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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6803

Chapter 6803 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mizoguchi, T.; Takagi, T.; Kajiwara, Y., 1986:
Three familial cases with changes in the coats' disease like fundus

Horie T.; Tsukayama M.; Yamada T.; Miura I.; Nakayama M., 1986:
Three flavone glycosides from citrus sudachi

Ito Y.; Hirayama F.; Suto K.; Sagara K.; Yoshida T., 1988:
Three flavonol glycosides from epimedium koreanum

Smith C.W., 1986:
Three foliicolous lichens new to the usa

Yamasaki Y.; Konno H., 1985:
Three forms of alpha glucosidase from suspension cultured rice cells

Ito T., 1987:
Three forms of nauplius y type viii larvae crustacea facetotecta from the north pacific

Kaminski, Z.W.; Pohorecki, R.; Ballast, C.L.; Domino, E.F., 1986:
Three forms of xanthine: acceptor oxidoreductase in rat heart

Tatum J.H.; Baker R.A.; Berry R.E., 1985:
Three further naphthoquinones produced by fusarium solani

Mackenzie K.M.; Hauck W.N.; Wheeler A.G.; Roe F.J.C., 1986:
Three generation reproduction study of rats ingesting up to 10 percent sorbitol in the diet a brief review of the toxicological status of sorbitol

Sawabe M.; Furukawa M.; Hamada T., 1987:
Three generations of accessory breasts

Hossain S.A.K., 1986:
Three granular insecticides against the rice green leafhopper nephotettix virescens distant

Ozawa M.; Yonezawa S.; Sato M.; Uehara H.; Sato E.; Muramatsu T., 1987:
Three groups of teratocarcinoma antigens co expressed in the visceral endoderm are located in mutually exclusive sites in the adult kidney

Lonberg-Holm, K.; Reed, D.L.; Roberts, R.C.; Hebert, R.R.; Hillman, M.C.; Kutney, R.M., 1987:
Three high molecular weight protease inhibitors of rat plasma. Isolation, characterization, and acute phase changes

Lonberg-Holm, K.; Reed, D.L.; Roberts, R.C.; Damato-McCabe, D., 1987:
Three high molecular weight protease inhibitors of rat plasma. Reactions with trypsin

Van Der Ent L.J., 1988:
Three hover fly species new to the fauna of the friesian islands west germany diptera syrphidae

Ikuta T.; Szeto S.; Yoshida A., 1986:
Three human alcohol dehydrogenase subunits complementary dna structure and molecular and evolutionary divergence

Walters, A.S.; Boudwin, J.; Wright, D.; Jones, K., 1988:
Three hysterical movement disorders

McCarthy, R.C.; Fetterhoff, T.J.; Luckey, D.W., 1987:
Three immunoassay methods evaluated for quantifying prealbumin (transthyretin) in serum

Johansson B L.; Drevin I., 1985:
Three independent methods for quantitative determination of octyl covalently coupled to sepharose cl 4b

Lundberg I.; Hogberg J.; Kronevi T.; Holmberg B., 1987:
Three industrial solvents investigated for tumor promoting activity in the rat liver

English W.R., 1987:
Three inexpensive aquatic invertebrate samplers for the benthos drift and emergent fauna

Moravec F.; Orecchia P.; Paggi L., 1988:
Three interesting nematodes from the fish parupeneus indicus mullidae perciformes of the indian ocean including ascarophis parupenei new species harbronematoidea

Hidalgo H.; Gallardo R.; Toro H., 1985:
Three isolates of infectious bronchitis virus obtained from vaccinated chickens in chile

Nishimukai H.; Kitamura H.; Takeuchi Y.; Shinomiya T.; Tamaki Y., 1988:
Three japanese families with members carrying c7 silent allele c7 q0 possibility for an association between c7 q0 and c6 b 1

Janson C.H.; Tehrani M.J.; Mellstedt H.; Wigzell H., 1987:
Three kinds of tumor unique surface molecules on a human t cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia t cll detected by monoclonal antibodies

Quandt, F.N., 1988:
Three kinetically distinct potassium channels in mouse neuroblastoma cells

Baggesen, K.; Friedrich, U.; Jensen, P.K.A.; Rasmussen, K., 1988:
Three large danish families with a paracentric inversion in the short arm of chromosome no. 5

Coovadia, Y.M.; Solwa, Z., 1987 :
Three latex agglutination tests compared with gram staining for the detection of bacteria in cerebrospinal fluid

Deighton F.C., 1985:
Three leaf spotting hyphomycetes on palms

Kramp F.; Marek J., 1986:
Three lepidopteran species from the belanske tatry mountains new for czechoslovakia lepidoptera incurvariidae coleophoridae geometridae

Ito T., 1986:
Three lepidostomatid caddis flies from nepal with descriptions of two new species trichoptera

Ramesh C., 1987:
Three loculoascomycetes new to india

Mandahl N.; Heim S.; Arheden K.; Rydholm A.; Willen H.; Mitelman F., 1988:
Three major cytogenetic subgroups can be identified among chromosomally abnormal solitary lipomas

Wolf, R.O.; Hubbard, V.S.; Gillard, B.K.; Kingman, A., 1986:
Three methods compared for determination of pancreatic and salivary amylase activity in serum of cystic fibrosis patients

Whitten, R.O.; Chandler, W.L.; Thomas, M.G.; Clayson, K.J.; Fine, J.S., 1988:
Three methods compared for isoamylase separation in tissue homogenates

Xie Z N.; Nettles W.C.Jr; Morrison R.K.; Irie K.; Vinson S.B., 1986:
Three methods for the in vitro culture of trichogramma pretiosum

Vitali C.; Pellegrini M.G.; Cocchioni M.; Tacconi R.; Marsili G.; Trognoni A., 1986:
Three methods to determine low density lipoprotein cholesterol compared

Szucs E.; Acs I.; Ugry K.; Sas M.; Torok I.; Fodor E., 1985:
Three milkings a day in high producing dairy populations

Barak P.; Chen Y., 1987:
Three minute analysis of chloride nitrate and sulfate by single column anion chromatography

Nakada, H.; Sawamura, T.; Okumura, T.; Tashiro, Y., 1986:
Three molecular forms of a rat asialoglycoprotein receptor

Williams S.E.; Zenner H P.; Schacht J., 1987:
Three molecular steps of aminoglycoside ototoxicity demonstrated in outer hair cells

de Water, R.; Fransen, J.A.; Schut, D.W.; Deelder, A.M., 1987:
Three monoclonal antibodies with specific binding activity to the excretory system of Schistosoma mansoni: an immunoelectron microscopic study using the gold labeling technique

Livingston, M.G.; Brooks, D.N.; Bond, M.R., 1985:
Three months after severe head injury: psychiatric and social impact on relatives

Thatcher, N.; Stout, R.; Smith, D.B.; Grötte, G.; Winson, M.; Bassett, H.; Carroll, K.B., 1985:
Three months treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy for small cell lung cancer

Krüger, S.; Sievers, J.; Hansen, C.; Sadler, M.; Berry, M., 1986:
Three morphologically distinct types of interface develop between adult host and fetal brain transplants: implications for scar formation in the adult central nervous system

Deng W.; Sung W.L., 1986:
Three new 19 carbon diterpenoid alkaloids delbrunine delbruline and delbrusine from delphinium brunonianum

Papp J., 1986:
Three new acanthormius ashmead species from india hymenoptera braconidae exothecinae

Raynal Roques A., 1987:
Three new african species of the genus striga scrophulariaceae

Vienna P., 1988:
Three new afrotropical histeridae coleoptera

Sonck C.E., 1987:
Three new albanian species of taraxacum cultivated in finland

Avdeev G.V., 1986:
Three new and one well known species of parasitic copepods in the genus nothobomolochus bomolochidae poecilostomatoida from the pacific ocean fishes

Judd W.S.; Skean J.D.Jr, 1987:
Three new angiosperms from parc national pic macaya massif de la hotte haiti

Gonzalez Sponga M.A., 1985:
Three new arachnid species from venezuela scorpionida chactidae buthidae

Arriaga Giner F.J.; Wollenweber E.; Schober I.; Yatskievych G., 1988:
Three new benzoic acid derivatives from the glandular excretion of eriodictyon sessilifolium hydrophyllaceae

Papp J., 1985:
Three new blacus species from india hymenoptera braconidae blacinae

Watanabe Y., 1986:
Three new brachypterous lathrobium coleoptera staphylinidae from japan

Doebbeler P., 1988:
Three new bryophilous ascomycetes

Kulanthaivel, P.; Pelletier, S.W.; Olsen, J.D., 1988:
Three new c 19 diterpenoid alkaloids from delphinium occidentale s. wats

Ito C.; W.T.S.; Furukawa H., 1987:
Three new carbazole alkaloids from murraya euchrestifolia

Rochinger K.H., 1985:
Three new caryophyllaceae from the flora iranica area

Patton M.A.; Laurence K.M., 1985:
Three new cases of oculodentodigital syndrome development of the facial phenotype

Ribera C.; Ferrandez M.A., 1986:
Three new cave dwelling dysderidae species arachnida araneae of the iberian peninsula

Haitlinger R., 1986:
Three new charletonia acari erythraeidae from vietnam

Xiong J., 1987:
Three new coreids from china heteroptera coreidae

Ito C.; Furukawa H., 1987:
Three new coumarins from leaves of murraya paniculata

Ito C.; Furukawa H., 1987:
Three new coumarins from murraya exotica

Gorokhov A.V., 1985:
Three new cricket species of the genus sciobia orthoptera gryllidae from north africa

Elix J.A.; Jenie U.A.; Jenkins G.A., 1987:
Three new depsidones from the lichen neofuscelia subincerta

Maa T.C., 1986:
Three new dipteran pupipara from sulawesi indonesia

Molinski T.F.; Faulkner D.J.; Van Duyne G.D.; Clardy J., 1987:
Three new diterpene isonitriles from a palauan sponge of the genus halichondria

Joshi H.; Raghavendra K.; Subbarao S.K.; Sharma V.P., 1987:
Three new electrophoretic allelomorphs of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase

Thomas A.G.B.; Bouzidi A., 1986:
Three new ephemeroptera from the moroccan high atlas heptageniidae baetidae leptophlebiidae

de Gasparo, M.; Joss, U.; Ramjoué, H.P.; Whitebread, S.E.; Haenni, H.; Schenkel, L.; Kraehenbuehl, C.; Biollaz, M.; Grob, J.; Schmidlin, J., 1987:
Three new epoxy-spirolactone derivatives: characterization in vivo and in vitro

Franz H., 1986:
Three new euconnus spp from the caucasus ussr coleoptera scydmaenidae

Lienhard C., 1988:
Three new extra neotropical species of troctopsocidae insecta psocoptera

Mironov S.V., 1987:
Three new feather mite species of the family avenzoariidae sarcoptiformes analgoidea

Jonsson G., 1987:
Three new fish species for icelandic waters

Palacios Vargas J.G.; Diaz A., 1986:
Three new friesea spp collembola neanuridae from 2 paramos of merida venezuela

Aksoy K.; Yuregir G.T.; Dikmen N.; Unlukurt I., 1987:
Three new g6pd variants g6pd adana g6pd samandag and g6pd balcali in cukurova turkey

Vamvakides A., 1985:
Three new gamma aminobutyric acid ergics the search for their eventual site of action

Boxshall G.A.; Iliffe T.M., 1987:
Three new genera and five new species of misophrioid copepods crustacea from anchialine caves on indo west pacific and north atlantic islands

Brailovsky H., 1987:
Three new genera and six new species of neotropical coreidae heteroptera

Mclaughlin P.A., 1986:
Three new genera and species of hermit crabs crustacea anomura paguridae from hawaii usa

Van Achterberg C.; Sigwalt B., 1987:
Three new genera of braconinae from the afrotropical region hymenoptera braconidae

Leary R.L., 1986:
Three new genera of fossil noncalcareous algae from valmeyeran mississippian strata of illinois usa

Carvalho J.C.M., 1986:
Three new genera of mirinae from papua new guinea and an illustration of macropeplus poppius hemiptera

Blaszak C., 1983:
Three new genera of zerconid mites acari mesostigmata zerconidae from the usa with a key to the american genera

Sun H F.; H.B.L.; Ding J Y.; Fan S F., 1987:
Three new glycosides from halenia elliptica

Alonso Lopez M.; Borges Del Castillo J.; Rodriguez Ubis J.C.; Vazquez Bueno P., 1986:
Three new heliangolides from tithonia rotundifolia

Marvanova L., 1986:
Three new hyphomycetes from foam

Sarbhoy A.; Hosagoudar V.B.; Ahmad N., 1985:
Three new hyphomycetes from idukki kerala india

Ando K.; Tubaki K., 1985:
Three new hyphomycetes from japan anthopsis microspora new species scutisporus brunneus new genus new species and titaeella capnophila new record

Izquierdo I., 1985:
Three new ichneumonidae hymenoptera genera for spain

Lassalle B., 1985:
Three new imaibius and meganebrius from central nepal coleoptera carabidae

Boente, J.M.; Dominguez, D.; Castedo, L., 1986:
Three new isoquinoline alkaloids from corydalis claviculata l. dc

Arisawa, M.; Fujita, A.; Saga, M.; Fukumura, H.; Hayashi, T.; Shimizu, M.; Morita, N., 1986:
Three new lanostanoids from Ganoderma lucidum

Srivastava R.C., 1985:
Three new leaf spot diseases of orchids for india

Storr G.M., 1987:
Three new legless lizards pygopodidae from western australia

Elix J.A.; Gaul K.L.; James P.W.; Purvis O.W., 1987:
Three new lichen depsidones

Cohen A.C.; Morin J.G., 1986:
Three new luminescent ostracods of the genus vargula myodocopida cypridinidae from the san blas region of panama

Shaw S.R., 1987:
Three new megalyrids from south america hymenoptera megalyridae

Green P.N.; Bousfield I.J.; Hood D., 1988:
Three new methylobacterium species methylobacterium rhodesianum new species methylobacterium zatmanii new species and methylobacterium fijisawaense new species

Akbar S.; Rahi M.S.; Chaudhri W.M., 1988:
Three new mite species of the family cheyletidae from pakistan

Zhang S Y.; Long S., 1987:
Three new monogenetic trematodes of the family polystomatidae

Lodge D.J., 1988:
Three new mycena species basidiomycota tricholomataceae from puerto rico

D.S.ntis V.; Medina J.D., 1987:
Three new natural ketones from eperua purpurea

Moravec F.; Sey O., 1986:
Three new nematode species from phrynomantis spp amphibia microhylidae from papua new guinea

Luqman M.; Khan S.H., 1985:
Three new nematodes species attacking fruit trees in india

Chen C C.; Huang Y L.; Chen Y P.; Hsu H Y.; Kuo Y H., 1988:
Three new neolignans fargesones a b and c from the flower buds of magnolia fargesii

Orousset J., 1986:
Three new neotropical euaesthetinae belonging to the genus edaphus coleoptera staphylinidae

Hebauer F., 1986:
Three new ochthebius sp from the eastern mediterranean area

Taeger A., 1987:
Three new orgilus spp from korea hymenoptera braconidae

Bayoumi B.M.; A.K.alifa M.S., 1986:
Three new oribatid mites acari oribatei from saudi arabia

Munoz Mingarro Martinez M.D., 1987:
Three new oribatid species of central spain acari oribatei

Morell Zandalinas M.J., 1987:
Three new oribatid species of the province of salamanca spain acari oribatei

Sengupta I.N., 1986:
Three new parameters in bibliometric research and their application to rerank periodicals in the field of biochemistry

Ruiz S.Z.; Rzedowski J., 1986:
Three new pinguicula species lentibulariaceae of mexico

Villet M., 1987:
Three new platypleurine cicadas homoptera cicadidae from natal south africa

Kohout R.J., 1987:
Three new polyrhachis sexspinosa group species from the philippines hymenoptera formicidae

Maley M.A.L.; House A.K.; Jenkyn D.J.; Agrez M.V., 1987:
Three new rat colon tumor cell lines from 1 2 dimethylhydrazine induced adenocarcinomas morphology karyotype and clonogenicity

Molinski T.F.; Faulkner D.J.; Cun Heng H.; Van Duyne G.D.; Clardy J., 1986:
Three new rearranged spongian diterpenes from chromodoris macfarlandi reappraisal of the structures of dendrillolides a and b

Rushforth S.R.; Squires L.E.; Johansen J.R., 1986:
Three new records for diatoms from the great basin usa

Stauffer J.R.Jr, 1988:
Three new rock dwelling cichlids teleostei cichlidae from lake malawi africa

Buyck B., 1987:
Three new russula from zaire

Jensen J.A., 1985:
Three new sauropod dinosaurs from the upper jurassic of colorado usa

Singh B.; Dhillon S.S.; Singh T., 1985:
Three new sawflies of the genus tenthredo tenthredinidae hymenoptera from india

Stevens G.N., 1986:
Three new saxicolous ramalinae from australia

Adler M.T.; Elix J.A., 1987:
Three new saxicolous species in parmeliaceae lichenized ascomycotina from argentina

Paulian R., 1985:
Three new scarabeids beetles from madagascar

Zhang, F.Z.; Wang, J.J.; Meng, P.Y.; Long, P.R.; Hu, M.Z., 1985:
Three new serovars in Leptospira interrogans

Krupinski K.M.; Marks L.; Szynkiewicz A., 1988:
Three new sites of the middle pleistocene fossil floras from the belchatow mine central poland

Nakatamari S., 1985:
Three new species and a new subspecies of oribatid mites acari oribatei from okinawa in japan

Sirirugsa P., 1987:
Three new species and one new combination in boesenbergia zingiberaceae from thailand

Hynes C.D., 1988:
Three new species and range extensions of the genus styringomyia from the south pacific and southeast asia diptera tipulidae

Huhtinen S., 1987:
Three new species and the histochemical delimitation of genera in the glassy haired hyaloscyphaceae

Fryxell P.A., 1987:
Three new species from australia and venezuela and three new names of mexican plants in the malvaceae

Rizzini C.T.; Mattos Filho A.D., 1986:
Three new species from minas gerais and bahia brazil

Rider D.A.; Rolston L.H., 1986:
Three new species of acrosternum subgenus chinavia from mexico hemiptera pentatomidae

Matsui M., 1986:
Three new species of amolops from borneo amphibia anura ranidae

Senoh T., 1986:
Three new species of anthribinae coleoptera anthribidae from japan

Villalba C.; Fernandez J., 1986:
Three new species of aporocotyle odhner 1900 digenea sanguinicolidae parasites of genypterus spp in chile pisces ophidiidae

Zheng Q F.; Huang K F., 1982:
Three new species of bamboo from fujian china

Petersen R.H., 1985:
Three new species of basidiomycetes from the carolina mountains usa

Geraert E.; Raski D.J., 1985:
Three new species of basirienchus new genus from southern chile compared with campbellenchus neothada and basiria nematoda tylenchida

Liang X.; Gan Y., 1986:
Three new species of bellardia diptera calliphoridae

Johnson R.W., 1987:
Three new species of bonamia thouars convolvulaceae from central australia

Churchill D.M., 1985:
Three new species of borya liliaceae

Belokobyl'skii S.A., 1988:
Three new species of braconid wasps of the subfamily doryctinae hymenoptera braconidae from primorye territory ussr

Aristegui Ruiz J., 1987:
Three new species of bryozoa cheilostomata ascophora in the canary islands spain

Brown W.A.; Goff M.L., 1988:
Three new species of chiggers acari trombiculidae from the philippines islands

Clark L.G., 1985:
Three new species of chusquea gramineae bambusoideae

Krienitz L., 1986:
Three new species of coccal green algae chlorellales from the plankton of the river elbe europe

Bruce A.J., 1986:
Three new species of commensal shrimps from port essington arnhem land northern australia crustacea decapoda palaemonidae

Mcdonald J.A., 1987:
Three new species of convolvulaceae from northeast mexico

Y.Y.X.; Song J Z.; L.Z.C.; Liu K N., 1986:
Three new species of culicoides from sichuan china diptera ceratopogonidae

Pereira G.; Belk D., 1987:
Three new species of dendrocephalus anostraca thamnocephalidae from central and south america

Kuang H Y.; Feng Y B., 1987:
Three new species of diptacus keifer from china acariformes rhyncaphytoptidae

Wolf P.S., 1986:
Three new species of dorvilleidae annelida polychaeta from puerto rico and florida usa and a new genus for dorvilleids from scandinavia and north america

Rahman M.F.; Jairajpuri M.S.; Ahmad W.; Ahmad I., 1986:
Three new species of dorylaim nematodes from the north eastern region of india

Kondo K., 1984:
Three new species of drosera from australia

Zou H., 1986:
Three new species of dryophilocoris reuter from china hemiptera miridae

Herbulot C., 1988:
Three new species of dyspteris lepidoptera geometridae

Forbes G.S., 1988:
Three new species of efferia from southern california and arizona usa diptera asilidae

S.X.Q.; Chen C L., 1987:
Three new species of eimeria parasite from freshwater fishes in hubei province china sporozoa eimeriidae

Szeptycki A., 1984:
Three new species of eosentomon from poland with redescription of eosentomon germanicum protura

Mohanasundaram M., 1984:
Three new species of eriophyid mites with a record of occurrence of notostrix attenuata new record acari eriophyoidea from south india

Beutelspacher C.R., 1984:
Three new species of family geometridae lepidoptera from mexico

Gorodkov K.B.; Zaitsev V.F., 1986:
Three new species of flies of the genus timia diptera ulidiidae from soviet central asia

Nazimuddin S.; Ehrendorfer F., 1987:
Three new species of galium rubiaceae from pakistan

Piskunov V.I., 1987:
Three new species of gelechiid moths lepidoptera from the fauna of the ussr

Van Waerebeke D., 1985:
Three new species of glomerinema rhigonematidae nematoda parasites of sphaeroteroidea from madagascar glomerida diplopoda

Evans A.V., 1988:
Three new species of glyptoglossa brenske coleoptera scarabaeidae melolonthinae

Sirirugsa P., 1987:
Three new species of hiptage malpighiaceae from thailand

Lee Y B.; Majewski T., 1986:
Three new species of laboulbeniales ascomycetes from malaysia

Henssen A.; Buedel B.; Nash T.H.IIi, 1985:
Three new species of lichinella described from mexico

Savchenko E.N., 1986:
Three new species of limoniidae diptera from the ussr fauna

Wang X J.; Zheng L Y., 1982:
Three new species of lygus of the subgenus apolygus from fujian china hemiptera miridae

Belle J., 1987:
Three new species of macrothemis from northern south america odonata libellulidae

Krienitz L., 1987 :
Three new species of mischococcal xanthophyceae from the plankton of the river elbe east germany

Murano, M., 1986:
Three new species of mysidaceae from st. croix virgin islands

Kulinich O.A., 1985:
Three new species of nematodes plant parasites from the families hoplolaimidae and tylenchorhynchidae tylenchida

L.G.; Ping Z., 1986:
Three new species of new genus sinonasutitermes new genus of subfamily nasutitermitinae from china isoptera termitidae

Young R.M., 1986:
Three new species of north american polyphylla coleoptera scarabaeidae melolonthinae

Aoki J I., 1987:
Three new species of oribatid mites from yoron island south japan acari oribatida

Chavtur V.G., 1987:
Three new species of pelagic ostracoda from the northern part of the pacific ocean

Vitikainen O., 1985:
Three new species of peltigera lichenized ascomycetes

Quintanilla J.A., 1985:
Three new species of penicillium belonging to subgenus biverticillium isolated from different substrates

Turner B.L., 1986:
Three new species of phacelia hydrophyllaceae from nuevo leon mexico

Walsh, N.G.; Albrecht, D.E., 1988:
Three new species of phebalium vent. section eriostemoides endl. rutaceae from south eastern australia

Rizzini C.T., 1987:
Three new species of phthirusa loranthaceae

W.W.N.; L.Y.Q., 1987:
Three new species of phytoseiid mites from xinjiang china acarina phytoseiidae

Wolf P.S., 1986:
Three new species of pilargidae annelida polychaeta from the east coast of florida usa puerto rico and the gulf of mexico

Lin P., 1987:
Three new species of popillia from the himalayan region south asia coleoptera rutelidae

Hoese B., 1985:
Three new species of porcellio isopoda oniscidea from the western canary islands spain

Nomura Y.; Tanda S., 1985:
Three new species of powdery mildew fungi from japan

Pugh P.R.; Harbison G.R., 1987:
Three new species of prayine siphonophore calycophorae prayidae collected by a submersible with notes on related species

Menadue Y.; Crowden R.K., 1986:
Three new species of ranunculus ranunculaceae from tasmania australia

Pohl R.W., 1985:
Three new species of rhipidocladum from mesoamerica

Ovrebo C.L.; Baroni T.J., 1988:
Three new species of rhodocybe from costa rica

Hartley T.G., 1986:
Three new species of sarcomelicope rutaceae from new caledonia with a new key to the species of the genus

Williams M.C.; Lichtwardt R.W., 1987:
Three new species of smittium trichomycetes with notes on range extensions

Knapp, S., 1986:
Three new species of solanum section geminata g. don walp solanaceae from panama and western colombia

Gess F.W., 1986:
Three new species of southern african bembix a new synonymy and biological notes on other species of the genus hymenoptera sphecidae nyssoninae

Zhu C D.; L.Z.S.; Sha Y H., 1986:
Three new species of spiders of linyphiidae from qinghai province china araneae

Zea S.; Van Soest R.W.M., 1986:
Three new species of sponges from the colombian caribbean

Momen F.M., 1987:
Three new species of stigmaeid mites acarina prostigmata from ireland

Cairns S.D., 1985:
Three new species of stylasteridae coelenterata hydrozoa

Martin, J.L.; Oromi, P., 1987:
Three new species of subterranean loboptera brum. and w. blattaria blattellidae and considerations on the subterranean environment of tenerife canary islands spain

Castro A.L.D.; Souza L.A., 1986:
Three new species of terrestrial isopods of the genus prosekia from the amazonian region brazil isopoda oniscoidea philosciidae

Menezes N.A., 1987:
Three new species of the characid genus cynopotamus valenciennes 1849 with remarks on the remaining species pisces characiformes

Sysoev A.V.; Kantor Y.I., 1987:
Three new species of the deep sea mollusc genus famelica gastropoda toxoglossa turridae

Kratochvil J., 1985:
Three new species of the family cerambycidae coleoptera from soviet central asia

Siddiqi M.N.; Khattak A.R., 1984:
Three new species of the family rhabdochonidae from fishes of north west frontier province pakistan

Dlabola J., 1987:
Three new species of the genera jassargus osbornellus and praganus homoptera cicadellidae

Ninomiya T., 1987:
Three new species of the genus amalda from japan caribbean sea and southwestern australia gastropoda olividae

Yang L.; Tian L., 1987:
Three new species of the genus ceraclea stephens trichoptera leptoceridae

Pratov U., 1985:
Three new species of the genus climacoptera chenopodiaceae from iran

Jin Z., 1985:
Three new species of the genus eutrichota from gansu china

L.G., 1987:
Three new species of the genus glyptotermes from china isoptera kalotermitidae

Rosado-Neto, G.H., 1986:
Three new species of the genus hypnoidus from panama and ecuador coleoptera curculionidae hylobiinae sternechini

Paliwal A.K.; Baijal H.N., 1985:
Three new species of the genus lepidocyrtinus collembola entomobryidae from india

Lukoschus F.S.; Gerrits P.H.; Fain A., 1982:
Three new species of the genus marmosopus fain and lukoschus 1977 glycyphagidae astigmata from south american marsupials

Gupta V.; Puri M., 1984:
Three new species of the genus opisthomonorcheides family monorchiidae from marine fishes of puri orissa india

M.L., 1985:
Three new species of the genus pachylaelaps from qinghai and gansu provinces china

Kifune T.; Hirashima Y., 1987:
Three new species of the genus paraxenos strepsiptera stylopidae parasitic on bembix hymenoptera sphecidae of sri lanka and australia in the collection of the smithsonian institution notulae strepsipterologicae xvii

Bona F.V.; Bosco M.C.; Maffi A., 1986:
Three new species of the genus paruterina cestoda paruterinidae in neotropical trogons aves

Sowa R.; Soldan T., 1986:
Three new species of the rhithrogena hybrida group from poland and czechoslovakia with a supplementary description of rhithrogena hercynia landa 1969 ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Miyake T.; Mceachran J.D., 1988:
Three new species of the stingray genus urotrygon myliobatiformes urolophidae from the eastern pacific

Pericart J., 1985 :
Three new species of tingidae from north pakistan and nepal hemiptera

Ovrebo C.L., 1986:
Three new species of tricholoma with a description of tricholoma luteomaculosum

Galiano M.E., 1985:
Three new species of tylogonus simon 1902

Kalanda, K., 1987:
Three new species of vernonia schreb. asteraceae from zaire

Spangle P.J., 1986:
Three new species of water scavenger beetles of the genus chaetarthria from south america coleoptera hydrophilidae

Huang, C.M., 1987:
Three new species of zubovskia dov. zap. from china acrididae catantopinae

Puthz V., 1985:
Three new stenaesthetus species from africa coleoptera staphylinidae 48th contribution to the knowledge of the euaesthetinae

Bowman T.E., 1982:
Three new stenasellid isopods from mexico crustacea asellota

Bhutani K.K.; Ali M.; Sharma S.R.; Vaid R.M.; Gupta D.K., 1988:
Three new steroidal alkaloids from the bark of holarrhena antidysenterica

Tang S.; Jiang Z., 1987:
Three new steroidal saponins from the aerial part of dioscorea zingiberensis

Contet Audonneau N.; Boniatsi L.; Teillac D.; Bordigoni C.; Cherrier P.; Badillet G., 1988:
Three new strains of microsporum praecox isolated in france

Parkes, K.C., 1988:
Three new subspecies of philippine birds

Bach C.; Janetschek H., 1985:
Three new synonyms of promesomachilis hispanica insecta apterygota microcoryphia

Erik S.; Sumbul H., 1986:
Three new taxa from turkey

Biswas, S., 1986:
Three new taxa in caragana lam. papilionaceae from northwestern himalaya india

Ghora S.C.; Panigrahi G., 1985:
Three new taxa in prunus cornuta complex rosaceae prunoideae in india

Dombrovskaya, A.V., 1987:
Three new taxa in the section stereocaulon of the genus stereocaulon lichenes

Fernandes, R.M.; D.L.ncastre, H.; Archer, L.J., 1986:
Three new temperate phages of Bacillus subtilis

Kaszab Z., 1985:
Three new tenebrionidae species coleoptera from asia

Munari, L., 1980:
Three new tethina haliday collected by prof. a. giordani soika in asia minor and senegal diptera tethinidae

Olah J., 1985:
Three new trichoptera from korea

Eichlin T.D., 1987 :
Three new western hemisphere clearwing moths lepidoptera sesiidae sesiinae

Banziger H.; Fletcher D.S., 1985:
Three new zoophilous moths of the genus scopula lepidoptera geometridae from southeast asia

Koenig W.A.; Hahn H.; Rathmann R.; Hass W.; Keckeisen A.; Hagenmaier H.; Bormann C.; Dehler W.; Kurth R.; Zaehner H., 1986:
Three novel amino acids from the nikkomycin complex structure elucidation and synthesis

Yang M E.; Chen Y Y.; Huang L., 1988:
Three novel cyclic amides from clausena lansium

Toppin C.R.; Pauly G.T.; Devanesan P.; Kryak D.; Bobst A.M., 1986:
Three novel spin labeled substrates for enzymatic incorporation into nucleic acid lattices

Koll H.; Schmidt C.; Wiesenberger G.; Schmelzer C., 1987:
Three nuclear genes suppress a yeast mitochondrial splice defect when present in high copy number

Tsuchida K.; Shimazu K.; Tsutsui T.; Chong Y.; Hashimoto A., 1985:
Three operative cases of aortic dissections especially fate of the false lumen following medical and surgical treatment

Suzuki S., 1986:
Three opilionid species arachnida opiliones assamiidae and gagrellidae from west java indonesia

Fletcher R.I., 1987:
Three optimization problems of year class analysis

Steiner M.; Poelt J., 1987:
Three parasitic lichens on caloplaca polycarpoides

Cotoi, S.; Carasca, E.; Incze, A.; Panturu, E., 1987:
Three patients with branch to branch reentrant ventricular tachycardia. Diagnostic and therapeutic considerations

Ekert P.; Tibballs J.; Gorman D., 1988:
Three patients with carbon monoxide poisoning treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Weilburg, J.B.; Bear, D.M.; Sachs, G., 1987:
Three patients with concomitant panic attacks and seizure disorder: possible clues to the neurology of anxiety

Alconero R.; Provvidenti R.; Gonsalves D., 1986:
Three pea seedborne mosaic virus pathotypes from pea pisum sativum and lentil germ plasm lens culinaris

Schott, U.; Thoren, T.; Sjostrand, U.; Berseus, O.; Soderholm, B., 1985:
Three percent dextran 60 as a plasma substitute in blood component therapy ii. comparative studies on preoperative and postoperative blood volume

Constantinesco A.; Brunot B.; Demangeat J.L.; Foucher G.; Farcot J.M., 1986:
Three phase bone scanning as an aid to early diagnosis in reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the hand

Howell R.E.; Carrier G.O., 1986:
Three phase contractile response of rabbit pulmonary artery to norepinephrine influence of ruthenium red and calcium

Idso S.B., 1988:
Three phases of plant response to atmospheric carbon dioxide enrichment

Koshino H.; Terada S I.; Yoshihara T.; Sakamura S.; Shimanuki T.; Sato T.; Tajimi A., 1988:
Three phenolic acid derivatives from stromata of epichloe typhina on phleum pratense

Manwell, C.; Baker, C.M.; Graydon, R.J., 1985:
Three phenotypes of glucosephosphate isomerase in sheep: improved staining recipe

Jimenez C.; Villaverde M.C.; Riguera R.; Castedo L.; Stermitz F.R., 1987:
Three phenylpropanoid glycosides from mussatia

Hindak F., 1985:
Three planktic species of the genus lyngbya cyanophyta

Thompson, A.J.; Brazil, J.; Hutchinson, M.; Feighery, C., 1987:
Three possible laboratory indexes of disease activity in multiple sclerosis

Lilja H.; Abrahamsson P A., 1988:
Three predominant proteins secreted by the human prostate gland

Mizuno M.; Tamura K I.; Tanaka T.; IInuma M., 1988:
Three prenylflavanones from euchresta japonica

Caelli, T., 1985:
Three processing characteristics of visual texture segmentation

Weiss L.W.; Clark F.C., 1987:
Three protocols for measuring subcutaneous fat thickness on the upper extremities

Kan Fan C.; Brillanceau M H.; Pusset J.; Chauviere G.; Husson H P., 1985:
Three quinicine derived alkaloids from guettarda trimera

Mills, C.K.; Grimes, B.Y.; Gherna, R.L., 1987:
Three rapid methods compared with a conventional method for detection of urease production in anaerobic bacteria

Sakas, D.E.; Singounas, E.G.; Leventis, A.S.; Karvounis, P.C., 1988:
Three rare cases of arachnoid cysts

Sarim F.M.; Faridi M.A.F., 1987:
Three rare desmids from pakistan

Jussila R., 1986:
Three rare ichneumonidae hymenoptera from europe

Krause J.E.; Chirgwin J.M.; Carter M.S.; X.Z.S.; Hershey A.D., 1987:
Three rat preprotachykinin messenger rna species encode the neuropeptides substance p and neurokinin a

Levinson, M.M.; Smith, R.G.; Cork, R.; Gallo, J.; Icenogle, T.; Emery, R.; Ott, R.; Copeland, J.G., 1986:
Three recent cases of the total artificial heart before transplantation

Lim K.B.; Thirumoorthy T.; Lee C.T.; Sng E.H.; Tan T., 1986:
Three regimens of procaine penicillin g augmentin and probenecid compared for treating acute gonorrhea in men

Gyorgypal Z.; Iyer N.; Kondorosi A., 1988:
Three regulatory nod d alleles of diverged flavonoid specificity are involved in host dependent nodulation by rhizobium meliloti

Earnshaw W.C.; Migeon B.R., 1985:
Three related centromere proteins are absent from the inactive centromere of a stable isodicentric chromosome

Kuehne, M.E.; Zebovitz, T.C.; Bornmann, W.G.; Marko, I., 1987:
Three routes to the critical c16' c14' parf relative stereochemistry of vinblastine syntheses of 20' deethyl 20' deoxyvinblastine and 20' deethyl 20' deoxyvincovaline

Sano T.; Saijo N.; Sasaki Y.; Shinkai T.; Eguchi K.; Tamura T.; Sakurai M.; Takahashi H.; Nakano H.; E.A., 1988:
Three schedules of recombinant human interleukin 2 in the treatment of malignancy side effects of immunologic effects in relation to serum level

Garcia, R.; Paz-Aliaga, B.; Ernst, S.G.; Crain, W.R., 1984:
Three sea urchin actin genes show different patterns of expression: muscle specific, embryo specific, and constitutive

Goh B.T.; Dunlop E.M.C.; Darougar S.; Woodland R., 1985:
Three sequential methods of collecting material from the urethra of men for culture for chlamydia trachomatis

Yakel, J.L.; Trussell, L.O.; Jackson, M.B., 1988:
Three serotonin responses in cultured mouse hippocampal and striatal neurons

Mink G.I.; Howell W.E.; Cole A.; Regev S., 1987:
Three serotypes of prunus necrotic ringspot virus isolated from rugose mosaic diseased sweet cherry trees in washington usa

Watanabe K.; Ohno N.; Marby T.J., 1986:
Three sesquiterpene lactones from helianthus niveus ssp canescens and helianthus argophyllus

Arleevskii I.P., 1987:
Three severe complications caused by electroimpulse therapy of cardiac rhythm disorders

Kositskii N.N.; Teslenko V.I., 1987:
Three site model for the selectivity filter of sodium channels in biological membranes

Moreira C.A.; Benatti Junior R.; Martins F.P.; Silveira G.M.D.; Costa J.A.D.S., 1985:
Three soil management system in corn crop a comparative study in state of sao paulo brazil

English T.A.; Foreman J.; Gadian D.G.; Pegg D.E.; Wheeldon D.; Williams S.R., 1988:
Three solutions for preservation of the rabbit heart at o c a comparison with phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

Erbe L.H.; Freedman H.I.; Rao V.S.H., 1986:
Three species food chain models with mutual interference and time delays

Box J.D.; Cossons V., 1988:
Three species of club moss lycopodiaceae at a lowland station in shropshire england uk

Sancetta C., 1987:
Three species of coscinodiscus ehrenberg from north pacific sediments examined in the light and scanning electron microscopes

Karlsson T., 1986:
Three species of echinops as garden escapes in sweden

Granara D.Willink C., 1983:
Three species of phenacoccus from tucuman argentina homoptera pseudococcidae

Chen P., 1987:
Three species of saldid bugs recorded as new to china hemiptera saldidae

Tehler A., 1985:
Three species of schismatomma

Heinze J., 1987:
Three species of social parasitic ants new to turkey

Greve L., 1986:
Three species of tephritidae diptera new to norway with a note on phagocarpus permundus in norway

Chien C Y., 1987:
Three species of the genus basidiobolus from taiwan

Kamura T., 1987:
Three species of the genus drassyllus araneae gnaphosidae from japan

Gupta P.C.; Masoodi B.A., 1985:
Three species of the genus mazocraeoides price 1936 family mazocraeidae from marine fishes at puri coast orissa india

Spasskii A.A.; Konovalov Y.N., 1986:
Three species of the genus monopylidium cestoda dilepididae from terrestrial birds of chukot russian sfsr ussr

Novotna, J.; Fassatiova, O., 1988:
Three species of the genus penicillium link isolated from the cysts of globodera rostochiensis woll. in czechoslovakia

Brglez J.; Bidovec A., 1987:
Three species of trichostrongylidae leiper 1912 in some wild animals in slovenia yugoslavia

Schulz M.; Weissenboeck G., 1988:
Three specific udp glucuronate flavone glucuronosyltransferases from primary leaves of secale cereale

Robinson S.K., 1986:
Three speed foraging during the breeding cycle of yellow rumped caciques icterinae cacicus cela

Kinzel V.; Fuerstenberger G.; Loehrke H.; Marks F., 1986:
Three stage tumorigenesis in mouse skin dna synthesis as a prerequisite for the conversion stage induced by 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate prior to initiation

Brainerd C.J., 1985:
Three state models of memory development a review of advances in statistical methodology

Heilig T., 1988:
Three station optical tracking of the initial orientation of homing pigeons

Blanchard, E.B.; Andrasik, F.; Appelbaum, K.A.; Evans, D.D.; Myers, P.; Barron, K.D., 1986:
Three studies of the psychologic changes in chronic headache patients associated with biofeedback and relaxation therapies

Wittrock D.A.; Blanchard E.B.; Mccoy G.C., 1988:
Three studies on the relation of process to outcome in the treatment of essential hypertension with relaxation and thermal biofeedback

Kishimoto H.; Kuwahara H.; Ohno S.; Takazu O.; Hama Y.; Sato C.; Ishii T.; Nomura Y.; Fujita H.; E.A., 1987:
Three subtypes of chronic schizophrenia identified using carbon 11 glucose positron emission tomography

Mckenzie, J., 1988:
Three superfactors in the 16 pf and their relation to eysenck's p e and n

Labouesse M.; Herbert C.J.; Dujardin G.; Slonimski P.P., 1987:
Three suppressor mutations which cure mitochondrial rna maturase deficiency occur at the same codon in the open reading frame the nuclear nam 2 gene

Ishikawa K.; Sasaki K.; Shibata J.; Kuwahara Y.; Matsuura M.; Seto K., 1985:
Three surgical orthodontic treatment cases of severe mandibular protrusion

Paul S.M.; Bacharach B., 1987:
Three synchronous bilateral lung tumors a case report

Wells F.E.; Kilburn R.N., 1986:
Three temperate water species of south african gastropods recorded for the first time in southwestern australia

Jimenez R.; Tormos J., 1986:
Three teratological specimens of sphecidae hymenoptera sphecoidea

Guth P.S.; Norris C.H.; Barron S.E., 1988:
Three tests of the hypothesis that glutamate is the sensory hair cell transmitter in the frog semicircular canal

Pidoplichko V.I., 1985:
Three tetrodotoxin sensitive currents in the membrane of isolated cardiomyocytes

Sperling, G.; van Santen, J.P.; Burt, P.J., 1985:
Three theories of stroboscopic motion detection

Bell, M.D., 1985:
Three therapeutic communities for drug abusers: differences in treatment environments

Raychaudhury, A.; Marchuk, D.; Lindhurst, M.; Fuchs, E., 1986:
Three tightly linked genes encoding human type i keratins conservation of sequences in the 5' untranslated leader and 5' upstream regions of coexpressed keratin genes

Allen, D.B.; DePeters, E.J.; Laben, R.C., 1986:
Three times a day milking: effects on milk production, reproductive efficiency, and udder health

Szucs E.; Acs I.; Ugry K.; Sas M.; Torok I.; Fodor E., 1988:
Three times a day milking in high productivity cow stock

Swenson K.I.; Borgese N.; Pietrini G.; Ruderman J.V., 1987:
Three translationally regulated messenger rna species are stored in the cytoplasm of clam oocytes

Takaishi Y.; Murakami Y.; Ohashi T.; Nakano K.; Murakami K.; Tomimatsu T., 1987:
Three triterpenes from astraeus hygrometricus

Lelieveld, P.; Mulder, J.H., 1987:
Three tumor sensitivity tests evaluated with mouse tumors

Kotilova Kubickova L.; Pouzar Z., 1988:
Three types of basidiospores in amanita

Kostyuk P.G.; Shuba Y.M.; Savchenko A.N., 1988:
Three types of calcium channels in the membrane of mouse sensory neurons

Melikov E.M., 1986:
Three types of electrical activity of the dorsal hippocampus in cats in the paradoxical sleep phase

Mochida S.; Kobayashi H., 1986:
Three types of muscarinic conductance changes in sympathetic neurons discriminately evoked by the different concentrations of acetylcholine

Ito T., 1986:
Three types of nauplius y maxillopoda facetotecta from the north pacific

Isomura G.; Hamori J., 1988:
Three types of neurons in the medial cuneate nucleus of the cat

Vigh, B.; Vigh-Teichmann, I., 1986:
Three types of photoreceptors in the pineal and frontal organs of frogs: ultrastructure and opsin immunoreactivity

Watanabe, N.; Ohshima, Y., 1988:
Three types of rat U1 small nuclear RNA genes with different flanking sequences are induced to express in vivo

Lockwood, D.N.; McManus, I.C.; Stanford, J.L.; Thomas, A.; Abeyagunawardana, D.V., 1987:
Three types of response to mycobacterial antigens

Kadura S.N.; Khrapunov S.N.; Alekseenko V.R., 1988:
Three types of spermal proteins in eukaryotes

Dembowsky K.; Czachurski J.; Seller H., 1986:
Three types of sympathetic preganglionic neurons with different electrophysiological properties are identified by intracellular recordings in the cat

Kubota, K.; Katayama, S.; Matsuda, M.; Hayashi, M., 1988:
Three types of vitronectin in human blood

Weiss, M.; Agerer, R., 1988:
Three unidentified mycorrhizae of picea abies l. karst. grown in a nursery

Randall W.; Parsons V., 1987:
Three views of the annual phase map of the domestic cat felis catus l

Araki M.; Yamashita S.; Doi Y.; Yora K., 1985:
Three viruses from gloriosa gloriosa rothschildiana gloriosa fleck virus gloriosa stripe mosaic virus and cucumber mosaic virus

Jacquemard P.; Croizier G.; Amargier A.; Veyrunes J C.; Croizier L.; Bordat D.; Vercambre B., 1985:
Three viruses present in sesamia calamistis lepidoptera agrotidae in reunion island

Dungan M.L., 1986:
Three way interactions barnacles limpets and algae in a sonoran desert rocky intertidal zone

Lindblom D.; Lindblom U.; Henze A.; Bjork V.O.; Semb B.K.H., 1987:
Three year clinical results with the monostrut bjork shiley prosthesis

Richmond R.L.; Austin A.; Webster I.W., 1986:
Three year evaluation of a program by general practitioners to help patients to stop smoking

Goedert J.J.; Biggar R.J.; Weiss S.H.; Eyster M.E.; Melbye M.; Wilson S.; Ginzburg H.M.; Grossman R.J.; Digioia R.A.; E.A., 1986:
Three year incidence of acquired immune deficiency syndrome in five cohorts of human t lymphotropic virus type iii infected risk group members

Bay K.; Amann F.W.; Ritz R., 1986:
Three year long term follow up in patients with unstable angina pectoris

Kamiya S.; Nomura K.; Asai T., 1987:
Three year observation of the same students for refraction total astigmatism and corneal astigmatism

Perner, J.; Leekam, S.R.; Wimmer, H., 1987:
Three year olds' difficulty with false belief the case for a conceptual deficit

Weber J.N.; Wadsworth J.; Rogers L.A.; Moshtael O.; Scott K.; Mcmanus T.; Berrie E.; Jeffries D.J.; Harris J.R.W.; Pinching A.J., 1986:
Three year prospective study of human t cell lymphotropic virus type iii lymphoma associated virus infection in homosexual men

Harrad R.A.; Plumb A.P.; Rose G.E.; Shilling J.S.; Prickett S.; Plumb B.; Shenouda F.; Sonksen P.H.; Morris R.W., 1987:
Three year prospective study of visual function and retinopathy in diabetics with improved glycemic control

Meadows J.S.; Toliver J.R., 1987:
Three year response of pecan to six methods of seedling establishment

Sturdevant J.R.; Lundeen T.F.; Sluder T.B.; Leinfelder K.F., 1986:
Three year study of two light cured posterior composite resins

Gamauf A., 1987:
Three year study on a winter population on birds of prey in southern burgenland austria

Andersen F.L.; Jensen L.A.; Mccurdy H.D.; Nichols C.R., 1986:
Three year surveillance for cestode infections in sheep dogs in central utah usa

Villar, R.N.; Marsh, D.; Rushton, N.; Greatorex, R.A., 1987:
Three years after Colles' fracture. A prospective review

Elling D.; Ching C., 1988:
Three years analysis of female genital neoplasms treated in the hospital central maputo mozambique

Hess F.; Jerusalem C.; Braun B.; Grande P., 1985:
Three years experience with experimental implantation of fibrous polyurethane microvascular prostheses in the rat aorta

Kang Y.; E.A., 1986:
Three years follow up for hb vaccine immunized infants of eag positive hbsag carrier mothers

Camargo, M.E.; Segura, E.L.; Kagan, I.G.; Souza, J.M.P.; Carvalbeiro, J.D.R.; Yanovsky, J.F.; Guimaraes, M.C.S., 1987:
Three years of collaboration on the standardization of chagas' disease serodiagnosis in the americas an appraisal

Tuchman, M.; Ramnaraine, M.L.; Woods, W.G.; Krivit, W., 1987:
Three years of experience with random urinary homovanillic and vanillylmandelic acid levels in the diagnosis of neuroblastoma

Arsieri, R.; Pugliese, A.; Saporito, M.; Manzi, A., 1986:
Three years of neonatal assistance and control of the healthy child in his first year of life

Blommers L.; Vaal F.; Freriks J.; Helsen H., 1987:
Three years of specific control of summer fruit tortrix and codling moth on apple in the netherlands

Hiesse C.; Rieu P.; Neyrat N.; Charpentier B.; Benoit G.; Bellamy J.; Fries D., 1987:
Three years results of a triple association cyclosporine azathioprine prednisolone in high risk renal transplantation

Stuchbery, P., 1988:
Three years' experience with a medidump program operating from a suburban community hospital

Partridge B.L.; Heiligenberg W., 1980:
Threes a crowd predicting eigenmannia responses to multiple jamming

Hirano H., 1980:
Thremmatological studies of protein variation in mulberry morus spp

Bright S.W.J.; Miflin B.J.; Rognes S.E., 1982:
Threonine accumulation in the seeds of a barley hordeum vulgare mutant with an altered aspartate kinase

Marshall V.M.; Cole W.M., 1983:
Threonine aldolase and alcohol dehydrogenase activities in lactobacillus bulgaricus and lactobacillus acidophilus and their contribution to flavor production in fermented milks

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Threonine aldolase in lactobacillus bulgaricus atcc 11842 and yop 12

Zaitseva Z.M.; Konovalova L.V., 1986:
Threonine and methionine regulation of lysine biosynthesis in homoserine dependent corynebacterium mutants

Chan, T.T.; Newman, E.B., 1981:
Threonine as a carbon source for Escherichia coli

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Threonine catabolism in Trypanosoma brucei

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Threonine deaminase ec from escherichia coli part 1 purification and properties

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Threonine deaminase ec from escherichia coli part 2 maturation and physical properties of the enzyme from a mutant altered in its regulation of gene expression

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Threonine deaminase ec from salmonella typhimurium effect of regulatory ligands on the binding of substrates and substrate analogs to the active sites and the differentiation of the activator and inhibitor sites from the active sites

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Threonine deaminase ec from salmonella typhimurium relationship between regulatory sites

Burns, R.O.; Hofler, J.G.; Luginbuhl, G.H., 1979:
Threonine deaminase ec from salmonella typhimurium substrate specific patterns in an activator site deficient form of the enzyme

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Threonine deaminase from bacillus subtilis part 1 purification of the enzyme

Hatfield, G.W.; Umbarger, H.E., 1970:
Threonine deaminase from bacillus subtilis part 2 the steady state kinetic properties

Hatfield, G.W.; Ray, W.J.J. ; Umbarger, H.E., 1970:
Threonine deaminase from bacillus subtilis part 3 pre steady state kinetic properties

Dougall, D.K., 1970:
Threonine deaminase from pauls scarlet rose tissue cultures

Hatfield, G.W.; Burns, R.O., 1970:
Threonine deaminase from salmonella typhimurium part 3 the intermediate substructure

Komatsubara, S.; Murata, K.; Kisumi, M.; Chibata, I., 1978:
Threonine degradation by Serratia marcescens

Madan, V.K.; Nath, M., 1983:
Threonine dehydratase ec and serine dehydratase from cuscuta campestris

Krieger, I.; Booth, F., 1984:
Threonine dehydratase ec deficiency a probable cause of non ketotic hyperglycinemia

Nandakumar, S.; Kachru, D.N.; Krishnan, P.S., 1976:
Threonine dehydratase serine dehydratase activity in angiospermous parasites

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Threonine histidine and lysine requirements of chum salmon fry

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Threonine iso leucine valine and leucine requirements of the young kitten

Egan, A.R.; Macrae, J.C.; Lamb, C.S., 1983:
Threonine metabolism in sheep 1. threonine catabolism and gluconeogenesis in mature blackface wethers given poor quality hill herbage

MacRae, J.C.; Egan, A.R., 1983:
Threonine metabolism in sheep. 2. Threonine catabolism and gluconeogenesis in pregnant ewes

Kang-Lee, Y.A.; Harper, A.E., 1978:
Threonine metabolism in vivo: effect of threonine intake and prior induction of threonine dehydratase in rats

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Threonine phosphorylation of rat liver glycogen synthase

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Threonine production by co existence of cloned genes coding homoserine dehydrogenase and homoserine kinase in brevibacterium lactofermentum

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Threonine production by regulatory mutants of Serratia marcescens

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Threonine production from glycine and ethanol by a methanol utilizing bacterium

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Threonine requirement of growing and finishing swine fed sorghum soybean meal diets

Robbins, K.R., 1987:
Threonine requirement of the broiler chick as affected by protein level and source

Taudou, G.; Wiart, J.; Panijel, J., 1984:
Threonine starvation of concanavalin A treated lymphocytes impairs DNA polymerase alpha activity

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Threonine synthetase ec from higher plants stimulation by s adenosyl methionine and inhibition by cysteine

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Threshold limit values for extraordinary work schedules

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Threshold response phase to sinusoidal stimulation of frog cutaneous mechanoreceptor afferent units

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Threshold secretory mechanism a model of derivative element in biological control

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Threshold value and reaction time for different modalities

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Thresholds of perception of vibration in recumbent men

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Thrice daily blood pressure readings on sotalol in the treatment of hypertension once daily vs. twice daily regimen

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Thrixspermum hystrix new record orchidaceae a new record for india

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Thrixspermum pulchellum new record thw. schltr. orchidaceae for india

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Thrombectomy of the middle cerebral artery

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Thrombi in antrum atrii dextri of human heart as clinically important source for chronic micro embolization to lungs

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Thrombi in the left atrial appendage in mitral valve disease despite adequate anticoagulation advantages of transesophageal echocardiography

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Thrombin a stimulator of bone resorption

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Thrombin activation of factor viii part 2 a comparison of purified factor viii and the low molecular weight factor viii pro coagulant

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Thrombin activation of the sodium proton exchanger in vascular smooth muscle cells evidence for a kinase c independent pathway which is calcium dependent and pertussis toxin sensitive

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Thrombin activation rate constant 1 stage chromogenic assay for the extrinsic system

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Thrombin active site regions required for fibroblast receptor binding and initiation of cell division

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Thrombin activity appearing on the vessel wall after trauma

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Thrombin and activators of protein kinase c modulate secretory responses of permeabilized human platelets induced by calcium ii

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Thrombin and ionomycin can raise platelet cytosolic calcium to micromolar levels by discharge of internal calcium stores studies using fura 2

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Thrombin and ionophore a 23187 calcimycin induced dense granule secretion in storage pool deficient platelets evidence for impaired nucleotide storage as the primary dense granule defect

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Thrombin causes subsecond changes in protein phosphorylation of platelets

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Thrombin clotting time and fibrinogen concentration in patients treated with coumadin

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Thrombin collagen and a 23187 stimulated endogenous platelet arachidonate metabolism differential inhibition by prostaglandin e 1 local anesthetics and a serine protease inhibitor

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Thrombin decreases platelet cyclic AMP in the absence of prostaglandin synthesis

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Thrombin decreases von Willebrand factor binding to platelet glycoprotein Ib

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Thrombin effect on platelet proteins in pigs

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Thrombin enzyme of hemostasis and thrombosis a model of enzymatic auto regulation

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Thrombin generation and fibrin formation following injury to rabbit neointima vessel wall reactivity and platelet survival

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Thrombin generation and neutralization test a simple practical and sensitive assay for plasma heparin quantitation

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Thrombin generation and secretion of platelet Factor 4 during blood clotting

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Thrombin generation during collection and storage of blood

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Thrombin generation during collection of blood from donors taking oral contraceptives

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Thrombin generation in acute promyelocytic leukemia

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Thrombin generation in normal plasma enriched with purified coagulation factors

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Thrombin implications for intratumor therapy against metastasis

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Thrombin inactivates acidic fibroblast growth factor but not basic fibroblast growth factor

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Thrombin inactivation on surfaces with covalently bonded heparin

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Thrombin increases expression of fibronectin antigen on the platelet surface

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Thrombin increases the adhesion of washed human platelets to collagen

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Thrombin induced abnormal platelet activation in spontaneously hypertensive rats is linked with phosphoinositide turnover and phosphorylation of 47000 and 20000 dalton proteins

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Thrombin induced changes of intracellular calcium concentration and ph in human platelets cytoplasmic alkalinization is not a prerequisite for calcium mobilization

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Thrombin induced conformational changes of human alpha 2 macroglobulin evidence for 2 functional domains

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Thrombin induced epinephrine induced and collagen induced platelet aggregation inhibited by alpha 1 acid glyco protein influence of heparin and anti thrombin iii

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Thrombin induced fibrinopeptide release from a fibrinogen variant fibrinogen sydney i with an alpha arginine 16 histidine substitution

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Thrombin induced hydrolysis of phosphatidyl inositol in human platelets

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Thrombin interaction with platelets influence of platelet protease nexin

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Thrombin like and fibrinolytic enzymes in the venoms from the gaboon viper bitis gabonica eastern cottonmouth moccasin agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus and southern copperhead agkistrodon contortrix contortrix snakes

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Thrombin like enzymes of snake venoms actions on prothrombin

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Thrombin neutralization with anti thrombin iii in the presence of heparin during action of cobra venom on white rats

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Thrombin plasmin system of the body its biological role and significance of its disorders in pathology

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Thrombin potentiation of factor viii pro coagulant activity assessment by the 2 stage assay

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Thrombin receptor occupancy initiates cell proliferation in the presence of phorbol myristic acetate

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Thrombin receptors on human endothelial cells: a morphologic study

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Thrombin sensitive membrane bound cyclic amp phospho di esterase in rabbit platelets

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Thrombin specificity with tripeptide chromogenic substrates: comparison of human and bovine thrombins with and without fibrinogen clotting activities

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Thrombo angitis obliterans winiwarter buerger syndrome

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Thrombo elastogram of dogs with acute and subacute inhalation injury from americium 241 and plutonium 239 nitrates

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Thrombo elastographic method for studying the contractile properties of blood platelets

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Thrombo embolic accidents in patients with congenital deficiency of factor xii

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Thrombo embolic complications after aortic valve replacement

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Thrombo embolic complications and the coagulating and fibrinolytic systems in patients with myo cardial infarction in relation to age

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Thrombo embolic risk in general surgery

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Thrombo embolism a manifestation of the response of blood to injury

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Thrombo embolism and heart ruptures in myo cardial infarction

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Thrombo embolism and tumor embolism of the pulmonary artery as the cause of death in onco urologic diseases

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Thrombo embolism of pulmonary vessels following planned gynecological laparotomy

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Thrombo end arterectomy for anuria 4.5 years post renal transplant a case report

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Thrombo endo phlebitis obliterans of the dural sinuses associated with hypertrophic pachy meningitis

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Thrombo hemolytic thrombocytopenic purpura a disease or a syndrome

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Thrombo hemorrhagic syndrome in bronchial asthma and its treatment

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Thrombo hemorrhagic syndrome in patients with hemo transfusion complications

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Thrombo hemorrhagic syndrome in patients with rheumatism and the efficacy of various types of combined treatment

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Thrombo kinase inhibitors as the cause of hemorrhagic complications in therapy resistant cirrhosis induced ascites

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Thrombo phlebitis following phlebography

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Thrombo phlebitis of the lesser saphenous vein imitating soft tissue neoplasm

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Thrombo resistant surface coatings for the measurement of cardiac output through continuous low flow peripheral arterio venous shunts

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Thrombo resistant surfaces of tissue cultured endothelial cells

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Thromboangiitis obliterans buerger

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Thromboangiitis obliterans its overwhelming incidence in lower limbs a plausible explanation

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Thrombocyte aggregation during depression of the function of the anti coagulation system of the blood by an atherogenic diet

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Thrombocyte aggregation in diabetic patients with hyper lipo proteinemia type iv

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Thrombocyte aggregation in hereditary spherocytosis

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