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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6802

Chapter 6802 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Johnson, T.C.; Crawford, N.A.; Buchanan, B.B., 1984:
Thioredoxin system of the photosynthetic anaerobe Chromatium vinosum

Poklis A.; Wells C.E.; Juenge E.C., 1982:
Thioridazine and its metabolites in post mortem blood including 2 stereo isomeric ring sulfoxides

Descotes J.; Lievre M.; Ollagnier M.; Faucon G.; Evreux J.C., 1979:
Thioridazine cardio toxic effects by means of his bundle activity recording in dogs

Aman M.G.; White A.J., 1988:
Thioridazine dose effects with reference to stereotypic behavior in mentally retarded residents

Subramanyam, S.; Murthy, D.K.; Laxminarayana, D., 1978:
Thioridazine hydro chloride induced changes in the mitotic cells of allium cepa

de Jonghe, F.E.; Schalken, H.F.; van der Helm, H.J., 1976:
Thioridazine in the treatment of depressive patients

Kimbrough, B.O.; Campbell, R.J., 1981:
Thioridazine levels in the human eye

Singh S.P.; Awasthi L.P., 1985:
Thiosemicarbazides and triazole derivatives as potential antiviral agents

Ferrari, M.B.; Fava, G.G.; Pelizzi, C.; Tarasconi, P.; Tosi, G., 1987:
Thiosemicarbazones as co ordinating agents part 2. synthesis spectroscopic characterization and x ray structure of aquachloropyridoxal thiosemicarbazone manganese ii chloride and aqua pyridoxal thiosemicarbazonato copper ii chloride monohydrate

Ferrari Belicchi M.; Fava Gasparri G.; Leporati E.; Pelizzi C.; Tarasconi P.; Tosi G., 1986:
Thiosemicarbazones as coordinating agents solution chemistry and x ray structure of pyridoxal thiosemicarbazone trihydrate and spectroscopic properties of its metal complexes

Barabasz W.; Chociej J.; Kenit A.; Tomasik P., 1986:
Thiosemicarbazones of starch dialdehyde and their biological activity

Robertson L.A.; Kuenen J.G., 1983:
Thiosphaera pantotropha new genus new species a facultatively anaerobic facultatively autotrophic sulfur bacterium

Jacangelo J.G.; Olivieri V.P.; Kawata K., 1987:
Thiosulfate dechlorination interference with the folin ciocalteu reagent method for protein determination

Mason, J.; Kelly, D.P., 1988:
Thiosulfate oxidation by obligately heterotrophic bacteria

Steinmetz M.A.; Fischer U., 1985:
Thiosulfate sulfur transferases rhodaneses of chlorobium vibrioforme f thiosulfatophilum

Lettl A., 1987:
Thiosulfate sulfurtransferase rhodanese in forest soils

Kumar, K.; Srivastava, V.K., 1984:
Thiotepa a potential chemo sterilant for spotted bollworm earias fabia lepidoptera noctuidae 3. effect on eggs

Kumar, K.; Srivastava, V.K., 1983:
Thiotepa a potential chemo sterilant for spotted bollworm earias fabia stoll lepidoptera noctuidae 1. effect on testis

Perez Manga G.; Madrigal Alonso P.; Baena Herrera L.; Perez Carrion R.; Cortes Funes H.; Vicente Fernandez J., 1983:
Thiotepa adriamycin and vinblastine in the treatment of advanced breast cancer

Sharma M.L.; Theriault L.M., 1979:
Thiotepa caused anomalies in the pea aphid acyrthosiphon pisum aphididae homoptera

Droller, M.J.; Erozan, Y.S., 1985:
Thiotepa effects on urinary cytology in the interpretation of transitional cell cancer

Kerstein, M.D., 1977:
Thiotepa in the management of ano rectal condylomata acuminata report of 2 cases

Llopis, B.; Gallego, J.; Mompo, J.A.; Boronat, F.; Jimenez, J.F., 1985:
Thiotepa vs. adriamycin vs. cis platinum in the intravesical prophylaxis of superficial bladder tumors

Omura, S.; Iwai, Y.; Nakagawa, A.; Iwata, R.; Takahashi, Y.; Shimizu, H.; Tanaka, H., 1983:
Thiotetromycin, a new antibiotic. Taxonomy, production, isolation, and physicochemical and biological properties

Reifler, B.V.; Ward, N.; Davis, C.M.; Freidel, R.O., 1981:
Thiothixene plasma levels and clinical response in acute schizophrenia

Lyons J.J.; Vandepopuliere J.M.; Hall R.D., 1988:
Thiourea as a house fly larvicide in caged laying hen manure topical and feed through administration

Tripathi I.M.; Pandey R., 1988:
Thiourea induced biochemical changes in the nucleic acid during the testicular cycle of the mud eel amphipnous cuchia ham

Dive D.; Fourmaux M.N.; Vasseur P.; Pussard M.; Pons R.; Marais B., 1984:
Thiram toxicity to non target organisms a comparative study with protozoan and mammalian cells

Schloss, M.D.; Taibah, K.; Nogrady, M.B., 1986:
Third branchial cleft sinus route of infection in deep neck abscesses

Reuter G.; Dorn R.; Wustmann G.; Friede B.; Rauh G., 1986:
Third chromosome suppressor of position effect variegation loci in drosophila melanogaster

Lopes H.D.S.; Leite A.C.R., 1987:
Third contribution to the knowledge of the raviniini diptera sarcophagidae based on observations of the larvae using scanning electron microscope

Gorgievska Z., 1985:
Third contribution to the study the morphological variability of quercus coccifera var calliprinos in macedonia yugoslavia

Lessa S.; Sebastia R.; Toledo O.M., 1984:
Third crux of anthelix

Rauter B., 1985:
Third fallopian tube a case report

Theurillat J P., 1986:
Third floristic note on the aletsch region valais switzerland

Skala O.; Vondracek V.; Dokladal M., 1986:
Third molars the wisdom teeth in the contemporary young generation

Feely, M.; Kapoor, S., 1987:
Third nerve palsy due to posterior communicating artery aneurysm: the importance of early surgery

Sorarrain, O.; Ronceros, R.B., 1977:
Third order and fourth order moments in absorbing markov chains

Godin G.; Gutierrez G., 1985:
Third order effects in the tide of the pacific near acapulco mexico

Parlange J Y.; Braddock R.D.; Lisle I., 1980:
Third order integral relation between sorptivity and soil water diffusivity using brutsaerts technique

Pozio, E.; Cappelli, O.; Marchesi, L.; Valeri, P.; Rossi, P., 1988:
Third outbreak of trichinellosis caused by consumption of horse meat in Italy

Dorokhov D.B.; Burd S.B.; Semenkov Y.P., 1986:
Third site of the 70s ribosome for aminoacyl transfer rna analog binding

Eitschberger U.; Stroehle M., 1986:
Third supplement to a systematic studies on the pieris napi and pieris bryoniae complex sensu lato rearing and description of the preimaginal stages of pieris segonzaci le cerf 1923 lepidoptera pieridae

Lebrun J P.; Gaston A., 1986:
Third supplement to the catalogue of vascular plants of southern chad

Zhirmunskii A.V.; Kuz'min V.I., 1979:
Third system of regulation of functions in the human and animal body system of active points

Meador J.M.; Armentrout S.A.; Slater L.M., 1987:
Third trimester chemotherapy and neonatal hematopoiesis

Proud, J.; Grant, A.M., 1987:
Third trimester placental grading by ultrasonography as a test of fetal wellbeing

Argubright, K.F.; Wicks, J.D., 1987:
Third trimester ultrasonic presentation of infantile polycystic kidney disease

Lozanoff, S.; Sciulli, P.W.; Schneider, K.N., 1985:
Third trochanter incidence and metric trait covariation in the human femur

Adzhubei A.A.; Eisenmenger F.; Tumanyan V.G.; Zinke M.; Brodzinski S.; Esipova N.G., 1987:
Third type of secondary structure noncooperative mobile conformation protein data and analysis

Harbut R.E.; Johanson C.E., 1986:
Third ventricle choroid plexus function and its response to acute perturbations in plasma chemistry

Cannon T.D.; Fuhrmann M.; Mednick S.A.; Machon R.A.; Parnas J.; Schulsinger F., 1988:
Third ventricle enlargement and reduced electrodermal responsiveness

Bankier, R.G., 1985:
Third ventricle size and dementia in schizophrenia

Hu, E.; Hufford, S.; Lukes, R.; Bernstein-Singer, M.; Sobel, G.; Gill, P.; Pinter-Brown, L.; Rarick, M.; Rosen, P.; Et-Al, 1988:
Third world hodgkin's disease at los angeles county university southern california medical center usa

Bacon C.G.; Zedaker S.M., 1987:
Third year growth response of loblolly pine to eight levels of competition control

Szczepańska-Sadowska, E.; Sobocińska, J.; Kozłowski, S., 1979:
Thirst and renal excretion of water and electrolytes during pyrogen fever in dogs

Szczepańska-Sadowska, E.; Niewiadomski, W.; Sobocińska, J.; Kozłowski, S., 1983:
Thirst and solute excretion: their effectiveness in osmostatic control of body fluid

Rolls, B.J.; Wood, R.J.; Rolls, E.T.; Lind, H.; Lind, W.; Ledingham, J.G., 1980:
Thirst following water deprivation in humans

Szczepanska Sadowska E.; Sobocinska J.; Kozlowski S., 1987:
Thirst impairment elicited by intraventricular administration of vasopressin antagonists

Fuller, L.M.; Fitzsimons, J.T., 1988:
Thirst in Brattleboro rats

Thompson, C.J.; Baylis, P.H., 1987:
Thirst in diabetes insipidus: clinical relevance of quantitative assessment

Hsiao, S.; Smutz, E.R., 1976:
Thirst reducing and hunger inducing effects of water and saline by stomach tubing vs drinking in rats

Mishina T.; Watanabe K., 1988:
Thirteen cases of the female urethral diverticula

Nagasaka M.; Majima A.; Suzuki T.; Ichikawa K.; Futamura K.; Iwasawa A., 1987:
Thirteen cases of triangular syndrome caused by ball contusion trauma

Gad S.C.; Reilly C.; Siino K.; Gavigan F.A.; Witz G., 1985:
Thirteen cationic responses their acute toxicity neurobehavioral and membrane effects

Shao K T., 1986:
Thirteen new records of the labrid fishes pisces labridae from taiwan

Mata, M.; Trautwetter, A.; Luthaud, G.; Ritzenthaler, P., 1986:
Thirteen Virulent and Temperate Bacteriophages of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Lactobacillus lactis Belong to a Single DNA Homology Group

Mitsumori K.; Maita K.; Kosaka T.; Miyaoka T.; Shirasu Y., 1985:
Thirteen week subacute toxicity study of 4 bromophenylchloromethylsulfone in rats

Eedy, D.J.; Gavin, A.T., 1987:
Thirteen year retrospective study of bowen's disease in northern ireland uk

Lindquist, D.S.; Nygaard, G.; Thacker, W.L.; Benson, R.F.; Brenner, D.J.; Wilkinson, H.W., 1988:
Thirteenth serogroup of Legionella pneumophila isolated from patients with pneumonia

Frank D.A.; Del Moral R., 1986:
Thirty five years of secondary succession in a festuca viridula and lupinus latifolius dominated meadow at sunrise mount rainier national park washington usa

Echeverria T.W., 1987:
Thirty four species of california rockfishes maturity and seasonality of reproduction

Kobayashi Y.; Shimizu N.; Matsuda R., 1987:
Thirty seven years of experience in the treatment of intussusception in infants and children

Lavie P.; Gopher D.; Wollman M., 1987:
Thirty six hour correspondence between performance and sleepiness cycles

Franklin J.F.; Debell D.S., 1988:
Thirty six years of tree population change in an old growth pseudotsuga tsuga forest

Chessick, R.D., 1988:
Thirty unresolved psychodynamic questions pertaining to feminine psychology

Korolev B.A.; Karov V.V.; Dobrotin S.S., 1987:
Thirty year experience in the surgical treatment of acquired heart diseases and lesions

Gansar G.F.; Markowitz I.P.; Cerise E.J., 1987:
Thirty years of experience with desmoid tumors at charity hospital new orleans louisiana usa

Jansen P.B.; D.N.e H.W., 1986:
Thirty years of passerine breeding bird monitoring in a mixed wood

Williams R.A.; Wilson S.E., 1979:
Thiry vella segments applied to ischemic dog colon studies

Campbell R.; Besner D., 1981:
This and thap constraints on the pronunciation of new written words

Lazell J.D.Jr, 1976:
This broken archipelago cape cod and the islands amphibians and reptiles

Obasi, O.E., 1985:
This is not leprosy but porphyria cutanea tarda

Franz W.M.H., 1982:
This study of the coleopteran fauna of the island of galita tunisia

Garcia S.; Adria M.A.; R.M.; Barraco M.; Raventos M., 1986:
Thixographic studies of human submaxillary saliva

Busnel J.P.; Ross Murphy S.B., 1988:
Thixotropic behavior of very dilute gelatin solutions

Lakie, M.; Robson, L.G., 1988:
Thixotropic changes in human muscle stiffness and the effects of fatigue

Huang, C.R.; Pan, W.D.; Chen, H.Q.; Copley, A.L., 1987:
Thixotropic properties of whole blood from healthy human subjects

Altmann S.; Regul M.; Zeidler H.; Hartmann F., 1985:
Thixotropy and fibrinogen concentration of synovial fluid

Finlay, J.B., 1978:
Thixotropy in human skin

McMillan, D.E.; Utterback, N.G.; Baldridge, J.B., 1980:
Thixotropy of blood and red blood cell suspensions

Lakie, M.; Robson, L.G., 1988:
Thixotropy: stiffness recovery rate in relaxed frog muscle

Lakie, M.; Robson, L.G., 1988:
Thixotropy: the effect of stimulation in frog muscle

Lakie, M.; Robson, L.G., 1988:
Thixotropy: the effect of stretch size in relaxed frog muscle

Bhaumik G.H., 1982:
Thlaspi alpestre in india a case of mistaken identity

Ceynowa Gieldon M., 1982:
Thlaspi alpestre new record near czersk bydgoszcz province poland

Ingrouille M.J.; Smirnoff N., 1986 :
Thlaspi caerulescens thlaspi alpestre in britain

Baytop, A.; Ozhatay, N., 1977:
Thlaspi praecox new record in turkey

Wason P.C.; Brooks P.G., 1979:
Thog the anatomy of a problem

Singh A.; Prasad M., 1980:
Tholymis paratillarga new species odonata libellulidae libellulinae from uttar pradesh india

Shaw, A.B., 1978:
Thomas browne the man and the physician

Allen, G.E., 1968:
Thomas hunt morgan and the problem of natural selection r h lock h j muller a h sturtevant

Kevan, P.G., 1976:
Thomas more on imprinting observations from the 16th century

Muddu B.N., 1983:
Thomas splint with adjustable ring

Lopes, H.D.S., 1976:
Thomazomyia new genus of sarcophagidae diptera from the neotropical region

Ono, H., 1977:
Thomisidae from japan part 1 the genus tmarus arachnida araneae

Ono, H., 1977:
Thomisidae from japan part 2 the genus oxytate arachnida araneae

Ono, H. , 1979:
Thomisidae from nepal himalayas 2. the genus lysiteles arachnida araneae

Ono, H., 1980:
Thomisidae from the nepal himalayas 3. the genus stiphropus with revision of the asiatic species arachnida araneae

Ono, H., 1978:
Thomisidae from the nepal himalayas part 1 the genus xysticus arachnida araneae

Ono, H., 1980:
Thomisidae of japan 3. the genus lysiteles arachnida araneae

Sokolova, A.S.; Ryabokon, N.A.; Ershova-Yu, A.; Andreeva, N.A.; Nemeryuk, M.P.; Safonova, T.S.; Chernov, V.A., 1975:
Thomizine a new inhibitor of folic acid metabolism enzymes with anti tumor activity

Thaeler C.S.Jr; Hinesley L.L., 1979:
Thomomys clusius a rediscovered species of pocket gopher

Price, C.T.; Lovell, W.W., 1980:
Thompson Arthrodesis of the hip in children

Binns M., 1985:
Thompson hemiarthroplasty through a trochanteric osteotomy approach

Rogers, I.H.; Mahood, H.W., 1983:
Thompson river canada survey chemical analysis of water tissue and sediment samples collected aug. 1981 to march 1982

Oda Y., 1985:
Thomsen friedenreich antigen in bladder tumor

Juhl, B.R.; Hartzen, S.H.; Hainau, B., 1987:
Thomsen friedenreich related antigen in non neoplastic ureter urothelium and transitional cell tumors of the urinary bladder an immunohistochemical study employing the monoclonal antibody 49h.8

Berdinskikh, M.S.; Pavlyuchenkova, R.P.; Kiseleva, A.S.; Zotikov, E.A.; Kosyakov, P.N., 1987:
Thomsen's antigen in the leukocytes of leukemic patients

Berdinskikh M.S.; Pavlyuchenkova R.P.; Kiseleva A.S.; Kulakova A.M.; Kosyakov P.N., 1983:
Thomsens antigen in human normal and tumor tissues

Bogner, J., 1976:
Thomsonia sumawongii new species araceae from thailand

Skotnicki A.B.; Piastucka B.; Zdunczyk A.; Lisiewicz J., 1979:
Thomsons colchicine test in the differential diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Khalid S.A.; Waterman P.G., 1983:
Thonningine a and thonningine b 2 3 phenyl coumarins from the seeds of millettia thonningii

Keppner E.J., 1988:
Thoonchus longisetosus new species and oxyonchus striatus new species of free living marine nematodes nematoda enoplida from northwest florida usa

Bruce A.J., 1983:
Thor spinipes new species of hippolytid shrimp from the cobourg peninsula northern australia

Redman, H.C., 1977:
Thoracic, abdominal, and peripheral trauma. Evaluation with angiography

Nickla H.; Carney K.A., 1984:
Thoracic abnormalities in tumorous head drosophila melanogaster

D.F.noyl O.; Urban T.; Capron F.; Prudent J.; Rochemaure J., 1986:
Thoracic actinomycosis an illustrated review of 4 surgical cases

Ryan, M.D.; Nachemson, A., 1987:
Thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: perinatal and environmental aspects in a Swedish population and their relationship to curve severity

Carter, A.R.; Sostman, H.D.; Curtis, A.M.; Swett, H.A., 1983:
Thoracic alterations after cardiac surgery

Jurkovich, G.J.; Pearce, W.H.; Cleveland, H.C., 1983:
Thoracic and abdominal injuries in skiers: the role of air evacuation

Rutkow I.M., 1986:
Thoracic and cardiovascular operations in the usa 1979 to 1984

Perez C.A.; Krauss S.; Bartolucci A.A.; Durant J.R.; Lowenbraun S.; Salter M.M.; Kellermeyer R.; Comas F.; Storaasli J.; Southeast Cancer Study Group (Usa), 1981:
Thoracic and elective brain irradiation with concomitant or delayed multi agent chemo therapy in the treatment of localized small cell carcinoma of the lung a randomized prospective study by the southeastern cancer study group

Patrick, J.M., 1976:
Thoracic and lumbar spinal curvatures in Nigerian adults

Kintzer, J.S.; Rosenow, E.C.; Kyle, R.A., 1978:
Thoracic and pulmonary abnormalities in multiple myeloma. A review of 958 cases

Bryant, L.R.; Bowlin, J.; Malette, W.; Danielson, G.K., 1968:
Thoracic aneurysms with aortico bronchial fistula

Ayas E.; Simanauskas J.; Beylen R.; Pimentel M.A., 1981:
Thoracic angio dysplasias

Pressler, V.; McNamara, J.J., 1980:
Thoracic aortic aneurysm: natural history and treatment

Spence, R.K.; Estella, F.; Gisser, S.; Schiffman, R.; Camishion, R.C., 1985:
Thoracic aortic aneurysm secondary to giant cell arteritis: a reappraisal of etiology, treatment and possible prevention

Geisinger, M.A.; Risius, B.; O'Donnell, J.A.; Zelch, M.G.; Moodie, D.S.; Graor, R.A.; George, C.R., 1985:
Thoracic aortic dissections: magnetic resonance imaging

Kaplan B.J.; Gravenstein N.; Friedman W.A.; Blackmore J.; Curran M., 1987:
Thoracic aortic occlusion somatosensory evoked potential monitoring and neurologic outcome in a canine model

Mirvis, S.E.; Pais, S.O.; Gens, D.R., 1986:
Thoracic aortic rupture: advantages of intraarterial digital subtraction angiography

Alonso N.; Coro F., 1984:
Thoracic auditory interneurons in empyreuma pugione lepidoptera ctenuchidae

Gobien R.P.; Stanley J.H.; Vujic I.; Gobien B.S., 1984:
Thoracic biopsy computed tomographic guidance of thin needle aspiration

Brooks M.; Kleefield J.; O'reilly G.V.; Haykal H.A.; Macleod M., 1987:
Thoracic chordoma with unusual radiographic features

Schawohl P.; Arlt N.; Halamoda W.; Roitzsch E.; Schilling D., 1980:
Thoracic circular focus opacities a problem of differential diagnostics

Ibarra Perez C., 1981:
Thoracic complications of amoebic abscess of the liver 501 cases

Rostock R.A.; Siegelman S.S.; Lenhard R.E.; Wharam M.D.; Order S.E., 1983:
Thoracic computed tomographic scanning for mediastinal hodgkins disease results and therapeutic implications

Richey H.M.; Matthews J.I.; Helsel R.A.; Cable H., 1984:
Thoracic computed tomographic scanning in the staging of bronchogenic carcinoma

Callejas M.A.; Salvador A.; Herranz R.; Carmen Ayuso M.; Sanchez Lloret J., 1987:
Thoracic computed tomography and gallium 67 citrate scintiscan for the staging of bronchogenic carcinoma

Webb, W.R.; Jeffrey, R.B.; Godwin, J.D., 1981:
Thoracic computed tomography in superior sulcus tumors

Matthews J.I.; Richey H.M.; Helsel R.A.; Grishkin B.A., 1987:
Thoracic computed tomography in the preoperative evaluation of primary bronchogenic carcinoma

Khoury, M.B.; Godwin, J.D.; Ravin, C.E.; Gallis, H.A.; Halvorsen, R.A.; Putman, C.E., 1984:
Thoracic cryptococcosis: immunologic competence and radiologic appearance

Mirvis, S.E.; Tobin, K.D.; Kostrubiak, I.; Belzberg, H., 1987:
Thoracic CT in detecting occult disease in critically ill patients

Albrand, O.W.; Corkill, G., 1979:
Thoracic disc herniation. Treatment and prognosis

Lesoin F.; Rousseaux M.; Autricque A.; Reesaul Y.; Villette L.; Clarisse J.; Jomin M., 1986:
Thoracic disc herniations evolution in the approach and indications

Singounas, E.G.; Karvounis, P.C., 1977:
Thoracic disc protrusion. (Analysis of 8 cases)

Lesoin, F.; Leys, D.; Rousseaux, M.; Dubois, F.; Villette, L.; Pruvo, J.P.; Petit, H.; Jomin, M., 1987:
Thoracic disk herniation and Scheuermann's disease

Ganchrow, D.; Bernstein, J.J., 1985:
Thoracic dorsal funicular lesions affect the bouton patterns on, and diameters of, layer VB pyramidal cell somata in rat hindlimb cortex

Speck D.F.; Webber C.L.Jr, 1979:
Thoracic dorsal rhizotomy in the anesthetized cat maintenance of eupnic breathing

Leeds, S.E.; Teleszky, L.B.; Uhley, H.N.; Russell, S., 1983:
Thoracic duct and right lymphatic duct: surgical approaches for drainage in the canine with comparison of cellular and chemical contents

Martin, D.P.; Leiseca, S.A., 1977:
Thoracic duct cannulation of the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) for lymphocyte collection: thoracic approach

Morettin, L.B.; Allen, T.E., 1986:
Thoracic duct cyst: diagnosis with needle aspiration

Aboul-Enein, A., 1980:
Thoracic duct decompression by side to end anastomosis to external jugular vein

Starzl, T.E.; Weil, R.; Koep, L.J.; Iwaki, Y.; Terasaki, P.I.; Schröter, G.P., 1979:
Thoracic duct drainage before and after cadaveric kidney transplantation

Vaughan, J.H.; Fox, R.I.; Abresch, R.J.; Tsoukas, C.D.; Curd, J.G.; Carson, D.A., 1984:
Thoracic duct drainage in rheumatoid arthritis

Nyman, K.E.; Bangert, R.; Machleder, H.; Paulus, H.E., 1977:
Thoracic duct drainage in systemic lupus erythematosus with cutaneous vasculitis a case report

Harake, B.; Power, G.G., 1986:
Thoracic duct lymph flow: a comparative study in newborn and adult sheep

Deysine, M.; Mader, M., 1980:
Thoracic duct lymph flow changes secondary to alterations in serum calcium levels: a proposed mechanism of action

Roller, F.D.; Ross, K.; Reed, J.; Lithgow, C., 1967:
Thoracic duct lymph obstruction by inst sengstaken blakemore balloon tamponade human dog

López, O.L.; Rodríguez-Maisano, E.; Delevaux, J.L., 1986:
Thoracic duct malformations. Lymphoscintigraphic diagnoses

Pfister Goedeke L.; Brunier E., 1979:
Thoracic ectopia of the kidney in children with special reference to acquired congenital diaphragmatic herniation

Raineri, A.; Traina, M.; Indovina, M.; Castello, A.; Assennato, P.; Hoffmann, E.; Messina, L.; Mercurio, G., 1978:
Thoracic electric impedance in myo cardial infarction in the acute stage

Svennevig, J.L.; Amundsen, N.; Fjeld, N.B.; Birkeland, S.; Semb, G.; Melby, K., 1988:
Thoracic empyema

Frankish P.D.; Kolbe J., 1984:
Thoracic empyema due to streptococcus milleri 4 cases

Dittmann M.; Steenblock U.; Kraenzlin M.; Wolff G., 1980 :
Thoracic epidural analgesic or controlled ventilation in the treatment of patients with multiple rib fractures

Blomberg S.; Ricksten S E., 1988:
Thoracic epidural anesthesia decreases the incidence of ventricular arrhythmias during acute myocardial ischemia in the anesthetized rat

Blomberg S.; Ricksten S E., 1988:
Thoracic epidural anesthesia in conscious and anesthetized rats effects on central hemodynamics compared to cardiac beta adrenoceptor and ganglionic blockade

Kobayaski Y.; Takino Y.; Asano S.; Suzuki M., 1988:
Thoracic epidural block for radical mastectomy in a patient with multiple pulmonary arteriovenous fistula the changes in intrapulmonary shunt

Neumark J.; Smekal C.; Haberzeth K., 1980:
Thoracic epidural block for upper abdominal surgery in a patient with myasthenia gravis

Stothert, J.C.; Buttorff, J.; Kaminski, D.L., 1980:
Thoracic esophageal and tracheal injury following blunt trauma

Fekete F.; Mosnier H.; Sogni P.; Belghiti J.; Molas G., 1986:
Thoracic esophageal carcinoma following mediastinal irradiation

Falappa, P.; Danza, F.M.; Leone, G.; Pincelli, G.; Marin, A.W.; Bock, E., 1982:
Thoracic extramedullary hematopoiesis: evaluation by conventional radiology and computed tomography

Camaschella C.; Saglio G.; Pich P.G.; Canavoso P.; Ferraris R.; Bianco G.; Mazza U., 1981:
Thoracic extramedullary hematopoiesis in thalassemia intermedia during adult life 9 cases

Court-Brown, C.M.; Stoll, J.E.; Gertzbein, S.D., 1987:
Thoracic facetectomy and bone grafting in the surgical treatment of adult idiopathic scoliosis

Yazdi, H.M.; MacDonald, L.L.; Hickey, N.M., 1988:
Thoracic fine needle aspiration biopsy versus fine needle cutting biopsy. A comparative study of 40 patients

Fritsch, R.; Bürger, D.; Schirg, E., 1981:
Thoracic fistulas of the pancreas and their complications in childhood

Daffner R.H.; Deeb Z.L.; Rothfus W.E., 1987:
Thoracic fractures and dislocations in motorcyclists

Boon A.W.; Ward Mcquaid J.M.C.; Milner A.D.; Hopkin I.E., 1981:
Thoracic gas volume helium functional residual capacity and air trapping in the 1st 6 hours of life the effect of oxygen administration

Hedenstierna, G.; Järnberg, P.O.; Gottlieb, I., 1981:
Thoracic gas volume measured by body plethysmography during anesthesia and muscle paralysis: description and validation of a method

Peslin, R.; Hannhart, B.; Duvivier, C.; Polu, J.M.; Gallina, C., 1988:
Thoracic gas volume measurements in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by low frequency ambient pressure changes

Ferreira R.; Girardi C.A.; Buroni J.R., 1981:
Thoracic gun shot wounds

Duchatelet, P.; Ravez, P.; Libert, P.; Richez, M.; Robience, Y.J., 1988:
Thoracic hemangiopericytoma

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Threat, attack and flight elicited by electrical stimulation of the ventromedial hypothalamus of the marmoset monkey Callithrix jacchus

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Threat display in betta splendens effects of water condition and type of agonistic stimulation

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Threat displays and combat aggression in betta splendens following visual exposure to conspecifics and 1 way mirrors

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Threat postures signal impending attack in mice

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Threatened and rare bryophytes in spruce forests of central sweden

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Threatened and vulnerable danish vascular plants 5 najas marina and 6 herminium monorchis

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Threatened carotid artery rupture a complication of radical neck surgery

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Threatened fishes of daniel boone national forest kentucky usa

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Threatened plants in the fynbos and karoo biomes south africa

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Threatened preterm labor: the influence of time factors on the incidence of respiratory distress syndrome

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Threatened taxa and scope for conservation in rajasthan india

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Threatening behavior in mertens water monitor varanus mertensi sauria varanidae

Murphy, J.B.; Lamoreaux, W.E.; Carpenter, C.C., 1978:
Threatening behavior in the angle headed dragon goniocephalus dilophus reptilia lacertilia agamidae

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Threatening hyper kalemia following administration of hexa carbacholine imbretil

Chung, R.K.; Langeluddecke, P.; Tennant, C., 1986:
Threatening life events in the onset of schizophrenia, schizophreniform psychosis and hypomania

Bauer, G., 1988:
Threats to the freshwater pearl mussel margaritifera margaritifera l. in central europe

Waller J.; Koenig H.; Herbrecht P.; Schwartz L., 1986:
Three 5 fluorocytosine resistant neuromeningeal cases of cryptococcosis evolution and therapeutic

Reber P.; Furlan M.; Henschen A.; Kaudewitz H.; Barbui T.; Hilgard P.; Nenci G.G.; Berrettini M.; Beck E.A., 1986:
Three abnormal fibrinogen variants with the same amino acid substitution gamma 275 arginine histidine fibrinogens bergamo ii essen and perugia

Kasahara, S.H.; Shimizu, T., 1978:
Three abnormal specimens of todarodes pacificus lacking needhams sacs

Barber, J.G.; Winefield, A.H., 1987:
Three accounts of the learned helplessness effect

Kaouadji M.; D.P.chtere F.; Pouget C.; Chulia A.J.; Lavaitte S., 1986:
Three additional phthalide derivatives an epoxymonomer and two dimers from ligusticum wallichii rhizomes

Kemp, M.C.; Hierholzer, J.C., 1986:
Three adenovirus type 8 genome types defined by restriction enzyme analysis: prototype stability in geographically separated populations

Calderon A.C.P.; Cisneros V.F.H., 1986:
Three adult attractants for the leaf miner fly liriomyza huidobrensis

Beljanski, M.; Beljanski, M.S., 1986:
Three alkaloids as selective destroyers of cancer cells in mice. Synergy with classic anticancer drugs

Delisle A.; Laberge Nadeau C., 1988:
Three and four wheeled all terrain vehicle accidents characteristics of injuries

Boulos L.; Hobbs J., 1986:
Three arboreal species new to the eastern desert of egypt

Morillo G.; Carnevali G., 1986:
Three asclepiadaceae new for the venezuelan flora

Bürgisser, P.; Geering, K.; Rossier, B.C.; Matthieu, J.M., 1987:
Three ATPase activities have an abnormal developmental time course in trembler sciatic nerves

Lopez Lujan A.X.; Mondragon R., 1988:
Three basic programs for recording storing and handling behavioral data

Shadle P.J.; Gerke V.; Weber K., 1985:
Three calcium binding proteins from porcine liver and intestine differ immunologically and physicochemically and are distinct in calcium affinities

Justine J L.; Ferte H.; Bain O., 1987:
Three capillaria nematoda from the intestine of the lerot in france relations with a capillaria from the stomach of the wild boar

Sakamoto, M.; Sasagawa, I.; Terada, T.; Akiya, T.; Nakada, T.; Katayama, T., 1988:
Three case reports of monorchism

Harada T.; E.A., 1987:
Three cases of acoustic trauma due to explosion during chemical experiments

Rundell J.R.; Wise M.G.; Ursano R.J., 1986:
Three cases of acquired immune deficiency syndrome related psychiatric disorders

Higuchi R.; Isoda M.; Miura K., 1987:
Three cases of acute graft versus host disease gvhd

Chiba T.; Ishikawa K.; Kato A.; Fujimaki E.; Yamazaki K.; Nakadate I.; Abe K.; Watanabe T.; Kotsugai H.; Sato S., 1987:
Three cases of acute hepatitis type b observed from early stage of onset

Hyser C.L.; Kissel J.T.; Mendell J.R., 1987:
Three cases of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in a common occupational environment

Guindi M.M.; Troster M.M.; Walley V.M., 1987:
Three cases of an unusual foreign body in small bowel

Kato H.; Shoji A.; Kadoya A.; Tanaka R.; Kuwahara M.; Furukawa M.; Hamada T.; Suzuki S., 1985:
Three cases of apocrine hidrocystoma

Oki K.; Inamori T.; Kumoi T.; Kimura J.M., 1986:
Three cases of bilateral recurrent nerve paralysis with different etiology

Tanaka R.; Fukai K.; Hamada T.; Suzuki S., 1985:
Three cases of bowenoid papulosis of genitalia

Sugamata A.; Nomoto T.; Makino K.; Jinbo Y.; Imai S., 1986:
Three cases of bullosis diabeticorum

Yinglin, Z., 1985:
Three cases of chronic granular myringitis cured by formalin

Ando M.; Okabe S.; Nakajima K.; Wakayama H.; Ishii K.; Sangjin K.; Kaneko Y.; Takemura K.; Endo M., 1988:
Three cases of colovesical fistula

Sadanaga Y.; Eura M.; Kamisaki Y.; Samejima Y.; Ikawa T.; Ohbuchi M., 1986:
Three cases of congenital choanal atresia

Oyagi S.; E.A., 1987:
Three cases of congenital cholesteatoma

Hiramatsu M.; Kinoshita Y.; Kamiya Y.; Mihara M.; Inamoto H.; Takai Y.; Fukaya M., 1986:
Three cases of congenital fistulas of the lower lip

Ikeda M.; Muto J.; Yamazumi H.; Watanabe I.; Yamamoto S., 1988:
Three cases of convergent direction changing positional nystagmus

Komori, T.; Et-Al, 1985:
Three cases of cowden's disease

Ohshima Y.; Nishino K I.; Yonekura Y.; Inoue Y.; Matsuki M.; Nakaboso Y., 1987:
Three cases of cystic angioma

D.Giovanni C., 1985:
Three cases of detachment of the apophysis of the ischial tuberosity

Kajiyama K.; Takada H.; Kobayashi S.; Ohmori S., 1986:
Three cases of eec syndrome

Vuillecard E.; Testa J.; Ravisse P.; Dupont B.; Gonzalez J.P.; Georges A.J., 1987:
Three cases of entomophthoromycosis treated by itraconazole

Ikeya, T.; Mizuno, E.; Takama, H., 1986:
Three cases of erythema nodosum associated with Yersinia enterocolitica infection

Hejlasz Z., 1986:
Three cases of erythroleukosis in dogs

Furukawa M.; Nakagawa K.; Kato H.; Someda Y.; Terao A.; Kuniyuki S.; Kosaka K.; Fukuda M.; Hamada T.; Satani M., 1987:
Three cases of extensive burn injuries

Takahashi K.; Yoshino K.; Shirai T.; Nishigaki A.; Araki Y.; Kitao M., 1987:
Three cases of external endometriosis followed using serum ca 125 after danazol treatment studies on the usefulness of ca 125 as a marker in patients with external endometriosis

Matsunaga S.; Maeyama T.; Shima T.; Ueno K.; Moriyama I.; Ohyama M., 1987:
Three cases of extramedullary plasmacytoma originating in the head and neck region

Matsumoto T.; Matsumoto F.; Kawashima A.; Hirohara J.; Seki T.; Koreeda T.; Mizuno T.; Sameshima Y.; IIda M.; E.A., 1987:
Three cases of exulceratio simplex dieulafoy cured by endoscopic local injection of pure ethanol and summary of the 123 cases in japan

Yagame M.; Tomino Y.; Eguchi K.; Kaneshige H.; Nomoto Y.; Sakai H., 1987:
Three cases of gas gangrene in patients with diabetes mellitus and a review of the japanese literature

Koike Y.; Nakama H.; Ono J.; Suzawa H.; Tsuchiya S I.; Maruyama Y., 1988:
Three cases of gastric cancer not diagnosed at first detailed examination of the stomach in nagano cancer center japan

Fukuda M.; Tanabe H.; Aizawa F.; Miyabe Y.; Takeda M., 1986:
Three cases of herpes zoster ophthalmicus with ophthalmoplegia

Nagatomo I.; Ueyama K.; Tominaga H.; Yoshidome K.; Matsumoto K., 1987:
Three cases of hysterical aphonia

Winkelstern, S.S., 1988:
Three cases of iatrogenic intrusion of the posterior teeth during mandibular repositioning therapy

Chuvakova Z.K.; Rovnova Z.I.; Isaeva E.I.; Kim E.V.; Ignat'eva T.V.; Shavrina I.A.; Tsarevskii L.P.; Isaeva E.S., 1985:
Three cases of isolation of influenza a virus with hsw 1 hemagglutinin from humans in alma ata 1983 ussr

Bayle P.; Dhermain F.; Keck G., 1986:
Three cases of lead poisoning in the greater flamingo phoenicopterus ruber in the marseille region france

Ikeda S.; Yamaguchi Y.; Tanigawa S.; E.A., 1987:
Three cases of lung cancer accompanying idiopathic interstitial pneumonia

Oka Y.; E.A., 1987:
Three cases of malignant vascular tumors in the nose and paranasal sinuses

Ueno H.; Tamai A.; Wariishi S.; Kitagawa K.; Takemura M.; Ueda Y.; Oda A.; Sonobe H., 1985:
Three cases of mass lesions in the limbal conjunctiva

Okamoto S.; Nishikawa N.; Hosokawa H.; Tamada R.; Ikeda T.; Tano Y., 1987:
Three cases of massive choroidal hemorrhage after vitreous surgery under air insufflation

Wada Y.; Sato D.; Hoshino T.; Nozue M.; Komita K.; Komita S.; Tanaka H., 1987:
Three cases of neurinoma of the palate or floor of the mouth

Ishida M.; E.A., 1986:
Three cases of otogenic brain abscess

Jinbo Y.; Nomoto T.; Sato M.; Watanabe K.; Makino K., 1988:
Three cases of parotid duct ruptures mainly concerning the method for their reconstruction

Ten S.K.; Chin Y.M.; Tan S.K.; Hassan K., 1987:
Three cases of partial trisomy 9q in one generation due to maternal reciprocal translocation 6 8 9

Higashi N.; Matsumura T.; Nagaki H., 1986:
Three cases of photo allergic eruptions induced by meticurane

Suzuki K.; E.A., 1987:
Three cases of piriform sinus fistula

Okimoto N.; Nakajima T.; Nakagawa Y.; E.A., 1987:
Three cases of pleurisy due to mycobacterium intracellulare

Kitagawa K.; Ueno H.; Tamai A.; Wariishi S.; Takemura M.; Ueda Y.; Oda A.; Noda K.; Kishi S., 1986:
Three cases of polycythemia with fundus abnormalities

Miyabe Y.; Aizawa F.; Takeda M.; Arai T.; Shibata K.; Suzuki N., 1986:
Three cases of posterior scleritis

Viguie F.; Marie J P.; Poler F.; Bernadou A., 1986:
Three cases of preleukemic myelodysplastic disorders with the same translocation 1 3

Ejiri, S.; Shoda, R.; Sumitani, T.; Okuda, K.; Kojima, A., 1986:
Three cases of primary aldosteronism including one case with postoperative ventricular tachycardia

Vannini P.; Urso C.; Battini M.L.; Trotta M.; Difonzo E.M., 1987:
Three cases of pseudoxanthoma elasticum

Hyakusoku H.; Okubo M.; Fumiiri M.; Iwabuchi T., 1987:
Three cases of reconstruction with three types of lateral calcaneal artery skin flap

Asai H.; Takimoto I.; Yamada K.; Yoshikawa K.; Nakagami M., 1985:
Three cases of recurrent ulcers of the oral cavity pharynx and larynx

Matsumoto C.; Niisato E.; Mishima H.; Osato M.; Mishima S.; Hashimoto H.; Nakao Y.; Otori T., 1985:
Three cases of retinal detachment and cataract associated with atopic dermatitis

Miura K.; Tanaka T.; Matuhashi M.; Maki A.; Takanami M.; Fujio K.; Shirai M.; Ando K.; Hirakawa S.; Momose K., 1988:
Three cases of retrograde ejaculation whose wife conceived by aih

Hayashi Y.; Kumai M.; Takahashi M.; Unno T.; Yanai O., 1987:
Three cases of rhabdomyosarcoma in the head and neck

Ito Y.; Arai K.; Tsuboi R., 1988:
Three cases of robinow syndrome

Eguchi S.; Nakamura H.; Matsumoto T.; E.A., 1988:
Three cases of rounded atelectasis

Scaggion, G.C.; Poletti, G.; Riggio, S., 1987:
Three cases of saint's triad

Kurosawa A.; Kurosawa H.; Namba K., 1985:
Three cases of sarcoidosis showing palpebral and orbital masses as initial symptoms

Shimoda M.; Matumae M.; Shibuya N.; Yamamoto I.; Sato O., 1987:
Three cases of scalp arteriovenous malformation

Nozaki E.; Tsuchiya M.; Chiba T.; Shimoda N.; Seki K., 1986:
Three cases of secondary syphilis

Velluti C.; Floris G.; Maxia A.; Bolognesi A., 1988:
Three cases of sinding larsen and johansson disease in young athletes

Kami T.; Nakajima T.; Yoshimura Y.; Nakanishi Y.; Yoneda K., 1986:
Three cases of skin ulcer induced by mitomycin c extravasation

Takagi T.; Tahara S.; Kikui T.; Susuki T., 1987:
Three cases of skin ulcers induced by mitomycin c extravasation

Uozumi H.; Kono T.; Nakano N.; Nakamura K.; Kurimoto S., 1988:
Three cases of soft air gun eye injury

Ueno H.; Kishi S.; Iyota K.; Takemura M.; Noda K.; Tamai A.; Sonobe H., 1987:
Three cases of spontaneous expulsive hemorrhage

Mohri, S.; Nakajima, H.; Kurosawa, T.; Takanashi, Y.; Takahashi, Y.; Nagai, R., 1987:
Three cases of sporotrichosis with numerous fungal elements

Taieb A.; Douard D.; Sarlangue J.; Fontan I.; Nelson J.R.; Martin C.; Maleville J., 1986:
Three cases of subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn physiopathologic discussion

Tatemoto, K.; Toyoda, K.; Yasuda, N.; Komiya, S.; Hisa, Y.; Nishimura, H.; Tachibana, M.; Mizukoshi, O., 1988:
Three cases of the laryngeal tuberculosis and it's recent trends

Miyamoto C.; Kawada A.; Mito Y.; Ohtaki N., 1987:
Three cases of total albinism

Nogita T.; Sato K.; Maekawa Y.; Arao T., 1985:
Three cases of trichilemmal cyst

Utsunomiya, H.; Hayashi, T.; Hashimoto, T.; Nishimi, S.; Nakamura, Y.; Honda, E., 1987:
Three cases of trigonocephaly associated with trisomy 13

Fujimura A.; E.A., 1985:
Three cases of tuberculous lymphadenitis in the neck demonstrating tumor like invasion into surrounding soft tissues

Kawashima, H.; Kawano, M.; Masaki, A.; Sato, T., 1988:
Three cases of untreated classical PKU: a report on cataracts and brain calcification

Kameda H.; Takigawa Y.; Goto S.; Katayama T.; Hanafusa M.; Nishikiori T.; Seki Y.; Fujiwara H., 1986:
Three cases of vogt koyanagi harada disease associated with hemorrhage during the course

Fujimura T.; Yonemura Y.; Kamata T.; Takegawa S.; Sugiyama K.; Nishimura G I.; Miyata R.; Yamaguchi A.; Miyazaki I.; E.A., 1987:
Three cases with head and neck cancer made resectable by hyperthermo chemo radiotherapy

Sakuma A.; Watarai J.; Nakashima H.; Iwasawa H.; Takeyama I., 1987:
Three cases with orbital phlegmone occurring from acute paranasal sinusitis

Ramachandran P.; Duraipandian M.; Nagarajan M.; Prabhakar R.; Ramakrishnan C.V.; Tripathy S.P., 1986:
Three chemotherapy studies of tuberculous meningitis in children

Giles C.M., 1987:
Three chido determinants detected on the b 5rg positive allotype of human c4 their expression in ch typed donors and families

Izaki Y.; Hayashi H.; Ogata T., 1986:
Three childhood cases of wooden chopstick foreign body in the orbit

McCarthy, G.T.; Fear, C.N.; Berry, A.C., 1986:
Three children with partial trisomy 1q and partial monosomy 3p

Iuchi, S.; Kuritzkes, D.R.; Lin, E.C., 1986:
Three classes of Escherichia coli mutants selected for aerobic expression of fumarate reductase

Petrovsky B.V.; Kniazev M.D.; Konstantinov B.A.; Gigauri V.S.; Meluzov K.L.; Lepilin M.G.; Lokshin L.S.; Melemuka I.V.; Vasil'ev M.P., 1987:
Three clinical methods of circulatory assistance

Novelli G.; Papagno C.; Capitani E.; Laiacona M.; Vallar G.; Cappa S.F., 1986:
Three clinical tests for the assessment of lexical retrieval and production norms from 320 normal subjects

Novelli G.; Papagno C.; Capitani E.; Laiacona M.; Cappa S.F.; Vallar G., 1986:
Three clinical tests for the assessment of verbal long term memory function norms from 320 normal subjects

Barrandon Y.; Green H., 1987:
Three clonal types of keratinocyte with different capacities for multiplication

Hansen L., 1987:
Three complementary dna clones for barley leaf acyl carrier proteins i and iii

Knapp B.; Rentrop M.; Schweizer J.; Winter H., 1987:
Three complementary dna sequences of mouse type i keratins cellular localization of the messenger rna species in normal and hyperproliferative tissues

Bright F.V.; Mcgown L.B., 1986:
Three component determinations using fluorescence anisotropy measurements and wavelength selectivity

Egorov N.S.; Baranova I.P.; Kozlova Y.I.; Maksimov V.N.; Polin A.N.; Grushina V.A., 1986:
Three component nutrient medium for the cultivation of the nisin producing organism streptococcus lactis strain mgu

Durroux, T.; Gallo-Payet, N.; Payet, M.D., 1988:
Three components of the calcium current in cultured glomerulosa cells from rat adrenal gland

Dash K.C., 1986:
Three coordinated gold i and four and five coordinated gold ii complexes with bidentate nitrogen donor ligands

Verdcourt B., 1987:
Three corrections to the flora of tropical east africa

Liu J.; Yang Y.; Tan S., 1987:
Three correlations between extracellular calcium concentration and myocardial cell injury induced by drugs

Krombein K.V., 1986:
Three cuckoo wasps from siberian and baltic amber hymenoptera chrysididae amiseginae and elampinae

Ndinya-Achola, J.O.; Nsanze, H.; Karasira, P.; Fransen, L.; D'Costa, L.J.; Piot, P.; Ronald, A.R., 1986:
Three day oral course of Augmentin to treat chancroid

Chaisilwattana P.; Roongpisuthipong A.; Bhiraleus P.; Chaiprasert A., 1987:
Three day therapy of vulvovaginal candidosis with econazole

Gossius, G.; Vorland, L., 1986:
Three day vs. ten day treatment with trimethoprim for acute dysuria frequency syndrome in women

Lose, G.; Holm, B.; Bauer, T.; Graversen, P.; Kristensen, E.S.; Larsen, E.; Persson, M.; Skjoldborg, H.; Vennits, B., 1986:
Three days cefoxitin in perforated appendicitis

Smith, J.C.; Mead, J., 1986:
Three degree of freedom description of movement of the human chest wall

Rowell, C.H.; Reichert, H., 1986:
Three descending interneurons reporting deviation from course in the locust. II. Physiology

Griss, C.; Rowell, C.H.F., 1986:
Three descending interneurons reporting deviation from course in the locust locusta migratoria i. anatomy

Robinson, A.K.; Barnes, L.D., 1986:
Three diadenosine 5' 5' 11 p 1 p 4 tetraphosphate hydrolytic enzymes from physarum polycephalum with differential effects by calcium a specific dinucleoside polyphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase a nucleotide pyrophosphatase and a phosphodiesterase

Carlsson-Bosted, L.; Moestrup, S.K.; Gliemann, J.; Sottrup-Jensen, L.; Stigbrand, T., 1988:
Three different conformational states of pregnancy zone protein identified by monoclonal antibodies

Bernard, A.; Tran, H.C.; Boumsell, L., 1987:
Three different erythrocyte surface molecules are required for spontaneous T cell rosette formation

Scheper T.; Likidis Z.; Makryaleas K.; Nowottny C.; Schuegerl K., 1987:
Three different examples of enzymatic bioconversion in liquid membrane reactors

Morimoto K., 1986:
Three different functions of bone marrow stromal cells with respect to committed granulocyte macrophage progenitor cells

Toda T.; Cameron S.; Sass P.; Zoller M.; Wigler M., 1987:
Three different genes in saccharomyces cerevisiae encode the catalytic subunits of the cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Caruso G.M.; Pepoli R.; Casagrande A.; Trolli B., 1987:
Three different neoplasias in the same subject

Syrjänen, J.; Iivanainen, M.; Kallio, M.; Somer, H.; Valtonen, V.V., 1986:
Three different pathogenic mechanisms for paraparesis in association with bacterial infections

Modestin J., 1986:
Three different types of clinical suicide

Herrera V.L.M.; Emanuel J.R.; Ruiz Opazo N.; Levenson R.; Nadal Ginard B., 1987:
Three differentially expressed sodium potassium atpase alpha subunit isoforms structural and functional implications

Kiyama H.; Katayama Kumol Y.; Kimmel J.; Steinbusch H.; Powell J.F.; Smith A.D.; Tohyama M., 1985:
Three dimensional analysis of retinal neuropeptides and amine in the chick

Matsumura K., 1987:
Three dimensional analysis of the human patello femoral joint

Lee H.N., 1985:
Three dimensional analytical models suitable for gaseous and particulate pollutant transport diffusion transformation and removal

Sato K., 1987:
Three dimensional anatomy of the larynx investigation by whole organ sections

Steffen W., 1986:
Three dimensional architecture of chromosome fibers in the crane fly co oriented autosomal bivalents and amphitelic sex univalents during prometaphase

Steffen W.; Fuge H., 1985:
Three dimensional architecture of chromosome fibers in the crane fly pales ferruginea amphitelic autosomal univalents in late prometaphase

Song Z L.; Kikuta A.; Ohtani O.; Ohtsuka A.; Murakami T.; Sano T., 1988:
Three dimensional architecture of the rat femur bone marrow stroma a scanning electron microscope study combined with fixation and post ultrasonication method

Karamchandani P.; Peters L.K., 1987:
Three dimensional behavior of mixing limited chemistry in the atmosphere

Magara, T., 1986:
Three dimensional characteristic of b'z' type cirrhosis with special reference to its angioarchitecture

Gorodkov K.B., 1986:
Three dimensional climatic model of the potential area of distribution and some of its characteristics ii

Altman N.R.; Altman D.H.; Wolfe S.A.; Morrison G., 1986 :
Three dimensional computed tomographic reformation in children

Silveira A.M.; Sommers E.W.; Katzberg R.W.; Subtelny J.D.; Tallents R.H.; Sanchez Woodworth R., 1988:
Three dimensional computerized tomographic scanning of craniofacial anomalies

Glotz C.; Muessig J.; Gewitz H.S.; Makowski I.; Arad T.; Yonath A.; Wittmann H.G., 1987:
Three dimensional crystals of ribosomes and their subunits from eubacteria and archaebacteria

Gillespie J.E.; Quayle A.A.; Barker G.; Isherwood I., 1987:
Three dimensional ct reformations in the assessement of congenital and traumatic cranio facial deformities

Tanaka T.; Toyofuku F.; Kanda S., 1988:
Three dimensional display of ct images in the maxillofacial region

Nemeth G.; Schlegel W.; Kuttig H., 1987:
Three dimensional dose distributions for radiotherapy of sinus maxillary tumors

Rosenkranz J.; Knauer V., 1986:
Three dimensional electron microscopical investigation of rhodopsin molecules in the disc membrane of frog rod outer segments

Motte P.; Deltour R.; Mosen H.; Bronchart R., 1988:
Three dimensional electron microscopy of the nucleolus and nucleolus associated chromatin nac during early germination of zea mays l

Matthaei D.; Frahm J.; Haase A.; Haenicke W.; Merboldt K D., 1986:
Three dimensional flash magnetic resonance imaging of thorax and abdomen without triggering or gating

Bonnet N.; Quintana C.; Favard P.; Favard N., 1985:
Three dimensional graphical reconstruction from high voltage electron microscopic stereoviews of biological specimens by means of a microcomputer

Schad, L.R.; Boesecke, R.; Schlegel, W.; Hartmann, G.H.; Sturm, V.; Strauss, L.G.; Lorenz, W.J., 1987:
Three dimensional image correlation of CT, MR, and PET studies in radiotherapy treatment planning of brain tumors

Grodd W.; Dannenmaier B.; Petersen D.; Gehrke F., 1987:
Three dimensional image reconstruction of the craniofacial skeleton and the base of the skull with computed tomography

Imada M.; Kurosumi M.; Fujita H., 1986:
Three dimensional imaging of blood vessels in thyroids from normal and l thyroxine sodium treated rats

Herman G.T., 1988:
Three dimensional imaging on ct or mr scanner

Amanuma M.; Heshiki A., 1986:
Three dimensional imaging using computed tomography

Sakata A., 1986:
Three dimensional innervation in the normal human spleen with reference to its structural participation and functional significance

Recht A.; Siddon R.L.; Kaplan W.D.; Andersen J.W.; Harris J.R., 1988:
Three dimensional internal mammary lymphoscintigraphy implications for radiation therapy treatment planning for breast carcinoma

Harms S.E.; Muschler G., 1986:
Three dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of the knee using surface coils

Bone S.N.; Johnson G.A.; Thompson M.B., 1986:
Three dimensional magnetic resonance microscopy of the developing chick gallus domesticus embryo

Hata T.; Meyer J.S.; Tanahashi N.; Ishikawa Y.; Imai A.; Shinohara T.; Velez M.; Fann W.E.; Kandula P.; Sakai F., 1987:
Three dimensional mapping of local cerebral perfusion in alcoholic encephalopathy with and without wernicke korsakoff syndrome

Harada R.; Yamamoto K.; Ohnuma H.; Mikami T.; Nakamura S., 1985:
Three dimensional measurement of dental cast using laser and image sensor

Hirakawa, K.; Harada, Y., 1986:
Three dimensional measurements of hair cell stereocilia of corti's organ in guinea pigs

Kim S H.; Cech T.R., 1987:
Three dimensional model of the active site of the self splicing ribosomal rna precursor of tetrahymena

Pevear D.C.; Luo M.; Lipton H.L., 1988:
Three dimensional model of the capsid proteins of two biologically different theiler virus strains clustering of amino acid differences identifies possible locations of immunogenic sites on the virion

Mackenzie, C.L.; Marteniuk, R.G.; Dugas, C.; Liske, D.; Eickmeier, B., 1987:
Three dimensional movement trajectories in fitts' task implications for control

Itakura T.; Nakakita K.; Imai H.; Nakai K.; Kamei I.; Naka Y.; Okuno T.; Komai N.; Hirai T.; E.A., 1986:
Three dimensional observation of the nerve fibers along the cerebral blood vessels

Konishi N.; Sato K., 1987:
Three dimensional observation of trochanteric fractures of the femur

Wang Y., 1987:
Three dimensional observations of microvasculature of nasal mucosa by scanning electron microscope

Scheuermann D.W.; Stach W.; Timmermans J P., 1986:
Three dimensional organization and topographical features of the myenteric plexus auerbach in the porcine small intestine scanning electron microscopy after enzymatic digestion and hydrochloric acid hydrolysis

Steffensen D.M., 1985:
Three dimensional organization of nuclei of differentiated cells in drosophila melanogaster

Ohtani O., 1987:
Three dimensional organization of the connective tissue fibers of the human pancreas a scanning electron microscopic study of sodium hydroxide treated tissues

Garcia Perez M.A., 1987:
Three dimensional perspective drawing of two dimensional functions with microcomputers

Major P.F.; Dill L.M.; Eaves D.M., 1986:
Three dimensional predator prey interactions a computer simulation of bird flocks and aircraft

Labanowski, J.; Motoc, I.; Naylor, C.B.; Mayer, D.; Dammkoehler, R.A., 1986:
Three dimensional quantitative structure activity relationships 2. conformational mimicry and topographical similarity of flexible molecules

Motoc, I.; Dammkoehler, R.A.; Mayer, D.; Labanowski, J., 1986:
Three dimensional quantitative structure activity relationships i. general approach to the pharmacophore model validation

Pertsov A.M.; Fast V.G., 1987:
Three dimensional re entry during paroxysmal ventricular tachycardias results of electrophysiological mapping

Wildhaber I.; Hegerl R.; Barth M.; Gross H.; Baumeister W., 1986:
Three dimensional reconstruction of a freeze dried and metal shadowed bacterial surface layer

Rayner J.M.V.; Aldridge H.D.J.N., 1985:
Three dimensional reconstruction of animal flight paths and the turning flight of microchiropteran bats

Loffler E.; Sauer O., 1988:
Three dimensional reconstruction of breast implants based on isocentric stereoscopic x ray pictures isxp for application monitoring and irradiation planning of a remote controlled interstitial afterloading method

Kashiwagi T.; Kimura K., 1986:
Three dimensional reconstruction of computed tomographic images by computer graphics method

Watanabe T.; Kattoh K.; Kawakami G.; Igami I.; Mariya Y.; Nakamura Y.; Siatoh Y.; Tamura K.; Shinozaki T., 1986:
Three dimensional reconstruction of ct images

Siu D.; Bryant J.T.; Wevers H.W., 1986:
Three dimensional reconstruction of joint surfaces using a microcomputer

Taylor K.A.; Dux L.; Martonosi A., 1986:
Three dimensional reconstruction of negatively stained crystals of calcium atpase from muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum

Theunis C.H.; Mcconchie C.A.; Knox R.B., 1985:
Three dimensional reconstruction of the generative cell and its wall connection in mature bicellular pollen of rhododendron

Coomber, B.L.; Stewart, P.A., 1986:
Three dimensional reconstruction of vesicles in endothelium of blood brain barrier vs. highly permeable microvessels

IIjima H.; Miwa Z.; Ono Y.; Ono H.; Nozaki S., 1986:
Three dimensional recording apparatus of mandibular movement of young children using light position detector

Mesulam M M.; Mufson E.J.; Wainer B.H., 1986:
Three dimensional representation and cortical projection topography of the nucleus basalis in the macaque concurrent demonstration of choline acetyltransferase and retrograde transport with a stabilized tetramethylbenzidine method for horseradish peroxidase

Frinking H.D.; Linders E.G.A., 1986:
Three dimensional representation of downy mildew peronospora farinosa f sp spinaciae development in a spinach spinacia oleracea crop

Cliffe M.J., 1986:
Three dimensional representation of repertory grid data

Stirner H.; Buell U.; Kleinhans E., 1986:
Three dimensional roi based quantification of stress rest thallium 201 myocardial spect presentation of method

Deisenhammer E.; Hoell K., 1988:
Three dimensional scanning of the brain single photon emission computerized tomography spect

Hare D.R.; Reid B.R., 1986:
Three dimensional structure of a dna hairpin in solution two dimensional nmr studies and distance geometry calculations on deoxy cgcgttttcgcg

Chalcroft J.P.; Engelhardt H.; Baumeister W., 1986:
Three dimensional structure of a regular surface layer from pseudomonas acidovorans

Skoglund U.; Andersson K.; Strandberg B.; Daneholt B., 1986:
Three dimensional structure of a specific pre messenger ribonucleoprotein particle established by electron microscope tomography

Vainshtein, B.K.; Melik-Adamyan, W.R.; Barynin, V.V.; Vagin, A.A.; Grebenko, A.I.; Borisov, V.V.; Bartels, K.S.; Fita, I.; Rossmann, M.G., 1986:
Three dimensional structure of catalase from penicillium vitale at 2.0 angstrom resolution

Lauble H.; Frank R.; Bloecker H.; Heinemann U., 1988:
Three dimensional structure of deoxy gggatccc in the crystalline state

Clore G.M.; Sukumaran D.K.; Nilges M.; Gronenborn A.M., 1987:
Three dimensional structure of phoratoxin in solution combined use of nmr distance geometry and restrained molecular dynamics

Clore G.M.; Gronenborn A.M.; Nilges M.; Ryan C.A., 1987:
Three dimensional structure of potato carboxypeptidase inhibitor in solution a study using nmr distance geometry and restrained molecular dynamics

Arseniev A.; Schultze P.; Worgotter E.; Braun W.; Wagner G.; Vasak M.; Kagi J.H.R.; Wuthrich K., 1988:
Three dimensional structure of rabbit liver cadmium 113 metallothionein 2a in aqueous solution determined by nmr

Mosli B.; Moczydlowski J.; Kazmierczak S., 1986:
Three dimensional structure of secondary wood of cryptomeria japonica

Ovchinnikov Y.A.; Demin V.V.; Barnakov A.N.; Svetlichnyi E.A.; Modyanov N.N.; Dzhandzhugazyan K.N., 1986:
Three dimensional structure of the beta subunit of sodium potassium atpase based on electron microscopic data

Lim, L.W.; Shamala, N.; Mathews, F.S.; Steenkamp, D.J.; Hamlin, R.; Xuong, N.H., 1986:
Three dimensional structure of the iron sulfur flavoprotein trimethylamine dehydrogenase at 2.4 angstrom resolution

Coombs G.H.; Tetley L.; Moss V.A.; Vickerman K., 1986:
Three dimensional structure of the leishmania mexicana mexicana amastigote as revealed by computer aided reconstruction from serial sections

Murakami S.; Yamada N.; Nagano M.; Osumi M., 1985:
Three dimensional structure of the prolamellar body in squash etioplasts

Cejka Z.; Hegerl R.; Baumeister W., 1986:
Three dimensional structure of the surface layer protein of clostridium thermohydrosulfuricum

Prueschenk R.; Baumeister W., 1987:
Three dimensional structure of the surface protein of sulfolobus solfataricus

Nerdal W.; Hare D.R.; Reid B.R., 1988:
Three dimensional structure of the wild type lac pribnow promoter dna in solution two dimensional nmr studies and distance geometry calculations

Hendrickx M.; Engles C.; Tobback P., 1987:
Three dimensional tlm models for water diffusion in white rice

Saito H.; Ikenoya T., 1988:
Three dimensional ultrastructure of the proximal portion of the transverse muscle of the mouse tongue reconstructed from transmission electron micrographs

Takumida M.; Tagashira N.; Taira T.; Harada Y.; Ninomiya Y., 1986:
Three dimensional ultrastructure of the tracheal epithelium in the rabbit

Moss J.P.; Linney A.D.; Grindrod S.R.; Arridge S.R.; Clifton J.S., 1987:
Three dimensional visualization of the face and skull using computerized tomography and laser scanning techniques

Lu, K.S.; Lin, H.S., 1987:
Three dimensional visualization of the Golgi apparatus and endoplasmic reticulum in the subcommissural organ cells with high voltage electron microscopy

Matsuoka, T.; Matsuo, N.; Tsuji, S., 1987:
Three dimensional visualizations of vitreous bodies by freeze fracture 1. investigations of the course of collagen fibrils

Enns J.T.; Gilani A.B., 1988:
Three dimensionality and discriminability in the object superiority effect

Fischer E.; Molnar L., 1986 :
Three discrete stages of the nuclear volume alterations of the chloragocytes in experimentally treated limnodrilus hoffmeisteri oligochaeta tubificidae

Holthöfer, H.; Schulte, B.A.; Pasternack, G.; Siegel, G.J.; Spicer, S.S., 1987:
Three distinct cell populations in rat kidney collecting duct

Lapierre, L.A.; Fiers, W.; Pober, J.S., 1988:
Three distinct classes of regulatory cytokines control endothelial cell MHC antigen expression. Interactions with immune gamma interferon differentiate the effects of tumor necrosis factor and lymphotoxin from those of leukocyte alpha and fibroblast beta interferons

Pandey K.N.; Inagami T.; Misono K.S., 1987:
Three distinct forms atrial natriuretic factor receptors kidney tubular epithelium cells and vascular smooth muscle cells contain different types of receptors

Usui, H.; Imazu, M.; Maeta, K.; Tsukamoto, H.; Azuma, K.; Takeda, M., 1988:
Three distinct forms of type 2A protein phosphatase in human erythrocyte cytosol

Rogers M.J.; Siwarski D.F.; Shacter E.; Maloy W.L.; Lillehoj E.P.; Coligan J.E., 1986:
Three distinct h 2k s molecules differing at the carboxyl terminus are expressed on a tumor from sjl j mice

Mackay, C.R.; Maddox, J.F.; Brandon, M.R., 1986:
Three distinct subpopulations of sheep T lymphocytes

Suzuki Y.; Tsukamoto K.; Iwasaki M.; Udagawa A.; Eto H., 1988:
Three distinct tumors arising in organoid nevus

Casoli C.; Lori F.; Starcich R., 1986:
Three dna polymerase alpha forms and their catalytic polypeptides in human fetal liver

Rudolph J.E.; Kimble M.; Hoyle H.D.; Subler M.A.; Raff E.C., 1987 :
Three drosophila beta tubulin sequences a developmentally regulated isoform beta 3 the testis specific isoform beta 2 and an assembly defective mutation of the testis specific isoform b2t 8 reveal both an ancient divergence in metazoan isotypes and structural constraints for beta tubulin function

Nishimoto N.; Shiobara Y.; Inoue S S.; Fujino M.; Takemoto T.; Yeoh C.L.; Oliveira F.D.; Akisue G.; Akisue M.K.; Hashimoto G., 1988:
Three ecdysteroid glycosides from pfaffia iresinoides

Saner H.; Lindeland A.; Scallen R.; Paule W.; Lange H.W.; Gobel F.L., 1987:
Three ecg computer programs comparison with interpretation by physicians

Qiao Z G.; Morkrid L.; Grimnes S., 1987:
Three electrode method to study event related responses in skin electrical potential admittance and blood flow

Demmer D.R.; James D.R.; Steer R.P.; Verrall R.E., 1987:
Three exponential fluorescence decay of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase revealed by iodide quenching

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