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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6802

Chapter 6802 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Buchanan B.B., 1984: Thioredoxin system of the photosynthetic anaerobe chromatium vinosum

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Awasthi L.P., 1985: Thiosemicarbazides and triazole derivatives as potential antiviral agents

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Tomasik P., 1986: Thiosemicarbazones of starch dialdehyde and their biological activity

Kuenen J.G., 1983: Thiosphaera pantotropha new genus new species a facultatively anaerobic facultatively autotrophic sulfur bacterium

Sarkar, P.; Stringer, E. A.; Maitra, U., 1974: Thiostrepton inhibition of initiation factor 1 activity in poly peptide chain initiation in escherichia coli

Boeck A., 1987: Thiostrepton resistance mutations in the gene for 23s ribosomal rna of halobacteria

Smith, I.; Paress, P.; Pestka, S., 1978: Thiostrepton resistant mutants exhibit relaxed synthesis of rna

Pestka, S.; Weiss, D.; Vince, R.; Wienen, B.; Stoeffler, G.; Smith, I., 1976: Thiostrepton resistant mutants of bacillus subtilis localization of resistance to the 50s subunit

Kawata K., 1987: Thiosulfate dechlorination interference with the folin ciocalteu reagent method for protein determination

Kelly D.P., 1988: Thiosulfate oxidation by obligately heterotrophic bacteria

Fischer U., 1985: Thiosulfate sulfur transferases rhodaneses of chlorobium vibrioforme f thiosulfatophilum

Lettl A., 1987: Thiosulfate sulfurtransferase rhodanese in forest soils

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Tanaka H., 1983: Thiotetromycin a new antibiotic taxonomy production isolation and physicochemical and biological properties

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801034

Okazaki H., 1984: Thiotropocin a new sulfur containing 7 membered ring antibiotic produced by a pseudomonas sp

Hall R.D., 1988: Thiourea as a house fly larvicide in caged laying hen manure topical and feed through administration

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801038

Andrae U., 1985: Thiourea induces dna repair synthesis in primary rat hepatocyte cultures and gene mutations in v 79 chinese hamster cells

Kanarek L., 1984: Thiourea the antioxidant of choice for the purification of proteins from phenol rich plant tissues

Johnson P.E., 1981: Thiram induced abnormal chromosome segregation in aspergillus nidulans

Freundt K.J., 1981: Thiram induced disturbance of microsomal phospho lipid bio formation and phospho lipid fatty acid pattern

Banks C., 1984: Thiram induced toxic liver injury in male sprague dawley rats

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801044

Legino, L. J.; Woods, M. P.; Rayburn, W. F.; Mcgoogan, L. S., 1988: Third and fourth degree perineal tears 50 years' experience at a university hospital

Nogrady M.B., 1986: Third branchial cleft sinus route of infection in deep neck abscesses

Rauh G., 1986: Third chromosome suppressor of position effect variegation loci in drosophila melanogaster

Mack G., 1987: Third component of rat complement purification from plasma and radioimmunoassay in culture media from cell lines

Leite A.C.R., 1987: Third contribution to the knowledge of the raviniini diptera sarcophagidae based on observations of the larvae using scanning electron microscope

Gorgievska Z., 1985: Third contribution to the study the morphological variability of quercus coccifera var calliprinos in macedonia yugoslavia

Toledo O.M., 1984: Third crux of anthelix

Petersen, E. L. C., 1978: Third degree atrio ventricular block chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia and pigmentary degeneration of retina case report and survey of the literature

Rauter B., 1985: Third fallopian tube a case report

Theurillat J P., 1986: Third floristic note on the aletsch region valais switzerland

Wisniewski H.M., 1987: Third form of calcium activated neutral proteinase from calf brain purification partial characterization and comparison of properties with other forms

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801059

Conway J., 1985: Third line therapy a cautionary note

Bjork A., 1988: Third molar impaction a consequence of late m3 mineralization and early physical maturity

Dokladal M., 1986: Third molars the wisdom teeth in the contemporary young generation

Kapoor S., 1987: Third nerve palsy due to posterior communicating artery aneurysm the importance of early surgery

Sorarrain, O.; Ronceros, R. B., 1977: Third order and fourth order moments in absorbing markov chains

Gutierrez G., 1985: Third order effects in the tide of the pacific near acapulco mexico

Lisle I., 1980: Third order integral relation between sorptivity and soil water diffusivity using brutsaerts technique

Rossi P., 1988: Third outbreak of trichinellosis caused by consumption of horse meat in italy

Semenkov Yu P., 1986: Third site of the 70s ribosome for aminoacyl transfer rna analog binding

Stroehle M., 1986: Third supplement to a systematic studies on the pieris napi and pieris bryoniae complex sensu lato rearing and description of the preimaginal stages of pieris segonzaci le cerf 1923 lepidoptera pieridae

Gaston A., 1986: Third supplement to the catalogue of vascular plants of southern chad

Kuz'min V.I., 1979: Third system of regulation of functions in the human and animal body system of active points

Morrison J.C., 1987: Third trimester biparietal diameter as a predictor of fetal lung maturity

Slater L.M., 1987: Third trimester chemotherapy and neonatal hematopoiesis

Grant A.M., 1987: Third trimester placental grading by ultrasonography as a test of fetal wellbeing

Wicks J.D., 1987: Third trimester ultrasonic presentation of infantile polycystic kidney disease

Schneider K.N., 1985: Third trochanter incidence and metric trait covariation in the human femur

Esipova N.G., 1987: Third type of secondary structure noncooperative mobile conformation protein data and analysis

Johanson C.E., 1986: Third ventricle choroid plexus function and its response to acute perturbations in plasma chemistry

Schulsinger F., 1988: Third ventricle enlargement and reduced electrodermal responsiveness

Bankier R.G., 1985: Third ventricle size and dementia in schizophrenia

Weitzner I.Jr, 1988: Third ventricular primary cerebral neuroblastoma electron microscopic and immunohistochemical study

Hu, E.; Hufford, S.; Lukes, R.; Bernstein-Singer, M.; Sobel, G.; Gill, P.; Pinter-Brown, L.; Rarick, M.; Rosen, P.; Et-Al, 1988: Third world hodgkin's disease at los angeles county university southern california medical center usa

Zedaker S.M., 1987: Third year growth response of loblolly pine to eight levels of competition control

Kozlowski S., 1979: Thirst and renal excretion of water and electrolytes during pyrogen fever in dogs

Kozlowski S., 1983: Thirst and solute excretion their effectiveness in osmostatic control of body fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801087

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801088

Ledingham J.G.G., 1980: Thirst following water deprivation in humans

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801091

Fitzsimons J.T., 1988: Thirst in brattleboro rats

Baylis P.H., 1987: Thirst in diabetes insipidus clinical relevance of quantitative assessment

Ganten D., 1981: Thirst in the rat after ligation of the inferior vena cava role of angiotensin ii

Hsiao, S.; Smutz, E. R., 1976: Thirst reducing and hunger inducing effects of water and saline by stomach tubing vs drinking in rats

Watanabe K., 1988: Thirteen cases of the female urethral diverticula

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801097

Witz G., 1985: Thirteen cationic responses their acute toxicity neurobehavioral and membrane effects

Shao K T., 1986: Thirteen new records of the labrid fishes pisces labridae from taiwan

Ritzenthaler P., 1986: Thirteen virulent and temperate bacteriophages of lactobacillus bulgaricus and lactobacillus lactis belong to a single dna homology group

Hall W.C., 1987: Thirteen week oral toxicity study of methylcarbamate in rats and mice

Shirasu Y., 1985: Thirteen week subacute toxicity study of 4 bromophenylchloromethylsulfone in rats

Huff J., 1986: Thirteen week toxicology studies of 1 amino 2 4 dibromoanthraquinone in fischer 344 n rats and b 6c 3f 1 mice

Eedy, D. J.; Gavin, A. T., 1987: Thirteen year retrospective study of bowen's disease in northern ireland uk

Wilkinson H.W., 1988: Thirteenth serogroup of legionella pneumophila isolated from patients with pneumonia

Matsumoto S., 1987: Thirty five cases of tuberculosis in childhood

Del Moral R., 1986: Thirty five years of secondary succession in a festuca viridula and lupinus latifolius dominated meadow at sunrise mount rainier national park washington usa

Echeverria T.W., 1987: Thirty four species of california rockfishes maturity and seasonality of reproduction

Ribeiro G.G., 1985: Thirty four year follow up of patients with breast cancer in clinical trial of postoperative radiotherapy

Matsuda R., 1987: Thirty seven years of experience in the treatment of intussusception in infants and children

Wollman M., 1987: Thirty six hour correspondence between performance and sleepiness cycles

Debell D.S., 1988: Thirty six years of tree population change in an old growth pseudotsuga tsuga forest

Frenzen, P. M.; Krasny, M. E.; Rigney, L. P., 1988: Thirty three years of plant succession on the kautz creek mudflow mount rainier national park washington usa

Chessick R.D., 1988: Thirty unresolved psychodynamic questions pertaining to feminine psychology

Dobrotin S.S., 1987: Thirty year experience in the surgical treatment of acquired heart diseases and lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801116

Cerise E.J., 1987: Thirty years of experience with desmoid tumors at charity hospital new orleans louisiana usa

De Nie H.W., 1986: Thirty years of passerine breeding bird monitoring in a mixed wood

Wilson S.E., 1979: Thiry vella segments applied to ischemic dog colon studies

Besner D., 1981: This and thap constraints on the pronunciation of new written words

Lazell, J. D. Jr, 1976: This broken archipelago cape cod and the islands amphibians and reptiles

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801122

Franz W.M.H., 1982: This study of the coleopteran fauna of the island of galita tunisia

Rhodes L.A., 1984: This will clear your mind the use of metaphors for medication in psychiatric settings

Raventos M., 1986: Thixographic studies of human submaxillary saliva

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801127

Ross Murphy S.B., 1988: Thixotropic behavior of very dilute gelatin solutions

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801130

Copley A.L., 1987: Thixotropic properties of whole blood from healthy human subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801132

Finlay, J. B., 1978: Thixotropy in human skin

Baldridge J.B., 1980: Thixotropy of blood and red blood cell suspensions

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801135

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801136

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801137

Willson R.L., 1986: Thiyl and phenoxyl free radicals and nadh direct observation of one electron oxidation

Willson R.L., 1986: Thiyl free radicals and the oxidation of ferrocytochrome c direct observation of coupled hydrogen atom and electron transfer reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801140

Bhaumik G.H., 1982: Thlaspi alpestre in india a case of mistaken identity

Ceynowa Gieldon M., 1982: Thlaspi alpestre new record near czersk bydgoszcz province poland

Smirnoff N., 1986: Thlaspi caerulescens thlaspi alpestre in britain

Baytop, A.; Ozhatay, N., 1977: Thlaspi praecox new record in turkey

Brooks P.G., 1979: Thog the anatomy of a problem

Prasad M., 1980: Tholymis paratillarga new species odonata libellulidae libellulinae from uttar pradesh india

Shaw, A. B., 1978: Thomas browne the man and the physician

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801148

Kevan, P. G., 1976: Thomas more on imprinting observations from the 16th century

Muddu B.N., 1983: Thomas splint with adjustable ring

Lopes, H. D. S., 1976: Thomazomyia new genus of sarcophagidae diptera from the neotropical region

Ono, H., 1977: Thomisidae from japan part 1 the genus tmarus arachnida araneae

Ono, H., 1977: Thomisidae from japan part 2 the genus oxytate arachnida araneae

Ono, H., 1979: Thomisidae from nepal himalayas 2. the genus lysiteles arachnida araneae

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801156

Ono, H., 1978: Thomisidae from the nepal himalayas part 1 the genus xysticus arachnida araneae

Ono, H., 1980: Thomisidae of japan 3. the genus lysiteles arachnida araneae

Sokolova, A. S.; Ryabokon, N. A.; Ershova-Yu, A.; Andreeva, N. A.; Nemeryuk, M. P.; Safonova, T. S.; Chernov, V. A., 1975: Thomizine a new inhibitor of folic acid metabolism enzymes with anti tumor activity

Hinesley L.L., 1979: Thomomys clusius a rediscovered species of pocket gopher

Lovell W.W., 1980: Thompson arthrodesis of the hip in children

Binns M., 1985: Thompson hemiarthroplasty through a trochanteric osteotomy approach

Rogers, I. H.; Mahood, H. W., 1983: Thompson river canada survey chemical analysis of water tissue and sediment samples collected aug. 1981 to march 1982

Takeuchi M., 1988: Thomsen friedenreich antigen in bladder cancer tissues detected by monoclonal antibody

Oda Y., 1985: Thomsen friedenreich antigen in bladder tumor

Ravn, V.; Jensen, H., 1988: Thomsen friedenreich related antigen in human endometrium an immunohistochemical study employing the monoclonal antibody 49h.8 a preliminary report

Juhl, B. R.; Hartzen, S. H.; Hainau, B., 1987: Thomsen friedenreich related antigen in non neoplastic ureter urothelium and transitional cell tumors of the urinary bladder an immunohistochemical study employing the monoclonal antibody 49h.8

Berdinskikh, M. S.; Pavlyuchenkova, R. P.; Kiseleva, A. S.; Zotikov, E. A.; Kosyakov, P. N., 1987: Thomsen's antigen in the leukocytes of leukemic patients

Kosyakov P.N., 1983: Thomsens antigen in human normal and tumor tissues

Bogner, J., 1976: Thomsonia sumawongii new species araceae from thailand

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801172

Waterman P.G., 1983: Thonningine a and thonningine b 2 3 phenyl coumarins from the seeds of millettia thonningii

Keppner E.J., 1988: Thoonchus longisetosus new species and oxyonchus striatus new species of free living marine nematodes nematoda enoplida from northwest florida usa

Bruce A.J., 1983: Thor spinipes new species of hippolytid shrimp from the cobourg peninsula northern australia

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801176

Carney K.A., 1984: Thoracic abnormalities in tumorous head drosophila melanogaster

Kutty C.P.K., 1982: Thoracic actino mycosis caused by actinomyces meyeri

Rochemaure J., 1986: Thoracic actinomycosis an illustrated review of 4 surgical cases

Nachemson A., 1987: Thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis perinatal and environmental aspects in a swedish population and their relationship to curve severity

Swett H.A., 1983: Thoracic alterations after cardiac surgery

Cleveland H.C., 1983: Thoracic and abdominal injuries in skiers the role of air evacuation

Pieper R., 1987: Thoracic and abdominal lymph drainage in relation to mechanical ventilation and peep

Rutkow I.M., 1986: Thoracic and cardiovascular operations in the usa 1979 to 1984

Southeast Cancer Study Group (Usa), 1981: Thoracic and elective brain irradiation with concomitant or delayed multi agent chemo therapy in the treatment of localized small cell carcinoma of the lung a randomized prospective study by the southeastern cancer study group

Patrick, J. M., 1976: Thoracic and lumbar spinal curvatures in nigerian adults

Kintzer, J. S-Jr ; Rosenow, E. C. Iii ; Kyle, R. A., 1978: Thoracic and pulmonary abnormalities in multiple myeloma a review of 958 cases

Bryant, L. R.; Bowlin, J.; Malette, W.; Danielson, G. K., 1968: Thoracic aneurysms with aortico bronchial fistula

Pimentel M.A., 1981: Thoracic angio dysplasias

Peetz D.J.Jr, 1985: Thoracic aorta femoral artery bypass indications technique and late results

Mcnamara J.J., 1980: Thoracic aortic aneurysm natural history and treatment

Camishion R.C., 1985: Thoracic aortic aneurysm secondary to giant cell arteritis a reappraisal of etiology treatment and possible prevention

Lie J.T., 1982: Thoracic aortic aneurysms a population based study

George C.R., 1985: Thoracic aortic dissections magnetic resonance imaging

Curran M., 1987: Thoracic aortic occlusion somatosensory evoked potential monitoring and neurologic outcome in a canine model

Gens D.R., 1986: Thoracic aortic rupture advantages of intraarterial digital subtraction angiography

Bolton, P., 1978: Thoracic asphyxiating dystrophy

Coro F., 1984: Thoracic auditory interneurons in empyreuma pugione lepidoptera ctenuchidae

Zakharia A.T., 1985: Thoracic battle injuries in the lebanon war review of the early operative approach in 1992 patients

Gobien B.S., 1984: Thoracic biopsy computed tomographic guidance of thin needle aspiration

Walker M.A., 1981: Thoracic blasto mycosis a review of its radiographic manifestation in 40 dogs

Coleridge, H. M.; Coleridge, J. C. G.; Howe, A., 1970: Thoracic chemo receptors in the dog a histological and electro physiological study of the location innervation and blood supply of the aortic bodies

Macleod M., 1987: Thoracic chordoma with unusual radiographic features

Schilling D., 1980: Thoracic circular focus opacities a problem of differential diagnostics

Ibarra Perez C., 1981: Thoracic complications of amoebic abscess of the liver 501 cases

Order S.E., 1983: Thoracic computed tomographic scanning for mediastinal hodgkins disease results and therapeutic implications

Cable H., 1984: Thoracic computed tomographic scanning in the staging of bronchogenic carcinoma

Sanchez Lloret J., 1987: Thoracic computed tomography and gallium 67 citrate scintiscan for the staging of bronchogenic carcinoma

Godwin J.D., 1981: Thoracic computed tomography in superior sulcus tumors

Grishkin B.A., 1987: Thoracic computed tomography in the preoperative evaluation of primary bronchogenic carcinoma

Putman C.E., 1984: Thoracic cryptococcosis immunologic competence and radiologic appearance

Belzberg H., 1987: Thoracic ct in detecting occult disease in critically ill patients

Thomas, F.; Cosset, J. M.; Cherel, P.; Renaudy, N.; Carde, P.; Piekarski, J. D., 1988: Thoracic ct scanning follow up of residual mediastinal masses after treatment of hodgkin's disease

Dohrmann G.J., 1985: Thoracic disc herniation improved diagnosis with computed tomographic scanning and a review of the literature

Corkill G., 1979: Thoracic disc herniation treatment and prognosis

Jomin M., 1986: Thoracic disc herniations evolution in the approach and indications

Singounas, E. G.; Karvounis, P. C., 1977: Thoracic disc protrusion analysis of 8 cases

Lesoin, F.; Leys, D.; Rousseaux, M.; Dubois, F.; Villette, L.; Pruvo, J. P.; Petit, H.; Jomin, M., 1987: Thoracic disk herniation and scheuermann's disease

Modic M.T., 1987: Thoracic disk herniation mr imaging

Bernstein J.J., 1985: Thoracic dorsal funicular lesions affect the bouton patterns on and diameters of layer vb pyramidal cell somata in rat hindlimb cortex

Webber C.L.Jr, 1979: Thoracic dorsal rhizotomy in the anesthetized cat maintenance of eupnic breathing

Russell S., 1983: Thoracic duct and right lymphatic duct surgical approaches for drainage in the canine with comparison of cellular and chemical contents

Martin, D. P.; Leiseca, S. A., 1977: Thoracic duct cannulation of the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta for lymphocyte collection thoracic approach

Allen T.E., 1986: Thoracic duct cyst diagnosis with needle aspiration

Aboul Enein A., 1980: Thoracic duct decompression by side to end anastomosis to external jugular vein

Schroter G.P.J., 1979: Thoracic duct drainage before and after cadaveric kidney transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801227

Nyman, K. E.; Bangert, R.; Machleder, H.; Paulus, H. E., 1977: Thoracic duct drainage in systemic lupus erythematosus with cutaneous vasculitis a case report

Power G.G., 1986: Thoracic duct lymph flow a comparative study in newborn and adult sheep

Schad, H.; Brechtelsbauer, H., 1977: Thoracic duct lymph flow and composition in conscious dogs and the influence of anesthesia and passive limb movement

Power G.G., 1981: Thoracic duct lymph flow and protein flux dynamics responses to intra vascular saline

Mader M., 1980: Thoracic duct lymph flow changes secondary to alterations in serum calcium levels a proposed mechanism of action

Krasney J.A., 1987: Thoracic duct lymph flow during head out water immersion in conscious dogs

Roller, F. D.; Ross, K.; Reed, J.; Lithgow, C., 1967: Thoracic duct lymph obstruction by inst sengstaken blakemore balloon tamponade human dog

Delevaux J.L., 1986: Thoracic duct malformations lymphoscintigraphic diagnoses

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801238

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801239

Brunier E., 1979: Thoracic ectopia of the kidney in children with special reference to acquired congenital diaphragmatic herniation

Aubert J., 1980: Thoracic ectopic kidney

Raineri, A.; Traina, M.; Indovina, M.; Castello, A.; Assennato, P.; Hoffmann, E.; Messina, L.; Mercurio, G., 1978: Thoracic electric impedance in myo cardial infarction in the acute stage

Melby K., 1988: Thoracic empyema

Kolbe J., 1984: Thoracic empyema due to streptococcus milleri 4 cases

Ferrucci J.T., 1988: Thoracic empyema management with image guided catheter drainage

Kux, M., 1978: Thoracic endoscopic sympathectomy in palmar and axillary hyper hidrosis

Wolff G., 1980: Thoracic epidural analgesic or controlled ventilation in the treatment of patients with multiple rib fractures

Ricksten S E., 1988: Thoracic epidural anesthesia decreases the incidence of ventricular arrhythmias during acute myocardial ischemia in the anesthetized rat

Ricksten S E., 1988: Thoracic epidural anesthesia in conscious and anesthetized rats effects on central hemodynamics compared to cardiac beta adrenoceptor and ganglionic blockade

Suzuki M., 1988: Thoracic epidural block for radical mastectomy in a patient with multiple pulmonary arteriovenous fistula the changes in intrapulmonary shunt

Haberzeth K., 1980: Thoracic epidural block for upper abdominal surgery in a patient with myasthenia gravis

Gelman, S.; Laws, H. L.; Potzick, J.; Strong, S.; Smith, L.; Erdemir, H., 1980: Thoracic epidural vs. balanced anesthesia in morbid obesity an intra operative and post operative hemodynamic study

Kaminski D.L., 1980: Thoracic esophageal and tracheal injury following blunt trauma

Molas G., 1986: Thoracic esophageal carcinoma following mediastinal irradiation

Watkins S.B., 1985: Thoracic esophageal foreign bodies in the dog a review of ninety cases

Mei N., 1983: Thoracic esophageal mechano receptors connected with fibers following sympathetic pathways

Wood A.K.W., 1985: Thoracic esophageal motor activity during eructation in sheep

Fusco A., 1985: Thoracic extramedullary hematopoiesis as an unusual evolution of sickle beta thalassemia presentation of a case and etiopathogenetic considerations

Bock E., 1982: Thoracic extramedullary hematopoiesis evaluation by conventional radiology and computed tomography

Castro O., 1987: Thoracic extramedullary hematopoiesis in sickle cell disease

Mazza U., 1981: Thoracic extramedullary hematopoiesis in thalassemia intermedia during adult life 9 cases

Gertzbein S.D., 1987: Thoracic facetectomy and bone grafting in the surgical treatment of adult idiopathic scoliosis

Hickey N.M., 1988: Thoracic fine needle aspiration biopsy versus fine needle cutting biopsy a comparative study of 40 patients

Schirg E., 1981: Thoracic fistulas of the pancreas and their complications in childhood

Rothfus W.E., 1987: Thoracic fractures and dislocations in motorcyclists

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801266

Hopkin I.E., 1981: Thoracic gas volume helium functional residual capacity and air trapping in the 1st 6 hours of life the effect of oxygen administration

Fredberg J.J., 1988: Thoracic gas volume in rabbits by low frequency ambient pressure changes

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801269

Gallina C., 1988: Thoracic gas volume measurements in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by low frequency ambient pressure changes

Buroni J.R., 1981: Thoracic gun shot wounds

Robience Y.J., 1988: Thoracic hemangiopericytoma

Qian Z., 1988: Thoracic hydatid cysts a report of 842 cases treated over a thirty year period

Vidal J., 1985: Thoracic idiopathic scoliosis curve evolution and prognosis

Khalafalla, A. S.; Stackhouse, S. P.; Schmitt, O. H., 1970: Thoracic impedance gradient with respect to breathing

Machin, J. W., 1978: Thoracic impedance of human subjects/

Struve Christensen E., 1986: Thoracic injuries a review of 93 cases

Laurent G., 1986: Thoracic intersegmental interneurons in the locust schistocerca gregaria with mechanoreceptive inputs from a leg

Blumenkopf B., 1988: Thoracic intervertebral disc herniations diagnostic value of magnetic resonance imaging

Zafra A., 1986: Thoracic intradural chordoma

Karusseit V.O.L., 1987: Thoracic kidney a report of 2 cases

Johnson B., 1983: Thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis during the growth period in children

Thies A.C.Jr, 1980: Thoracic kyphosis range in normal subjects

Page C.H., 1981: Thoracic leg control of abdominal extension in the crayfish procambarus clarkii

Gille P., 1981: Thoracic localization of an hem angio peri cytoma

Cookson J.B., 1985: Thoracic lymphadenopathy in asians resident in the uk role of mediastinoscopy in initial diagnosis

Klatt E.C., 1987: Thoracic lymphangiomatosis

Laval P., 1981: Thoracic manifestations of asbestos and genetics 2 pairs of uni ovular twins

Latour, A.; Shulman, H. S., 1976: Thoracic manifestations of renal cell carcinoma

Fauci A.S., 1982: Thoracic mass lesions in immuno incompetent patients

Shepherd M.P., 1982: Thoracic metastases

Webb, W. R.; Gamsu, G., 1977: Thoracic metastasis in malignant melanoma a radiographic survey of 65 patients

Arbas E.A., 1983: Thoracic morphology of a flightless mexican grasshopper barytettix psolus comparison with the locust schistocerca gregaria

Savinov A.B., 1984: Thoracic musculature in the nymph and adult green leafhopper cicadella viridis homoptera cicadellidae

Barlet J., 1979: Thoracic musculature of machilidae and lepismatidae

Perot P.L.Jr, 1979: Thoracic myelopathy caused by osteophytes of the articular processes thoracic spondylosis

Durward Q.J., 1982: Thoracic myelopathy secondary to ossified ligamentum flavum

Glant M.D., 1987: Thoracic needle biopsy improved results utilizing a team approach

Bolden R., 1985: Thoracic neurilemoma case report and review of the world literature

Uemura K., 1981: Thoracic neurinoma in a patient with von recklinghausens disease with review of literature

Friis M., 1985: Thoracic neuroblastoma of the neonate

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801303

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801304

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801305

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801306

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801307

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801308

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801309

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801310

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801311

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801312

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801313

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801315

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801316

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801317

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801318

Mildenberger H., 1980: Thoracic pancreatic fistula

Danks D.M., 1983: Thoracic pelvic dys ostosis a new autosomal dominant form

Sydow F W., 1984: Thoracic peridural anesthesia for intraoperative and postoperative analgesia in lung resection a comparative examination with regard to stress reaction and postoperative lung function

Knorpp L., 1987: Thoracic peridural block in experimental endotoxin shock

Mueller H., 1985: Thoracic peridural opiate analgesia

Singh V., 1987: Thoracic pressure and nasal patency

Carles P., 1986: Thoracic puncture guided by computed tomography 125 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801327

Bull J., 1985: Thoracic radiographic changes after systemic hyperthermia for advanced cancer

Morgan J.P., 1980: Thoracic radiography of the normal rhesus macaque macaca mulatta

Axen, K.; Bergofsky, E. H., 1977: Thoracic reflexes stabilizing loaded ventilation in normal and cord injured man

White S.W., 1981: Thoracic resistivity for stroke volume calculation in impedance cardiography

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801332

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801333

Poland R., 1987: Thoracic spinal cord t 3 t 4 transection in a breech presenting cesarean section delivered preterm infant

Fricke, R. D.; Romine, J. S., 1977: Thoracic spinal cord tumor presenting with dysautonomic diarrhea

Brotchi J., 1987: Thoracic spinal epidural cysts

Wang, A. M.; Jolesz, F.; Rumbaugh, C. L.; Zamani, A. A.; Haykal, H. A., 1986: Thoracic spinal metastasis from unexpected cerebellar medulloblastoma the value of magnetic resonance imaging

Et Al, 1987: Thoracic spinal stenosis a report of 10 cases

Brand R.A., 1984: Thoracic spine centers of rotation in the sagittal plane

Koivukangas J., 1987: Thoracic spine ct diagnostic efficacy

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801483

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801484

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801606

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801607

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801636

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801637

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Sato O., 1987: Three cases of scalp arteriovenous malformation

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Seki K., 1986: Three cases of secondary syphilis

Bolognesi A., 1988: Three cases of sinding larsen and johansson disease in young athletes

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801653

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801654

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Et Al, 1987: Three cases with head and neck cancer made resectable by hyperthermo chemo radiotherapy

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Berry A.C., 1986: Three children with partial trisomy 1q and partial monosomy 3p

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801684

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801687

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Vallar G., 1986: Three clinical tests for the assessment of verbal long term memory function norms from 320 normal subjects

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801696

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801700

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Gouras P., 1986: Three cone mechanisms in the primate electroretinogram two with one without off center bipolar responses

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Dash K.C., 1986: Three coordinated gold i and four and five coordinated gold ii complexes with bidentate nitrogen donor ligands

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801707

Verdcourt B., 1987: Three corrections to the flora of tropical east africa

Tan S., 1987: Three correlations between extracellular calcium concentration and myocardial cell injury induced by drugs

Krombein K.V., 1986: Three cuckoo wasps from siberian and baltic amber hymenoptera chrysididae amiseginae and elampinae

Ronald A.R., 1986: Three day oral course of augmentin to treat chancroid

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801713

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801714

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801715

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801716

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Boumsell L., 1987: Three different erythrocyte surface molecules are required for spontaneous t cell rosette formation

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Morimoto K., 1986: Three different functions of bone marrow stromal cells with respect to committed granulocyte macrophage progenitor cells

Wigler M., 1987: Three different genes in saccharomyces cerevisiae encode the catalytic subunits of the cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

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Trolli B., 1987: Three different neoplasias in the same subject

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Modestin J., 1986: Three different types of clinical suicide

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801732

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Nojyo Y., 1988: Three dimensional analysis of the whole axonal arbors originating from single ca2 pyramidal neurons in the rat hippocampus with the aid of a computer graphic technique

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801741

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801742

Fuge H., 1985: Three dimensional architecture of chromosome fibers in the crane fly pales ferruginea amphitelic autosomal univalents in late prometaphase

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801745

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801746

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801747

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801763

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Kimura K., 1988: Three dimensional demonstration of liver and spleen by a computer graphics technique

Takemoto T., 1988: Three dimensional determination of gastric ulcer size with laser endoscopy

Takakura K., 1987: Three dimensional digitizer neuronavigator new equipment for computed tomography guided stereotaxic surgery

Kanda S., 1988: Three dimensional display of ct images in the maxillofacial region

Meller S., 1987: Three dimensional display of data obtained by single photon emission computed tomography

Grothe R.A.Jr, 1988: Three dimensional display of positron emission tomography of the heart

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Spire J P., 1988: Three dimensional human somatosensory evoked potentials

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Mellema J.E., 1986: Three dimensional image reconstruction of helical aggregates of trypsin modified elongation factor ef tu from escherichia coli comparison with the reconstructed image of intact ef tu

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Kuhlman J.E., 1988: Three dimensional imaging and display of musculoskeletal anatomy

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Fujita H., 1986: Three dimensional imaging of blood vessels in thyroids from normal and l thyroxine sodium treated rats

Malagelada J R., 1987: Three dimensional imaging of the stomach role of pylorus in the emptying of liquids

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Harris J.R., 1988: Three dimensional internal mammary lymphoscintigraphy implications for radiation therapy treatment planning for breast carcinoma

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801814

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Ozaki T., 1986: Three dimensional measurement of the occlusal surfaces of lower first molars of australian aboriginals

Stephens C.D., 1988: Three dimensional measurement the accuracy and precision of the reflex metrograph

Stephens C.D., 1988: Three dimensional measurement the accuracy and precision of the reflex microscope

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801820

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801831

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Et Al, 1986: Three dimensional observation of the nerve fibers along the cerebral blood vessels

Sato K., 1987: Three dimensional observation of trochanteric fractures of the femur

Wang Y., 1987: Three dimensional observations of microvasculature of nasal mucosa by scanning electron microscope

Yajima A., 1985: Three dimensional observations on intermediate filaments of the squamous epithelium of the uterine cervix

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801837

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801838

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801839

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801840

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801841

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801842

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801843

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Steigman S., 1987: Three dimensional presentation of the fibroblast progenitor compartment in the periodontal ligament of the rat incisor

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801856

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801857

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Sauer O., 1988: Three dimensional reconstruction of breast implants based on isocentric stereoscopic x ray pictures isxp for application monitoring and irradiation planning of a remote controlled interstitial afterloading method

Kimura K., 1986: Three dimensional reconstruction of computed tomographic images by computer graphics method

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Keh Yen A., 1986: Three dimensional reconstruction of endothelial cell gaps in psoriatic vessels and their morphologic identity with gaps produced by the intradermal injection of histamine

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801874

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801876

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Nozaki S., 1986: Three dimensional recording apparatus of mandibular movement of young children using light position detector

Quayle A.A., 1987: Three dimensional reformations of computed tomography in the assessment of facial trauma

Wainer B.H., 1986: Three dimensional representation and cortical projection topography of the nucleus basalis in the macaque concurrent demonstration of choline acetyltransferase and retrograde transport with a stabilized tetramethylbenzidine method for horseradish peroxidase

Hess B., 1987: Three dimensional representation of chemical gradients

Linders E.G.A., 1986: Three dimensional representation of downy mildew peronospora farinosa f sp spinaciae development in a spinach spinacia oleracea crop

Cliffe M.J., 1986: Three dimensional representation of repertory grid data

Kleinhans E., 1986: Three dimensional roi based quantification of stress rest thallium 201 myocardial spect presentation of method

Hoell K., 1988: Three dimensional scanning of the brain single photon emission computerized tomography spect

Kishi, Y.; So, S.; Harada, Y.; Takahashi, K., 1988: Three dimensional sem study of arteriovenous anastomoses in the dog's tongue using corrosive resin casts

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801898

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801913

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Opferkuch W., 1985: Three dimensional structure of fimbriae determines specificity of immune response

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Kazmierczak S., 1986: Three dimensional structure of secondary wood of cryptomeria japonica

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801938

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801939

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801942

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801943

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Baumeister W., 1986: Three dimensional structure of the surface layer protein of clostridium thermohydrosulfuricum

Baumeister W., 1987: Three dimensional structure of the surface protein of desulfurococcus mobilis

Baumeister W., 1987: Three dimensional structure of the surface protein of sulfolobus solfataricus

Leonard K., 1986: Three dimensional structure of the t layer of bacillus sphaericus p 1

Baumeister W., 1986: Three dimensional structure of the tetragonal surface layer of sporosarcina ureae

Reid B.R., 1988: Three dimensional structure of the wild type lac pribnow promoter dna in solution two dimensional nmr studies and distance geometry calculations

IIno T., 1987: Three dimensional structures of the connective tissue papillae of the tongue in newborn dogs

Lorentz W.B.Jr, 1986: Three dimensional studies of acellular glomerular basement membranes in dense deposit disease

Tobback P., 1987: Three dimensional tlm models for water diffusion in white rice

Tauriainen A., 1986: Three dimensional ultrasound imaging of brain for neurosurgery

Harada Y., 1987: Three dimensional ultrastructure of the endolymphatic sac

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801962

Ninomiya Y., 1986: Three dimensional ultrastructure of the tracheal epithelium in the rabbit

Takanashi T., 1987: Three dimensional vectorcardiography 3 d vcg by computer graphics in old myocardial infarction

Paulsen P.K., 1987: Three dimensional visualization of axial velocity profiles downstream of six different mechanical aortic valve prostheses measured with a hot film anemometer in a steady state flow model

Yamamoto T., 1985: Three dimensional visualization of basal body structures and some cytoskeletal components in the apical zone of tracheal ciliated cells

Clifton J.S., 1987: Three dimensional visualization of the face and skull using computerized tomography and laser scanning techniques

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801968

Komuro T., 1986: Three dimensional visualization of the intraganglionic structures of the rat myenteric plexus scanning electron microscopy with the connective tissue digestion method

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801972

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Gilani A.B., 1988: Three dimensionality and discriminability in the object superiority effect

Russell D.W., 1987: Three direct repeats and a tata like sequence are required for regulated expression of the human low density lipoprotein receptor gene

Molnar L., 1986: Three discrete stages of the nuclear volume alterations of the chloragocytes in experimentally treated limnodrilus hoffmeisteri oligochaeta tubificidae

Spicer S.S., 1987: Three distinct cell populations in rat kidney collecting duct

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801979

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Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801981

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Coligan J.E., 1986: Three distinct h 2k s molecules differing at the carboxyl terminus are expressed on a tumor from sjl j mice

Glimcher L.H., 1986: Three distinct signals can induce class ii gene expression in a murine pre b cell line

Brandon M.R., 1986: Three distinct subpopulations of sheep t lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801987

Cattaneo, A.; Rapposelli, B.; Calissano, P., 1988: Three distinct types of monoclonal antibodies after long term immunization of rats with mouse nerve growth factor

Starcich R., 1986: Three dna polymerase alpha forms and their catalytic polypeptides in human fetal liver

Raff E.C., 1987: Three drosophila beta tubulin sequences a developmentally regulated isoform beta 3 the testis specific isoform beta 2 and an assembly defective mutation of the testis specific isoform b2t 8 reveal both an ancient divergence in metazoan isotypes and structural constraints for beta tubulin function

Hashimoto G., 1988: Three ecdysteroid glycosides from pfaffia iresinoides

Gobel F.L., 1987: Three ecg computer programs comparison with interpretation by physicians

Grimnes S., 1987: Three electrode method to study event related responses in skin electrical potential admittance and blood flow

Avanzolini G., 1987: Three element model for total systemic circulation emphasis on the accuracy of parameter estimates

Bode V.C., 1988: Three enu induced alleles of the murine quaking locus are recessive embryonic lethal mutations

Takada K., 1988: Three epstein barr virus ebv determined nuclear antigens induced by the bam h i e region of ebv dna

Laird C.D., 1987: Three euchromatic dna sequences under replicated in polytene chromosomes of drosophila are localized in constrictions and ectopic fibers

Section 7, Chapter 6802, Accession 006801999

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