and death of a psychrophilic marine bacterium of fish origin

Roeske, W. R.; Ingwall, J. S.; Deluca, M.; Sybers, H. D., 1977: Thermally induced myo cardial preservation and necrosis in deprived fetal mouse hearts

Van Kleef F.S.M., 1986: Thermally induced protein gelation gelation and rheological characterization of highly concentrated ovalbumin and soybean protein gels

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798112

Dorrington, K. J.; Bennich, H., 1973: Thermally induced structural changes in immuno globulin e

Lukac S., 1984: Thermally induced variations in polarity and microviscosity of phospholipid and surfactant vesicles monitored with a probe forming an intramolecular charge transfer complex

Roser J., 1986: Thermally initiated reactions of z epoxyhexenynes a facile preparation of 3 4 annulated furans

Safarik I., 1987: Thermally modified azocasein a new insoluble substrate for the determination of proteolytic activity

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798118

Sato J., 1987: Thermally potentiated responses to algesic substances of visceral nociceptors

Simmons S.E., 1982: Thermally processed hard cooked eggs

Kato, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Sato, Y., 1978: Thermally produced volatile basic components of egg white and ov albumin

Childress, J. J.; Barnes, A. T.; Quetin, L. B.; Robison, B. H., 1978: Thermally protecting cod ends for the recovery of living deep sea animals/

Hoffman, A. S.; Afrassiabi, A.; Dong, L. C., 1986: Thermally reversible hydrogels ii. delivery and selective removal of substances from aqueous solutions

Dong, L. C.; Hoffman, A. S., 1986: Thermally reversible hydrogels iii. immobilization of enzymes for feedback reaction control

Ansorge, W.; De-Maeyer, L., 1980: Thermally stabilized very thin 0.02 0.3 millimeter poly acrylamide gels for electrophoresis

Jonscher A.K., 1986: Thermally stimulated depolarization currents in stearic acid multilayers

Cooke D.W., 1985: Thermally stimulated luminescence of uv irradiated and x irradiated caffeine

Bourdon R., 1983: Thermaloniscus cotylophorus new genus new species the 1st epicarid isopoda collected in an oceanic hydro thermal zone

Woodcock, A. H., 1975: Thermals over the sea and gull flight behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798130

Marcovici V., 1979: Thermic conditions applied on an industrial scale to the secondary drying of newcastle disease virus vaccines

Wales J.K., 1985: Thermic effect of feeding carbohydrate fat protein and mixed meal in lean and obese subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798133

Hill, J. O.; Digirolamo, M.; Heymsfield, S. B., 1985: Thermic effect of food after ingested vs. tube delivered meals

Pi Sunyer F.X., 1985: Thermic effect of food at rest during exercise and after exercise in lean and obese men of similar body weight

Acheson K.J., 1987: Thermic effect of food possible implication of parasympathetic nervous system

Jequier E., 1984: Thermic effect of glucose in man obligatory and facultative thermogenesis

Zawadzki J.K., 1987: Thermic effect of glucose in obese subjects with non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Sims E.A.H., 1983: Thermic effect of infused glucose and insulin in man decreased response with increased insulin resistance in obesity and noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Jequier E., 1979: Thermic effects of glucose amino acid and lipid in the term new born

Spellacy W.N., 1987: Thermic effects of tocolytic agents decreased temperature with magnesium sulfate

Fideu-Alonso, M. D.; Perez-Perez, M. L.; Herranz-Santos, M. J.; Ruiz-Amil, M., 1985: Thermic modulation of phosphofructokinase ec of sea bass dicentrarchus labrax liver

Lis H., 1985: Thermic properties of hop cones determined using consideration of the respiration heat

Mazurek B., 1985: Thermic properties of wheat and of products of its milling

Garrow J.S., 1983: Thermic response to iso energetic protein carbohydrate or fat meals in lean and obese subjects

Aniszewski T., 1987: Thermic thresholds and wintering of timothy phleum pratense in pelsonsuo finland

Wintermantel, E., 1983: Thermic vascular anastomosis 4. analysis by scanning electron microscopy

Akinshina G.E., 1981: Thermistography of immuno globulin e

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798155

Kanoh S., 1986: Thermistor probe for testing an antipyretic suppository in rabbits

Weber, T.; Caillere, L., 1978: Thermistor telemetry of ventilation during prey capture by dragonfly larvae cordulegaster boltoni odonata

Hyde, R. J.; Lohse, C. L.; Testoni, F. J., 1978: Thermistor use to monitor urine flow rate in dogs/

Fittkau, S.; Smalla, K.; Pauli, D., 1984: Thermitase a thermostable serine protease 4. kinetic investigations on the binding of n acylated peptide ketones as substrate analogous inhibitors

Fittkau, S.; Brutscheck, M., 1984: Thermitase a thermostable serine protease 5. stereospecificity of the binding of peptide ligands

Peters, K.; Baetz, O.; Hoehne, W. E.; Fittkau, S., 1984: Thermitase a thermostable serine protease 6. kinetic and fluorescence studies on the interaction of the enzyme with dansylated peptide chloromethyl ketones

Hoehne W.E., 1980: Thermitase a thermostable serine protease from thermoactinomyces vulgaris classification as a subtilisin type protease

Bauer S., 1982: Thermitase a thermostable serine protease from thermoactinomyces vulgaris interaction between the active center and the sulfhydryl group of the enzyme

Fittaku, S.; Pauli, D.; Bouaravong, P.; Damerau, W., 1986: Thermitase a thermostable serine protease viii. kinetic and esr investigations on interactions of the enzyme with spin labeled peptide methyl ketones

Soivio A., 1980: Thermo acclimatory changes in blood oxygen binding properties and gill secondary lamellar structure of salmo gairdneri

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798166

Merola A., 1979: Thermo acidophilic algae of north america and central america

Oesterhelt D., 1982: Thermo acidophilic archaebacteria contain bacterial type ferredoxins acting as electron acceptors of 2 oxo acid ferredoxin oxido reductases

Tsimberg E.A., 1983: Thermo acidophilic bacilli and their growth patterns

Kupersztoch Portnoy Y.M., 1983: Thermo activation of a periplasmic heat stable entero toxin of escherichia coli

Haberstich, H. U.; Zuber, H., 1974: Thermo adaptation of enzymes in thermophilic and mesophilic cultures of bacillus stearothermophilus and bacillus caldotenax

Talanova V.V., 1982: Thermo adaptive potentials of tomato lycopersicon esculentum plants

Schingnitz G., 1984: Thermo afferent signal processing in rats an electro physiological analysis of mid brain influences on thermo responsive neurons in the ventrobasal thalamus

Bilanski W.K., 1982: Thermo ammoniation of maize stover

Miller, D. L.; Wildnauer, R. H., 1977: Thermo analytical probes for the analysis of physical properties of stratum corneum

Norlander O., 1981: Thermo camera a macroscopic method for the study of pollution with nitrous oxide in operating theaters

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798177

Neikter K., 1982: Thermo camera studies of gases and vapors

Ljungqvist B., 1983: Thermo camera studies of nitrous oxide dispersion in the dental surgery

Kukita A., 1984: Thermo chemo therapy for malignant melanoma combination therapy of acnu 1 4 amino 2 methyl 5 pyrimidinylmethyl 3 2 chloroethyl 3 nitroso urea hydro chloride and hyper thermia in mice

Morton D.L., 1982: Thermo chemo therapy for melanoma metastases in liver

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798182

Bullard T.R., 1979: Thermo currents in human bone

Guiraud Simplot A., 1979: Thermo dependence of adenylate cyclase in kb cells infected by sendai virus influence of calcium ions

Chatelain, P.; Robberecht, P.; De-Neef, P.; Camus, J. C.; Christophe, J., 1983: Thermo dependence of basal and stimulated cardiac adenylate cyclase ec activity in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Rene, E.; Pecker, F.; Stengel, D.; Hanoune, J., 1978: Thermo dependence of basal and stimulated rat liver adenylate cyclase ec a reevaluation

Christophe J., 1982: Thermo dependence of guanine nucleotide activated rat cardiac adenylate cyclase activity effect of cholera toxin pre treatment

Kaderavek F., 1981: Thermo diagnosis of cardiac decompensation in ischemic heart disease

Seyfried W.E.Jr, 1983: Thermo diffusional transport in pelagic clay implications for nuclear waste disposal in geological media

Mccallum, W. D., 1977: Thermo dilution measurement of human umbilical blood flow at delivery

Reeves J.T., 1983: Thermo dilution method over estimates low cardiac output in humans

Burke J.F., 1981: Thermo dilution right ventricular volume a novel and better predictor of volume replacement in acute thermal injury

Versprille A., 1981: Thermo dilution technique for measurement of cardiac output during artificial ventilation

White A., 1980: Thermo dissociation of staphylococcal immune complexes and detection of staphylococcal antigen in serum from patients with staphylococcus aureus bacteremia

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798195

Blake, T. J., 1976: Thermo dormancy in seedlings of eucalyptus obliqua

Evans E., 1981: Thermo elasticity of large lecithin bi layer vesicles

Evans E.A., 1979: Thermo elasticity of red blood cell membrane

Andrady, A. L.; Mark, J. E., 1980: Thermo elasticity of swollen elastin networks at constant composition

Reed, D. J.; Miller, A. D., 1978: Thermo electric peltier device for local cortical cooling

Ishay J.S., 1981: Thermo electric seebeck effect of the cuticle of social wasps

Clark, H. F.; Kaminski, F.; Karzon, D. T., 1970: Thermo electrically cooled temperature gradient apparatus for comparative cell and virus temperature studies

Leon M., 1980: Thermo endocrine influences on maternal nesting behavior in rats

Czudek T., 1982: Thermo erosion and valley formation in moravia czechoslovakia

Stahl, E.; Brombeer, J., 1978: Thermo fractography of anthra quinone derivatives and related natural drugs

Lim, J. J., 1975: Thermo gravimetric analysis of human femur bone

Semenov, M. A.; Maleev, V. Ya ; Sukhorukov, B. I., 1978: Thermo gravimetric study of dna hydrate stability

Tyvand, P. A., 1980: Thermo haline instability in anisotropic porous media

Akhrem A.A., 1980: Thermo inactivation of cytochrome p 450

Von Brodorotti H.S., 1981: Thermo inactivation of viruses by microwaves

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798211

Baumann G., 1985: Thermo induced transcripts of a soybean heat shock gene after transfer into sunflower using a ti plasmid vector

Van De Putte P., 1979: Thermo inducible expression of cloned early genes of bacterio phage mu

Van Montagu M., 1984: Thermo inducible gene expression in bacillus subtilis using transcriptional regulatory elements from temperate phage phi 105

Itoi M., 1982: Thermo kerato plasty with carbon di oxide laser

Bressan J.A., 1986: Thermo kinetic modeling of peroxidase inactivation during blanching cooling of corn on the cob

Gentry S.D., 1982: Thermo kinetics of cold cardioplegic arrest

Giorgini, J. F.; De-Lucca, F. L., 1973: Thermo lability of 28s ribosomal rna from the liver of crotalus durissus terrificus ophidia reptilia

Benndorf R., 1988: Thermo load of the respiratory tract in the region of east germany

Inoue Y., 1982: Thermo luminescence as a probe of photosystem ii photochemistry the origin of the flash induced glow peaks

Twidale C.R., 1984: Thermo luminescence dating of coastal dune sand related to a higher stand of lake woods northern territory australia

Wintle A.G., 1981: Thermo luminescence dating of late devensian loesses in southern england uk

Wintle, A. G.; Huntley, D. J., 1980: Thermo luminescence dating of ocean sediments

Mangerud J., 1983: Thermo luminescence dating of the eemian early weichselian sequence at fjosanger western norway

Bauman C.E.IIi, 1979: Thermo luminescence detected in magicicada sp exoskeletons

Tarakanath, M. S.; Novotny, J., 1976: Thermo luminescence dosimetry in clinical radiation dose measurements

Damle P.S., 1981: Thermo luminescence glow peaks of sheep hemo globin and its components

Stoebe T.G., 1979: Thermo luminescence in hydroxylapatite

Horowitz, Y. S.; Shahar, B. B.; Mordechai, S.; Dubi, A.; Pinto, H., 1977: Thermo luminescence in lithium fluoride induced by mono energetic parallel beam 13.8 minus and 81.0 mev diffracted neutrons the intrinsic thermo luminescent response per absorbed neutron

Chernokolev, A. T.; Kukushkin, A. K.; Solntsev, M. K., 1978: Thermo luminescence of higher plant chloroplasts under different redox potentials of the reaction medium

Varadharajan G., 1982: Thermo luminescence of rare earth doped barium sulfate phosphors and its applications

Kathuria S.P., 1983: Thermo luminescence of sodium chloride calcium and its use in gamma dosimetry

Solntsev M.K., 1979: Thermo luminescence of sub chloroplast particles and effect of atp adp and uncouplers on thermo luminescence of higher plant chloroplasts

Wintle A.G., 1982: Thermo luminescence properties of fine grain minerals in loess

Kalmykov L.Z., 1981: Thermo luminescent bone equivalent mixtures and use in dosimetry of compact bone tissue

Rohatgi, V. K.; Srivastava, V. K.; Gupta, J. C.; Srivastava, R. N. L.; Iyer, P. S., 1978: Thermo luminescent dosimeters in rectal dose measurement part 1

Schneider E., 1981: Thermo luminescent dosimetry

Hogstrom K.R., 1980: Thermo luminescent response of lithium fluoride and lithium borate with a manganese activator to pions

Fontana A., 1980: Thermo lysin and bacillus subtilis neutral protease conformation and stability of 2 homologous neutral metallo endo peptidases

Fruton J.S., 1983: Thermo lysin catalyzed peptide bond synthesis

Cline, K.; Werner-Washburne, M.; Andrews, J.; Keegstra, K., 1984: Thermo lysin is a suitable protease for probing the surface of intact pea pisum sativum cultivar laxtons progress no. 9 chloroplasts

Brown W.J., 1982: Thermo magnetic surgery for cancer

Brown W.J., 1982: Thermo magnetic surgery for experimental renal cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798244

Siegel H.S., 1979: Thermo neutral zone of chickens as determined by measuring heat production respiration rate and electro myographic and electro encephalographic activity in light and dark environments and changing ambient temperatures

Gambert S.R., 1982: Thermo neutrality an evolutionary advantage against aging?

Hoeprich P.D., 1979: Thermo nuclease sero inhibition test for distinguishing staphylococcus aureus from other coagulase positive staphylococci

Tasaka, M.; Abe, S.; Sugiura, S.; Nagasawa, M., 1977: Thermo osmosis through charged membranes

Tasaka, M.; Nagasawa, M., 1978: Thermo osmosis through charged membranes theoretical analysis of concentration dependence

Schmidt U., 1982: Thermo perception in the common vampire bat desmodus rotundus

Friend, D. J. C.; Helson, V. A., 1976: Thermo periodic effects on the growth and photosynthesis of wheat and other crop plants

Satoh S., 1983: Thermo periodism mechanism in the germination of cocklebur xanthium pennsylvanicum seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798254

Davies R.M., 1981: Thermo plastics for prosthetic applications

Rybalov L.B., 1979: Thermo preference and hygro preference of some soil invertebrates with respect to their biotopic distribution

Beitinger, T. L., 1977: Thermo preference behavior of bluegill lepomis macrochirus subjected to restrictions in available temperature range

Schwedhelm E., 1982: Thermo preference of gammarus fossarum and gammarus roeselii crustacea amphipoda in dependence on season

Plyushkin S.A., 1981: Thermo radiation drying of medicinal plant raw material

Dietzel, F.; Linhart, G.; Kovacs, G., 1978: Thermo radio therapy in animal experimentation tumor growth and tumor cure

Temper-Yu, B.; Rogatnykh, A. A.; Kirichenko, E. F., 1978: Thermo reception in the laryngo tracheal region

Danilova N., 1982: Thermo receptor localization in the deep and surface skin layers

Arad Z., 1983: Thermo regulation and acid base status in the panting dehydrated fowl

Wells, R. T., 1978: Thermo regulation and activity rhythms in the hairy nosed wombat lasiorhinus latifrons vombatidae

Kingsolver J.G., 1983: Thermo regulation and flight in colias butterflies elevational patterns and mechanistic limitations

Morton, S. R.; Lee, A. K., 1978: Thermo regulation and metabolism in planigale maculata marsupialia dasyuridae

Aulie, A.; Steen, J. B., 1976: Thermo regulation and muscular development in cold exposed willow ptarmigan chicks lagopus lagopus

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798270

King J.R., 1984: Thermo regulation and oxygen consumption during terrestrial loco motion by white crowned sparrows zonotrichia leucophrys gambelii

Hoppe P.P., 1979: Thermo regulation and oxygen consumption in kirks dik dik madoqua kirkii at ambient temperatures of 10 45 celsius

May, M. L., 1977: Thermo regulation and reproductive activity in tropical dragonflies of the genus micrathyria

Moffat R.J., 1982: Thermo regulation and the determinants of heat transfer in colias butterflies

Drinkwater B.L., 1982: Thermo regulation and the menstrual cycle

Fleming M.R., 1980: Thermo regulation and torpor in the sugar glider petaurus breviceps marsupialia petauridae

Myers, R. D.; Yaksh, T. L., 1971: Thermo regulation around a new set point established in the monkey by altering the ratio of sodium to calcium ions within the hypothalamus

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798280

Toms S.V., 1981: Thermo regulation behavior of some middle asian shield bugs heteroptera pentatomidae

Parker M.A., 1982: Thermo regulation by diurnal movement in the barberpole grasshopper dactylotum bicolor

Heller, H. C.; Colliver, G. W.; Beard, J., 1977: Thermo regulation during entrance into hibernation

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798285

Mitchell, D.; Snellen, J. W.; Atkins, A. R., 1970: Thermo regulation during fever change of set point or change of gain

Drinkwater B.L., 1980: Thermo regulation during rest and exercise in different postures in a hot humid environment

Nielsen, B., 1975: Thermo regulation during static work with the legs

Dunbar R.I.M., 1983: Thermo regulation habitat quality and the behavioral ecology of gelada baboons theropithecus gelada

Johnson, C. R., 1977: Thermo regulation in 4 australian lizards of the genus egernia sauria scincidae

Section 7, Chapter 6799, Accession 006798291

Gibo, D. L.; Temporale, A.; Lamarre, T. P.; Soutar, B. M.; Dew, H. E., 1977: Thermo regulation in colonies of vespula arenaria and vespula maculata hymenoptera vespidae part 3 heat production in queen nests

Johnson, C. R.; Voigt, W. G.; Smith, E. N., 1978: Thermo regulation in crocodilians part 3 thermal preferenda voluntary maxima and heating and cooling rates in the american alligator alligator mississippiensis

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