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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6804

Chapter 6804 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Casillas E., 1981: Thrombocyte aggregation in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Gabrielyan E.S., 1987: Thrombocyte aggregation in the plasma and whole blood and atp secretion during hypoxia in cats

Belousov-Yu, B.; Savenkov, M. P.; Sidorskii, A. L.; Breusov-Yu, N.; Volov, N. A., 1976: Thrombocyte and erythrocyte aggregation in congestive circulatory insufficiency

Berndsen G., 1985: Thrombocyte fluid storage in vitro vitality of thrombocytes at a storage temperature of 12 celsius

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803004

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803005

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803006

Glick B., 1979: Thrombocyte migration and the release of thrombocyte inhibitory factors by thymus derived and bursa derived cells in the chicken

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803008

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803009

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803010

Albert, E. N.; Seremet, M. C.; Daniel, R. E., 1978: Thrombocyte platelet adherence and endothelial alteration in young pigeons

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803012

Schultze W., 1982: Thrombocyte substitution in acute leukemia influence of histo compatibility on clinical effectiveness

Mambetova Ch A., 1987: Thrombocyte ultrastructure and function in animals living at high altitudes

Bogatov, L. V.; Sirotkin, A. N.; Karpov, O. N., 1975: Thrombocytes and some indices of blood coagulation in cows affected by a mixture of nuclear fission products

Makinde M.O., 1980: Thrombocytes clotting time hemo globin value and packed cell volume in nigerian piglets during the 1st 4 weeks of life

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803017

Selroos, O.; Van-Assendelft, A., 1977: Thrombocythemia and multiple myeloma a report on 2 cases

Redding, K. G., 1977: Thrombocythemia as a cause of erythermalgia

Obodchuk, G. S.; Molokova, O. A., 1987: Thrombocytic hemostasis in acute experimental opisthorchiasis

Titugin Yu M., 1981: Thrombocytic hemostasis in erythremia patients

Rogozhkina A.F., 1980: Thrombocytic link of hemo coagulation in rheumatic fever

Gorodetskii V.M., 1980: Thrombocytic mass methods of preparation and efficacy of clinical use

Fey, F., 1978: Thrombocytic reactions in experimentally induced neoplasms

Niewiarowski, S.; Kirby, E. P.; Stocker, K., 1977: Thrombocytin a novel platelet activating enzyme from bothrops atrox marajoensis venom

Kirby, E. P.; Niewiarowski, S.; Stocker, K.; Kettner, C.; Shaw, E.; Brudzynski, T. M., 1979: Thrombocytin a serine protease from bothrops atrox venom 1. purification and characterization of the enzyme

Niewiarowski, S.; Kirby, E. P.; Brudzynski, T. M.; Stocker, K., 1979: Thrombocytin a serine protease from bothrops atrox venom 2. interaction with platelets and plasma clotting factors

Yakunina L.N., 1983: Thrombocyto kinetics and lactate dehydrogenase activity of platelets in children with von willebrands disease

Kokodynyak I.P., 1980: Thrombocyto plastic factor of the human erythrocytic stroma

Bolotina E.D., 1982: Thrombocytopathies in children

Bellingham A.J., 1979: Thrombocytopathy in pre leukemia association with a defect of thromboxane a 2 activity

Linares Ponton G., 1980: Thrombocytopathy possibly due to sepsis a new clinical entity?

Casteels Van Daele M., 1981: Thrombocytopenia 1st symptom in a patient with dys keratosis congenita

Et Al, 1988: Thrombocytopenia a complication of kawasaki disease

Marshall B.E., 1980: Thrombocytopenia and altered platelet kinetics associated with prolonged pulmonary artery catheterization in the dog

Doni, M. G.; Vassanelli, P.; Bonadiman, L.; Avventi, G. L., 1978: Thrombocytopenia and coagulation impairment after porta caval shunt in the rat

Adams, W. H.; Rufo, R. A.; Talarico, L.; Silverman, S. L.; Brauer, M. J., 1978: Thrombocytopenia and intra venous heroin use

Beard, M. E. J.; Johnson, S. A. N., 1978: Thrombocytopenia and iron deficiency anemia in a patient with alpha 1 thalassemia trait response to iron therapy case report

Edney J., 1985: Thrombocytopenia and laboratory evidence of disseminated intravascular coagulation after shunts for ascites in malignant disease

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803041

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803042

Inglis T.C.M., 1981: Thrombocytopenia and macro thrombocytosis in gestational hypertension

Pushpa V., 1985: Thrombocytopenia and other hematological complications in children with malaria

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803045

Norberg B., 1986: Thrombocytopenia and pseudothrombocytopenia a clinical and laboratory problem

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803047

Verwilghen R.L., 1982: Thrombocytopenia as a presenting symptom of pre leukemia in 3 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803049

Howard T.H., 1986: Thrombocytopenia as the presenting manifestation of human t lymphotropic virus type iii infection in infants

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803051

Helmerhosrt F.M., 1986: Thrombocytopenia associated with gold therapy a drug induced autoimmune disease

Wanamaker, W. M.; Wanamaker, S. J.; Celesia, G. G.; Koeller, A. A., 1976: Thrombocytopenia associated with long term l dopa therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803054

Rick, M. E.; Williams, S. B.; Sacher, R. A.; Mckeown, L. P., 1987: Thrombocytopenia associated with pregnancy in a patient with type iib von willebrand's disease

Leavitt Jr, 1981: Thrombocytopenia complicating pre eclampsia data to support a new model

Schmidt J.D., 1980: Thrombocytopenia during di ethyl stilbestrol di phosphate stilphostrol infusion for carcinoma of the prostrate

Aufses A.H.Jr, 1986: Thrombocytopenia following peritonitis in surgical patients a prospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803059

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803060

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803061

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803062

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803063

Davis, C. E.; Robbins, R. S.; Weller, R. D.; Braude, A. I., 1974: Thrombocytopenia in experimental trypanosomiasis

Kitani T., 1980: Thrombocytopenia in graves disease effect of thyroxine on platelet kinetics

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803066

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803067

Everard C.O.R., 1982: Thrombocytopenia in leptospirosis

Callender J., 1986: Thrombocytopenia in leptospirosis the absence of evidence for disseminated intravascular coagulation

Girolami A., 1987: Thrombocytopenia in liver cirrhosis complicated by variceal hemorrhage lack of increase in platelet count after spleno renal distal shunt

Imai Y., 1987: Thrombocytopenia in patients with aortopulmonary transposition and an intact ventricular septum

Shaikh, B. S.; Erslev, A. J., 1978: Thrombocytopenia in polycythemic mice

Caudle M.R., 1984: Thrombocytopenia in preeclampsia associated abnormalities and management principles

Greenfield L.J., 1982: Thrombocytopenia in progressive lethal canine peritonitis

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803075

Hirsh J., 1980: Thrombocytopenia in septicemia the role of disseminated intra vascular coagulation

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803077

Storrie, M. C.; Scher, M.; Mcguire, J.; Bokan, J., 1978: Thrombocytopenia in the absence of leukopenia associated with the use of neuroleptics

Karpatkin M., 1980: Thrombocytopenia in the high risk infant

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803080

Zittoun R., 1986: Thrombocytopenia in venocclusive disease after bone marrow transplantation or chemotherapy

Giraudo, L. A.; Dalmasso, A. P., 1978: Thrombocytopenia induced in mice by thromboplastin infusion essential role of complement c 3

Bernheim, J.; Dechavanne, M.; Bryon, P. A.; Lagarde, M.; Colon, S.; Pozet, N.; Traeger, J., 1976: Thrombocytopenia macro thrombocytopathia nephritis and deafness

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803085

Poskitt P.K.F., 1985: Thrombocytopenia of sepsis the role of circulating immunoglobulin g containing immune complexes

Bianchi C., 1982: Thrombocytopenia provoked by carrageenan in rabbits and the inhibitory effect of lysozyme

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803088

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803089

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803090

Zackai E.H., 1987: Thrombocytopenia with absent radius in a boy and his uncle

Murphy S., 1981: Thrombocytopenia with decreased megakaryocytes evaluation and prognosis

Caen J.P., 1986: Thrombocytopenia with thrombocytopathy possibly related to abnormalities of intracellular calcium fluxes and followed by the development of leukemia

Berchtold H., 1979: Thrombocytopenic episodes in patients with well functioning renal allo grafts inverse relationship between platelet count and platelet size pointing to intermittent platelet destruction

Julien F., 1983: Thrombocytopenic neo nates allo immunized against pl a 1 and hla dr 3 antigen

Del Principe D., 1984: Thrombocytopenic purpura a retrospective study of 115 children

Weitzman, S.; Dvilansky, A.; Yanai, I., 1977: Thrombocytopenic purpura as the sole manifestation of recurrence in hodgkins disease

Alonso J.L., 1987: Thrombocytopenic purpura associated with cytomegalovirus infection

Monnier J., 1980: Thrombocytopenic purpura associated with recent infection with cytomegalovirus

Pannone, G.; Solbiati, M.; Faggionato, P., 1977: Thrombocytopenic purpura complicating infectious mononucleosis description of a case

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803101

Matsuoka, T.; Tamura, H.; Fujishita, M.; Kubonishi, I.; Taguchi, H.; Miyoshi, I., 1988: Thrombocytopenic purpura in a carrier of human t cell leukemia virus type i

Rivero Puente A., 1986: Thrombocytopenic purpura in cytomegalovirus infection

Karpatkin S., 1985: Thrombocytopenic purpura in narcotics addicts

Ozsoylu, S.; Kanra, G.; Savas, G., 1978: Thrombocytopenic purpura related to rubella infection

Petursson S., 1984: Thrombocytopoiesis analysis by membrane tracer and freeze fracture studies on fresh human and cultured mouse megakaryocytes

Shreiner, D. P., 1976: Thrombocytopoiesis in w w v mice

Phalen E., 1987: Thrombocytopoietic response to immunothrombocytopenia in nude mice

Marosi, Z.; Krizsa, F.; Rak, K., 1976: Thrombocytopoietic serum activity in thrombocytopenia induced by anti thrombocytic serum in mice

Di Gruttola M., 1981: Thrombocytosis a clinical contribution

Neu H.C., 1984: Thrombocytosis an acute phase reactant not an adverse reaction to the new beta lactam antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803112

Perez Galvez M.N., 1987: Thrombocytosis and digestive neoplasias

Peterson C.M., 1979: Thrombocytosis and increased circulating platelet aggregates in new born infants of poly drug users

Nielsen I., 1987: Thrombocytosis and lung cancer

Barnard D.L., 1983: Thrombocytosis and micro thrombocytosis a clinical evaluation of 372 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803117

Vazquez J.J., 1986: Thrombocytosis associated to neoplasia pathogenetic mechanisms and clinical relevance

Lundstrom U., 1979: Thrombocytosis in low birth weight infants a physiological phenomenon in infancy

Higashino K., 1986: Thrombocytosis in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma

Thorshauge H., 1988: Thrombocytosis in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803122

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803123

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803124

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803125

Salvidio E., 1982: Thrombocytosis in subjects with chronic myelocytic leukemia in blastic transformation clinical remarks and therapeutic considerations 5 cases

Peterson C.M., 1980: Thrombocytosis in the offspring of female mice receiving d l methadone

Paulk H.T., 1981: Thrombocytosis in whipples disease

Henry R.L., 1979: Thrombocytosis induced suppression of small acetyl cholin esterase positive cells in bone marrow of rats

Stuart J., 1983: Thrombocytosis of active rheumatoid disease

Tudhope G.R., 1979: Thrombocytosis thrombocythemia and iron deficiency in patients with polycythemia vera

Goldberg, J.; Phalen, E.; Howard, D.; Ebbe, S.; Stohlman, F. Jr, 1977: Thrombocytotic suppression of megakaryocyte production from stem cells

Van-Vliet, K. J.; Smit, G. L.; Pieterse, J. J.; Schoonbee, H. J.; Van-Vuren, J. H. J., 1985: Thromboelastographic diagnosis of blood coagulation in two freshwater fish species

Kataranovski, D.; Savic, I. R.; Kataranovski, M.; Soldatovic, B., 1988: Thromboelastography and the six day test as reliable methodological approaches to the discovery of resistance towards anticoagulant rodenticides in the norway rat rattus norvegicus berk. 1769

Stanculescu, M.; Savu, M.; Nutu, D.; Herghelegiu, D., 1987: Thromboembolic accidents after curietherapy for cancer of the cervix uteri

Perier, P.; Rossant, P.; Chachques, J. C.; Bessou, J. P.; Chauvaud, S.; Deloche, A.; Carpentier, A., 1985: Thromboembolic and hemorrhagic risks after mitral valvular replacement a comparison between bioprostheses starr prostheses and bjork prostheses

Restrepo D., 1987: Thromboembolic and other events following valve replacement in a pediatric population treated with antiplatelet agents

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803138

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803139

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803140

Rentsch H.P., 1987: Thromboembolic complications following acute hemiplegia

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803142

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803143

Rigamonti L., 1986: Thromboembolic complications in sports injuries

Oesterle S.N., 1987: Thromboembolic complications of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty for myocardial infarction

Baudet E., 1987: Thromboembolic complications of valve replacement by st jude medical prosthesis long term 9 years follow up results of 1200 valve replacements

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803147

Bulucea D., 1984: Thromboembolic disease in children

Migueres J., 1985: Thromboembolic disease in pneumology the value of mercury gauge plethysmography with venous occlusion

Canadell J., 1985: Thromboembolic disease in total hip arthroplasty postoperative period prospective value of certain clinical variables and laboratory data

Mapham P.H., 1985: Thromboembolic meningoencephalitis diagnosed in natal south africa

Welzel D., 1986: Thromboembolic prophylaxis in hip fracture

Reneman R.S., 1988: Thromboembolic reaction following wall puncture in arterioles and venules of the rabbit mesentery

Edwards W.D., 1986: Thromboembolic splenic infarction

Fukui T., 1987: Thromboembolism and anticoagulant therapy in prosthetic valve endocarditis

Goldin M.D., 1984: Thromboembolism and cancer treatment with the hunter balloon

Mitsunaga M.M., 1985: Thromboembolism following hip fracture

David, T. E.; Ho, W. I. C.; Christakis, G. T., 1985: Thromboembolism in patients with aortic porcine bioprostheses

Volkov V.A., 1958: Thromboembolism of the greater and lesser circulation materials of the latvian ssr ussr bureau of pathology for 1976 1983

Knoch K., 1984: Thromboembolism of the lung

Hauch O., 1987: Thromboembolism prophylaxis in denmark application and economic consequences

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803162

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803163

Akiyama F., 1985: Thromboexclusion with single permanent aortic clamp and temporary distal balloon occlusion for dissecting aneurysm

Madura J.A., 1987: Thrombofibrinous sheath occlusion of peritoneovenous shunts

Mauritz K.A., 1981: Thrombogenesis an epitaxial phenomena 1

Hum, O. S.; Ghista, D. N.; Brash, J. L., 1985: Thrombogenetic studies of bioprosthetic heart valve surfaces 1. in vitro platelet adhesion in a static system

Gasic, G. J.; Koch, P. A. G.; Hsu, B.; Gasic, T. B.; Niewiarowski, S., 1976: Thrombogenic activity of mouse and human tumors effects on platelets coagulation and fibrinolysis and possible significance for metastases

Kelton, J. G.; Hirsh, J.; Carter, C. J.; Buchanan, M. R., 1978: Thrombogenic effect of high dose aspirin in rabbits relationship to inhibition of vessel wall synthesis of prostaglandin i 2 like activity

Thomsen, H. K.; Kjeldsen, K.; Fischer-Hansen, J., 1977: Thrombogenic properties of arterial catheters a scanning electron microscopic examination of the surface structure

Silberstein E.B., 1987: Thrombogenicity of a fibronectin coated experimental polytetrafluoroethylene graft

Mari, D.; Cattaneo, M.; Gattinoni, A.; Dioguardi, N., 1978: Thrombogenicity of an artificial surface is decreased by the anti platelet agent ditazol

Wilner, G. D.; Casarella, W. J.; Baier, R.; Fenoglio, C. M., 1978: Thrombogenicity of angiographic catheters

Ambrus J.L., 1981: Thrombogenicity of anti hemophiliac preparations with factor viii inhibitor bypassing activity

Roberts, G. M.; Roberts, E. E.; Davies, R. L.; Lawrie, B. W., 1977: Thrombogenicity of arterial catheters and guidewires

Warren B.A., 1981: Thrombogenicity of components of atheromatous material an animal and in vitro model of cerebral athero embolism

Thurau K., 1980: Thrombogenicity of different suture materials as revealed by scanning electron microscopy

Cash, J. D.; Owens, R.; Dalton, R. G.; Prescott, R. J., 1978: Thrombogenicity of factor ix concentrates in vitro and in vivo rabbit studies

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803179

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803180

Hecker J.F., 1981: Thrombogenicity of tips of umbilical catheters

Ostermeyer U., 1988: Thrombogenicity of vascular prostheses a modified short time in vivo test

Prowse, C. V.; Pepper, D. S.; Cash, J. D.; Patterson, M., 1977: Thrombogenicity screening of factor ix concentrates

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803184

James N.P., 1986: Thrombolites and stromatolites two distinct types of microbial structures

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803186

Porter, J. M., 1977: Thrombolysis as an alternative to pulmonary embolectomy

Huguenard P., 1987: Thrombolysis at home for myocardial infarction patients

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803189

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803190

Schaper W., 1983: Thrombolysis in acute experimental myo cardial infarction

Kuebler W., 1984: Thrombolysis in acute myo cardial infarction effect of intra venous followed by intra coronary strepto kinase application on estimates of infarct size

Kuebler W., 1982: Thrombolysis in acute myo cardial infarction using intra coronary strepto kinase assessment by thallium 201 scintigraphy

Scheurlen H., 1987: Thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803195

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803196

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803197

Reichle, F. A.; Rao, N. S.; Chang, K. H. Y.; Marder, V.; Algazy, K., 1977: Thrombolysis of acute or subacute nonembolic arterial thrombosis

Le Helloco A., 1987: Thrombolysis of acute total occlusion of the left main coronary artery and long term survival

Harrington D.P., 1986: Thrombolysis of occluded femoropopliteal grafts

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803201

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803202

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803203

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803204

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803205

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803206

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803207

Falina N.N., 1980: Thrombolytic activity in the cultures of flammulina velutipes strains

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803209

Andreev, S. V.; Kubatiev, A. A.; Yurkiv, V. A.; Kol'tsova, N. L., 1976: Thrombolytic activity of terrilitin and its effect on the blood coagulation system

Klatte E.C., 1983: Thrombolytic agents effects of local infusion on micro vascular physiology and macro vascular ultrastructure

Subbotina L.A., 1979: Thrombolytic and fibrinolytic action of tricholysin

Et Al, 1986: Thrombolytic effect of agkistrodon halys venom antithrombotic enzyme on experimental pulmonary embolism in rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803214

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803215

Maksimova R.A., 1983: Thrombolytic effect of tricho lysin in experimental chinchilla rabbits with thrombosis

Fiedler V.B., 1984: Thrombolytic effects of intra coronary strepto kinase on canine coronary artery thrombosis

Bosch Gil J., 1987: Thrombolytic phenomena and lupic anticoagulant in a serie of 112 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803219

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803220

Kozlova M.A., 1983: Thrombolytic properties of longolythin a complex of enzymes isolated from an arthrobotrys longa culture

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803222

Fratantoni, J. C., 1977: Thrombolytic therapy

Greul W., 1979: Thrombolytic therapy agents indication clinical performance and side effects

Bell, W. R., 1977: Thrombolytic therapy differences between strepto kinase and uro kinase

Schneider J.A., 1986: Thrombolytic therapy followed by early revascularization for acute myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803227

Rowe R.D., 1988: Thrombolytic therapy for femoral artery thrombosis after pediatric cardiac catheterization

Bell W.R., 1985: Thrombolytic therapy for inferior vena cava thrombosis in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Williams D.O., 1987: Thrombolytic therapy for prosthetic cardiac valve thrombosis

Davila F., 1986: Thrombolytic therapy for pulmonary embolism in pregnancy a case report

Signorini E., 1983: Thrombolytic therapy for thrombo embolism of vertebrobasilar artery

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803233

Schmidt M., 1981: Thrombolytic therapy in a case of mitral valve thrombosis

Marbet G.A., 1988: Thrombolytic therapy in acute massive pulmonary embolism

Fletcher, A. P., 1973: Thrombolytic therapy in acute myo cardial infarction

Hillis W.S., 1987: Thrombolytic therapy in acute myocardial infarction in the elderly

Zahavi I., 1986: Thrombolytic therapy in massive pulmonary embolism

Simon, T. L., 1977: Thrombolytic therapy in pulmonary embolism

Long D.M., 1982: Thrombolytic therapy in severe arterial insufficiency with absent distal pulses

Boland T., 1987: Thrombolytic therapy of axillary subclavian venous thrombosis

Markwardt, F.; Bernstein, K.; Drawert, J.; Eger, H.; Kloecking, H. P.; Sedlarik, K.; Vollmar, F.; Wilde, J., 1977: Thrombolytic therapy of experimental coronary thrombosis with strepto kinase

Sakuragawa, N.; Takahashi, K.; Ashizawa, T.; Takahashi, H.; Matsuoka, M.; Ohnishi, Y., 1978: Thrombolytic therapy using uro kinase

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803244

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803245

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803246

Pirogov V.N., 1986: Thrombolytic treatment of ischemic strokes using streptodecase

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803248

Gurewich, V., 1977: Thrombolytic treatment of venous thrombo embolism

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803250

Kusumoto H., 1987: Thrombomodulin a cofactor of protein c activation isolation characterization and application for laboratory medicine

Bertina R.M., 1986: Thrombomodulin activity in commercial thromboplastin preparations

Cazenave J P., 1987: Thrombomodulin activity is found in tissue thromboplastin preparations from placenta and from lung but not from brain

Majerus P.W., 1986: Thrombomodulin an endothelial anticoagulant protein is absent from the human brain

Sato E., 1987: Thrombomodulin as a marker for vascular tumors comparative study with factor viii and ulex europaeus i lectin

Esmon C.T., 1983: Thrombomodulin blocks the ability of thrombin to activate platelets

Majerus P.W., 1985: Thrombomodulin is found on endothelium of arteries veins capillaries and lymphatics and on syncytiotrophoblast of human placenta

Majerus P.W., 1985: Thrombomodulin is present in human plasma and urine

Kasturi J., 1982: Thrombopathic thrombasthenia

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803260

Jacquier A., 1980: Thrombopenic purpura and sarcoidosis review of literature and etio pathogenic discussion

Garcia Conde Bru J., 1986: Thrombopenic purpura in a group of addicts to parenteral drugs plus anti htlv iii lav antibodies and inversion of the t helper t suppressor cell quotient

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803263

Datz F.L., 1986: Thrombophlebitis a potential cause for diffuse lower extremity uptake on bone imaging

Avelar Garnica F., 1987: Thrombophlebitis as a manifestation of multiple pyomyositis

Ozer, Z. G.; Cetin, M.; Kahraman, C., 1985: Thrombophlebitis in behcet's disease

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Tanaka K., 1983: Thromboplastic and fibrinolytic activities of cultured human gastric cancer cell lines

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Homma, T.; Okudaira, S.; Iida, Y., 1980: Thromboplastic and fibrinolytic activities of valvular tissue in rheumatic valvular disease

Worowski K., 1980: Thromboplastic and fibrinolytic activity of autogenous free vein grafts used as abdominal aorta replacements in dogs

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Osterud B., 1986: Thromboplastin activity in blood monocytes from oral contraceptive users

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Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803288

Prydz H., 1982: Thromboplastin factor iii activity in human monocytes induced by immune complexes

Tarasova L.N., 1980: Thromboplastin generation test and possible errors in reproducing it

Prydz H., 1988: Thromboplastin release but not content correlates with spontaneous metastasis of cancer cells

Galdal K.S., 1984: Thromboplastin synthesis in endothelial cells

Prydz H., 1985: Thromboplastin tissue factor in plasma membranes of human monocytes

Desoye G., 1981: Thrombopoiesis and blood coagulation in pediatric patients with septicemia

Miyake T., 1980: Thrombopoiesis and megakaryocyte colony stimulating factor in the urine of patients with aplastic anemia

Miyake T., 1981: Thrombopoiesis stimulating and megakaryocyte colony stimulating factors in the urine of patients with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Djaldetti M., 1986: Thrombopoietic activity in newborn infants

Djaldetti M., 1986: Thrombopoietic activity in preterm newborns and infants

Arya R.K., 1982: Thrombopoietic activity of vasicine hydro chloride

Baret A., 1983: Thrombopoietin and diving

Dassin E., 1979: Thrombopoietin and the control of platelet production

Koizumi S., 1985: Thrombopoietin production in a patient with chronic thrombocytopenia after plasma infusion

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803303

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803304

Barlow J.B., 1980: Thrombosed bjork shiley mitral prostheses

Section 7, Chapter 6804, Accession 006803306

Rimon, D.; Cohen, L.; Rosenfeld, J., 1977: Thrombosed giant left atrium mimicking a mediastinal tumor

Walts, A. E.; Fishbein, M. C.; Matloff, J. M., 1987: Thrombosed ruptured atheromatous plaques in saphenous vein coronary artery bypass grafts ten years' experience

Miyamura, H.; Kanazawa, H.; Hayashi, J. I.; Eguchi, S., 1987: Thrombosed st. jude medical valve prosthesis in the right side of the heart in patients with tetralogy of fallot

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